WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News - BC-DX #1298 7 May 2017

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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ALBANIA   With the new Monday to Saturday relays of R Tirana (1900 UT on
6005 kHz via Shortwave Service Kall Germany, and 2300 UT {Mon-Sat UTC}
on 5850 kHz via WRMI Okeechobee, Florida USA), here is a rough guide to
their daily programmes:

Daily: News, followed by Press Review (mo-fr) or Mosaic of the Week (sat)

Mo: Albania in a Week, Cultural Activities, Sport

Tu: Interview/Comment (Albania, elections and EU integration)

We: Albania and the EU Integration Process; Hits Through the Years

Th: Albanian Economy and Facts; Around Albania

Fr: Profile

Sa: Tourism/Cultural items; Folk Traditional Music

Additional music items appear between features, and to end the programme.
(Alan Roe-UK, BrDXC-UK ng May 1)

AUSTRALIA   5055   New shortwave station to launch from Queensland in
May Radio 4KZ from Innisfail in far North Queensland will commence
transmission on 5055 kHz between 4pm and about 9am [AET = 0600-2300 UTC]
seven days a week.

The station will run 1.5 kW into an inverted V antenna and will be a full
simulcast of 4KZ, 531 kHz. It?s expected that the service will provide
satisfactory coverage to remote areas of the Cape where there are no AM or
FM services available.

Sincerely, Al Kirton, General manager, NQ Radio

<>  <>
(Bill Richards, Adelaide-AUS, 11 Apr dxld;
via BrDXC-UK "Communication" magazine May 2017)

CHINA   I received an electronic confirmation on the International Radio
of China card from Employee of the English IRC service for the reception
of PBS Xinjiang in Mongolian Language - 26 Apr 2017, 0630-0645 UT at the
frequency of 9510 kHz. Report sent by e-mail:
<yinglian -at->

Card from the series "Nationalities China "under the number 6.
(Dmitry Kutuzov, Ryazan-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx" via
RUSdx #922 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 30)

CHINA/KUWAIT   9745 kHz  19-21 UT China jamming against RFA Kuwait relay,
Chinese HEAVY music jammer. S=9+45dB powerhouse fiddle of the temple
violine etc. music, here in southern Germany,
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 30)

CUBA   5025, April 30 at 0647 UT, R. Rebelde is S=9+20dB of dead air.
Circa 0040 UT on May 1, no signal at all, as often the case early
evenings, and consequently no leapfrog over RHC 5040 kHz to land
on 5055 kHz. However, there is a JBA carrier on 5010, India?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld May 1)

5990   CUB  RHC En, Quivican San Felipe 'TITAN' site failed the exact
       frequency 6000 kHz this morning. S=9+25dB signal. News at 0604 UT
       on new US military facilities to be planned on Japanese island of
       Okinawa, and protests by the local Japanese settlers !
       // 6060, 6100, and 6145 kHz.

       At 0650 UT back to 6000 kHz channel.
       From 0613 to 0622 UT Arnie Coro program on air, talk on very low
       cost antennas;  SW propagation latest news.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 1)

CUBA   Message from Arnie Coro.
Dear amigo Wolfie:
Read somewhere that you had copied RHC English on 5990 kHz.

Could you please clarify that monitoring observation  ?

Was the 5990 kHz frequency with RHC audio in English heard
at your QTH in Europe or by means of a remote SDR receiving site ?
At the 0400 UTC RHC English should be on 6000 kHz.
Muchas gracias for your assistance
73 and DX Arnie
(Prof. Arnaldo Coro Antich-CUB  CO2KK, May 2)

RHC English now at 0520 UT on May 3rd back on regular 6000 kHz,
Gomez Cuban music played, newsdesk at 0530 UT,
S=9+40dB signal in Florida-US remote SDR unit,
same level on // 6060 kHz,
but 6100 + 6145 kHz little lesser S=9+20dB signal
noted in central Florida at N9JY's installation.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 3)

and more 49 mb monitoring this morning on remote SDR in central Florida:

Arnie Coro's hobby program from 0538 UT til 0547 UT,
report some DRM mode transmission report of India,
combined DRM / AM integrated circuit there, etc. etc.

5829.982 USA  WTWW En sermon at 0542 UT S=9+30dB proper signal.

5910.045 CLM  Very nice guitar mx singer of R Alcaravan at 0544 UT,
              S=8 in peaks S=9 signal in Florida-US post.

5985     ALB  CRI Arabic service from Cerrik relay site, S=7-8 in FL-US.

6155     AUT  OE1 classical piano mx via ORS center Moosbrunn, S=8-9
              at 0551 UT on May 3rd.

6179.995 STP  VoA French weekdays only via Sao Tome relay site,
              rather fair sidelobe S=5 signal. 0530-0630 UT

Nothing heard on 6010v kHz from CLM.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 3)

EGYPT   1900-2000  Radio Cairo, Russian program.
        9685 S=9+30 Apr 20, 8 x 300 Hertz buzz peaks
        {9684.618 kHz on April 20}.

9684.620 kHz on April 30, S=9+30dB here in southern Germany.

9570.220 kHz Radio Cairo in German language program,
S=9+25dB powerful transmission, political commentary til 1926 UT,
followed by letterbox program from 1928 UT,
post card letter / RR - from 'Herr Seiler', 1st May workers holiday ...
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 30)

GERMANY   9515  Sunday only religious, Pan American Broadcasting bcast via
9515 kHz 1930-2000 UT to Africa 37,38   155degr   146=Alliss antenna
1=Sun only  NAUEN  250kW MBR FMO brokered,
PAB = Pan American Broadcasting bcast.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 30)

HONG KONG   HKG  BBC East Asian Relay stn
formerly Tsang Tsui Rd Nim Wan Tuen Mun, 2x250 kW.

The latest edition of the Australian DX News alerted us to the fact that
the BBC has closed its East Asia Relay Station at Nakhon Sawan in northern
Thailand. Additional news reports about the closure of this important BBC
shortwave relay station have subsequently circulated widely on the

According to a news release issued by the BBC in London, the last day of
operation for their relay station in Thailand was December 31 last year,
at the end of their lease which was not renewed. The BBC states that they
have not been able to come to an agreement with the Thai government over
programming issues, but in any case the BBC has now closed the station due
to financial difficulties. Even this station has been completely silent
right throughout this year thus far, the closure of this important BBC
shortwave station seems to have largely escaped the attention of the
international radio world. In our program today, we plan to present the
story of this BBC Far East Relay Station during its nearly ten year
operation from Hong Kong, and in a coming program, we plan to present the
story of their subsequent station in Thailand.

Planning for the Hong Kong relay station began during the 1970s. However
in 1981, the Managing Director of BBC External Broadcasting, Douglas
Muggeridge, expressed frustration that the entire project may be abandoned
due to unavailability of funding.

Nevertheless, even though it was known in advance that the station could
expect a life span of no more than ten years, the managing authorities
finally decided to go ahead with the project in Hong Kong while planning
also for the construction of a subsequent station in another at the time
undetermined country.

The location for the new BBC East Asia Relay Station was in an area of
undeveloped jungle in the New Territories at Tsang Tsui, some 75 miles
north west of downtown Hong Kong. It was an isolated location with no
nearby public transportation.

