DARC - DXNL 1793 (Aug 15, 2012)

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CO, Cuba:
      Frank, CO2IR, will be QRV mostly in CW during his vacation until
      August 31st on 30m - 10m. QSL via bureau or direct via EB7DX.

DL, Germany:
      On 2012-08-18 Helmut, DM2BPG and Erich, DL2HUC will activate the
      castle Roseburg (DL-02137) between 07:00 and 14:00 on 40m
      using the callsign DK0GYB/p with Special DOK 800ANHALT.

G, England:
      Phil, G3SWH, will activate the special callsign M0RSE on 18/19
      August in CW only on all bands.
      QSL via G3SWH (bureau, direct, LotW, OQRS)

H4,  Solomon Islands:
      Ralph, H44RK, will, until late 2013, be QRV from Honiara on
      the north coase of Guadacanal island on 40m to 10m in SSB.
      QSL only direct.

ON, Belgium:
      The special event station ON4YOTA (Youngsters On The Air)
      will be on the air during the Youth Camp organized by UBA
      and VERON from August 19th to 26th.
      QSL via ON9CFG. http://www.iaru-r1.org

PY, Brazil:
      Mor, PT7ZT, activates (16 - 19 August) the Itapaje lighthouse
      (ARLHS BRA 057, DFB CE-02, DFCE CE-02, Admiralty G0114, WW Loc.
      HI07ac) as PT7ZT/p in SSB only. QSL via PT7ZT.

SP, Poland:
      The special station SN17EGS will be QRV from August 15 - September
      8 from the 17th European Shooting Brotherhood Meeting in Tuchola.
      QSL via SQ2BNM.

      During August 17-19 there will be a tournamet at the Liw castle,
      where all knights brotherhoods from the Polish Kingdom and all
      other neighbouring kingdoms were invited. Fight will take place
      both on foot and on horseback until the last drop of blood.
      The fights of the knights will be transmitted with the use of
      modern technologies by brother Mariusz, SQ8JCB brother Pawel,
      SP5SMY and other brothers with the necessary licenses.
      Everything will be heard on short waves marked as SN0LIW.

V3, Belize:
      Travis, AF6WU (V31WU) and Kjerstin, KJ0VDA (V31DV) are QRV from
      Caye Caulker (NA-073, WW Loc. EK57xr) August 16 - 20 on the HF
      bands mostly in SSB.
      QSLs via AF6WU.

VQ9,  Diego  Garcia:
      Jim, VQ9JC (ND9M) is back on Diego Garcia (AF-006) until mid
      November. The club station on the island was closed until further
      notice, therefore he's currently only QRV in "Field Day style"
      with monoband dipoles and 100W, daily between approximately
      1230z to 1615z. Most operation will take place in CW.
      QSL via ND9M.

African Tour  (6W & C5):
      Dom, M1TKA will tour West Africa as follows:
      15 - 22 August    6W/M1KTA
      22 - 29 August    C5/M1KTA
      He'll operate on HF and (if conditions permit) 6m.
      QSL via M1TKA.

Propagation forecast app:
      DroidProp is a propagation forecast app for the HF bands, based
      on VOCAP (Voice of America Coverage Analysis Program).
      It calculates the current and future HF propagation conditions
      on the device, an internet connection is only needed for
      updating the solar data. It's currently still in beta state but
      fully functional. Download (free) and information:

      Bob, N2OO, uploaded the HK0NA QSOs to LoTW. About 15.000 QSOs
      appear to have been lost in the process, but he's working with
      the ARRL to resolve this issue.

New RAC Sections for Ontario:
      On September 1st, the following new sections will be in effect:
      Ontario North (ONN)
      Ontario East (ONE)
      Ontario South (ONS)
      Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

New Prefix for Niue:
      On August 3d, Niue (ZK2) was issued the prefix block E6.

