WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News - July 27th, 2012 (BC-DX #1075)

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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ANGOLA   4949.75  at 2009-2020 UT Radio Nacional de Angola, Mulenvos, on
15 July, Portuguese, OM/YL talks, pop music - weak under local noise, best
in LSB mode.
(Mikhail Timofeyev-RUS, hcdx July 21)

Visible on Perseus screen on 4949.753 kHz at 1915 UT July 22.
Remote receivers in Germany, Italy and Austria.  73 wb df5sx

ARGENTINA   15345.243 ... x.253  strongly wandered 10 Hertz up during
10 minutes. Sports news in English from RAE Buenos Aires Argentina about
1st rank of Boca Juniors football club. Used the notch filter against
adjacent Maroccan station in Arabic from Nador on 15349.143 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 26)

ARMENIA   [to Myanmar target]  11595  Democratic Voice of Burma from Gavar
Armenia relay site, logged at 2330-0030 UT. S=7 signal traced on remote
SDR unit in Brisbane Queensland-AUS at 2340 UT July 20, nx read after
2330 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 20)

ARMENIA? / UNIDENTIFIED LOCATION  15750  US mission prayer, like Brother
Stair TOM heard on 0520 UT July 23, not strong about S=8 signal in
Germany. "your end is near", "establishing your heart", "go away
devil",... a.s.o.

UNID site mentioned by Bulgarian DX Mix recently, scheduled 05-06 UT /
Sats -07 UT. Very exact frequency x.000 kHz, lately performed from Yerevan
Gavar relay site in Armenia.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 23)

AUSTRIA   7310  TWR replied with attractive F/D eQSL 4 days after sending
follow-up to November 2011 report. v/s Kalman Dobos said my original
report was apparently not received or was accidentally deleted.
(Bruce Portzer-WA-USA, dxld July 6)

Trans World Radio - MOOSBRUNN, AUSTRIA, B-11
0800-0850 UT daily  ENGLISH 7310 kHz  100 kW 300degr to zone 27

AZERBAIJAN   9677  heard at 0600 UT on July 22, Aedalaetin Saesi Radiosu,
Stepanakert, Azeri language, 35 442.
(Alexander Beryozkin, St. Petersburg-RUS; RUSdx July 22)

BRAZIL   11815  Radio Brasil Central, sent a F/D bi-lingual QSL card in
115 days for a postal report with audio CD and mint stamps (not used).
No v/s.
(Bruce Portzer-WA-USA, dxld July 6)

BRAZIL / UNIDENTIFIED LOCATION   5969.927  at 0408 UT July 23, S=6 signal
on threshold level. Probably could be RTM Radio Transmundial from Santa
Maria, RS Brazil ??? Still a puzzle. Carlos in Portugal mention in his
log: Rádio Itatiaia, Belo Horizonte MG, instead, July 10.

4885.018  An unidentified Portuguese language station heard around 0357 UT
July 23, S=6-7. Carlos in Portugal mention in his log: Rádio Club do Pará,
Belém PA.

Three small 1-5 kW stations registered here:
"Rádio Clube de Belém do Pará, Belém, PA",
"R Dif. Acreana - A Voz das Selvas, Rio Branco, AC",
"R Maria, Anápolis, GO / studio Taguatinga, Brasília, DF".

4894.957  Unidentified, but most probably Rádio Novo Tempo, Cp. Grande,
MS, just above threshold signal level at 0358 UT. But seemingly cl-down
when checked again after 0400 UT.

4985.012  Rádio Brasil Central, Goiânia, GO; at 0404 UT S=6 signal just
above threshold noise level heard here in Germany. July 23.

4865.023  Modern pop music, Portuguese canzones noted at 1020 UT July 25,
most probably, according DBS list: Rádio Verdes Florestas, pertencente à
Fundação Verde Floresta, Acre, Brasil. Notch filter set to 4862.4 kHz
multi tone signal.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 23/25)

BRAZIL/CANADA/GERMANY   To be a mess on this channel,
three peaks noted on 6070v at 0415 UT July 23.

Strongest most powerful probably CFRX Toronto-CAN on 6069.955 kHz. Another
the German low power hobby stn Radio 6150 Ingolstadt Rohrbach on even
6070 kHz channel, and 3rd adjacent channel stn on 6070.033 kHz, latter
most probably Brazilian Radio Capital, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, bcast Super
Radio Deus e Amor program { // 6120 }in Portuguese language. see below
item too.

... and 880 Hertz heterodyne whistle tone annoying on v6160 kHz channel,
6160.861 kHz English talk heard at 0422 UT, most likely CKZN St. Johns,
New Foundland ?

The other domestic Canadian CKZU Vancouver noted at 0535 UT July 23 on
similar odd 6159.981 kHz.

On the contrary CBC Radio Nord Quebec program in excellent (non accented)
U.K. English heard on very even 9625.000 kHz S=9+10dB level at 0455 UT.
Same signal level from same Sackville-CAN relay bcast Voice of Vietnam
program in Vietnamese on 9555.000 kHz, scheduled daily at 0430-0528 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 23)

6070.033   With very deep QSB, Radio Deus e Amor now on 6070 kHz carrying
the same program on 6120 kHz at 0340 UT. I think this is via Radio Capital
of Rio de Janeiro. Not heard in recent times.
(Rodolfo Tizzi-URG, dxld July 26)

CHINA   11719.647  Some odd frequency signal of Hanoi domestic? home sce
{probably 24 hrs sce? acc older ABU list} from Son Tay site at 2345 UT
July 20th. Not mentioned in Japanese AOKI frequency list yet.

But Ron Howard from CA advised me that this odd signal is CNR1 program
from CNR1 Shijiazhuang Hebei province instead, not Vietnam.

Noted CNR1 Re: v11720 - probably VTN acc ABU list ...

Dear Ron,
you may CORRECT on this matter, ... and it's possible I heard CNR1

Was poor signal last night.
Still a puzzle to further check again.

see screenshot of Shijiazhuang station site #723
somewhat veiled / hidden installation ...

CHN  Shijiazhuang Huikou. Pingshan County. Station #723
38 27 52.00 N  113 59 06.00 E

six curtains visible at 217 degrees azimuth,
aimed domestic sce across mainland China towards Kunming, Yunnan, Thailand
a.s.o.  change to 9710 kHz later the day.

two curtains in 165 degrees azimuth,
aimed domestic sce across mainland China towards Henan, Quanzhou across
Taiwan. change to 7365 kHz in summer schedule, later the day.

Also on odd 11759.983 kHz 165 degrees at 0900 UT when checked against
co-channel BBC Oman even signal.
Not many Chinese shortwave sites do send an odd waves these days.

