WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News - September 9th, 2012 (BC-DX #1081)

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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

AFGHANISTAN   6100-not  -  Radio Afghanistan staff are still producing
programs each day (now including 30 minutes daily in Arabic and Russian,
in addition to the English and Urdu that we DXers already knew about),
even though it appears that the SW transmitter has not worked for several
months. The official line from Radio Afghanistan management to outsiders
is that the station is on the air for two hours a day on 6100 (sic), from
a 400 (sic) kW transmitter."
(a source, not Brock Whaley or Al Muick, dxld Aug 29)

BANGLADESH   A-12 of Bangladesh Betar Radio according to monitoring
Aug 16 - Sept 3
In some or series of days without broadcast some frequencies, regularly.

And from Sept 2nd again there is a problem with the tx or modulator!!
1230-1300 15105 DKA 250 kW 140 deg to SoEaAS English
1315-1345 15105 DKA 250 kW 320 deg to SoAS Nepali
         {15505 carrier only on Sept 4}

1400-1430 15505 DKA 250 kW 290 deg to WeAS Urdu
{Sept 4th, S=9+35dB here in Germany, wb.}

1515-1545 15505 DKA 250 kW 305 deg to SoAS Hindi
1600-1630 NF7250 DKA 250 kW 290 deg to NE/ME Arabic,  ex1 5505/15520 
1630-1730 NF7250 DKA 250 kW 290 deg to NE/ME Bangla,  ex1 5505/15520 
1745-1900 NF7250*DKA 250 kW 320 deg to WeEUR English, ex7105/7205/15520
1915-2000 NF7250 DKA 250 kW 320 deg to WeEUR Bangla,  ex7105/7205/15520
*co-ch AIR in Malayalam til 1830 & Vatican R in Latin to WeEUR from 1900
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 4)

4 x Dhaka transmission centers
Mirpur, Savar, Dhamrai, and Khabirpur.

BGD  Dhaka Mirpur 1170 kHz 10 kW
23 46 49.38 N  90 21 26.06 E

BGD  Dhaka Savar, old center of British empire era?, built up extended in
1963.  2 x steep angle non-directional antennas in 60mb

and also some SW rombic antennas surrounded by the lakes close to
23 51 53.08 N  90 16 06.29 E
on the left side area also some 4 curtain antennas visible, in Chinese

BGD  Dhamrai 693 kHz 1000 kW USSR design, inaugurated 16 May 1976 year,
DRM mode extended on Dec 8, 2009.
23 54 22.91 N  90 11 56.07 E

BGD  Kabirpur 10 x SW curtain antennas, 1 MW mast
24 00 28.21 N  90 15 12.03 E
antenna masts in Chinese design.

The new SW 250 kW unit Made in France/Switzerland/Germany of Thomson.

The press release from Thomson of 2011 said something of a Alliss like
rotating antenna in Kabirpur (same type as in Sines or Abuja-Nigeria).
Yes, enough space for the antenna would be around. Since we have to wait
yet another Google Photo images.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 3)

BELARUSSIA   The Belarussian authorities of Belarus have refused
accreditation of German journalist Mrs. Gesine Dornblueth, the Moscow
correspondent of Germany radios Gesine Dornblueth had applied in March
2012 a year visa and accreditation as a foreign journalist.

The Foreign Ministry in Minsk rejected the request without giving reasons.
The Ambassador of Belarus in Berlin Germany advised the Deutschlandfunk
radio on demand, to repeat the application not earlier than after one
year. Of course Germany DLF radio could also try to accredit another
correspondent. Previously German journalists accredited in Moscow were
usually easily obtain accreditation in the neighboring country Belarussia.

In Belarus legislative elections are held in September. State President
Alexander Lukashenko has ruled the auto authoritarian country. Reporters
Without Borders ranks it to the enemies of press freedom.

Willi Steul, director of the German Deutschlandfunk radio commented: "For
us it is a accreditation rejection completely unacceptable. Transparent
elections belongs to report freely from this country... "
(DLR press release Aug 8, 2012 Belarus denied Deutschlandfunk Radio
correspondent accreditation;
via ntt Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D; wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 1)

BRAZIL   4754.9 tent. Radio Imaculada Conceição, Campo Grande, MS. Per XM-
Cedar Key tip - possible return of Radio Imaculada 0000 to 0028 UT in
Music. Strong signal in Port. 2 Sept.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer Sept 2)

BRAZIL   Street View Imagery of Rodeador Park SW TX Site.

