WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News - July 6th, 2012 (BC-DX #1072)

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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ARMENIA   9400  IRRS - Yerevan, at 2154-2200* UT on Jun 27, man announcer
in English preaching (Brother Stair) with mentions of Overcomer Ministry
and Overcomer Radio Broadcast. Contact information in South Carolina at
end of program. Off without any IRRS announcements. Poor to fair.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer July 2)


Emissions of YFR - Family Radio in A-12/J-12/S-12 season.

Dear friends, in those days I received the new schedule of USA radio
station YFR Family Radio that in this period has cutting much programs of
External Service, so I send you the new schedule.

YFR Family Radio

1700-1900 17690 WOF 250 kW 102 deg to SoEaEUR Turkish
1800-1900 11875 ASC 250 kW 065 deg to WeAF    Igbo
1830-1930 17550 ASC 250 kW 065 deg to WeAF    Hausa
1830-1930 17585 ASC 250 kW 085 deg to WeAF    French
1900-2000 11855 ASC 250 kW 065 deg to WeCeAF  Yoruba
2000-2100 15195 ASC 250 kW 065 deg to CeAF    English
2100-2200 12070 ASC 250 kW 065 deg to CeAF    English
1700-1800 17545 ASC 250 kW 085 deg to EaAF    English
1700-1800  9790 DHA 250 kW 225 deg to EaAF    Amharic
1700-1800 15600 WOF 250 kW 128 deg to EaAF    Somali
1800-1900  9610 DHA 250 kW 225 deg to EaAF    English
1900-2000  5930 MEY 250 kW 019 deg to EaAF    Swahili
1600-1700  6100 MEY 250 kW 076 deg to SoEaAF  Malagasy
1800-1900  5905 MEY 100 kW 015 deg to SoAF    English
1900-2000  9775 DHA 250 kW 210 deg to SoAF    English
1900-2000  3955 MEY 100 kW 076 deg to SoAF    Portuguese
1900-2000  6100 MEY 100 kW 330 deg to SoAF    Portuguese
1300-1400 17735 DHA 250 kW 100 deg to SoAS    Kannada
1300-1500 17715 DHA 250 kW 100 deg to SoAS    Telugu/Tamil
1400-1500  9595 DHA 250 kW 090 deg to SoAS    Hindi
1400-1500 15520 DHA 250 kW 105 deg to SoAS    Marathi
1500-1600 13690 DHA 250 kW 105 deg to SoAS    English
1500-1600 15520 DHA 250 kW 090 deg to SoAS    English
1600-1700 11850 DHA 250 kW 090 deg to SoAS    English
1100-1200  9955 HBN 100 kW 345 deg to EaAS    Korean
1200-1300 17880 DHA 250 kW 095 deg to EaAS    Thai
(Dario Gabrielli-ITA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 2)

AUSTRIA   DAB+ Digital Audio Broadcasting in Oesterreich.


Digitalradio: Interesse vorhanden, Behoerde prueft 3. Juli 2012, 19:39

Sender Lounge FM und die bayerische Oschmann-Gruppe als Interessenten

Wien - Bis Montag wollte die Medienbehoerde KommAustria wissen, wer in
Oesterreich Digitalradio nach dem Standard DAB+ betreiben will. Offenbar
haben sich einige Interessenten gemeldet. ....

Florian Philapitsch, stellvertretender Leiter der KommAustria, wollte
erste STANDARD-Infos ueber geringes Interesse auf Anfrage "nicht
bestaetigen". Philapitsch: "Derzeit werden die eingegangenen
Interessenbekundungen gesichtet und geprueft. Ob es eine Ausschreibung zu
Digitalradio in DAB+ geben wird, werden wir nach Abschluss dieser Pruefung
umgehend kommunizieren."
(fid, DER STANDARD, 4.7.2012)

Ein/e Kommentarschreiber/in: "na bum - das Interesse erschlaegt mich. Zwei
Sender haben Interesse an DAB. Jetzt zweifle ich nicht mehr am Erfolg von
DAB in Oesterreich." [ :-) ]

Mit Gruss, Herbert Meixner-AUT, (A-DX via  wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 4)
"na bum - das Interesse erschlaegt mich. Zwei Sender haben Interesse an
DAB. Jetzt zweifle ich nicht mehr am Erfolg von DAB in Oesterreich."

Felix Austria

von der technischen und programmlichen Seite gesehen:

das bestaetigt aber - ganz im Gegensatz zu DAB in D. oder der Schweiz,
dass das geografisch schmale Land trotz FM Frequenz Abstimmung mit den
Nachbarlaendern gut mit ORF und privaten Zeitungs Radioprogrammen auf
FM Band versorgt ist, und auch keine weitere Programmauffaecherungs
Vielfalt gewuenscht ist. Sonst wuerden die STANDARD Zeitungen ganz
anders 'TROMMELN', wenn's um deren Pfruende ginge.

Auch sollen ja keine weiteren oesterreichischen Lang- und
Mittelwellensender in die Luft gesprengt werden >:-> ...

Dies ist in D. nicht der Fall, da sind selbst Grundversorgungsprogramme
{wie DLF, DLR und SWRinfo/exContRa hier bei mir in St.} wegen
Frequenzverfuegungsmangel ansonsten nur ueber Livestream/WLAN usw. zu
erlangen, aber nicht terrestrisch. In der Schweiz gibt es dazu noch die
4 Sprachigkeit, und 8 Spartenkanaele, wie Jazz, Klassik usw. dazu.
In Suedtirol sieht es wieder anders aus.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 4)

BELGIUM   DX-Antwerp Anniversary program now online.

Dear listeners, reception report contributors and co-operators,

Filthy days are gone sine DX-Antwerp was airing its shortwave program
commemorating our 30th anniversary. It was pretty to compile such a
program. Afterwards going through all the reception reports was a huge
job, but it was also very interesting, to see how addicted shortwave
listeners can be. Even in a decade when there are a lot of other media
taking over from shortwave broadcasting.

While it seems the mailbox isn't attracting new mails anymore besides
spam, we think it is the right time to put our broadcast online. You can
find it here:

It might be possible that it isn't possible to play it directly in your
browser while this is a large file. In that case, please click on the
download button in the upper right corner and play it afterwards directly
on your computer.

As a result, while the program is now online, it means that we will no
longer verify new reception reports. We don't want fake reports J

Besides this audio file, we can also present a few interesting statistics:

- We received 146 reports from 36 countries. As expected Germany was
leading with 21 reports, but a nice surprise was that we've got 16 reports
from India.
You can see a diagram with detailed figures at


- 19 reports were about the DRM transmissions. 11 from Europe, 3 from
North America, 2 from Asia (I know there was one more DRM listener in
India but he didn't send a report) and 1 from South America. - 30 reports
were coming via regular mail to the TDP mailbox.

It was also interesting to see how long it took to deliver a priority
airmail envelope to the different sides of the globe. We were very pleased
to see that a lot of DXers took the effort to inform us that their QSL
arrived and send us a of thank you mails. In Europe, most QSLs arrived
2 or 3 days after posting.

In North America our envelopes where at their destination at least within
a week. But we never thought that it would take that long to deliver a QSL
to countries in the Indian subcontinent. The range for these destinations
was between 2 and 4 weeks. Although we have to add that some of the QSLs
were misrouted by the postal services to Jakarta, Indonesia, instead of to

We have also counted the receivers and receiver types.

There were 64 portables, 52 communications receivers, 12 SDR radios,
4 stand alone DRM receivers and there was one self made project.
13 DXers didn't mention what kind of receiver they were using.

The Top 13 of the receivers looks as follows:

*Receiver*            *Number*
Degen DE1103 - Kaito KA-1103  15
ICOM IC-R75           7
Perseus               7
Tecsun PL-660         7
AOR AR7030 plus       5
Sangean ATS-909       5
Sony ICF 2001 D/2010  5
Sony ICF SW 7600 GR   5
JRC NRD-525           4
JRC NRD-535D          4
SONY-ICF SW 77        3
JRC NRD-545           2
SANGEAN ATS 818       2

All other kind of receivers were only represented by one single type. So,
that's about all we can tell about the aftermath of our special
anniversary program. We hope you liked it and maybe we'll meet again in
10 years from now.

73, DX-Antwerp.  (via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 1)

BHUTAN   Bhutan BBS 6035 kHz - audio. Yes, - easily to check against web
livestream. Some peaks seen and heard on that channel.

BBS Bhutan wandering around 6034.997 kHz down to x.990 kHz, and
accompanied by annoying hum audio, peaks on 147 and 544 Hertz away, at
1935 UT July 3.
(wb, dxld / wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 3)

The audio streaming worked fine for me today.
Per Sei-ichi:  <>
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer July 3)

BOLIVIA   6134.8  Radio Santa Cruz, 0040 and again 0215 UT still on air,
Spanish, Soccer report,July 4. SINPO: 34433. definitely not Aparecida
(Erich Bergmann-D, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 5)

BONAIRE   9610  Vatican Radio in Spanish via RNW relay site 250kW at
320 degr, now 0100-0230 UT. (ex15470 kHz at 185 degr).
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 30)

BONAIRE   Farewell to RNW's shortwave broadcasts from Bonaire.

The Radio Netherlands' relay station on the Caribbean island of Bonaire
lies a few hundred metres off a narrow road. A white patch on a rock is a
reminder of the dynamite that was used to make enough room to get the
transmitters to the site. The last regular shortwave transmission from
Bonaire was on 30 June.

Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW) started building the station in 1968 to
improve reception for Dutch people living in North, Central and South
America as well as New Zealand and Australia. The relay station, with two
of the world's most powerful transmitters (300 kW) at the time, was
officially inaugurated a year later.