[later]  Re: v11720 - probably VTN acc ABU list ...
Dear Ron,
you may CORRECT on this matter, ... and it's possible I heard CNR1
Was poor signal last night. Still a puzzle to further check again.

see CNR1 schedule on NDXC website 2330-1100 UT

17890 572 0000-1000(=17725)
17725 723 1000-1200(=7290)
17605 572 0030-1000(=11710)
17595 723 2300-1100(=6125)
17580 725 2330-0900(=11925)
17565 572 0100-0730(=9830)
17550 572 0100-1030(=9845)
15550 572 0000-1100(=7345)
15480 572 0100-1300(=5945)
15380 572 2300-1100(=7275)
15370 723 0100-1100
15270 491 0200-0900(=9775)
13610 954 2300-1300(=9810)
12055 725 0300-0500,0700-0900,1000-1100
12045 572 2300-1200(=9860)
11960 572 0000-0900(=6175)
11925 725 1955-2330,0900-1735(=17580)
11760 723 0000-1200(=7365)
11750 723 2200-1000(=7305)
11720 723 2330-1100(=9710)
11710 572 1955-0030,1000-1735(=17605)
11630 725 1955-2400,0300-0500,0600-0700,
          0800-0900,1000-1400(=CNR8) 9860 572 1200-1735(=9900)
 9845 572 1955-0100,1030-1735(=17550)
 9830 572 1955-0100,0730-1735
 9810 954 1955-2300,1300-1730(=13610)
 9775 491 2055-0200,0900-1605(=15270)
 9710 723 1955-2330,1100-1735(=11720)
 9675 572 2300-1000(=5030)
 9645 572 2330-1100(=6000)
 9630 916 2300-1200(=6080)
 9630 725 1200-1300(=CNR8)
 9500 723 1955-1735
 9470 572 1955-2300(=12045)
 9455 725 1955-0100(=CNR8/12055)
 7365 723 1200-1735(=7215)
 7345 572 1955-2400,1100-1735(=7345)
 7305 723 1955-2200,1000-1735(=11750)
 7290 572 1955-2400,1100-1735(=17890)
 7275 572 1955-2300,1100-1735 (=15380)
 7230 594 1955-1735
 7215 723 1955-2400(=11760) 6175 572 1955-2400,0900-1735(=11960)
 6125 723 1955-2300,1100-1735(=17595)
 6125 572 1955-2300,1000-1735(=9675)
 6080 916 1955-2300,1200-1735(=9630)
 6030 572 1955-1735
 6000 572 1955-2330,1100-1735(=9645)
 5945 572 1955-0100,1300-1735(=15480)
 4800 916 1955-1735
 4750 2021 1955-1735

found this too
11717.98  CNR1, Shijiazhuang, 1245 UT on May 08, poor, but clearly // 6125
kHz. First time I have noted this.

16 kHz symmetrical spurious signals observed. 11686 // 11702 // 11718 //
11726 // 11734 kHz, CNR1, 1128-1140, June 25. In Chinese; // 6125 kHz.
Last May when I heard CNR1 on 11717.98 kHz I should have been more
curious, otherwise I might have found these other frequencies.
Spurs? What is the primary frequency?
{Ron Howard, dxld May 8/June 25, 2012}
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 20)

CROATIA/GERMANY   Three channels used in 75 mb this morning 0340-0355 UT
July 23.

3955  Radio 700 from Kall-Eifel in western Germany, S=7-9 much fluttery
signal, did broadcast modern German Schlager pop mx at this hour.
Station ID at 0350 UT.

Much stronger Croatian Radio on 3984.810 kHz, modern Croatian lady pop
singer heard.

3995.002 kHz  HCJB Weenermoor broadcaster with S=6-7 signal on air too.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 23)

CUBA   9790  CRI Foreign service program via Cuban relay site appeared
here around 0430-0440 UT, modern sweet Chinese pop mx singer, S=7-8
fluttery signal across the Atlantic ocean into Europe morning.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 23)

CYPRUS   All three Zyyi Cyprus outlets of CYBC Limassol in Greek,
excellent service with fine audio heard tonight, 2210-2245 UT on
Fri/Sat/Sun only.
5925* / 7220 / 9760 kHz, all 250/300 kW of power.

* NOT on 6135 kHz as AOKI JPN list suggest ...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 20)

CYPRUS   12035  BBC Relay Zyyi, sent email reply and attached an e-QSL.
The QSL was actually a scanned image of their standard card with
confirmation info filled in by hand. I half expected to receive the "hard
copy" of the card in the mail, but so far I haven't seen it. Total time
was 21 days for a report sent via the contact page on Babcock's website.
(Bruce Portzer-WA-USA, dxld July 6)

ERITREA   noted this morning 15 kHz up from usual 7175v kHz, now on
7189.991 kHz, HOA music today at 0426 UT July 23. Omdurman Sudan in Arabic
on usual even 7200 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 23)

ERITREA/ETHIOPIA   radio war. Strange enough and still a puzzle is the
WHITE NOISE jamming (or is that an unid DRM broadcaster?) on 9705 kHz
(9698 to 9711 kHz range) heard with S=8 signal at 0445 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 23)

ETHIOPIA  wandered steady in 7234.360 .... to 7234.405 kHz frequency
range. Around 0430 UT July 23. Program is Voice of the Tigray Revolution
Eritrea from People's Democratic Forces of Eritrea via Addis Ababa Gedja-
ETH site, S=7 fair signal, HoA music at 0431 UT.

6110.039  Radio Fana in Amharic from Addis Ababa Gedja site at 0419 UT
July 23.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 23)

ETHIOPIA/RUSSIA   15170-15175-15180, July 21 at 1852 past 1900 UT, unknown
DRM signal here, very strong and much stronger than 15115-15120-15125 kHz
Voice of Nigeria. Could find nothing in DRM schedules or fora about this.
In fact, only one analog transmission earlier in the day from India is
scheduled on
15175 kHz.

But I could also hear a weak AM carrier under the noise on 15175 kHz.
A tree in the forest, falling with no notification to the few DRM
enthusiasts who might want to listen.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld July 21)

Dear Glenn, this signal is not DRM. It is the jamming of the DRM type from
Ethiopia for Badr Radio. de Hiroshi
(Sei-ichi Hasegawa-JPN, dxld July 22)

TDP schedule  <>

Oh yes; I should have searched DXLD archive on 15175, to find this in
12-22; so the Badr frequency and the jamming will jump around, and only on

"ETHIOPIA [non]. RUSSIA, QSL Badr Broadcasting Network via Samara-RUSSIA
15165 kHz. Badr Broadcasting Network 15165 kHz bestaetigte meinen
Empfangsbericht innerhalb von 25 Tagen mit unterschriebener und
abgestempelter PPC.

Adresse: Badr Ethiopia, 4701 Sangamore Road, Suite #125 South, Bethesda MD
20816, USA.

Die Stationen sendet 1830-1900 UT im Bereich von 15165 kHz. Auf der
<> werden inzwischen die Frequenzen 15150 / 15155
/ 15165 / 15170 / 15175 / 15180 kHz genannt, wohl um aethiopischen Jammern
zu entgehen.
(Patrick Robic-AUS, A-DX May 18 via BC-DX May 30 via dxld)

New TDP station - Badr Radio/Badr Broadcasting Network in Amharic,
1830-1900 UT 15165 kHz SAM 250 kW 188 deg Fri-Sun to EaAF, eff April 20.
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 1, ibid.)"