RN da Amazonia (Ex Radio Braz), Rodeador Park
(Ian Baxter-AUS, SW TXsite Sept 2)

BRAZIL   11764.911  ZYE726  R Tupi / Super Radio Deus Amor in Portuguese,
from Curitiba PR. Verry odd frequency. Female anncr, not sermon, but many
social world news. 0422 UT Sept 9, S=8 in Germany.

// ZYE727  also from Curitiba SP on 9565.049 kHz at 0437 UT Sept 9, talk
by two men in Portuguese, latter hit by Iranian bubble swinging jammer on
9565.50 to x.060 kHz.

11780  At same time Radio Nacional Amazonia from Brazilia DF only at S=6-7
level, // more powerful on 6180.010 kHz.

11925.215  Radio Bandeirantes, Sao Paulo SP, very tiny weak signal at
0427 UT Sept 9. Female Brazilian popular singer.

9674.983  ZYE971  Radio Cancao Nova, in Portuguese, Brazilian popular song
program, fair S=7-8 signal here in Germany at 0442 UT Sept 9.

9819.436  ZYR 96  Radio 9 de Julho, Sao Paulo SP, light music program in
Portuguese, time annmt at 0445 UT. Hit by a strong English sermon signal
on Sept 9 - Holy Temple, by WHRI Cypress Creek-USA 9825 kHz, S=9+20dB at
0450 UT.

4824.952  ZYG868 very tiny Radio Cachoeira, Paulista SP, at 0500 UT
Sept 9, hit heavily by "wiper arm" signal of CODAR.

4885.020  UNID of two Brazilian stations registered here. Noted fast
Brazilian bongo drum modern music and female singer, at 0506 UT Sept 9.
Strongest Brazilian station today on 60 mb!

4914.961  Radio Difusora de Macapá AP (tent. of two Brazilian here) at
0509 UT Sept 9. S=8 signal in Germany. Solemn music, like Portuguese fado

5940.005  Radio Voz Missionaria, Camboriú, SC, Portuguese language songs,
weak S=6-7 at 0515 UT Sept 9. Hit heavily by VoA Albanian service from
Biblis Germany on 5945 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 9)

CHINA   Firedrake on 21845 kHz ?
re 21460 {powerhouse heard last week here in Germany too !} and 21845 kHz

and reported these also LAST WEEK in German newsgroups,
during US IBB/RFA/Uighur/Tibetan etc. outlets  p a u s e  time.

My guess this is a test of SW signal matching some antenna/feeder unit
on 13 mband  E D G E S, during China mainland daily engineering

Either some existing jamming gear repaired and tested on the band edges,
or some new additional jamming site installation is underway in China and
on test series this week.

Always prefer to consider that China has only 13mb installations for
jamming in use.

CRI Radio Peking?also/Beijing never used regular 13 mb gear !
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 6)

Firedrake on 21845 kHz ?
Our power restored at 1306, but Firedrake on 21845 kHz had gone off air in
the interim. As of 1315 UT it is still on 21460 kHz, as reported by Tudor.
Intermittent massive interference on both frequencies, probably local and
mains-borne because each time it happens my laptop crashes. Firedrake
21460 also now off-air, went off at 1342. Bill.
(Bill Bingham-AFS, dxld Sept 6)

CHINA/OMAN   AT 1320 UT Sept 4 BBC Uzbek service via Oman relay heard with
S=8 level on sidelobe signal into Germany. But also covered by China
mainland Firedrake music jamming in 1300-1330 UT slot, but latter not as
strong as against-VoTibet jamming on same meterband.

15495  Firedrake music type jamming, much stronger against VoTibet 15497
kHz at 1330 UT{1313-1338 UT}, S=9+30dBm powerhouse. Other against-VoTibet
jamming music outlet 1317-1332 stopped at 13.33:05 UT on 15565 kHz.