A very compact site was chosen for the construction of the transmitter
building and the erection of five self supporting antenna towers. The
towers were arranged in an east-west row and they supported four multi-
band curtain antennas with passive reflectors.

Each antenna could be slewed electronically at plus or minus 14 degrees
for coverage into northern China and Japan. A row of hills obstructed
propagation to the south, but in any case the station was needed for
programming only to the north.

Construction work at the Hong Kong transmitter site began in February 1985
at a total cost of $11 million. Two Marconi transmitters at 250 kW, Model
B131, were installed and the first test transmission began more than two
years later at 0400 UTC on August 6, 1987 on 15280 kHz. Full time
operation began six weeks later on September 27.

Programming delivery from London was by satellite to Hong Kong Telecom and
then by fibre optic cable to the station. Programming was broadcast in
three major language streams, Chinese, Japanese and English, with two
programs on the air simultaneously at any one time.

The station was an efficient computer controlled unattended operation with
only twelve employees, just one of whom was a foreigner, a BBC manager
from England. As a touch of humour, it was stated that the local
protective dog was also a BBC employee, due to the fact that the manager
fed it from BBC funding.

On the political scene, it was agreed that the one time British colony of
Hong Kong would revert to China in June 1997. Consequently, the BBC
planned to remove and ship out all usable equipment and demolish the
building in advance of the transfer of the territory to Chinese

The final broadcast from the BBC East Asia Relay Station in Hong Kong
occurred at the end of November 1996. The actual location of this
shortwave station seems to be a green area among the jungle trees,
visible on Google Maps at  113 55 18 57 E  22 25 04 02 N

Many QSL cards were issued from the BBC East Asia Relay Station, quite
often local Hong Kong postcards with a rubber stamp on the text side
containing the QSL details. At one stage, a printed QSL card showed a
photo of the antenna system at Tsang Tsui.

Two months after the station was closed, the towers were down and the two
transmitters were already crated, ready for shipment to another
destination, which turned out to be a new BBC station in Thailand. And
that station is now also off the air. The story of this station is planned
as our topic here in Wavescan, quite soon.
(Adrian Peterson-IL-USA - May 2017; via SW TXsite ng)

Correction to Wavescan article & more info:
The last part of this document is incorrect. (Wavescan article HGK & THAI)

Yes, the EARS station was closed but the two MCSL B6126 senders were
removed to England, in fact into storage at Orfordness.

The Thailand relay site was built with new Thomson senders.

The Orfordness ones were used as "unofficial" donors for spares to keep
the BBC B6126 senders in operation at Skelton, Seychelles and Zyyi Cyprus.

I say unofficial as we could not get official permission from BBC HQ for
the release of the parts, but as engineers we did it on the QT for our
mates who were struggling with procurements.
(Dave Porter-UK, ex WOF and ORF; SW TXsite May 6)

INDONESIA   9524.941 kHz  Voice of Indonesia Cimanggis in English language
at 1934 UT, but heavily disturbed by CRI Russian 9525even kHz.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 30)

IRELAND   LW 252 kHz - Summerhill radio mast begins longwave goodbye.

Local Meath East TD Thomas Byrne has said that he understands, that
despite the decision of RTE to continue transmitting on the long wave 252
frequency until 2019, the mast at Summerhill is coming to the end of its
life anyway. "The mast at Clarkstown, Kilcock (near Summerhill) has been
mired in controversy since it was built nearly 30 years ago. For many
years Atlantic 252 was transmitted from here to a UK audience and, in more
recent years RTE Radio 1 transmits from here. I understand that the mast
is coming to the end of its life and informed sources tell me that the
mast will be lucky to last until 2019.

"Contrary to what has been officially said before, I understand that there
is no further use envisaged for this mast, which is basically out of date
technology. Although there was a big campaign in the UK to retain the long
wave service, in truth it can be difficult to listen to in large parts of
the UK.

"I will be expecting RTE to completely remove the Clarkstown mast when the
252 service comes to an end and that our emigrants will be served by a
proper radio service that is actually listenable. If the mast has
technical problems or weather damage I believe that it is highly unlikely
that it would be repaired. I hope that this news will come as a relief to
local residents who are genuinely stressed out about this mast", he said.

The mast has been a cause of huge concern for residents since it was
erected almost 30 years ago; Residents say it has not been commercially
viable for a long time and should have been taken down by now. One local
resident said the planning permission is due to expire in May and they
want to know if 2RN (RTE Networks) are going to apply for retention and it
they don't what are they going to do with the mast.

Residents in the vicinity of the mast want assurances that when it stops
transmitting that it won't be used for anything else and will be taken

(Meath Chronicle via Ivan Tallon, 12 Apr;
via BrDXC-UK "Communication" magazine May 2017)

KUWAIT   15540  on May 4 at 2054 UT, Radio Kuwait, Kabd-KWT, in English.
Man announcer talks; 2059 UT ID and IS. 2100 UT IS and female announcer
talks in Arabic language; 2117 UT A brief arabic song; ends programming at
2118 UT.

Radio Kuwait with a very poor transmission, today, 25442.
(yesterday, May 3, 45444, surprise!).

... in Arabic after 2100 UTC.
Important: No have schedules (Aoki, EiBi or HFCC database) about Radio
Kuwait in Arabic, after 2100 UT, yet. Transmission at 2100-2118 UT, with
abrupt ends.
(Jota Xavier-BRA, hcdx May 4)

Radio Kuwait in A-17 260317-291017 requested

 5960 0200 0900 39,40    KBD 250 0     0 935 Arabic   KWT RKW MOI
 6050 1600 2100 39,40    KBD 250 0     0 935 Arabic   KWT RKW MOI
 7250 0800 1000 39,40    KBD 250 0     0 935 Farsi    KWT RKW MOI
 9750 1100 1600 37,38    KBD 250 286   0 210 Arabic   KWT RKW MOI
11630 0930 1600 52,47-48 KBD 250 230  12 207 Arabic   KWT RKW MOI
13650 1700 2000 6,7,8    KBD 250 350   0 216 Arabic   KWT RKW MOI
15515 0500 0900 43,45    KBD 250 59    0 216 Arabic   KWT RKW MOI
15540 1600 1800 41       KBD 250 100 -10 217 Urdu     KWT RKW MOI
15540 1800 2100 27,28    KBD 250 310   9 211 Engglish KWT RKW MOI
17550 2000 2400 6,7      KBD 250 350   0 216 Arabic   KWT RKW MOI
21540 0945 1730 27,28    KBD 250 310   9 211 Arabic   KWT RKW MOI
21580 1000 1200 50       KBD 250 84    0 216 Filipino KWT RKW MOI


Swiss-based company Ampegon has accepted a contract from Al Rashed to
handle the upgrade of five analog shortwave transmitters that are more
than 20 years old for the Kuwait Ministry of Information in Al Kabd

The five transmitters were originally installed between 1992 and 1995.

Ampegon will refurbish all of the transmitters, and in addition upgrade
three of them to full digital DRM integration and converted to the new
transmitter control system UCS; this will include new motor drives within
the tuning circuits.