From July 1, Bonaire will broadcast a one-hour Spanish language programme,
La Matinal, to Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico and the rest of the Caribbean.
Dutch-language transmissions to Surinam will also continue for the time
being. From October 28, RNW will hire airtime from another - as yet
unknown - broadcaster. The Bonaire relay station will then be dismantled.
All that will remain is a field.

Our thanks to Juergen Wagner, DL4KE for spotting this item.
(Southgate Amateur Radio Club, via Zacharias Liangas-GRC, hcdx July 2)


US IBB broadcaster to Zimbabwe Shona/Ndebele/English Studio 7
1700-1800 909BOT 4930BOT 7210MDG-exSAO 9725SAO del12120MDG
1800-1900 909BOT 7210SAO 9725IRA Mon-Fri  del12120IRA
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 30)

BRAZIL  3375.1  Radio Municipal Sao Gabriel da Cachoeira, good music,
0950 to 1010 UT on June 19.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, ARDXC ADXN July, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews)

CANADA   Vatican Radio relay via Sackville end on July 31.
See Vatican schedule below.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 30)

CANADA   There's an updated HFCC file at
<>  today.

Running a comparison shows RCI entries now have an ending date of June 24,
with the exception of the entry on 9625 kHz for the Northern Quebec
Service and the entries for KBS. I now understand KBS, Babcock and NHK
will stay until Oct 31, Vatican relays will end July 31, China R. Int'l
relays end June 24, Republica relay will end June 25 at 0200 UT.
(Dan Ferguson-USA, dxld June 21)

HFCC listings for RCI at

now show all its transmissions terminating June 24 (except for its relays
via South Korea, surely an oversight), but CBCNQ on 9625 kHz is still
shown lasting until Oct 28. We hope so, but don't read too much into this,
since Oct 28 is the default end-of-season A-12 date in HFCC listings, also
shown for many stations which have no real intention of using a frequency
until then. And all the Sackville relays of CRI at

are still shown in effect thru Oct 28, FWIW
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld June 27)

SRI LANKA/USA   Frequency changes for Voice of America:

0300-0330 NF 7260 SAO 100 kW 052 deg, ex 7330 SAO Arabic "Hello Darfur"
1400-1500 NF11825 KWT 250 kW 070 deg, ex11880 PHT Urdu"R.Aap Ki Dunyaa"
1500-1530 NF11920 TIN 250 kW 305 deg, ex11940 TIN Uzbek,  jammed by CHN
1700-1800 NF 9725 SAO 100 kW 126 deg, ex12120 MDC English/Shona/Ndebele
1800-1900 NF 9725 IRA 250 kW 251 deg, ex12120 IRA English/Shona/Ndebele
2000-2200 13820 GB  250 kW 184 deg, ex13820 SAC Spanish "Radio Marti"
0100-0300 11775 GB  250 kW 184 deg, ex11775 SAC Spanish "Radio Marti"
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 3)

CHILE   New A-12 schedule of Voz Crista La Voz from June 29:

Spanish to Northern South America
2100-2300 17680 SGO 100 kW 000 deg, ex1200-2300
2300-0200 11665 SGO 100 kW 000 deg till Sep.1
2300-0100 11665 SGO 100 kW 000 deg from Sep.2

Spanish to Southern South America
2100-2200  9635 SGO 100 kW 030 deg, ex1200-2200
2200-0200  9780 SGO 100 kW 030 deg till Sep.1
2200-0100  9780 SGO 100 kW 030 deg from Sep.2

Portuguese to Brazil in DRM mode
1800-2000 17640 SGO 015 kW 045 deg, cancelled
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 3)

CHILE   CVC-CVI Spanish cuttings via Calera de Tango, Santiago relay:
9635 kHz 21-22 UT (ex 11-22). 9780 22-02 UT til Sep1st, replaced by
11665 kHz from Sept 2nd. 17680 21-23 UT (ex 11-23).
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 30)

CHILE/GERMANY   Sendungen ueber CVC (Voz Cristiana) und M&B Wertachtal.

From "HCJB - Die Stimme der Anden"
Hallo, danke fuer die Rueckmeldungen. Falls ihr zu spaeter Stunde noch
wach seid, heute Abend kommen noch die Sendungen aus Chile

11920 kHz
UT 2245-2300  Kulina
UT 2300-0045  Portugiesisch

9835 kHz
UT 2300-2330  Deutsch
UT 2300-0000  Plattdeutsch

Wie OM Roger schon schrieb auf beiden Frequenzen und zu gleichen Zeiten
Testsendungen aus Wertachtal (1.-7.7.2012) und danach bis zum 31.7.2012
wieder Santiago Chile.

Herzliche Gruesse und gut DX, euer Horst
(Horst Rosiak-Quito-EQA, A-DX June 30)

HCJB leaves Calera de Tango, tests Wertachtal.

HCJB will as a test replace Calera de Tango by Wertachtal from July 1 to
July 7, at same times on same frequencies (11920 kHz 2245-0045 UT, 9835
kHz 2300-2400 UT). On July 8 the transmissions will switch back to Chile
but only until July 31 when HCJB will leave Calera de Tango permanently.

And this at the same time when transmissions of CVC Spanish from this site
are stated to be cut back drastically, as reported by Wolfy to just
2100-2200 9635, 2100-2300 17680, 2200-0200 9780. Aha-aha-aha.
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld July 1)
Why not use of Montsinery-GUF site with older 50/100 kW units? wb.

CHILE   17680, July 1 at 1230 and later, a big hole on the 16m band as CVC
La Voz has disappeared. It was also missing during the day on June 30, and
maybe June 29. Normally it has been the most reliable 16m signal all day
long, aimed toward Mexico and US; unfortunately of zero interest since
it's constant gospel-huxtering hype aimed at the younger generation,
hardly SW enthusiasts.

This is no accident, as Wolfgang Bueschel and Kai Ludwig point out HFCC
registrations show the 17680 transmission at 1200-2300 is drastically
reduced to 2100-2300 only; and HCJB is having to search for another relay
site, testing Wertachtal on its same frequencies as from Chile.

The HFCC CVI as FMO schedule shows the 17680 21-23 usage started 29 June;
along with further cuts: 9635 at 21-22 only; 9780 continues at 22-02, and
11665 at 23-02. The Spanish broadcast at 16-18 on 17640 is shown as on the
air from 19 to 21 June only; HFCC is unable to indicate in these schedule
versions that it was DRM.

NHK World Radio Japan has also been using Calera de Tango, and its own
schedule still shows those transmissions in effect until Oct 28; the
easiest one for us to check is 2130-2200 in Portuguese on 11880 kHz.

So is the Calera de Tango station being phased out?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld July 1)

China mainland jamming type against US Uyghur program 0100-0200 UT.

Tonight 01-02 UT July 5th noted a different BUZZY WHITE NOISE jamming
sound, additional to the CNR talk jammer co-channel. Probably from China
mainland against US RFA Uyghur service on 9350 Yangi-Yul TJK, 9400
Sitkunai-Lithuania, 11895 and 11945 Al Dhabbaya-UAE, 17635 from Tinian
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 5)

CYPRUS   7425 (ex6155) BBC Dari ,Pashto, Dari at 17-19 UT, Zyyi-CYP 300 kW
77 degr.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 30)

CYPRUS   Frequency change of BBC:
1700-1800 NF  7425 CYP 300 kW 077 deg to WeAS, ex6155*in Dari/Pashto
1800-1900 NF  7425 CYP 300 kW 077 deg to WeAS, ex6155*in Dari
* to avoid Voice of Russia in DRM
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 3)

FRENCH GUIANA   11920  July 4 at 2244 UT open carrier, 2245 UT HCJB
opening in Kulina. It's the same speaker we always hear, probably a non-
native missionary who learned enough to proselytize. 2259 UT finally
switched to some singing. 2300 UT opening in Portuguese. I wanted to be
sure I heard it right 24 hours earlier. Yes, not Wertachtal Germany, as
originally publicized, but they explicitly say this broadcast is via
Guiana Francesa, and prompt reception reports to a CP in Curitiba, or
<hcjb @>
also a phone number, offering QSL. 2331 UT heard tail of
QSL offer repeated, then sponsored by the First
Baptist Church of Curitiba. Poor but sufficient signal. Is the site
contradixion another case like Fiji?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld July 4)

GERMANY   49 mb daytime in Europe.

Radio-6150 / R48 on 6070 kHz aus Ingolstadt Rohrbach wird hier durch
Vatican Radio auf 6075 kHz mit S=9+25db total erdrueckt.

Die anderen verrauschten Hobbyfunzeln kann man vergessen mit hoechstens
S=3 Signalen heute Morgen, nur Wertachtal 6055 und 6095 mit 125 kW liefern
verlaessliche Signale. Juliusruh/Kuehlungsborn Zahlen hin oder her um
1100 UT ?

5945  250 kW Missionswerk Arche via Wertachtal, Suns only 1100-1115 UT.
Jetzt die 15 Minuten des Missionssenders, 250 kW, gewaltiges Signal
S=9+30dB, der Sender faehrt immer wieder herunter, ich glaube die
Wertachtal Ingenieur Bediener schalten auf eine andere Sender-Unit um,
1110 UT.

Thueringisch-saechsischer Sprecher. Die Sender/Antennen? - Unterbrechungen
in den ersten 10 Minuten berechtigen wohl fuer eine Ersatzsendung ?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 1)

GERMANY   3995  Ichtys Radio Relay via HCJB 3995 kHz.

