DARC DXNL 1799 (Sep 26, 2012)

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Nobby,5A/G0VJG, will be active from Monaco without his XYL from
Oct 1-5. QSL via G4DFI.

Arne,OH2NNE, will be active as 5H2DK from Moshi (Loc KI86qq) using an
Icom 706 MKIIG, SG-500 (100 watts amplifier), A3S tribander (10/15/20m)
and dipoles from Oct 2-17. There may be also sporadic activity using
a portable setup from different locations from Oct 18-27. This will be
a one man operation in SSB only. European stations are asked to call
5 up and all others 10 up. QSL via homecall.

Sig,NV7E, will take part in the upcoming WWDX RTTY Contest (Sep 29/30)
as SOABHP signing 5Z4EE from Nairobi. He announced to join also the
WWDX SSB Contest (Oct 27/28) and the WWDX CW Contest (Nov 24/25).
QSL via homecall, preferably direct or via bureau.

Members of the Dongcheng District Radio Club (BY1WXD) will be QRV as
BY1WXD/0 from the Tibet Autonomous Region (near Lhasa, Loc NL59hi)
between Sep 27 and Oct 7. OPs will be: Che,BA7CK, XiangQian,BA9TX,
Xu,BA8IK, Donghui,BD2FW, Gu,BD4TS, Zheng,BD5FFK, Ampear,BD5QDM,
Youjun,BD5SO, Li,BD9GQ, Lin,BG0GE, BG3MTK, BG5TOW, Lihua,BG6MA,
Nalan,BG9API, and Xiaolei,BG9XE. Operation will take place in CW/SSB/
RTTY/PSK on 40m-6m with two IC-7000 and SpiderBeams.

Members of the Rhein Ruhr DX Association (RRDXA) will be QRV again from
Santana on Ilha da Madeira (AF-014, DIP MA-001, PIP MD-001, WLOTA 0053,
WFF CTFF-030, DPRN FF-101) signing CR3L in the multi-OP category of the
WWDX RTTY Contest (Sep 29/30). QSL via DJ6QT.
See also: http://www.cr3l.de

Didier,F6BCW, is going to visit several Polynesian islands between
Oct 2 and Nov 8. He will use a straight key only running 100 watts
into a dipole:
Oct 2-6: Tahiti (OC-046), no or little operation
Oct 6-15: Huahine (OC-067), 7-28 MHz
Oct 15-19: Raiatea (OC-067), 18/14/10 MHz
Oct 19-22: Tahaa (OC-067), 18/14/10/7 MHz
Oct 22-26: Maupiti (OC-067), 18/14/10 MHz
Oct 22-Nov 8: Huahine (OC-067), 7-28 MHz
Didier has applied for a special callsign but if he does not get it
he will use FO/F6BCW. QSLs via F6BCW after his return.

The special event station 8J7NPMG celebrates the "25th All Japan Health
and Welfare Festival" (Nenrin-pic) from Miyagi (JCG 06013) and Sendai
(JCC 601) in Miyagi prefecture on Honshu Island (AS-007, WLOTA 2376)
until Oct 16. QSL via bureau.

Takeshi,JA6EV, and his XYL Sanae,JJ6GVX, are active on the bands as
JT1EV and JT1GVX from the Ulaanbaatar DX Club clubstation until Sep 26
and from Oct 2-8. QSL via JA6EV.

Bob,NQ3X, and his XYL are moving to St. Croix by the end of this month.
He plans to show up on all HF bands as KP2/NQ3X as soon as possible.
QSL via homecall, preferably direct, LoTW or eQSL.

Werner,DC8QT, Peter,DL2YCA, Peter,DF7EME, Burkhard,DF8XC, Frank,DL8LR,
Helmut,DF7ZS, and Philippe,LX2A, plan to join the Multi 2 category of
the CQWW RTTY Contest as LX7I from Eschdorf. QSL via LX2A.
See also: http://www.lx2a.com

John,OD5RW, is working in CW, SSB, RTTY, SSTV and other digital modes
including D-Star on 80m-70cm again. QSL via K8NA.

