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The DXNL team wishes a happy Easter holiday to all its readers and their families!

3DA, SWAZILAND Filip,ON4AEO, XYL Kath,ON7BK, Sid,ZS6AYC, XYL Adele,ZR6APT, Gert,ZS6GC, Jose,ON4CJK, YL Elna,ZS6EB, YL Steff,ON3AEO, Lucas,ZS6ACT, and Herman,ZS5LH, all members of the Fox Charlie DXpedition Team, will be active as 3DA0FC in SSB, RTTY and PSK on 80m-10m from Apr 6-10. QSL via ON4CJK. Following frequencies were announced: SSB: 3780, 7063, 14185, 18136, 21290, 24930, 28490 kHz RTTY: 3590, 7040, 10149, 14084, 18104, 21084, 24924, 28084 kHz PSK: 7038, 14072, 18102, 21072, 24922, 28122 kHz. See also their webeite:

8R, GUYANA Anderson,PY2TNT, and Alex,PY2WAS, with the support of the "Mediterraneo DX Club" (MDXC) will be QRV as 8R1PY from Lethem in CW/SSB on 80m-10m from Apr 5-8. QSL via PY2WAS, OQRS. See:

9M, MALAYSIA Vic,R6AF, is active in CW and some SSB on 40m-10m signing 9M2/R6AF/p from Palau Besar/West Malaysia (AS-097) until Apr 5 or 6 and after that as 9M2/R6AF/6 on Sabah, Borneo/East Malaysia (OC-088) from Apr 8-11. QSLs via homecall.

9M0, SPRATLY ISLANDS, AS-051 Some members of the Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitter Society (MARTS) and the 9M4SD team plan to activate this rare DX as 9M0L from Pulau Layang Layang (Swallow Reefs, AS-051) from Apr 10-24. The team includes Tex-san,9M2TO, Neoh,9M2CLN, Tack-san,JE1CKA, Hajime,7K4QOK, David,9M2PX, Yasuma,9M8YY, Nigel,G3TXF, Joe,JA1LZR, Takuto,9M2/JE1SCJ, Miyama,JE1KUC, Naoyuki,JK1FNL, Hiroyuki,JP1TRJ, and Yutaka,JQ2GYU. They will work with four stations in CW, SSB and RTTY on 160m-6m using Spider Beams and a special Layang antenna mainly on following QRGs:

CW: 1811, 3511, 7011, 10121, 14011, 18071, 21011, 24891, 28011, 50101 kHz
SSB: 3791, 7081 (RX 7100+ for US), 14160, 18130, 21275, 24940, 28405, 50110 kHz
RTTY: 3521 (RX 3590+ for EU) 7031, 10141, 14081, 18101, 21081, 24921, 28081 kHz

QSL via bureau. See also:

CY0, SABLE ISLAND, NA-063 Alan,VE1AWW, will be active as CY0/VE1AWW during his spare time from April until June. QSL via homecall.

E5, SOUTH COOK ISLANDS, OC-013 Alan,VK4WR, and Graeme,VK4FI, are travelling to Rarotonga (OC-013) from Apr 8-27 to produce some pile-ups as E51BKM and E51GMH in CW and SSB on 40m-6m. QSLs via homecalls, unfortunately only direct.

F, FRANCE The club of North Contentin (F6KFW) remembers the 100th anniversary of the Titanic catastrophy by activating the special callsign TM5MGY in all modes and on all bands on Apr 10. CW operation will be made with a replica of the original Titanic Morse key. The suffix indicates the of the Titanic's callsign MGY. QSL via F6KFW.
The special callsign TM27UFT will be aired in CW on HF/VHF during the 27th meeting of the Union Francaise des Telegraphistes (UFT) in Vineuil (Loc JN07qn) near Blois in central France (province Centre, DPF 07; department Loir-et-Cher/41) from Apr 8-22. QSL via F6ICG, Direct QSLs after July 15. See also:
The special callsign TM95BA remembers the battle of Arras 95 years ago working on the bands on the weekends between Apr 7 and May 8. QSL via F6IEO. See also:

