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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ALASKA   11885  KNLS Unscheduled Transmission. Was recording 11870 kHz to
catch upcoming start of English program and found 11885 kHz on the air
unscheduled in Mandarin with pop music, M talk including ID, deadair, then
start of English program with ID by W and IS // 11870 kHz. Both fairly
strong but this frequency slightly better.

Is this a new transmission, an error, or testing?

Was in Mandarin before 1200 UT, and in English after. Went off at 1259 UT
followed by 11870 kHz. 5 June.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx / dxld June 5)

Probably instead of 9655 kHz in Chinese till 1200 UT, and 7355 kHz in
English from 1200 UT, both via tx#2 (wb, ibid.)

ALASKA   11885  (USA) KNLS at 1457 UT on June 11, M anncr sounded like
Mandarin ending w/instru. signature, then 1458-1500 UT dead air, and 1500
UT IS twice and off. Came back on w/IS in progress and into Mandarin
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx June 11)

ALASKA   11885 KNLA - Anchor Point, at 1231-1300* UT on June 5, thanks to
a Dave Valko tip, heard on this channel // 11870 kHz (poor) with several
IDs including New Life Station and various religious features in English
language service on this unlisted channel for this time. Poor to fair.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 12)

AUSTRALIA   9685  Reach Beyond Australia, at 1117-1128 UT on June 9.
Somewhat slow and deliberate En pgm abt Baseball rules and "Almost
Perfect" segment of Armando Galarraga's near perfect game. 1129 UT instru.
mx, and into next pgm in Chin Hakha. No ID between pgms. Fair signal.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx June 9)

AUSTRIA   9510  Adventist World Radio - ORS Moosbrunn, at 0229-0300* UT on
June 7, instrumental music followed by a woman announcer with station ID
("This is Adventist World Radio, the Voice of Hope. The following program
is in Punjabi."), flute music and Punjabi language program. Several IDs
during program with close down at 0257 UT. Good signal with some QRM from
Radio Romania International.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 12)

AUSTRIA   50 Years / Jahre OE1 Vienna program.






(Herbert Meixner-AUT, A-DX ng June 7)

BRAZIL   9514.97  R. Marumby at 2224-2300 UT on June 9. "Voz do Brasil" //
to other ZYs including 9665.87 kHz Voz Missionaria, 9674.92 kHz Cancao
Nova, 11856.02 kHz Aparecida, and 15190.05 kHz Inconfidencia.

2300 UT instru. mx, 2301 UT usual "Marumby" singing jingle by women, then
canned ID/promo w/ment of Marumby, sev. more canned anmnts, and into next
pgm at 2304 UT. Fady w/some 9505 kHz WHRI slop QRM, but stronger than
usual and readable.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx June 9)

CHINA   Additional unregistered frequencies of PBS Xizang & CNR-8

0000-1230 NF13870*LIN 100 kW 286 deg to EaAS Tib/Eng   PBS Xizang
0000-1400 NF15680#LIN 100 kW 286 deg to EaAS Chinese   PBS Xizang
0900-1500 NF 9695 DOF 100 kW 015 deg to EaAS Korean    CNR-8
2100-0300 NF12070 DOF 100 kW 015 deg to EaAS Mongolian CNR-8

*2050-2400 7385 LIN 100 kW 286 deg to EaAS Tib/Eng PBS Xizang
*1230-1805 7385 LIN 100 kW 286 deg to EaAS Tib/Eng PBS Xizang
#2000-2400 7240 LIN 100 kW 286 deg to EaAS Chinese PBS Xizang
#1400-1800 7240 LIN 100 kW 286 deg to EaAS Chinese PBS Xizang

CNR-10, CNR-16 and CNR-17 are also unregistered frequencies
2025-2300  9620 DOF 100 kW 015 deg to EaAS Chinese CNR-10
2300-1300 17875 DOF 100 kW 015 deg to EaAS Chinese CNR-10
1300-1805  9620 DOF 100 kW 015 deg to EaAS Chinese CNR-10
2055-2230  9700 DOF 100 kW 015 deg to EaAS Chinese CNR-16
2230-1100 17780 DOF 100 kW 015 deg to EaAS Chinese CNR-16
1100-1605  9700 DOF 100 kW 015 deg to EaAS Chinese CNR-16
0300-0900 15190 DOF 100 kW 015 deg to EaAS Kazakh  CNR-17

Reception of PBS Xizang on temporary frequency 15680 kHz, June 2
0903 & 1355 UT 15680 LIN 100 kW 286 deg to EaAS Chinese, weak/fair signal
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 2 / 4 / 13)

CUBA   14680 harmonic, RHC. While checking for 14670 CHU, found this
2 x 7340 kHz harmonic of R. Havana Cuba. Poor to fair and fady.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, 3-4 June 2017 [sometime during] 2245-0010 UT
Micro-DXpedition, hcdx / DXLD June 7)
via ex Radio Moscow USSR relay site Bejucal-CUB, 50 kW, wb.

EGYPT   9799.61  R. Cairo, at 2205 UT June 9, Arabic mx, 4+1 higher pitch
time ticks at 2215 UT, then W w/EG nx ending w/ID at 2217 UT. 2219 UT ID
w/intro for "Egyptian Challenge" pgm, then off the air. Back on w/OC a
min. later, and pgm already continuing. Good signal but audio over
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx June 9)

ETHIOPIA   7236.755 kHz  Heute Abend habe ich bei beiden Perseus hinein
gehoert, bei Victor in Piliyandala in Sri Lanka,
und bei Uwe in Ost Thailand.

Recording S=9+10dB starker Traeger, aber niedrige Modulation um 1833 UT am
June 16. Unstabile frequenz 5 -10 Hz up and down.
7236.755 kHz, welche Sprache ist das ?  Tigrinya ?

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 16)

FRANCE   Reception of Radio France International in English, May 30
0600-0700 11905 ISS 500 kW 170 deg to WeCeAF English, very good

Upcoming frequency changes of Radio France International from June 4
all: ISS 500 kW

0800-0900 21580 150 deg CeAF French till June 3
0800-0900 17620 150 deg CeAF French June 4-Sep.2
0800-0900 21580 150 deg CeAF French from Sep.3

1200-1230 17815 198 deg WeAF Mandingo Mon-Fri till June 3
1200-1230 15275 198 deg WeAF Mandingo Mon-Fri June 4-Sep.2
1200-1230 17815 198 deg WeAF Mandingo Mon-Fri from Sep.3

1200-1300 15300 200 deg NoWeAF French till June 3
1200-1300 13740 200 deg NoWeAF French June 4-Sep.2
1200-1300 15300 200 deg NoWeAF French from Sep.3

1200-1300 17620 185 deg WeCeAF French till June 3
1200-1300 15300 185 deg WeCeAF French June 4-Sep.2
1200-1300 17620 185 deg WeCeAF French from Sep.3

1600-1700 17615 170 deg WeCeAF Hausa till June 3
1600-1700 15670 170 deg WeCeAF Hausa June 4-Sep.2
1600-1700 17615 170 deg WeCeAF Hausa from Sep.3

1900-1930 17660 155 deg SoAF Portuguese till June 3
1900-1930 15360 155 deg SoAF Portuguese June 4-Sep.2
1900-1930 17660 155 deg SoAF Portuguese from Sep.3

Frequency changes of Radio France Int in French from June 4

0800-0900 NF 17620 ISS 500 kW 150 deg to CeAF,   good signal, ex21580
1200-1300 NF 13740 ISS 500 kW 200 deg to NoWaAF, weak signal, ex15300
1200-1300 NF 15300 ISS 500 kW 185 deg to WeCeAF, fair signal, ex17620
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx / dxld via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 4)

FRANCE/MOLDOVA   {KURDISTAN non}  7350even, - Kurdish site ? -

Moldova, Radyoya Denge Kurdistane via Grigoriopol Maiac Pridnestrovie
broadcast center, morning singer and string instrument program towards
Kurdish area around Turkey, Syria, Iraq,  S=9+20dB noted in Germany, at
0424 UT on June 3.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 3)

Wolfie, in case you are up DXing exactly one week later, maybe you can
check on this? 73 Glenn

As I commented with another log of this, Ivo said it was TDF Issoudun
FRANCE site, so do you have definite info it's changed as they might have
done ?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld June 10)

Sorry no chance,
I have no way to >>distinguish<< Issoudun or Grigoriopol Maiac site
origin, - with the pure truth.