But still, 15175 missing from all the current frequency schedule
references. Except re-looking at Aoki, not a main entry but:

15165 Badr Radio 1830-1900 1....67 Amharic 250 188 Samara RUS BBN TDP a-12
15150-15175 kHz.

The DRM promoters should be ashamed of availablizing their technology for
jamming! What I heard sounded just like DRM noise, but I suppose would not
have decoded to anything intelligible/legible. Could the Ethiopians at
least tag it "Gotcha, Badr!"?
(Glenn Hauser, dxld)

Tonight 'seen WHITE NOISE signal' from Gedja Ethiopia on 15163-15177 kHz
wide range, at 1845 UT July 22. S=9+10dB in central Europe.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 22)

FRANCE/JAPAN   11970  Came across of NHK Radio Japan World distinctive
music box interval signal even before 0458-0500 UT. Is daily English
service relay at 0500-0530 UT via Issoudun France 500 kW powerhouse.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 23)

FRENCH GUIANA   Voz de Russia sent three QSL cards in the same envelope
for 9735 kHz (after 219 and 328 days), and 7335 kHz (after 441 days). All
three were in response to Spanish email reports sent to
<post_es (at) ruvr(dot)ru>

The cards themselves were the standard F/D VoR World Service QSLs, with
"en Español" written in next to the printed English language text.
(Bruce Portzer-WA-USA, dxld July 6)

GERMANY   3955  Ab sofort gibt's den Kaller Shortwaveservice auch auf 3955
kHz everyday, around the clock, ausser wenn BBC in DRM rauscht oder die
Suedkoreaner ihren Funk in die Luft setzen. Leistungen zwischen einem und
20 kW TRP.
(Christian Milling-D, Radio 700 via A-DX July 25)

Habe ich da etwas verschlafen oder sind die Regeln in Deutschland
veraendert worden seitens der Behoerde? Falls ich mich recht erinere,
wurde vor kurzer Zeit erwaehnt, dass man KW-Sender bis zu 1 kW erlaube,
nun jedoch plant HCJB Weenermoor, nach eingenen Aussagen, die Leistung auf
6 kW zu erhoehen und Kall nun von 1 - 20 kW.

Noch eine Frage an Christian:
Wann wird welche Sendeleistung genutzt? Waere im Sommer wohl sinnvoller,
die vollen 20 kW am Tage zu nehmen, wegen der dann miesen
Ausbreitungsbedingungen auf dieser QRG.

Hier hommt 3955 kHz besser rein, als 6005 kHz, aber das gilt nur fuer
Wuppertal, wobei HCJB, nachdem sie nach Ostfriesland abgewanderrt sind,
deutlich schwaecher empfangbar ist; dafuer haben offenbar die
Norddeutschen mehr davon.
(Joachim Thiel-D, A-DX July 25)

AW:  Neu auf 3955 kHz, Hallo Joachim,
Es ist so viel Leistung moeglich, wie es das Portemonnaie, die
Frequenzzuteilung und die sogenannte Standortbescheinigung hergibt. Die
BNetzA stellt durch Messung die erforderlichen Sicherheitsabstaende fest,
die eingehalten werden muessen, um keine Gefaehrdung fuer Mensch und
Umwelt darzustellen. Die sind natuerlich in einem Wohngebiet, wo sich Haus
an Haus reiht ggf. schwieriger zu realisieren, als wenn man von der Heide
oder aus dem Moor sendet, wo drum herum nicht viel ist.

Noch eine Frage an Christian: Wann wird welche Sendeleistung genutzt?
Waere im Sommer wohl sinnvoller, die vollen 20 kW am Tage zu nehmen, wegen
der dann miesen Ausbreitungsbedingungen auf dieser QRG.

Das waeren bei 12 Stunden am Tag mit 20 kW Leistung rund 13.000 EURo
Stromkosten im Monat ... Spenden werden gerne entgegen genommen.
(Christian Milling-D, Radio 700 via A-DX July 25)

3955 Radio 700, Kall-Germany, except
BBC Skelton in DRM 04-06 UT, and Korea KBS via Skelton-Cumbria at
2000-2130 UT.

containing F/D cards in 70-78 days cofirming e-mail reports for Tinang-PHL
7360 kHz, Wertachtal-D 5955 kHz, and Vatican-SMG 15495 kHz, and enclosed a
travel brochure, stickers, pin, and a note regarding the closure of the
English service. Sent separately, a F/D card for Trincomalee 9800 kHz in
57 days.
(Bruce Portzer-WA-USA, dxld July 6)

GUATEMALA   4052  Radio Verdad, sent package containing F/D QSL card,
pennant, sticker, form letter signed by Dr. Edgar Madrid, plus several
promo items. The report had been mailed January 31, 2011 but, according to
Dr. Madrid, the station did not received it until May 9, 2012!! The reply
was much quicker, taking only about 2 weeks, for a total elapsed time of
475 days.
(Bruce Portzer-WA-USA, dxld July 6)

INDIA   4949.987  AIR Radio Kashmir Srinagar observed from 2200 UT July
20th with S=8-9 signal here in Germany. Extended Hindi / Kashmiri service
noted on Ramadan.

9470.032  Odd frequency AIR Hindi sce from probably Aligarh site, mens
chorus singer in probably Hindi language. At 2322 UT on July 20. Tiny
signal S=6-7 strength into Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 20)

RAMADAN SPECIAL extended broadcast.
Thanks to a tip of Christoph Ratzer Austria OE2CRM.

Log: Ramadan-DX: AIR Srinagar, Kaschmir, Indien, 4950 kHz, at 21.45 UT,
July 20, SIO 353

Puenktlich zum Beginn des Ramadan beginnt auch AIR Srinagar mit seiner
alljaehrlichen Sondersendung zum Ramadan. Der Sender aus dem Kaschmir Tal
ist seit dem Sendebeginn um 2145 UT auf 4950 kHz mit guten Signal in
Salzburg zu hoeren.
73 Christoph  <>
(Christoph Ratzer-AUT  OE2CRM, A-DX July 20)

INDIA   {Goa}  15175  All India Radio Panaji, F/D QSL card depicting the
Visvanatha Temple in 82 days. The report was sent to
<spectrum-manager (at)>
and via the form on the AIR website. Unreadable v/s.
(Bruce Portzer-WA-USA, dxld July 6)

INDONESIA   9680.051  Saxophone music and lady announcer in Bahasa
Indonesia noted before fade-out into Germany, domestic program of RRI
Jakarta Cimanggis shortwave signal at 2318 UT July 20, S=6 tiny signal.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 20)

4749.95  RRI Makassar. July 24 with good signal strength, but summertime
QRN. CNR1 (4750.0) QRM started about 1055 UT and built up from there.

0944-1000: Series of ads.
1003-1007: Qur'an (communal reciting).
1007:      Drums; Qur'an (solo reciting).
1015:      Children singing and EZL songs.
1027:      ID: "Radio Republik Indonesia".
1035-1044: Series of ads.
1044:      EZL songs.
(Ron Howard-CA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jul 24) measured 4749.950 exact, wb.

7289.96v, RRI Nabire, fade up at 0743-0848 UT on July 09 and 12, in Bahasa
Indonesia with pop songs and children singing, but off at 0800 UT on
July 09. Erratic broadcasts.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via dswci DXW July 25)

re. Ron Howards log of RRI Nabire: My wife says, the singer is most
probably Mus Mulyadi, originally a keroncong singer, now in his sixties
(one can find him in wikipedia, but in Bahasa Indonesia only), but as to
the name of the song, although it sounds familiar, also to me, we are at a
(Gerhard Werdin-D, dswci DXW July 12)

IRAN   9650  V. of Islamic Republic of Iran - Sirjan (pres), 0044 UT July
21, in Turkish. YL, OM over indigenous flute, Iranian vocal, soft spoken
OM, instrumental, YL, Qur'an like chant, OM talk (explanation?), further
chanting, OM, group chanting, OM, - YL, 0100 OM (possible ID), Qur'an
chant until 0110+. Fair.
(Taylor-WI-USA, dxld July 21)

Ramadan specials from Iran.
Yes, by searching HFCC on the peculiar dates 200712-200812 I came up with
these additional Ramadan specials from Iran:

1930-2330 5940 & 6010 Azeri from Kamalabad
2330-0030 6010 Azeri from Sirjan [conflicts with Kurdish below]
2330-0330 6005 Azeri from Kamalabad [first hour conflicts Kurdish]

2130-0130 7325 & 7360 Arabic from Sirjan, 270 degrees

2230-0100 7405 Tajik from Kamalabad

2330-0030 6005 & 6080 Sorani Kurdish from Kamalabad [6005 conflict]
          6010 Sorani Kurdish from Sirjan [conflicts with Azeri above]

0030-0130 9650 Turkish from Sirjan, 310 degrees, good for NoAM.