Just a short note: HCJB will relay programming from "Ichtys Radio" every
morning from 0800-0900 UT and every night from 2130-2230 UT from today on
at 3995 kHz from Weenermoor transmitter site in Germany.

Ichtys Radio <> is a small webradio station from the
Eastern part of Germany, run by volunteers and mainly broadcasts Christian
temporary music.

The late broadcast might be interesting for some of you, as it can be
heard across Europe.

As they told me, they confirm reception with an E-qsl-card or E-qsl-letter
via mail and by snailmail if you send them a report with postage

Ichtys Radio
z.Hd. Sven Tasche
Rudolf-Breitscheid-Str. 3
01945 Ruhland

3995  Ab heute uebertragen wir jeweils 1 Stunde morgens zwischen 0800 und
0900 UT und Abends von 2130-2230 UT das Live-Programm von Ichtys Radio
auf 3995 kHz und im Livestream

Die Betreiber des kleinen Webradios Ichtys Radio aus der Lausitz freuen
sich ueber Rueckmeldungen und stellen, wie ich hoerte, QSL Karten oder
Briefe per Mail und auch Briefpost (gegen Portoerstattung) aus.

Hoert mal rein, Feedback (und vielleicht auch der eine oder andere
Liedwunsch aus dem Repertoire) ist auch direkt im Chat moeglich auf
(Stephan Schaa-D, dxld / A-DX / wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 3)

GERMANY/ECUADOR   Heute kam uebrigens ein Luftpostbrief mit Sondermarken
aus Ekuador, eine schoene f/d QSL fuer 3995 kHz aus Weenermoor und ein
Rundbrief. Toll, ein Feeling wie frueher! Danke nach Quito!

Bericht per Mail am 8.6. geschickt.
(Martin Elbe-D, Friedrich-Walter Adam-D, A-DX July 3)

GERMANY   125 Jahre Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt.

Mit einem Tag der Offenen Tuer begeht die Physikalisch-Technischen
Bundesanstalt am 14. Juli 2012 ihr 125-jaehriges Bestehen. Die
Veranstaltungen im Maerz, ziemlich genau 125 Jahre nach der ersten
Bewilligung eines Etats fuer die Physikalisch-Technische Reichsanstalt,
waren fuer ein geschlossenes Publikum.

Nun soll am 14. Juli 15.00-23.00 Uhr das Gelaende in Braunschweig
geoeffnet werden. Bei Redaktionsschluss war aber auf
noch kein Programm zu finden.

Funkfreunde kennen die Physikalisch-Technischen Bundesanstalt vor allem
vom 50-kW-Langwellensender Mainflingen DCF77. Ein Sender der Media
Broadcast uebertraegt im Auftrag der PTB auf der Normalfrequenz 77.5 kHz
ein Zeitzeichen, das von drei kommerziellen Atomuhren stammt, die wiederum
von den primaeren Atomuhren der PTB in Braunschweig kontrolliert werden.

Die Informationen ueber Stunden, Minuten usw. werden in Folgen von langen
und kurzen Signalen kodiert. In jeder Sekunde wird ein Bit uebertragen. In
den 60 Sekundenticks einer Minute, also einer Folge von 60 Bits (auch
Zeittelegramm genannt) lassen sich alle Angaben zu Minute, Stunde, Tag,
Woche, Monat und Jahr unterbringen (z.B. sind fuer die sieben moeglichen
Wochentage die 3 Bits der Sekundenmarken 42 bis 44 reserviert; der Montag,
als erster Tag der Woche, wird etwa mit "lang-kurz-kurz" kodiert). Damit
die Funkuhr "weiss", welche Sekundenmarke gerade gesendet wird, muss ein
Anfang des minuetlichen Zeittelegramms definiert werden. Dazu wird in der
letzten Sekundenmarke der Minute kein kurzes oder langes Signal gesendet,
sondern einfach nur Stille. "Hoert" die Funkuhr dieses Pausenzeichen, so
beginnt mit dem naechsten Sekundentick die folgende Minute und damit ein
neues Zeittelegramm.

Damit zum Ende der Sommerzeit Ende Oktober alle Funkuhren automatisch auf
mitteleuropaeische Zeit springen, wird waehrend der laufenden Minute 0259
MESZ die Zeitinformation 0200 MEZ uebertragen. Diese Unregelmaessigkeit
in der Zeitzaehlung wird zuvor eine Stunde lang mit der Sekundenmarke 16
angekuendigt. Funkuhren, die solche Zusatzbits auswerten, koennen also
exakt im richtigen Moment den Sprung um eine Stunde anzeigen.
Armbanduhren, Wanduhren und Wecker registrieren ueblicherweise nur die
Unregelmaessigkeit im Zeitkode und zeigen die neue Zeit erst an, wenn
anschliessend mehrere Minuten lang wieder logisch aufeinanderfolgende
Zeitinformation empfangen wird. Diese Verspaetung im Wechsel der Anzeige
wird immer bei der PTB reklamiert, liegt aber ausschliesslich an der
Bauart der Uhren.

2011 wurde der Sendevertrag bis 2021 verlaengert, da der Sender weiterhin
als wichtigstes Medium zur Verbreitung der gesetzlichen Zeit gilt, zu der
die PTB nach dem Einheiten- und Zeitgesetz verpflichtet ist. Nach
Informationen aus der Industrie erzielen sowohl Funkuhren fuer den
privaten Gebrauch wie auch Systeme zur Nutzung der Zeitinformation und der
Normalfrequenz weiterhin stabile Verkaufszahlen.

Die Gesamtzahl der im Jahr 2008 betriebenen Empfaenger wurde in der Presse
mit ca. 100 Millionen geschaetzt. Das DCF77-Signal ist - abhaengig von der
Tages- und Jahreszeit - bis zu einer Entfernung von etwa 2000 km zu

In Europa gibt es nach dem Sendeende des Schweizer Senders HBG 2001
langfristig ausser dem DCF77 nur noch den britischen Sender MSF Anthorn
(Cumbria) auf 60 kHz.
(PTB, via Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D  ntt, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 1)

GREECE   GERMAN Radio Amateur Arrested And Sent For Trial In Kos Greece.

Southgate Amateur Radio Newsline said June 4 that several sources were
reporting that well-known DXer/World-Traveller Baldur, DJ6SI, who has been
active from all over the world from 70 countries and is 75, was arrested
on the Greek Island of Kos while operating as SV5/DS6SI. He was there on
holiday with his wife. A statement from Baldur a few days later posted on
the OKK1RR website said:

My wife is suffering from Alzheimer and has three bypasses. I was accused
of conducting radio communications without a Greek radio license. The
second accusation was that I could also watch other frequencies with my
transceiver, a FT-890AT. My objection was rejected that I operate legally
on base of the CEPT regulations. The hotel manager printed the CEPT list
which is available on the website of the DARC and handed the printout out
to the attorney.

The paper was ignored, folded and put into the pocket. My transceiver was
confiscated together with the power supply and the headphones with the
remark that it had to be checked by a specialist. They also tried to
confiscate my notebook which I tried to defeat because the notebook was
not related to the transceiver that had to be checked.

Two mobile phones, cameras and the log book were also confiscated; we were
handcuffed and taken to the police station. The handcuffs were so tight
that they cut into my flesh and draw blood. I was taken to a hospital
where the wound my on hand was treated. In absence of a prison cell, the
police wanted to put me into a drunk tank but the attending physician
declined that. So I had to spend four hours at the police station sitting
on a chair. My hint that I had to see my un-oriented wife was rejected by
saying that she is enclosed in the (hotel?) room and being closely guarded
from outside.

After long discussions I was then escorted by two police officers to visit
my wife at the hotel, medicate and dress her. Personal care and showering,
was rejected. Back at the police station a protocol was created. Then we
were driven to the courthouse. It was now 11 AM. I was photographed and
fingerprinted in the courtyard of the courthouse. Then we waited again
until 4 PM under police protection, when I was presented to the attorney
who explained me the charges in a two-minute talk: transmitting without
permission, having a radio with frequencies other than intended for
amateur radio operators and the hindrance in handing out my notebook.

I was commissioned to the court for the next day at 12:00. I had to wait
until 16:00 until a judge and an attorney came. The judge told me that he
had no translator and appointed a new proceeding for the next day at
12:00. When I objected that we had to fly back the next day, he explained:
"this is your problem". Finished. The judge adjourned the hearing, let me
go back to Germany and decreed that the lawyer could attend the next
hearing alone.

My wife and I had not taken any food for sixteen hours; it was not even
offered us. I had no way to sleep for 34 hours. All this as a consequence
of an anonymous tip that I had been working without authorization and that
I could hear other transmitters. The prosecution referred to a charge on a
law dating back to the year 1929! I was acquitted of the first charge
concerning amateur radio in the second court date. I was however punished
with 5 months of prison with three years of probation for the refusal of
handing out my notebook and the attempt to make it unusable.
(July World DX Club-UK "Contact" magazine, direct and via dxld)

INDIA   1071  AIR Rajkot Testing.
AIR Rajkot is testing irregularly in Urdu, Sindhi & Baluchi during local
daytime on 1071 kHz. Also simulcast tests on analog 1071 kHz & DRM 1080
kHz (low power).

The 1000 kW MW txer at Rajkot, Gujarat will be commissoned by end of this
month & regular transmissions are expected by then. DRM channel will carry
VBS prog.