QSL-Status PJ7PT:
      QSL manager Wojciech, SP9PT, reportts that all QSOs have been
      uploaded to LoTW, all direct requests have been answered and
      bureau cards are answered as they arrive. If someone is missing
      a card, please get in touch by email: wklosok@rsi.pl

      Phil, G3SWH, reports that regrettably, Andreas, 5R8FL, does not
      use his QSL manager services any more as of August 2012.

175 Jahre P&O-Faehren:
      GB175PO and TM175PO are special event callsigns operated from
      Dover and Calais to commemorate the 175th jubilee of the
      P&O ferries. Operation will take place throughout August,
      occasionally from the ferries.

Silent Key:
      The well known DXpeditioner Alex, UA9YAB, passed away aged 50
      during his DX-Pedition to Los Roques Island (SA-035) on August
      11. He suffered from a cardic arrest when he was swimming.

18.8.      SARTG RTTY Contest (part 1)
18.8.      SARTG RTTY Contest (part 2)
18./19.8.  DARC HF-Fax-Contest
18./19.8.  Keymen's Club of Japan Contest
18./19.8.  North American QSO Party
19.8.      SARTG RTTY Contest (part 3)

IOTA                compiled by Klaus, DL7UXG  (e-mail: iota@dxhf.darc.de)

Island activities:

General: On the weekend 18/19 August the 15th "International Lighthouse
      Lightship Weekend" (ILLW) will take place. More information:

AS-060; HL4 Chollabuk/Chollanam-Do Province Group: Members of Gwangju
      DX Club will be active as D7G from Kogum Island between August
      17-19th. Activity will be on 80-6 meters using CW, SSB and RTTY.
      QSL via HL4CEL.

AS-171; 4S; Sri Lanka's Coastal Islands: Members of the Radio
      Society of Sri Lanka will activate 4S7LGT from LH/Island
      Barberyn (ILLW LK0002, ARLHS SLI-002, TWLHD WLH 4S-001, WLOTA 0024)
      during the ILLW. QSL via 4S7LGT (direct or bureau).

EU-002; OH0; Aland Island: Normunds/YL3DQ will, until August 20th
      work from Aland Islands in holiday style as OH0/YL3DQ
      on 80-10m in CW and RTTY. QSL via YL3DQ (direct or bureau)

EU-012; GM/MM; Shetland and Fair Isle: A YL expedition by Unni, LA6RHA
      Chantal, PA5YL, Ruth, IT9ESZ/HB9LFM, Nicky, MM5YLO, Elaine,
      2E1BVS and Denise, MM6ZDW is planning to activate Fair Isle
      (IOSA SH-09, WLOTA 1319) between 16 and 22 August. Their call
      will be GB2YLS and activity will take place on the HF bands in
      SSB and CW. This operation includes a participation in the ILLW.
      from Fair Isle South LH (ILLW UK0127, ARLHS SCO-079, BARLS A3750,
      TWLHD WLH GM-028, WW Loc. IO99em, WAB NZ16).
      QSL via MM5YLO (direct or bureau). http://www.radioclubs.net/gb2yls/

EU-040; CT; Estremadura Province group: Luis/CT1EJB and Armando/CT2JYX
      will be active as CR5WFF once again. From August 17 to 20 they are
      QRV from "Farol da Berlenga" (WCA CT-01001, DMHP LR-086). The QTH
      is on Ilha da Berlenga (DIP ES-001, PIP NT-029, WFF CTFF-015,
      WLOTA 1054). They will be QRV in SSB, RTTY and BPSK.
      QSL via CT1EJB (direct or bureau).

EU-042; DL; Schleswig-Holstein State North West group: Mike/DL4ABO
      will be on the air from Foehr Island (GIA N-017, WLOTA 4067)
      August 18 to 25. Using the callsign DL4ABO/p he will work on
      the HF bands in holiday style. QSL via Homecall (direct or bureau).

EU-047; DL; Niedersachsen State group: DA0L takes part in the ILLW from
      the Borkum Lighthouse (ILLW DE0116).