Jeoff,PJ2/PD4JOF, is on the air until Sep 29. QSL via homecall.

P4, ARUBA, SA-036
Helmut,DF7ZS, will be on honeymoon during October but plans to take
part in the WAG Contest as P40Z from the shack of P49V on Aruba. He
may work also some QSOs before and after the contest. QSL via homecall.
See also: http://www.df7zs.de
Jim,W4TMO, and Bert,N4CW, want to participate in the WWDX RTTY Contest
as P40G. The log will be uploaded to the LoTW.

The special event station HF28JP remembers the priest Jerzy Popieluszko
who was murdered in 1984. Activities will take place from Oct 1-19.
QSL via SP2KFL. See also: http://www.sp2kfl.org/index.php/dyplom-hf28jp

Members of the "Tango Fox Radio Foxes" (Andres,TF3AM, Seli,TF3AO, and
Jon,TF3PPN) will sign TF2RR in the WWDX RTTY Contest. QSL via TF3AO.

Ray,VP9/ND8L, and Jamie,VP9/WW3S, will be QRV from Sep 27 until Oct 1.
They plan to join the upcoming WWDX RTTY Contest as VP9I from the QTH
of Ed,VP9GE. If the conditions are good enough they will focus on 30m,
17m and 12m before and after the contest.
QSLs for VP9I via N1HRA, for VP9/ND8L direct via homecall or LoTW,
for VP9/WW3S direct via homecall or LoTW.

Petr,ZA/OK1FCJ, Pavel,ZA/OK1DX, and David,ZA/OK6DJ, want to show up in
CW, SSB and RTTY on 160m-10m (incl. WARC bands) from Sep 27 till Oct 3.
They will take part in the WWDX RTTY Test as ZA/OL8R. Their equipment
includes Elecraft K3 and Kenwood TS850, a SpiderBeam (20m/15m/10m),
a vertical for 40m-10m, a dipole for 80m and a longwire for 160m.
QSLs for ZA/OL8R and ZA/OK1FCJ via OK1DRQ, ZA/OK1DX via OK1DX,
ZA/OK6DJ via homecall LoTW, eQSL.

Bernie,ZS4TX, announced to join the WWDX RTTY Contest in the SOABHP
category. The log will be uploaded to the LoTW.

DXCC: Following DXpeditions of 2012 were approved for DXCC credit:
3B8/IW5ELA (Mauritius)
9A8VB (Croatia)
4O7VB (Montenegro)
E40VB (Palestine)
E7/UA4WHX (Bosnia Hercegovina)
EY8/UA4WHX (Tajikistan)
JY8VB (Jordan)
UN/UA4WHX (Kazakhstan)
YU9VB (Serbia)
Z38VB (Macedonia)

Republic of Kosovo "on air" soon (update): Z60K near Pristina commenced
amateur radio operation on Sep 17 shortly after 1700 UTC. The call
has been issued to the clubstation o the Amateur Radio Association of
Kosovo (SHRAK). QSL via G3TXF and logsearch at ClubLog. The first
individual licenses were issued as well (Z61AA, Z61AB, Z61AJ, Z61AS,
Z61DD, Z61DX, Z61FF, Z61LA, Z61NS, Z61VB and Z61XO) and 9A6AA received
the first guest license (Z6/9A6AA).
Since the Kosovo is neither a member of the United Nations nor does it
have a callsign block allocated by the ITU Kosovo does not meet the
established requirements of the DXCC program at this time. The website
of the local PTT is online already.
See also: http://www.art-ks.org and http://www.iaru-r1.org and
http://files.qrz.com/k/z60k/Z60Kauthorization.jpg and

SILENT KEY: Sean Smith,KG4WSS, was one of the four Americans who was killed
in the storming of the US consulate in Benghazi on Sep 11.
Our condolences and sympathy are with Seans family and friends.
We do not want to be sad that we lost him, but grateful that we could
get to know him as a radio friend. We will always keep him in memory.

