Amateur Radio CubeSats launch today

22:00 Fernando Luiz de Souza 0 Comments

There'll be new signals to listen out for on 437 MHz following the launch on Friday, August 3 at 7:27 UT of amateur radio CubeSats from Vandenberg.

Frequencies, preliminary TLE's and additional information are at:

The CubeSat IRC chat channel is the place to be on launch day.
Join the CubeSat IRC chat channel to pass on their news and comments in realtime. You will need an IRC client such as ChatZilla for Firefox or mIRC to join the CubeSat chat. Use the server. Then join the #cubesat channel. Many users set their chat nickname to “name_callsign”.

AMSAT-UK publishes a colour A4 newsletter, OSCAR News, which is full of Amateur Satellite information. Free sample issue at
Join AMSAT-UK online at

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