EU-064; F; Pays De La Loire Region group: The "Radio Club Vendeen"
      will activate the Sebastopol Polder Nature Park (FFF-218)
      as F6KUF/P on August 20/21. The park is located on Noirmoutier
      island (DIFM AT-020, WLOTA 1224). They are active on 80m - 10m
      in SSB, CW and maybe PSK/RTTY. QSL via F6KUF (direct or bureau).

EU-101; OH6; Lansi-Suomi (Vaasa) Province group: Timo/OH6FMG
      will activate Gashallen Lighthouse (ARLHS FIN-136; ILLW FI0015;
      LOC KP02MN) on the ILLW. QSL via OH6FMG (direct or bureau)

EU-115; EI/GI/MI; Ireland (Ireland/Northern Ireland): Members of the
      "Carrickfergus Amateur Radio Group" will show up as GN0LIX/p
      on the ILLW from Chaine Memorial Tower (ILLW UK0033, BARLS A6031,
      ARLHS NTI-004, WLOTA 1439, WW IO74cu) in Larne. Depending on the
      condx they will be active on 40m, 20m or 10m in SSB.
      QSL via bureau. http://www.radioclubs.net/carg

EU-116; GD/MM; Isle of Man: Members of the "Dundee Amateur Radio Club"
      (Paul/GM0BKC, Pete/GM1CMF, Colin/GM4JPZ, Scott/MM0SVK, Mark/2M0LEW
      and Ally/MM0DRA) will be QRV as GT4AAF/P from 18 - 25 August
      from the Isle of Man (WLOTA 0449, WW IO74sf). They plan to work
      on all bands and modes. QSL via GM0BKC (direct or bureau).

EU-136; 9A; Kvarner group: Vincenzo/IZ2WMW will work from Krk island
      August 18th to 25th using the callsign 9A/IZ2WMW. He will use
      QRP equipment (FT-817 and Dipole) on 14.260 and possibly also
      around 18.128 and 21.260 MHz.
      QSL via IZ2WMW (direct or bureau).

EU-184; OH8; Oulu Province group: Members of the "University of Oulu
      Technical Students Radio Club" will be on the air as OH8T
      on August 17-19 from Hailuto Island and Marjaniemi Lighthouse
      (ILLW FI0025, ARLHS FIN-028, TWLHD WLH OH-015, WLOTA 0580).
      QSL via OH8T (direct or bureau). http://oh8ta.fi/english/

NA-026; W2; New York State group: The "Great South Bay Amateur Radio
      Club" activates Fire Island (USi NY013S) and it lighthouse (ILLW
      US0019; ARLHS USA-286) on August 18/19. They will sign W2GSB on
      80 - 10 m in CW, SSB and PSK31.
      QSL direct (see QRZ.COM) and eQSL/LoTW.
      http://www.gsbarc.org http://www.fireislandlighthouse.com/

NA-099; KP3/4; Puerto Rico: The Puerto Rico Amateur Radio League,
      KP4ES, plans to do island hopping for the ILLW. The following
      new USi references will be activated: PR047S - Cayo Afuera/Cayo
      Real; PR048S - Cayo de Tierra; PR049S - Isleta Marina
      QSL via NP3O (see KP4ES on QRZ.COM).

NA-145; PJ5,6; Sint Eustatius and Saba Islands: Until August 18th
      Frank/K3TRM can be worked as PJ5/K3TRM from Sint Eustatius
      on the HF bands. QSL via K3TRM (direct or bureau).

NA-161; KL; Alexander Archipelago: From August 17th to 19th,
      Michael/KL7XK, Charles/WL7CSJ and Heinz/VA7AQ will be active as
      KL7XK/p, WL7CSJ/p and VA7AQ/NL5 from Pleasant Island. They plan
      to work from 30m to 15m in CW and SSB.
      QSL via Homecalls (direct or bureau).

OC-137; VK4; Queensland State (South Coast) South group: VK4ILH will
      be used by Derek, VK4MIA, Paul, VK4FPDW, Brooke, VK4KDX, Graham,
      VK4GRA, Ewan, VK4ERM, Catherine, VK4GH, John, VK4IO and Luke,
      VK3HJ from August 17th to 19th from Moreton LH (ARLHS AUS-039, ILLW
      AU0009, WLOTA 2987, Admiralty K2854.1, WW. Loc. QG62rx). It's
      the first activiation of this lighthoise.
      QSL via VK4MIA (direct or bureau).

