Today is Puerto Rico Amateur Radio Operator Day

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Today, Tuesday May 8th the 'capecuatros' (KP4) in Puerto Rico are celebrating their day, because today is the Puerto Rico Amateur Radio Operator Day, as provided by Act No. 50 of June 7, 1996, which states that every second Tuesday of May be held this day.

Radio Amateurs are people who are interested in communications and electronics, and by passing an exam, obtain a license from the FCC which allows them to communicate on several frequencies via telegraphy, voice and modern digital modes.

Apart from being a hobby, they also available in times of emergency such as earthquakes and storms, when all communications such as telephones, cellular and internet fail, the amateur radio operators are of great value in helping emergency management agencies for providing vital communications needed, as happened with the earthquake in Haiti in 2010 and the Storm Irene last year.

Therefore, on Saturday May 12, there are two related activities: the Puerto Rico Amateur Radio Team will activate the Lighthouse of Punta Tuna in Maunabo, and the Federation of Radio Amateurs of Puerto Rico (Federación de Radio Aficionados de Puerto Rico - FRA) will hold a two simplex competition throughout the island .

Last years proclamation event here:

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