15670  Radio Free Asia Tibetan sce suffered by very strong China Firedrake
music jamming at 1337 UT Sept 4, scheduled 13-14 UT. S=9+30dB strength
noted even here in Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 4)

DEM. REP. OF CONGO   5066.348  R. Candip ? Did have a carrier here at 0253
UT check. But by the time I got the Perseus going at 0257 UT, it was gone.
Apparently it just faded as the signal was found at 0337 UT. Much to weak
and noisy to get audio though.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx Sept 7)

5066.340  Checked at 1800 UT Sept 7, weak around tiny threshold level, wb.

CYPRUS   {Turkish Northern Cyprus occupied zone}
see images after May 2008:

Radio Bayrak, Iskele Trikomo, 1098 / 1494 / 6150 kHz.
35 17 38.56 N  33 54 53.14 E  TX HOUSE

SW 6150 kHz antenna
35 17 40.30 N  33 54 58.30 E

MW mast 1098 kHz
35 17 38.96 N  33 54 48.99 E

But Google Earth image of 29 May 2008 shows THREE additional MW mast poles
and earth magnetic nets around the area
35 17 48.20 N  33 54 52.58 E
35 17 45.83 N  33 55 02.09 E
35 17 33.57 N  33 54 39.76 E
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 3)

DENMARK   1062  Die Mittelwellenantenne der Sendestation Kalundborg ist im
Juni 2012 abgerissen worden. Hierbei handelte es sich um einen ca. 145
Meter hohen Fachwerkmast, der 1951 abgesetzt (in etwa 850 Meter Entfernung
auf der Insel Gisselore) errichtet wurde, um ein zweites Programm von
Danmarks Radio auszustrahlen.

Am 15. Februar 2007 hatte Danmarks Radio die Nutzung der Sendestation
Kalundborg massiv eingeschraenkt. Die ganztaegige Nutzung der Mittelwelle
1062 kHz wurde auf Sendebloecke fuer Lkw-Fahrer, die Fischerei und
Hobbyseefahrt zurueckgefahren. Die Langwelle 243 kHz wurde abgeschaltet.
Spaeter wurde die Langwellenantenne vereinfacht; von den acht
Strahlerdraehten wurden nur zwei beibehalten, um die nachtraeglich
angebrachten Traversen von den 1927 errichteten Tuermen entfernen und
diese damit entlasten zu koennen.

Im Juni 2011 zog Danmarks Radio sein AM-Restprogramm von der Mittelwelle
auf die Langwelle 243 kHz um und installierte hierfuer einen neuen 50 kW-
Halbleitersender. Seinerzeit hiess es noch, man wolle die Option auf eine
Nutzung der Mittelwellenfrequenz wahren und hierfuer sowohl den
Antennenmast als auch einen Roehrensender erhalten. Diese Aussagen hatten
damit nur kurze Zeit Bestand.

Aktuelle Sendezeiten auf 243 kHz sind 05.45-06.07, 08.30-09.07, 11.45-
12.35 und 17.45-18.16 Uhr Ortszeit. Ausgestrahlt werden dabei die
Nachrichtenmagazine von P4, Seewetterberichte und Mitteilungen des Stabs
der daenischen Marine. Um 8.30 Uhr laeuft eine Gymnastiksendung.
(Kai Ludwig-D, 26 Aug RBB;
via ntt Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D; wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 1)

DRM Kalundborg 243 kHz.
The official Press Release about DRM on Kalundborg 243 kHz

Went on air September 5th, 2300 UT with 10 kW DRM.
Reception reports are very much appreciated to
<info @> who offers a QSL.
(Ydun Ritz-DEN, dxld Sept 6)

DENMARK   243  Danish LW tests in DRM mode to 12 September. A chance to
obtain QSLs from Denmark. Reception reports may be sent to
<info @>  requesting a QSL.
More details of DRM tests at <>
(Mike Terry-UK, mwdx Sept 9)

EGYPT   15710.036  Odd frequency service of Radio Cairo from Abis tx site.
Noted at S=9+15dB level on backlobe in Germany, distorted audio at 1342 UT
Sept 4. Registered 1230-1400 UT. Noted longer duration Arabic/Indonesian
language lesson.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 4)

ERITREA   Both programs from Asmara Selea Daro Eritrea noted at 1455-1500
UT Sept 4, VBME 2nd progr on 7184.989 kHz, + 20 kHz wide Ethiopian White
Noise Jamming underneath. 1st program heard on next channel 7204.985 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 4)

FRANCE   15225  Radio Taiwan Internat in Russian heard on powerhouse level
S=9+25dB of 500 kW beast and ALLISS antenna at Issoudun at 1445 UT Sept 3,
14-15 UT. Nice pop music program by Taiwanese female singer.

