DARC - DXNL 1785 (Junho, 23, 2012)

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    Until the end of the year, the OV Spreewald is working with the
    special callsign DA0LSW in all modes on all bands on the occasion of
    the Brandenburg Day 2012 (Sep 1/2). The station counts as a wildcard
    for the Spree Forest award and also as a point for the F60 award.
    QSL via bureau or direct to DM3ZF, LoTW. See also: http://www.y28.de

    The radio amateurs celebrate the "Fiesta de San Juan" by activating the
    special event station EH8FSJ until June 24. QSL via EA8RKL.

    The Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society (CARS) will be on the air again
    as GB100MWT from the Sandford Mill Museum on Jun 23 on the occasion of
    the 100th anniversary of the opening of Marconi's factory in New Street
    the first purpose-built factory for wireless applications.
    QSL via RSGB bureau or direct to G0MWT. See: http://www.g0mwt.org.uk
    The Kent Weald Radio Club is active from the Headcorn airfield in
    Kent (EU-005, WLOTA 1841, Loc JO01hd) using the fieldday station GB1HA
    on all bands until Jun 24.
    QSL via bureau or direct to G4IMP QTHR (the address in the callsign
    list and the International Callbook is correct).

    Paul,2E1EUB, will be active on 160m, 80m and via satellites (mostly
    AO-7 B/A mode) and in SSB on 2m from the grid squares IO76, IO77, IO87
    and IO86 for fourteen days starting on Jun 26. See also QRZ.com.

    Chris,HH4/W3CMP, is very active on HF from Haiti (NA-096) during his
    evening hours until Jun 29. He will also try to work on 6m and 2m
    (50.106, 50.117, 144.200 MHz). QSL via homecall.

    JA2MET is working as JD1BMG/JD1 from Ogasawara (AS-031) until Jun 24.
    QSL via JA2MET.

    Bart,ON3FMB, has founded the "Royal Air Force Memorial On The Air"
    (RAF-MOTA) to remember the Allied pilots who were killed in action
    in Belgium during World War II. ON3FMB, ON4VLM, ON5WAL, ON3EE, ON7KEI
    and ON3EA will use the special callsign ON1RAFMOTA in SSB on 40m/20m,
    in FM on 2m and in SSTV on 14230 kHz on Jun 23. QSL via ON4VLM.
    See also: http://www.on-raf-mota.be

P4, ARUBA, SA-036
    Herman,P4/ON4QX, is active July 2. QSL via homecall.

    The special event station ZZ190GOB marks the 190th anniversary of the
    Masonic Lodge "Grande Oriente do Brasil" and can be found on the bands
    until Jun 30. QSL via PT2OP.

    Benaia,T32BN, works for the police of the Kiritimati government and
    thus could also be active sporadically as T30BN during job transfers
    to Tarawa (OC-017). His manager Bill,VK4FW, helps putting up antennas.
    QSLs via VK4FW.

    Phil,F4EGS, returned to N'Djamena and will show up as TT8PK on HF from
    this rare DXCC country until Aug 6. QSL via F4EGS.

    Alexandr,UT4UP, meldet sich bis zum 23.Juni als UT4UP/p von der Festung
    Kara-Tobe (WCA UR-00049, UCFA KR-009) in Saki. Eine Teilnahme am
    World Castles Weekend ist vorgesehen. Der Funkbetrieb erfolgt auf
    allen Baendern. QSL via homecall.

    On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the War in 1812 Craig,VE3OP
    may use the special call VX3X in all modes on all bands from June 25
    until July 25. QSL via homecall, LoTW.

    George,WB3IGR/VP9, and Katherine,WB3LTH/VP9, ara available to the DXers
    in SSB and digital modes on 160m-6m mainly during the mornings and
    evenings until Jun 21. QSLs via homecalls.

    The Montgomery County Amateur Radio Club (MARC) in Maryland plans to
    join the upcoming ARRL Fieldday (Jun 23/24) with the special call W3M
    from Davis Airport (Loc FM19kf). Unfortunately QSL only direct to NH7C.

    Andy,P29CS, is currently working in Vietnam and will show up on the
    bands in his spare time during the next few weeks signing XV3C with
    IC706, Spiderbeam for 10m, G5RV and a 500 watts amp. QSL via M0URX.