OC-139; VK5; South Australia State East Centre group: Paul/VK5PAS,
      Sasi/VK5SN, Dave/VK3VCE, Mark/VK5VW, David/VK5KC, Hans/VK5YX and
      Lesley/VK5LOL will use the callsign VI5CW from August 17th to 20th
      from Kangaroo island. For the ILLW they will activate the Cape
      Willoughby Lighthouse (ILLW AU-0095, ARLHS AUS-051, TWLHD WLH
      VK-017, WLOTA 0869, Admiralty K2112).
      QSL via VK5PAS (direct or bureau), eQSL and LoTW.

OC-143; YB4-6; Sumatra Island: Zen/YB0MZI is currently QRV on the
      HF bands from Sumatra as YB0MZI/4.
      QSL nur direct (siehe QRZ.COM).

OC-233; VK7; Tasmania's Coastal Islands: Mike/VK7FB and Anne/VK7BYL
      will be QRV from the weather station and the lighthouse of
      Tasmania (ILLW AU0101, ARLHS AUS-160, TWLHD WLH VK-063, WLOTA
      0288, Admiralty K3614) from August 18 - 25 (including ILLW).
      The lighthouse is in the National Park Tasmania (VKFF-481).
      Mike and Anne used to be lighthouse keepers in this LH in 1969.
      They will be QRV on the HF bands with an IC7000.
      QSL via VK7FB (direct or bureau).

OC-233; VK7; Tasmania's Coastal Islands: Tony/VK3VTH will be active from
      Currie Lighthouse (ILLW AU0016; WW Loc. QF10wb) on King Island as
      VK3VTH/7 from August 16 to 19. On the first two days he'll be QRV
      for a few hours after 0500z, for the ILLW he plans to be on the
      air from 0000z to 0700z on 40m and 20m in SSB.
      QSL via Homecall (direct or bureau)

SA-036; P4; Aruba Island: Jack/W6NF and his XYL Shelley/K7MKL will
      visit P49Y (WLOTA 0033, LOC FK52AL) August 15th to 21st.
      They will sign P40NF and P40S. Jack's focus will be on the
      highbands (and 6m) in CW, Shelly plans to take part in the
      SARTG RTTY Contest.

SA-099; PJ2; Curacao Island: For the ILLW, Louis/PJ2LS activates the
      Noordpunt Lighthouse (ILLW AN0002) using the call PJ2L on the
      HF bands. QSL via EB7DX (direct).

Non-IOTA: CR6LH - Cabo da Roca LH: Jose Luis/CT1GZB, Carlos/CT1CSY
      and Rafael/CT2JXT plan to be QRV as CR6LH from Cabo da Roca
      (ILLW PT0015, DFP FES-01, ARLHS POR 007, Admiralty D2108, LOC
      IM58gs) for the ILLW. They plan to operate on HF in SSB, RTTY,
      PSK31 and CW.
      QSL via CT1GZB (direct or bureau).


CW1R - Punta del Este: The "Radio Club Uruguayo" will use the callsign
      CW1R on August 17 - 19 from Punta del Este Lighthouse (ARLHS URU
      008, ILLW UY0005, LOC GF25ma) from 80 - 10 m with at least two
      stations in CW, SSB and digi modes. This includes the ILLW.
      QSL via CX1AA.

II1PV - Punta Vagno: ARI Genova club (IQ1GE) will take part in the ILLW
      from Punta Vagno Lighthouse (ILLW IT0018, WAIL LI-006, ARLHS ITA
      151, Admiralty E1230, WW Loc. JN44lj).
      QSL via bureau or direct (see  QRZ.COM)

PA25SCH - Scheveningen SW Tower: For the ILLW, PA25SCH will be QRV from
      "Scheveningen SW Tower" (ILLW NL0025, WW Loc. JO22dc). Activities
      are planned in SSB on HF, VHF and UHF.
      QSL via PD2RKG (direct or bureau).

