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18 April 2017
(Full 24 Hour Period)


The diploma is offered by the RCWC club in honor of the World Day of the radio amateur (on April 18 th). The diploma is issued in electronic form for making 2-way radio communications by telegraph CW with radio amateurs from at least 18 countries and territories of the world according to the list diploma of "DXCC".

Time: 18-04-2017 (00:00UTC) - to 18-04-2017 (23:59UTC).
Mode: ONLY CW.
The request for the diploma should be in the form of an log extract and be sent by goes by E-mail: r7ao(@)mail.ru .

The application needs certain information in order to send you the award:
- Name of the diploma
- Your Call sign
- A surname (in Russian or English)
- A name (in Russian or English)
- Your E-MAIL address

Date of sending demand: The name for your message should be in the following format:
Your call sign_day (for example: XX1XXX_DAY.txt)
The diploma is issued free of charge in electronic form.
SWL’s are eligible under the same rules.
Deadline of order taking for the diploma till April 30, 2017 (inclusive).

Internet: http://rcwc.ru/2286-the-world-amateur-radio-day-2017-award.html

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