[later]  Aha, I didn't notice at first the effective dates in HFCC for the
0030-0130 broadcast, 20 July to 20 August. Therefore it is a special
transmission for Ramadan. I guess the Turx are up at 3:30-4:30 am to load
up on calories to get them thru the day, and want to listen to Iran while
doing it. However, sunrise in Ankara is currently 0241 UT, so a 0130-0230
UT timing would seem more effective. I wonder if there are other special
IRIB transmissions for Ramadan only?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld July 25)

ITALY   {automatic translation...}   From Italradio site:

Bologna: the end of a plant in the historic protests and indifference.
(LC, 19 July 2012) - Elio Antonucci.

We need to collect signatures in a few hours was close to share much,
especially since - in a meeting with the mayor of Budrio citizenship -
have clarified the modalities of decommissioning the plant broadcast media
that has marked the history of radio, from Marconi to the present.

The mayor of Budrio would thus confirmed that the building history will be
demolished and the area designated for commercial activities.

The mediumwave antenna will be dismantled. Although not officially known
to the end of the transmitter and spare parts can not exclude that other
sites Raiway may have already received part of the materials.

The situation on the medium wave transmitter Center Budrio (Bologna)
Helium has collected copious material on:

Italradio joins those who hope for a dignified and scientific work of the
historic preservation of the plant and hopes that the medium wave, whose
social function is enormous, both recovered to the public service evenly
throughout the country and extended to the private Social on the principle
of subsidiarity.

Bologna: the last activation.
(LC, July 20, 2012) - Bologna by Elio Antonucci

He suggests that the local ARI (Italian Amateur Radio Association) will
visit with the equipment after the plant site Budrio, Tuesday, July 24 at
9 am. And, surprise, the ARI was also "authorized to remove what is left."

A news report that if confirmed is unbelievable but maybe you can help
save some element - perhaps deemed of any value - would end up destroyed.

The meeting point is in front of the center of the transmitter Rai Budrio
groped to operate with the antenna for medium wave still standing, and
visit the former center dedicated to Guglielmo Marconi transmitter.
(Roberto Rizzardi-ITA, bclnews July 20)

ITA  RAI Bologna MW Budrio site formerly 567 kHz 10/ex60 kW,
closed on 28 Febr 2012.
44 31 11.51 N  11 31 01.38 E

KOREA D.P.R.   9325.011  /  12015.019  Voice of Korea, political
'overblown' commentary, "US - greatast atomic force ...", "heroism on
liberation war victory against US imperialism...", ohhh, - I'm going to
barf ! 1940 UT July 26.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 26)

LAOS   Lao National Radio QSL [2 Attachments]
Attached please find LNR QSL received today July 19, report sent on 14
February 2012 via post with 1 USD and prepared card (not used) and later
followed up via email. It's their new QSL design which I mentioned in last
mail, my one slightly damaged by water as we are going through heavy
monsoon here. This is my 67th Country verified :)

LAO Natonal Radio came up with a printed QSL, no return postage is
Communicate with the email id provided in the WRTH National Radio Section

2 Photo(s)
DSC08136.JPG    /    DSC08137.JPG
(Partha Sarathi Goswami-IND,  /  Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld July 22)

MADAGASCAR/UAE   Some of the Sudan/Somalia morning all news outlets heard
around 0500-0515 UT. Sudan Radio Service Darfur in Arabic on odd 11800.039
kHz from Al Dhabbaya-UAE 0400 til 0500 UT.

And Al Dhabbaya UAE relay on odd 15549.956 kHz, Radio Tamazuj til 0429 UT,
followed by Radio Dabanga 0429-0557 UT.

Also Dabanga radio program in Arabic for Sudan via MDG relay heard at 0510
UT on 15400.009 kHz.

And UAE relay of Radio Damal, Voice of Somali People in Somali was on very
even nearby 15700.000 kHz, scheduled at 04-07 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 23)

MALAYSIA   11665  on extended schedule in Ramadan? Probably RTM Wai FM
program in Malaysian traced at 2346 UT July 20, modern Arab female singer
performance heard.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 20)

MALAYSIA   6050  Voice of Malaysia sent QSL card, travel brochure,
sticker, and internet program schedule in 493 days for Febr 2011 postal
report. No v/s. The mailing address on the card had been modified to read:
Second floor, North Wing, Wisma Radio, Akgkasapuri, 50614 Kuala Lumpur,
(Bruce Portzer-WA-USA, dxld July 6)

MALI   5995.002  Tiny signal of low-modulated ORTM Radio Mali Bamako
program, fluttery signal played WeAF music, at 2235 UT July 20.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 20)

MYANMAR   7110  Thazin Radio, at 1430 UT on July 19. Usual theme music;
could make out most of the normal intro: "Good evening dear listeners. You
are tuned to the Thazin Radio, Pyin Oo Lwin and thank you very much. We
are broadcasting the third English transmission on the air again.
Radiating on 639 kilohertz and 7 point 11 megahertz."

EZL music followed by: "Good evening our dear listeners. May I present for
you some sweet melodies for tonight"; Everly Brothers with "Walk Right
Back", etc.; nice to still hear this even in summertime; 1440 to 1450 UT
segment that seemed to be talking about Myanmar architecture; poor.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld July 20)

7109.992  The only Myanmar bcast stn logged at 1210 UT July 23, slight odd
frequency, Myanmar Kachin Radio MMR in Burmese language. Used remote SDR
rx unit in Australia. S=7 signal level, just above noise level. Another
UNID stn, probably also from Yangun Myanmar outlet heard on 7199.803 kHz
at same time.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 23)

NIGERIA   6089.847  Likely the powerful signal from West Africa in our
European morning hour: Radio Nigeria Kaduna in Hausa hetting Universal
Radio of Caribbean Beacon, Anguilla island on even 6090 kHz at 0417 UT
July 23.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 23)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA   6040  NBC Port Moresby with NBC National Radio
programming. 0901 UT on July 24. Bird call; "Good night. This is N-B-C
National News" till 0909 UT (July 23 late with the news; started at 0906);
ads for BSP (Bank of South Pacific), free event at Port Moresby Sports
Centre, Yellow Pages and PSA by teenagers about condom use; 0911 UT ID:
"N-B-C National Radio, the Voice of Papua New Guinea"; program with
recorded reports and live phone conversation about the elections; 0940
tuned out. Heavy summertime QRN.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 24)

PERU   4774.958  UNID program in Spanish language, probably Rádio Tarma,
Tarma, Junín noted at 1010 UT July 25, little QRM by a multi-tone
transmissions of Codars nearby, 4500-5000 kHz, and RTTY on 4905 too.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 25)

PERU   New 4810 Peruvian is Radio Logos, testing on air.