PA6FUN - Kaapduinen Range Rear: PA6FUN will be QRV for the ILLW from
      Kaapduinen Range Rear high (ILLW NL-0045, ARHLS NET-049) and at
      the same time from Kaapduinen Range Rear front (ILLW NL-0044,
      ARHLS NET-047, WW Loc. JO11sl).
      QSL via PA3HHT (direct or bureau).

PI4WBR/LH - Willemstad LH: PI4WBR/LH will be the call in the ILLW from
      Willemstad (ARLHS NET-075). QSL via PA3FTX (direct or bureau).

TC2ELH/TC6LHW - Oeluece & Civaburnu Feneri LH: The TCSWAT team
      and the "Giresun Radio Amateurs and Nature Sports Club" will
      use the callsign TC2ELH from August 18-20 from Karadeniz Eregli
      Oeluece Lighthouse (ARLHS TUR-044) and TC6LHW from Civaburnu
      Feneri Lighthouse (ARLHS TUR-002). Both activities count for
      the WEBLOTA award. QSL via TA1HZ (direct or bureau).

WFF Activities
YOFF: YP7P and YR7WFF will be QRV from the Parang reservate (YOFF-373,
     WW Loc. KN15ti) from August 17 - 19. From an altitude of 2228m
     they will be QRV in CW, SSB and digital modes on HF, VHF and UHF.
     QSL for YR7WFF via YO7MGG and for YP7P direct via QRZ.COM.