Both outlets {ISS and GRI} are nearly on zero even frequency.
Otherwise, Ivo may check Sofia Kostinbrod on the local frequency
harmonic outlet ...

In my log I put/selected only the HFCC list location entry on notice paper

But Aoki Nagoya Japan list show Grigoriopol MDA instead,
I think the Nagoya people took over the Ivo information by pure copy ?
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 10)

Radio Ranginkaman/Radio Rainbow via BaBcoCk - Grigoriopol, May 29
1600-1630 7575 KCH 500 kW 116 deg to WeAS Farsi/English* Mon/Fri

Radio Ranginkaman/Radio Rainbow via BaBcoCk Grigoriopol, June 2
1600-1630 7575 KCH 500 kW 116 deg to WeAS Farsi Mon/Fri, good signal.

Reception of Radio Payem e-Doost via BaBcoCk Grigoriopol on June 7
1800-1845 7480 KCH 500 kW 116 deg to WeAS Persian, good signal with echo

Radio Ranginkaman/Radio Rainbow via BaBcoCk Grigoriopol on June 9
1600-1630 7575 KCH 500 kW 116 deg to WeAS Persian+BBC English* Mon/Fri:
* including BBC English teaching program "Beta Speaking", but only on

1630-1645 15105 KCH 300 kW 160 deg to EaAF Somali   Sun
1630-1700 15105 KCH 300 kW 160 deg to EaAF Somali   Mon-Sat

1800-1845  9940 KCH 300 kW 157 deg to EaAF Tigrinya Mon-Thu
1815-1845  9940 KCH 300 kW 157 deg to EaAF Tigrinya Fri
1800-1830  9940 KCH 300 kW 157 deg to EaAF Tigre    Sat
1800-1830  9940 KCH 300 kW 157 deg to EaAF Kunama   Sun
1830-1900  9940 KCH 300 kW 157 deg to EaAF Tigrinya Sun
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 10)

Checked TDF ISS / GRI MDA 7350 kHz, 0225 til 0310 UT slot this very early
morning June 11.

Check 7350??? / 7460GRI kHz same time to Iran target channel.

The most important argument:
7460 kHz GRI/MDA was already EARLY on air when checked at !0226! UT,
like Russian TX warm-up behavior,
which is still the same behavior validity in Grigoriopol these days.

But 7350 kHz came on air VERY LATE !
like TDF / MBR behavior action handling:
at 02.29:40 UT TX on air at crash start,
then program music start at 02.30:01 UT.

The signals on most central European remote SDR receiver units
were SAME strength,
there is no any difference on 7350 nor/or 7460 kHz MDA signals,

see the attached European PERSEUS RX unit map, with all checked SDR
at western England, Grenoble France, Switzerland, BEL/HOL, Bavaria GER,
Steiermark AUT, Genua / Forli / Rimini / Ascona ITA, western HNG, and
Zakynthos island in Greece.

So, I would guess at 90%,
Kurdish Radio of Radyoya Denge Kurdistane 7350 kHz comes from TDF ISS
Issoudun FRANCE bcast center these days.

When checked again on June 13, 7350 kHz TDF Issoudun
at 02.28:00 tiny 100 Watt EXCITER signal visible,
and started full TX power later at 02.29:48 UT,
and filled with program audio signal start at 02.30:01 UT.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 11 / 13)

seemingly this schedule acc check today:

0230-0500 ISS  7350
0500-1600 MDA 11600
1600-1930 ISS 11600
1930-2100 MDA crash started at 19.29:55 UT, 11600 kHz,
     and additional two spur string peaks appeared on screen
     plus/minus 50 Hertz distance of fundamental 11600 kHz center string.
     And very remarkably betrayed as a string marker.

Also checked of 7480 and 9940 kHz today June 11,
of Grigoriopol/Maiac MDA site:

7480 Payem e-Doost Bahai religion
TX GRI on air FIVE MINUTES EARLY 17.55:11 UT, S=9+20 in Germany, backlobe.

9940 TWR Africa program, ID as "TWR Swaziland",
TX GRI on air TWO MINUTES EARLY at 17.57:46 UT, S=9+20dB
17.59:34 program and station ID "TWR Swaziland"
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 11)

GERMANY   Deutsche Welle (DW) station schedule:


or Can be found at
(Sergey Izyumov, Moscow-RUS, RUSdx #928, 4 June also via dxld June 7)

GERMANY/SAO TOME/SOUTH AFRICA   Reception of Deutsche Welle
via three different txs, June 6
0630-0700    9830 SAO 100 kW  20 deg to WeAF Hausa, weak/fair signal
0630-0700 NF13660 NAU 500 kW 185 deg to WeAF Hausa, strong, ex13810
0630-0700   15200 MEY 250 kW 330 deg to WeAF Hausa, very weak signal
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 6)

(Peter Kruse-D, dxld June 7)
Coastal station, all in German, includes 7-minute clip (gh, dxld)

GERMANY   15560 kHz  Neue Sendezeiten von "Radio Documenta 14"
via Kall Eifel Germany.

15560 kHz, betreffen die Aussendungen diese Frequenz weltweit,

Radio Documenta 14, neue Sendezeiten ab morgen June 17
all in MESZ / CEST / UTC +2 hrs.

2400-0400 Uhr am 17.6. / 23.6. / 29.6. / 05.7.
0400-0800 Uhr am 18.6. / 24.6. / 30.6. / 06.7.
0800-1200 Uhr am 19.6. / 25.6. / 01.7. / 07.7.
1200-1600 Uhr am 20.6. / 26.6. / 02.7. / 08.7.
1600-2000 Uhr am 21.6. / 27.6. / 03.7.
2000-2400 Uhr am 22.6. / 28.6. / 04.7.
(Christian Milling-D, A-DX ng June 16)

Hier ein Foto:
Der Strahler ist eine Antenne fuer den maritimen Einsatz,
eine Beschreibung unter PDF file
(via Tom DF5JL, A-DX ng June 16)

1 kW at Geroh vertical antenna St A19 / tx: R&S SK1.

(Felix, A-DX ng June 16)

GREECE   Reception of Voice of Greece 9420/9935 kHz, June 6-7

1815-1930  9420 AVL 170 kW 323 deg to WeEUR Greek tx#3 & off
1930-2045  9420 AVL 170 kW 323 deg to WeEUR tx#3 is off air,
2045-0730  9420 AVL 170 kW 323 deg to WeEUR Greek*tx#3, BACK
1715-2005  9935 AVL 100 kW 285 deg to WeEUR Greek & dead air
2005-2012  9935 AVL 100 kW 285 deg to WeEUR dead air, tx#1 &
2013-0730  9935 AVL 100 kW 285 deg to WeEUR Greek*tx#1, BACK
* including news in Arabic 0652 & in Serbian 0655 UT.

From 0708 frequency announcement: 9420 and 9935 kHz to WeEUR/EaNoAM,
11645 kHz to NoAF.

But frequency 11645 kHz is not active from beginning of summer A-17.

From 0730 UT live broadcast from Greek Parliament and off 0755 UT.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx dxld via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 7)

GREECE   VoGreece Avlis program was on air at 0200 and 0330 UT June 11,
only on single 9935.002 kHz frequency, S=9+30 dB here in southern Germany.
NOT ON AIR: 9420 kHz !
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 11)

KOREA Rep of   9100 kHz, June 1 at 1217 UT, weak talk at S3. Aoki shows
jammed Taiwan's Sound of Hope could be here between 21 and 16 UT, plus
ChiCom jamming likely using CNR1 programming; but Echo of Hope, South to
North Korea is also listed on 9100 kHz at 1755-2400 only.

However, as of June 26, Ron Howard was reporting definite IDs from Echo of
Hope/VOH during this hour on 9100 kHz.
{This item was from ME, not Ron Howard, gh}
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld June 1)

KOREA SOUTH.  9100, June 1 at 1217 UT, weak talk at S3. Aoki shows jammed
Taiwan's Sound of Hope could be here between 21 and 16 UT, plus ChiCom
jamming likely using CNR1 programming; but Echo of Hope, South to North
Korea is also listed on 9100 kHz at 1755-2400 only.

