WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News - compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany June 13th, 2012 (BC-DX #1069)

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ALBANIA   Attn. New email address of Radio Tirana English Program:
<radiotiranaenglish @>
(Drita Cico-ALB, June 2, R. Tirana monitoring via dxld)

AUSTRALIA   International Broadcast Station Radio Australia Shepparton

From BrDXC member Don Rhodes via Rob Wagner VK3BVW in Australia, a nine
minute video tour of Radio Australia's Shepparton facility done a while
ago by VK3ASE. "It's a good rundown of the equipment and antennas at that
ageing facility. Also note the DRM monitoring receiver in action! The
video is simply called International Broadcast Station"
(Webwatch, by Chrissy Brand-UK;
in BrDXC-UK 'Communication' Magazine June 5)

AZERBAIJAN   Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh remain on standard winter time
UTC+4hrs and Azerbaijan on DST UTC+5(maybe)hrs, so radio Fedaletin Sesi on
9677.7 kHz is remain on Winter time: Tue and Fri 1400 UT, and repeats Wed
and Sat 0600 UT.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, RUSdx June 109

BANGLADESH   4750  Bangladesh Betar, has revised its schedule. Now
broadcasting from 0500-1710 UT. Earlier used to switch off at 1500 UT.
(Swopan Chakroborty-IND, dxld 20 Apr)
Nx in En at 1530-1545 UT.
(Dave Kenny-UK, via BrDXC-UK 'Communication' Magazine June 5)

BRAZIL   9665.019  Radio Voz Missionaria, Florianopolis SC, noted at
0559 UT June 6, S=4-5 poor on threshold level, Portuguese sermon prayer.

5940.094  Voz Missionaria, Camboriu, SC. poor S=4-5 signal just on
threshold level. 0515 UT June 8 relig male prayer sermon.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 6/8)

3375.1  Radio Municipal Sao Gabriel da Cachoeira at 0005 to 0030 UT
on 2 June.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer June 7)

CHINA   9850  PBS Qinghai, Xining, 0528 UT. W chanting, Tibet music, brief
talk by W in VT. 0530* UT plug pulled.
(Steven Wiseblood-PHL, dxld June 4)

CHINA/MARIANA ISL   21580  Two 24 kHz wide spurious signals noted around
0400-0430 UT June 8. Fundamental 21580 RFA Mandarin program from Tinian-
MRA and accompanied China mainland jammer.

Spurs accoured symmetrical on center 21505 and a little stronger on 21655
(21645-21668) kHz. Another RFA Mandarin channel used today: 21480 kHz.
Heard on remote SDR network in Hong Kong and Japan:
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 8)

CUBA   910  Radio Metropolitana, Villa María, Ciudad de la Habana.
At 1631 UT June 10. Very good with female announcer, into "Till the World
Ends" by Britney Spears, "Club Rocker [Play & Win Radio Version]"
by Inna, "Late Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" by Katy Perry and other pop-tart
songs in top dance hits of the week countdown, reverbing female DJ hosting
between every couple of tracks. Finally something in at least Spanglish --
albeit another lousy one - "Tengo Tu Love" by Sie7e.

Reverbing male mentioned "Studio 91" (or maybe "Estudio 91" - those "e's"
are often almost silent) at 1652 UT, maybe the show name, into a real all-
Spanish lyrics song, "Bienvenido" by - hark! My new love Laura Pausini
(see 1120 MEXICO log about her). Into Noticiero Nacional de Radio news
pick-up at 1700 UT (1 pm). So much for their incredibly slow-loading
website schedule, obviously wrong for at least Sunday:


NNdR ended late at 1730:30 UT, quick Metropolitana ID, into way better
Spanish salsa/pop now.
(Terry L Krueger-FL-USA, dxld DXplorer Jun 12)

seemingly 2nd mast 910kHz Radio Metropolitana, Villa María
23 06 31.54 N  82 17 00.37 W

also 50 kW stn CMBA 1180 kHz R Rebelde San Miguel del Padron 2masts
23 06 29.66 N  82 17 05.25 W
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 12)

1121 Cuba unidentified. at 1620 UT on June 4. I've been hearing this one
for a few weeks, never any audio, seemingly carrier only or nearly no
modulation in use. Prompted to get a better DF on it after Gerry Bishop,
David Crawford and Paul Zecchino from the other corners of the state also
confirmed hearing it. For me, it seems to be around 210-degrees at local
high noon, putting it maybe in Pinar del Río province. Paul - probably
more accurate - gets a LOB much farther east of this, slightly west of
Santa Clara and east of Cienfuegos. Smack on 1121.00 and no sign of
anything Cuba otherwise on 1120 KhZ proper, daytime or nights here.
(Terry L Krueger-FL-USA, dxld DXplorer Jun 12)

scheduled is Artemisa 1120 kHz 5 kW
22 48 25.42 N  82 45 58.65 W
567 km from Clearwater, 180degr

?spur from
Pinar del Rio on 550, 630, 790, 880 kHz 30 kW is at
22 25 59.49 N  83 39 46.20 W
616 km at 189deg

or harmonic of Mantua 2 x 560 kHz 10 kW, probably at
22 20 55.28 N  84 22 50.48 W
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 12)

ERITREA   7179.990  Probably Vo Broad Masses 2 (Dimtsi Hafash) Asmara-
Selea Daro noted around 1724 UT June 7 with childrens choir performance,
S=5-6 signal on remote unit in Japan.

From 1729 UT noted short piece of Horn-of-Africa music. Pip at 1730 UT,
then news in Vernac, seemingly Somali lang acc Japanese Aoki list. No
Ethiopian jamming in digital mode noted so far tonight.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 7)

GERMANY   3995 kHz  Permanente Austrahlung von HCJB aus Weenermoor,
n i c h t   mehr ueber Radio 700 aus Kall Eifel, von dort nur nach Bedarf
mit mit finanzieller Uebernahme der Strom- und Senderroehrenkosten dort.

Hallo Wolfgang!
Seit Freitag {June 8th, 1400 UT} laeuft der Sender in Weenermoor nonstop,
nur hin und wieder kurz unterbrochen von ein paar Tests und Aenderungen an
der Konfiguration. :-)

Die (Audio-) Aussteuerung ist zzt noch Baustelle das wird sicherlich noch
ein Weilchen dauern, bis ich da ein halbwegs brauchbares Audiosignal

Die Sendeleistung ist leider aktuell noch etwas mickrig, 1500 Watt PEP
Gesamtleistung, 320 Watt Traeger plus Seitenbaender. Wenn alles gut
laeuft, moechte ich die Sendeleistung in moeglichst abesehbarer Zeit auf
mindestens 6 kW PEP aufstocken, wird aber sicherlich noch etwas dauern.
Dazu waere noch eine Tagesfrequenz im 49 od 41m Band schoen, mal sehn, ob
wir das noch hinbekommen.