LINKS: Current SOTA activities (mountain summits) are announced at:
Detailed information about current VHF activities can be found on the
VHF DX portal "Make More Miles on VHF" at: http://www.MMMonVHF.de

Sep 23 BARTG Sprint 75
Sep 24 DIG-PA Contest
Sep 29/30 CQ WWDX RTTY DX Contest

IOTA compiled by Klaus, DL7UXG (e-mail: iota@dxhf.darc.de)
Island activities:
AF-004, EA8, Canary Islands: Rob,EA8/DL7VOA, will be QRV mainly in CW
working holiday style from the west coast of Tenerife between Sep 30
and Oct 6. QSL via homecall.

AF-029, ZD9, Tristan da Cunha Islands: Depending on the weather Rob,M0VFC,
will be active as ZD9UW from Tristan da Cunha between Sep 27 and Oct 4.
Rob works in SSB on 80m-10m. Activities on 160m and 6m are not planned.
If time and pile-ups permit he may work also in RTTY. An OQRS system
(for direct and bureau QSLs) will be offered as well.
See also: http://www.zd9uw.org.uk

AS-136, BY4, Shanghai Province group: Dale,BA4TB/4, Mi,BD4TQ/4, Tim,BD4TJ/4,
Ni,BD4TR/4, and Zhou,BG4TVT/4, will be QRV from Heng Sha Island in all
modes on 40m-10m from Oct 1-4. QSLs via homecalls.

EU-002, OH0, Aland Island: Following activities from Aland (WFF OHFF-037,
WLOTA 1373) were announced for the WWDX RTTY Contest:
- Marko,OH8KVY, will be QRV as OH0I in the SOSB 20m category.
QSL via OH3BHL (d).
- Juha,OH9MM, will be QRV as OH0Z in the SOSB 15m class. QSL via W0MM.
- Raimo,OH3BHL, will show up as OH0KAG in der SOSB 40m category.
QSL via OH1KAG (d).

EU-003, CU1/2, Eastern group; EU-089, CU8/9, Western group; EU-175, CU3-7,
Central group: A large group of 18 international HAMs together with
11 local HAMs will activate the nine populated islands of the Azores
from Sep 29 (1200 UTC) until Sep 30 (1200 UTC). Some activities will
start already on Friday, Sep 28, after the stations were set up:
CU1ARM (Ilha de Santa Maria, EU-003, DIP AZ-001, WLOTA 2978)
CU2ARA (Ilha Sao Miguel, EU-003, DIP AZ-002, PIP AC-002, WLOTA 2016)
CU3URA (Ilha Terceira, EU-175, DIP AZ-003, PIP AC-003, WLOTA 0524)
CU4ARG (Ilha Graciosa, EU-175, DIP AZ-004, PIP AC-004, WLOTA 0113)
CU5AM (Ilha Sao Jorge, EU-175, DIP AZ-005, PIP AC-005, WLOTA 1004)
CU6GRP (Ilha do Pico, EU-175, DIP AZ-006, WLOTA 1321)
CU7CRA (Ilha do Faial, EU-175, DIP AZ-007, WLOTA 1830)
CU8ARF (Ilha das Flores, EU-089, DIP AZ-008, PIP AC-008, WLOTA 0947)
CU9AC (Ilha do Corvo, EU-089, DIP AZ-009, WLOTA 0707)
Following frequencies were announced:
CW: 7000-7015 kHz, 18080-18090 kHz, 14050-14065 kHz
SSB: 7175-7195 kHz, 18120-18135 kHz, 14250-14275 kHz
Those stations making a QSO with at least five different islands can
join a lottery for a free trip to the Azores. Additionally, the first
25 operators making QSOs with all nine islands will be eligible for a
second lottery. The lottery will be drawn on Oct 15.
All QSOs will be confirmed with a special QSL via bureau.
Direct QSL requests can be sent to CU2CE.
See also: http://azores-islands-hunt.com

EU-015, SV9, Crete Island and EU-187, SV9, Crete's Coastal Islands:
Bodo,SV9/DF8DX, will stay on Crete (GIOTA KRS-005, MIA MGC-004,
WLOTA 1400) from Oct 1-7 and plans to work mainly in CW. He also plans
a trip to Dia Island (EU-187, GIOTA KRS-015, MIA MGC-006, WLOTA 1734)
on Oct 3/4. He will stay on Dia until his batteries are empty.
QSL via DF8DX.
Uli,DJ9XB, is also staying on Crete during the WWDX RTTY Contest and
plans to show up as single operator signing SW9XB. QSL via DJ9XB.