However, as of May 26, Ron Howard was reporting definite IDs from Echo of
Hope/VOH during this hour on 9100 kHz.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 26)

Hi Glenn, June 1, noted VOH on 9100 kHz, with their usual strong signal
and only a faint trace of Sound of Hope very far underneath. Daily I
usually check about four frequencies of SOH. Have noted for a long time
now it's extremely rare that China bothers to jam them with CNR1. Have not
kept a detailed log, but seems to happen only a few times a month.
Otherwise SOH frequencies are clear.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld June 7)

5920, Voice of Freedom jammed (clandestine) (presumed), on June 6, first
day of assume North Korea jamming here with white noise and pulsating
sound; while on ex 6135, still just white noise jamming.

My audio at  <> , with first minute clear reception on
June 1, at 1126 UT and second minute with jamming on June 6,
at 1108 UT on June 6.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 6)

KOREA's   On May 28 confirmed the following prgrs in Korean all plus so
called "tsunami jamming":

Voice/Echo of Hope at 1330-1856 UT 3985 4885 6003 6250 6348.5,
and 9100 kHz.

Voice of People at 1600-1856 UT 3480 3912 (not 3910!), 4450, 4557(!),
6518(!), 6600 kHz.

Voice of Freedom at 1600-1900 5920(until 1805 UT ?), 6020 (?), 6135 (!)

Also jammed was KBS Global on 6015 kHz at 1500-1900 UT.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 3)

KOREA's   5920, Voice of Freedom - nothing heard except
ONLY jamming heard on 5908 to 5928 kHz fq range at 1425 UT June 7.
But VoF now 5940.010 kHz {thanks Ron} at 0905 UT on June 8.

Echo of Hope - VOH. What is happening?
June 07 checked measurement on remote Okayama Japan SDR unit,
1120-1200 UT on June 7

3479.988 kHz 1130 UT, ditter jammer 3477.892,
and some 80 Hertz distance peaks hopping,
and whistle jamming on odd 3478.989, 3479.538, and 3480.087 kHz.
3909.965 and accompanied scratching noise jamming 3912 center, 1124 UT.
3930even kHz {thanks a lot Eduard in Russia} 0915 UT June 8.
3985.013 kHz and jammer on 3985.001 kHz at 1146 UT.
4449.990 kHz - jamming on 4438 to 4462 kHz, 1136 UT.
5940.010 kHz {thanks Ron} at 0905 UT June 8.
5995.030 kHz, and jammer still on 6003 kHz channel at 1144 UT.
6249.994 kHz at 1115 UT. 6250.004 at 0925 UT June 8.
6350.032 kHz and jammer on 6348v kHz, at 1142 UT.
6519.972 kHz but jammer centered on 6518v kHz instead, 1140 UT.
6600even kHz frequency at 1139 UT, 30 kHz wide jamming.
9099.999 kHz at 1157 UT, June 7.
         Also co-ch SoH Taiwan 9099.950 at 0936 UT June 8.

3480{heavy}, 3912 3330 4450 4557 6518 6600 kHz,
3985 6003 6250 6348 kHz, all were jammed.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 7 / 8)

Plus 3930 kHz to all the frequencies given above. First days it was clear,
but now the jamming has been started here too.
(Eduard in Russia, June 8)

Re: Korea - Voice of Freedom jammed on 5920 kHz.
Per WRTH F_B page posting by a Korean DXer, on June 7,
Voice of Freedom was heard on 5940 kHz, ex 5920 kHz.

So yesterday was the first day of N. Korea jamming of 5920 kHz and already
VOF has moved away from the jamming. Seems they will be much more active
in changing frequencies than say Shiokaze, which changes frequencies only
occasionally and often stays in place, to be daily jammed.

BTW - On June 4, noted Shiokaze has made a bad frequency choice for their
1300-1400 UT broadcast. Heard now on 7215 kHz, which has considerable QRM
from CRI (China), also scheduled for the same time period, so poor
Shiokaze reception.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 7)


Watch this incredible, rare video of the streets of North Korea's capital
city North Korea is a notoriously secretive place that is often hostile to
outsiders, especially Western journalists. Which means that getting an
unfiltered, unvarnished look at everyday life inside the Hermit Kingdom is
incredibly rare.

Most of what the outside world gets to see is carefully crafted regime
propaganda or the occasional heavily edited, stylized documentary.

That's what makes this short video by Finnish journalist Mika Maekelaeinen
so fascinating. Maekelaeinen is the Asia correspondent for Finland's Yle
Uutiset news program and had visited the county to cover the recent "Day
of the Sun" celebrations marking the 105th anniversary of the birth of Kim
Il Sung, North Korea's founder (and the current leader's grandfather).

The video is roughly 12 minutes of raw footage he captured on April 18 as
he was traveling in minibus from downtown Pyongyang, the country's
capital, toward the airport. Here is the link to the article and video:


Also take a look at Mika's Facebook site where you can find lots of
interesting stuff, though in Finnish. Here is the link:
(Thomas Nilsson, SW Bulletin June 4 via dxld Jun 7)

MADAGASCAR   5009.937 kHz  Auch einen String mit duenner Modulation um
1810 UT June 16 gehoert, das muesste MDG Malagasy sein.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 16)

MOLDOVA   7460  R. Payam e-Doost (Radiotelecentr (PRTC) transmitter
Grigoriopol Maiac Pridnestrovskiy relay*) 0228 UT signal already on with
tone going off and on. 0230 UT program start with usual trumpet and
percussion fanfare and dramatic music with opening by W. 0231 UT
voice-over apparent program intro. By M, then different M with mention
of Payam e-Doost, and into program with M host. Good signal and 
a little QRN. 26 May.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx via dxld June 7)

7460 kHz  GRI/MDA  R. Payam e-Doost (Radiotelecentr (PRTC) transmitter
Grigoriopol Maiac Pridnestrovskiy relay, was already EARLY on air when
checked at !02.21:55! UT - TX was only 2 seconds on air.
TX came back real at 02.25:28 UT June 13
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 13)

*) Report sent/and verification to/from Pridnestrovsky Radio TV Centre:
<prtc -at->
Noted already at 02.26 UT June 11 on warm-up on air. wb.

Reception of Radio Payem e-Doost via Grigoriopol on June 7
1800-1845 7480 KCH 500 kW 116 deg WeAS Persian good signal with echo
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx / dxld via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 7)

Noted already at 17.55:11 UT June 11 on warm-up on air. wb.

NETHERLANDS   Letzte Mittelwelle in Niederlanden auf der Frequenz 1008 kHz
wird Ende August 2018 abgeschaltet, wird im RBB-Medienmagazin berichtet.

Dies erfolgt gegen den ausdruecklichen Wunsch des Programmveranstalters.
Da gab es wohl von anderer Stelle (Windpark) ein Angebot, das kaum
abgelehnt werden konnte

Auch Grootnieuws Radio wollte eigentlich noch einige Jahre auf 1008 kHz
senden und behaelt sich weitere Schritte gegen die Entscheidung der ACM
vor. Verweise auf DAB seien, so Grootnieuws Radio, nicht stichhaltig,
da die hier zugewiesenen Kapazitaeten keine flaechendeckende Versorgung
der Niederlande absichern.

Archivbericht vom Juli 2016:

Grootnieuws Radio ist ein protestantisches Missionsprogramm, das seit 2007
aus Zeewolde auf 1008 kHz sendet. Es hatte die Frequenz seinerzeit von
Radio 10 uebernommen, das sein Programm hier ab 2004 verbreitete, die
Nutzung dieser Grossmittelwelle aber nicht dauerhaft durch Werbeeinnahmen
finanzieren konnte.

(June 7)

PERU   5980, June 5 at 2333 UT, JJBA carrier from R. Chaski until
autocutoff at 2334:11.5 UT. Last catch was six days ago, May 30 until
2333:34.5* UT, so this is 37 seconds later, averaging 6.2 seconds later
per noctem, well in line with the previous recession rate when sign-off
was after 0100 UT. Extremely weak signal fading in and out of the noise
level makes it hard to be as precise as before.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld June 7)

RUSSIA   Sakha Republic  - Local broadcasting Radio Sakha, Iakutsk:

7345 0000-0300 SaSu       RUS NVK Sakha
7345 0300-0501            RUS NVK Sakha
7345 0900-1200            RUS NVK Sakha
7345 *1200-1300 Mo-Fr*    RUS NVK Sakha
7345 2100-2200 Su-Th      RUS NVK Sakha
7345 2200-2400            RUS NVK Sakha
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 31)

re RUSdx 28 / dxld.