Work on the transmitter is expected to start in January 2017.
(Radio_World, Dec 21, 2016)

KYRGYZ REPUBLIC   In the list of the First Radio (Birinji Radio) for
SW 4010 and 4819v, and for MW 612, 1404, and 1431 kHz, there are also
broadcasts of other radio stations whose programs are broadcasted:

Radio Liberty 0900-0930, 1400-1500 & 1530-1600 UT;
BBC 1300-1330 & 1500-1530 UT;
Voice of Turkey 0930-1000 (maybe a program in Turkish?)
China Radio Inernational 0800-0900 (Mon-Fri). And 1600-1700 UT (Sat/Sun).

Probably all of them are in the Kyrgyz language, but still it is necessary
to check whether it is in Russian?
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, RUSdx #922 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 30)

LITHUANIA   Received eQSL Letter for the reception of Radio Baltic Waves
International + Photo antennas Viesintos Lithuania:

Radio 1386 kHz, A3E (left); DVB-T television + FM radio (right).
Transmitter, antenna type: Nautel NX-200, running at 75 kW;
120 m bottom-fed guyed mast.

Program sources, languages: Radio Poland, Russian; NHK World, Russian
To look a photo it is possible here


April 23, 2017 at 1700-1800 UT.
(Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx #922 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 30)

LITHUANIA   From the response of Rimantas Pleikys to the question of why
the transmitter on RFE / RL order works with reduced power:

P. S. The decision to work with a power of 75 kW was apparently made on
the basis of Monitoring data in Moscow, Minsk and Kiev. In the Moscow
region, the signal reaches S=9 +30 ... +40dB.


(Rimantas Pleikys-LTU, via Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx #922
via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 30)

Do not speculate on the coffee grounds.
Transmitters within Lithuania were not tolerated anywhere:

- Virshulishkes - Tesla SRV, 50 + 25 kW (612 kHz, previously and 1107,
1557 kHz) - dismantled;

- Sitkunai - Vortex, 500 kW (666, 1386 kHz) dismantled, Storm-C, 75 +
75kW (1386 kHz, previously 612, 1557, 1107 kHz) - will be dismantled;

Shortwave Continental Electronics 418F, 100 kW - will be sold or
disassembled; 7 masts and 6 towers - will be dismantled.

- The medium-wave transmitter Nautel NX-200 in Veshintos at 1386 kHz on
RFE / RL order works with a reduced power of 75 kW, mast 120 m, previously
operated at 873 kHz, 150 kW, Weisskirchen, American Forces Network.

+ I agree, the picture is sad. And we offered 600 kW through a two-mast
directional antenna. But the customer is more visible ;-)
(Dmitry Elagin-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx" RUSdx #922
via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 30)

MADAGASCAR [and non]. 11825 kHz, May 5 at 0410 UT, the African Pathways
Radio hour from Madagascar World Voice via Mahajanga, is instead dead air
at S=9+5dB fading to S7; 0411 UT modulation cuts on but in Arabic, not
English! Talk. 0417 UT back to dead air for a seminute, then some music;
0420 UT talk again, then more dead air. 0427 UT a few words of Arabic,
more silence as the NHK IS is again audible underneath; 0431 UT music cuts
on. With only a few languages and a limited schedule on two transmitters,
you'd think MWV could manage to match them up properly. Anyhow, 25mb
propagation all the way from Mad is VG tonight.

MADAGASCAR [and non]   11650  May 5 at 0415 UT, S=9+25dB peaks via Talata
site, R. Tamazuj ID in Arabish, with phone SFX, repeated IDs, song;
accompanies also VG but defective signal from the other Madagascar site
MWV, q.v. 0421 UT also // weaker 9600 kHz running 6 seconds behind 11650

For the morning broadcasts, HFCC, Aoki and EiBi almost agree:
R. Tamazuj: 0330-0429 9600 Vatican, 11650 Madagascar.
R. Dabanga: 0430-0530 9600 Vatican, 11650 Vatican, 13800 Madagascar

So if I had checked 11650 kHz after Dabanga took over, it should have
weakened, and no longer be out of synch with 9600 kHz.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 6)

MADAGASCAR   Checked at 0330 to 0455 UT slot this May 6 morning in Delhi,
Doha Qatar, southern Germany and various places like Hiroshima, Tokyo,
Kyoto, Ishikawa, Nagoya etc in Japan.

WCB Mahajanga-MDG
0300 0400 15515 INDIA       ENGLISH
0400 0500 11825 AFRICA      Am.ENGLISH
0400 0500 17530 S.CHINA     CHINESE

11825   WCB Mahajanga-MDG at 0430 UT heard in rather poor S=5 signal
in Doha Qatar and Delhi sidelobe, but ENGLISH !  Program is meant to
central all Africa and at 295degr towards West Africa.
At 0443-0447 UT heard modern religious prayer songs in English.
S=7 in southern Germany.

But there other WCB MWV Chinese language sce at same time slot
in 16 meterband on 17530 kHz gives S=7-8 signal in Doha Qatar, and
eastwards much stronger in Delhi India at proper S=9+20dB, S=9+ in
various SDR remotes in Japan. at 0440 UT.

WCB MWV Frequency selection of 17530 kHz channel is rather poor.
Adjacent Chinese services on 17540 and 17520 kHz are mostly 20 kHz
wideband signals.

Otherwise there are a lot of 16 mb fq range channels FREE
at 04-05 UT time slot.

17530 kHz suffer by adjacent CRI Hakka service at 0400-0500 UT from
Kashgar western China border bcasting center outlet at 0451 UT,
latter on 17540 kHz which is S=9+40dB in Delhi India.
And another adjacent 17520 kHz suffer in use by MRA Saipan RFA Mandarin
+ accompanied Chinese jamming, like S=9 in Japan.

In 03-04 UT slot WCB MWV Mahajanga-MDG signal in English propagate
excellent via Indian Ocean on 15515 kHz, heard a S=9+20dB signal
at 0335 UT in Delhi India remote post.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 6)

PAKISTAN   New 100 kW transmitter at Larkana. Pakistan Broadcasting
Corporation (PBC) has up-graded its 12-year old 10 kW medium wave
transmitter with a new 100 kW transmitter in Larkana enabling listeners to
get stronger and clearer transmission in Larkana and beyond.

Meanwhile, transmission from 100 kW medium wave transmitter at PBC Mirpur
[Azad Kashmir] has also been ensured at optimum power to counter Indian
propaganda. Lately, India escalated media warfare against Pakistan through
its radio stations operating from the Indian Occupied Kashmir.

The old 100 Kilowatt medium wave transmitter of PBC Mirpur [936 kHz]
procured in 1996 was operating on low power due to aging and complex
technical defect.

A technical team of the PBC engineers rectified the fault and now
transmission covers areas across Line of Control.

(PBC Pakistan Broadc. Corpor. web site 10 April via,
via BrDXC-UK "Communication" magazine May 2017)

Former PAK_PBC Mirpur 936 kHz 10 kW, no mediumwave tall antenna location
known yet.