from  to                  DX                 DX-NL
till 9. September         2O12L              1790
21. July - 9. September   2O12W              1789
1August-28October         3Z70ZK             1791
till 31. December         4O60GBP            1790
18.-19.08.                4S7LGT             1793*
14August-3 September      5H3ME              1792
till 2014                 5Z4EE              1742/1753/1772
2012                      6D0LM              1774
15. - 22.  August         6W/M1KTA           1793*
till 31. December         7T50I..            1788
till 31. October          8J0WAZA            1780
till 31. March 2013       8J1MBR             1788
till 31. December         8J1MST             1779
till 31. March 2013       8J1SPY             1788
till 30. September2012    8J2NDP..           1751
till 31. December         8J6O               1773
till 31. December         8J6OKAJO           1788
till  30. September       8J7EQ              1773
till 31. October          8N0CLEAN..         1788
till 31. December         8N1TDU             1780
18.-25.08.                9A/IZ2WMW          1793*
5. till 17. August        9H3EA              1791
till 2012                 9J2RI              1739/1742
till October 2014         9V1RM              1751
till September 2013       A52SV              1752
22. - 29.  August         C5/M1KTA           1793*
till Ende 2013            C91IW              1787
unknown                   CG3B               1786
till 31. December         CN2YZ              1771
till 31. August           CO2IR              1793*
17.-20.08.                CR5WFF             1793*
unknown                   CR6BWU             1784
18.-19.08.                CR6LH              1793*
17. - 19. August          CW1R               1793*
till End 2012             CY0/VE1AWW         1784
till Mai 2013?            D2SG               1748/1780
8. - 21.  August          D64K               1792
18.-19.08.                DA0L               1793*
till 31. December         DA0LSW             1785
11.-24.08.                DG5LAC/p           1792
2012?                     DL0SLITISA         1764
till 13. January 2013     DL125HHZ           1778
01January-31December      DL1630Y            1760
till 31. December         DL250COAL          1779
18.-25.08.                DL4ABO/p           1793*
01January-31December      DM100MGY           1763
01January-31December      DM50KSJ            1763
till 31. December         DM800ANH           1767
till February 2013        DP0GVN             1756
till 31. December         DP87SIXD           1792
till January 2013         DQ0STRATEX         1770
till 31. December         DQ125HSB           1763/1784
till 31. December         DR50DTANGO         1791
2. July - 25. August      E51AND             1786
unknown                   E51MGA             1786
till 31. December         E720RS             1770
1January-31December       EI80IRTS           1763/1788
till 26. August           EM80L..            1778
20.-21.08.                F6KUF/p            1793*
till 1. March 2013        FH8NX              1747
10. - 20. August          FP/VE2XB           1792
14.-19.08.                GB0BL              1792
till 30. August           GB175PO            1793*
till 23. August           GB1HF              1791
till 9. September         GB2012OLY          1792
till 9.  September        GB2012MV           1790
till 9. September         GB2012OSP          1791
16.-22.08.                GB2YLS             1793*
till  10.  September      GB4GBO             1790
till 31. December         GB50WVR            1767
2012                      GB80PW             1762
14.-19.08.                GM4WAB             1792
18./19. August            GN0LIX/p           1793*
14.-19.08.                GS0GRC             1792
18.-25.08.                GT4AAF/p           1793*
till late 2013            H44RK              1793*
till 31. December         HA50ZH             1780
till September 2013       HI3/KL7JR          1745
unknown                   HP1/IZ6BRN         1787
unknown                   HT9H               1792
till Ende 2012            ID9DXC..           1755
18.-19.08.                II1PV              1793*
01January-31December      II6LN              1763
10.08.-03.09.             IM0/I0PNM          1792