    The "Cass Award" encourages DXpeditions to maximize the number of
    worked DXers. A prize of US$ 1.000 is awarded every year to this
    one-man DXpedition, which logs the most different callsigns within a
    period of four weeks. The award honors the wisdom and the spirit of
    Cass, WA6AUD (sk). His column "DX IS" in the West Coast DX Bulletin
    (WCDXB) was informative for a generation of DXers. The winner of this
    years "Cass Award" will be announced in March 2013. An "unlimited"
    category with a higher price will be introduced in 2013.
    See also: http://www.CassAward.com

    The "Northern Illinois DX Association" invites everybody to join the
    60th annual "W9DXCC DX Convention" at the Holiday Inn in Elk Grove
    Village, Illinois, on Sep 14/15. See also: http://www.w9dxcc.com

    Kristina Cruises Ltd. in collaboration with Radio Arcala (OH8X) is
    testing, whether a permanent amateur radio station can be set up for
    licensed passengers aboard the 138m long M/S Kristina Katarina. The
    test cruise takes place on Jun 20-24 via Estonia (ES), Gotland,
    Sweden (SM1) Aland Islands (OH0) back to Finland (OH). They want to
    ensure that there are no interferences with the electronics of the ship
    and to celebrate the installation of the station they want to work the
    WAC from onboard the ship. Their QRG is 14267 kHz.
    QSL for OH10X/mm via OH2BH.
    See also: http://www.qrz.com/db/OH10X and

eQSL: The users of the eQSL online database have loaded the 250 millionth
    record into the system by the end of May. eQSL includes QSO data from
    322 countries now and they are expecting the 200.000th user in August.
    The three countries with the most users are the US, Great Britain and
    Germany. By connecting the German DARC Contest Logbook (DCL) with the
    eQSL service there are significant advantages in awards applications.

SILENT KEYS: Jean-Luc,F6BIV, has died. He was a wellknown DXpeditioner and
    DXer. As an active member of the "Clipperton DX Club" he was awarded
    the "Medal of Merit" for his services.
    Sayed,SU1SA, President of the Egyptian Radio Amateurs Society (ERASD),
    passed away on June 13.
    Our condolences and sympathy are with their families and friends.
    We do not want to be sad that we lost them, but grateful that we could
    get to know them as a radio friend. We will always keep them in memory.

LINKS: Current SOTA activities (mountain summits) are announced at:
    Detailed information about current VHF activities can be found on the
    VHF DX portal "Make More Miles on VHF" at: http://www.MMMonVHF.de

Jun 23/24  King of Spain Contest
Jun 23/24  Ukrainian DX DIGI Contest

IOTA                compiled by Klaus, DL7UXG  (e-mail: iota@dxhf.darc.de)
Island activities:
AS-008, JA1, North Izu Islands: JA2MET/1 will plans to hit the airwaves from
    Mikura-jima (Loc PM39tu) between Jun 26 and Jul 1. This island belongs
    to the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park (WFF JAFF-009). He will work in
    SSB and a little CW on all HF bands with focus on 6m. QSL via JA2MET.

EU-046, LA, Troms Couty group: Wolfgang,LA/DM2AUJ, will show up from
    Senja Island from Jun 24-28. Wolfgang announced to work mainly on the
    usual IOTA QRGs on HF. QSL via homecall (bureau/direct).

EU-114, GU/MU, Guernsey group: Members of the Telford and District Amateur
    Society plan to visit Guernsey (WLOTA 0013, WAB WV27, Loc IN89qk) from
    Jun 22-27. Activities are planned as GP3ZME/p on HF/VHF/UHF/SHF. The
    locator IN89qk belongs to their campground, but this may change also
    when they look for better locations. During the weekends they will
    join several contests (e.g. 1,3 GHz and 50 MHz Contest UKug). Since
    they are travelling at the peak of the ES season they will focus their
    activities on 50 MHz. QSL via G3ZME (bureau) or M0PNN (direct).
    For more information see: http://www.qrz.com/db/GP3ZME
    http://www.tdars.org.uk  and  http://twitter.com/#!/@2W0ZJA

EU-157, F, Bretagne (Cotes-D'Armor East/Ille-Et-Vilaine) Region group:
    Gil,F4FET, Vincent,F4BKV, Eric,F4FJH, and Diego,F4HAU, will be active
    as TM0CEZ from three different islands of the IOTA group "Bretagne
    Region Group" between Jun 24 and Jul 7. They plan to visit the islands
    Cezembre (DIFM MA008), Agot (DIFM MA009) and Harbour (DIFM MA025,
    ARLHS FRA-020, WLOTA 1687) only during the days, without overnight
    stay on the islands. The exact dates depend on the weather and sea
    conditions. More information about the islands and their equipment can
    be found at: http://tm0cez.webs.com
    QSL via F5CWU (bureau/direct).