4809.9  Radio Logos. Chazuta, Peru. 2330-0310 UT Julio 24.
En emisiones de prueba la nueva estacion peruana en banda tropical desde
el distrito de Chazuta, con programacion en vernacular hasta las 0200,
luego musica folclorica instrumental; para luego de las 0240 UT las
primeras palabras en espanol "...primera de Juan, capitulo 1..." para
luego lectura en vernacular, asi tambien el capitulo 2 y 3. A las 0258 UT
completa identificacion por locutora en espanol

"...Radio Logos naciendo en el corazon de la selva amazonica OAW9A,
saliendo en prueba al aire en la frecuencia 4.81 MHz desde el distrito de
Chazuta, ciudad de la amistad, provincia y region de San Martin para el
Peru y el mundo. Transmitiendo para usted el mensaje de la palabra de
Dios, Radio Logos invita a las personas que deseen hacer sus comunicados
al Jiron Arica 3ra cuadra sin numero, Iglesia Evangeliza Central de

Escuchada gracias a la informacion del colega venezolano Williams Lopez
desde Barquisimeto, llegando con una muy buena senal; mas informacion por
el colega Glenn Hauser en

En un correo anterior habia informado como nombre tentativo que seria "El
habla de mi pueblo" pero al parecer por la ayuda recibida de HCJB y Ray
Rising quien ayudo tambien en la Radio Logos de Bolivia, optaron por este
nombre, asi no seria raro escuchar en sus emisiones la cadena Alas.
(Rafael Rodriguez-CLM, dxld July 25)

I may have caught their sign-on this morning (24 July) at 1114 UT on
4810 kHz during an unattended recording. A carrier came on, then a woman
started talking in what sounded like Spanish. She was followed by what
might have been the Peruvian NA, but I'm not 100% certain. It was
extremely weak with CODAR interference, and therefore very tentative.

I've posted a recording at
(Bruce Portzer in Seattle, dxld July 24)

OAW9A on 4810, Chazuta] Wayne, Tnx for the news. I'd heard about the
station but didn't know you were involved in setting it up. Please keep us
posted on when carrier goes on the air with or without modulation. Is
there a name/slogan for the station other than the callsign?
(Glenn Hauser to Wayne Borthwick, dxld July 18)

Glenn, No slogan or name yet, they are working on it. Carrier on at about
12 noon local today for about 20 minutes. Will be putting audio on this
afternoon. No link to studio yet so time on will be just for testing.
(Wayne Borthwick, VA7GF, Peru, dxld July 20)

Glenn, As you may have already heard they chose Radio Logos as a name here
in Chazuta. Been on the air most days in test mode in early morning and
evening local. Will be leaving this Friday for home.
(Wayne VA7GF Borthwick, home British Columbia, dxld July 24)

Hola Santiago, aqui te envio el audio de la captacion que hice en los
4810; eran las 0257 UT, con esto cerro la emision. Antes logre escuchar
una mujer que decia algo como que transmitian desde el centro del
Amazonas, algo asi, gracias por la informacion

Williams Lopez
Apartado Postal: 763
Barquisimeto, Estado Lara
(23 July to Santiago San Gil-VEN, via Rafael Rodriguez-CLM, dxld)

At 0257 UT, apparently made UT July 23, with a 6:32 clip in heavy noise
level, man singing a hymn to El Senor. At 3:44 in, I believe it's the
familiar Peruvian NA, vocal, tenor? No talk or ID.

Amigo Rafael, El colega Williams capto esto pero no sabemos de donde es
esta emision. Santiago 73 (San Gil to Rodriguez, via DXLD)

Hola Santiago, Cordial saludo, la senal que ha escuchado el colega
Williams corresponde a las emisiones de prueba de una nueva emisora desde
el Peru; mas info:

PERU   I was hunting thru the HCJB websites for any information about
their temporary tests via Guiana French instead of Germany instead of
Chile, to no avail, but came upon something far more interesting. A prayer
request for June 28 just missed it mentioned that a new 1 kW shortwave
transmitter made by HCJB in Indiana is to be installed in Chazuta, Peru.

Rafael Rodriguez in Colombia noted my mention of this; he already knows
about it as he's in contact with Ray Raising [sic] of HCJB who was about
to depart for Peru along with three engineers to prepare for it to go on
the air by August 8.

He also has the details from an official document about licensing the
station which will be OAW-9A, on 4810 kHz, from the Iglesia Evangelica
Central de Chazuta. We don't yet know what it will be named. Chazuta is a
small town near the much larger city of Tarapoto in north central Peru.
Rafael says HCJB originally wanted to set up a SW station in Colombia to
serve the Amazon region, but permission could not be obtained. More
details of the license grant in forthcoming DX Listening Digest 12-27
which will be at
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld July 25)

PHILIPPINES   9615  Radio Veritas sent QSL card, schedule, stickers, and
postcards in 184 days for postal report with audio CD and mint stamp (not
used). v/s Arlene Arungayan-Donarber.
(Bruce Portzer-WA-USA, dxld July 6)

RUSSIA   6160 kHz  Radio Rossii from Arkhangelsk, 20 kW, heard at 0339 UT
on July 4, in Russian language / 55 555.
(Alexander Beryozkin, St. Petersburg-RUS; RUSdx July 22)

9465  Voice of Russia QSL card, "To the first manned flight into space
50 years" series from Irkutsk, RUS, 40 days, verifed Mrs. A. Molodkina,
report send: <letters @>
(Shukhrat Rakhmatullaev-UZB / "qsl-dx"; RUSdx July 19)

Today July 16, 2012 - the last day of broadcasting on Radio Orpheus
1125 kHz in St. Petersburg:  <>
(Mikhail Timofeyev-RUS, "open_dx"; via RUSdx July 22)

Dear listeners!
Please note that today, July 16, at 22.00 LT stop broadcasting of radio
programs Orpheus in the range of medium wave at a frequency of 1125 kHz.

In accordance with the broadcasting of radio programs Radio Orpheus in
St. Petersburg and nearby parts of the Leningrad region will continue in
the range of ultra-short waves/FM at a frequency of 71.66 MHz, from 06.00
am on Tuesday, July 17.
Net broadcast: from 06.00 am to 24.00 am daily. (02.00-20.00 UT)
(Branch RTRS "St. Petersburg RC"; via RUSdx July 22)

Radio "Orpheus" is now in St. Petersburg!
July 16 at the Radio "Orpheus" was an important event: a good start to be
aired in St. Petersburg in the UHF band, at a frequency of 71.66 MHz.
General Manager - artistic director "of the Russian State Musical
teleradiotsentra" Irina Gerasimova gladly welcomed residents unparalleled
city on the Neva River in the air.

Irina Gerasimova: Dear St. Petersburg, I'm incredibly happy that we will
now appear in your town as much as eighteen hours instead of six, as it
was in the medium-broadcasting.

Now, visitors and residents of the northern capital can enjoy classical
music every day from 6 am to midnight. In prime time will be available to
the so-called image-esters "Orpheus" with live coverage of the best
concert halls in the world.

Irina also described the laborious process of establishing radio station:
take their rightful place in the broadcast is not as simple as it seems.
To the Editor of "Orpheus" is often received letters from listeners,
according to which, I understand how they think the process of
broadcasting in a particular city. Most people think that radoistantsiya -
it is kind of a big room where there is a great variety of circuit
breakers. A lazy head for some reason does not go out there and do not
include the cherished switch. But in fact it is quite different. To put it
figuratively, to include a "circuit breaker", it is necessary to overcome
the incredible number of stages. For example, from the financial aspects,
and to obtain a broadcasting license, and ending with a huge number of
signed official papers and documents.

The choice in favor of the UHF band reception, the management of "Orpheus"
explains: We understand that in a city like St. Petersburg, you need to
broadcast on FM-band. Unfortunately, to date there is no free frequencies,
so we found a decent way out: to broadcast in VHF.

