The Digital Modes Club

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The DMC was developed in order to provide a WWW site for all licensed HAM operators and SWL's who like digital modes and enjoys earning awards. Membership is FREE of charge.  If you are active or just would like to start on the DIGITAL MODES like: RTTY, PSK31, MFSK16, MT63, TOR, AMTOR, PACTOR, PACTOR II, PACTOR III, G-TOR, CLOVER,HF PACKET, HELLSCHREIBER, THROB, JT65, JT9 etc. you made the Right Choice!

General Requirements and Rules

l. The Digital Modes Club was founded in 2006. For awards purposes, this is the starting date for QSOs to be counted. Every Digital QSO will count if made on or after1st January 2006.

2. Digimode direct QSO’s (no Repeaters, Echolink) will count on all Bands in your country. You can apply your contacts with new types of Digimodes as developed in the future. CW and Phone QSO do not count..

3. For Awards with marked with ‘*’ , only QSOs with members of DMC count.

4. Awards may be claimed by any Amateur or SWL, and if SWL, you must have to log both calls from QSO , for ‘*’ with at least one DMC-Member.

5. QSO’s you made with other Call signs, such as club or operating during a contest Call, count for your Awards as well.

6 The Manager checks your application, his decision is final.

7. No QSL-Cards needed, just apply with UltimateAAC. (A software program which will be available to all members.) Don't send your Logs via email, we can't set your awards up.

8.Your Callsign and Awards stay in the Database "forever" , we hope ;-)

9 Rules can be changed from time to time……

Applying for Awards?

1. Since 2011-06-17 the DMC club has included the UltimateAAC (ex UltimateEPC).

2. Non EPC-Member should download from EPC-MC , search for Downloads - UltimateAAC.

3. Set your Username (Loginname) on DMC-Page Login to your Callsign (and only your Callsign).

4. If YOU want to manage DMC-Award/Awards and you have much free time, please write to the address below or via Contact to LZ3HI or DF9AL.

5. If you encounter errors with download of awards or how to use the program, feel free to ask.

6. Mail for Awards: df9al (at)

7. For your award download you must be logged in on Page - see "Registrations - for award download" on top. If you are the manager for more than one call sign, you will have to make a separate account for every such call sign when you apply for awards. (Maake sure that you provide a separate address for every call sign / account other email address)

DMC Award Manager

1. LZ3HI, Emil : all awards if necessary

2. DF9AL, Andreas : Member, YL, Club, Event, Special Call, DXCC, ITU, Europa - awards (also all other if necessary)

3. UF2F, Vladimir : WAC, WAS, WAZ -Awards (ex UA2FFX)

4. DO1IP, Udo : DXCC, ITU, Europa Awards; up to 2017-05-04. Thanks for his long work with .

E-mail: (help address) df9al(at)

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