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5B - Members of the Paphos District of the Cyprus Amateur Radio Society will be active as P3EU between 1 July and 31 December to celebrate the first Cypriot Presidency of the Council of the European Union. QSL via 5B4AHO, direct or bureau. [TNX 5B4AHJ]

CT - CT1EPV, CT1GFK, CT1GPQ, CT1IUA and CT3FN will participate in this weekend's CQ WPX CW Contest as CS2W from Culatra Island (EU-145). QSL via HB9CRV and LoTW. [TNX NG3K]

DL - Mike, DG5LAC will be active as DG5LAC/p from Usedom Island (EU-129) on 27-29 July. He will be QRV on 80-10 metres SSB and will participate in the IOTA Contest. QSL via home call. [TNX DG5LAC]

EI - "Father Ted" was a popular sitcom set on the remote fictional Craggy Island. EI0TED (EJ0TED) is the callsign issued to the Craggy Island DXpedition Group, whose members are dedicated to activation of offshore islands around the coast of Ireland. Their inaugural activity will be on 27 May from Glenquin, Co. Clare, main island of Ireland (EU-115). Announcements of future operations will be posted to www.galwayvhfgroup.com

F - Keith, G3TTC will visit and be QRV from several French islands between 26 May and 22 June: 26 May F/G3TTC/p Cezembre (EU-157) 28 May F/G3TTC/p Brehat (EU-074) 2 June F/G3TTC/p Batz (EU-105) 5 June F/G3TTC/p Molene (EU-065) 6 June F/G3TTC/p Ouessant (EU-065) 9 June F/G3TTC/p Sein (EU-068) 12 June F/G3TTC/p Glenan Islands (EU-094) 14 June F/G3TTC/p Houat (EU-048) 16-22 June F/G3TTC Chausey Islands (EU-039) He will operate SSB on 40 metres and higher bands. QSL via G3TTC, direct or bureau. [TNX rsgbiota.org]

F - Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the wireless station established by radio pioneer Roberto Clemens Galletti di Cadilhac at Leschaux (Savoie), special callsign TM6GAL will be active from 28 May to 10 June. QSL via F6HQP. [TNX Les Nouvelles DX]

F - Diego, F4HAU and Gil, F4FET will be going on a "Morbihan Gulf Island Tour" on 1-8 June. They plan to be active as TM0MIT from Moines Island (DIFM AT-014, not IOTA), which will be their main QTH, as well as from other ten non-IOTA islands in that area. QSL via F5CWU. Details can be found at http://tm0mit.webs.com/ [TNX F4FET]

FO - Pat, F4EBT will operate as FO/F4EBT from French Polynesia on 1-24 June. He will visit and be active holiday style from the islands of Tahiti (OC-046), Moorea (OC-046), Raiatea (OC-067), Huaine (OC-067), Bora-Bora (OC-067) and Maupiti (OC-067). QSL via home call. [TNX NG3K]

HL - Kei, HL2UVH and another operator will be active from Ch'ung Island (AS-060) on 26-27 May. Look for HL0V during the WPX CW Contest, while HL0A will be used outside the CQ event. QSL via HL2UVH. [TNX DX World]

I - ARI Fidenza will participate in the Museum Ships Weekend (2-3 June) as II1WIL from La Spezia, where the former presidential yacht USS Williamsburg has been moored for nearly twenty years. QSL via IQ4FE, direct or bureau. Further information can be found at qrz.com [TNX IK4VFB]

I - Gianni I7PHH, Davide IK4DCT, Andrea IK4OLQ, Vin IK7IMO, Art IK7JWY, Piero IK7VJX, Roby IK7XIV, Bartolo IW7ECA and Luigi IZ7PDX will be active as IJ7A from San Pietro Island (EU-073) on 26-29 July, IOTA Contest included. QSL via IK7XIV. Further information can be found at http://ij7a.jimdo.com/

JA - Kan, JE1SCF and Yoshi, JG4IQC will be active as JE1SCF/6 and JG4IQC/6 from the Daito Islands (AS-047) from 29 June to 2 July. They will operate CW and SSB on 40-10 metres. QSL via home calls, direct or bureau. [TNX JN6RZM]

JT - Alex UA9YAB (JT0YAB) and Alex UA9YPS (JT0YPS) will be active from the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park from 31 May to 4 June. See qrz.com for QSLling instructions. [TNX UA9YAB]

KH8 - Yuri, N3QQ and Dick, N7RO plan to be active in their spare time as KH8/KL7RRC from Tutuila (OC-045), American Samoa for one week in late May or early June. When in Pago Pago, they will be meeting FWS officials and boat owners discussing the possibility of activating Rose Atoll (OC-190) in December/January. [TNX DX World]

KL - Rick, K6VVA has "suspended for an indefinite period" his 28-30 June expedition to IOTA group NA-240 [425DXN 1067] for a number of reasons. "In considering ALL factors now and the costs involved" he says, "re-activating NA-240 at this time is simply not a prudent decision" ( read the details at www.k6vva.com/iota/na240 ). He adds that "with few exceptions, future IOTA activations will NOT be announced in advance. Notification will be made just before leaving for the airport, or while in route to the IOTA destination". You may want to check Twitter (@k6vva).