15360  RFI Paris in Persian via 500 kW powerhouse, at 1430-1500 UT, at
1450 UT Sept 3, S=9+25dBm.

15160  RFI Paris in Russian at 1300-1330 UT Sept 4, S=9+25dB signal in
Germany, phone interview about Belarus culture, as well as "Islamske
ballet dancer conflict".
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 3/4)

FRANCE    Additional frequency of Radio France International in French:
2000-2200  9790*ISS 500 kW 185 deg to CeEaAF
* strong co-ch VOIRI/IRIB in Spanish 2030-2130
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 3)

GERMANY   re 1359kHz -  I would like to draw your attention to
intermodulations from 1431 kHz (Voice of Russia, TX Dresden, D) that
appear symmetrically on 1359 + 1503 kHz. It is a long-lasting problem
which does not correspond with German sense of technical perfection and
keeping their promises. They promised to fix the fault already 5 years ago
when some German DXers proved that the intermodulations originate from the
Wilsdruff TX site while they visited the area driving near the site.

In my location ca. 150km from the TX site the intermodulation on 1359 kHz
has its typical fast (chaotic) and deep fading.
(Karel Honzik-CZE, mwoffset Sept 3)   see MW observation log BELOW.

GERMANY   Frequency change of Bible Voice Broadcasting Network in Persian.
Again and again. Here the history of changes for this transmission:

1530-1730 12140 WER 100 kW 090 deg to WeAS March 27-May 11
1530-1730 NF13590 WER 100 kW 090 deg to WeAS May 12-June 07,  ex12140
1530-1730 NF12035 WER 100 kW 090 deg to WeAS June 08-June 11, ex13590
1530-1730 NF15300 WER 100 kW 090 deg to WeAS June 12-July 31, ex12035
1530-1730 NF13590 WER 100 kW 090 deg to WeAS Aug. 01-Aug. 26, ex15300
1530-1730 NF15300*WER 100 kW 090 deg to WeAS Aug 27 until now,ex13590
* from 1700 strong co-ch RFI in French
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 3)

GERMANY   US-Armeesender.
AFN kehrt nach Stuttgart zurueck.

Stuttgart bekommt einen neuen Radiosender: die US-Armee zieht die Station
AFN aus Mannheim ab, sie wird in Zukunft in den Robinson Barracks auf dem
Burgholzhof im Stuttgarter Norden stationiert sein.

Der Name hat sich bereits geandert: Seit dem 18. August heisst der Sender
nicht mehr AFN Heidelberg, sondern AFN Stuttgart. Der tatsaechliche Umzug
soll im Spaetsommer 2013 erfolgen.

"Es ist eine Rueckkehr", sagt Carola Meusel aus dem Presseburo der US-
Armee. Schliesslich sendete AFN schon von 1959 bis 1993 von Stuttgart aus.
Ein Teil des Teams wird bis zum Start im naechsten Jahr bereits von der
Panzerkaserne in Boeblingen aus Beitraege produzieren: nicht nur fuers
Radio, sondern auch fuer einen gleichnamigen Fernsehsender. Ein
Mitarbeiter arbeite bereits in dem provisorisch eingerichteten Studio.

In den Robinson Barracks Burgholzhof im Stuttgarter Norden wuerden die
Renovierungsarbeiten bereits laufen, so Meusel. 16 Mitarbeiter sollen in
Zukunft bei AFN Stuttgart arbeiten. "Die Berichterstattung wird sich auf
Stuttgart konzentrieren, es wird bei Events auch Liveschaltungen geben",
kuendigt sie an. Das Programm ist in Englisch, Hauptzielgruppe sind die
mehr als 23.000 hier im Raum Stuttgart stationierten Amerikaner und ihre

In Mannheim war auch AFN Europe stationiert gewesen. Dieses Angebot wird
nicht nach Stuttgart umziehen, sondern nach Sembach in Rheinland-Pfalz.
(Stuttgarter Zeitung, Sept 6)

U.S. Army station.
AFN returns back to Stuttgart, Germany.

