24 Hours of du Mans

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June 4 - 18, 2017


This award celebrates the 24 hour time period durng which the famed French automoble race is held each year. Basically, you may earn theis award by making at least one QSO per year with the "Special Station of the 24 Heures du Mans" during 3 different years (consecutive or not).

Provide the QSO information, certified on your honour copy along with your QSL or logbook as evidence of such contacts made since 1952. Some of the call signs used in the past, and which will count for the award are: F3YE, F3XC, F8GE, F6KFI, TV6ACO and TM6ACO, the special callsign since 1992 (except 2000 : F6KFI).

All modes. All bands.

Award fee is: 10 €

Internet: http://www.active-club.ru/forum/4

Internet: (more information): http://aras-ref-72.blogspot.fr/2017/04/tm24h-2017.html

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