NA-023, VP2V, British Virgin Islands: Dave,W9DR, is signing VP2V/W9DR in
    CW and SSB on 6m (50115.6 kHz CW and 50115 kHz SSB) from the British
    Virgin Islands (NA-023, Loc FK78tr) between Jun 21 and Jul 2. Dave
    is using a SDR-1500 with a HB Solid State aplifier and a 6-ele-yagi.
    QSL see QRZ.com.

NA-092, W5, Texas State West: Brian,K0MCM/5, will join the ARRL Fieldday
    from Mustang Island (USi TX011S). On Jun 23 (starting around 1600 UTC)
    he will hand out a few IOTA points on 14340 kHz two hours before the
    contest. A special QSL will be sent for each QSO automatically.

NA-185, VY0, Nunavut (Keewatin Region) group: Dick,VY0/AH6EZ, and
    Harry,VY0/K9DXA, are going to visit Marble Island (CIsA NT-new!) for a
    few hours some time between Jun 25 and Jun 29. Otherwise they will be
    QRV from a research station in Rankin Inlet (Kudlulik peninsula,
    Kivalliq Region, Nunavut) from Jun 21 until Jul 2. They will also join
    the Radio Canada Day Contest on Jul 1 signing VY0RAC (QSL via QRZ.com).
    QSLs only direct only via their homecalls.
    For more information see: http://ah6ez.yolasite.com

NA-213, W4, Alabama State group: Allan,KV4T/p, Steve,KI4GGJ/p, John,AJ4T/p,
    Nicholas,KJ4AVG/p, and Gaston,W4CCF/p, will be active from Dauphin
    Island (USi AL002S) from Jun 22-25. KV4T/p will hand out IOTA points
    on 17m (CW) and AJ4T/p on 20m (SSB). The other OPs will be active
    on other bands depending on the conds.
    QSLs via the homecalls of the OPs (bureau/direct).

Lighthouse activities
JD1BMG/JD1     LH 2282   Jun 21-24
GB100MWT       LH 1841   Jun 23

WFF activities
YOFF: YP2WFF is working from the Mures Floodplain Nature Park (YOFF-019)
    on Jun 23. QSL via YO2MAB (bureau/direct).

YUFF: Milan,YU5CW, Milorad,YU1GW, Miro,YT1UM, and Mirko,YU3MMM, will show up
    on the HF bands from the Nature Reserve "Obedska bara" (YUFF-039) on
    Jun 23/24. QSLs via homecalls (bureau/direct).

DATE           CALL           DXNL

26Jun-09Jul    2E1EUB         1785 *
Unknown        3B8MM          1777
11Jun-22Jun    5H9CP          1783
01Jan-30Jun    5P12EU         1760
    -2014     5Z4EE          1742/1753/1772
2012           6D0LM          1774
    -31Oct    8J0WAZA        1780
    -31Dec    8J1MST         1779
    -30Sep    8J2NDP..       1751
    -15Jul    8J3XVI         1779
    -31Dec    8J6O           1773
    -30Sep    8J7EQ          1773
    -31Dec    8N1TDU         1780
15May-31Jul    8N6JAPAN       1783
    -2012     9J2RI          1739/1742
    -28Jul    8N1TW          1773
    -8Jul     8T1M           1781
16Jun-24Jun    9H9IMW         1784
Unknown        9H3XX          1777
17Jun-29Jun    9H3ZZ          1784
    -Oct/14   9V1RM          1751

    -Sep/13   A52SV          1752
10Jun-30Jun    A6/DL9WVM      1783
18Jun-13Jul    AC0QG/5        1784
22Jun-25Jun    AJ4T/p         1785 *
15Jun-15Jul    CG7CWPC        1784
    -31Dec    CN2YZ          1771
Unknown        CR6BWU         1784
    -Dec      CY0/VE1AWW     1784
    -08Jul    D2QV           1750
    -May/13?  D2SG           1748/1780
Unknown        D3AA           1781
    -31Dec    DA0LSW         1785 *
2012?          DL0SLITISA     1764
    -13Jan    DL125HHZ       1778
01Jan-31Dec    DL1630Y        1760
    -31Dec    DL250COAL      1779
01Jan-31Dec    DM100MGY       1763
01Jan-31Dec    DM50KSJ        1763
    -31Dec    DM800ANH       1767
    -Feb/13   DP0GVN         1756
    -Jan/13   DQ0STRATEX     1770
    -31Dec    DQ125HSB       1763/1784