Mit Kall sind wir aber auch weiterhin gut verbunden: wenn es noetig ist,
koennen wir dahin ausweichen.
(Stephan Schaa-D, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 10)

GERMANY   9610  Radio Hamada International to Nigeria in Hausa language,
RMI brokered via M&B Wertachtal site, scheduled 0530-0600 UT Mon-Fri only,
heard at 0550-0555 UT June 6. S=8-9 signal strength heard on remote unit
in Italy.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 6)

GERMANY/KUWAIT/SRI LANKA   13690  Radio Liberty's progr in Russian called
'Crossing'* was heard on new freq 13690 kHz, repl 12005 kHz (where is
already Radio Farda) from 1330 UT on June 3rd and from 1430 UT
on June 2nd.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jun 5)

* maybe RL's Russian language embedded segments in otherwise Kazakh and
Uzbek language segments?

13690 13-14 UT Kazakh via Kuwait tx.
13690 14-15 UT Uzbek  via Lampertheim tx.

RL Persian of Radio FARDA
12005 11-13, 15-16 UT via Iranawila tx
12005 13-14 UT        via Lampertheim tx.
12005 14-15 UT        via Biblis tx.  (comments by wb. June 6)

GREECE   Radio Hargeisa Somalialand supporter has court date today June 7.

DJ6SI Baldur Drobnica - court date today on Kos, Greece.
{Goggle automatic translation.}

Great anger was the arrest of radio amateur Baldur Drobnica (DJ6SI) in
Greece and the charges against him in the world of amateur radio
triggered. Today (June 7) is now to a date before a Greek Judge to take
place. The judge will listen to Baldur and, if necessary decide on further

Baldur was in Greece for the prosecution (Mis) interpretation of a Greek
law from 1929 arrested ("Illegal operation of a telegraph"). The Hearing
before the court was scheduled for today. It is this assumed that there is
a renewed habeas corpus concerns. Whether Baldur is currently in custody
is not known.

The whole story is a total tragic than represented. Summarized from
various publications was that because making A 75-year-old German radio
amateur (DJ6SI) together with its also older woman stay in a hotel on the
island of Kos island. Of his hotel room he operates an amateur radio
station to applicable law (a "CEPT" ITU European radio operator standard
amongst European states). But because the 30-meter Antenna wire and the
unusual noises (RTTY and CW) and Other notice, there is a police
investigation and a nighttime arrest (01.00 local time clock!) in hotel
and Confiscation of equipment. During the arrest of the device German
amateur radio in a panic.

The matter came before the prosecutor used an old section from the year
1929, the telegraph service only in state agencies Greece allowed. It
comes at a time before a Greek Court. The attorney accused of amateur
radio reaches a Shift of the court hearing on the 7th June, after the
court an official translation of the German certificate of license
Defendants demanded.

Meanwhile, the attorney for the German radio amateur by the Chairman the
Association of Radio Amateurs of Greece and contacted advise on the
current legislation for radio amateurs.

Meanwhile, make wild reports of an arrest and a "Espionage" against the
world by prestigious German DXers amateur radio specific blogs around. It
is noted that Baldur connected with the big guns {constitutional
protection, German domestic intelligence service officer} was one of the
Survivors of the tragedy Spratly Island amateur radio pedition from the
80s, when 2 German radio pedition operators came to death.

Nears, the Greek amateur radio association a Declaration, the ignorance of
the Greek officers of the Amateur radio and accused its legal foundations.
"It is their Duty to all competent authorities of the Amateur Service to
to inform "it says." Finally, the action may as a be seen against tourism,
which is likely the wave of Tourists who come to our country to degrade. "

A few years ago there was already a similar case, again in Kos island
Greece. At that time, an English amateur radio has been arrested, he later
published a comment in the RADCOM, the journal the RSGB, where he more or
less the British Amateur Radio asked for their amateur radio activities
not to travel again to Greece,
(from German A-DX ng by Tom, via wb df5sx wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 7)



in English
in Greek

Baldur has also connection with Radio Hargeisa in Somaliland and helped to
bring radio tx gear into this separated area.







Recent cluster spottings prior to Baldur's arrest.
(June 7)

GREECE   The schedule of Athens studios on SW is not so simply: there are
prgrs of Voice of Greece but much of time are relays from their 1st, 2nd,
kozo and ERA Sport prgrs. For example: on May 23 Wed at 1900-2000 UT 6210,
9420 & 15630 were // MW 666 but on June 2 Sat 1900-2000 UT was own prgr of
VOGreece and from 2000 UT // 2nd prgr which is only on FM(?).
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jun 5)

GREECE   Perseus remote network of Panos in Athens.

Es lohnt sich, mal im Perseus remote network bei Panos in Athen vorbei zu

Auf der einen Seite viel griechische Volksmusik als 'Opium fuer das
leidende Volk' zu hoeren, aber auch im Gegensatz russische Nachrichten und
Lieder bei Radio Filias 666 kHz. Heute um 0800 UT - also zum Tagesempfang

LW 153 ROU, 171 RUS, 207 DLF, 225 POL, 261 BUL

 666 Filia Megara, Attica S=9+50
     (z.Zt. Schaeuble und Merkel in Rumaenisch)
 729 ERA1 Pefkofyton Bogiati Attica S=9+50
 792 ERA Sport Malgara
 828 nur Traeger Pirate S=9+40
 846 Pirate western pop music S=9+45
 909 Studio 1 Aggelos, Votanikos, Gr Volksmusik S=9+40
 927 ERA Zante, Zakynthos Ampelokipoi
 954 Pirate Gr Volksmusik S=9+10
 981 ERA western pop music Megara S=9+50
1026 Pirate Gr Volksmusik (Radio Galaxias, Glyfada ? )
1035 Pirate R Diva 1035, nur Traeger S=9+40
1125 Idhaat sout Libya al Hurra - Voice of Free Libya,
     El Beida S=9+10 arabische Floetenmusik
1143 Pirate Gr Volksmusik S=9+15 at 1130 UT
1188 Nikolas apo Elata, Parnitha, Gr Volksmusik S=9+20
1179 ERA Thessaloniki, weak.
1278 Pirate Gr Volksmusik S=9+20
1287 Pirate Gr Volksmusik S=9+20
1314 ERA Tripolis S=9+10
1323 Pirate Gr Volksmusik S=9+15
1341 Pirate Gr Volksmusik S=9+20
1359 Pirate Gr Volksmusik S=9+10
1404 ERA Komotini, Rodopi
1476 Pirate Gr Volksmusik S=9+15
1512 ERA Chania S=9+20
1620 Pirate Gr Volksmusik
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 7)

