Raag will activate SX1GR from Acropolis rock between 18-22 July 2012

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Raag will activate SX1GR from  Acropolis rock between 18-22 July 2012
Radio Amateur association of Greece will activate SX1GR from the sacred rock of Acropolis, Athens from 18 up to 22 July 2012. This historical point of Acropolis lends a particular value at the contacts that will be accompanied by commemorative QSL with historical elements from Acropolis, the museums that are near by and  even more, details for the history of the country in depths of centuries. All HF frequencies will be used for transmission in ssb, cw, rtty and psk31 modes. Activity will be also on  6 and 2 M. The station / stations will be active during the hours of museum operation.
. The event takes place under his aegis of laboratory of mobile Radio communications, department of Engineers and Computer Engineers of National Technical university of Athens. 

73 and good contacts with SX1GR

2012 July 18 - 19 - 20 - 21 - 22

Special Radio Amateur Event from the Sacred Rock of Acropolis of Athens.

Radio Amateur Association of Greece (R.A.A.G)

1. National Technical University of Athens /School of Electrical and Computer Engineering /Mobile Radiocommunications Laboratory
2. Dx Plus Hellenic Radio Amateur M.I. Team

General Manager / Public Relations Dept / QSL Manager: SV1HER vanikiotis@freemail.gr
In Contact with Greek Authorities / Promotion Dept: SV1GRM dxpluspro@gmail.com
Operating Booking Dept:SV1RP sv1rp@yahoo.com SV2FWV sv2fwv@gmail.com
Digital Mode Dept: SV1GYG sv1gyg@raag.org

Special QSL award & Special QSL plaque Gravure will be available on request for any QSO.
For additional information please contact to SV1HER vanikiotis@freemail.gr

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