Unknown        E40VB          1780
    -31Dec    E720RS         1770
05Jun-24Jun    ED3CW..        1783
    -24Jun    EH8FSJ         1785 *
01Jan-31Dec    EI80IRTS       1763
01Jun-01Jul    EM2012EURO..   1782
01May-30Jun    EM350S         1777
    -26Aug    EM80L..        1778
Unknown        EV1150P        1779
14Jun-22Jun    F/G3TTC        1784
    -Mar/13   FH8NX          1747
01Jun-24Jun    FO/F4EBT       1782
    -Jul      FR8NE          1710
08Jun-24Jun    FS/K9EL        1783
    -Jun      G4BJC..        1779
19May-27Jul    G4WAB..        1780
23Jun          GB100MWT       1785 *
    -24Jun    GB1HA          1785 *
    -19Jun    GB50CCC        1782
15Jun-22Jun    GB5SI          1784
    -31Dec    GB50WVR        1767
2012           GB80PW         1762
22Jun-27Jun    GP3ZME/p       1785 *

    -31Dec    HA50ZH         1780
Unknown        HH2/9A7GAE     1776
    -29Jun    HH4/W3CMP      1785 *
    -Sep/13   HI3/KL7JR      1745
Resident       HS0ZKG         1778
    -Dec      ID9DXC..       1755
01Jan-31Dec    II6LN          1763
12Jun-26Jun    IM0/ON7ARQ     1783
    -2011/12? J28JV          1680
    -Jul      J28RO          1683
    -Jul/13   J28UC          1734
26Jun-01Jul    JA2MET/1       1785 *
    -24Jun    JD1BMG/JD1     1785 *
Unknown        JT5NM          1781
29Mar-Mar/13   JX9JKA         1769/1773
Unknown        JY9ET          1779
23Jun-24Jun    K0MCM/5        1785 *
10Jun-30Jun    K6ZRH/DU1      1783
    -2013     KG4AJ          1756
    -Jun/13   KH2/N2NL       1680
22Jun-25Jun    KI4GGJ/p       1785 *
22Jun-25Jun    KV4T/p         1785 *

24Jun-28Jun    LA/DM2AUJ      1785 *
Jun            LU4ZS          1784
    -22Jul    LZ12FDAY       1770
    -31Dec    LZ1818MOG..    1770
10Jun-24Jun    N2W            1783
    -15Aug    NR4CB          1780
May  -Oct      OD5/IV3XNF     1777
Unknown        OD5NJ          1784
20Jun-24Jun    OH10X/mm       1785 *
    -31Dec    OH150VR        1772
    -31Dec    ON500MERCATOR  1783
04Apr-31Dec    ON100TT        1775
23Jun          ON1RAFMOTA     1785 *
01Jan-31Dec    ON65BR         1763
17Jun-30Jun    OZ/DO6EBB      1784
    -02Jul    P4/ON4QX       1785 *
    -28Jun    PA300BPM       1784
    -31Aug    R1150V         1783
    -30Aug    R11GGGR..      1784
    -31Jul    R200BS         1783
12Jun-12Sep    R200V          1783
01Jun-30Jun    R73EPC..       1783
    -2013     RI1ANF         1765
    -Sep      RI1FJA         1741
    -Sep      RI1FJM         1741

    -31Dec    S555E..        1772
18Jun-30Jun    SD1B/6         1784
01Jun-01Jul    SN2012GD..     1782
    -31Jul    SX135HRC       1784
sporadically   T30BN          1785 *
Resident       T32BN          1785 *
    -Jul      T6JP           1768/1770
    -Jun      T6MO           1733/1767/1781
    -31Dec    TC50TRAC..     1770
17Jun-30Jun    TF/VX3T        1784
Unknown        TK/PA3ALK      1782
24Jun-07Jul    TM0CEZ         1785 *
    -31Dec    TM210VH        1770
    -22Jul    TM3FFI         1779
    -31Dec    TM70TRS        1763
    -Jul      TN9SN          1755
    -06Aug    TT8PK          1785 *
    -31Aug    UE80C          1784
    -23Jun    UT4UP/p        1785 *