But close to PBC Mirpur Azad Kashmir Radio bcasting house.
Two lower masts of FM tx visible. Sector F-3, Kotli Road, Mirpur (AJK)
Azad Kashmir,
33 08 13.73 N  73 46 41.80 E

(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 6)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA   7325  Hi Craig, Thanks for your email. Our Shortwave
station was vandalized and it has been off for almost two years now. I am
not able to give an exact date on when we will be able to restore this
service. The damage to the shortwave transmitter station was extensive and
as a self-supporting non-profit Christian radio station, we don't have the
finances now to order new equipment to get the station back on. But we are
determined to restore this service as soon as God supplies the finances.
God bless, Billy Yasi, Wantok Radio Light.
(via Craig Seager, May ADXN ARDXC, via dxld May 3)  Was 7325 kHz

[non-log]. 7324.95, Wantok Radio Light, 1402 UT, May 1. Continuing with
their long absence. Off for about a year now? A clear frequency at this
time period.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld May 1)

RUSSIA   May 19, 2017 in Moscow will be the third annual International
Forum of Russian-speaking broadcasters. The Forum is organized by the
Radio Broadcasting Development Foundation "Academy of Radio" with the
support of the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications and with
the assistance of the Information and Press Department of the Russian
Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The general information partner of the event
is MTRK Mir.

Russian-language broadcasters from Russia, as well as from Belarus,
Armenia, Moldova and other CIS countries, as well as from Germany, Spain,
France, Great Britain and other Western European countries are invited to
participate in the Forum. The honorary guests and participants of the
meeting will also be high-ranking representatives of specialized Russian
state and public structures.

In the context of the increasing role of information, its influence on
public opinion and political decision-making, Russian-speaking
broadcasters play an increasingly important role in creating an objective
image of Russia abroad. It is they who become the guides not only of
alternative, "first-hand" information about events in Russia, but also
contribute to the promotion of Russian culture and the Russian language in
countries where the Russian community is great and where historical ties
with our country are strong. The International Forum is intended to become
a unifying platform for broadcasters, a place for the exchange of
experience and opinions between professionals.

This year, the focus of delegates will be a wide range of issues related
to new trends in the development of television and radio broadcasting. In
particular, the transition to digital broadcasting, which changes the
format and level of radio consumption in the world, new forms of
broadcasting and interactive interaction with listeners, support for
broadcasters from various foundations and other public organizations.

Forum participants will also consider how the Russian language and
Russian-language broadcasting contribute to the integration of the
Russian-speaking population in the CIS countries and the promotion of an
objective image of Russia. Representatives of the radio of classical music
will talk about their broadcasting abroad, about how music becomes a
conductor of culture and values.

Special attention should be paid to the theme of anti-Russian sentiments,
in particular, in Europe, and the difficult choice for Russian-speaking

Within the framework of the Forum, there will also be a discussion on the
reliability of information and its most reliable sources.
Foreign Russian-speaking broadcasters will be given the opportunity to
make presentations of their companies.

(via Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx #922 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 30)

SRI LANKA   17779.86  AWR, via SLBC Trincomalee relay site. Arabic to NoAF
and ME at 0520 UT. Fair signal but off frequency to the low side, 5 April.
(Rob Wagner-Vic-AUS  VK3BVW, May ADXC-News May of ARDXC via dxld May 3)

QSL: AWR, via Trincomalee Sri Lanka, 15430 kHz:

F/D, including transmitter site, QSL card 49 days after F/UP. A few hours
after my F/UP I received an E-mail from V/S, Adrian M. Peterson,
DX Editor. saying:
"At the present time, we are still processing a pile up of pending
reception reports, numbering several hundred, so we will add your
July report to that list. Email reception reports now need to be addressed
<QSL -at->  ".

But that is not all: 17 days after F/UP I received a F/D eQSL,
including transmitter site, from Roberto Valencia
<ValenciaR -at->

Probably this double verification was due to the fact that I sent my F/UP
to more than one E-mail address:
<web -at->
<wavescan -at->
<qsl -at->

Total of 9 months (My report was on 17 June 2016) waiting for a reply.
(Antonello Napolitano-ITA, DX_Fanzine via dxld May 3)

SRI LANKA   15499.994  AWR ETH sce in Oromo and Amharic languages heard
at 03-04 UT, noted also in Qatar and Delhi remote SDR installation,
S=9 strength at 0350 UT, HoA music at 0357 UT. Scheduled AWR daily
at 03-04 UT via SLBC relay at Trincomalee in eastern Sri Lanka.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 6)

SRI LANKA   11905 kHz, May 6 at 0115 UT, tune in just in time to poor but
improving SLBC carrier, to hear mistimesignal ending at 0115:20 UT.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 6)

SWAZILAND   9939.987  TWR Africa from Manzini SWZ in Lingala language,
piano and religious male voice singer, at 1908 UT on April 30,
S=9+10dB audio strength in southern Germany.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 30)

TAIWAN   9735  on April 29 at 1320 UT, good S9 signal one of the best on
band, in Japanese soon ID as "Taiwan Hoso desu". It's RTI this hour,
100 kW, 45degree beam from Paochung site, also favorable for carrying way
on to deep North America.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 3)

THAILAND   15590  on May 1 at 0023 UT, JBA carrier, presumably the so-
called North American service of HSK9, R. Thailand in English. It's a rare
day if this is ever listenable. Even weaker than the Chinese on 15600 kHz,
15100 kHz, with hardly anything else on 19m except 15730 kHz Cuba.

15110, May 2 at 1345 UT, M&W in Chinese at S=9+20dB with rumble, but can't
make a // to the China radio war with Taiwan on 9680 kHz, so this is
probably really VOA Mandarin hour, 250 kW, 14 degrees via Udorn, and also
aimed right across North America beyond.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 3)

TURKEY   TRT Emirler intermodulations, 9460 Turkish and
9840 / 9785, and 9635 kHz towards western Europe, April 30.
As every year noted in 2014, 2015, and 2016 May / June season months.

unid 10220.07 kHz Sport-Reportage (Farsi???) mode=A3 35dB+V / S9

TRT Emirler Intermodulations
10220.037 kHz at 1730-1830 UT April 30.
Spur-Intermodulations Differenz 380.008 kHz auf die Fundamentals

9840.029 kHz Deutsch mit Grusssendung: Bernd Seiser Ottenau.
             1730-1830 UT

9460.021 kHz TRT Turkish language program. 16-21 UT.
Und ein kleiner Peak auch bei Symmetrical auf 9080.013 kHz.

Moegliche Fundamentals fuer Intermodulations-Kalkulationen:

9840 1730 1830 28         EMR 500 310  -8 205 Deu TRT 11120
9785 1830 1930 27,28      EMR 500 310   0 205 Eng TRT  4477
9635 1930 2030 27,28W     EMR 500 300   0 205 Fra TRT  4474

and 10110.037 kHz at 1830-1930 UT, Difference 325.008 kHz.
9135.013 kHz symmetrical
9785 1830-1930 27,28        EMR 500 310   0 205 Eng TRT  4477
also TRT English on 9785 kHz with smaller Intermodulation,
fundamentals 9785.029 and 9460.021 kHz.
Heard in Dave's remote SDR between Birmingham and Liverpool in WeEngland.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 30)

TURKEY   TRT Voice of Turkey 9830, April 28 at 2325 UT, Turkishish music
S9 with no RTTY this late, still past 2330 UT, presumed the VOT German
hour which yet again the Emirler sloppyrators have allowed to run on after
English to North America finishes circa 2250 UT. Only 9830 kHz thing in
HFCC this hour is CNR southward from Beijing.