7345, Radio Sakha, via Yakutsk.
June 8, with anomaly of 1208-1300* UT; therefore blocking reception of
Thazin Radio (Myanmar); 1208-1245 UT with all traditional singing; 1245 UT
changed to segment of pop songs; 1248 UT brief ID (anomaly to not have any
ads following ID) and pop music continued; 1257 UT National Anthem (first
time I have heard this!); off with no IS nor time pips.

Hi Glenn, Sorry, I missed this schedule in dxld 17-22.
My reception was not an anomaly.

June 9 (Friday) on 7345 kHz, Radio Sakha Iakutsk mixing at equal strength
with Thazin Radio; 1251-1253 UT birds chirping; 1257-1300* UT National
Anthem; again off with no IS nor time pips.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 8 / 9)

online broadcast of NBC-Sakha Iakutsk.
Start the black player, center column:

(Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx #928 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 11)

RUSSIA   MW Broadcasting in Russia   18 operating medium-wave stations in
Russia, 2 in Moscow, 3 in St. Petersburg, the rest in the Far East. List
of all stations that have worked and continue to work in the medium-wave

(from <> via RUSdx #928, via dxld June 7)

SOUTH AFRICA   7244.988  BBC London in French to AF, heard in Piliyandala
Sri Lanka and in Eastern Thailand post. 1826 UT on June 16 via SenTec
Meyerton relay site.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 16)

SPAIN   Reception of Radio Exterior de Espana 3 of 4 frequencies, June 13
1755-1800 3 of 4 frequencies REE Interval Signal & frequency announcement

1800-2200 15390 NOB 200 kW 161 deg to WeCeAF Spanish Daily, fair signal.
at 1920 UT S=9+25dB signal here in Germany. wb.

1800-2200 15520 NOB 200 kW 110 deg to NE/ME Spanish Daily, good signal.
strongest here at S=9+35dB signal level. wb.

1800-2200 17715 NOB 200 kW 230 deg to SoAM Spanish Daily, no signal.
empty channel. wb.

1800-2200 17855 NOB 200 kW 290 deg to EaNoAM Spanish Daily, good signal.
S=9+25dB signal here in Germany. wb.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 13)

SWITZERLAND / UN / ITU   April-June 2017 monitoring lists from UN ITU
Geneve, Switzerland, updated 30 May.


There could be lots of other gems about unIDs or incomplete IDs in the ITU
files if one sift thru them.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld / via RUSdx #928 June 11)

TAIWAN   SOH 'Xi Wang Zhi Sheng' tiny outlets in Chinese language on
Friday June 16.

21799.769 SOH, the highest fq ever noted on SOH Taiwan outlets.
S=4 signal at 0445 UT.

18869.780 S=6-7 at 1055 UT
17770.394 S=5 at 1058 UT, Gregorian singer chorus
17440.126 S=8-9 at 0450 UT
17398.328 usb mode S=5 at 1104 UT
17200.335 S=7-8 at 1102 UT station ID
17169.909 S=7 at 1109 UT
16979.947 S=8 at 1141 UT
16770.032 S=8-9 at 0452 UT
16680.326 S=8 at 1110 UT
16599.916 S=8-9 at 0454 UT
16299.969 S=5-6 at 0455 UT
16250.095 S=8-9 at 0457 UT
16160.082 S=6-7 at 0458 UT
16100.236 S=5-6 music px at 0459 UT
15969.885 S=7-8 some music played at 0500 UT
15939.975 S=7-8 at 0502 UT
15919.965 S=6-7 music played at 0557 UT
15869.936 S=6-7 at 0504 UT
15839.997 S=8 at 1116 UT
15799.746 S=8-9 at 0506 UT
15775.094 S=8-9 at 0507 UT
15339.866 S=5 at 1117 UT
15294.889 S=8-9 at 0508 UT
15070.208 S=8-9 at 0510 UT
14980.184 talk on Mao Tse Tung by male/female 0512 UT
14919.836 S=6-7 at 0513 UT, 14919.851 at 1400 UT
14870.196 S=5-6 at 0530 UT, 14870.212 at 1401 UT
14849.854 S=4 poor at 1139 UT
14820.168 S=5-6 at 0533 UT
14800.165 S=9 at 1140 UT, 10 kHz wideband signal, 14800.152 at 1403 UT
14774.856 S=9 at 0534 UT, piano mx at 0536 UT
14690.243 S=7 carrier and very low modulated SOH - tentat., 1147 UT
14600.174 S=5 at 0538 UT
14499.871 S=5-6 at 0540 UT
14430.071 S=7-8 spoken SOH at 0541 UT
14370.030 S=6 at 0542 UT
13979.968 not observed
13919.939 S=7 at 0544 UT, CODAR 13918-13972 kHz, and
13920even CNR spoken jammer heard later the day at 1150 UT.
13889.859 S=9dB at 0546 UT
13870.000 parked CNR1 spoken jamming tx ? at 0548 UT,
          but CRI Kashgar 1630 UT Hausa, requested.
13820.176 S=8 at 1152 UT
13774.985 S=4 at 0550 UT, covered by BSKSA Urdu 13775.052 at 1410 UT
13680.187 S=6 at 0552 UT
13639.870 S=7 at 0555 UT
13530.222 S=910dB at 0556 UT
13229.998 S=8-9 some mx piece at 0558 UT
13199.823 S=5 at 0600 UT
13130.188 S=5-6 at 0602 UT
13070.434 S=5 at 1157 UT, and UTE noise nearby. Hopping 13070.310 1412 UT
12980.120 S=6 at 0603 UT
12950.259 S=4-5 at 1158 UT
12870.179 S=5 at 1159 UT
12800.139 S=5-6 at 0604 UT
12560.152 S=6 at 0606 UT, S=8 at 1414 UT
12500.217 S=6 at 0607 UT,
          and scratch noise jammer harmonic of KRE 6250 kHz !
12429.838 S=6 at 0635 UT
12369.968 S=5-6 at 1201 UT
12344.970 S=8 scratchy sound music piece at 0640 UT
12230.027 S=5-6 at 0643 UT
12189.914 S=6-7 at 0645 UT, 12189.925 at 1417 UT
12149.878 S=6 at 0646 UT
11970even S=5-6 at 0648 UT, SOH px mentioned Mao Tse Tung.
11890.567 not observed
11775.058... .068 wandered upwards S=8 at 0654 UT,
          QRM AIR Goa Panaji Nepali 11774.984 at 1421 UT
11765.132 S=6 at 0655 UT
11715.075 S=6 music piece played flute/violine at 0657 UT
11599.952 S=6 rough harsh modulation, mx piece at 0659 UT
11579.998 S=6 at 0700 UT, 11580.006 at 1424 UT
11529.919 S=8-9 rather RFA Mandarin program relay via SOH?, at 0703 UT
          14 kHz wide signal, little scratchy audio quality.
11499.839 S=8 at 0705 UT
11459.921 S=7 at 0707 UT
11440.007 S=7 at 0708 UT
11430.002 empty carrier or low modulation?
          of Taiwanese XingXing guangbo diantai Kuanyin,
          S=7 at 0710 UT
11300.087 S=4-5 poor at 0712 UT
11150.153 not observed
11120.142 S=6 at 0714 UT, 11120.167 at 1428 UT
11099.889 S=6 at 0716 UT
11070.064 S=7-8 at 0955 UT
10959.833 S=7 at 0959 UT, like SoEaAS Shangri La pause mx.
10920.103 S=5 at 1000 UT, stn ID
10869.972 S=6 at 1002 UT
10820.001 S=7 at 1003 UT, 10819.986 at 1440 UT
 9970.197 S=7 at 1005 UT
 9920.096 S=7 at 1007 UT, 6 kHz wideband audio.
 9849.965 S=7-8 at 1008 UT, PBS CHN Tibetan on 9850even.
 9729.903 underneath Myanmar Radio 9729.994 kHz, at 1010 UT
 9634.872 underneath VoVietnam, Son Tay 9635.849,latter S=9+15dB 1013 UT
 9539.970 S=6-7 at 1015 UT
 9525.939 VoIndonesia Cimanggis, S=9+10dB low modulation at 1016 UT
 9359.956 S=7 at 1019 UT
 9320.031 S=6 at 1021 UT, rough harsh modulation
 9300.003 ? SOH or spur ? S=4-5 at 1110 UT
 9279.841 S=6 at 1022 UT
 9254.933 S=5 at 1208 UT, QRM of OTHR center 9250v kHz.
 9230.033 S=6, rough harsh modulation
 9200.171 S=7 at 1025 UT
 9180.023 S=6 at 1026 UT, rough harsh modulation
 9155.028 S=6 at 1028 UT
 9099.943 S=6-7 at 1030 UT, underneath KOR EoH Korean 9100even S=9+10dB
 9099.956 S=5 at 1448 UT
 7810     not observed today. (SOH TWN on 7810 kHz. Amano Saitama, Jun 5)
 7800.082 not observed
 7729.958 S=6 at 1040 UT
 6900.037 S=8 at 1046 UT, OTHR around.
 6729.928 S=8-9 at 1047 UT.
 6369.929 S=8-9 at 1050 UT.
 6279.920 not observed
 6230.071 S=9+10dB at 1051 UT, June 16.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 16)