G, ENGLAND The sinking of the Titanic on Apr 15, 1912, triggered shockwaves around the world since then and always touched the hearts of men. Remembering the tragedy 15 OPs will activate the special event station GR100MGY with two 400 watt transmitters and directional antennas on 3.5-28 MHz from Apr 10-15. They will work mainly in CW, with some phone operation during the public days on Apr 14/15. QSL via G3SXW. See also:
A few members of the Southampton Radio Club plan to hit the airwaves as M100T from Apr 6-8 and every following weekend for the same reason.
The special event station GB100MGY will be active on HF in all modes from the Fort Perch Rock Marine Radio Museum in New Brighton (EU-005, WLOTA 1841) from Apr 6-26. They have also the special permission to work on 501-504 kHz from Apr 12-18 with Crossband operation on 3566 kHz or 7066 kHz. QSL via M0BZZ. See

KP2, US VIRGIN ISLANDS, NA-106 Mauri,KP2/AG1LE, wants to hand out a few IOTA points from Radio Reef (aka KP2M contest station) in Christiansted on St Croix (NA-106, USi VI002S, WLOTA 2477) from Apr 4-11. See:

OZ, DENMARK, EU-030 Doc,OZ/DF1XC, and Joana,OZ/DJ5YL, will be QRV from Bornholm (EU-030) on 40m-10m from Apr 7-14. QSLs via homecalls.

PA, NETHERLANDS PH4RTM/WHE is working in all modes on all bands from Apr 5-13 during the World Horticultural Expo (Welt-Garten-Expo FLORIADE) in Venlo taking place from Apr 5 until Oct 7. QSL via PH4RTM. See also:

PY, BRAZIL The special callsign ZY2014WC marks the upcoming FIFA World Cup. QSL via PS7KC.

VP2M, MONTSERRAT, NA-103 Budd,W3FF (VP2MFF), Guy,N7UN (VP2MUN), Paul,KB9AVO (VP2MVO), Larry,W7DGP (VP2MLR), Russel,N7QR (VP2MQR), Tom,K2GSJ (VP2MTM), and Chris,N2YYZ (VP2MYZ), will be active using 100 watts and Buddipoles from Apr 8-16. QSLs unfortunately only direct via homecalls, LoTW.

XE, MEXICO The Federacion Mexicana de Radioexperimentadores (FMRE) celebrates its 80th anniversary with the special callsign 6D0LM.

XV, VIETNAM Larry,W6NWS, is working as XV2W from Cai Be in CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK on 80m-10m until June 12. QSL via homecall.
Seihachi,JA7LU, signs XV2LU from Vung Tau in SSB and RTTY on 20m-6m from Apr 5-8. QSL via homecall, unfortunately only direct .

ISWL Club The ISWL Club will be on the air with following callsigns in April: OP Geof,M0BAU, as GX4BJC/A from Great Sutton in Cheshire (WAB Square SJ37, EU-005, LH-1841). OP Martin,GW4GNY, as MC1SWL/A from Guilsfield in Powys (EU-005, WAB Square SY21, LH-0453). See also:

Preparations for Conway Reef Hrane,YT1AD, is travelling to Fiji, Samoa and American Samoa to prepare his DXpedition in April. He wants to hit the airwaves as KH8/N9YU from Pago Pago (OC-045) on Apr 7-9, as 5W7A from Apia (OC-097) on Apr 9-11 and as 3D2R from Rotuma (OC-060) from Apr 13-20. On Rotuma he plans to meet Tevita Rokobaro,3D2TR, of Ministry of Tourism and Communication and donations from Mike K6MKF (antenna rotor) and by him (RF LPA 500W) will be handed over to the Rotuma High School Club Station (3D2RI) with help during installation.

Deleted from WAE Countries List Malyj Visotskij has been deleted from the WAE Countries List on Feb 17.

PIRATE: TO4E who alleged to be active from Europa Island (AF-009) on Mar 24/25 was a pirate. The original TO4E DXpedition took place in 2003 and no other Ham radio licence for Europa has been issued since then. Access to the island is prohibited generally. Furthermore they are using other callsign blocks for four years now:

Terre Adelie: FT5Y
Crozet: FT5W
Amsterdam: FT5Z
Kerguelen: FT5X
Glorieuses: FT5G
Tromelin: FT5T
Europa: FT5E
Juan de Nova: FT5J

The callsign blocks FR5/G, /T, /E, /J does not exist anymore. See also:


Fred Maya,W5YI, CQ columnist, examiner, trainer and author, passed away at the age of 76 on Mar 28. See also: Our condolences and sympathy are with his family and friends. We do not want to be sad that we lost him, but grateful that we could get to know him as a radio friend. We will always keep him in memory.

