Distracted Driving in Ontario

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On April 16 the MTO posted a regulatory notice proposing a change to  Ontario Regulation # 366/09 (Display Screens and Hand-Held Devices) that would extend the current exemption for licenced amateur radio operators for an additional five years.
As you know, the exemption was due to expire at the end of this calendar year, and Radio Amateurs of Canada has been lobbying for a permanent exemption since this regulation was introduced back in 2009.
We will be providing comments to the Road User Safety Branch of MTO on this issue and will continue to press for a permanent exemption. That said, a 5-year extension is certainly welcome at this point but is not the ultimate resolution that we have been seeking.
The only other group to obtain an extension are commercial, public transit, and public function drivers.
You can view the notice in the provincial registry at:

RAC and the Distracted Driving Committee wishes to thank all organisations that supplied letters of support to assist us in obtaining this extension. This shows the support we have from many Ontario organisations.
Bill Unger VE3XT
North/East Ontario Regional Director
Chair - RAC Distracted Driving Committee
Radio Amateurs of Canada

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