GUYANA   3290  GBC, Voice of Guyana at 1032 UT with fading signal on 31

3290 GBC, Voice of Guyana heard at 0935 to 1030 UT, fade out: Voice of
Guyana silent since 31 May as discussed on media. 7 June.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer June 7)

INDONESIA   3325 RRI Palangkaraya; June 6, 1536 UT M in Indonesian with
anmts, local vocal music, very good signal.
(Steven C. Wiseblood-PHL, dxld June 7)

IRAN  Hello Alan, re:
"It seems 1224 kHz 24h Ext. Sce in Arabic is actually from a site on Kish
Island in the Gulf (26 33' 55"N, 53 55' 50"E) using a two-mast directional
antenna - see

Kerman is about 500 km from the nearest Arabic-speaking countries across
mostly mountainous terrain. On 1224 kHz it would hardly provide a service
there in daytime from an omnidirectional antenna, even with 400 kW, so
Kish seems more plausible as the site for this particular frequency."

Yes, I agree and think that this is much more plausible, because Kish
island is a perfect location for a mediumwave transmitter site
broadcasting towards the Emirates, parts of Saudi-Arabia and Yemen.

A few more clues about the directional beam of both antenna masts, which
is 210degr, were monitored some time ago, as early as in December 2008 on
2 different remote receivers situated in South Africa, which would lie
exactly within the extended target area of the antenna beam.

So, back then I was a bit puzzled about the strong signal strength coming
into South Africa, which is commonly received over there every evening,
and I wondered whether it was really broadcasting on the Kerman
transmitter site.

Apparently the signals are considerably weaker towards Europe, it's hardly
ever receivable in central Europe. In Joensuu, Finland on Mauno Ritola's
SDR-IQ connected to a beverage antenna the signal on 1224 kHz from Kish
island is received at fair levels at night, often under Galei Zahal (ISR).
73, Bjoern Tryba, editor, <> -
mwmasts yg via dxld June 6)

As editor / owner of this group I am delighted that MWMasts is proving to
be such a good forum for sharing the hobby of finding MW masts. The speed
with which Alan Davies and Bjoern have been addressing the mystery
1224 kHz location meant that I missed a chance to investigate the
"interim" post from Bjoern.

The latest - Kish Island - at 210 degrees makes a lot of sense. Presuming
that 400 kW remains as the power this would provide good reception
throughout the south of the Arabian peninsula. This of course is precisely
where there have been recent conflicts.

The Kish Island site (26 33 55 N  53 55 50 E) will now be entered onto the
Current database. Well done to Alan and Bjoern. 73's
(Dan Goldfarb, ibid., dxld June 6)

ITALY   567  On 28 Febr 2012 at midnight RAI closed the 567 kHz medium
wave station at Bologna Budrio, which had been inaugurated by Guglielmo
Marconi himself. At the time of writing it is not clear if the MW
transmitter will be relocated to a nearby ground. I've visited the new
location at "Via Spino Bianco-Vedrana-Budrio", which has already been
granted by local authorities, but I haven't seen any work in progress.
(Stefano Valianti-ITA, BrDXC-UK 'Communication' Magazine June 5)

new planned Budrio location at
44 34 02.47 N  11 36 08.37 E

former Budrio location at
44 31 11.51 N  11 31 01.56 E
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 7)

IRAN   Iranshar 531 / 783 kHz 200 / 100 kW {600 / 150 kW}
27 14 06.26 N  60 28 58.30 E

AEG Telefunken Berlin made Sirjan site, addit SW site images

and MW 549 kHz 400 / 100 kW too

Qeshm / Gheshm island 1017 / 693 kHz 300 / 100 kW, probably
26 40 47.86 N  55 53 33.31 E
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 9)

IRN Rasht 756 kHz
37 17 36.43 N  49 35 39.40 E
(thanks Bjoern Tryba-D, mwmasts yahoogroup June 9)

JAPAN   BrDXC member Koji Hoshi in Japan has information on the Tokyo Sky
Tree. Opened on 22 May 2012, it is a broadcasting, restaurant and
observation tower. 634m (2080ft) tall, and there are six broadcaster
behind it, led by NHK.



Tallest Broadcast Tower.
The world's tallest free-standing broadcast tower has been completed in
Japan. A massive tower called the Tokyo Sky Tree has been completed ahead
of schedule. Standing 634m (2,080ft) high, it is the world's tallest free-
standing broadcast tower - and the second tallest building in the world
after the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Watch the BBC News report at
(Webwatch, by Mike Terry-UK / Chrissy Brand-UK;
in BrDXC-UK 'Communication' Magazine June 5)

LITHUANIA   9635  Radio Liberty in Tatar/Bashkir language via Sitkunai-LTU
relay site at 79 degrees antenna, scheduled 05-06 UT. Heard around 0556 UT
June 6. S=9+10dB signal noted on Italy remote rx unit. Talk on muslim
world by two men, and ongoing western foreign office ministers summit talk
in Istanbul.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 6)

LITHUANIA   EDXC conference report program by Nick Barker via RMRC Rhein-
Main-Radioclub Germany, transmissions in English is planned for June 9/10
0200-0300 11900 SIT 100 kW 310 deg to NoAM  June  9 << exact time !
1400-1500  6180 SIT 100 kW 259 deg to WeEUR June 10
1730-1830 11900 SIT 100 kW 079 deg to CeAS  June 10
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 7)

EDXC on shortwave this weekend.
Hello Friends,
after the successfully EDXC-conference 2012 at Ochsenkopf Germany,
Rhein-Main-Radio-Club will broadcast on shortwave:

Sunday   10.6.12 at 1400-1500 UTC to Europe     on  6180 kHz (german)
Sunday   10.6.12 at 1730-1830 UTC to Japan/Asia on 11900 kHz (engl.)
Saturday 09.6.12 at 0200-0300 UTC to USA        on 11900 kHz (engl.)