Jose Jacob, VU2JOS is expected to visit Rajkot by end of this week,
further updates will be posted in this list.
(Alokesh Gupta-IND, DXindia July 3)

IRAN    New additional frequencies of VOIRI/IRIB Tehran:
1930-2327  6010 KAM 500 kW non-dir to CeAS in Azeri, alt.5940
2130-0127  7325 SIR 500 kW 270 deg to NE/ME in Arabic, alt.7360
2230-0057  7405 KAM 500 kW 058 deg to CeAS in Tajik
2330-0027  6005 KAM 500 kW non-dir to NE/ME in Kurdish, alt.6010
2330-0327  6010 SIR 500 kW 336 deg to CeAS in Azeri, alt.6005/7205
0030-0127  9650 SIR 500 kW 310 deg to NE/ME in Turkish
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 3)

IRAN   1116  Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, IRIB1, Bandar Lengeh
// 1026 kHz Tabriz, on July 3, at 0020-0044 UT. Arabic (Persian ?) song
and music, followed by OM and YL talking. Poor. Jo'burg sunrise 0456 UT.

1026   IRIB1, Tabriz // 1116 Bandar Lengeh. July 3, at 0026-0044 UT.
Arabic (Persian ?) song and music, followed by OM and YL talking.
// 1116 kHz confirms my "most probably" log of July 1. Poor. Jo'burg
sunrise 0456 UT.
(Bill Bingham-AFS, dxld July 3)
1116 Ardakan site, 32 26 26.11 N  53 54 34.80 E

1026 mostly IRIB, Regional service, <>

KALININGRAD    New MW QSL (Kaliningrad exclave)

1215  Kaliningrad (European Russia), rec very nice full detail QSL card in
5 months (150d) for CD report. V/S Unreadable, but tx site is listed as
Bolshakovo and progr was VoR in Russian.

Address: Kaliningrad Regional Centre, 184, Sovetsky prt, Kaliningrad
236023, Russia. I am very pleased with this one. Last month Maiac-
Grigoriopol Moldova 1413 kHz. Thanks to Bruce Portzer on the info.
MW QSL #3031.
(Patrick Martin Seaside OR-USA, hcdx July 3)

KOREA/CANADA   9650  July 1 at 1250 Ut, KBS World Radio via Sackville
CANADA relay site continues, about a Korean singer named Kim - and no
clicking audio artifacts for a change! A fluke, or have they finally fixed
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld July 1)

Exchange RCI-KBS.
9570  Yesterday came across to endless RCI interval signal played over and
over again, in 1100-1159 UT slot on 9570 from Kimjae-Korea relay.
Registered for RCI Mandarin Chinese sce. 73 wb
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 1)

LAOS   6130  Lao National Radio, Vientiane. 'This is the Lao National
Radio broadcasting from the Vientiane capitol, the Lao People's Democratic
Republic, our news in English programme broadcast at 21 to 2130 hours
local time daily ... 567 kilohertz medium wave and on AM 6130 kilohertz
shortwave'. Fair at 1400 UT on 14 June splash from CNR1 6125 kHz. French
at 1430 UT.
(John Adams-Vic-AUS ARDXC ADXN July, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews)

Excellent signal at 1200 UT. Gong for 7 o'clock local, fanfare, nx in Lao,
30 June.
(Craig Seager-B-AUS, ARDXC ADXN July, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews)

LITHUANIA   11900  QSL Rhein-Main-Radio-Club via Sitkunia verified an
electronic report presumably to their website with a full data European DX
Conference meeting room card in 17 days with date and time hand written in
appropriate place and incorrect frequency (6180 kHz) crossed out. I did
not expect a postal reply after last week's electronic response.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer July 2)

MADAGASCAR   7395 9925  YFR English via MDG relay slewed +15 degr to
335 degr at 18-20 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 30)

MADAGASCAR   Frequency change of WYFR Family Radio in English to EaAF:
1800-2000 NF  9925 MDC 250 kW 335 deg, ex7395kHz.
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 3)

I have found the culprit to the noise I had before on 15400 kHz ... it all
stopped at 0400 UT and an Arabic transmission to something called Radio
Tamazu ... or sounds like that ... started from Madagascar relay site
apparently ...

I will have videos on youtube posted for the noise and Radio Tamazui with
at least 3 or 4 ID's from announcer in something that sounds like Arabic.
(Gilles Letourneau-CAN, dxld July 5)

15400 kHz strange. Here I have a big noise between 15405-15420 kHz.
No idea about this. Seems to be a jamming (0404 UT).
73 de CX2ABP in Montevideo. (Rodolfo Tizzi-URG, dxld July 5)

see AOKI list. Sudanese Government jamming !

Radio Tamazuj at 0400-0429 UT in Sudanese Arabic from MDG.
Sponsored by Dutch Free Press Unlimited / close ties to RNW organization.
Followed by Radio Dabanga 0430-0557 UT. see below.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 6)

Radio Tamazuj (0400-0427 UT 13800UAE 11940MDG 7315ISS kHz in B11 schedule)
sent me a printed QSL card from Free Press Unlimited for my reception
report to their test transmission in January, with an IRC after 51 days.

Address: c/o Free Press Unlimited, Witte Kruislaan 55, 1217 AM Hilversum,
The Netherlands.

Postbank 7676. E-mail: <radiotamazuj @>
Telephone: +31 356254340 (Holland office)
+211 991890198 (South Sudan office)
URL: <>

The QSL is shown in my homepage
(Takahito Akabayashi-JPN, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 5, 2012)

Summer A-12 schedule of Radio Tamazuj in Sudanese Arabic:
0400-0429 11650 SMG 250 kW 145 deg to SDN
0400-0429 15400 MDC 250 kW 330 deg to SDN
0400-0429 15550 DHA 250 kW 225 deg to SDN

Summer A-12 schedule of Radio Dabanga in Sudanese Arabic:
0430-0600 11650 SMG 250 kW 145 deg to SDN
0430-0600 15400 MDC 250 kW 330 deg to SDN
0430-0600 15550 DHA 250 kW 225 deg to SDN
1530-1630 15150 MDC 250 kW 325 deg to SDN
1530-1630 15725 TRM 250 kW 270 deg to SDN
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 8, 2012)

Radio Dabanga schedule in Sudanese Arabic is 0430-0600 UT on 11650 Santa
Maria de Galeria, 15400 Madagascar, 15550 Al Dhabbaya and 1530-1630 UT on
15150 Madagascar, 15725 Trincomalee.

Radio Tamazuj in Sudanese Arabic schedule is 0400-0429 UT on 11650 Santa
Maria de Galeria, 15400 Madagascar, 15550 Al Dhabbaya.
(DX Re Mix News Bulgaria; via WDXC-UK Contact June DXnews May 30, 2012)

MARIANA ISLS   {Tinian}  11920 (ex 11940) VOA Uzbek, 1500-1530 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 30)

MICRONESIA   4755.47  PMA-The Cross Radio, at 0930-0940 UT on June 27.
Christian songs; 0938 UT ID: "Hi. My name is Norse(?). I listen to the
Cross Radio"; poor with QRN.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld June 27)

MORROCO   171 kHz  Longwave Medi Un with alternating Arabic/French
headlines over a music bed with stabs after every story. 2200 UT on June
23. Fair with the usual Radio Free Chechnya/Radio Rossii absent from the
(Brock Whaley-AFG, SW-11 for dxld June 27)

Nador LW 171 kHz refurbishingin 2010/2011, TX exchange and LW mast tower
refurbishing action at
35 02 31.65 N  02 55 00.68 W  zoom in Goggle Earth image
on G.E. image of 2009 I see two red re-coloured masts, and a third one in
old fashion colour. {or different snap date issues?}.

Thomcast has been refurbished and replaced old LW TX gear at Nador in
2010-2011, I guess.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 30)

NETHERLANDS   Last Final RNW English Day.

The programme schedule for Friday 29 June has been published. A special
Farewell and Thank You programme will go out on every shortwave
transmission and World Radio Network [WRN] relay. In the remaining hours,
when we are available via satellite and webstream, we are rebroadcasting
many old documentaries, feature programmes and music shows.

The full details are on this week's radio schedule page.

Radio Netherlands English service will be closing down on June 29,
information on their website. There will be a special programme on their
final day and memories are invited. Andy Sennitt has said on Facebook and
Digital Spy that some additional shortwave frequencies are planned and
will be announced shortly.


First airing of "Farewell and Thank you" is at 0200 UT (UT Friday but
still Thurs in target area NoAmerica) on 6165 and Satellite and online.

Last airing of "Farewell and Thank you" is at 2000-2057 UTC (Friday) on
7425 Ce+SoAfrica, 11615 WeAfrica, 15495 We+CeAfrica + 6065 Europe, plus
Satellite and on-line. With such a wealth of programmes starting at 0000
UT tonight, I wish is was possible to listen to them all:-(
(Alan Pennington-UK, BrDXC-UK June 29)


Tip of English RNW final program at 1000-1157 UT seems wrong.

I hear only the Indonesian service program.

my observations on Final-Plan of today:

1000-1057 15110Tinang-PHL, 15300TRM, 15565TRM, 17840MDG, 21485MDG
1100-1157  9795Tinang-PHL, 15300TRM, 15650Tinian-MRA 250kW, 17840MDG,
1200-1257 17840MDG, 21485MDG

15110 S=9+10 in Tokyo, S=6 in ISL, S=3-4 tiny weak in EUR,
      S=4 just on threshold in CA-USA.
15300 S=9+10 in AUS, S=8 fair in Tokyo, S=4 very weak in EUR
15565 S=9+20 in AUS, S=5 weak in Tokyo, S=7 poor in EUR
17840 poor signal S=5 in Tokyo, S=5 in GRC, nil in central Europe,
      poor S=5 in CA-USA.
21485 S=8 signal in Tokyo, S=7-8 in EUR and GRC.