LINKS ....

Current SOTA activities (mountain summits) are announced at:
Detailed information about current VHF activities can be found on the VHF DX portal "Make More Miles on VHF" at:


Apr 7/8 QRP-ARCI Spring QSO Party
Apr 7/8 DARC VHF QRP Contest
Apr 7/8 SP DX Contest
Apr 7/8 EA RTTY Contest

IOTA ....

Island activities:

AS-109, R9K, Obskaya Gulf group: A group of Russian HAMs (teamlead Igor, UA9KDF, with Valery,RG8K, Artyom,UA9KAM) is working as RT9K/p from Zhuravlinyy Island until April 5. Depending on the weather they plan to reach the island with three snowmobiles. Their radio equipment includes a TS-590, FT-857, BiggIR, ACOM-1010 and more. QSLs will be sent via bureau automatically. Direct QSLs via RX9KM.

EU-001, SV5, Dodecanese: Giorgio,IZ4AKS, is going to spend his holidays on Rhodos Island from April 9-16. If time permits he wants to work as SV5/IZ4AKS on the HF bands every day using a K3, Yaesu FT897 and wires. QSL via IZ4AKS (direct).

EU-008, GM/MM, Inner Hebrides: The South Cheshire ARS and Stockport ARS members Mark,M0UTD, Ray,M1REK, and Tom,M0DCG, plan to activate three islands of the Inner Hebrides as GM6TW and GM6TW/p from April 7-13. Their main location is Jura Island (IOSA NH21, Loc IO75AT, WLOTA 3078). They plan more trips to Islay Island (IOSA NH22, Loc IO65TS,WLOTA 1826) on Apr 9 and also to Colonsay Island (IOSA NH19, Loc IO65WU,WLOTA 1574) on Apr 11. QSLs via M0UTD (bureau/direct/LoTW).

EU-012, GM/MM, Shetland and Fair Isle: The special event station GB2WG will be activated from Scalloway (Shetland) on Apr 8-20 to commemorate the Titanic tragedy 100 years ago and the special role of Walter Gray (hometown: Scalloway). Walter was the radio operator at Cape Race on Newfoundland who passed along the messages of the sinking Titanic to New York. QSL via MM5PSL (bureau/direct).

EU-042, DL, Schleswig-Holstein State North West group: Klaus,DL7UXG/p, will be QRV from Foehr Island (GIA N-17, WLOTA 4067) from Apr 10?12. QSL via homecall (bureau/direct).
Thomas,DJ6OI/p, is active from Sylt until April 8. QSL via homecall.

NA-138? W4, Florida State North East: Sherry,KD4STW, and Randy,AJ4RW, are going to visit Little Talbot Island (USi FL116S) on Apr 6 and will show up from there as AJ4RW in SSB on 20m and 15m. If possible they will also try to make some RTTY and PSK31-QSO's. QSL only direct via AJ4RW.

NA-143, W5, Texas State East: On Apr 5?8, Joe,K5KUA/5, will be QRV again from Galveston Island (USi TX001S, Galveston County) mainly in SSB on 80m-10m and maybe also some CW. QSL via homecall (bureau/direct/LoTW).

Planning your activities ....

> Activity week WLOTA during the 1st weekend of July
> IOTA Contest on July 28/29
> ILLW Activity Week from August 1-8
> ARLHS Weekend during the 3rd weekend of Augusts

Lighthouse activities ....

KP2/AG1LE LH 2477 Apr 4?11
VP2MFF LH 1475 Apr 8?16
VP2MLR LH 1475 Apr 8?16
VP2MQR LH 1475 Apr 8?16
VP2MTM LH 1475 Apr 8?16
VP2MUN LH 1475 Apr 8?16
VP2MVO LH 1475 Apr 8?16
VP2MYZ LH 1475 Apr 8?16

Preview ....

