90th Anniversary of Amateur Radio in Upper Silesia HF90ROP

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1 - 6 June 2017


This award recognizes the 90th anniverary of the impllementation of amateur radio communication occurrin in Silesia. The first QSO’s were recorded in Bielsko-Bia³a and pioneered by Tadeusz Matusiak TPTM (later TPXA). When he was 14 years old, he built a ham station in 1926 and made the first two-way QSO in Silesia, confirmed by a QSL card, with a Swedish amateur
SMUA from Goeteborg on 16 November 1927. This year, 2017, we want to honour the Anniversary of the origin of amateur radio movement in Upper Silesia.

Jubilee Award Rules:

1. The celebration is handled by Organising Committee, composed of the representatives of PZK Divisions: OT-06, OT-29, OT-31, and OT-50.

2. The goal of the event is to publiced by the history of amateur radio in Silesia.

3. Awards will be granted for contacts (HRD’s) with the stations located in the Region of Silesia (G).s

4. The contacts (HRD’s) conducted from June 1 to 6.2017, are valid for contacts made on any band, any mode, and will be valid. Only one QSO (HRD) with a given Silesian station will count, regardless of band or mode. A QSO (HRD) with at least one special-event station will be mandatory. Contacts through repeaters and Echolink, as well as cross-band or mixed ones will not be valid.

5. To honour the event participants, the organiser will grant Prizes, Cups and Awards:
     – Prize, Cup, and Award for scoring the highest number of points by a participant from outside Upper Silesia;
     – Prize, Cup, and Award for conducting the highest number of QSO’s by an individual station operating from Silesia (G);
     – Prize, Cup, and Award for logging the highest number of Silesian stations by an SWL, regardless of his/her place of residence;
     – Awards for the scorers of the requested numbers of points;

6. Award Scoring

     A For each QSO (HRD) with a special-event station:20points:.(HF90GLI,HF90GOT,HF90ROP,HF90SOT HF90TM)

     B. For a QSO (HRD) with a station operating from Silesia: 5 pts.


A. stations 90 pts.; EU stations 60 pts.; DX stations 40 pts.


The Award will be issued in an electronic version free of charge.

Please send your application by e-mail to: SQ9V@wp.pl by the end of July 2017. Your Application should contain:the requestors call signs and the dates and times of your QSO’s, as well as your callsign, name, and e-mail address.

The conclusion of the event and Award issuance will be completed on Sept 9.2017.

In case of dispute, Marek SP9HTY, the Organising Committee Coordinator, will make his decisions which will be final.

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