best 73
Harald Gabler

[the above are registered with HFCC via Sitkunai, Lithuania at 100 kW]

LITHUANIA   EDXC conference report program by Nick Barker via RMRC Rhein-
Main-Radioclub Germany, transmissions in English is planned for June 9/10

Correct time for RMRC Rhein-Main-Radioclub on June 9 is 0200-0300 UT,
see below

0100-0200  9400 SIT 100 kW 079 deg to CeAs Radio Free Asia in Uyghur

0200-0300 11900 SIT 100 kW 310 deg to NoAm Rhein-Main-Radioclub
          in English on June 9 + 16 [Friday in target]

0300-0400  9635 SIT 100 kW 079 deg to CeAS Radio Liberty in Tatar
0430-0500  6165 SIT 100 kW 079 deg to EaEU Radio Japan NHK World in Russ
0500-0600  9635 SIT 100 kW 079 deg to CeAS Radio Liberty in Tatar
1400-1500  6180 SIT 100 kW 259 deg to WeEU Rhein-Main-Radioclub
           in German on June 10
1530-1600  6180 SIT 100 kW 079 deg to EaEU HCJB Global Russian Sun
1600-1630  6180 SIT 100 kW 079 deg to EaEU HCJB Global Chechen Sun
1730-1830 11900 SIT 100 kW 079 deg to Asia Rhein-Main-Radioclub
           in English on June 10
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 8)

LITHUANIA   11900  Heard the report on few remoted Perseus net rxs in
western Europe.

S=9+40dB huge signal heard on 11900 kHz from 0200 UT June 9th onwards.

0200-0204 UT a short piece of EDXC-conference 2012 RMRC report heard, but
always with other different feeder line annmt "This is Radio Liberty
Praha" in the underneath background, very annoying for listener.

At 0204-0206:10 UT heard only feeder line annmt "This is Radio Liberty
Praha" over and over again.

Then only TX carrier heard, seen on Perseus screen.

At 0215:40 short piece of feeder line annmt "This is Radio Liberty Praha"
heard for few seconds.

0216:45 UT  s t a r t e d  again EDXC-conference 2012 RMRC report program.

Few seconds in English lang, then after that in German lang. piece from
0219 UT featured a Reuter RDR50B / RDR54D rx report, and an interview
followed with an Italian DXer til 0223 UT.

Pause mx at 0225 UT. Interview about German stations til 0229 UT.

At 0231 UT George Brown DXer since 1948 from Scotland interviewed, NASWA,
DSWCI, BDXC member.

At 0234-0236 UT Dutch DXer since 1969 Max van Arnhem interviewed.

From 0237-0239 UT Interview of Japanese DXer Toshi Ohtake followed.

0240-0244 UT interview with former GDR journalist Manfred Boehm of Radio
Berlin International and RadioRopa followed.

From 0248 UT general secretary of EDXC Tibor Szilagyi from Sweden

Followed at 0252-0254 UT by interview of coming EDXC secretary from

Final announcement of Nick Barker RMRC at 0254 UT.




From 0256-0257 UT the feeder line annmt "This is Radio Liberty Praha"
heard over an over again.

0257:30 UT TX Sitkunai Lithuania on 11900 kHz OFF air.

0258:45 UT TX Sitkunai Lithuania on 9635 kHz ON air for Radio Liberty
Tatar program, heard as feeder line annmt "This is Radio Liberty Praha".

0300:11 UT Radio Liberty Tatar program started on 9635 kHz, heard at
backlobe S=9+15dB signal here in southwestern Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 9)

They had a lot of problems getting this on. The beeps were along with
RFE/RL Praha ID loops, since feeding the program thru there to Lithuania.
More dead air, even heard a R Japan IS and ID. After 0216 or so rejoined
programming. Fair signal with lots of fading. Hope they will availablize
this on the web. Anyhow we now know they really meant UT Saturday at 0200.
But they should make-good repeat it intact, like 24 hours later.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld June 9)

11990 kHz Repeat of special broadcast from Sitkunai to USA.

Forwarded from Rich D'Angelo, in the NASWA Yahoo group ...

Rich DAngelo NASWA: Repeat of special broadcast from Sitkunai to North
America (USA/CAN/MEX/CUB a.s.o.)

Hello Rich and all DXers everywhere,
the Rhein-Main Radio Club special broadcast to USA from Sitkunai
in English concerning the EDXC / DSWCI Conferences 2012
will be REPEATED.

16 June 2012 (Saturday), 11900 kHz, 0200-0300 UT
{thats Friday night in target, depending of local time tone,
around 21-22 LT in Mexico City - for example, wb.}

Please pass this info along to DXers and Radio-Clubs.
Good listening and 73,
Robert Kipp RMRC DSWCI  (via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 12)

6180  Radio RMRC EDXC broadcast
Very bad signal in Sofia, Bulgaria 1400-1500 UT on 6180 kHz. Maybe I
should have a higher frequency in 9 or 11 MHz.
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 11)

49 mb propagation was not very well today, and on mid-summer June
propagation a little TOO early for 49 mb usage{in winter season would fit
...}, 9 MHz would be better choice at this mid afternoon time slot on June
summer month.

Heard on Perseus network near London on S=9+5dB, and same level like in
Belgium, Holland, Germany and Switzerland,

only poor signal European southwards near Vienna and Venice at S=8 level.

At best in Berlin Eastern Germany and on technical university Brunswick
rx unit at S=9+25 - +30 level.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 10)

Surprisingly weak signal here in the south of England on 6180 kHz, no
better than S2 initially, though improving slightly by 1445 UT. As this is
the German broadcast presumably the frequency was picked for optimum
reception in Germany {yes Poland and Eastern Germany ...}.

Hopefully the English transmission to Asia at 1730-1830 on 11900 (also via
Lithuania) will be audible.
(Dave Kenny-UK, BrDXC-UK ng June 10)

RMRC just started its EDXC report broadcast on 6180 kHz (at 1400-1500 UT)
in German. Very strong signal (S=9+10db) and good modulation.
(73 Harald Kuhl-D, QTH Goettingen/Germany, BrDXC-UK ng June 10)

6180 at 14-15 UT June 10.
At best network SDR rx at DL7PV in Berlin and Brunswick S=9+25db signal,
all others EUR England, Belgium, Netherlands, North GER, Darmstadt, Amberg
and Switzerland S=9+5dB signal, next to Poellau Vienna Austria and Italy
only S=8 in southern Europe.