Stuttgart will have a new radio station: the U.S. army withdraws from the
AFN radio station in Mannheim, AFN Stuttgart will be based in the future
in the Robinson Barracks on the Burgholzhof northern Stuttgart outskirts.

The program name has been changed: Since the 18th August means the station
no longer called AFN Heidelberg, but AFN Stuttgart - again. The true
actual move is in late summer 2013.

"It's a return," says Mrs. Carola Meusel of press bureau from the U.S.
Army. Finally AFN did broadcast already from Stuttgart in from 1959 to
1993. Up to the start of the next year some of the team will produce
already program of contributions from Panzerkaserne {tank barracks}
Boeblingen, not only for the radio, but also for an eponymous television.
An employee already working in the makeshift studio.

In the Robinson Barracks Burgholzhof northern Stuttgart outskirts would
the renovations are already underway, so Meusel. 16 employees are expected
to work in the future with AFN Stuttgart. "The report will focus on
Stuttgart, there will be at events and live circuits," she announces. The
program is in English, the main target group are more than 23,000
Americans stationed here in the Stuttgart area and their relatives.

In Mannheim AFN Europe was stationed. This offer will not move to
Stuttgart, but to Sembach in Rhineland-Palatinate {close to
(Stuttgarter Zeitung newspaper, Sept 6)

MW AFN Stuttgart Hirschlanden 1143 kHz 10 kW
FM AFN Stuttgart AFN Eagle Z-FM 102.3 MHz Fernmeldeturm

GERMANY   1143 AFN Heidelberg / Stuttgart, Germany.
FM and studio AFN Heidelberg will close soon for ever.

Goodbye AFN Heidelberg, Hello AFN Stuttgart

Hi all, Forum reports on the radio "AFNBEKENNER" that the AFN Heidelberg
comes back to Stuttgart again after 19 years in service - probably plays
the withdrawal of forces in Heidelberg a role.

The transmit drive from Stuttgart begun on 18 August, 2012.

107.3 MHz Heidelberg is OFF on 30 September, 2012.

appropriate link:

Press: Goodbye AFN Heidelberg, Hello AFN Stuttgart
wrote of:  AFNBEKENNER
Datum: 24. August 2012 07:58

Goodbye AFN Heidelberg, Hello AFN Stuttgart
Quelle AFN.

After an absence of more than 19 years, the American Forces Network (AFN)
Stuttgart is back on the air. AFN Stuttgart shut its doors in 1993, moving
to Hammonds Barracks, and re-flagging itself as AFN Heidelberg.

AFN Stuttgart returns to the air August 18th at the Stuttgart CARE Fair
during a live radio remote. The station had served Americans in
Heidelberg, Mannheim and Stuttgart, but now only broadcasts to Stuttgart.

"AFN Europe looks forward to coming back "home" to Stuttgart, as AFN
Stuttgart becomes operational on Robinson Barracks sometime in the coming
year," says AFN Europe Commander Lt. Col. Sherri Reed. "We have already
started the transition of personnel and continue to monitor the progress
of AFN Stuttgart's new home.

There are so many opportunities to provide both EUCOM and AFRICOM with all
that AFN has to offer by being co-located. We are excited to renew old
friendships with the Stuttgart community, both German and American."

AFN Wiesbaden, AFN Kaiserslautern and the Regional Media Center at AFN
Europe headquarters on Coleman Barracks now support the Mannheim and
Heidelberg communities. Listeners in Heidelberg and Mannheim can now
choose to listen to AFN Kaiserslautern on FM 104.6 and 1143 AM or to AFN
Wiesbaden on 98.7 FM or 873 AM. A low-power FM service is still
broadcasting in Mannheim on 107.3 FM, but is scheduled to go off the air
September 30, 2012.