OZ - Once again the OZ1RDP Scout team (www.oz1rdp.de) will be active from Romo Island (EU-125) on 25-29 May. They plan to operate SSB on 10, 15, 20, 40, 80 and maybe 160 metres, and BPSK31 on 30 metres. QSL via DL9BCP, direct or bureau. [TNX DX Newsletter]

SM - Look for 8S0DAY to be active from Rindo Island (EU-084) on 26 May. QSL via SM0MPV, bureau preferred. [TNX rsgbiota.org]

SV9 - Look for Alex, SV9/SQ9UM to be active from Crete (EU-015) until 28 May. He operates mainly CW and RTTY on 40-6 metres, and will take part in the CQ WPX CW Contest. QSL via home call. [TNX SQ9UM]

VP5 - Look for VP5/W9RN and VP5/KX4WW to be active on 160-6 metres from Providenciales (NA-002), Turks and Caicos Islands from 31 May to 7 June. QSL via home calls. [TNX The Daily DX]

VU - The Malabar Amateur Radio & Scouting Society (VU2MLQ) will be active field day style as 8T1M on 27-30 May. They plan to run two stations on the HF bands CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL via VU2MLQ and LoTW.

W - The Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club (KK5W) will operate SSB and CW on 40-10 metres from the radio rooms of USS Cavalla (submarine) and USS Stewart (destroyer escort) during the Museum Ships Weekend on 2-3 June. The ships are located at Seawolf Park on Pelican Island (NA-143). QSL direct to KK5W. [TNX KF2TI]

YB - Kadek, YB9BU and others are expected to be QRV from Wamar Island (OC-249) on 25-28 May. [TNX JN6RZM]

YV - Alex, UA9YAB and Alex, UA9YPS will be active from two Venezuelan island groups between 2 and 9 August. Look for them to be signing YV7/homecall from Margarita (SA-012) and as YV5/homecall from Los Roques (SA-035). QSL via home calls. [TNX UA9YAB]

The following stations have announced their participation in this year's event (26-27 May):
Call          Category        Country            QSL
4L0A          SOAB            Georgia            LoTW
4U1GSC        SOAB HP         Italy              9A2AA
5X1RO         SOSB 15M        Uganda             F8DFP
6O3A          SO              Somalia            qrz.com
6V7S          SOAB            Senegal            RK4FF
6Y3W          SOAB            Jamaica            RA4LW
9H3PP         SOSB            Malta              HA5PP
A5A           M/?             Bhutan             LoTW
CS2W          M/S             Portugal           HB9CRV
EE8X          SOAB            Canary Isls        W2GR
HK1NA         M/M             Colombia           K6IPM
HK1NA         M/M             Colombia           K6IPM
HL0V                          Korea              HL2UVH
HP1WW         SOAB            Panama             OH0XX
HQ2N          SOSB            Honduras           EA5GL
J48HW         SOAB  HP        Greece             HA0HW
KP2M          M/S             Virgin Isls        AI4U
KP2MM         SOAB            Virgin Isls        LoTW
LX7I          M/S             Luxembourg         LX2A
MJ0CFW        SOAB LP         Jersey             M0CFW
NH2T          SOAB HP         Guam               W2YC
OH0X          SO              Aland Isls         OH2TA
OH10X         SO              Finland            OH2BH
OH8X          SO              Finland            OH2UA
P40H                          Aruba              OK7MT
P49Y          SOAB HP         Aruba              AE6Y
PR5B          SOSB 80M        Brazil             6K5YPD
PR5W          SOSB 80M        Brazil             PY5FB
PT5T          SOAB HP         Brazil             K3IRV
PW0F          SOAB LP         F. de Noronha      OH2BH
PW5D          SOSB            Brazil             M0OXO
PX2W          M/S             Brazil             PY2YU
PZ5P                          Surinam            UA4LU
SF0530COH                     Sweden             SM0PSO
SJ2W          M/S             Sweden             LotW
ST2AR         SOAB            Sudan              S53R
SV5/N6GQ      SOAB QRP        Dodecanese         N6GQ
SV9/SQ9UM     SOAB LP         Crete              SQ9UM
SW8A                          Greece             LZ1QN
T6MO          SOAB LP         Afghanistan        K9GY
TC2X          SO              Turkey (AS)        OH2BH
TC7C          SOAB            Turkey             RA1QQ
TK4A          M/2             Corsica            LoTW
TX8CW         SOAB LP         New Caledonia      ZL3CW
V26E          SOAB LP         Antigua            AB2E
V31UB         SOAB            Belize             KU5B
V6A           SOAB            Micronesia         JA7HMZ
VC3T          SOAB            Canada             VE3DZ
VC6Z                          Canada             VE6BF
VK9PN         M/?             Lord Howe Island   VK2PN
XP2I          SOAB LP         Greenland          OZ1BII
YE0X          M/2             Indonesia          YB0ZZ
ZP9MCE        SOSB 10M        Paraguay           EA5ZD
ZW5B          SOAB HP         Brazil             K3IRV
ZX5J          SOSB            Brazil             AI4U
Do not forget to give a look at the Announced Operations listing maintained by Bill, at http://.com/Misc/wpxc2012.html - good contest to you all!


