InnovAntennas sponsors 2O12W – 2012 Welsh Olympic station

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The Barry Amateur Radio Club (BARS) set out to provide a station covering HF to UHF earlier this year which would run through the entire 6 weeks of the Olympic games. However, it transpired that there was no 6m antenna on hand for the event so potentially, 6m could be missed from the plans. The BARS Chairman Glyn Jones, GW0ANA decided to contact InnovAntennas, having been impressed by both antenna build quality and performance, looking for help.
InnovAntennas have agreed to supply a 5-element LFA Yagi for the band which will be used by BARS for club special events etc. After the games station is completed, BARS where looking for something a little smaller. However, due to the very nice coastal position (west facing) and the time of year the operation will take place, it was decided that something with a little punch would be in order to ensure any North American openings would not be missed.

2O12W - that's Two Oscar One Two Wales

The call sign of the Welsh Flagship Amateur Radio Station celebrating the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. This very unique "special event radio station" will be based on the seafront esplanade at Whitmore Bay, Barry Island, Vale of Glamorgan. Located just a few miles south west of Cardiff and the Millennium Stadium where the first Football match will be played to open the Games in Wales.
Where we are Visitors may view an exhibition about radio communications and electronics, and then experience the thrill of transmitting a "Greetings Message" by radio across the globe. Your radio messages of goodwill and luck are sent out in the true amateur spirit of the Olympic Games. That being global friendship and harmony through participation.

By joining in with us in Barry, Wales, at this amazing event, we hope you will be inspired and feel part of the worldwide celebrations of the "London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games". One that you will remember as you felt involved on this very special occasion.

We plan to make in excess of 20,000 contacts during the seven weeks of on the air operating. So come on, why not join us and help us break this target. Barry Amateur Radio Society will also be offering 'bite-sized' talks giving an overview of amateur radio and its importance in the modern world. Radio hams and interested parties from around Wales the UK and the world are most welcome and encouraged to visit 2O12W.
The Radio Station is easily reached from Cardiff, then a short train journey to Barry Island rail station.
Please bookmark this site and check back often, for updates as the project progresses. Follow us also on Facebook and Twitter.

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