11900 kHz RMRC EDXC report at 1745 UT June 10,
signal strength only 8-9 in Iceland,
S=9+30dB in Brunswick and Berlin,
S=9+20dB in Frankfurt/M and Italy,
S=9+5dB at AOR Tokyo Japan network Perseus SDR.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 10)

MYANMAR   7185.87  Myanmar Radio. An unusual development here! For several
years I have reported this frequency as a spur of 7200.1 kHz, due to the
fact it always had a very weak signal compared to 7200.1 and was always
definitely // .

Not so on June 8. Today seemed a much better signal than the spur heard in
the past. From 1209 to 1235 UT definitely // 5985.84. Therefore speaking
just for today's reception, I believe it must follow that 7185.87 kHz was
actually a separate Myanmar Radio transmitter and not a spur.

What was even stranger was that by 1235 UT I started to hear a very weak
secondary audio which was clearly // 7200.1 kHz, underneath the
primary/predominant audio. So there were two audios: a primary/predominant
audio // 5985.84 kHz and a secondary much weaker audio // 7200.1. Fair
reception on 7200.1 and certainly was broadcasting their normal single
audio, so was not a spur from there.

Appreciate hearing any feedback anyone has regarding this unique
development. (Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld June 8)

Re: Myanmar Radio with double audio feed on 7185.87 kHz.

Received an interesting response from Mauno Ritola (Finland):

"Hi Ron, Victor's Sri Lanka remote rx happened to be free today [June 10]
at 1300 UT and I can confirm the situation there just as you say. There is
only one carrier on 7185.87-88 kHz, so it is a duplicate feed. But it is a
symmetrical spur of 7200.1 kHz, because respective carrier is found on
7214.33 kHz. Unfortunately it is too disturbed for any audio. But I think
there is also a secondary, extremely weak audio on 7200.1 kHz, sounding
like // 5985.87 kHz. Funny also, that both 5985 and 7185 kHz are on about
the same offset. For fun I checked the half way: 6585.87 kHz but nothing
73, Mauno" (June 10)


All transmissions of Radio Netherlands World Sce in English on short waves
will be terminated from July 1 {to be ceased from Sat June 30 at 2057 UT,
Here the current schedule:

1000-1057 15110 PHT 250 kW 283 deg to SoEaAS
1400-1457  9800 TRM 250 kW 345 deg to SoAS
1800-1957 17605 SMG 250 kW 144 deg to EaCeAF
1900-2057  7425 MDC 250 kW 270 deg to SoAF
1900-2057 11615 ISS 500 kW 192 deg to WeAF
1900-2057 15495 SMG 250 kW 193 deg to WeCeAF
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 7)

NETHERLANDS   Hello Wolf, Concerning RNW closures I've found this schedule
on their website including closure dates:
(Guido Schotmans-BEL, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 10)

NETHERLANDS   Radio Netherlands English closes June 29, special final

Radio Netherlands English service will be closing down on June 29,
information on their website. There will be a special programme on their
final day and memories are invited. Andy Sennitt has said that some
additional shortwave frequencies are planned and will be announced
(Mike Barraclough-UK, BrDXC newsmail June 11)

All transmissions of Radio Netherlands World Sce in English on short waves
will be terminated from June 30.

Here the current schedule:

0200-0257  6165 BON 250 kW 345 deg to NoAM till June 29, new additional
0200-0257 11640 BON 250 kW 350 deg to NoAM till June 29, new additional
0300-0357  6165 BON 250 kW 315 deg to CeAM till June 29, new additional
0300-0357 11640 BON 250 kW 320 deg to CeAM till June 29, new additional
1000-1057 15110 PHT 250 kW 283 deg to SEAS till June 29

1400-1457  9800 TRM 250 kW 345 deg to SoAS till June 30
1800-1957 17605 SMG 250 kW 144 deg to EaCeAF till June 30
1900-2057  7425 MDC 250 kW 270 deg to SoAF till June 30
1900-2057 11615 ISS 500 kW 192 deg to WeAF till June 30
1900-2057 15495 SMG 250 kW 193 deg to WCAF till June 30
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 11)

NIGERIA   15120  Thanks to a tip of Ivo in Bulgaria, Voice of Nigeria
English program again on AM mode, at 06-07 UT seemingly from old Ikorodu
tx site.

Formerly used new Abuja unit in DRM mode to all Africa. Today terrible
BUZZY signal, heard with news read by Gloria around 0605-0607 UT, speech
to crowd on Nigerian domestic news. Followed by news of all Africa, UN
help services report to southern Sudan and Somalia, read by male. Powerful
S=9+20dB transmission heard here in Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 6)

PAKISTAN   Turbat new 100 kW MW tx Febr 8, 2012. 981 ? / 1404 kHz ?
26 02 41.94 N  63 04 36.16 E
(thanks Bjoern Tryba-D, mwmasts yahoogroup June 1)

PALAU/JAPAN   11705  NHK via plw/Palau 1315-1430 UT, English 1400 UT.
Am Ostersonntag SIO 333 auf kleiner Antenne.

ps. Auch NHK heuer habe ich das "Kalender ist da" - posting vermisst.
Da greifen wohl auch Sparmassnahmen?

Ja, genau, QRG jetzt is es aber quasi amtlich nachdem ich vor ein paar
Tagen eine NHK qslcard mit Standort Angabe "Palau" erhalten habe.
(Paul Gager-AUT, A-DX June 9)

Hallo Paul, im gedruckten Plan vom 27.3. steht's so auch drin.

11705 1315-1400 49,50,54 HBN 100 270 147 Ind USA NHK
11705 1400-1430 49,50,54 HBN 100 270 216 Eng USA NHK

2012 gab es einen NHK Wand-Kalender - "noch...".
lieben Gruss aus dem feiertaeglichen Stuttgart, 73 wolfgang

PERU   4824.411  La Voz de la Selva, Iquitos, at 1120 UT noted with om
Español, signs on very late for Florida. 7 June. 60 meters has been open
till 1200 last few days.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer June 7)

4826.5  Radio Sicuani, Sicuani, Cusco, from 1020 to 1100 UT, long om
Español, no music noted. Had been silent for close to three weeks. 7 June.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer June 7)

ROMANIA   Radio Rasant 7290 kHz at 1800 UT June 9,
and repeat at same time/frequency on June 10, via
IRRS Nexus Provider via - SNR National Radiocommunications Company -
in SNR Saftica Romania.

