800th Anniversary of Raciborz

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June 1 to 30, 2017


To receive an electronic Award free of charge, work or hear the following stations from the RC (Racibórz) county of call area SP9 and other participating operators during June 2017.

Award Requirements:
1. SP: three QSO’s/HRD’s with HF800RC plus three other participating stations
2. EU: two QSO’s/HRD’s with HF800RC plus two other stations
3. DX: one QSO/HRD with HF800RC plus one other station

Other participating stations will identify themselves on the air.

Repeat QSO’s/HRD’s are valid if made on other bands, with different modes, or with the Award stations are operating from another QTH.

Look for increased activity of Award stations during the Days of Racibórz on 9-11 June 2017.
Send your cabrillo log extract to: sp9kju@o2.pl on or before 31 July 2017. Subject: your call sign and "Dyplom HF800RC".

E-mail: sp9kju@o2.pl

Internet: http://www.sp9kju.org/
also http://800lat.raciborz.pl/

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