EU-053, OJ0, Market Reef: Pasi,OH3WS, is working as OJ0W from 40m-10m from
Sep 23-28. QSL via homecall.

EU-090, 9A, Palagruza Islands: Jiri,OK1IEC, Rudolf,OK1HWS, Jan,OK1JK, and
Vlasta,OK1UXH, will be QRV as 9A8OK from Palagruza Island (ACIA IC-901,
CIA-33, IOCA CI-084, MIA MC-284) and Otocic Palagruza lighthouse (ARLHS
CRO-012, CLH-100, TWLHD WLH 9A-046, WLOTA 0057, Loc JN82DJ) between
Sep 29 and Oct 6. QSL via OK1HWS (direct/bureau).
See also: http://jan.kepic.cz/view.php?cisloclanku=2012020002

EU-172, OZ, Jylland East and Fyn group: Mike,OZ/DG5LAC, will be active in
SSB on 80m-10m from Langeland (DIA FY-019, WLOTA 0590) between Sep 29
and Oct 5. QSL via DG5LAC.
Heiko,OZ/DG0OGM, Dieter,OZ/DK1AW, Lutz,OZ/DL3ARK, Peter,OZ/DL4AMK,
Joachim,OZ/DJ2AS, and Mario,OZ/DL5ASE, are working in SSB, CW, RTTY
and BPSK on 160m-10m from Aro (DIA JY-03, WLOTA 0973, Loc JO45vg)
until Sep 29. QSLs via homecalls.

NA-023, VP2V, British Virgin Islands: Steve,VP2V/AA7V, will be QRV from
Virgin Gorda (WLOTA 0347) from Sep 26 until Oct 1 (incl. WWDX RTTY).
QSL via NR6M (direct/LoTW).

NA-029, VY2, Prince Edward Isl. Province Group: Bob,VY2/WC3O, Pat,VY2/NK3P,
Bob,VY2/K3RMB, Steve,VY2/KB3EYY, and Tony,VY2/KB3HGJ, are going to
visit Prince Edward Island from Sep 26 until Oct 1 and plan to operate
in CW, SSB and RTTY on 80m-10m. They will sign VY2/WC3O in the upcoming
WWDX RTTY Contest. QSLs via K3MJW.

NA-145, PJ5/PJ6, Saba and Sint Eustatius: Mike,PJ6/G4IUF, will be active in
holiday style from Saba (WFF PAFF-027, WLOTA 2043) between Oct 1 and
Nov 1. QSL via G4IUF.
Bureau QSLs can be requested via e-mail. See QRZ.com.

NA-213, W4, Alabama State group: Eight HAMs from the Atlanta region plan
to activate Sand Island lighthouse (ARLHS USA-723, TWLHD WLH K-141,
Loc EM50XE, USi AL002S) as K4D in all modes on HF from Sep 26-30.
QSL via W4BTI. See also: http://www.w4bti.org

OC-026, KH2, Guam Island: Dave,N2NL, will sign NH2T in the WWDX RTTY Contest
from Yigo (Guam Island, USi GU003S WFF KFF-110, WLOTA 0064). He also
plans to take part in the SSB and CW parts of the WWDX Contest.
QSL via W2YC. See also: http://www.n2nl.net

OC-134, ZL, South Island: Members of the Quake Contesters Group will be QRV
as ZL3X from Sumner/Christchurch (WLOTA 0342, Loc RE66JK) during the
WWDX RTTY Contest. QSL via ZL3APH (direct/LoTW).