Die Aussendung 7290 vom IRRS Nexus Provider via - SNR National
Radiocommunications Company - in Saftica Rumaenien
bezieht sich auf gestern 9. Juni,
also gibt es heute noch mal eine Wiederholung am 10. Juni ....


Radio Rasant gibt es noch einmal heute (repeat on June 10) um 1800-1830 UT
auf 7290 kHz. Vielleicht laesst sich das ja noch als Eilmeldung
(Paul Gager-AUT, A-DX June 10)

RUSSIA   If you believe the Handbook WRTH at a frequency of 12010 kHz
through the Voice of Russia broadcast three religious station Missionswerk
Werner Heukelbach, Lutherische Stunde and Radio Freundes-Dienst. On the
German site of the Voice of Russia have not found information about them.
On the sites of religious organizations are specified "winter" frequency.
Only on the Radio Freundes-Dienst specified 12010 kHz. Can anybody clarify
the situation?
(Vladimir Rozhkov, Kansk-RUS, "open_dx" RUSdx June 10)

1825-1840 .t....s Eu 12010sam

1755-1800 m.w..s. Eu 12010sam

1840-1900 mt.tfss Eu 12010sam

PDF file:
There they are listed as "Geistl. Program" (religious program)
(Aleksandr Diadischev-UKR, "open_dx" RUSdx June 10)

SAUDI ARABIA   Cf. BC DX 1067: The traditional mistaken schedule of Saudi
Arabian Radio on SW of the cribbers from HFCC % (maybe?) plan. For many
seasons there is not Second prgr on SW.

The bcs on SW are: as relay from Home Sces and as Foreign Service. For
example the prgrs in Ar, En & Fr are // of their MWs and in Fr are of
Radio Riyadh and in En of Radio Jeddah. The bc in Fr is 17660 kHz
at 1400-1555 UT only* for many years etc.

All bcs of External/Foreign Sce are beginning with specific IS - it is for
the prgrs in Swahili, Turkish etc.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jun 5)

%  HFCC entries are a reflection of the work of Saudi Arabian Radio &
Television engineer at  <freqeng @>

*  17785 kHz French sce is always also at 0800-0955 kHz.

UNIDENTIFIED  ditter jamming against WHOM ?
Ditter jamming on 7270 kHz 1745 UT June 7 {7267...7273} kHz.

Noted anoying ditter jammer signal (from Vietnam ?) at 17-18 UT June 7.
Some peak signals seen on Perseus screen like 180, 460, 640, 870, 1500
Hertz, "though wobbling tones around".
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 7)

SOLOMON ISL   5019.9  SIBC at 1050 UT, with 1.2 filter lsb during lower
power from local Havana, 1100 UT Havana dominated frequ. 6 June.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer June 7)

U.K.   Early BBC broadcasts by Elizabeth, childrens hour with Princess

Listen to

etc. etc.
(BrDXC-UK 'Communication' Magazine June 5)

SOUTH AFRICA   11790.042   RFI Paris via Sentec Meyerton-AFS site, in
Swahili at 0530-0600 UT June 8. Little odd frequency. Opened very early
around 0524 UT, and bcast French service on-air from satellite feed.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 8)

SUDAN   Some changes for Voice of South Sudan Revolutionary Radio in
Arabic and English effective from today June 11:

0600-0815 15725, co-ch till 0700 UT, Radio Pakistan WS in Urdu,
          ex till 0800 UT.
1200-1500 NF15725, co-ch 1400-1500 UT, Radio Aap Ki Dunya in Urdu,
          ex 11650 kHz
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 11)

936 kHz ist wohl in Teilen Deutschlands zu hoeren ?  73 wb

Football matches, starting at 1845 UT, will be broadcasted by the first
channel and the matches start at 1600 UT on our web-site. In addition, the
pulse of the Euro-2012 can you feel the every day at 1630 UT, and up to
June, 15 - at 1740 UT.

At this time would be enter the information-analytical program, which will
be guests authoritative football experts. Also, during the day is waiting
for you "Diary of Euro-2012" at 03:15, 08:45 and 12:45 UT).


The frequency of UR-1:
 711 kHz  Dokuchaevsk, Donetsk region. (40 kW)
 837 kHz  Taranovka, Kharkiv region. (150 kW)
 936 kHz  Krasnoe, Lviv region. (600 kW)
 972 kHz  Luch, Nikolaev region. (350 kW)
1044 kHz  Verkhovyna Ivano-Frankivsk region. (1 kW)
(Aleksandr Diadischev-UKR, "deneb-radio-dx" RUSdx June 10)

UAE   15549.956  Radio Dabanga 44 Hertz on lower side, in Arabic
at 0535 UT Friday June 8, S=6-7 fair signal also on sidelobe reception
here in Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 8)

U.K.   Orfordness transmitters on 648 and 1296 kHz are both now silent.
The 1296 transmitter was last used for Radio Netherlands' farewell
broadcast in Dutch on 10-11 May. No new clients have been announced for
Orfordness, so Babcock will have to decide whether to keep the station in
mothballs in the hope of a customer appearing, to sell it as a working
transmitting station (I can't see that as likely) or to dismantle it and
hand the site over to the National Trust.
(U.K. News, by Chris Greenway-UK; in BrDXC-UK 'Communication' Magazine
June 5)

U.K.   Tip on BBC single day broadcast Thursday, June 21, at 2130-2200 UT.

BBC - British Antarctic Survey annual mid-winter greetings broadcast to
BAS staff in Antarctica on Midwinter's Day in Antarctica. Many family
greetings from GB are read and all embedded in a music request program.

Schedule in 2011 was 2130-2200 UT on 5950SKN, 7295RMP*, 7360ASC,
and 9850SKN.
(BrDXC-UK 'Communication' Magazine June 5)

* Rampisham site is OFF now ... WOF instead seemingly, bearing
Falklands/SoAM/Antarctica, at 170, or slewing 180 degrees? {thanks Glenn}.

Thanks Dave Porter G4OYX, sent the present WOF Array Data Chart.

Two arrays available for 7 MHz bearing from WOF:
BAB#951  VOA'N1  160degr slewed to 180degr, HRS  4/4/.5
BAB#911  VOA'E7  170degr slewed to 182degr, HRRS 4/4/.5

BAS employs over 400 staff and operates three stations in the Antarctic,
at Rothera, Halley and Signy, and two stations on South Georgia, at King
Edward Point and Bird Island.