Resident 3B8FA 1765 06Apr-10Apr 3DA0FC 1774 * Unknown 3W7W 1768 -07May 3Z45HBW 1772 Unknown 4J29RA.. 1758 -15Jun 4JS0NG.. 1772 Unknown 4W0VB 1763 Unknown 4W0VB/p 1766 04Mar-04Apr 5H3MB 1769 01Jan-30Jun 5P12EU 1760 21Mar- 5T0JL 1772 -2014 5Z4EE 1742/1753/1772 -Apr 5Z4RH ? 1674 2012 6D0LM 1774 * Unknown 6V7SIX 1770 -30Sep 8J2NDP.. 1751 -31Dec 8J6O 1773 -30Sep 8J7EQ 1773 -2012 9J2RI 1739/1742 01Mar-05Apr 8N1MOMO 1769 -28Jul 8N1TW 1773 05Apr-08Apr 8R1PY 1774 * 10Apr-24Apr 9M0L 1774 * 05Apr/06Apr 9M2/R6AF/p 1774 * 08Apr-11Apr 9M2/R6AF/6 1774 * Long term 9N1FE 1740 Soon 9Q1EK 1669 14Mar-08Apr 9Q6/ZS4U 1771 -Oct/14 9V1RM 1751 02Apr-09Apr A35XG 1773 -Sep/13 A52SV 1752 -Apr CE2/CX1EK 1762 03Apr-30Apr CN2RN 1773 -31Dec CN2YZ 1771 08Mar-04Apr CT9/DL3KWR.. 1770 Apr -Jun CY0/VE1AWW 1774 * -08Jul D2QV 1750 -Apr ? D2SG 1748 2012? DL0SLITISA 1764 01Jan-31Dec DL1630Y 1760 -08Apr DJ6OI/p 1774 * 10Apr-12Apr DL7UXG/p 1774 * 01Jan-31Dec DM100MGY 1763 01Jan-31Dec DM50KSJ 1763 -31Dec DM800ANH 1767 -Feb/13 DP0GVN 1756 -Jan/13 DQ0STRATEX 1770 -31Dec DQ125HSB 1763 23Mar-26Mar E51EWP 1772 11Apr-14Apr E51EWP 1772 08Apr-27Apr E51BKM.. 1774 * 27Mar-10Apr E51M 1772 -31Dec E720RS 1770 01Jan-31Dec EI80IRTS 1763 31Mar/04Apr F/IZ2RLJ.. 1773 * 30Mar-07Apr F8ATS/6W 1773 21Mar-06Apr FH/DL7BC.. 1772 -Mar/13 FH8NX 1747 Unknown FK/9A4DU 1763 -Jul FR8NE 1710 24Mar-14Apr FR/F5UOW.. 1772 NOW FW/F1GHY 1771 06Apr-26Apr GB100MGY 1774 * 08Apr-20Apr GB2WG 1774 * -31Dec GB50WVR 1767 2012 GB80PW 1762 Apr GI100MGY 1773 07Apr-13Apr GM6TW 1774 * 10Apr-15Apr GR100MGY 1774 * Apr GX4BJC/A.. 1774 * Unknown HA00CGCDH 1762 -Sep/13 HI3/KL7JR 1745 NOW HL2/KC6STQ 1746 02Feb-06May HR5/F2JD 1764 -Apr HS0ZIQ 1765 -Dec ID9DXC.. 1755 01Jan-31Dec II6LN 1763 -2011/12? J28JV 1680 -Jul J28RO 1683 -Jul/13 J28UC 1734 24Mar-06Apr J52EME.. 1772 -15Apr JG8NQJ/JD1 1762 29Mar-Mar/13 JX9JKA 1769/1773 05Apr-08Apr K5KUA/5 1774 * -2013 KG4AJ 1756 -Apr KC4AAC 1757 -Jun/13 KH2/N2NL 1680 -May KH4/W5FJG 1728 Postponed KH5 1674/1705/1741 -Mar/13 KH9/WA2YUN 1771 04Apr-11Apr KP2/AG1LE 1774 * -11Apr LY22A 1771 -22Jul LZ12FDAY 1770 -31Dec LZ1818MOG.. 1770 Apr M100T 1774 * 27Mar-03Apr MJ/K3PLV.. 1772 01Apr-15Apr NH7DX 1773 -31Dec OH150VR 1772 01Jan-31Dec ON65BR 1763 01Apr-30Apr OO100MGY.. 1773 07Apr-14Apr OZ/DF1XC.. 1774 * 02Apr-09Apr PJ2/ PA7JWC.. 1773 Long term P29FM 1752 Unknown P40/ AI2N.. 1768 01Apr-28Apr PH100MGY 1773 05Apr-13Apr PH4RTM/WHE 1774 * 02Apr-09Apr PJ2/ PA7JWC.. 1773 -Mar/Apr PJ4/PE1MAE 1753 -2013 RI1ANF 1765 -Sep RI1FJA 1741 -Sep RI1FJM 1741 01Apr-05Apr RT9K/p 1774 * Unknown SN2012WW.. 1763 -30Apr S540DKR 1770 -31Dec S555E.. 1772 NOW ST2AR 1745 Unknown SU9VB 1754 09Apr-16Apr SV5/IZ4AKS 1774 * Unknown SX1912 1763 -Apr T6BP 1746 -13Jun T6JM 1764 -Jul T6JP 1768/1770 -Jun T6MO 1733/1767 -31Dec TC50TRAC.. 1770 Unknown TL8ES 1755 08Apr-22Apr TM27UFT 1774 * -31Dec TM210VH 1770 10Apr TM5MGY 1774 * -31Dec TM70TRS 1763 07Apr-08May TM95BA 1774 * -Jul TN9SN 1755 NOW TR0A/p 1760 26Mar-10Apr V63AAZ.. 1772 Resident V63YWR 1765 -Nov/14 V73NS 1604/1668/1752 NOW VK0TH 1748/1763/1764 25Mar-08Apr VK9N/ZL1RS 1772 08Apr-16Apr VP2MFF.. 1774 * 20Mar-11Apr VP52V.. 1772 Unknown VP8DFR 1764 -Jul VQ9JC 1755 -May/14 XE1/DM3DL 1730 -1Apr XE3/K5ENS 1767 -30Apr XL3T 1771 05Apr-08Apr XV2LU 1774 * 14Mar-16Apr XV2RZ 1771 Unknown XT2RJA 1712/1763 -12Jun XV2W 1774 * Unknown XV9DX.. 1756 12Apr-20Apr XV4HP.. 1773 Unknown XW3DT 1766/1771 -Apr ZS7KX 1740/1741 -2014 ZY2014WC 1774 * * = neu oder aktualisiert .. = and andere Calls