Mannheim and Heidelberg publicity and news coverage requests should now go
<tyler.alexander @>
at least a month in advance of the event.

AFN Stuttgart's first home was in the Graf Zeppelin Hotel in Stuttgart,
from March 17, 1948 - July 21, 1953. The station broadcast from Stuttgart
Mittnachtbau from July 21, 1953 - March 17, 1959. Next up was building
151, the Elementary School, from March 17, 1959 - April 16, 1993.

AFN Stuttgart became AFN Heidelberg April 16, 1993, when the staff moved
to Hammonds Barracks, in Seckenheim. In December 2009, AFN Heidelberg
moved onto Coleman Barracks, Mannheim, a block down from AFN Headquarters
into a temporary space formerly occupied by a U.S. Army Band.

But we know still more than 14.000 US soldiers+nationals on duty in
various Stuttgart US facilities, and 9000 US more around Stuttgart like
Boeblingen and Stuttgart airport etc. (wb.)

(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 5)

GERMANY   The SW world around Germany. Wednesday log 49 and 41 mb.
Sodele um 0808 UT hat sich RTT Sfax Tunesien auf der 7335 kHz
Ansonsten im 49 und 41 mb einige wenige Perlen zugange.

Auf 7264.977 Goehren Schwerin mit einem ganz frechen Liedtext
"Papparazia..." S=6.

dazu noch Tirana 7389.979 kHz und Kroatien 7409.994 kHz.

Auf 6145 sehe ich 8-9 UT einen Traeger mit duennen S=6. Weiss nicht wo das
Spursignal herkommt, ist da ein Wertachtal Schaetzchen mit einem Watt in
Bereitschaft gehalten?

Kall stark auf 6005 kHz mit Kuechenhinweis auf Brombeeren und Steinpilzen.
Auch auf 6085 kHz schwaecher.

Der Vatikan 6075 kHz sehr stark S=9+20 mit der Mittwochssendung - Audienz
vom Papst Benedikt?

Aehnliche Lautstaerke die Mon-Fri Sendung des hollaendischen Trucksenders
auf 6095 kHz aus Wertachtal.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Sept 5)

INDIA   1071  SCNR - AIR Rajkot.
Im uebrigen kann man hier Bilder anklicken und nachlesen, dass die von
1971 bis 2003 betriebene Senderanlage aus Kroatien
{RIZ Zagreb-Yugoslavia via Siemens Vienna wb.}
stammte (wie es z.B. bei der laengst verschwundenen Hochleistungsanlage
des BR in Munich Ismaning auch der Fall war):
(Kai Ludwig-D, A-DX Sept 3)

INDIA   1071  AIR SPT Rajkot inaguration. The AIR Super Power Transmitter,
Rajkot operating on 1071 kHz in AM mode and 1080 kHz DRM mode will be
inaugurated on 10 Sept 2012 i.e. next Monday.

The regular transmission from here started on 2 Sept 2012. They are in
Simulcast mode viz 1071 kHz AM Mode (870 kW) & in DRM Mode on 1080 kHz

The sked is as follows on 1071 kHz: (External Service)
Transmission 1: 0015-0430
Transmission 2: 0830-1130
Transmission 3: 1230-1900

The details are:
0015-0100 UTC Urdu
0100-0200 UTC Sindhi
0200-0430 UTC Urdu
0830-1130 UTC Urdu
1230-1500 UTC Sindhi
1500-1600 UTC Baluchi
1600-1930 UTC Urdu

Adress for reports is:
Super Power TransmitterAll India Radio
Radio Colony
Jamnagar Road,
Rajkot 360006
Gujarat, India

Await for their email id!
(Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS, National Institute of Amateur Radio
Hyderabad, India. <>  DXindia Sept 4)

INDIA   1071  All India Radio commissions new 1000 kW MW transmitter.
All India Radio is commissioning its new 1000 kW MW transmitter at Rajkot
(1071 kHz AM Mode, 1080 kHz DRM Mode) on 10th Sept 12 (ie tomorrow

The general translation of the official invitation is as follows; ...