14.295 km distance from BBC-BAB Woofferton-England
to BAS Halley VI station at 187 degrees azimuth from Woofferton.

exact BAS location mentioned in PDF file
75 36 56 S  26 07 52 W

but in G.E. visible at some difference at
75 36 19.01 S  26 12 32.18 W



Aurora behind the VLF Antenna during the winter.


see the SHARE antenna
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 5)


Probably the most popular radio station in the United States is WWVB on
60 kHz. Almost all atomic clocks and self- setting wristwatches are tuned
to that station to obtain the correct time of day.

On paper at least, WWVB could improve its signal penetration by 14 dB if
it added phase modulation (PM) to its existing amplitude modulated (AM)
carrier. Because AM would be maintained when PM is added, almost all
existing clocks and wristwatches should continue to work well. However,
new receivers designed to decode the PM signal should work much better -
as if WWVB had increased its power by 14 dB.

WWVB has already conducted about five experiments where PM has been added
for brief periods of time. The first PM injection was in about March of
this year. The latest PM injection began at 11AM PDST on Thursday, June 7,
2012 and concluded 24 hours later. The next experiment is planned to start
on June 14 and will run for 15 consecutive days, ending June 29 prior to
the June 30 Leap Second addition. Field data will be gathered on the east
coast to better determine how much of the calculated 14 dB improvement is
realized in practice.

Again, almost all existing WWVB receivers should operate properly
regardless of whether PM is turned on or off. However, certain old
fashioned time and frequency receivers using phase- locked-loops (PLLs)
will be confused by the PM signal and will not operate properly, notably
old PLL-equipped Spectracom and Tracor receivers. Fortunately, WWVB plans
to shut off PM for one hour on each of the work week days during the
14 day test window in order to allow those old receivers to resync.

Assuming the 14 day test is successful, WWVB plans to permanently add PM
in August or September. So, if you happen to have one of the old fashioned
affected receivers, you should have plenty of time to replace or upgrade
it, or switch to a GPS reference standard.

Questions or comments should be directed to WWVB broadcast manager John
Lowe at 303-497-5453 303-497-5453 , or by writing to
<john.lowe (at)>
Watch the following Website for updated information:

(THE CGC COMMUNICATOR, Robert F. Gonsett W6VR, Editor; dxld Jun 12)

UZBEKISTAN   TWR India via Tashkent change 11725 ex11930 kHz
to zone 41 TAC  100kW 131degr UZB TWR RAM

11725 1315-1615 TRANS WORLD RADIO India Broadcast Schedule for A-12

 1315-1330 25    131   10 2/4/0.5 .23456. DOGRI
 1315-1430 25    131   10 2/4/0.5 1.....7 HINDI
 1330-1400 25    131   10 2/4/0.5 .23456. HINDI
 1400-1415 25    131   10 2/4/0.5 .2.456. HINDI
 1400-1415 25    131   10 2/4/0.5 ..3.... AWADHI
 1415-1430 25    131   10 2/4/0.5 .23456. GARHWALI
 1430-1445 25    131   10 2/4/0.5 1234567 HINDI
 1445-1515 25    131   10 2/4/0.5 1...... PUNJABI
 1445-1515 25    131   10 2/4/0.5 .234567 HINDI
 1515-1545 25    131   10 2/4/0.5 1.....7 PUNJABI
 1515-1615 25    131   10 2/4/0.5 .23456. PUNJABI
(Edwin Southwell-UK, in BrDXC-UK 'Communication' Magazine June 5)

VATICAN STATE   17590  Vatican Radio, 1212-1220 UT. Noted a program of
news and comments in the Italian Language. At first thought I had a
rebirth of RAI, but at the end of the news, noted the ID as Vatican Radio.
Signal was good.
(Chuck Bolland-USA, hcdx June 7)


Trasmissioni Speciali Domenica 17 Giugno 2012
(special transmission Sun 10 June, 10 UT).
Angelus ore 12.00 LT hrs (10 UTC)

Da Piazza San Pietro, Preghiera dell' Angelus guidata dal Papa Benedetto
XVI La trasmissione avra inizio alle ore 11.50 LT

- Modulazione per l'Europa centrale su kHz 6.075 e 7.250 OC, per l'Europa

centro-orientale su kHz 9.645 OC,

per l'Europa occidentale e orientale su kHz 11.740 OC,

per l'Africa occidentale su kHz 15.550 OC,

per l'Africa meridionale su kHz 17.570 OC,

per il Medio Oriente su kHz 15.595 OC,

per l'Asia orientale su kHz 17.590 OC.
(June 12)

VATICAN STATE   Vatican Radio reduces broadcasts and strengthens web.

Vatican Radio will end its short and mediumwave broadcasts on 1 July,
strengthening its web service.



Spokesman of the Holy See and Director of Vatican Radio, Jesuit Father
Federico Lombardi, announced: "From 1 July Vatican Radio will end all its
medium wave broadcasts and its shortwave ones to most of Europe and the
Americas, which are regions of the world where the rebroadcasting of
programmes by the local Catholic radio and internet access are more
developed." ...


to the British DX Club (BDXC-UK) June 12.

Sendeende von Radio Vatikan auf Mittel- und Kurzwelle fuer Europa und


Radio Vatikan beendet zum 1. Juli 2012 seine Kurz- oder
Mittelwellensendungen fuer weite Teile Europas und den amerikanischen

"Wir bedauern diese Entscheidung, aber aus einer ganzen Reihe von Gruenden
musste das Radio sie treffen: Es geht um Kosten, es geht um sich aendernde
Mediennutzungsgewohnheiten und um anderes mehr.

Wir wissen, dass viele treue Hoererinnen und Hoerer damit auf einmal einen
geschaetzten Service verlieren werden. Das tut uns leid. Wir moechten
darauf hinweisen, dass es auch andere Weisen gibt, uns zu hoeren. Ueber
Satellit oder digital-terrestrisches Radio, ueber das Internet und
natuerlich ueber unsere Partnersender.