 9795 S=9 in AUS, S=8-9 in Tokyo
15650 S=9+10dB in Tokyo.

1900-2057 UTC
 6065 (via Wertachtal Germany) 500 kW 210 degrees towards
      Iberian Peninsula / Canary Isl / Madeira community,
 7425 (via Madagascar) 250 kW 270 degr to southern Africa,
11615 (via Issoudun France) 500 kW 170degr towards all Africa,
15495 (via Vatican Radio's Santa Maria di Galeria site in Vatican State),
      250 kW 193 degr towards central and western Africa.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 29)

RNW English - the last two hours - in Bulgaria.

Reception in Sofia, Bulgaria:
1900-1957 on 17605 45433 SMG
1900-2057 on  6065 55555 WER
1900-2057 on  7425 45343 MDG
1900-2057 on 11615 45444 ISS
1900-2057 on 15495 35543 SMG
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 29)

For those listeners who enjoy picking up shortwave broadcasts and sending
in a reception report, this is your last chance to dispatch your SINPO to
our P.O.Box 222, 1200 JG Hilversum, The Netherlands, or letters @
(subject: 29 June Reception report).

We'll return the favour by sending you a special QSL card commemorating
the closing of RNW's English service!


There's now also a slideshow of RNW staff past and present at:

Final two hours (1900-2057 UT) now underway with look back at the Last
50 years of RNW. Good on 6065 kHz (WER to Europe) as expected but I'm
listening on 17605 kHz also very good (via SMG Vatican) despite target
said to be East Africa. (17605 also was excellent 1800-1900 UT).
(Alan Pennington-UK, BrDXC-UK June 29)

RNW Final Day broadcast 6065WER at 1859 UT. 6065 kHz just came on at
1859 UT with S=9+30dB signal here, again with some slight fading.
(unid, dxld June 29)

Checked the various remote net rx units in Europe, fine outstandig signal
of S=9+20 dB at least most over Europe from Iceland via England,
Netherlands to southwestern Germany.

Only 16 mb technical dead zone Austria {OE's are so close to the Pope ...}
and Switzerland signal suffers a little bit, even on Garda-Sea target
performed a S=8 signal.

17605 pretty signal in whole Europe. ... and a OTHRadar from Turkey or
Cyprus in range 17630-17650 kHz too.

1800-1957 UT 17605 via Santa Maria de Galeria in Vatican state, 250 kW
144 degr in direction of EaAF, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania,

at 1905 UT pretty fine northern summer evening propagation

6065 Wertachtal S=9+30 ... 40dB in ITA/GER/AUT, and also S=9+15dB in

7425 Madagascar, unexpected fine signal, S=9+5dB in Iceland and central

Surprisingly 11615 kHz signal from Issoudun suffered a little bit in
central Europe, I guess the relector net towards north avoid better signal
northwards. S=6 only in central Europe, but S=9+15 dB signal further
northwesterly in Iceland.

15495 from Vatican State SMG site S=8-9 in SUI/AUT/GER/HOL.
S=9+25dB in Iceland.

R Netherlands English, powerful Saxophone signal at 2028 UT,
SMG very strong S=9+35 dB in Moscow Russia !

also 6065 kHz Wertachtal in northern Germany at S=9+55dB outstanding.

Listen to Radio Nederland Wereldomroep on English
many historical recordings im Livestream:


Internet site:

goodbye RNWereldomroep
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 29)

Recorded the last sign off on 15495 kHz, SMGaleria Vatican State,
excellent signals, to Dutch National Anthem and off 2057 UT. Parallel but
vy weak on 11615 kHz via France. I know some have expressed disappointment
concerning content of the final English bcst. Others, myself included,
thought it was appropriate, a worthy effort, and a moving final moment. As
one who first hrd Radio Nederland in 1947, and now, their last bcst today,
there is a real sense of loss. THey went down, still at attention on the
bridge, saluting the SW "Flag," as the ship went down. I give them all
high marks for class and an adherence to high quality, right to the very
end. Good bye, godspeed!
(Don Jensen-WI-USA, DXplorer June 29)


Jonathan Groubert closed down the English service of Radio Netherlands at
2057 June 29, 2012 - live from Studio 4.

The last five minutes started with Eddie Startz with A Nice Cup of Tea
from the Happy Station Show, Jonathan said that the station's pedigree
goes back to the dawn of radio which is why he played the Happy Station
signature tune which itself started in 1927 as part of PCJ Radio. He later
faded in the RNW carillon, Merck Toch Hoe Sterch and said:

"For 65 years we've been a broadcaster that had the tremendous good
fortune to be totally editorially independent. We were never a government
mouthpiece. This was a rare thing during the heydays of shortwave, and it
is today.

So as of Monday, we are being asked to look at the world and search for
places where the media is less than free and lend a hand. In some cases
we'll be going to them and where that's not possible, we will help them
come to us. It's a worthy task and I, for one, am happy to do it because,
frankly, that's what we were doing anyway, right?

Hundreds of you have written in over the last weeks. We've read all your
comments and we feel good. So thank you for writing. Above all, thank you
for listening. Thank you for valuing what we did. Thank you for letting us
know it was worthwhile. We are profoundly moved and we hope that
sometimes, we moved you too. As Dr. Seuss said, "Don't cry because it's
over. Smile because it happened." And so, on behalf of all of us here, for
the last time, from Hilversum in Holland, this is Radio Netherlands, The
Dutch International Service. Thank you for listening and goodbye."

As his words ended the carillon played out for a minute, the national
anthem of the Netherlands, Wilhelmus played and then there was silence. A
recording of the last five minutes and complete transcript can be found on
the Radio Netherlands website at
(July World DX Club-UK "Contact" magazine, direct and via dxld)

RNW farewell (Jonathan Marks' photos)

A set of 27 photos of Radio Netherlands signoff by Jonathan Marks.

(via Horacio Nigro-URG, DXplorer July 2)

PHILIPPINES/KUWAIT   11615  VOA Chinese at 14-15 UT via Tinang-PHL
(ex Kuwait).
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 30)

PORTUGAL   Deutsche Welle (DW) has made an official call for proposals for
a comprehensive material utilization project at its relay station in
Sines, Portugal. The broadcasting center boasts more than 500 tons of
high-quality steel (ST 37 and ST 51) that can be reused and recycled. More
(Alokesh Gupta-IND, dxld June 22)

Viz., with an illustration of steely antenna towers:
Following the considerable decrease of shortwave broadcasts, Deutsche
Welle is planning on shutting down the relay station in Sines, Portugal,
completely and liquidating its assets there. The relay station has been in
service since 1970.

The winning proposal should outline a plan for dismantling the station
while reusing or recycling the antennae, transmitters and associated
materials. The list of materials also includes the motor pool, stock and
commercial inventory. The contractor will receive a commission of 25-35%
of net revenues for services provided.

Several appraisers have reported that the relay station is in very good
condition. The transmitters will be maintained daily until the realization
of the project begins. Deutsche Welle made an official announcement with
the EU on behalf of Pro Funk GmbH. Further information:
Source: Deutsche Welle (via dxld June 27)

RWANDA   11800  Radio Deutsche Welle - Kigali, at 2134-2159* UT on Jun 27,
English service with features about "bring about change in society"
including item about food waste. News at 2147 UT followed by more features
until closedown. Poor to fair on this frequency with other Kigali channels
// 11830 kHz (fair) and 11865 kHz (good).
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer July 2)

SRI LANKA   15490  AWR via Trincomalee, special f/d "AWR Returns to Sri
Lanka" card with station stamp affixed, postcard, brochure, and Annual DX
Contest rules in 14 days for postal report to Indianapolis address with
$2. V/s Adrian Peterson, DX Editor. Glad to have it!
(John Herkimer-NY-USA, DXplorer June 30)

SRI LANKA/GUAM   AWR broadcasts via SLBC Trincomalee shortwave site.
Since the antenna works in Guam are not yet completed yet, AWR broadcasts
will continue on the transmission facilities in Trincomalee-Perkara, Sri

Actually, should from Guam on 1st July again be fully deployed. Here's the
current schedule of Sri Lanka on 2 July, thanks to Salahuddin Dolar for
the broadcast schedule.

AWR via SLBC Trincomalee. Da die Antennenarbeiten in Guam noch nicht
abgeschlossen sind sendet AWR auch weiterhin ueber die SLBC Sendeanlagen
in Trincomalee - Perkara, Sri Lanka.

Eigentlich sollte ab 1. Juli Guam wieder voll im Einsatz sein. Hier der
aktuelle Sendeplan aus Sri Lanka vom 2. Juli, Dank an Salahuddin Dolar
fuer den Sendeplan.