QSL-Information ....
3DA0FC      via ON4CJK (B)
4K0CW       via DL6KVA (B)
6D0LM       via (B)
7P8PB       via EI7CC (B)
8R1PY       via PY2WAS (B), OQRS
9A55AX      via 9A4J (B)
9M0L        via (B)
9M2/R6AF/p  via R6AF (B)
9M2/R6AF/6  via R6AF (B)
9M6/JA1PBV  via JA1PBV (B)
A25CF       via K5LBU
A25DS       via VE7DS (B)
A60DWC      via NI5DX (B)
CT7/DL2MEK  via DL2MEK (B)
CU7MD       via CT3MD (B)
CY0/VE1AWW  via VE1AWW (B)
DJ6OI/p     via DJ6OI/p (B)
DL7UXG/p    via DL7UXG (B)
DL8DXL/p    via DL8DXL (B)
E51BKM      via VK4WR (d)
E51GMH      via VK4FI (d)
EA8/RW3DO   via RW3DO
EA8AY       via W2GR (d)
EA9AZ       via EA5KB (B)
EE8X        via W2GR (d)
EF7ITU      via EA7NL (B), (L), eQSL
EF7W        via EC7KW (B)
EF8USA      via W2GR (d)
EF8X        via W2GR (d)
EG2WFF      via EA2TT (B)
EG5IC       via EC5CFM (B)
EG7URF      via EA7URF
EH7SSM      via EA7URM
ES1XQ       via ES3VI (B)
F4FIU/p     via F4FIU (B)
F6CUG/p     via F6CUG
FH4VOS      via DL7BC (B)
FR5DN       via EA7FTR
GB100MGY    via M0BZZ (B)
GB2WG       via MM5PSL (B)
GM6TW       via M0UTD (B), (L)
GR100MGY    via G3SXW (B)
GX4BJC/A    via M0BAU
HB0/HB9EYR  via IZ3AHY (B)
HB9HI/p     via HB9HI (B)
HE5LC       via HB9LC (B)
I1UWF/p     via I1UWF (B)
IZ0QPO/p    via IZ0QPO (B)
IZ5GST/P    via IZ5GST (B)
J45PO       via ON4PO (B)
J52HF       via I3LDP
K5KUA/5     via K5KUA (B)
KP2/AG1LE   via AG1LE (B)
MC1SWL/A    via GW4GNY
MJ/K3PLV    via K3PLV (B)
MJ/K8PT     via K8PT
N1QLL/p     via N1QLL (B)
OE15XMF     via OE6CAG (B)
OH5Z        via OH5LIZ (B)
OJ0MC       via OH6MC (B)
OL9Z        via OK2PVF (B)
OM7M        via OM3PA (B)
ON4BB/p     via ON4BB (B)
OQ4U        via ON4AMX
OU8A        via OZ1GDI
OZ/DF1XC    via DF1XC (B)
OZ/DJ5YL    via DJ5YL (B)
OZ/DL1ANT/p via DL1ANT (B)
OZ/DL2SWW   via DL2SWW (B)
P4/DF7ZS    via DF7ZS (B)
P41P        via W3HNK (d)
RT9K/p      via RX9KM (B)
SG3U        via SM3CXS (B)
SO2R        via SP3CGK (B), (L)
SP9YFF/P    via SQ9IDG (d)
SV5/IZ4AKS  via IZ4AKS (d)
TM27UFT     via F6ICG (B)
TM5MGY      via F6KFW (B)
TM95BA      via F6IEO
TO2R        via F5UOW (B)
UT7E        via UR3EZ
UX2U        via UR7UC (B)
VC3T        via VE3DZ (B)
VP2MFF      via W3FF (d), (L)
VP2MLR      via W7DGP (d), (L)
VP2MQR      via N7QR (d), (L)
VP2MTM      via K2GSJ (d), (L)
VP2MUN      via N7UN (d), (L)
VP2MVO      via KB9AVO (d), (L)
VP2MYZ      via N2YYZ (d), (L)
W5/DL9NDS   via DL9NDS (B)
XT2VWT      via JA3VWT (B)
XV2LU       via JA7LU (d)
XV2W        via W6NWS (B)
YP9W        via YO9WF
Z21BB       via W3HNK (d)
ZF2UL       via K3UL
ZP9MCE      via EA5ZD
ZY2014WC    via PS7KC (B)

