75th Anniversary of Galina Alexeyevna Kulakova ( R75GAK )

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22 April to 6 May 2017


This award honors Galina Kulakova, born on 29 April 1942.  She was a 4-time Olympic Champion, a 9-time world cup champion and 39 time champion of ice skating, who remained a world class winter sports figure for many generations. The award is sponsored by the Udmurt regional branch of the Union of Radioamateurs of Russia.

The award is available as a digital certificate, at no charge, or per the rules below, you may request a copy be mailed to you (check with sponsor for costs) . It may also be earned as a handsome plaque as shown at the bottom of these rules. A plaque is also available, with special rules - see bottom of this article for the plaque.

Award period: April 22, 2017. at 00.00 UTC to May 6, 2017 UTC.

You may always check the points earned by using the facility ar: http://r4w.hamlog.ru
The special call sign of R75GAK will be active on all bands during the dates and times shown above. In addition, the award program will encourage participation with hams living in theUdmurt Republic ( R4W).

To obtain the Diploma you must gain the following points.
A. Diploma "Galina Kulakova 75" 3 degree – 40 points
B. Diploma "Galina Kulakova 75" 2 degree – 50 points
C. Diploma "Galina Kulakova 75" 1 degree – 75 points

Point Values:
Each QSO with the special station R75GAK = 5 points.
Each QSO with a radio Amateur from Udmurtia (R4W) = 2 points.
Stations from Africa, North and South America, Asia and Oceania (with the exception of radio Amateurs from Russia and CIS countries ) point values are doubled.

All QSO participants of the diploma programme, will submit electronic versions of QSOs made will be confirmed in the following e-services:
1. hamlog.ru
2. e-qsl.cc
3. qrz.com
4. hrdlog.net

Electronic certificates will be issued automatically on the website – http://hamlog.ru based on the uploaded logs of special stations and radio Amateurs from Udmurtia (R4W).

If one or more QSOs with the radio amateur held from Udmurtia (R4W) is not supported by the system http://hamlog.ru, award hunters should contact (via email) the project Manager (UB4W). After that QSO will be confirmed and certificates issued manually. The date of final tabulation, is May 15, 2017. The first fifteen diplomas on paper, will have a "live" signature hero of the day!

To receive paper versions of diplomas, as well as observers, you must submit an application by requesting the award by E-mail from: ub4w@mail.ru. Check for postal costs.


The conditions for obtaining the plaques "Galina Kulakova 75".
A. For radio Amateurs from Russia, countries of CIS and Europe: the requirements of the "Galina Kulakova 75"of 1st degree (75 points) for amateurs or 10 SWL reports of the station R75GAK.
B. For radio Amateurs from Asia, Africa, North and South America, Asia and Oceania ( with the exception of radio Amateurs from Russia and CIS countries ), the requirements of the diploma "Galina Kulakova 75" 2nd degree ;(50 points), or 5 SWL reports of the station R75GAK.
Size of plaques: 210 x 250mm. The cost of plaques and diplomas can be obtained in the position on the website http://www.hamlog.ru/ .

Amateur radio operators, which work the greatest number of QSOs, will be awarded special diplomas from the Udmurt branch of the"Union of Radioamateurs of Russia".

Tks https://www.qrz.com/db/R75GAK

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