SEA Site
Start Stop Language Service Area         kHz    kW Days

1100 1130 Indonesian W-Indonesia         15540 125 1234567
1130 1200 Javanese Indonesia, Malaysia   15540 125 246
1130 1200 Sundanese Indonesia, Malaysia  15540 125 1357
1200 1300 Mandarin S-China               15490 125 1234567
1300 1330 Khmer Cambod, Viet, Thai, Laos 17635 125 1234567
1300 1330 Mandarin W-China               15320 250 23456
1300 1330 Uighur W-China                 15320 250 17
1330 1400 Thai Cambod, Viet, Thai, Laos  17635 125 2346
1330 1500 Mandarin W-China               15320 250 1234567
1330 1400 Lao Cambod, Viet, Thai, Laos   17635 125 57
1330 1400 Khmer Cambod, Viet, Thai, Laos 17635 125 1
1400 1500 Mandarin C/N-China             12105 125 1234567
1500 1530 Panjabi N-India                15255 250 1234567
1500 1530 Nepali Nepal                   15595 250 1234567
1500 1530 Karen Myanmar, Thailand, China 15715 125 1234567
1530 1600 Hindi N-India                  15290 250 1234567
1530 1600 Tibetan Nepal, Tibet           15255 250 56
1530 1600 English Nepal, Tibet           15255 250 12347
1530 1600 Marathi C-India                 7410 125 1234567
1600 1630 Urdu N-India                   11835 125 1234567
1630 1700 English N-India                11740 125 1234567
2100 2200 Mandarin C/N-China             11750 125 123456
2100 2200 Cantonese C/N-China            11750 125 7
2200 2230 Javanese W-Indonesia            9545 125 135
2200 2230 Sundanese W-Indonesia           9545 125 2467
(73 Christoph Ratzer OE2CRM, <>
A-DX July 3)

TAJIKISTAN/UAE   Voice of Tibet via Dushanbe, 15497 kHz, O=4-5.
Ansonsten aus TJK auf krummen .2/3/7/8 split Frequenzen
15432 15442 15487 15487 15492 15497 15542 15543 15558 15562 15567 15613

Und um 1317 UT am July 1 VoTibet 15497 kHz, und begleitende chinesische
Jammermusik auf 15495 kHz.

Und jetzt auch 1200-1217 UT July 1 VoTibet TJK 15443 kHz, bis 1216 UT
ungestoert, jetzt der Jammer auf 15445 kHz.

Das ist ein begleitender Jammingsender aus China in Chinesisch, nicht
15443 Tibetan. VoTibet Madagascar ist auf 17560 und 17570 kHz zugange.

Wer noch weiteres Tibetanisch hoeren will:
odd 15215.030 kHz FEBA in Tibetan relay from UAE S=8-9 1200-1230 UT on
July 1.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 1)

TURKEY   Voice of Turkey missing. Just a quick note ... Voice of Turkey
English at 2200 UT missing from 9830 kHz today July 4th.
(Gilles Letourneau-CAN, dxld July 5)

TRT Turkish 0000-0200 UT 7260 kHz on air to Asia, powerhouse S=9+30dB in
Germany. 0040 UT July 5.

9770 9870  TRT Spanish service scheduled daily 0100-0200 UT, heard
properly on 9770 kHz, S=9+15 db sidelobe signal into central Europe, at
0108 UT July 5.

// and much less strong 20 degrees southwards to SoAM on 9870 kHz S=6-7,
hit by co-channel AIR Delhi Hindi co-channel.

On July 5th at 1130 UT 11955 scheduled 0600-1155 UT from Emirler 500kW
sidelobe of Asian azimuth 150degr in Turkish to AF/AS, S=7-8 only. //
13635 kHz on proper S=9+30dB signal strength.

From 1130 UT TRT German 13760 kHz S=9+20dB. On 15240 kHz at 1100-1200 UT
EMR 500kW  62deg in Mandarin Chinese to Asia, S=8-9. Both heard in Germany
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 5)

UKRAINE   National radio company of Ukraine (NRCU) on behalf of the
Committee and prepared and figured out a feasibility study of
modernization of network of medium waves. As noted in the Ministry, the
activities carried out will allow already in the next year to increase the
coverage area signal channel UR-1, UR-3 up to 85%, will ensure the
broadcasting of radio programs in analog and digital standards. Together
twice decrease the cost of energy consumption and operation of
transmitters. As earlier wrote the Internet-edition "proIT", for the
modernization of the AM broadcasting of two programs - the First channel
of National radio and the Third channel of Ukrainian Radio," Culture",
which this year would like to start Goskomteleradio, the Cabinet did not
find sources of financing. According to the Deputy Director General in
charge of development of networks of radio broadcasting of the National
Radio company of Ukraine Valeriy Yurchenko, this project has been frozen
because no money in the budget. Let's remind, that in the beginning of the
year the government decided to create an alternative to wired radio and
allocate 70 million grivna for the purchase of new AM transmitters, which
should ensure the broadcasting of programs ???????? throughout the country
(Source: web-Portal "proIT").

It is interesting, that about Radio Promyn in the justification of no

Surprisingly, though the inclusion of additional MW. transmitters and
extension of the money still appeared. May the Cabinet of Ministers had
compassion in connection with Euro-2012.
(Alexander Egorov-UKR, "deneb-radio-dx" & "open_dx" RUSdx July 1)

U.K.   15690  BBC Tamil / Sinhala special, 1545-1700 UT via Skelton-
Cumbria England.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 30)

USA   7489.952  WBCQ acc HFCC list, carrying TOM program?, 0052 UT July
5th. weak signal here in Europe, hit heavily by UTE STANAG like signal on
7490-7496 kHz range.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 5)

During one of the DXPeditions in the fields I caught WBCQ on 7490 kHz with
55445, but on 50 metres longwire antenna and Sony ICF-2001D. By the way,
7410 kHz Voice Of Croatia is interfering every day with STANAG 4285 signal
on adjacent frequency, transmitting presumably from Ankara Turkey.
(Georgi Bancov-BUL, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 5)

USA/CANADA   IBB Spanish Greenville (ex SAC-CAN), 11775 0100-0300 UT,
13820 2000-2200 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 30)

VATICAN STATE   Vatican Radio to Europe, minor change.
Please note the following minor change of Vatican Radio's schedule:

1840-1900 daily WeEUR add 3975VAT* and del? 9645SMG // 6075SMG 7250SMG
1840-1900 daily EaCeAF 9755SMG
1840-1900 daily WeAF  11625SMG
1840-1900 daily NE/ME 13765SMG
* 3975.6 variable from Vatican Garden, observed on July 4 evening.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 5)


Remaining shortwave outlets of Vatican Radio, scheduled from July 1st.

Relays via Sackville end on July 31st.

Also few broadcasts to Europe remain.
Latin/Italian 0530-0600, 0600-0730Sun, 0730-0830Sun, 0945-1030 Sun,
Arabic        0400-0430 NE/ME
              0645-0715 Mon-Sat AF
              2040-2100 NE
Some Belarus, Russian, Ukrainian, Armenian services too.