Now broadcasting policy of "Orpheus" will become more aggressive in a
positive way. Irina sounded coming creative plans relating to major
cultural events in St. Petersburg: Very soon, in a live broadcast from the
audience waiting for the concert hall to celebrate yubideya maestro Sergei
Slonimsky. There will also be carried out has already become a traditional
broadcast from the Opera Festival in Bayreuth. (July 20, the -; via RUSdx July 22)

Russian individual broadcasters aired.
From 1 July in Russia on medium wave (range 200 meters) to initiate the
individual (amateur) radio. Radio stations operating in the air with a
homemade (competitive) radios that meet with a professional quality
broadcast signal. There was an ad hoc development of the transmitter,
which provides high signal quality and suitable for replication in lay
terms. The stations on the air, almost all work on the same frequency - in
turn. Broadcasting is by permit number 632-12-0001 Roskomnadzora on

Frequency and the City: 1575 kHz and the Tyumen Region; 1584 kHz: Moscow
and Moscow region, and the Bryansk region, Biysk and Altay, Carpet and
Vladimir Region, Serov, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Lipetsk and area, and Voronezh
Talovaya with the region and Ekaterinburg region, Vologda region,
Pestravka Samara Oblast, the Republic of Khakassia Chernogorsk ; 1593 kHz:
Saint-Petersburg and the region.

Now in Moscow and the region of the eight stations of the Individual (ham)
radio work only three: "Green Eyes" - a transmitter and studio are located
midway between the art. Metro Serpukhov and Tula. Works after 21:00 until
midnight and sometimes later. Programs are mainly music: non-stop. "Radio
MTUCI" (Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics) -
transmitter and studio are in the studio-MTUCI town, the building
department RPdU (not far from the station. Metro Aviamotrnaya. Works
primarily during the day, during working hours. "Impromptu" - radio
program of the Institute of Humanities and television broadcasting (aired
out of the studio and transmitter MTUCI).

In the summer station "Impromptu" and "MTUCI" work on the air regularly.

As the availability of studio equipment, transmitters and antenna systems
(probably in September), gradually earn all 25 stations.

All the details on the project site.
Sergey Komarov
<> via RUSdx July 22)

Green Eyes: Information (consider that this is the first program guide):
On Monday, July 23, with 17 hours of radio MTUCI include at a frequency of
1584 kHz AM, a music compilation to gather an audience of listeners on the
air, twisting the handle coincidence radio (I know that there are very few
standards for broadcasters, but there are still !). And with 19 hours will
begin a thematic channel dedicated to broadcasting Individual, as a
phenomenon in radio broadcasting and in its current state and future

In the studio invited: Vladimir Polyakov, T. (RA3AAE), Paul Hlyupin
("Comet"), may come the chief editor of "Radio" Vladimir Kimovich Chudnov
be there Razin Oleg - Head of a university laboratory RPdU Department,
under whose direction and whose hands are built Both MTUCI-shnye radio
(amateur and shortwave-RU3C, and broadcasting).

For terrestrial remote, I'll sit down. If anyone of you wants too join our
company, please call the department (495) 957 7968 up to 19 hours (this
phone is located in the engineer's and very far from the studio - on the
air through it does not go, but with the engineers department of the
negotiations), or on my cell phone: 8_916 521 2580. We agree - podedite.

Direct terrestrial phone in the studio, we have not yet done so, but you
can write to us SMSes by number, which will be announced on the air.
< # msg914204>

Now in Moscow and the region of the eight stations of the Individual (ham)
radio work only three: - "Green Eyes" transmitter and studio are located
midway between the art. Metro Serpukhov and Tula. Does not work every day,
but quite often, after 21:00 ... 22:00 to midnight and sometimes later.
Programs are mainly music: non-stop.

"Radio MTUCI" (Moscow Technical University of Communications and
Informatics), a transmitter and studio are in the studio-MTUCI town, the
building department RPdU (not far from the station. Metro Aviamotrnaya.
Works primarily during the day, during working hours.

"Impromptu" radio program of the Institute of Humanities and television
broadcasting (aired out of the studio and transmitter MTUCI). In the
summer station "Impromptu" and "MTUCI" work on the air regularly (students
are on vacation). As the availability of studio equipment, transmitters
and antenna systems (probably in September), gradually earn all 25
stations in 17 cities of Russia.
9 # 22715>
(Victor Rutkowski-RUS, RUSdx July 22)

SAUDI ARABIA   9714.928  Usual odd non-directional service in Arabic from
Riyadh, S=5-6 at 0442 UT. Summerly fade-out path signal into western
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 23)

SOLOMON ISLS   5019.879  SIBC Honiara in English observed on remote SDR
unit at Brisbane Queensland, 1145 UT July 23, at S=8 fair level.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 23)

SOMALIA   New 100 kW transmitter for Radio Hargeisa


Somaliland: 100 kW Radio Transmitter under Installation
Thursday, 05 July 2012 17:13. By: Yusuf_M_Hasan. Hargeisa (Somaliland_sun)

The much anticipated nationwide radio transmission will be availed within
40 days.

This was revealed by the Director General at the ministry of information
and national guidance Mr. Abdirashid Jibril Yusuf during an interview with
the Somalilandsun at his offices where he also divulged the Chinese
company that sold the transmitter to the ministry has already dispatched 2
engineers who have already commenced work.

DG Abdirashid Jibril also informed that another 13 Chinese engineers are
on the way thus finalized the construction of a tower and installation of
the 100 kW transmitter that will finally avail Radio Hargeisa nationwide
coverage capabilities, Said he, "Within a period of 40 days radio Hargeisa
will be heard not only nationwide but in the entire Horn of Africa region
as well"

The new transmitter that arrived a month ago has been placed under tight
security at the ministry of information compound in Hargeisa pending the
arrival of the Chinese engineers. The Chinese engineers were part of the
purchase deal that stipulated that the PDF Company from china will oversee
installation works to the satisfaction of the Somaliland government
represented by the ministry of information and national guidance.

According to the Technical director of the information ministry Mr. Ahmed
Suleiman who is closely working with the chines engineers since he
collected from Berbera international airport in the early morning of last
Wednesday, the entire work that includes tower construction and
transmitter commissioning will take a maximum forty days.

The technical director also informed that the Chinese engineers have
commended the condition of the transmitter that has been placed in a
specially constructed room since its arrival a month ago.

On the hand Radio Hargeisa employees highly applauded the ongoing final
phase of having transmissions nationwide. According to Sound engineer
Hasan Jama Abi the new enhanced transmission capabilities will enable
Somalilanders to stay informed, entertained and educated through the
various programs offered by Radio Hargeisa.

The nationwide transmission are highly anticipated by Somalilanders all
over the country since the current Radio Hargeisa transmitter has a
capacity to cover only a distance of 40sq Km radius thus only Hargeisa
residents and those in its peri-urban areas receive programs from the
national radio station.

Although no mention of shortwave above, "entire Horn of Africa region"
coverage suggests this could be a reactivation of shortwave from this
self-declared autonomous state in north west Somalia?
(via Alan Pennington Caversham-UK, BrDXC-UK July 21)

What became of the shortwave transmitter installed not before early 2008,
back then reported as a 25 kW Elcor? It was last heard in 2010 it seems at
a glance. Did it last just two years before finally breaking down?

See also Baldur's website, click under Radio Hargeisa 2009
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld July 22)

{Somaliland}  The awaited new SW transmitter for Radio Hargeisais hoped to
be at least testing before August 10.