DXPEDITION COSTS - The enlightening presentation given by Don, N1DG at the recent Dayton hamvention is now available for download on the Northern California DX Foundation's website ( www.ncdxf.org ) - it's good food for thought.

GRENADA - Harry, AC8G (J37K) is planning a 6 (can be more) night stay in Grenada for the CQ WW SSB Contest (27-28 October), with considerable operating the days before the contest with emphasis on non-contest bands and modes. If interested in joining the team, please contact Harry at hflasher@dayton.net for more details. [TNX AC8G]

MUSEUM SHIPS WEEKEND - Sponsored by the Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Station (NJ2BB), this year's Museum Ships Weekend will be held from 00.00 UTC on 2 June until 23.59 UTC on the 3rd. Information on the event, including the relevant certificate and the listing of participating ships, can be found at www.nj2bb.org

QSL 7O6T - The OQRS (Online QSL Request System) for 7O6T is now up and running at www.yemen2012.com/log.php, and can be used for either direct and bureau cards. Traditional requests can be sent to UA3DX, direct (Nick Averyanov, P.O. Box 39, Vlasikha, Moskovskaya obl. 143010, Russia) or bureau. The entire log will be uploaded to LoTW by the end of November.

QSL HK0NA - The QSL cards have been printed and delivered to the QSL manager (N2OO). Approximately 35,000 QSOs have been pre-processed so far, and the first mailings will start going out around 2 June. "LoTW upload is scheduled for sometime around early September 2012", N2OO says. "This gives us proper time to purify the log". Bookmark www.sjdxa.org/hk0na.htm for updates.

RADIO ARCALA & CQWW WPX CW CONTEST - Radio Arcala ( www.radioarcala.com ) will deploy five stations in this year's event: OH0X from the Aland Islands (operated by OH2TA), OH10X from Finland (operated by OH6KZP), OH8X from Finland (operated by OH2UA), PW0F from Fernando de Noronha (operated by OH2MM/PY2ZEA) and TC2X from Asiatic Turkey (operated by OH2PM). [TNX OH2BN]


Steve Mendelsohn, W2ML passed away on 23 May. A former First Vice President of ARRL, one week ago he was inducted into the CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame.

Other recently reported Silent Keys include:

Xavier Paradel (EA3ALV)
Masahisa "Maza" Matsubara (JA1BHK)
David G. Gardner (K6LPL)
Homer D. Wibel (K9ECE)
James M. Mozley (W2BCH), Ronald C. Williams (W9YZ)
Lou Grubb (WA7HZO)
B.A.N. Raju (VU2NR)

QSLs received direct or through managers: 3B8/SP2FUD, 3C0E, 3C6A, 3DA0NW, 4K8M, 4L0A, 4L8A, 4W0VB, 5R8RJ, 5X4B, 6O3A, 6Y0A, 7X5QB, 8Q7DV, 9M6/JA1PBV, 9N7MD, A25JR, A35XG, A35YZ, A52JR, A65OO, A71BU, AT2DW (AS-175), B4R/5, C21HA, C6AKQ, C6ANM, C91NW, CE9VPM, CO6LE, CO6LP, CP4BT, CR6K, CX5BW, D44AC, DP0GVN, DP0GVN/A, DV1UD, E51BKV, E51EWP, E51M, E74X, EA9AI, ES3AX, ET3SID, EY7AD, FK/F4BKV, FK/I2GPT, FK8GN, FR/DJ7RJ, FW0NAR (OC-054), GR100MGY, HB0/DL2SBY, HC2/W7SE, HK1AA, HV5PUL, IS0/DL2SBY, J28AA, J88DR, KP2/W1EQ, LU1ZI, LY1FW, PJ2T, PJ4X, R0/US0IW (AS-039), R2KW, S01MZ, SU9VB, SV2ASP/A, SX5P, T2T, T6BP, T6RH, T88ZO, TA0/WA2KBZ, TC3HQ, TI5/KI7Y, TO4M, TT8ES, TX6T/p, UK8AR, UM20Y, UN7QX, UP2L, V25AA, V26M, V5/DJ2HD, V55V, V73/KJ6BBP, V85SS, VK0TH, VK8BI/p (OC-185), VK9/ZL1RS, VK9XS, VP2MMM, VP6T, VP9/W6PH, VR2KF, XR0Y, XV1X, XV2RZ, XW3DT, YN2NW, YS3CW, Z32KI, ZD7FT, ZD7XF, ZD8XF, ZF2OE, ZK2C, ZL1RS, ZL7J, ZX2S (SA-028).

Edited by I1JQJ & IK1ADH

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