Re-instatement of Volunteer Examiner Qualifications

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Industry Canada has advised the Radio Amateurs of Canada that the Volunteer Examiner Qualifications of VA3MPM have been re-instated.

Mr. Myers was the subject of a previous bulletin announcing that his qualifications had been revoked.
The information regarding the revocation of the qualifications was provided to RAC by Alan McLean, a Spectrum Management Officer with the Amateur Radio Service Centre of Industry Canada.

Mr. McLean now indicates that he spoke in error yesterday regarding Mr. Myers. Mr. McLean now indicates that the qualifications were suspended but then were re-instated a couple of weeks ago. It appears that Mr. McLean relied on a database of examiners which incorrectly showed the qualifications as suspended. Mr. McLean further indicates that a task has been assigned inside of Industry Canada to update the database to show the qualifications are no longer suspended.

Understandably, Mr. McLean does not wish to further discuss the matter  publicly at this time.
The Radio Amateurs of Canada shares the concerns of Mr. Myers that  incorrect information regarding his work as a volunteer examiner was  provided by Industry Canada to not only the Radio Amateurs of Canada  but also to several members of the public.
Bill Gade, VE4WO
Regulatory Affairs

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