NON IOTA: TC2ZLH lighthouse Zonguldak: The TCSWAT team and the Giresun Radio
Amateurs and Nature Sports Club will activate Zonguldak lighthouse
(Loc KN51VL) as TC2ZLH on Sep 29/30. QSL via TA1HZ.
More information about the WEBLOTA award can be found at:

WFF: Jacques,F6BAX/p, will be QRV from FFF-101 from Sep 27 until Oct 3.
This is a first activation. QSL via homecall.

Lighthouse activities
8J1ARK LH 2376 Oct 1-Nov 4
8J1KS LH 2376 Oct 1-Dec 31
8J1STGY LH 2376 Oct 1-Dec 31
8N1YKR LH 2376 Oct 1-Nov 30
8N2100MD LH 2376 Oct 1-Nov 30


01Oct-05Oct 3A/G0VJG 1799 *
24Sep-05Oct 3D2C 1798
01Aug-28Oct 3Z70ZK 1791
-31Dec 4O60GBP 1790
-20Sep 4S7HBG.. 1798
Sep 5B/G3RWF 1795
23Sep-13Oct 5H1HS 1798
02Oct-27Oct 5H2DK 1799 *
08Oct-15Dec 5H3NP 1798
-2014 5Z4EE 1753/1772/1799 *
2012 6D0LM 1774
24Sep-04Oct 6V7X 1798
-31Dec 7T50I.. 1788

-31Oct 8J0WAZA 1780
-31Mar 8J1MBR 1788
-31Dec 8J1MST 1779
-31Mar 8J1SPY 1788
-30Sep 8J2NDP.. 1751
-03Nov 8J2YDU 1794
-21Oct 8J4HAM 1974
-10Nov 8J4MANGA 1794
-11Nov 8J4SINWA 1794
-31Dec 8J50YAX 1794
-31Dec 8J6O 1773
-31Dec 8J6OKAJO 1788
-30Sep 8J7EQ 1773
-16Oct 8J7NPMG 1799 *
-31Oct 8N0CLEAN.. 1788
-31Dec 8N1TDU 1780
unknown 8Q7HA 1796
29Sep-06Oct 9A8OK 1799 *
unknown 9G5ZS 1795
22Sep-28Sep 9H3AK 1798
unknown 9J2JA 1796
-2012 9J2RI 1739/1742
-Oct/14 9V1RM 1751

-Sep/13 A52SV 1752
01Oct-04Oct BA4TB/4 1799 *
01Oct-04Oct BD4TJ/4 1799 *
01Oct-04Oct BD4TQ/4 1799 *
01Oct-04Oct BD4TR/4 1799 *
01Oct-04Oct BG4TVT/4 1799 *
27Sep-07Oct BY1WXD/0 1799 *
-Dec/13 C91IW 1787
-31Dec CN2YZ 1771
16Sep-04Oct CR3L 1798/1799 *
20Sep-04Oct CT9/DJ3IW 1798
20Sep-04Oct CT9/DJ6QT 1798
20Sep-04Oct CT9/DK1MM 1798
20Sep-04Oct CT9/DK1QH 1798
20Sep-04Oct CT9/DK4QT 1798
20Sep-04Oct CT9/DL1YFF 1798
20Sep-04Oct CT9/DM3BJ 1798
20Sep-04Oct CT9/E73Y 1798
20Sep-04Oct CT9/S56A 1798
29Sep-30Sep CU1ARM 1799 *
29Sep-30Sep CU2ARA 1799 *
29Sep-30Sep CU3URA 1799 *
29Sep-30Sep CU4ARG 1799 *
29Sep-30Sep CU5AM 1799 *
29Sep-30Sep CU6GRP 1799 *
29Sep-30Sep CU7CRA 1799 *
29Sep-30Sep CU8ARF 1799 *
29Sep-30Sep CU9AC 1799 *
-Dec CY0/VE1AWW 1784