till July 2013            J28UC              1734
4. - 19. August           J68HZ              1791
till November             JW2US              1791
29March -March2013        JX9JKA             1769/1773
till 2013                 KG4AJ              1756
10.-17.08.                LA6Q               1792
17.-19.08.                KL7XK/p            1793*
18.-19.08.                KP4ES              1793*
till 31. December         LX75RL             1788
till 31. December         LZ1818MOG..        1770
18. - 19. August          M0RSE              1793*
till 15. August           NR4CB              1780
Mai - October             OD5/IV3XNF         1777
August                    OD5ARMY            1792
unknown                   OD5NJ              1784
July + September          OE2XXM..           1786
till 3. April  2017       OG3077F            1789
till zum 20. August       OH0/YL3DQ          1793*
till 31. December         OH150VR            1772
18.-19.08.                OH6FMG             1793*
17.-19.08.                OH8T               1793*
till 31. December         ON500MERCATOR      1783
4April-31December         ON100TT            1775
19. - 26.                 ON4YOTA            1793*
01January-31December      ON65BR             1763
till 31. December         ON85RCL            1790
unknown                   OX3LX              1790
01.07.-31.12.             P3EU               1786
15. - 21. August          P40NF..            1793*
08.-16.08.                PA/IZ3GNG          1792
18.-19.08.                PA25SCH            1793*
till 15. August.          PA6FUN             1790
18.-19.08.                PA6FUN             1793*
18.-19.08.                PI4WBR/LH          1793*
18./19. August            PJ2L               1793*
till 18.08.               PJ5/K3TRM          1793*
16. - 19. August          PT7ZT/p            1793*
10. - 18. August          R100WWS            1792
August                    R10RLHA            1791
till 31. August           R1150V             1783
till 30. August           R11GGGR..          1784
August                    R1812SM            1791
12June-12September        R200V              1783
15.07.-28.08.             RI0K               1788
till Anfang 2013          RI1ANF             1765
till September 2012       RI1FJA             1741
till September 2012       RI1FJM             1741
till 31. December         S555E..            1772
1July - 31August          SN0HAL             1786
17. - 20. August          SN0LIW             1793*
till 2. October           SN63DNI            1792
15August-8September       SN17EGS            1793*
1. August - 2. October    SN7PW              1791
10.-19.08.                SP5OXJ/1           1792
08.-18.08.                SV8/IZ7FLQ         1792
sporadically              T30BN              1785
Resident                  T32BN              1785
till 30. September        T6SS               1790
till Mitte September      T6TJ..             1789
18.-20.08.                TC2ELH             1793*
till 31. December         TC50TRAC..         1770
30June - 30September      TC6BLH..           1786/1793*
08.-16.08.                TK0/IZ3DBA         1792
till 30. August           TM175PO            1793*
till 31. December         TM210VH            1770
till 31. December         TM70TRS            1763
unknown                   TX0HF              1789
till 31. August           UE80C              1784
16. - 20. August          V31WU..            1793*
till November 2014        V73NS              604/1668/1752
17.-19.08.                VA7AQ/NL5          1793*
17.-20.08.                VI5CW              1793*
16. -19. August           VK3VTH/7           1793*
17.-19.08.                VK4ILH             1793*
till Mitte November       VQ9JC              1755/1793*
09.-25.08.                VQ9XP              1792
13. - 22. August          VU7M               1792
18.-19.08.                W2GSB              1793*
17.-19.08.                WL7CSJ/p           1793*
till Mai 2014             XE1/DM3DL          1730
10. - 17. August          YB67RI             1792
17.-19.08.                YP7P               1793*
17.-19.08.                YR7WFF             1793*
till 2014                 ZY2014WC           1774