TAJIKISTAN   Frequency changes of Voice of Tibet as of May 27
1200-1210 NF11513 DB  100 kW  95 deg to EaAS Chinese, ex11507
1210-1230 NF11507 DB  100 kW  95 deg to EaAS Chinese, ex15513
1300-1310 NF11512 DB  100 kW  95 deg to EaAS Chinese, ex11513
1310-1330 NF11517 DB  100 kW  95 deg to EaAS Chinese, ex11507
1335-1345 NF15522 DB  100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan, ex15513
1345-1400 NF15528 DB  100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan, ex15537

2335-2400 NF 7487 DB  100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan, ex 7497
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 1)

UNIDENTIFIED. 15505 kHz, Chinese language program, S=9, seemingly test of
CRI Mali Bamako relay? at 1615 UT on June 2. It's // CNR1 program, light
music / singer / string music, heard also in Doha Qatar SDR remote unit,
at 1620-1630 UT June 2 on:

11925 9810 9710 7365 7230 6175 6125 6080 6030 6000, and 4800 kHz.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 2)

UNIDENTIFIED   Intramodulation ?
Betreff: Log: 15560, UNID, Ar, 1635...UC, 01.06.17, S=5
O=2/3 Rauschen, Fading. Mit Gruss, (Herbert Meixner, A-3160 Traisen,
Austria, NRD 535DG, MiniWhip, A-DX ng, via Wolfgang Bueschel, dxld)

Hallo Herbert, Du hoerst ja das Gras wachsen, 15560 kHz ist heute eher
schwach aufzunehmen.
Heute // 15560 kHz S=7 Signal und 15620 kHz gehoert:

16-17 UT VoA Somali Programm, in wrth2017update BOT 15620 kHz S=9+15dB
17-18 UT KWT 15620 kHz, switch from BOT / KWT at 16.58:59 UT
12055 SMG Santa Maria di Galeria 16-18 UT listed, S=9+20dB.

Meine 15560 kHz Erklaerung: das ist eine Intermodulation die sich am
Sendeplatz von Vatican Radio in SMG Santa Maria di Galeria bildet,
dabei moduliert sich das VoA Somali Programm von 12055 kHz Kanal auf
ein Mischsignal im 19 Meterband auf 15560 kHz zusammen.

Etwas knifflich und signalmischungs-maessig fuer eine Intermodulation
unueblich. Das Signal ist auf 15560 kHz eher schwach, und konnte heute
nur bei den 4 besten SDR / Antennen remotes im Perseus Netz
in Liverpool, DARC Amberg-nur Port8015, Westungarn, und in Doha Qatar
gehoert werden.

Von 16-17 UT sendet SMG auf 15550 kHz (Radio Dabanga endet eigentlich
um 16 UT, SMG sendet aber weiter in Somali oder Swahili?) und

15570 kHz Vatican Radio andere eigene Programme Richtung Ostafrica in
130 bzw. 150 Grad Azimuth. In der Mitten bildet sich das 15560 kHz
Intermodulationssignal. 73 wb (Wolfgang Bueschel, ibid.)

{VATICAN STATE}  15560 kHz UNID signal 16-17 UT on June 1st and 2nd, but
matter cleared up today, is an intermodulation on the 130-150 degr
azimuth dipols at Santa Maria di Galeria site, of fundamentals
by 250 kW power on 15550 and 15570 kHz.
Today // 15560 S=7 signal and 15620 kHz traced:

16-17 UT VoA Somali program, in wrth2017update BOT 15620 kHz S=9+15dB
signal strength 17-18 UT KWT 15620 kHz, location change BOT / KWT at
1658:59 UT
12055 SMG Santa Maria di Galeria 16-18 UT listed, S=9+20dB signal.

15560 kHz VoA Somali intermodulation: rather weak S=7 signal heard on
4 best SDR / antenna remotes in Perseus Net in Liverpool, DARC
AmbergBavaria-only Port8015, Western Hungary and in Doha Qatar could
be heard.

From 16-17 UT via SMG relay on 15550 kHz (Radio Dabanga end at 16 UT,
but SMG still on air at 1630 UT ?in Somali or Swahili?) and

15570 kHz Vatican Radio programme direction East Africa in 130 / 150
degrees azimuth.

In the Middle the 15560 kHz Intermodulations signal appears in 19mb,
contain with 12055-audio signal. 73 (wb df5sx, ibid.)

I don't quite follow how this is intermodulation of two frequencies
15570 and 15550 would produce mixing products on 15530 and 15590, not
15560 halfway between them. Intramodulation? 73,
(Glenn to wb, via dxld June 7)

Glenn, I have no real conclusive explanation for that mixup signal
what happened. Makes me very surprised.

15560 kHz signal midst between the two SMG 15550/15570 250 kW powers,
appeared only on June 1 and 2, reported first by Herbert Meixner in
Austria, and could be realized/then discovered also by Y.T., first
checked the UNID program content, and realized // VoA Somali 16-17 UT
of 15620 kHz first half from BOT relay, 2nd half by IBB/BBG Kuwait
relay. WRTH Update showed // SMG 12055 kHz, only two VoA SW channels
in use. But nothing occurred from SMG on Saturday June 3rd anymore.

But instead I heard just before 17 UT the VERY TINY special DOCUMENTA
art festival radio, special event radio of mini broadcaster Kall
Germany, 1 kW radio, heard only on long distance in remote Madrid and
in Doha Qatar, but not in central Europe posts. 73 wolfie
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 2)

UAE   6179.994  BBC London Somali section program, via Al Dhabbaya UAE
relay, at 1821 UT June 16, S=9+5dB in Piliyandala Sri Lanka remote
SDR post. 1800-1830 UT scheduled.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 16)

U.K./ASCENSION ISL/UAE   BBC British Antarctic Midwinter
Special Frequency Testing Tonight.

There are a number of frequency tests THIS EVENING June 14,

for the BBC Antarctic Midwinter specials next week, June 21 2130-2200 UT.

Wednesday 21 June - All times in GMT

213000-214500    7360 kHz

213000-214500    6035 kHz

213000-214500    7230 kHz
213000-214500    5985 kHz

Martin (Goulding-WOF_2E1EKX, der Chef Techniker in Woofferton-UK),
via BrDXC-UK newsgroup June 14.

re BBC WS Antarctic Midwinter tests.
Thanks to Martin for providing tonight's test frequencies which are
broadcasting regular World Service news programming.

All frequencies audible in U.K. - 7230  444
                                  7360  343
                                  6035  121
                                  5985  555+
(David Morris, Lytchett Matravers, Poole-UK, BrDXC-UK ng June 14)

Wer eine QSL aus Woofferton benoetigt ?
ein Versuch der Mail an Martin Goulding-WOF_2E1EKX ist es wert, via

<transmissiontest -at->
to Martin Goulding-WOF_2E1EKX, der Chef Techniker in Woofferton-UK.

Dear Martin, dear Dave,

BBC World Service English program test 21.30-21.45 UT,
British Antarctic Midwinter Special Frequency Testing Tonight June 14

I heard on various remote SDR's

in Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canaries islands on KiwiSDR net,
Kiwi SDR  URL list  <>  via Google Chrome browser very easy.

At Rimini Italy and at western Hungary installations, in PerseusSDR net.