Director General, All India Radio invites you on the auspicious occasion
of dedication to the nation of Super Power Transmitter, Liyara (Jamnagar)
by Mr.Vikrambhai Arjanbhai Maadam, Member of Parliament in presence of Mr.
Jawhar Sirkar, CEO, Broadcasting Corporation of India on 10th September
2012 at 11.00 am which will be held at AIR Super Power Transmitter campus.
Tel:  0281-2458612 

SPT, Liyara (Jamnagar)
(via Jose Jacob-IND, DXindia, via Mike Terry-UK, mwdx Sept 9)

INDIA   Per Jose Jacob tip on DXindia list, AIR Rajkot now on the air also
in the evening on 1071 kHz. Heard also here in Finland at 1610 with very
strong signal, much stronger than AIR 1566 kHz. It is a kind of signal
that it used to be in my youth in the 70's! But on already on clear
offset: 1070.989 kHz.
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, mwoffsets / DXindia Sept 4)

IRAN   Additional frequencies of VOIRI/IRIB in Arabic:
1030-1127 11925 AHW 500 kW non-dir to NE/ME, from 1100 co-ch VOA French
1030-1127 13720 KAM 500 kW 238 deg to NoAF,  from 1100 co-ch REE in DRM
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 3)

Worldwide All-Ireland Finals coverage on RT+ Radio (Shortwave to Africa)


RT+ Radio will broadcast the GAA All-Ireland Hurling Final on Sunday 9
September and the All-Ireland Football Final on Sunday 23 September on all
wavelengths and via the internet to Irish people and communities around
the world.

RT+ is asking on those with relatives or friends abroad to let them know
that this coverage is available and to invite them to the biggest party in
Ireland's sporting calendar.

Ireland: At home, audiences can listen as usual to the GAA finals on RT+
Radio 1 FM, and on Longwave 252.

Britain: Across most of Britain, listeners can receive our coverage on
Long Wave 252. In addition RT+ Radio 1 is available on the UK free to air
satellite platform Freesat on channel 750.

Worldwide: Across the world, the match commentaries will be available
online at <>  and <>

(Shortwave to Africa): In Africa, where many Irish people live and work,
often in relative isolation with poor communications, RT+ is providing
special transmissions on shortwave radio.

See details below. Note: For those living in Ireland, who wish to get
details of the shortwave frequencies to friends or family living abroad,
RT+ is providing a special phone text service. Listeners text the word
"shortwave" to 51101 and they will receive a short text message with the
shortwave frequencies. These texts are charged at standard rates.

Both Finals throw in at 3.30pm Irish Time

Southern Africa - 17685 kHz (2pm to 6pm)*
East Africa - 17540 kHz (2pm to 5pm)*
East Africa - 11915 kHz (5pm to 6pm)*
West Africa -  7505 kHz (2pm to 6pm)*

These services are part of RT+'s continued commitment to Irish people
overseas and, over the years, has proven especially popular with those in
geographically or technically isolated areas.

In addition to RT+ Radio broadcasts, RT+ will also broadcast the All
Ireland Finals on RT+ One Television. Don't forget also the extensive and
dynamic online offering from <>

For further details of RT+ coverage abroad please see



Irish Standard Time (IST) +0100 UT
(Via Yimber Gaviria-CLM, dxld Sept 4)

ISRAEL   From Sept 1 no signal of Kol Israel in Persian to WeAS:
1400-1530 Sun-Thu & 1400-1500 Fri/Sat 13850 & 15760 ISR 250 kW 090 deg
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 3)

Is back ON AIR when checked Sept 4th at 1400 UT. S=9 signals noted here in
Germany on SIDELOBE signal. ID and web address given. "Inja Sedaye Israel
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 4)

KOREA D.P.R.   Frequency changes of Shiokaze See-breeze from August 31
1330-1430 NF6135 YAM 100 kW 280 deg to KRE, ex5985 in Jap/Chi/Kor/En
2000-2100 NF5965 YAM 100 kW 280 deg to KRE, ex5910 in Jap/Chi/Kor/En
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 3)

KUWAIT   Cancelled frequency of R.Kuwait in Arabic General Sce from Aug 28
 0900-0500 15515  KBD 250 kW 059 deg to EaAS, unregistered
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 3)

MYANMAR   7110 {usually 9 Hertz lower}  Thazin Radio in English, at 1430-
1500* UT on Mon Sept 3rd. Theme music; in English; sounded like the
different and unique intro used during the Burmese New Year Water Festival
(Thingyan), hence must be a rebroadcast; intro going something like this:

"Good evening ... listeners. This is Thazin Radio, Pyin Oo Lwin. Welcome
to our evening English transmission radiating on 639 kilohertz and 7 point
11 megahertz. I wish you a happy Thingyan and I hope you all are in
excellent health, wealth and happiness."