Jun            V31WU..        1782
    -Jun      V73/AF6SU      1784
    -Nov/14   V73NS          1604/1668/1752
15Jun-15Jul    VC2L           1784
18Jun-02Jul    VC390IC        1784
Jun            VC3E           1782
    -24Jun    VC3O           1782
01Jun-31Jul    VK100WIQ       1783
02Jun-06Aug    VP2MDD         1782
30Jun-09Jul    VP2MSR         1782
21Jun-02Jul    VP2V/W9DR      1785 *
    -Jul      VQ9JC          1755
15Jun-15Jul    VX3ROYL        1784
25Jun-25Jul    VX3X           1785 *
21Jun-02Jul    VY0/AH6EZ      1785 *
21Jun-02Jul    VY0/K9DXA      1785 *
23Jun/24Jun    W3M            1785 *
22Jun-25Jun    W4CCF/p        1785 *
    -21Jun    WB3IGR/VP9..   1785 *
    -May/14   XE1/DM3DL      1730
    -Jul      XV3C           1785 *
23Jun          YP2WFF         1785 *
    -2014     ZY2014WC       1774
    -30Jun    ZZ190GOB       1785 *

 * = new or updated
.. = and other calls

QSL information
4J9NM           (d) (*)
4L4ZA       via DJ1CW (d)
5P1YF       via DL1YFF (B)
9A7DCK/p    via 9A7DCK
9K2KCBB     via 9K2RA (B)
9Y4W        via DL4MDO (B)
AJ4T/p      via AJ4T (B)
CS7ABQ          (L), eQSL
DA0LSW      via (B), DM3ZF (d), (L)
DL0FG       via DL1YY
EA8/G7COD   via G7COD
ED5DY       via EA5DY
ED6QY       via EA6QY
EF7NL       via EA7NL
EH8FSJ      via EA8RKL (EURAO-B), eQSL
EM7UT       via UR7UT (B)
F5KAI/p     via F5KAI (B)
FS/K9EL     via K9EL (B)
GB100MWT    via (B), G0MWT (d)
GB1HA       via (B), G4IMP (d)
GB2OH           (B)
GB2MBA          (B)
GB4EPC      via M0TVT(B), eQSL
GP3ZME/p    via G3ZME (B), M0PNN (d)
GX0SCR/p    via G4APL (B)
HB9SOLAR        (B)
HE5LC       via HB9LC (B)
HF2012DWR   via SQ1DWR (B)
HH4/W3CMP   via W3CMP
IB0/IZ0UIM  via IZ0UIM, (L)
II5MD       via IZ5JLW (B), (L)
IM0/IZ2RLO  via IZ2RLO (B)
IN3/DD0VF   via DD0VF (B)
JA2MET/1    via JA2MET (B)
JD1BMG/JD1  via JA2MET (B)
K0MCM/5     via K0MCM (B)
KI4GGJ/p    via KI4GGJ (B)
KL7/W7IV    via N7RO (B)
KV4T/p      via KV4T (B)
LA/DM2AUJ   via DM2AUJ (B)
OD5PY       via KU9C
OH10X/mm    via OH2BH
OK5EPC      via OK1AW (B), eQSL
ON6WL/p     via ON5JE (B)
P4/ON4QX    via ON4QX (B)
R200V       via RK3LO(B)
R44WFF      via RA3AKF (B)
S50LD/p     via S50LD
S51RU/p     via S51RU (B)
S53JP/p     via S53JP
S57PZ/p     via S57PZ
SF0K        via SM0KCR (B)
SM0/JH0CJH  via JH0CJH (B), (L)
SN0DMP      via SP9PGB (B)
SR0FLY      via SP2SGF
SV5/OM3AG/p via OM3AG (B), (L), eQSL
SV8/PA3DEU  via PA3DEU (B)
SV8/PD0ARI  via PD0ARI (B)
T30BN       via VK4FW (B)
T32BN       via VK4FW (B)
TA/UY2UQ    via UY2UQ
TA3J/0      via TA3J (B)
TF/OM5CD    via OM5CD (B)
TM0CEZ      via F5CWU (B)
TM210VH     via F4GFE (B)
TM24H       via F6KFI (B)
TT8PK       via F4EGS (B)
UR2LM/p     via UR2LM (B)
US7IGN/p    via US7IGN
UT4UP/p     via UT4UP
UT7AXA/A    via UT7AXA (B)
VP2V/W9DR       QRZ.com
VR2/VO1AU   via VO1MX (B)
VX3X        via VE3OP (B), (L)
VY0/AH6EZ   via AH6EZ (d)
VY0/K9DXA   via K9DXA (d)
W2CXN/p     via N2RQ
W2UFT/p     via N2RQ
W3M         via NH7C (d)
W4CCF/p     via W4CCF (B)
XV3C        via M0URX (B), (L)
YP2WFF      via YO2MAB (B)
ZP7NIA      via PY4KL (B)
ZZ190GOB    via PT2OP (B)