Various sources within and without Somaliland indicate that 15 Chinese
technicians are currently installing the new 100 kW.

Radio Hargeisa SW xmtr. This is in Somaliland, once British Somaliland,
but now an "unrecognized" breakaway area from nominal and mostly non-
functioning Somalia. The rump Somaliland government does seem to be
functioning, and while not recognized by world governments, there are,
indeed, significant trading partners, including China and Turkey.

Sources within Somaliland claim it is a Chinese-made unit from the PDF
Co.. That is at least partly erroneous.

P.D.F. Co. Ltd. of Guangdong, China, is not an electronics manufacturer,
but rather, a broker and export firm and is overseeing the installation.

In fact, it is difficult to find any data on Chinese SW xmtr
manufacturers, though surely there have been, and probably still are, such

But, Chinese firms are known to have brokered and installed some high
powered SW transmitters made by RIZ, the Croatian electronics mfger (e.g.,
in Myanmar) so while the transmitter, indeed, may be Chinese in make, it
could instead be the economical, solid state RIZ OR-100 K-03/A
SW transmitter made in Croatia, which has received decent reviews as
relatively cheap and reliable, particularly in low-tech Third World areas.

The transmitter, antenna, etc. entered Somaliland by air sometime in June
and and were stored at the guarded Ministry of Information compound in
Hargeisa. Two Chinese techs arrived about the same time, with 13 more
arriving very early in July.

Of course, in practice, the estimated 40 day maximum installation time
could be delayed beyond the scheduled completion Aug. 10. It would be
surprising if that deadline is actually met. But the time frame, in
reality, should be reasonably short.

What we don't yet know is what frequency will be used for tests or
eventual regular service. We should be on the alert though for a big new
signal testing soon.
(Don Jensen-WI-USA, DXplorer July 22)

Probably I guess
only the well known Chinese transmitter manufacturer BBEF will erect this
100 kW SW unit, as well has done in whole Africa, like Ethiopia, Sudan,
Mali, Chad, Zanzibar and Eritrea ... as well as Korea D.P.R. too.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 22)

SW and TV tx projects in Ethiopia.

BBEF has constructed 4 radio transmitting stations and 28 TV transmitting
stations for Ethiopia; meanwhile our company supplies corresponding
equipments as well. The project wins high reputation and pushes forward
the expanding process in overseas markets.

I. SW&MW Projects Phase I and II.

Ethiopia SW&MW Project Phase I started in 2007. The project was composed
7 sets of 100 kW MW transmitter, the antenna-feeder system, studio
facilities and the program transmission apparatus. Engineers from BBEF and
Ethiopia worked together closely and overcame numerous difficulties. After
intensive construction and careful debugging, they accomplished the
project in time. The Ethiopian government highly appraised the work
efficiency and appreciated the project. Anyway, the excellent performance
of this project won the priority for the next phrase of SW&MW project.

SW&MW Project Phase II included 50/150 kW SW transmitter, 200 kW MW
transmitter, towers, antennas, etc. With our fighting spirits, the staffs
got through the procedures of manufacturing, shipping, installation and
debugging in time. The project wascompleted during a period of nearly one

II. Ethiopia TV&FM Projects Phase I and II.

After SW&MW Projects Phase I and II were accomplished, BBEF started
Ethiopia TV&FM Project Phase I, which meant the establishment of overlay
network in the country. It was required to construct 29 new stations, and
supply 66 sets of TV and FM transmitters. The equipments to be supplied
cover the satellite receiving system, program input devices, the
transmitter system, the antenna-feeder system, remote microwave links, the
machine room monitoring system and generating apparatus. With meticulous
arrangement and organization, BBEF finished the equipment production,
procurement and delivery on time. By for now, the procedures of
construction, debugging and acceptance check has come to an end. Ethiopia
is quite satisfied with the cooperation and highly appraises the project
speed and quality.

After Phase I, BBEF won the chance of TV&FM Project phrase II. On the base
of Phrase I, more stations will be constructed as supplementary coverage
in Ethiopia. Due to the large number of stations and various types of
equipments, this project is a big challenge for us. However, by using the
experience of Phase I, we are sure to complete the second phase


Overseas Engineering: Ethiopia Project. Release time: 2011-09-05.

Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. for the Ethiopian North Canton
built four radio transmitters, 28 TV transmitting station, and provide the
appropriate equipment. Ethiopia project in establishing a good reputation
abroad, winning a good reputation, to enhance the brand influence to
promote the overseas market expansion process.

First, the short-wave stage ?, ? phase of the project.

Company from 2007, the Ethiopian short-wave phase ? construction work,
engineering, including: 7 x 100 kW medium wave transmitters, antenna
systems, studio equipment, studio to transmitter program transmission

Construction company engineers and technical personnel in close
coordination with Aye side, overcome difficulties, after intense
construction and commissioning tasks completed on time. Both efficiency
and quality of the project are given angstroms side spoke highly of the
government, short-wave engineering for the next period to win the first

Upon completion of the short-wave phase ?, the view of the company's
product quality and efficiency of cooperation projects in Phase ? good
performance, the company has successfully won Aise short-wave phase ?
project, contract works include: short-wave transmitter 50/150 kW machine,
200 kW medium wave transmitter and tower and antenna. After nearly a year
of hard work, company employees to carry forward the whole body from top
to bottom with fearing neither hardship nor tired of fighting spirit, and
fulfill the production, shipping and on-site installation and
commissioning work, the successful completion of the project.

Aise TV FM stage ?, ? phase of the project. Upon completion of the short-
wave phase ? and ?, the company ushered in the Ethiopian TV FM phase ?, ?
phase of the project need to Aise established a nationwide television
coverage, the need to build 29 new stations, TV, FM transmitter total
number of 66 sets. From the satellite receiving system, program input
device, transmitter systems, Antenna systems, remote microwave link,
engine room monitoring system, power generation equipment all need a new
acquisition or construction.

Deployment of the company carefully, well-organized, timely completion of
the organization of production, outsourcing equipment, timely delivery and
so on. Through the efforts of construction workers building, TV Tuner,
Phase ? project has been completed and gradually the construction,
commissioning and inspection. Aye side very satisfied with the company's
cooperation, and the speed and quality of projects and spoke highly of.

Completed a TV tuner phase ?, the company has ushered in a TV tuner phase
? project in Phase ? project based on the coverage across the country to
make up points. Phase ? large number of stations, various models, the
project organization is a big challenge, the company works through the
east stage ?, drawing stage ? construction experience, will complete the
project quality and efficient.

Ethiopia Broadcast TV Training Phase II was Rounded off trainees in

Re: Radio Hargeisa.
My posting earlier this week concerning the forthcoming installation of a
100 kw. xmtr, tentatively scheduled to be on the air by about Aug. 10,
clearly will not meet that optimistic schedule.

It is still uncertain if it will be a SW or MW unit. I hope to have that
answer soon.

Sale of the new Radio Hargeisa transmitter was negotiated by a Chinese
export firm, PDF Co. Ltd, of Guangong, China, and it is responsible for
the installation. Some have supposed it would be, like other SW
installations in Africa, a Chinese-made transmitter manufactured by
Beijing BBEF Electronics Group Co. Ltd. (prior to 2000, known as the
Beijing Broadcast Equipment Factory)

This may well be so, although the BBEF website lists its overseas projects
in places like Ethiopia, Cuba, North Korea, etc., and says nothing about
supplying transmitter equipment for installation in Somaliland. I have
merely suggested it MIGHT instead, be a Croatian-made RIZ transmitter,
since there is a track record of another Chinese electronics broker in
Hong Kong installing a RIZ SW transmitter for the government of Myanmar.
A Chinese installation team does not automatically mean the transmitter
installed in Somaliland is of Chinese manufacture. Maybe so, but maybe no.
That remains to be seen.