6035 UAE Al Dhabbaya tx already on air at 21.26 UT, sidebandlobe azimuth,
     S=9+10 in Canaries, and Europe ITA and HNG.

5985 kHz at 21.28 UT, suffer by adjacent 5980 VoA BOT French til 21.30 UT.
     at 21.30 UT powerhouse Woofferton S=9+45 to +50dB !!, in Canaries,
     and S=9+35dB in Europe. 10 kHz wideband.

7230 requested by CNR1 Xian China underneath signal at 21.29 UT,
     but Woofferton then S=9+40powerhouse, 10 kHz wideband.
     S=9+35dB in western Hungary remote installation post.

7360 ASC S=9+30dB fluttery across Atlantic Ocean, in Canaries and Europe.
     adjacents 7355 kHz IRN Japanese sce S=9+10dB
               7365 kHz S=9 from HCJ Weenermoor Germany.

BBCWS En program end noted UAE 6035 kHz, at 21.45:10 UT.

Wer eine QSL aus Woofferton benoetigt ?
ein Versuch der e-Mail an Martin Goulding-WOF_2E1EKX ist es wert:

<transmissiontest -at->

Test monitoring on rather short 15 minutes duration,
on 4 different SW frequencies,
on 3 different SDR unit remote connection is pure stress.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 14)

Here in NewBrunswik-CAN, just outside Fredericton, using a Tecsun PL-880
outdoors away from the house using just its whip antenna, 7360 kHz from
Ascension Isl had the best signal. Fair but fully understandable with
negligible QRM. Programming seemed to be standard BBC WS fare with
interviews of voters in the general election. 7230 kHz from Woofferton-UK
was also fair. 5985 kHz from Woofferton-UK could also be heard but it was
weak. 6035 kHz from Al Dhabayya-UK could not be heard.
(Richard Langley-NB-CAN dxld June 15)

Of course, nothing possible into the west coast CAN/USA,
but using a Swedish remote Perseus SDR unit, all frequencies are on:

5985:  Woofferton is best with excellent S=9+10dB signal strength.
7230:  Woofferton is good, but with adjacent splatter from 7225 kHz.
7360:  Ascension very good reception.
6035:  Al Dhabayya UAE fair/good.

We need 25 meters are higher frequencies to stand any chance here!

5985 kHz went off at 21.39:30 UT, but returned shortly after.
Transmitters off at 21.45:00 UT.

73, Walt Salmaniw, Victoria, BC
(Walt Salmaniw-Masset-BC-CAN, DXplorer June 14 / 15)

[ANTARCTICA non]   History in June 2016:

ASCENSION ISL/UAE/U.K.   BBC Antartica Special Winter Solstice
on June 21, 2016, 2130 UT. Bcast signed OFF exact at 22.00.08 UT.

Reception in Europe (Mediterranean Sea Area, Hungary, Austria, Central
Europe, Poland, Moscow Russia, and Central Sweden remote posts).

As usual as every year Al Dhabbaya UAE transmission is only fair
due of sidelobe path from UAE site towards Europe target.
6035 kHz is S=9+35dB signal in Doha Qatar ME.
S=7-8 in Central Europe, S=9+5dB in Warsaw Poland.
Better S=9+20dB as near like backlobe at Moscow Russia remote unit.

7360 From Ascension South Atlantic, S=9+35dB excellent also audio,
on all CeEuropean remote SDR posts, S=9+25dB in Moscow and Poland,
S=9+10dB in Central Sweden.

5985 out of Babcock Woofferton-UK,
POWERHOUSE in central Europe at S=9+45dB signal level,
S=9+25dB in Moscow, Russia sidelobe,
S=9+35dB backlobe in Central Sweden, north of Stockholm.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 21, 2016 ! )

Test already on Tuesday June 14, 2016: excellent WOF and ASC signals to
state tonight. So, I checked various remote SD receiver sites in Europe
tonight, in Spain, Italy, and Greece:

ASC 7360 was ONLY CARRIER around 2136 UT S=9+20dB or -48dBm strength.
WOF 5985 kHz S=9+50dB or -24dBm.
WOF 9720 kHz S=9+45dB or -29dBm.
UAE 6035 kHz S=7-8 sidelobe, but also audio low modulated, couldn't
trace any program item, sure Europe is NOT the target area.

Woofferton and Ascension switched off around  2145:10 UT.
UAE Al Dhabbaya heard still til switch-off at 2147:35 UT.

The only adjacent QRM interference noted on 7360 / 7365 kHz channel,
of German low power domestic service from HCJ Weenermoor. But for
sure, that 'latter' is no issue in Antarctic target.
73 wolfy df5sx, 2016

Calendar: Tuesday 21 June, 2016:
British Antarctic Survey annual midwinter broadcast via BBC World Service
to BAS staff in Antarctica on midwinter's day. The schedule in 2016 was
2130-2200 UT on 5985 {and 9720} Woofferton (UK), 6035 Al Dhabbaya (UAE) &
7360 Ascension Island.
(June 2016 BDXC-UK Communication via dxld)

So this year should be on three? of those, WEDNESDAY June 21, 2017.
(Noel R. Green-UK, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 14)

Hi, Glenn. - Are you sure they're going to broadcast this year?

There isn't anybody there! I was just watching a documentary on the BBC
yesterday about how the British Antarctic Survey team had to evacuate
their base completely for this winter, due to large and unpredictable
cracks in the ice. It will apparently be the first winter in over 20 years
that they will have no scientific measurements being taken. So if they do
broadcast, who is it the BBC thinks they will be targeting???

And apparently, even in an ordinary year, the population of the BAS base
in winter is only 16 people.

According to Wikipedia, BAS operates five permanent research stations in
the British Antarctic Territory. It was only the Halley Research Station
on the Brunt Ice Shelf that was evacuated. However, three of the others
are only manned during the Antarctic summer. The only base that is
currently operating is the Rothera Research Station on Adelaide Island.
That has a summer population of 130, and a winter population of 22.
(Ray Robinson, dxld June 15)

By Paul_Thurst, on April 30th, 2017.

I took a brief vacation last week along the coast of North Carolina. It
was relaxing and fun to be sure. I was also aware of and slightly curious
about the Voice Of America shortwave site, a slight distance inland in
Grimesland, NC. Thus, I made arrangements visit the facility on my way
home. Chief Engineer, Macon Dail, was gracious enough to give us the
guided tour. The facility is an engineering marvel. The scale and
complexity is enormous. The entire facility is scrupulously maintained.
Many of the transmitters and other equipment have been upgraded to make
them more functional. I tried to take meaningful pictures, but in many
cases, they simply do not do justice ...


This was mentioned in dxld already but here is a direct link. Also other
interesting blogposts from him above and below it.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld June 7)

USA   WRMI {ex WYFR} Okeechobee Florida tour

HamRadioConcepts posted on YouTube on June 11:

I was able to get a tour through the WRMI shortwave station out at
Okeechobee Florida.

1.4 megawatt transmitter site:
12 x 100 kW / 2 x ?defunct? 50 kW shortwave bcast transmitter.
18 antennas. If you want to see some huge antennas, tubes and
transformers, check out this video.


also ham gear item



(via Mike Barraclough-UK, dxld / SW TXsite June 13)

1.4 megawatt transmitter site.
12 x 100 kW  /  2 x ?defunct? 50 kW shortwave bcast transmitter.
18 antennas,
12 horizontal log-periodic antennas.
5 horizontal rhombic 155 meters long, 68 meters high.
1 high-gain dipole curtain 2 mast in 21 MHz and 17 MHz range.

see WRMI maps screenshots of G.E. download



1.4 megawatt WRMI/exWYFR transmitter site Okeechobee Florida USA.
12 x 100 kW  /  2 x ?defunct? 50 kW shortwave bcast transmitter.
18 antennas,
12 horizontal log-periodic antennas.
5 horizontal rhombic 155 meters long, 68 meters high.
1 high-gain dipole curtain 2 mast in 21 MHz and 17 MHz range.

(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 13)

USA   5129.64, at 0055-0105 UT on May 26, WBCQ, Monticello, Maine. English
religious talk - poor modulation, best in USB, but heterodyne, 32331

5129.84, at 0235-0245 UT on June 1, WBCQ, Monticello, Maine. English
religious talk - better modulation, no heterodyne 25222.
(Anker Petersen-DEN, dxld June 7)

I've found it to be quite stable around 5129.83 kHz, never caught it
lately on xxx.64 kHz.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld June 7)

7490.043 kHz  WBCQ, Monticello, Maine noted at 0203 UT June 13,
heard on remote Perseus unit at Michigan US, S=9+45dB powerhouse,
not TOM/BS, but modern pop mx orchestra played.

