Diploma "Rayna Kasabova " LZ120RK "

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1 July to 31 December 2017


The International HAM aviators club "Fifth Ocean" recognizes the 120th anniversary of the birth of Rayna Kasabova the first Bulgarian woman in the World who participated in a military flight in 1912. She was born on 1st of July 1897 in Karlovo, Bulgaria.

The Council of the "Fifth Ocean" Club http://www.aviaham.ru has established this memorable Diploma honoring these duties.

Requirement: To obtain the Diploma you need to earn120 points by contacting stations shown below together with the number of points they provide:

1. QSO with special call of LZ120RK = 15 points.

2. QSO with any Fifth Ocean member working /AM = 10 points

3. QSO with Fifth Ocean members worked on CW = 7 points.

4. QSO with Fifth Ocean members worked on any digital mode = 5 extra points.

5. QSO with Fifth Ocean members worked on SSB = 3 extra points.

6. For contacts made on 160M band and on VHF/UHF bands add extra 5 points.

7. During the special days of activity 1 – 10 July 2017, all point values are doubled.

8. QSO with the same station counts if the QSO is made on different modes and bands.

Once you have completed the contacts, go to http://aviaham.hamlog.ru/ Where you can download an electronic version of the Diploma free of charge. (This website collects QSO information from the stations that can give points. It will determine if you have made the required number of points. If so, it will issue the award.

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