(d) = direct
(B) = bureau ok
(*) = Manager
(L) = LoTW
QSL direct: E51MAN & E51NOU (N7OU), PJ4C (F9IE)

QSL bureau: 3XD2Z (RW3AZ), 5X1NH (G3RWF), 6W1RY (F5VHJ), 9N7DX (4Z4DX), 9Q50ON (ON4BR), AH0BT (7L1FPU), C56FR (ON4TA), FO5RH, FO8RZ (F8BPN), J3/PE1GIM (PA3C), OJ0UR (M0URX), PJ7/DB4BJ, S9DX (DL1RTL), T30AQ (SP5AEQ), V55DLH (DK8ZZ), VK9C/G6AY & VK9X/G6AY (G3SWH), XU7KOH (ON7PP), ZD8D (DL9HO)

QSL LoTW: ZY0SG (St. Peter and Paul Rocks, 1997)

Wir bedanken uns herzlich fuer die Mitarbeit an dieser Ausgabe bei: Carl Smith (QRZ DX), 425DXNews, OPDX Bulletin, DF1XC, DF6EX (WIN-QSL), DJ5AV, DJ9ZB, DL1SBF, DL2BQV, DL7MAE, F5NQL, F6AJA & Les Nouvelles DX, DL7VOA, NG3K, N7UN, PE1NCP, VA3RJ, W2GR, YT3W, u.a.

Editor: Johannes Amchewicz, DK8JB

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