80th Anniversary of First Soviet Arctic Station on drifting ice

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June 6 to 18, 2017


Look for special event calls to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the official opening of the first Soviet Arctic Station on drifting ice. The stations will be active from the 6th and 18th of June 2017.

Paper Certificate:

Requirements: To earn this AWARD you need to get 274 points.

Point values:
1. Stations situated above Arctic circle - 10 points.
2. Members of "Arctica" club = 10 points
3. Members of "Arctica" who are operating from any location above Arctic Circle = 20 points.
4. Special event stations call signs = 25 points.
(Special calls are: RA80SP , RC80SP, RJ80SP, RM8SP, RQ80SP, RW80SP, RX80SP, RY80SP)

Other Rules:
1. Duplicate QSOs are good for award credit if made on different bands and different modes. All 2. DIGI modes are counted as one mode.
3. Double points are given for VHF/UHF and satellite QSO.
4. NA, SA, OC and AF applicants have a multiplier of 3 (therefore they only need to get 92 + points to apply)
5. There are separate awards for MIX, CW, SSB and DIGI
6. The award can be downloaded from http://arctica.hamlog.ru/diploms/pa/


1. EU, Asia and Russia need QSOs with at least 9 "Arctica" club members. Duplicate QSOs are not counted.
2. NA,SA,OC and AF need 9 QSO with "Arctica" club members. Duplicate QSOs for these continents are OK if made on different bands and modes.
3. To request your Plaque send email to rw3dd@mail.ru . The price will vary due to your location and postal charges.

Internet: (Russian Language) https://www.rcarktika.net/ìåðîïðèÿòèÿ-êëóáà/north-pole-1/

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