Schollen Diploma

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22 October to 31 December 2017


On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, the German amateur radio club, Hamburg-Finkenwerder, DOK E37, offers this diploma as recognition for proven contacts on or after 22.Oct.2016 with the following club members in the DARC district Hamburg:

You must work at least 10 local stations in the district of Hamburg, all of which are located directly on the Elbe River.

1. Club members from DOK’s: : E01, E32, E04, E19, E22, E37, E07 - E18, E36.
2. In addition, the following Z-DOK's Z24, Z27, Z28 also apply. Contacts with these stations = 1 point.
3. QSO with one of the 3 club stations of OV Finkenwerder: DL0FKW, DK0MBB and DF0CB are required. The club stations count 2 points, the operator counts one point.
4. Finally club station DL0YLE also counts with 2 points and can be used as a wildcard that can be substituted for any a missing station except for the 3 compulsory club stations.

All bands and operating modes are permitted with the exception of Packet Radio, Echolink and D-STAR).

The diploma application is submitted with a GCR list. Here you can choose between an "E" award sent by e-mail, for 2,00 Euro or to receive a post-paid diploma for 7,00 Euro which you may pay via PayPal after the your information has been checked. exam.

Contact: DL1XAS, Andreas Spilker, Osterladekop 92 a, 21635 Jork, GERMANY.

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