Marche Limousin Award DD-23 and DD-87

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Intented to stimulate contacts with stations of department of Creuse (23) and Haute Vienne (87) this award can be obtained on request by any OM or SWL, whatever the date of contacts or listening.

It includes 3 categories:
HF (1,8 à 28 MHz)
THF/UHF (50/144/432 MHz)
SHF (1,2 GHz and above)

To obtain this award it is necessary to meet conditions of one of these categories:

HF :Contact or listen/SWL 3 different stations for each or the listed department:

A. La CREUSE (department 23)
B. La HAUTE VIENNE (departement 87)
6 stations all together.
VHF/UHF: Contact or listen/SWL 2 different stations for each of the 2 departments noted above, 4 stations for each department.

Endorsements are available for band or mode.

1, Mobile or portable stations operating from one or both of the departments are valid to obtain this award and the mobile stations may have been located from the departments involved in the award or from outside departments 23 and 87.

Send a list of QSO (copy of the logbook), with certified list by two witnesses. Do not send cards. .
Enclose fee of 10 € or 10 IRC, and send to the Award Manager: is Didier Vintezout F1MKC, Route du Puy Chat, F- 87130 Chateuneuf La Foret, France.


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