The Chinese technicians were to have arrived in Hargeisa in very early
July, to begin installation. Two techs have been doing preliminary work in
Hargeisa since late June. The remaining 13 in the installation team were
to have followed in very early July. With that arrival, it was expected -
perhaps optimistically - to be test-ready in 40 days, roughly Aug. 10, as
I noted previously. In fact, the installation team did not arrive in
Hargeisa until yesterday, July 23, presumably putting them at least three
weeks behind schedule.

Further details as they become available. For DXers, the most critical one
would be, SW or MW?
(Don Jensen-WI-USA, DXplorer July 24)

Re: New 100 kW transmitter for Radio Hargeisa.

This Somali language news item from November 2011 mentions BBEF

I guess around that time it was decided which company will get the
contract. There is also mentioned BROTHERS, I wonder what is that.
Broadcast Technology something..? Maybe misspelled abbreviation.

I tried to locate the tender for this project by googling but no luck.
Somaliland National Tender Board was taking part. If someone could find
that particular tender, I beieve there's mentioned whether SW or MW.
(Jari Savolainen-FIN, dxld July 25)

SPAIN/HUNGARY   540  No signal heard from Solt-Hungary at 0335 UT July 23,
but noted Onda Melodia from Barcelona in Spanish instead, S=9+10dB signal
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 23)

SWAZILAND   4774.993  TWR Africa from Manzini Swaziland, in Vernacular,
S=7-8 signal here in Germany, sermon by two male and female - announcer.
0356 UT July 23.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 23)

TAIWAN   6240.044  YFR Family Radio in Chinese noted on remote unit from
Pao Chung site in Taiwan, at 1200 UT July23, S=7 poor signal strength on
backlobe side.

7459.989  YFR Vietnamese language sermon talk broadcast also via Pao Chung
site at taiwan, heard at 1225 UT of registered 12-13 UT bcast range.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 23)

TAJIKISTAN   927   QSL 19.07.2012 NHK World Radio Japan, Russian Service
relay, QSL card 927 kHz of Dushanbe Yangi-Yul-TJK site, in 71 days, report
send: via form of web site.
(Shukhrat Rakhmatullaev-UZB / "qsl-dx"; RUSdx July 19)

UKRAINE   11980  Got a QSL card from Radio Dniprovska hvilya (Zaporozhye)
in six months. on Jan 29/2012 at 07.00 UT.
(Editor Anatoly Klepov; RUSdx July 22)

UKRAINE   New NRCU website. New website of the Ukrainian Radio:
<>  with some unexpected "specials":

first, the display show just how many people hear the various programs
online, on the other English version
a menu list of CIRAF reception areas and if you click it, you get
(obviously) "Reception is not garanteed" as a result.

The audio files of Ukrainian only RUI programs are back again, i.e. the
disappearance of the old site had something to do with this move.
<>  access via English language website too.
<>   Ukrainian language website.

otherwise the user interface is still very, very bumpy.
The use procedure of NRCU Kiev websites should be very much improved in

Start/click the Live Stream WMV format 48 or 128 kb/s is functioning very
well when use MS W7 WMP is in standard use at PC file allocation set.

VLC restrictions: But is bumpy when VLC media player Web Plugin is
switched between in Firefox. Then use clipboard to transfer URL address
directly as:
Thanks to members help of NetRadio ng in Austria.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 22)

UAE   9490.044  Radio Australia's Burmese language relay via Al Dhabbaya-
UAE relay site heard on S=8-9 signal strength at 2320 UT, political talk
by female and male. RA stn ID at 2321 UT.

Followed by English-Burmese language lessons from 2322 UT onwards.
Featured "to phone a hotel desk, ... reserve a hotel room by phone, ...
good morning, ... good afternoon,, ... good night ..."
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 20)

USA   7506.383  Re: Terry Krueger WRNO log.

The below logs were made at Clearwater, FL.
7506.4  LOUISIANA WRNO, New Orleans. at 2340 UT July 18, 2012. Presumed,
but virtually no audio, maybe 10-percent modulation at best (the low
modulation reported by so many others before me). Something preacher I
think, but who knows, who cares. July 19, 2133 UT: audible carrier-only,
presuming it's them.

Why are so many of the remaining shortwave stations running such shoddy
modulations and/or off-channel operations? Better they all die, and open
the frequencies for what's left of any exotic DX potential.
(Terry L Krueger-FL-USA, DXplorer July 20)

Hi Terry,
Back in June 2010, Larry Thom (former Chief Engineer WRNO) wrote to me:

"The frequency is actually off a little due to a defective oscillator, and
the replacements turned out to be too large to fit in the driver area of
the transmitter. We are working to get new ones but so far they have not

So still not fixed in 2012! Unfortunately I believe Larry is no longer
with the current WRNO, as his email address has been inactive for a long
time now. When he was Cheif Engineer he always provided detailed
information about what was happening with the WRNO operation. I miss him!
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld July 21)

USA   9367.722 at 0455 UT July 23, and later on at 0540 UT noted on lower
9367.713 kHz, WTJC Morehead City, English sce, youg boys/mens sermon
chorus heard.

2300 Hertz frequency deviation is a lot in FCC rule standards ....
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 23)

VIETNAM   9839.872  Ladies singer folk music heard at 2316 UT July 20,
Voice of Vietnam Hanoi Son Tay site outlet. According WRTH spring Update
scheduled Indonesian foreign sce at 2300-2330 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 20)

VIETNAM   6165  VoVietnam, from Xuan Mai site, 2250 UT July 21, SIO 454.
Sehr schoenes Signal des H'Mong Service aus Xuan Mai auf 6165 kHz, bester
Empfang in LSB. S&F listete den Sender als inaktiv.
73 Christoph OE2CRM <>  A-DX July 22)

Nicht immer, aber hier verlasse Dich mal auf die AOKI Liste,
Vietnam 4. Programm aus Xuan Mai.

VIETNAM   CK2 Xuan Mai - more! I reckon I've now probably found (all?)
four of the SW antennas on site of the VOV Xuan Mai SW site. See my
attached pic. Reminder Credit to Alan for the site find back in May 2011.
Back then I mentioned there should be a least 4 SW antennas.
(Alan Davies-INS, May 2011; via Ian Baxter-AUS, SW TXsite March 2, 2012)

Re: CK2 Xuan Mai - more! Okay, I see excellent map image on Bing Maps.
Yes, I see also a very tall Communications mast at
20 52 46.05 N  105 35 37.96 E   next to the TX house complex.

BING - click on aerial view
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 22)

ZAMBIA   5914.992  ZNBC 1st program from Lusaka Zambia, played modern
African nice bongo music at 0405 UT July 23, S=8-9 in peaks, and much
fluttery across equator signal.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 23)



Our German member Gerhard Werdin reports:
"Ramadan this year starts on the 20th of July until 18th of August. Id-Ul-
Fitr, in Indonesia called Lebaran, in Turkey Bayram, the holiday at the
end of Ramadan, starts the next day and lasts from 2 days in Indonesia to
a full week in Saudi-Arabia". Remember many muslim stations broadcast all
night during Ramadan, not at least on mediumwaves. In Indian Kashmir the
Ramadan is called Ramzan.
(via Anker Petersen-DEN, dswci DXW July 25)
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