Amateur Radio World Castles Award

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Hello All!
30/06/2012 - WCA & COTA-DL pedition DP7COTA from Burg Falkenberg!
- Manfred DF6EX will be active on the 30th of June 2012 from Burg Falkenberg, WCA: DL-02335, COTA-DL: BOB-001 located in DLFF-143. He plans to work as DP7COTA from 05:30 UTC on 20 and 40 meters and possible on 30 and 17 meters. QSL via DL7RAG to bureau. Log will be uploaded to WCA E-Log. 73 & 11! [tnx info DF6EX].
30/06/2012 - WCA & COTA-YL pedition YL11WCA from Bauska Castle!
- Vitaly YL3AFK, Alex YL3BU, Evgeny YL2TD and Grigorij YL2NS will be active on the 30th of June and 1st of July 2012 from Bauska Castle, WCA: YL-00008, COTA-YL: Z-001, WW loc. KO26CJ. They plan to work from 10:00 UTC on 30th of June till 15:00 UTC on 1st of July as YL11WCA on 80 - 10 meters CW and SSB near WCA frequences. QSL via bureau. Log will be uploaded to WCA E-Log. 73 & 11! [tnx info YL2NS].
29/06/2012 - WCA & ZWP pedition SP3CMA/8 from Castles in South-East Poland!
- Jarek SP3CMA will be active on the 29th of June 2012 from some Castles in South-East Poland:
- Zagorz Castle, WCA: SP-00676, ZWP: KSA-04;
- Hoczew Castle, WCA: SP-00626, ZWP: KLK-01;
- Lesko Castle, WCA: SP-00627, ZWP: KLK-02;
- Olszanica Castle, WCA: SP-00630, ZWP: KLK-05;
- Uherce Mineralne I Castle, WCA: SP-00631, ZWP: KLK-06;
- Uherce Mineralne II Castle, WCA: SP-00632, ZWP: KLK-07.
He plans to work as SP3CMA/8 on 20, 40 and 80 meters from 06:30 UTC only SSB. QSL via Home Call, bureau or direct. 73 & 11! [tnx info SP3CMA].
73 & 11! de Andrew RN1CW
WCA Co-ordinator (World Castles Award)
RZ1CWC team
RLA - Russian Lakes Award

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