-May/13? D2SG 1748/1780
-31Dec DA0LSW 1785
2012? DL0SLITISA 1764
-13Jan DL125HHZ 1778
01Jan-31Dec DL1630Y 1760
-31Dec DL250COAL 1779
01Jan-31Dec DM100MGY 1763
01Jan-31Dec DM50KSJ 1763
-31Dec DM800ANH 1767
-Feb/13 DP0GVN 1756
-31Dec DP87SIXD 1792
-Jan/13 DQ0STRATEX 1770
-31Dec DQ125HSB 1763/1784
-31Dec DR50DTANGO 1791
-31Dec E720RS 1770
30Sep-06Oct EA8/DL7VOA 1799 *
01Jan-31Dec EI80IRTS 1763/1788
27Sep-03Oct F6BAX/p 1799 *
-Mar/13 FH8NX 1747
02Oct-08Nov FO/F6BCW.. 1799 *

-Sep GB0PGY 1797
-30Sep GB39RC 1798
-31Dec GB50WVR 1767
2012 GB80PW 1762
Sep GO4BJC/A.. 1796
-2013 H44RK 1793
-31Dec HA50ZH 1780
01Oct-19Oct HF28JP 1799 *
-30Sep HG1912PTTT 1796
-Sep/13 HI3/KL7JR 1745
01Jan-31Dec II6LN 1763
-Jul/13 J28UC 1734
-Aug/14 J28NC 1796
-26Sep JT1EV.. 1799 *
-Mar/13 JX9JKA 1769/1773
25Sep-30Sep K4D 1798/1799 *
-2013 KG4AJ 1756
-Jun/13 KH2/N2NL 1680
20Sep-01Oct KH8/N6XT 1798
20Sep-01Oct KH8/N7CQQ 1798
-Mar/13 KH9/WA2YUN 1771
-26Sep KP2/K5WE 1798
long term KP2/NQ3X 1799 *

29Sep/30Sep LX7I 1799 *
29Sep/30Sep NH2T 1799 *
Resident OD5RW 1799 *
29Sep/30Sep OH0I 1799 *
29Sep/30Sep OH0KAG 1799 *
29Sep/30Sep OH0Z 1799 *
23Sep-28Sep OJ0W 1799 *
-30Sep ON68POL 1798
29Sep-05Oct OZ/DG7LAC 1799 *
21Sep-29Sep OZ/DG0OGM 1799 *
21Sep-29Sep OZ/DJ2AS 1799 *
21Sep-29Sep OZ/DK1AW 1799 *
21Sep-29Sep OZ/DL3ARK 1799 *
21Sep-29Sep OZ/DL4AMK 1799 *
21Sep-29Sep OZ/DL5ASE 1799 *
29Sep/30Sep P40G 1799 *
Oct P40Z 1799 *
-29Sep PJ2/PD4JOF 1799 *
01Oct-01Nov PJ6/G4IUF 1799 *
-Oct RA0SS/0 1798
-31Dec S555E.. 1772
01Oct-07Oct SV9/DF8DX 1799 *
29Sep-30Sep SW9XB 1799 *

22Sep-02Oct TA/HA3JB 1798
29Sep-30Sep TC2ZLH 1799 *
-31Dec TC50TRAC.. 1770
29Sep/30Sep TF3AO 1799 *
-31Dec TM210VH 1770
-31Dec TM70TRS 1763
-Nov/14 V73NS 1604/1668/1752
22Sep-06Oct VK2IR.. 1798*
28Sep-29Sep VK9XS 1798
21Sep-28Sep VK9CS 1798
26Sep-01Oct VP2V/AA7V 1799 *
27Sep-01Oct VP9I.. 1799 *
-Nov VQ9JC 1755/1793
26Sep-01Oct VY2/WC3O.. 1799 *
-May/14 XE1/DM3DL 1730
unknown YJ8RN/p 1797
unknown Z81A.. 1798
27Sep-03Oct ZA/OL8R.. 1799 *
18Aug-31Sep ZD9KN 1794/1795
unknown ZD9KX 1795
27Sep-04Oct ZD9UW 1799 *
29Sep-30Sep ZL3X 1799 *
-2014 ZY2014WC 1774