5130v WBCQ not on air.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 13)

USA   9395, UT Saturday June 3 at 0203 UT, instead of Oldies, WRMI is
running Ask WWCR, instead of Viva Miami, the one about NASB meeting
discussing DRM, etc. So there will be no VOA 5-minute news inserted this
quarter-hour as others have reported more than once. 0224 UT recheck
"greatest music of all time on 9395 and 9455 kHz, WRMI". So the second
frequency has been added, except during this hour it's BS.

9395, UT Sunday June 4 at 2228 UT tune-in, WRMI Oldies channel with VOA
News outro. It seems WRMI is throwing these 5-minute newscasts on at
random times, also reported varying during the 02-03 UT hour.

Presumably the latest hourly edition from the VOA stream, and maybe at
many other spots during the 24h. Not a bad idea, since VOA makes itself so
hard to hear on SW otherwise; and next FY budget could do away with its
own SW altogether. But we'd rather have them at reliable times such as
hourtops or hourbottoms.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld June 7)

17815, June 5 at 1924 UT, WHRI with gospel huxter musing that he will
still have SW "if they take internet away from us". Not BS, and not //
other TOM stations, but TOM was scheduled this hour Mon-Fri on 21610 kHz,
which this frequency replaced a few weeks ago, altho the WHR schedule
still shows 21610 kHz!


Might have been TOM anyway but separate programming from the others.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld June 7)

3185, June 2 at 0157 UT, WWRB reactivated on 90mb with Brother Scare, //
but not synch with 7570 kHz of WRMI. This goes with resumed daytime
frequency 9370 kHz heard earlier June 1; like previous operation these two
likely adding up to 24h/7d blather from brother. He's currently obsessed
with some event on June 4.

3185 kHz is registered 24hrs available for WWRB, but no doubt used at
night only, exact switchover times with 9370 kHz as yet unknown, but the
latter not supposed to start until 1300 despite my hearing it as early as
1218 UT.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld June 7)

UZBEKISTAN   Voice of Khmer M'Chas Srok via RED Telecom Tashkent June 1
1130-1200 17860 TAC 100 kW 122 deg to SoEaAS Khmer Thu/Sun, weak signal.
Rhombic ITU type 900 - 924 small azimuth antenna type.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 2)

VATICAN STATE   7360  Vatican Radio - Santa Maria di Galeria, 
at *0329-0352 UT on June 11, IS followed by opening on listed 
Swahili language program. IS again at 0344 UT followed by Somali
language station ID and program. Poor.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 12)

VATICAN STATE   11750, on June 1 at 0523 UT, poor S4-S6 in African
language. HFCC list shows this semihour is Vatican Radio Hausa language
service southward from SMG - Santa Maria di Galeria site, for all those
Catholic Hausans.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld June 7)


Short SW log - some radio service programs noted on shortwave
on remote SDR unit in Detroit Michigan USA, 1615 - 1730 UT June 13.

21780even ASC  DWL Bonn Germany via Babcock Ascension island facility.
          Rather weak signal sidelobe of S=5 strength at 1615 UT June 13.
17815.010 USA  WHRI English program, noted US mail address given
          at 1627-1628 UT, at 1629 UT religious Gregorian like mens
          chorus performance. Called "Harvest Morning Show", followed
          by Near East report from Israel ... S=9 in Michigan-US.
17774.992 USA  KVOH heard here, scheduled acc Aoki Nagoya Japan list
          in Spanish Mon-Fri requested 13-24 UT. S=7 audio signal
          strength in Detroit Michigan. And accompanied by two spur
          signal strings visible either sideband, plus/minus 60 Hertz
          visible at 1633 UT on June 13.
          Sonorous vibrant mens presenter voice in Spanish.
          Spanish language vocal program from 1635 UT onwards,
          and followed by English station ID at 1639 UT.
15434.986 ARS  BSKSA Riyadh, 1st program in Arabic, scheduled 1450-1700 UT
          S=7 in Michigan at 1644 UT on June 13. Male presenter talk.
15234.995 AFS  Channel Africa via SenTec Meyerton South Africa bcast
          center, French language program by female voice, scheduled
          Mon-Fri only. S=9 signal in Michigan remote unit in US, 1647 UT
15204.968 ARS  BSKSA Riyadh, Holy Quran prayer program in Arabic,
          male voice presenter talk program, S=6-7 poor at 1650 UT.
15125even MLI  CRI Bamako Mali relay bcast in Arabic language to
          central AF, Sahel zone and northeastern part of Africa.
          Mandarin Chinese / Arabic language lesson hour at 1652 UT,
          Salem Alaikum annmt, S=7 signal sidelobe into eastern
          North America.
13710.015 ARS  BSKSA Riyadh, Holy Quran prayer program in Arabic,
          male voice presenter, // 15205v kHz. S=7 at 1658 UT.
11529.993 CUB  Spanish language Spy number station procedure still
          in progress, probably from Bejucal former USSR relay site.
          Rather poor S=7 signal into Detroit Michigan remote installation
          At 1705 UT on June 13.
 9979.992 USA  WWCR Nashville TN in English language, usual TOM BS
          prayer at 1708 UT, S=8-9 audio signal at -80dBm level.
          Shrill female vocal singer group at 1709 UT. 10 kHz wideband.
          South Carolina radio heaven ... mentioned.
 9474.978 USA  WTWW English language prayer at 1713 UT on June 13,
          S=8-9 or -78dBm strength.
 9369.986 USA  WWRB Morrison TN acc Aoki list, is TOM / BS program,
          noted at 1717 UT on June 13. S=9+5dB at -72 dBm audio signal
          level in Michigan US.
 7850even CAN  CHU Ottawa CAN time and standard program, S=9+5dB
          in MI-US. Time signal annmt in French and English,
          time pips procedure in progress at 1720 UT on June 13.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 13)

and short log taken on Uwe's remote SDR installation in eastern Thailand.

Checked the Voice of Indonesia Cimanggis program on upper channel flank,
noted at 1752 UT in eastern Thailand at S=6 rather weak signal level
on exact 9525.940 kHz. June 13.

4010.218 KGZ  Kyrgyz Radio Bishkek, S=9+10dB in eastern Thailand.
         1720 UT on June 13. Female presenter in Kyrgyz language.
5129.966 KGZ  Afghan Pashto religious program "Radio Sedaye Zindagi"
         via Bishkek site, S=9 in eastern Thailand.
         but NOTHING on 2nd channel of Bishkek KGZ on 4820v kHz.

4449.996 KOR  Voice of People in Korean lang, S=9+15dB in eastern
         Thailand remote post. At 1732 UT on June 13.
4799.996 CHN  CNR1 Geermu relay in 60 mb, Mandarin program,
         S=9+25dB proper signal. Underneath weak signal from
         AIR Hyderabad at 1736 UT.
4809.998 IND  AIR Bhopal tx outlet, as always the best AIR India audio
         quality sound. S=9+25dB at 1737 UT.
4910.003 IND  AIR Jaipur, more than fair S=9+15dB signal, 1738 UT,
         on June 13. And two spurs accompanied on plus/minus 50 Hertz
         either sideband.
4920.001 IND  AIR Chennai Madras, rather poor signal at S=5 level,
         noted at 1741 UT.
4970.016 IND  AIR Shillong at S=9+15dB, but rather on final program
         annmt, and followed by TX switch of down at 17.41:41 UT !
5009.997 IND  AIR Chennai Thiruv..., poor S=5 signal at 1744 UT,
         female presenter station ID at 1745 UT on June 13.
and another audio string visible on screen program, poor level,
tentat. MDG Malagasy on 5009.940 kHz ?!

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 13)


Log taken on Uwe's remote SDR installation in eastern Thailand
and on Perseus SDR in Piliyandala, Sri Lanka at Victor 4S7VK place.