 3975 1840 1900 28        VAT! 10 340      Rosario         Lat      CVA
 6040 0230 0250 4,7-11    BON 250 345        020912 281012 Fra      HOL
 6075 0530 0600 27,28W    SMG 100 305                      Ita      CVA
 6075 0645 0715 27,28W    SMG 125 305 234567               Ara      CVA
 6075 0745 1015 27,28     SMG 100 330 4    Papal audience  Mul      CVA
 6075 0945 1100 28        SMG 100 350 1    Angelus         Mul      CVA
 6075 1840 1900 27        SMG 100 306      Rosario         Lat      CVA
 7250 0530 0600 27,28     SMG 250 4        Mass            Lat      CVA
 7250 0600 0730 28E,29W   SMG 100 54  1    Mass            Lat      CVA
 7250 0645 0715 37E,38W   SMG 100 184 234567               Ara      CVA
 7250 0730 0830 28        SMG 100 10  1                    Ita      CVA
 7250 0945 1030 28        SMG 100 4   1                    Ita      CVA
 7250 1840 1900 28N       SMG 250 4        Rosario         Lat      CVA
 7250 2040 2100 38        SMG 250 146                      Ara      CVA
 7305 0250 0400 6-8       SAC 250 277        250312 310712 EngSpa   CAN
 7335 0205 0230 29S,39,40 SMG 250 86                       Armenian CVA
 7360 0300 0400 48,53     MDC 250 295                      EngSwa   MDG
 7360 1700 1720 28NE,29W  SMG 250 26         020912 281012 Bel      CVA
 9580 0025 0040 40,41     TAC 100 163                      Urdu     UZB
 9580 0025 0200 40E,41    SMG 500 90  Urdu,Hi,Ind,Ta/Ma/En Mul      CVA
 9580 0040 0200 41        TAC 100 131      Hi,Ind,Ta/Ma/En Mul      UZB
 9585 1545 1610 29S,39,40 SMG 250 86         020912 281012 Armenian CVA
 9585 1610 1640 28E,29    SMG 250 26         020912 281012 Rus      CVA
 9585 1640 1700 28E,29    SMG 250 55         020912 281012 Ukr      CVA
 9600 2200 2245 42-44     PHT 250 315                      Chinese  PHL
 9600 2310 2400 49        PHT 250 270                      Vie      PHL
 9610 0100 0230 7,8,11    BON 250 320        010712 281012 Spa      HOL
 9610 0230 0250 4,7-11    BON 250 350        250312 010912 Fra      HOL
 9610 0250 0320 7,8,10    SAC 100 240        250312 310712 Eng      CAN
 9610 0320 0400 7,8,10    SAC 100 253        250312 310712 Spa      CAN
 9645 0200 0230 29S,39,40 SMG 125 86                       Armenian CVA
 9645 0400 0430 38E,39    SMG 100 114                      Ara      CVA
 9645 0530 0600 27        SMG 100 326      Mass            Lat      CVA
 9645 0600 0730 28E       SMG 100 67  1                    Ron      CVA
 9645 0645 0715 37        SMG 100 240 234567               Ara      CVA
 9645 0950 1030 28        SMG 250 26  1                    Ita      CVA
 9645 1835 1900 27        SMG 100 326      Rosario         Lat      CVA
 9645 2040 2100 37S       SMG 100 230                      Ara      CVA
 9660 0400 0430 48,53     SMG 500 146                      AmhTir   CVA
 9660 0430 0500 47,52,5357SMG 500 165                      Fre      CVA
 9700 1225 1300 31,32     TAC 100 56                       Eng      UZB
 9755 1835 1900 37,38,4647SMG 500 170      Rosario         Ita      CVA
 9755 1900 1930 46E,47,52 SMG 500 170 7                    Spa      CVA
 9755 2000 2100 46        SMG 250 206                      EngFra   CVA
 9800 1945 2030 7NE,8N    SAC  70 268   DRM  250312 310712 Eng      CAN
 9810 0500 0520 18,28     SMG 250 4                        FinNorSweCVA
 9850 0600 0745 28E,29    SMG 250 54  1                    Ukr      CVA
 9900 1225 1315 44        IRK 100 125                      Chinese  RUS
 9900 1315 1400 49        PHT 250 270                      Vie      PHL
11625 0400 0430 48,53     MDC 250 340                      AmhTir   MDG
11625 0430 0500 38,46,4752SMG 250 169                      Fra      CVA
11625 0500 0530 48        MDC 250 260                      Eng      MDG
11625 0530 0600 46        SMG 100 238                      Por      CVA
11625 0600 0700 37,38W,46 SMG 100 210                      FraEng   CVA
11625 1730 1830 38,47,5253SMG 100 145                      EngPor   CVA
11625 1830 1900 46        SMG 100 199      Rosario         Ita      CVA
11625 1900 1930 46        SMG 250 238 7                    Spa      CVA
11625 2000 2100 46        SMG 100 223                      EngFra   CVA
11715 0355 0500 38E,39    SMG 100 113                      Ara      CVA
11715 1545 1610 29S,39,40 SMG 250 83                       Armenian CVA
11715 1610 1640 29,30W    SMG 125 38                       Rus      CVA
11715 1640 1700 29        SMG 250 58                       Ukr      CVA
11715 1700 1800 28NE,29W  SMG 250 19         250312 010912 Bel      CVA
11730 0025 0040 40,41     SMG 250 83                       Urdu     CVA
11730 0040 0200 41        TAC 100 131      Hi,Ind,Ta/Ma/En Mul      UZB
11740 0600 0745 28E,29    SMG 250 55  1                    Ukr      CVA
11740 0800 1030 29,30     SMG 250 55  1                    Ukr      CVA
11740 0950 1030 27        SMG 100 310 1    Angelus         Lat      CVA
11850 1415 1600 41NE      TAC 100 131 Urdu,Hi,Ind/Ta/Ma/En Mul      UZB
11850 1415 1600 40E,41    PHT 250 283 Urdu,Hi,Ind/Ta/Ma/En Mul      PHL
11890 1225 1315 43,44     PUG 250 320                      Chinese  PHL
11890 1315 1400 49        TIN 250 280                      Vie      MHL
11935 1530 1600 38E,39    SMG 250 113                      Ara      CVA
12035 2200 2245 42-44     SMG 500 65                       Chinese  CVA
12035 2310 2400 49        SMG 500 75                       Vie      CVA
13685 1230 1300 31,32     TAC 100 56                       Rus      CVA
13730 1055 1130 13,14,15W SAC 100 163 234567 250312 310712 Por      CAN
13730 1130 1215 11        SAC 100 189        250312 310712 SpaEng   CAN
13765 0455 0530 48        MDC 250 270                      Eng      MDG
13765 0530 0600 52,53W,57NMDC 250 300                      Por      HOL
13765 0600 0700 46        SMG 500 215                      FraEng   CVA
13765 1410 1600 41        TAC 100 141 Urdu,Hi,Ind/Ta/Ma/En Mul      UZB
13765 1600 1700 48,53     SMG 500 145 Swah,Som,Amh,Tigre   Mul      CVA
13765 1700 1830 47,48,5253SMG 500 155                      FrEnPor  CVA
13765 1830 1930 38E,39    SMG 100 98  Rosario              Ita      CVA
15185 1545 1610 29S,39,40 SMG 250 89         250312 010912 Armenian CVA
15185 1610 1700 29,30W    SMG 250 49         250312 010912 RusUkr   CVA
15460 0200 0330 41        PUG 250 280 Hi,Tam,Mal,En        Mul      PHL
15460 2200 2245 42-44     TIN 250 313                      Chinese  MHL
15470 0030 0100 12,13     BON 250 133                      Por      HOL
15550 0950 1030 37,38,4647SMG 500 200 1                    Ita      CVA
15570 0530 0600 37,38,4647SMG 500 175                      Por      CVA
15570 1600 1700 48,53     SMG 250 139 Swah,Som,Amh,Tigre   Mul      CVA
15570 1700 1800 46-47,5253SMG 250 175                      FraEng   CVA
15570 1800 1830 46        SMG 250 229                      Por      CVA
15595 0525 0600 38E,39    SMG 250 107                      Lat      CVA
15595 0600 0715 38E,39    SMG 250 107 234567 It,Fr,En,Ar   Mul      CVA
15595 0800 0950 38E,39    SMG 100 121 1                    Lat      CVA
15595 0950 1030 38E,39    SMG 250 107 1                    Lat      CVA
15595 1130 1200 39,40S    SMG 100 107 6                    Eng      CVA
15595 1525 1630 38E,39    SMG 250 107                      AraFraEngCVA
17520 1410 1430 40,41     MDC 250 35                       Urdu     MDG
17520 1430 1600 41        MDC 250 45     Hi,Ind/Ta/Ma/En   Mul      MDG
17570 0950 1030 52S,5357  MDC 250 260 1  GE'EZ Liturgy     Mul      MDG
17590 0800 1000 29S,3940  SMG 100 98  1                    Rus      CVA
17590 1000 1030 41        SMG 250 84  1                    Ita      CVA
17590 1125 1200 39,40S    SMG 250 112 6      Mass          Eng      CVA
17590 1200 1220 38E,39    SMG 500 112                      Ita      CVA
17590 1225 1315 42-44     SMG 500 65                       Chinese  CVA
17815 1530 1600 41        SMG 125 85         DRM           Eng      CVA
17865 1225 1300 31,32     SMG 250 44                       Rus      CVA
21675 1200 1220 37-38,4647SMG 250 185                      Ita      CVA
26060 0000 2400 28        SMG   1 0          DRM           Mul      CVA
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 30)

see also Bulgarian swl DX blog
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 30)

VATICAN STATE   Vatican Radio from July 1 full schedule spreadsheet.
FYI  two different file formats and content too.


at file download tip by gh
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 3)

I wonder if their frequency 1611 kHz (S. Maria di Galeria) is still on the
air. Their updated schedule at
<> shows it for some time
slots but there is no metion of it in that xls file.
(Aleksandr Diadischev-UKR, dxld July 3)

The following e-mail was received from Sergio Salvatori, Frequency
Management at Radio Vaticana. After 31 July 2012, there will no longer be
broadcasts to the Americas, which I had thought would have continued via
their Santa Maria di Galeria transmitter site. If anyone has comments
regarding this decision, they can be forwarded to Mr. Salvatori at
<gestfreq @>
(Ed Insinger, Summit, NJ, dxld via gh dxld July 3)

Dear Mr Insinger, I apologize for writing you so late.
As you probably already know staring from 00:00 CET most of Vatican
Radio's Short Wave broadcasts to Europe and America will be cut: attached
please find the new seasonal schedule.

All the broadcasts carried out so far from Sackville will close on 31 July
2012, those from Bonaire will continue till the end of the season.

The programs to America will be available on Internet and on satellite.
For more detailed information please visit our web site.

Dear Mr Insinger I would be very much pleased to receive your comments on
this decision.

Best regards. Sergio Salvatori
Vatican Radio, Frequency Management (via dxld July 3)

VATICAN STATE   Summer schedule of Vatican Radio short waves from July 1:

0400-0415 daily   EaAF    9660SMG 11625MDC
1630-1645 daily   EaAF   13765SMG 15570SMG

Amharic/Russian/Armenian/Ukrainian (Oriental Liturgy)
0830-0950 Sun     WeEUR  11740SMG
0830-0950 Sun     EaAF   15595SMG 17590SMG

0950-1030 Sun     NoAF   15550SMG
0950-1030 Sun     SoAF   17570MDC
0950-1030 Sun     SoAS   17590SMG
0950-1030 Sun     WeEUR   6075SMG  7250SMG  9645SMG 11740SMG
0950-1030 Sun     NE/ME  15595SMG

Arabic Days Area kHz
0400-0430 daily   NoAF    9645SMG
0400-0430 daily   NE/ME  11715SMG
0645-0705 Mon-Sat WeEUR   6075SMG
0645-0705 Mon-Sat NoAF    7250SMG  9645SMG
0645-0705 Mon-Sat NE/ME  15595SMG
1530-1600 daily   NE/ME  11935SMG 15595SMG
2040-2100 daily   NoAF    9645SMG

0210-0230 daily   CeAS    7335SMG  9645SMG
1550-1610 daily   CeAS   11715SMG 15185SMG till Sep.1
1550-1610 daily   CeAS    9585SMG 11715SMG from Sep.2

1700-1720 daily   EaEUR  11715SMG till Sep.1
1700-1720 daily   EaEUR   7360SMG from Sep.2

1230-1315 daily   EaAS    9900IRK 11890PUG 17590SMG
2200-2245 daily   EaAS    9600PHT 12035SMG 15460TIN