* = new or updated
.. = and other calls

QSL information
3A/G0VJG via G0VJG (B)
4J0SFR via 4J5T (B)
4J0WFF via 4J5T (B)
4S7DOG via JG3DOG (B)
4S7QHG via JR3QHQ (B)
4S7TEG via 7M3FMR
5H2DK via OH2NNE
5Z4EE via NV7E (B)
6V7X via IK2FIL (B), (L), EQSL
9A/IQ3VO via IQ3VO (B)
9A8OK via OK1HWS (B)
9Q6AL via DF9TA (B)
BA4TB/4 via BA4TV (B)
BD4TJ/4 via BD4TJ (B)
BD4TQ/4 via BD4TQ (B)
BD4TR/4 via BD4TR (B)
BG4TVT/4 via BG4TVT (B)
CR3L via DJ6QT (B)
DK0WWB/p via DK0WWB (B)
DN3WB/p via DN3WB (B)
EI80IRTS via EI4GXB, (L)
EM125QV via UX7QV (B)
EM70MG via UR1MU
EA3/DJ2OS/p via DJ2OS
F6BAX/p via F6BAX (B)
FR/DL7RJ via DJ7RJ (B)
FO/F6BCW via F6BCW (B)
G4FOC via G3SWH (B)
HF28JP via SP2KFL (B)
IZ5GST/p via IZ5GST (B)
JT1EV via JA6EV (B)
JT1GVX via JA6EV (B)
K4D via W4BTI (B)
K9YNF/4 via K9YNF (B)
KP2/NQ3X via NQ3X (d), (L), eQSL
L25FJ via LU7FJ
LX7I via LX2A (B)
LZ1737SSS (B)
NH2T via W2YC (d), (L)
OD5RW via K8NA
OF3I via OH3BHL (B)
OH0I via OH3BHL (d)
OH0KAG via OH1KAG (d)
OH0Z via W0MM (B)
OJ0W via OH3WS (B)
OZ/DJ2AS via DJ2AS (B)
OZ/DK1AW via DK1AW (B)
P40G (L)
P40Z via DF7ZS (B)
PJ6/G4IUF see QRZ.com
R100RW via RN3FY
SD7M via DF9TM (B)
SD7W via DL2SWW (B)
SN2012FBS via SP3YAC
SV9/DF8DX via DF8DX (B)
SW9XB via DJ9XB (B), (L)
TC2ZLH via TA1HZ (B)
UP100GS via UN7EX
VK9XS via JA1PBV (B)
VP2V/AA7V via NR6M (d), (L)
VP9/ND8L via (d), (L)
VP9/WW3S via (d), (L)
VP9I via N1HRA
VY2/K3RMB via K3MJW (B)
VY2/KB3EYY via K3MJW (B)
VY2/KB3HGJ via K3MJW (B)
VY2/NK3P via K3MJW (B)
VY2/WC3O via K3MJW (B)
YT5DX/p via YT5DX
YT7AW/p via YT7AW (B)
YU1SU/p via YU1SU
YU1TY/p via YU1TY
YU1YM/p via YU1YM
YU2TT/p via YU2TT
Z60K via G3TXF (B)
ZA/OK6DJ via OK6DJ (L), eQSL
ZL3X via ZL3APH (d), (L)

(d) = only direct
(B) = bureau ok
(*) = new QSL manager
(L) = Logbook of the World (LoTW)
(r) = e-mail request

QSLs arrived bureau: J39A (via KQ1F), PJ2T (W3HNK!!!)

QSLs arrived LoTW: 7O6T, E51M (North Cook), EA6ZS, RI1ANF

Many thanks for contributing to this issue of the DXNL are going to:
Carl Smith (QRZ DX), 425DXNews, OPDX Bulletin, DF6EX (WIN-QSL), DF7ZS,
DJ5AV, DL1SBF, DL7MAE, F6AJA & Les Nouvelles DX, F6BCW , K3RMB, NG3K,
OZ1IKY, VA3RJ and others.

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