9830,  on April 29 at 2154 UT, VOT IS is running vs RTTY on exactly same
frequency, and line noise level, so the following English broadcast will
be useless here.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 3)

U.K.   ... - short-wave and medium-wave radio programmes aimed at
audiences in the Korean peninsula, plus online and social media content
... date ?

Entertainment & Arts
BBC World Service announces biggest expansion 'since the 1940s'

 - 1 hour ago

 - From the section Entertainment & Arts.

The World Service has been called the jewel in the BBC crown. The BBC
World Service will launch 11 new language services as part of its biggest
expansion "since the 1940s", the corporation has announced.

The expansion is a result of the funding boost announced by the UK
government last year. The new languages will be Afaan Oromo, Amharic,
Gujarati, Igbo, Korean(!), Marathi, Pidgin, Punjabi, Telugu, Tigrinya, and

The first new services are expected to launch in 2017.

"This is a historic day for the BBC, as we announce the biggest expansion
of the World Service since the 1940s," said BBC director general Tony

"The BBC World Service is a jewel in the crown - for the BBC and for

As we move towards our centenary, my vision is of a confident, outward-
looking BBC which brings the best of our independent, impartial journalism
and world-class entertainment to half a billion people around the world.
Today is a key step towards that aim."

'Relevant as ever'.
The plans include the expansion of digital services to offer more mobile
and video content and a greater social media presence. On Wednesday the
BBC launches a full digital service in Thai, following the success of a
Facebook-only "pop-up" service launched in 2014. Other expansion plans

- extended news bulletins in Russian, with regionalised versions for
surrounding countries

- enhanced television services across Africa, including more then 30 new
TV programmes for partner broadcasters across sub-Saharan Africa

- new regional programming from BBC Arabic

- short-wave and medium-wave radio programmes aimed at audiences in the
Korean peninsula, plus online and social media content

- investment in World Service English, with new programmes, more original
journalism, and a broader agenda.

Fran Unsworth, the BBC's World Service director, said:
"Through war, revolution and global change, people around the world have
relied on the World Service for independent, trusted, impartial news.

As an independent broadcaster, we remain as relevant as ever in the 21st
Century, when in many places there is not more free expression, but less.

Today's announcement is about transforming the World Service by investing
for the future. "We must follow our audience, who consume the news in
changing ways; an increasing number of people are watching the World
Service on TV, and many services are now digital-only. We will be able to
speed up our digital transformation, especially for younger audiences, and
we will continue to invest in video news bulletins.

What will not change is our commitment to independent, impartial

The new language services mean the BBC World Service will be available
in 40 languages, including English. Lord Hall has set a target for the BBC
to reach 500 million people worldwide by its centenary in 2022.

Follow us on <Twitter -at- BBCNewsEnts> ,
on Instagram at bbcnewsents, or if you have a story suggestion email
< -at->

BBC World Service announces biggest expansion 'since the 1940s'
via Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 16, 2016)

USA   17774.994 kHz  KVOH Rancho Simi, CA.
Spanish language program at 1517 UT on Monday May 1.
Acc Aoki Nagoya database listed "Voice of Hope".

But noted rather a Spanish radio hobby program, contained old KOL Israel
interval signal and DX talk in Spanish language.
Up to S=9+5dB strength in central Florida remote SDR unit.

Played "Happy Birth Day" song around 1515 UT.
20 kHz wideband signal modulation. But decreased later til 1612 UT.
Fq wandered from 17774.989 ... up to 17774.994 kHz.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 1)

Voice of Hope is the name of the station. The program at 1500 UT Monday
(& Friday) is 'Frecuencia al Dia' as on several other stations too.

(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 1)

USA  [VATICAN RADIO to NoAM]   7305, May 3 at 0140 UT, only a JBA carrier
here, certainly not Greenville-B North Carolina site warming up for
0145 UT VR Vatican Radio relay in Spanish, which often starts as early
as 0130 UT.

Still no VR by 0147 UT. It remains on the A17 schedule per Aoki. So has
VR cut this transmission according to SS Pope's desires to phase out
SW; or just missing now?

Radio Marti is on 7365 kHz this hour, and used to produce a leapfrog
mixing product with 7305 landing on 7425 kHz, where I find another very
weak signal, with some talk, so what are these?

7305 kHz has VOA Burmese via Thailand at 0130-0230 UT.
7425 kHz has Iran in Arabic via Zahedan, both per Aoki list.
{7305 VatR relay back when checked May 6, gh}
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 3)

USA  [ALBANIA non]   5850 kHz  US  RMI relay of Radio Tirana English
Saturday broadcast, 29 Apr 2017, at 2302-2303 UT. S=9+5 dB signal
on remote SDR units in Massachusetts-US east coast, as well as
in Detroit, Michigan.  73 wolfie  df5sx
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 30)

Thank you Wolfie.
We are still considering possibly changing the time and frequency.
(Jeff White-FL-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 30)

[ALBANIEN non]  Mit der Sendezeit und Frequenz des Radio Tirana
Englischprogramm Relais via RMI Florida ist das letzte Wort noch nicht
gesprochen, da wird es wohl spaeter am Abend/Nacht ein Wechsel auf 7 MHz

Z.Zt. vor dem Hochsommer deckt ein 49mb Signal auf 5850 kHz aus Florida um
2300 UT mit Muehe nur den Osten der USA bis Hoehe Michigan, Detroit ab,
die ganze Mitte Mississippi US Staaten und weiters Richtung Kalifornien,
Vancouver liegt voellig in der Tageszone.

Durch die Initiative von Christian und Jeff ist das R Tirana Programm
endlich mal wieder mit Armchair Qualitaet auf Kurzwelle in NoAM zu hoeren.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 30)

USA   WRMI Okeechobee, Florida-USA, moves to 9455 ex6855 kHz. Several days
ago, WRMI had to discontinue broadcasts on 6855 kHz due to interference
with a US Army transmission on a nearby frequency. Now we have resumed our
broadcasts on the new frequency of 9455 kHz 24 hours per day. The beam is
toward the Southwestern United States and Mexico.
(WRMI F_B page 27 April; via BrDXC-UK "Communication" magazine May 2017)

USA   9455, UT Monday May 1 at 0031 UT, WRMI with M&W discussing how
'Countdown to Xmas Radio' is now on 9455 and 9395 kHz at 6 pm Mountain
time, into a jazzy version of "Silent Night". 9455 kHz is S8-S9, 9395 kHz
S9 to S=9+5dB and noticeably louder.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld May 1)

9395 kHz USA  RMI music program, nice chorus & orchestra, S=7-8 in
Edmonton Alberta-CAN, and same program content, but lower power signal
also on 9455 kHz, latter at S=4-5 or -98dBm level. At 0642 UT on May 1st.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 1)

USA  [ARGENTINA non]   9395, UT on Tue May 2 at 0035 UT, this WRMI in
Oldies, ID as "world-band radio", fair signal S=9+20dB before I turn
computer noise off. At 0100 UT without computer it's good at S=9+10dB.
Just after 0100 UT, the WRMI ID, and then smoothly into debut of RAE
Buenos Aires relay in English to North America (but does another bit o'
Biermann interrupt just as I am distracted by the doorbell?).