0140-0200 daily   SoAS    9580SMG 11730TAC
0250-0320 daily   NoCeAM  7305SAC  9610SAC till July 31
0300-0330 daily   SoAS   15460PUG
0300-0330 daily   CeAF    7360MDC
0500-0530 daily   EaSoAF 11625MDC 13765MDC
0630-0645 Mon-Sat NE/ME  15595SMG
0630-0700 daily   NoWeAF 11625SMG 13765SMG
1200-1215 Mon-Sat CeAM   13730SAC till July 31
1530-1550 Sun-Fri SoAS   11850PHT 13765TAC 17520MDC
1530-1600 Sat     SoAS   11850PHT 13765TAC 17520MDC
1615-1630 daily   NE/ME  15595SMG
1730-1800 daily   EaCeAF 11625SMG 13765SMG 15570SMG
1945-2030 daily   NoAM    9800SAC DRM till July 31
2000-2030 daily   WeCeAF  9755SMG 11625SMG

English (Mass)
1130-1200 Fri     NE/ME  15595SMG 17590SMG

1920-1930 Wed/Thu NE/ME  13765SMG

0500-0520 Mon/Sat NoEUR   9810SMG

0230-0250 daily   NoCeAM  9610BON till Sep.1
0230-0250 daily   NoCeAM  6040BON from Sep.2
0430-0500 daily   EaCeAF  9660SMG 11625SMG
0600-0630 daily   NoWeAF 11625SMG 13765SMG
0615-0630 Mon-Sat NE/ME  15595SMG
1600-1615 daily   NE/ME  15595SMG
1700-1730 daily   EaCeAF 13765SMG 15570SMG
2030-2100 daily   WeCeAF  9755SMG 11625SMG

0040-0100 daily   SoAS    9580SMG 11730TAC
0200-0220 daily   SoAS   15460PUG
1430-1450 daily   SoAS   11850PHT 13765TAC 17520MDC

0600-0615 Mon-Sat NE/ME  15595SMG
1200-1220 daily   NE/ME  17590SMG
1200-1220 daily   WeCeAF 21675SMG
1900-1930 daily   NE/ME  13765SMG

Italian (Mass)
0730-0830 Sun     WeEUR   7250SMG

Latin (Mass)
0530-0600 daily   WeEUR   6075SMG  7250SMG  9645SMG
0530-0600 daily   NE/ME  15595SMG

0120-0140 daily   SoAS    9580SMG 11730TAC
0240-0300 daily   SoAS   15460PUG
1510-1530 daily   SoAS   11850PHT 13765TAC 17520MDC

Papal Audience
0815-1000 Wed     WeEUR   6075SMG

0030-0100 daily   SoAM   15470BON
0530-0600 daily   WeAF   11625SMG
0530-0600 daily   CeSoAF 13765MDC 15570SMG
1100-1130 Mon-Sat SoAM   13730SAC till July 31
1800-1830 daily   EaCeAF 11625SMG 13765SMG
1800-1830 daily   WeAF   15570SMG

Romanian (Liturgy)
0610-0730 Sun     EaEUR   7250SMG  9645SMG

1840-1900 daily   WeEUR   3975VAT 6075SMG  7250SMG  9645SMG
1840-1900 daily   EaCeAF  9755SMG
1840-1900 daily   WeAF   11625SMG
1840-1900 daily   NE/ME  13765SMG

1230-1300 daily   CeAS   13685TAC 17865SMG
1610-1640 daily   EaEUR  11715SMG 15185SMG till Sep.1
1610-1640 daily   EaEUR   9585SMG 11715SMG from Sep.2

0345-0400 Sun     EaAF   11625MDC
1615-1630 Sat     EaAF   13765SMG 15570SMG

0100-0230 daily   SoAM    9610bon
0320-0400 daily   NoCeAM  7305SAC  9610SAC till July 31
1130-1200 daily   CeAM   13730SAC till July 31
1200-1215 Sun     CeAM   13730SAC till July 31
1900-1930 Sat     WeCeAF  9755SMG 11625SMG

0330-0345 Sun     EaCeAF  7360MDC
0330-0400 Mon-Sat EaCeAF  7360MDC
1600-1615 daily   EaCeAF 13765SMG 15570SMG
1615-1630 Sun-Fri EaCeAF 13765SMG 15570SMG

0500-0520 Tu-Fr/Su NoEUR  9810SMG

0100-0120 daily   SoAS    9580SMG 11730TAC
0220-0240 daily   SoAS   15460PUG
1450-1510 daily   SoAS   11850PHT 13765TAC 17520MDC

0415-0430 daily   EaAF    9660SMG 11625MDC
1645-1700 daily   EaAF   13765SMG 15570SMG

1640-1700 daily   EaEUR  11715SMG 15185SMG till Sep.1
1640-1700 daily   EaEUR   9585SMG 11715SMG from Sep.2

Ukrainian (Liturgy)
0610-0745 Sun     EaEUR   9850SMG 11740SMG

0025-0040 Mon/Thu SoAS    9580SMG 11730TAC
1410-1430 Wed/Sun SoAS   11850PHT 13765SMG 17520MDC

1315-1400 daily   SEAS    9900PHT 11890TIN
2315-2400 daily   SEAS    9600PHT 12035SMG

Cancelled langs: Albanian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, German, Hungarian,
Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian(except Liturgy), Slovak, Slovenian.

Cancelled all European transmissions in English, French, Italian (except
Liturgy), Spanish, Portuguese.

Cancelled morning transmissions in Belarusian, Russian, Ukrainian.
Cancelled evening transmissions in Finnish, Swedish.
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 3)


New History material at

On the

June 3, 2012   In the days leading up to World War II, the German station,
Reichs-Rundfunk Gesellschaft, commonly known as "Zeesen" (after the
transmitter location), was one of the strongest on the bands.

And it was no less a leader in the new field of international radio
propaganda. Starting circa 1935, the station replied to listener letters
with a small (4 inch) 78 rpm record. Under "DX History/Stations," we have
posted scans of the record, together with MP3 files of the audio content,
which is in German on one side, English on the other. In addition to a
short message, each side contains a song and a playing of the station's
tuning signal. The song on the English side is "Der Lindenbaum," and on
the German side "Ach, wie ist's moeglich dann." The label on the English
side is marked, "Let's make Shortwave Broadcasting stand for Good
Fellowship," and contains a drawing of the Zeesen antennas. The German
side shows the Broadcasting House in Berlin. Thanks to Harald Kuhl for
identifying the songs and providing the German text and its translation.

Also this time, under "Specialized Resources," "Wavescan," there are three
new stories from Adrian Peterson: "VOA Shipboard Relay Stations No. 9: The
Vagabond Series" (May 20, 2012); "Ancient DX Report: 1895" (May 20, 2012);
and "Radio Broadcasting in Ceylon 5: Kandy on Mediumwave" (May 27, 2012).

June 10, 2012   Under "DX History/Recordings," another reminder of the
good old days more recordings of Colombian stations, and with plenty of
authentic shortwave QRM and QRN thrown in. ID times are in brackets.

The stations: Brisas del Citara, Quibdo, 4895 kHz., 1976 [:55]; Colmundo
Bogota, 6065 kHz., 1997 [:19 and many other places]; Ecos del Atrato,
Quibdo, 5020 kHz., 1976 [:12]; Ecos del Combeima, Ibague, 4787 kHz., 1975
[1:13]; Emisora Kennedy, Bogota, 4775 kHz., 1978 [2:41, 3:01]; Emisoras
Nuevo Mundo, Bogota, 4755 kHz., 1976 [:11]; Idea Radio, Bogota (anyone
ever QSL this one?), Bogota, 7380 kHz., 2001 [:29, and 1:24 in English];
La Voz de la Selva, Florencia, 6170 kHz., 1976 [:15]; La Voz de los
Centauros, Villavicencio, 5990 kHz., 1976 [:24]; and La Voz del Centro,
Espinal, 6095 kHz., 1978 [:19]. More another time.

And under "Specialized Resources," "Wavescan," a new entry from Adrian
Peterson: "The Story of Radio Broadcasting in Ceylon-6: The Enigmatic
Radio SEAC Kandy" (June 3, 2012)

June 24, 2012   One of the earliest major post-World War II examples of
clandestine broadcasting occurred in connection with Fidel Castro's
seizure of power in Cuba. In a new section on the "Specialized Resources"
page called "Radio and Fidel Castro," you will find the two-part work,
Clandestine Radio Operations in the Cuban Revolutionary and Counter-
Revolutionary Movement: 1953-1965, written by Don Jensen in 1965. In Part
I, Revolutionary (pro-Castro) Radio Activities, Don covers the period from
Castro's attempt to seize the station at the Moncada Barracks in 1953 to
the inauguration of "La Onda Corta Experimental Cubana," later Radio
Havana Cuba, in 1961. Part II, Counter- Revolutionary (anti-Castro) Radio
Activities, treats Castro's radio opponents, from the anti-Communist
programs of CMKC in 1959, through the American broadcast band programs,
the VOA mobile stations, the WRUL broadcasts, numbers stations, etc.
We have posted Part I this week. Part II will follow next week.

Thanks to Don for permission to post these two items, which are early
examples of good station-related research emanating from within the DX
community.   Also this week under "Specialized Resources," "Wavescan,"
two new entries from Adran M. Peterson: "The Canada Story: Three Early
Wireless Stations (June 10, 2012), and "Ancient DX Report 1896" (June 10,
(Jerry Berg-MA-USA, via ARDXC ADXN July, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews)


Programmtipp Deutschlandfunk Cologne / DeutschlandRadio Kultur Berlin

"Hilferufe auf See"
Eine Lange Nacht ueber die Telegrafisten der Meere.

DLR Kultur - Samstag, 07.Juli 2012 + 0005-0300 Uhr MESZ

Deutschlandfunk - Samstag, 07./08.Juli 2012 + 2305-0200 Uhr MESZ

Vy 73 WB df5sx (wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 5)
Best regards,

Michael Bethge

Postfach 1214
D-61282 Bad Homburg

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