EXODUS 1947 - 70th Anniversary

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8-18 September 2017


This award commemorates the 70th Anniversary of the historic sailing of the vessel Exodus from France to Israel in 1947, prior to statehood of the country.


After WWII the British enforced restrictions on Jewish immigration to British controlled Palestine.
The Exodus 1947 was a US coastal freight passenger ship launched in 1928, sold as scrap. It was purchased by the Hagana (the underground Jewish military organization) in order to transport Jews who sought to illegally immigrate into Palestine.

In July 1947, the ship left Sète, France. It carried 4,554 Jewish men, women, and children, all Holocaust survivors from displaced persons (DP) camps. The ship was shadowed by the British navy. On July 18, 20 miles from Haifa, the British navy boarded the ship. In a fierce fight one Jewish crew member and two passengers were killed. Dozens suffered bullet wounds and other injuries.

Attempting to make an example of the Exodus 1947, the British towed the ship to Haifa and transferred the passengers onto three navy transports which returned to Europe. The ships first landed at Port-de-Bouc, France, where the passengers were ordered to disembark. The French authorities refused to forcibly remove the refugees. British authorities, fearing adverse public opinion, sought to wait until the passengers disembarked of their own accord. The passengers, including many orphaned children, forced the issue by declaring a hunger strike. After 24 days, mounting pressure from international media coverage pressed British authorities to find a solution. The British transported them to Hamburg in the British-occupied zone of Germany, where the passengers were interned in DP camps.

DPs in camps all over Europe protested vociferously and staged hunger strikes when they heard the news. Large protests erupted on both sides of the Atlantic. The ensuing public embarrassment for Britain played a significant role in the diplomatic swing of sympathy toward the Jews and the eventual recognition of Israel, the Jewish state, in 1948.

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