Amateur Radio World Castles Award

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Hello All!

31/05/2012 - WCA & COTA-YL pedition YL/ES2TT and YL2012USCARS from Castle Krimulda!

- Eddie ES2TT will be active from the 31st of May till 4th of June 2012 from Castle Krimulda, WCA: YL-00039 located in Park Gauja, YLFF-001. He plans to work on the 31st of May 2012 as YL/ES2TT from 1st of June 2012 as YL2012USCARS on all bands CW, SSB possible BPSK. QSL via ES2TT. Log will be uploaded to WCA E-Log. 73 & 11! [tnx info ES2TT].
26/05/2012 - International WCA pedition 4J0SFR from Chukhur Gabala Fortress!

- The members of "Safari" DX-activators club, inc. Boris 4K4K, Yasu JR0HYT, Anar 4K6AE, Farhad 4K3M, Serge 4J5A, Serge 4K3FPL, Farid 4K6AF and Natig 4J5T will be active from 26th till 28th of May 2012 from Chukhur Gabala Fortress, gabala district, WCA: 4K-00016 located in 4JFF-014. Due to WPX Contest on the 26th and 27th of May in which we will not participate, so in these days the team would operate mostly on WARC bands, but on the 28th of May to switch to regular HF bands - 20, 40, 15, etc. The start is planned for May 26 , 12-00 AM, UTC. The callsigns - 4J0SFR, main, and 4J0WFF, reserve. Modes - CW and SSB, no Digi. All incoming paper QSLs will be answered, but, please, send them before of July 2012. Otherwise, we will not be able to answer you soon, sorry. 73 & 11! [tnx info 4J5T].

26/05/2012 - WCA & COTA-YL pedition YL11WCA from Jaunpils Castle!
- Vitaly YL3AFK, Alex YL3BU and Grigorij YL2NS will be active on the 26th and 27th of May 2012 from Juanpils Castle, WCA: YL-00030, COTA-YL: Z-004. They plan to work from 10:00 UTC on 26th of May till 15:00 UTC on 27th of May as YL11WCA on 80 - 10 meters CW and SSB near WCA frequences. QSL via bureau. Log will be uploaded to WCA E-Log. 73 & 11! [tnx info YL3GBC].

24/05/2012 - WCA & CCA pedition OK2AN/P from Czech Castles!
- Vasek OK2AN will be active from the 24th till 26th of May 2012 from several castles:
Velke Losiny: OL-075, OK-00590, loc. JO80MA
Sobotin: OL-071, OK-00586, loc. JO80MA
Loucna nad Desnou: OL-068, OK-00583, loc. JO80NB
Sumperk: OL-072, OK-00587, loc. JN89LX
Dolni Studenky: OL-073, OK-00588, loc. JN89LW
Bludov: OL-066, OK-00581, loc. JN89LW
Zabreh - Skalicka: OL-076, OK-00591, loc. JN89KU
Zabreh: OL-077, OK-00592, loc. JN89KV
Nemile: OL-069, OK-00584, loc. JN89KU

He plans to work as OK2AN/P on all bands. QSL via Home Call. Log will be uploaded to WCA E-Log. 73 & 11! [tnx info OK5NN].

22/05/2012 - WCA & ZWP pedition SP9YFF/P from Castle Siemianowice Slaskie!
- The members of SP9YFF team will be active from 22th till 24th of May 2012 from Castle Siemianowice Slaskie, WCA: SP-00473, ZWP: GEM- 01. They plan to work in the afternoons, dependent on weather contitions only SSB and Digital modes, 100 watts and wire antenna, as SP9YFF/P. QSL info on QRZ.COM. Log will be uploaded to WCA E-Log. 73 & 11! [tnx info SP9UPK].

73 & 11! de Andrew RN1CW

WCA Co-ordinator (World Castles Award)
RZ1CWC team
RLA - Russian Lakes Award

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