 5050even CHN  Beibu Bay Radio Nanning, Voice of Guangxi, IS at 2245 UT
          on June 16 / 17, S=9+25dB in Eastern Thailand, 14 kHz wideband,
          2248 UT singer group.
 5925even VTN  Xuan Mai VoVTN 2nd program, S=9+35dB powerhouse at
          2250 UT, 2 x 9.7 kHz wideband signal, 2 female lang presenter,
          excellent audio signal, 2 x 50 Hertz away distance strings
 5985even MMR  Myanmar Radio Yegu Yangoon, carrier already on air when
          eastern Thailand remote connected at 2252 UT, S=9+35dB much
          powerful signal in Ea Thailand remote installation,
          technical 1000 Hertz tone noted in 2254 to 2255 UT.
 6020even VTN  VoVTN  4th program from Daclac Buon Ma Thuot, heard
          at 2258 UT with hill tribe sung in probably Hmong language,
          2 x 50 / 188, 376, 752 Hertz apart distance strings visible,
          S=9+30dB strong in Ea Thailand, at 2259 UT chimes interval
          signal, time pips at 2300 UT. And also accompanied by two
          strong spur signals (on 6020 and 7210 bcasts), on both sides
          on 6006.61 and 6033.39 kHz.

 5975even VTN  VoVTN 1st px Me Tri site {older bcast center in central
          Hanoi, a center from French empire after WW II,
          but Aoki mentioned Son Tay site, so additional tx and antennas
          built up on modern Son Tay site now ?? }
          S=9+35dB signal in Ea Thailand remote.
          5975 0400-0600 49  MET  50 0   0 975  Vie  VTN VOV
          5975 1100-1500 49  MET  50 0   0 975  Vie  VTN VOV
          5975 2145-0100 49  MET  50 0   0 975  Vie  VTN VOV

 6129.970 LAO  LNR Lao National Radio Vientiane, heard at 2305 UT June 16
          but wandered later warm-up to 6129.976 kHz at 0012 UT,
          9.2 kHz wideband signal. S=9+30dB strong. NX read by male.
 7210even VTN  VoVTN 1st program from Daclac Buon Ma Thuot, heard at
          2310 UT, BUT HEVY BUZZY and WHISTLE audio, never heard before
          from Daclac, three signal strings seen on 50, 100, and 187 Hertz
          apart, some short breaks of 3 seconds and repeared again on air,
          seems a local nation main power problem this summer morning,
          S=9+20dB strength, and accompanied two spurious at 13.8 kHz away
          distance on 7196.17 + 7223.83 kHz frequencies, latter S=8 signal
 7200even MMR  Myanmar Radio Yengu Yangoon, S=8 signal
          at 2333 UT on June 16.
 3915even SNG  BBC London English via BBC Kranji relay site, on 22-24 UT
          schedule, heard 2348 UT June 16 at S=9+20dB signal in Thailand,
          phone-in discussion on Qatar ME political muslim matter.
 4810even IND  most likely -- strong AIR Bophal Madhya Pradesh tx
          as empty carrier on air at 2355 UT June 16, S=9+15dB in Thailand
 5914.988 MMR  Myanmar Radio from capital Naypyidaw, female voice reader
          in Vernaculars?, at 0000 UT, S=9+25dB strength in Ea THA.
 5985even MMR  Myanmar Radio Yegu Yangoon, at 0005 UT June 17,
          S=9+35dB much powersignal in Ea Thailand remote installation,
          excellent music audio quality, transmit 16 kHz wideband range.
 6029.993 MMR  Thazin Radio from Pyin Ou Lwin northern bcast center site,
          long interview given in probably Bamar language, at 0006 UT
          on June 17. Powerful S=9+30dB strength.
 6164.996 MMR  Thazin Radio from Pyin Ou Lwin in Mandarin Chinese likely
          singer group at 0013 UT June 13, S=9+15dB signal in Ea Thailand.

6020 and 7210 kHz Daclac Buon Ma Thuot from VTN, many main power breaks
again in 0000-0030 UT range.

 6129.981 LAO  LNR Lao National Radio Vientiane, heard at 0330 UT June 17
          wandered warm-up see log above given at 2305 UT on June 16,
          9.2 kHz wideband signal. S=9+30 strong, local folk music 0337 UT
 7200even MMR  Myanmar Radio Yengu Yangoon, morning path S=9+20dB signal
          at 0337 UT on June 17. Endless talk by two mens noted.
 7289.995 IND  AIR Thiruvananthapuram, Muttathura, Kerala, at other times
          of the day on 5010v kHz.
          Hindi progr poor at S=5 in Ea Thailand post at 0342 UT June 17.
 7380.007 IND  AIR Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Hindi prog poor S=4-5 at 0343 UT
 7420.005 IND  AIR Hyderabad, Telingana, ahead stronger violine and string
          instrument mx at 0345 UT.  - and
 7419.989 CHN  underneath lower S=4 signal Chinese from PBS Nei Menggu.
 7430.002 IND  AIR Hindi sce at 0348 UT from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
          poor S=5 after grayline path at 0348 UT on June 17
 7270even IND  AIR Chennai Tamil Nadu, Hindi subcontinental mx at 0351 UT
          on June 17. Poor S=5 signal.
 9380.002 IND  AIR Vividh Barati national sce from Aligarh site, Hindi mx
          at 0353 UT poor S=5.
 9459.989 MMR  Thazin Radio from Pyin Ou Lwin northern bcast center site,
          in probably Bamar language, at 0356 UT June 17. Burmese folk mx.
          S=9+10dB signal strength. Smooth sweet songs by female,
          at 10.8 kHz wideband signal.
 9500     CHN  CNR1 Shijiazhaung  #723 site in Chinese, S=7 0358 UT.
 9519.985 CHN  PBS Nei Menggu Huhut, Chinese, S=5 0401 UT June 17.
 9530     CHN  CNR11 Baoji Sifangshan #724 site, Tibetan, S=5-6 0403 UT
 9550     AUT  Surprisinly strong via dark propagation path
          AWR from ORS Moosbrunn Austria relay, AWR Turkish progr
          S=6 fair at 0404 UT
 9570     CHN  CNR2 Geermu #916 site, female news reader at 0405 UT, S=6-7
 9610     CHN  CNR8 Beijing, Mongolian sce, S=5 at 0406 UT
 9620     CHN  Chinese Business Radio, Mongolian, S=7 at 0407 UT
 9630     CHN  CNR1 Geermu #916 site, weak S=4 signal at 0408 UT,
but heavy QRM by adjacent
 9635.849 VTN  VoVTN1 Son Tay. 9.6 kHz wideband signal at 0409 UT
          Vietnamese sce S=9+5dB
 9645     CHN  CNR1 Beijing Chinese, S=5 at 0416 UT
 9675     CHN  CNR1 Beijing Chinese, S=5 at 0418 UT
 9685     CHN  CNR8 Beijing, western world rapper music, youth pop mx
          S=7 at 0419 UT
 9720     CHN  CNR2 Baoj Sifangshan #724 site, spoken Mandarin sce,
          S=5 at 0421 UT
 9729.994 MMR  Myanmar Radio Yegu Yangoon, S=5 poor signal to morning
          signal skip zone at 0422 UT on June 17.
 9760even JPN  Radio Nikkei2 in Japanese, poor S=4-5 signal during pure
          daylight path, at 0425 UT
 9810     CHN  CNR2 Baoji Sifangshan #724 site, Chin S=4-5 poor signal
 9835even MLA  RTM Kajang K-L, Sarawak? Malay FM, most modern pop mx,
          S=9 fluttery signal, machine gun speed female reader in BMalay
          10 kHz wideband signal audio block visible, 0428 UT.
 9850even VTN  VoVietnam 4th sce Dao Xuan Mai site, 04-06 UT, at 0432 UT
          fair S=8 carrier, but low modulated transmission.  and ...
 9849.966 CHN  PBS Quighai, Xining  Quighai underneath S=5 at 0432 UT.
          Tibetan Amdo dialect language sce tentat acc DBS#19.
 9865even IND  AIR powerhouse Bangalore at S=8 level, 0434 UT flutter
 9920.096 TWN  SOH Sound of Hope Chinese, S=6 at 0437 UT June 17.
11665even MLA  RTM Kajang K-L, funny Malay pop mx program,
          S=7 fluttery at 0439 UT
11720 - non log - nothing observed of VoVTN Son Tay 2145-1030 UT sched.
11720     CHN  CNR1 Shijiazhuang #723 site instead at 0440 UT.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 17)

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