LX44FF Award

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May 20-21, 2017


On May 20 & 21, the YNOMY DX Group (PD7YY, PG8M, PH0NO) will be active from a number of WWFF nature reserves in Luxembourg (LX) using the special call of LX44FF.

They will be active with multiple stations on all bands from 80m and up (incl. 6m and 2m if there is propagation).

For chasers there will be three levels of the award available:
a. LX44FF Bronze - 11 points
b. LX44FF Silver - 22 points
c. LX44FF Gold - 33 points

Chasers can collect points by contacting the stations LX44FF on May 20 & 21. Each first contact with one of the locations will count as 3 points. Each new band or new mode contact with the same reserve will count as 1 point. The top 3 chasers from each continent will receive a special award.

Awards can be requested by sending an e-mail to ynomy.dx@gmail.com . Include standard QSO data, points claimed for each contact and the total points earned.

E-mail: ynomy.dx@gmail.com
Internet: http://www.ynomy.nl/2017/04/lx44ff-award.html
Internet: http://www.ph0no.net

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