QSL information
2O0CGT            via    2E0CGT       (B), eQSL
2O12L             via    G4WNF
3A/IZ8EGM         via    IZ8EGM       (B)
3B8CW             via    NI5DX        (B)
4L0CR             via    DL8KAC       (d)
4S7LGT                                (B)
4X/DK7CM          via    DK7CM        (B)
4X130RISHON       via    4Z4KX
5B/G4MKP          via    M0URX        (B), (L)
5B/RV1AW          via    RU1AE        (B)
5Q0PI             via    OZ6PI        (B)
8S7SIX            via    SM7FJE       (d)
9A/S54O           via    S54O         (B)
9A/S57SU          via    S57SU
9A8WTV            via    IZ5WTV       (B)
9K2/A92KT         via    9K2KH        (B)
9M2IDJ            via    JA6IDJ
9M4SLL            via    M0URX        (B)
6W/M1KTA          via    M1KTA
9A/IZ2WMW         via    IZ2WMW       (B)
9A209A            via    9A9A
A52SV             via    JA2PSV       (L)
C5/M1KTA          via    M1KTA
CO2IR             via    (B),         EB7DX (d)
CO6LE             via    EA5GL        (d)
CR5WFF            via    CT1EJB       (B)
CR6LH             via    CT1GZB       (B)
CT7/DL1IAL        via    DL1IAL       (B)
CT7/G3SED         via    G3SED        (L), eQSL
CT9/OM7JG         via    OM7JG        (B)
CU3YLA            via    CU3BL        (B)
CW1R              via    CX1AA        (B)
DA0L                                  (B)
DL/9A2WJ          via    9A2WJ        (B)
DL/PA4ARP         via    PA4ARP       (B)
DL4ABO/p          via    DL4ABO       (B)
DM50KSJ           via    DL2VM        (B)
DR50DTANGO        via    DG5MPQ       (B)
EA6/DF2DD         via    DF2DD        (B)
EA6/DL7MX         via    DL7MX        (B), eQSL
EM200L            via    UT3LI        (d)
EO5UFF            via    US5UFF
EY8/UA4WHX        via    UA4WHX       (B), (L)
F/PA2M            via    PA2M         (B)
F6KUF/p           via    F6KUF        (B)
FG4NO             via    F4AVX        (B)
FK8GX             via    W3HNK        (d)
GB175PO           via    QRZ.COM
GB1HA             via    G4IMP        (B)
GB2YLS            via    MM5YLO       (B)
GB0WPB            via    M0PNN        (B)
GN0LIX/p          via    GN0LIX       (B)
GO2MP             via    N3SL         (B)
GO7BTA            via    G7BTA        (B)
GT4AAF/p          via    GM0BKC       (B)
H44RK                                 (d)
H44USMC           via    H44RK        (d)
HA/ON6UU/p        via    ON6UU        (B)
HB0/IK1AIL        via    IK1AIL       (B)
HL5/DL2DUA        via    DL2DUA       (B)
HT9H              via    TI4SU        (d)
ID9A              via    IK2PGM       (B), (L)
II1PV                                 (B)
IT9/ON4ENL        via    ON4ENL       (B)
J8/PE1IGM         via    PE1IGM       (B)
J68HZ             via    K9HZ         (B), eQSL
JW6TMA            via    LA6TMA       (B)
KL7XK/p           via    KL7XK        (B)
KP4ES             via    NP3O         (d)
LA/DH0JAE         via    DH0JAE       (B), (L)
M0RSE             via    G3SWH        (B), OQRS
OE/DJ5RE/p        via    DJ5RE        (B)
OE/OK1NOR         via    OK1NOR
OH0/YL3DQ         via    YL3DQ        (B), (L)
OH0/YL3DQ         via    YL3DQ        (B)
OL8M              via    OK1DRQ       (B)
ON40KS            via    ON7MFY       (B)
ON4YOTA           via    ON9CFG       (B)
ON50HC            via    ON3AIM       (B)
OX3LX             via    OZ1PIF       (B)
OZ/DH0JAE         via    DH0JAE       (B), (L)
OZ/DL3JJ          via    DL3JJ        (B)
P29FR             via    I2RFJ        (B)
PA6FUN            via    PA3HHT       (B)
PA25SCH           via    PD2RKG       (B)
PI4WBR/LH         via    PA3FTX       (B)
PJ2L              via    EB7DX        (d)
PJ5/K3TRM         via    K3TRM        (B)
PT7ZT/p           via    PT7ZT        (B), (L), eQSL
R200BB            via    RK3CQ        (B), eQSL
RI1FJA            via    RX3MM        (d)
SN0LIW            via    SP5SMY
SN0RX             via    SP8RX
SN17EGS           via    SQ2BNM       (B), eQSL
SP2/DK2ZF         via    DK2ZF        (B)
TC2ELH            via    TA1HZ        (B)
TC6LHW            via    TA1HZ        (B)
TM175PO           via    QRZ.COM
TO2U              via    VE3DZ        (B)
UN/UA4WHX         via    UA4WHX       (B), (L)
VQ9XP             via    W4XP         (L), (d)
V31DV             via    AF6WU        (B), (L), eQSL
V31WU             via    AF6WU        (B), (L), eQSL
VA2SG/p           via    VA2SG        (d)
VA7AQ/NL5         via    VA7AQ        (B)
VI5CW             via    VK5PAS       (B)
VK3BF/VK9C        via    VK3BF
VK3VTH/7          via    VK3VTH       (B)
VK4ILH            via    VK4MIA       (B)
VQ9JC             via    ND9M         (B)
W2GSB                                 (d), (L), eQSL
WL7CSJ/p          via    WL7CSJ       (B)
XE1REF/XF1        via    XE1REF
XP2I              via    OZ1BII       (B)
YP7P                                  (d)
YR7WFF            via    YO7MGG       (d)
ZA1/YO2MBU        via    YO2MBU       (B), (L), eQSL
ZA1TC             via    TA1HZ        (B)
ZF2GG             via    W4SIG        (B)

(d) = direct only      (B) = Bureau ok
(*) = new Manager      (L) = LoTW

* QSL received direct: 9Y4HQ (DF2RG, 9 days!), HK0NA

* Via QSL bureau the following cards were received:
   4Z13AR, 5N6/YL2SW (YL2SW), 6V7D, 9A1AA, 9A0HQ (9A3JB), 9M8XXW (DJ8XW),
   OX4OK, PJ4D, R1961G (RV3LZ), RP65Z (RK3ZZ), RP66S (RV3LZ), RP90MP,
   V55DX, WE9V, ZF2AH (W6VNR)

* QSL via LoTW:  HK0NA, ST0R

Many thanks for contributing to this issue of the DXNL are going to:
Carl Smith (QRZ DX), 425DXNews, OPDX-Bulletin, DF6EX (fuer WIN-QSL),
F6AJA & Les Nouvelles DX, NG3K, VA3RJ u.a.

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