RAE Opens with multilingual IDs in:
Spanish, Chinese, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, German,
and Spanish again.

Plugs North American 641+ phone number to hear RAE. OM announcer is very
informal with accent. 0102 mentions new SW relays via Florida, 5950 kHz in
Spanish Mon-Fri at 22-23 UT (which I didn't check, but it's been extremely
weak here), and 9395 kHz in English Tue-Sat 01-02 UT (this is
on 355 degree antenna so should be even better further east from here).
Offers QSL to the P.O.Box 555 address.

Annoying music bed is playing thruout this talk. 0104 news headlines, and
MLID#2; 0105 Congolese official visits US (really?); about Human Rights
and Red Cross and the Malvinas (more below); economy fell 2.2% in
February; MLID#3. 0106 Pres. Macri visited companies in Texas, including
Dow Chemical. HR/Red Cross from Geneva to visit Malvinas to identify
remains of 123 Argentine soldiers buried there anonymously. Arg. meat
exports to Europe are growing. Economy fell 2.2% in Feb. Investments in
tourism sector for 200 hotels amount to 2.2 billion (?) pesos.
Presidential trip to Japan confirmed for May 18.

0109 MLID#4, then switch to YL who speaks English better for an interview
with a "great writer and journalist, Andrew Graham Ewell", "good morning".
He speaks with a British accent, but lived in Argentina as a teen, left in
1976 but always wanted to come "home", but the war in 1982 intervened.
Discussing the Malvinas; what about those still living there? Would they
ever become half-Argentine? It may take another 35-year [sic] generation.
He thinks the islands should be Argentine, but are not. 0121 YL wraps up
the interview, which thankfully dispensed with an annoying music bed.

MLID#5. Song in Spanish. 0126 MLID#6; plug the 641-552-#### phone number,
only once, (and the full Audio-Now number has been published in DXLD
before). Adds that soon will be available in Mexico and Canada, and also
Brasil in Portuguese, Spanish. 0127 MLID#7; 0128 Spanish song introduced
by speech. 0132, outro title as "Upside Down -something', and before that
"Poison Magic"; MLID#8.

0133 segment on Science & Technology, by same guy as with news and he has
to bring up the annoying music bed again. About SF authors and a book fair
which started April 27. Ray Bradbury attended in 1997 & 2001. About books
that anticipated inventions and creations. Jonathan Swift about the moons
of Mars not discovered until 1877; automatic doors predicted in 1899.
Aldous Huxley on reproductive technology, genetic manipulation; Orwell's
1984 on surveillance. 1969 TV on demand predicted, came true in 2010;
cyborg mechanical legs in 1972, now transplants; Jules Verne Nautilus
submarine, later by Spanish navy; Martian Chronicles; Borges on artificial
intelligence, virtual reality, internet. Beer industry is growing, depends
on imported yeast.

This feature was co-written by Arnaldo Slaen
(DXer who also does the DX program).

0141 MLID#9; 0142 "Mano a Mano" by Julio Sosa; 0145 another song,
instrumental; 0148 MLID#10; YL song "Lonely Willow Tree", and before it
"Life of a Match"(?), and before that "Eden" by Julio Sosa. 0151 MLID#11.
0152 headlines with music bed: Pres visits TX companies; HR delegation to
ID Malvinas bodies; Economy down 2.2% in Feb. 0153 MLID#12, reminding WRMI
SW sked "while we fix our own equipment" [except before it broke it was
hard to hear; should keep WRMI relays anyway].

0155 announcer IDs self as Fernando Varias(?), have come to the end of
program", no IS (their traditional one has been dispensed with?), into
instrumental music and 0156 "Nothing but a Heartache" by Bonnie Tyler, no
ID at 0200 TOH, and then "Wipeout" by The Ventures, and tune-out. I
seriously suspect the last two were back to WRMI Oldies, not RAE ATTW, tho
no announcements of a transition.

RAE's music breaks were pleasant enough, and the topix interesting, altho
the news items were rather repetitive, and did NOT include today's big
demonstrations by the Madres en Blanco at La Plaza de Mayo, which did make
the BBC World News. The dozen plays of the multi-lingual ID loop were
extremely excessive, crutch! Please desist. Turkey has an even longer loop
with many more languages but they don't play it a dozen times an hour,
maybe only once or twice?

This has been my detailed log for this auspicious occasion, not to be
repeated, as 01-02 UT has a lot of competition for my monitoring
attention, but it's great to have RAE available on SW again!
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 2)

VATICAN STATE   We must not be afraid of media reform, Pope tells Vatican
media office.

Another report on the speech here:
Pope Francis made a point of saying that short-wave radio broadcasts would
still be available for the benefit of
"countries with limited technological means."
He added - and repeated - that short-wave transmissions
"have never been abandoned".

(Mike Barraclough-UK, BrDXC-UK and dxld May 5)


Despite a lot of CRI / CNR / PBS etc. etc. China mainland transmissions
in 25 and 31 mb, as log of different broadcasts at 2345 UT Apr 29, til
0030 UT Apr 30 on remote SDR unit in eastern Thailand:

11499.838 TWN  SOH Chinese S=8 signal at 2345 UT.
          Rather CNR1 Chinese lang jamming against SOH ? 23-00 UT?,
          TX switch off exact at 0000 UT.
11654.994 CLN  AWR Burmese service, via SLBC Trincomalee site,
          S=9+25dB powerful at 0005 UT Apr 30, noted on remote SDR unit
          in eastern Thailand.
11680even KRE  KCBS Pyongyang, from Kanggye (?) site, S=9+10dB in
          eastern Thailand installation. 0007 UT march mx,
          followed by D.P.R. Korean Waltz dance style mx.
11775.068 TWN  SOH Chinese bcast S=5-6 at 0010 UT.
11925even CLN  AWR Chinese sce via SLBC Trincomalee site,
          S=9+15dB at 0014 UT female religious singer.
12230.015 TWN  SOH Chinese, S=9 in eastern Thailand, 0020 UT.

 9539.967 TWN  SOH Chinese, S=7 at 0024 UT
 9634.879 TWN  SOH Chinese, S=5 at 0028 UT
 9635.853 VTN  VoVietnam Vietnamese dom service, ODD frequency again !
          S=9+20dB signal strength at 0030 UT on Apr 30.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 29 / 30)

From morning log at 0545 - 0655 UT on May 1st,
notes of remote SDR unit at VE6JY's installation in Alberta western

Surprise was CUB RHC English from Quivican TITAN site of San Felipe
6000 kHz nominal,    ... was 10 kHz down this morning on

5990 kHz !!! - which is used from same site by CRI Spanish relay
earlier the night ... 0000 til 0100 UT,
the Quivican technician failed to switch back to 6000 kHz.

RHC program was back later on 6000 kHz, when checked at 0650 UT.

leapfrog over RHC 5040 kHz to land on 5055 kHz ...

Yes, intermodulation signal outlet on Bauta bcast center heard
at 0550 UT on May 1st.

Fundamentals 5025 R Rebelde and 5040 RHC music program,
S=9+20dB strength both in Alberta-CAN,
noted on 5010.001 and 5054.999 kHz, latter S=5 or -96dBm signals
at Edmonton Alberta remote SDR.

