The Mid Ulster Amateur Radio Club is active again

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After the success of the weekend activation for IOTA, the Mid Ulster Amateur Radio Club will, once again, be on air on Saturday 25th August from the site of the infamous Maze Prison, near the City of Lisburn in Northern Ireland. The prison has long since been decommissioned but part of the site is now the home of The Ulster Aviation
Historically the site first saw service as a WW2 aerodrome and as an aircraft assembly and test base. It was originally known as ‘Long Kesh,’ in the townland of ‘Maze’. It has since remained in Government hands and is now subject to a major redevelopment following the closure of the prison.
The Ulster Aviation Society is housed in a couple of remaining WW2 hangers which provide ample static display space for many, mostly Cold War era, aircraft and associated memorabilia. This museum is run and maintained by volunteers and in order to raise funds they are holding an Open Day on the 25 th.
This year’s event sees the 70th anniversary of the arrival of US troops to NI in support of the WW2 war effort and also the first test flight of the Short Brothers Stirling Bomber.
We have been asked, for the second year, to put on our amateur radio display from the museum in our purpose built trailer and are pleased to be able to use the callsign GB2 UAS (Ulster Aviation Society). QRV hf and 2m, 12.00 to 16.30hrs
Check out our own website at for photos of recent events.
Brian Burns, Mi0 TGOClub Secretary
Mid Ulster Amateur Radio Club

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