(d) = only direct
(B) = bureau ok
(*) = new QSL manager
(L) = Logbook of the World (LoTW)
(r) = e-mail request

QSL 4J9NM: Ralph,K2PF, is not the manager of 4J9NM anymore. QSLs should be
    sent directly to: Denis Denisov, PO Box 18, AZ Baku 1000, Azerbaijan.

QSLs arrived direct: C31CT (via EA3QS, very quick), ZA100I (F4DTO)

QSLs arrived bureau: 5R8HL (SM1ALH), 6W/IK4ALM, 9L0W (AF-037, DK2WV),
                    A60ISG (IZ8CLM), BV100 (BV2KI), DH8LWA (EU-057), EV25G,
                    HB0/DF7FF, PJ2/DL5RDO (SA-099), PJ4N (SA-006, DJ8NK),
                    PJ5/SP6EQZ (NA-145), PR5D (SA-047, PY5DC), PU2SGL,
                    R1ANR/A (RK1PWA), SV5/DJ5AA/p (EU-001)

QSLs arrived LoTW:   4O3ANT, 4O/YT2A/p, 8P9XB, 9K2VO, CU2JX, CU2KG, EO2012U,
                    EO2012EFC, GI4ONL/P, HB0/DF5AU, HB9TVK/p, J27JUIN,
                    J37LR, J37T, J3/VE3EBN, JE4CIL/4, KL7RA, LA/DL2VFR,
                    LA/DL5DSM, MJ/EI9FBB, N5XZ, OE3DIA, PA4T, PT5T, PT7ZXU,
                    RA1QY/1, RI1FJ, SP5ES, TA4/YZ1SG, VK3EW, VK7AC, XQ7UP/3,
                    YV5JF, YZ1SG/p

New amateur radio band in DL
The Federal Network Agency has given the permission to use the medium wave
for amateur radio service. Amateur radio operation is now allowed in the
frequency range 472-479 kHz (for holders of licence class A). This frequency
range was allocated to amateur radio on a secondary basis at the recent
World Radiocommunication Conference WRC-12 in Geneva. The power is limited
to 1 watt ERP and the maximum occupied bandwidth allowed is 800 Hz.

HAM RADIO fair in Friedrichshafen n Lake Constance
Tony, F8ATS/6W, will be at the booth of the "Clipperton DX Club/UFT" on
Saturday, Jun 23 from 13:00-14:00. If you bring your QSL along you can get
on from F8ATS/6W.

DXers and IOTA friends should make a note of the IOTA Forum and the joint
DX Forum of GDXF and DARC Committee for DX and HF Contesting:

Saturday, 10:00, Hall 2, Room 2
IOTA Forum of the RSGB
  - IOTA Report by Roger, G3KMA
  - IOTA Contest û New rules explained by Don, G3XTT
  - DM50IOTA û Activation of all DL IOTAs by Ric, DL2VFR
  - Presentation from Pitcairn (OC-044) and TX6T/p, Mangareva (OC-063) by
    Nigel, G3TXF, and Jacques, F6BEE
  - Presentation of 7O6T, Socotra (AF-028) by Harry, RA3AUU and Andy, UA3AB

Saturday, 15:00, Hall 2, Room 2
Joint DX Forum of the GDXF and des DARC Committee for DX and HF Contesting
  - Awarding of the QSL TUeV and DARC DXCC Toplist
  - Awarding of the GDXF DXpedition of the Year
  - Presentation E51M by Jan, DJ8NK
  - Presentation VP8ORK by Don, N1DG
  - Presentation T32C by Neville, G3NUG
  - Presentation HK0NA by Franz, DJ9ZB

Many thanks for contributing to this issue of the DXNL are going to:
Carl Smith (QRZ DX), 425DXNews, OPDX Bulletin, DF6EX (WIN-QSL), DH5NBK,
DJ5AV, DJ9ZB, DL1SBF, DL2VFR, DL7MAE, DM3ZF, F6AJA & Les Nouvelles DX, NG3K,
VA3RJ and others.

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