The Israel Mountains Award Program

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1. The purpose of IMA (Program) is to encourage Amateur Radio from Israel (Activators for this program) and around the world (Chasers) to provide an award system for Radio Amateurs and SWL’s. The Program is intended to encourage activity from peaks, including major mountains.
The program chasing is based on earning points according to a scoring system for each reference.
The Program is designed for portable operation (/P) and in some cases mobile operation (M).
There are separate rules for activators which are not covered in this article.

2. Regions: The Mountains of Israel are located in 4 regions as follows:
a. Hadarom – SD-Southern district.
b. HF-Haifa.
c. JS-Jerusalem.
d. ND- Northern district.

3. Contacts made with activators will earn awards that require specified levels of achievement.

4. Contacts are valid if made on or after 01.01.2017 12:00 utc.

5. The Reference System:
Each Region in Israel has been assigned a unique two-character identifier. Individual Mountains within the Region are assigned a number starting 001. This creates a unique Reference Number in the form, e.g. SD-003. The Reference Number is used throughout the Program to identify the mountain.

6. Definition of a reference –The minimum mountain elevation accepted in this Program is 150 metres high.

7.Mountains/Summits that are accessible by road are still be included in the program.

8. The sponsor has the right to delete a reference in case there is a long time with no activity from an individual reference, due political reason or army dangerous area becoming.

9. Rules for chasers :
a, The Chaser must hold an appropriate transmitting license.
b. The Chaser must make a QSO with the mountain Expedition, in which at least callsigns and two-way reports are exchanged. Wherever possible, the IMA Reference Number should also be obtained as part of the QSO.
c. QSL cards are not required , since activators will provide computer lists of all contacts made by the activators to the sponsor.

10. Scoring System is directly related to the height of the mountain.
10 points > 900m
8 points > 800m
6 points > 700m
4 points > 600m
2 points > 500m
1 point < 500m

11. Awards and certificates:
* Certificates will be awarded for 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500 points or higher. Separate certificates are awarded in the Activators , Chasers and SWL sections.

All these certificates and trophies are issued upon a request, by the Awards manager , based on log-extracts.

*Awards are based on electronic Jpg high quality format, and there is no fee for the applicant. .
If request a paper award cost will be $US9.

12. Other Awards are issued : These include "Gilboa Summits Award","Eilat Summits Award", "IMA Winter Activity" etc. Rules for these awards will be published on the IMA Website.

13. An "Israel Mountains Award" program day will be held every year to promote this program. Date of activity day will be published by the award program manager , soon.

15. The internet site contains complete lists of award rules, listings of all mountains of Israel which are valid for the award, maps and a good deal of information for the hunter.

IMA Award Manager:

Email : peled119(at) yahoo dot com

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