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July 4 to 11, 2017
August 1 to 8, 2017


For the 2017 edition, each of the six Sestieri (Italian towns divided into 6 administrative areas) of the city will be combined with two Calls (these calls may be different for the two rounds that, this year, will run on July 8 and August 6).

Basic AWARD: You must have a contact with all six Sestieri of the City (QSO with at least one of the two Calls combined with each of the six Sestieri):

The Sestieri: Amateur Stations in these areas:
1. Porta Romana IZ6WSJ Max, IU6FUB Cesare
2. Porta Tufilla IK6XEJ Rino, IK6GZM Gianluca
3. Porta Solestà IZ6ZCV Antonio, IZ6XOK Vittorio
4. Porta Maggiore IK6BSN Maurizio, I6CCI Ignazio
5. Piazzarola IZ6OYU Fabrizio, IK6CLX Umberto
6. Sant’Emidio I6FDJ Filippo, IK6HLN Gianni

All bands / modes allowed (according to the Band Plan); No mode/band endorsement.

Dates of planned operations:
• July Edition: Start at 06.00 GMT on July 4th End at 22.59 GMT on July 11th ;
• August edition: Start at 06.00 GMT on August 1th End at 22.59 GMT on August 8th.

Advanced AWARD: You must have a contact with the Call "IQ6DH – Gruppo Comunale", on air only on the two days of Friday July 7th and Friday, August 4th, from 06.00 GMT to 22.59 GMT.

QSO during the July Round will be also used to complete the AWARD during the August Round.

Logs must be sent no later than August 31th, 2017 only in ADIF format (other types will not be accepted) via EMAIL at: maurizioap@alice.it .

The Digital AWARD is completely free. For those who want a paper award, the sponsors ask for a contribution of €12 to be paid on POSTEPAY card #4023600666723038 (IK6BSN Bacilieri Maurizio card owner).

E-mail: maurizioap@alice.it
Internet: https://www.qrz.com/db/iu6fub

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