4885.020 BRA  Probably ZYG362 R. Clube do Para, Belem PA, tiny signal
         S=5-6, -93dBm, music program at 0555 UT. CODAR QRM on
         upper flank up to 4916 kHz.
5829.986 USA  WTWW, talk on 'sky signs', religion and terrorism
         'in part 2' rather poor in western Canada, S=7 at 0603 UT.
5875     ASC  BBC French towards West Africa, S=6-7 in Alberta-CAN,
         0604 UT same strength also BBC En program on 6005 kHz
         from ASC relay,
         about Jerusalem Palestine Israel security matter.
5939.830 BRA  R. Voz Missionaria, Camboriu SC, S=5 or -102dBm poor and
         tiny, religious matter talk at 0607 UT.

5990     CUB  RHC En, Quivican San Felipe 'TITAN' site failed the exact
         frequency 6000 kHz this morning. S=9+25dB signal. News at 0604 UT
         on new US military facilities to be planned on Japanese island of
         Okinawa, and protests by the local Japanese settlers !
         // 6060, 6100, and 6145 kHz, at 0650 UT back to 6000 kHz.
         From 0613 to 0622 UT Arnie Coro program on air, talk on very low
         cost antennas, SW propagation latest news.

6010.040 BRA  Tentativ Brazilian ZYE521 R Inconfidencia, Belo Horizonte MG
         poor and tiny at 0612 UT, S=3 or -110dBm signal in Alberta-CAN.
         Nothing heard of CLM on 5910 nor 6010 kHz.
6069.985 CAN  CFRX Toronto, S=6 or -90dBm at 0616 UT, talk by 2 presenter.
6119.996 BRA  ZYE969 "Super Radio Deus e Amor, Sao Paulo, on threshold
         S=3 or -108dBm very tiny level. Same poor condition propagation
6135.203 BRA  ZYE954 R. Aparecida, Aparecida SP, at 0621 UT on May 1st.
6159.971 CAN  CKZN St. Johns's, S=4 or -102dBm, into western Canada target
         at 0624 UT on May 1st.
6180 - not RN Brasilia, but VoA Sao Tome on lower side exact 6179.995 kHz
         S=4 or -106dBm towards western Canada sidelobe tiny rest,
         0625 UT, similar poor signal next door
6190     AFS  BBC English sce to Africa, from SenTec Meyerton bcast center
         at 0626 UT.

7850     CAN  CHU Ottawa time signal station broadcast, at 0629 UT
         rather reliable S=5 signal in night skip zone within Canada.
7490.057 USA  WBCQ English program, tiny S=5, acc Aoki Nagoya list
         not scheduled on UT Mondays at 0600 UT, heard sermon? at 0633 UT.
7259.960 VUT  R Vanuatu, Port Vila, nice S=6 signal or -86dBm on remote
         Edmonton Alberta SDR unit. English/vernac words 0636 UT
         on May 1st. Accent of Indian subcontinent ?
7254.939 NIG  Voice of Nigeria Ikorodu, Hausa West Africa sce,
         S=5 or -97dBm. At 0638 UT on May 1st.
9395     USA  RMI music program, nice chorus/orchestra, S=7-8 in Alb-CAN,
         and same program content, but lower power signal also
         on 9455 kHz, latter at S=4-5 or -98dBm level. 0642 UT on May 1st.
9665.772 BRA  ZYE890  Radio Voz Missionaria, Camboriu SC, 0645 UT,
         S=5-6 or -92dBm signal, and heavy 800 Hertz whistle heterodyne
         signal of adjacent 9665 kHz even frequency KCBS Pyongyang DPR KRE
9674.929 BRA  ZYE971  R Cancao Nova, Cachoeira Paulista SP, co-ch 9675 QRM
         by CNR1 at 0650-0655 UT... S=3-4 or -105dBm poor and tiny signal.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 1)

Log in remote SDR unit at Nagoya, Japan, on May 3rd at 0930-1045 UT

4749.991 CHN  CNR1 Hailar in Mongolian S=8 at 0930 UT.
5019.999 SLM  SIBC Honiara, En, S=8 or -77dBm signal at 0933 UT,
5025     CUB  Radio Rebelde, S=6 or -87dBm in Nagoya Japan at 0935 UT.
5857.5 USB mode, KOR  HLL Seoul Meteo service, S=9+15dB in Nagoya-JPN.
         at 0938 UT two carrier visible stronger 5857.515 kHz,
         and 5857.490 lower signal.
6039.982 CHN  PBS Nei Menggu Mongolian, S=8 in Japan, 0943 UT talk.
6079.912 CHN  PBS Hulun Buir, Hailar, Mongolian, S=8-9 at 0945 UT,
7210.048 TWN  SOH Chinese, S=6-7 at 0950 UT on May 3rd.
7259.962 Vanuatu + 7259.990 Xinjiang, equal signal level in Nagoya-JPN.
         Equal level S=6 or -86dBm at 0953 UT May 3.
7269.985 CHN  PBS Nei Menggu, Mongolian sce, at 0956 UT, but audio
         suffer by KRE bubble signal on 7269.65 to 7286 kHz, latter
         meant against KOR Seoul in Korean on 7275 kHz at 1000 UT.
7309.971 TWN  SOH Mandarin, S=9+5dB at 1015 UT.
7419.986 CHN  PBS Nei Menggu, Chinese, S=9+10dB in Nagoya-JPN, 1025 UT.
7425.004 NZL  R NZi, Rangitaiki, En, S=9+10dB, but audio reception
         suffer HEAVILY by UTE range fax machine / RTTY QRM
         in JPN, KOR, CHN target on 7423 to 7448 kHz fq range.
7795.400 JPN  JMH Japan meteo - F3C mode, S=9+30dB local powerhouse.
         1034 UT on May 3rd.
7800.081 TWN  SOH Mandarin, Mao Tse Tung mentioned 1037 UT, S=9+5dB.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 3)

Log in remote SDR unit at Nagoya, Japan, on May 4th at 0500-0600 UT

9099.940 TWN  SOH Chinese, S=6-7 at 0500 UT May 4.
9155.028 TWN  SOH Chinese, S=5 at 0505 UT.
9200.176 TWN  SOH Chinese, S=4 at 0510 UT.
9230.035 TWN  SOH Chinese, S=5 at 0513 UT.
9279.850 TWN  SOH Chinese, S=4 at 0515 UT.
9320.006 TWN  SOH Chinese, S=5 at 0518 UT.
9410.008 TWN  Fu Hsing BS, Chinese, S=6 at 0520 UT.
9519.983 CHN  PBS Nei Menggu, Chinese, S=6 at 0522 UT.
9539.952 TWN  SOH Chinese, S=5 at 0525 UT.

9729.917 TWN  SOH Chinese, S=5 at 0529 UT,
and VoKorea carrier
9730even KRE  only carrier S=9+15dB and audio noise jamming
scratching, of intermodulation at feederline interference at the
broadcast center at Kujang-KRE, in program gap 0525 til 0529 UT.

