DARC Contest Logbook and performance diplomas

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Foreign radio amateurs are increasingly using the excellent opportunities for easy application of the German DARC performance diplomas using theDARC Contest Logbook and are particularly fond of the combination of the DCL with LotW and eQSL.
VE3FWA thanks DF8AA, manager of the WAE award, with following words:
"Some remarks on the DCL. What you have created here is incredible.
No-one but the DARC can connect eQSL, LotW and Contestlog to apply for diplomas. Really great! It is also a pleasure to use. Otherwise I would have not been able to collect all the necessary QSL cards for the DARC awards. Thank you for setting up this system. 73! Ed, VE3FWA"
In his "SV5DKL amateur radio blog" SV5DKL even presents his recently
received EU-DX-D 1000 Trophy, his Europe RTTY Diploma (EURD) and other DARC awards that he could apply for only by using the DCL.
This is not only a good achievement but also proof to the excellent
acceptance of the DARC Contest Logbook.
See: http://sv5dkl.blogspot.de/2012_08_01_archive.html
This might be also an additional motivation for award collectors to
participate in a contest since many logs are uploaded to the DCL as
well. As a result the application of awards is very much simplified.
The DARC Contest Logbook can be found at:http://www.dxhf.darc.de/~dcl

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