Die deutschsprachigen Sendungen sind um 16 Uhr und um 2020 Uhr (ME(S)Z)
folgendermassen zu empfangen:

Eutelsat 1-Hotbird 8-13deg E 11804 MHz

Intelsat AOR-IS 907@332,5deg E 4161.705 MHz

Ueber die Webseite

Ueber den Player "live" sind unsere Sendungen auf Kanal 1 zu hoeren. Unter
den Uhrzeiten 16 Uhr bzw. 18 Uhr unter dem Player koennen Sie die
Sendungen zum Zeitpunkt Ihrer Wahl nachhoeren.

Ueber den Newsletter.
Auch der Newsletter von Radio Vatikan hat ganz oben zwei Links, ueber die
Sie die beiden letzten Sendungen - Nachrichtenjournal und Abendsendung -
nachhoeren koennen.

Ueber unsere Partnersender.
Die grossen Themen des "Treffpunkt Weltkirche!" sendet
zwischen 18 und 20 Uhr das Koelner Domradio,
um 16 Uhr koennen Sie die ganze Sendung dann bei Radio Horeb hoeren.

Auf der Webseite und auf dem Newsletter finden Sie ebenfalls Links, ueber
die diese Sendung hoerbar ist. Die Abendsendung wird ebenfalls von Radio
Horeb uebernommen, ferner sendet Radio Stephansdom im regulaeren Programm
diese Sendung."
(Radio Vatikan 12.6.2012, via Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt June 12)

VIETNAM   9635  Son Tai NET-1; 0709 UT, men giving a lecture or a speech
in Vietnamese. Very good signal // 7210, 7435, 11720 kHz.
(Steven Wiseblood-PHL, dxld June 4)

11719.938  Voice of Vietnam 1st progr at 0545 UT June 6, from Son Tay
site, Vietnamese. Poor signal on remote unit in Russia, not much audio
recovery, signal below imagine level. Not much understandable.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 6)


Log on SW at 0250-0430 UT June 8

9819.504 Radio 9 de Julho, Port at 0250 UT, S=6 in Germany.
         Very odd frequency.
9714.986 BSKSA Riyadh, non-dir antenna to NE/ME,
         HQ sermon / prayer / singer 0300 UT, cock cry at 0301 UT.
9705.032 R Ethiopia in Amharic, started a little bit late at 0303 UT,
         June 8, S=6, male nx{?} reader.
9675.011 R Cancao Nova, Cachoeira, Paulista SP, Port,
         fluttery signal at 0305 UT.
9305     spurious splatter from Radio Cairo, Abis-EGY on 9255 to 9355 kHz
         frequ range, 0311 UT June 8.
11680    NHK Radio Japan, via M&B Wertachtal 250kW 135deg, Jpn 02-05 UT,
         excellent signal to NE/ME, S=9+20dB.
11710.776 Very odd frequency RAE Buenos Aires, French sce at 03-04 UT,
          S=6-7 fair and fluttery, female locutora,
          journal parlé de Chine.
11764.946 Radio Super R Deus é Amor, Curitiba PR, male Port voice, sermon
          at 0330 UT, stronger Brazilian voice, S=7-8 better audio.
11780    even frequ Radio Nacional da Amazônia, Brasília, DF,
         0335 UT, similar S=7 signal on June 8.
 5960    NHK Radio Japan via RCI/CBC Sackville relay site, Jpn sce,
         talk only by men, S=9+20dB signal here in Europe.
         0340 UT, scheduled 02-05 UT.
15610    Radio Cairo at Abu Zaabal site, opening procedure early
         around 0346 UT, scheduled Swahili from 0400-0600 UT,
         but heard with frequent 990 Hertz tone opening.
         S=8-9 sidelobe signal here in Germany.
11925.227 R Bandeirantes, Sao Paulo, SP, male Port announcer 0355 UT,
          poor signal, only just around threshold level.
12104.973 odd WTWW sermon by male in Portuguese, S=9+15dB here in
          Europe. Armchair listening at 0400 UT even. June 8
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 8)


MW band scan transatlantic travel

From May 20 to 29, I've made over the transatlantic passage (Hamburg -
Southampton - New York). Then I had a few more days in NY. Here is a small
MW band scan. The logs were on the atlantic ocean around noon (local time)
made the evening in NY.

London 53 deg N  4 deg E
120521  603 Capital Gold, East Kent     G   E Oldies
            BBC R4 Newcastle-upon-Tyne  G   E Cricket // 720
        630 BBC Three Counties R, Luton G   E talkshow
        675 R Maria, Lopik              HOL Dutch rlg
        729 BBC Essex                   G   E Chelsea Flower Show
        774 BBC R Kent, Littlebourne    G   E interview

51 deg N  1 deg W
120522  828 Classic Gold, Bournemouth   G   E pop hits
            // 657 (?), 792, 828, 936, 945, 1170, 1431, 1485, 1557
        837 BBC R Cumbria, Barrow in Furness G  E Phone in
        972 Club Asia                   G   Asian

50 deg N  9 deg W
120523 1368 Manx R                      G   E pop hits
        909 BBC R5 Live, ?              G   E House of Commons debate
                                            // 693 (?)
        882 BBC Wales                   G   E politics

48 deg N  22 deg W
120524  693 RDP Acores, Terceira        AZR Port (poor, weak)
        558 RNE5 ?                      E   Sp

43 deg N  46 deg W
120526  740 CHCM Marystown, NF          CAN E News/Talk
        800 VOWR St. John's, NF         CAN E Variety
        930 CJYQ St. John's, NF         CAN E
       1230 VOAR St. John's, NF         CAN E Religious
        590 VOCM St. John's, NF         CAN E News
        640 CBN  St. John's, NF         CAN E Public R

New York
120530  570 WMCA                        USA E Religious
        620 WSNR Jersey City, NJ        USA   Ethnic
        660 WFAN                        USA E Sports
        710 WOR                         USA E News/Talk
        770 WABC                        USA E News/Talk
        820 WNYC                        USA E Public R
        880 WCBS                        USA E News
        930 WPAD Patterson, NJ          USA   Ethnic
       1010 WINS                        USA E News
       1050 WEPN                        USA E Sports
       1130 WBBR                        USA E Business News
       1190 WLIB                        USA E Gospel Music
       1280 WADO                        USA   Spanish
       1380 WKDM                        USA   Ethnic
       1560 WQEW                        USA E Childrens
       1600 WWRL                        USA E Talk
       1660 WWRU Jersey City, NJ        USA   Ethnic
(Hans-Friedrich Dumrese-D, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 10) 
Best regards,

Michael Bethge

Postfach 1214
D-61282 Bad Homburg
Fax: +49 6172 123117

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