9749.974 CHN  PBS Nei Menggu, Hohot tx site #839, in Mongolian,
              S=6 at 0536 UT.
9779.989 CHN  PBS Qinghai, Xining, Chinese, S=6 at 0539 UT.
9849.975 TWN  SOH Chinese, S=5 at 0542 UT.
9920.120 TWN  SOH Chinese, S=7 at 0544 UT. Mao Tse Tung ... mentioned
9970.518 TWN  SOH Chinese, S=4 at 0546 UT.
10819.963  TWN  SOH Chinese, S=6 at 0553 UT May 4.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 3)

Log in remote SDR unit at Doha Qatar ME, on May 5th at 0150-0215 UT

7850     CAN  CHU Ottawa Canada time signal noted at 0150 UT in
         Middle East Doha Qatar SDR unit, S=8 signal strength under
         night dark path via North Atlantic Ocean.
7505.003 IND  AIR Delhi Kingsway, Nepali sce S=9+25dB powerful signal,
         11 kHz terrible audio quality, rather strong carrier, but proper
         audio strength heard on two symmetrical spurious frequencies
         accompanied on 7471.5 and 7538 kHz, spurs 33 kHz distance away.
         S=9+10dB strength, 8.5 kHz wide spurs.
         And hit by co-channel heard at 0200 UT on May 5th :
7504.976 USA  S=9+10dB signal of WRNO at 0202 UT.
7520.001 USA  WWCR religious program in English, and co-channel too
7519.994 IND  AIR Delhi Khampur in Urdu sce, S=9 strength.
7490.091 USA  WBCQ TOM BS prayer, S=8-9 in Qatar ME. 0205 UT May 5th.
7425even IRN  IRIB Tehran in Arabic, via Zahedan bcast center site.
         Scheduled 1730 to 0230 UT, S=9+45dB POWERHOUSE audio signal.
         24 kHz wideband signal at 0212 UT on May 5.
7385.004 USA  WHRI English sce, S=7-8 strength noted in Qatar ME unit.
7340.004 IND  AIR Bombay in Urdu lang sce, S=9+20dB at 0214 UT.
7315even USA  WHRI, guitar religious? pop mx singer heard at 0216 UT,
         S=9+10dB, 10 kHz wideband audio signal into Qatar SDR site.
7289.994 IND  Early time signal of AIR Thiruvananthapuram, scheduled
         0230-0930 UT in Hindi. Carrier was on air already at 0218 UT.
         S=9+20dB across Indian Ocean propagation path.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 5)

Checked at 0330 to 0455 UT slot this May 6 morning in Delhi,
Doha Qatar, southern Germany and various places like Hiroshima, Tokyo,
Kyoto, Ishikawa, Nagoya etc in Japan.

15170.056 ARS  BSKSA Riyadh morning HQ prayer in progress,
          0330 UT on May 6, S=7-8 in Delhi India remote SDR net post.
15185.002 IND  AIR Hindi sce, S=7 signal at 0335 UT May 6.
15489.967 THA  VoA Deewa Pashto sce via Ban Dung Udorn Thani relay site,
          S=9+15dB strength at 0338 UT in Delhi.
15515even MDG  WCB MWV Mahajanga-MDG signal in English propagate
          excellent via Indian Ocean, heard a S=9+20dB signal at 0335 UT
          in Delhi India remote post.
15284.967 ARS  BSKSA Riyadh already on technical carrier test tone
          at 0351 UT May 6, exact 1000 Hertz test tone measured,
          S=9+10dB signal tone at Delhi India remote SDR,
          at 0400 UT daily start of BSKSA Swahili morning sce.
15499.994 CLN  AWR Ethiopian sce in Oromo and Amharic languages heard
          at 03-04 UT, noted also in Qatar and Delhi remote SDR net
          installation, S=9 strength at 0350 UT, HoA music at 0358 UT.
          Scheduled AWR daily at 03-04 UT via SLBC relay at
          Trincomalee {former DWL} relay site in eastern Sri Lanka.
15359.983 UAE  RFE Mashaal Radio in Pashto, via Al Dhabbaya-UAE,
          heard in Delhi India SDR post, nx at 0403 UT May 6, S=9+15dB.
15489.982 UAE  BBC London in Somali language, S=7-8 sidelobe into UAE
          at 0407 UT on May 6.
15759.967 THA  RFE Mashaal Radio in Pashto, via Ban Dung Udorn Thani
          relay site. At 0409 UT May 6, S=9+5dB in Delhi India remote.
13600even OMA  Radio Oman Arabic earlier ON AIR, heard at 0405 UT,
          probably scheduled 04-10 UT, S=9+15dB signal in Doha Qatar.
13669.968 CHN  Seldom noted CRI/CNR station on odd frequency.
          PBS Xinjiang, Uighur service from Urumqi, far western China
          border region. // 11885 kHz, S=9 heard in Doha Qatar at
          0418 UT on May 6.
13710.007 IRN  VoIRIB Hebrew service from Sirjan site already opening
          procedure from 0420 UT May 6, // 12030.009 kHz 0423 UT on
          S=9 in Doha Qatar.
13825even UZB  BBC Persian via Tashkent relay site, Persian language
          popular music singer, S=9+10dB in Qatar site. 0425 UT May 6.
13859.970 THA  Radio Farda in Persian via Ban Dung Udorn Thani relay
          site, S=9 at 0427 UT.
11995even MDG  BBC Somali via Talata-Volonondry-MDG, 0400-0430 UT,
          S=9+20dB til TX off at 04.29:40 UT.
11945.116 UAE  BBC English via Al Dhabbaya, S=8 in Doha Qatar at 0432 UT.
11825even MDG  WCB Mahajanga-MDG at 0430 UT on May 6 heard in rather
          poor S=5 signal in Doha Qatar and Delhi sidelobe, but ENGLISH !
          langauge program is meant to central all Africa and at 295degr
          towards West Africa. At 0443-0447 UT heard modern religious
          prayer songs chorus in English. S=7 in southern Germany.
11790even F__  RFI  Issoudun Swahili sce to East Africa, S=9 at 0438 UT
          on May 6, 12 kHz wideband audio signal, nice popular mx.
          More ISS outlets on 25 mb shortwave: RFI French 11700 kHz, and
          Radio Eye Arabic, on UN and Rwanda talk, 11730 kHz S=9 at
          0440 UT on May 6.
17530even MDG  But there other WCB MWV Chinese language sce at same time
          slot in 16 meterband on 17530 kHz gives S=7-8 signal in Doha
          Qatar, and eastwards much stronger in Delhi India at proper
          S=9+20dB, S=9+ in various SDR remotes in Japan. at 0441 UT.
          WCB MWV Frequency selection of 17530 kHz channel is rather poor.
          Adjacent Chinese services on 17540 and 17520 kHz are mostly
          20 kHz wideband signals.
          Otherwise there are a lot of 16 mb fq range channels FREE
          at 04-05 UT time slot.
          17530 kHz suffer by adjacent CRI Hakka service at 0400-0500 UT
          from Kashgar western China border bcasting center outlet
          at 0451 UT, latter on 17540 kHz which is S=9+40dB in Delhi
          India. And another adjacent 17520 kHz suffer in use by
          MRA Saipan RFA Mandarin + accompanied Chinese jamming,
          like S=9 strength in Japan.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 6)

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