«WARD-2017» ( EN92IARD )

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1 - 30 April 2017


In order to celebrate the International Day of Radio Amateurs during April, 2017, the special call sign EN92IARD will be actuve on the air.  To receive the diploma "WARD-2017" it is necessary to make contacts with 18 different countries from 1 to 30 April 2017 plus one QSO with special event station EN92IARD. Repeated contacts are allowed with this station if QSO are made on different bands and different types of modulation (CW, SSB, DIGI). Each additional re-QSO with EN92IARD replaces any two countries.

SWLs/Observers can earn a diploma for listening to EN92IARD as it makes contacts with 18 countries.

The diploma may be earned for contacts made on SSB, CW, DIGI and MIX.

During the celebration of the International Radio Amateurs Day, on April 18 and April 22, the radio station will be specially active and it will be necessary to make at least 2 QSOs with EN92IARD/p for these days.

The diploma is sent to you using in electronic format of .jpg.  You should send an application for the diploma in the form of a log extract sent by e-mail without text with an attached application file and indication of the call sign and the word "WARD" in the subject line, for example: "uy7it WARD". The format of the application file can be any common type such as: * .txt, * .doc, * .cbr, and Cabrillo is also welcome. The name of the attached file with the application must be the call sign of the applicant, for example: us4iti.cbr, us3iiz.txt, uy7ib.erm, etc. In the application it is necessary to specify your call sign, name, diploma name, category and your e-mail address to which the diploma should be sent.

Applications in electronic form must be submitted no later than December 31, 2017 (inclusive) and should be sent to the address: dcra_award (at) i.ua

Internet: https://qrz.com/db/en92iard

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