EZL music followed by: "Good evening our dear listeners. May I present for
you some sweet melodies for tonight"; pop songs; presented a program
titled "Myanmar Festivals", a weekly Monday show; informative program
about the Phaung-daw-oo Festival "held yearly during the 18 day period
from 1st waxing of the Thadingyut [the seventh month on the Burmese
calendar] to the 3rd waning of the Thadingyut", during which Buddha images
made of gold are rowed around Inle Lake+ in Shan State; the highlight is
when the images arrive at the town of Nyaung Shwe.

MP3 audio at  <>

This very nice reception continues to be a pleasure to listen to!
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 4)

{Myanmar}  5985.844 / 7109.991  Um die gleiche Zeit auch noch MYANMAR auf
5985.844 kHz gehoert, aber nervtoetendes Endlosgespraech in burmesischer
oder Vernac Sprache. S=7-8.

Viel besser in der Lautstaerke und schoener Burma-song Musik vom
Suedostasientyp das Kachin Radio, S=9+20dBm auf 7109.991 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 3)

NIGERIA    Some changes for Voice of Nigeria:
0800-0900 NF15120 IKO 250 kW 007 deg to NoAF English, NEW
0800-0900    9690 IKO 250 kW 248 deg to WeCeAF Hausa, deleted
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 4)

PAKISTAN   PPP hawks eyeing Rs50 billion Radio Pakistan land.

The PPP government is under pressure to sell at throwaway prices the 370
acres of state-owned land, worth Rs50 billion, on the main GT Road in
Rawalpindi to some of its favourites.

Owned by the Radio Pakistan, the land is in a prime location and there are
reports of some influential persons pressing the top rulers to get the
land for their commercial purposes but at throwaway prices.

Director General Radio Pakistan, Murtaza Solangi, when approached
confirmed that some influential people had their eyes on this land but he
assured saying, "I will not let this happen during my tenure."

"I will not allow this to happen during my incumbency, and if anything is
done to achieve this objective, I will quickly resign," Murtaza Solangi
said, adding, "I will work out on policies and projects so that this land
remains in the ownership of Radio Pakistan and powerful persons could not
even snatch it in future, after my departure."

The background of the story is that the Radio Pakistan management has
decided to shut down 5 shortwave (SW) transmitters installed at HTP Rawat
with immediate effect. These transmitters installed over a vast area of
about 370 acres of land to transmit Radio Pakistan signals to the outside
world including South East Asia, Gulf, Middle East, Europe and some other
parts. The Radio Pakistan - Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) -
management is doing so to shift external services on internet and
subsequently on satellite.

The staff members of PBC are of the view that short wave receivers are
common across the world while everybody especially the rural and some of
the urban population do not have internet or satellite receivers in their
radio sets. They view that Radio Pakistan's SW installations are a
strategic asset, which send Pakistan's message to the whole world and
complete elimination of this infrastructure will be a great loss for

The PBC staff members said that the SW installation was not maintained on
regular basis and thus there were some problems which could be removed by
properly updating and overhauling the installed equipment and at a very
low cost. These staff members also say that installed equipment is worth
billions of rupees and will be sold for peanuts now.

However, on the other side, DG PBC, Murtaza Solangi is of the view that SW
analogue technology is becoming redundant now and installed SW equipment
has almost become outdated. He said this system consumed very big amount
of electricity and yielded almost no results in return and thus remained
unfeasible in a country which is already facing power shortages.

"We have to move to the advanced technology and our engineering department
has worked out and researched before moving this proposal," Solangi
said."According to our estimates, after removing SW technology, even if we
will lose some overseas listeners we will also get more on internet and
satellite technology," Solangi said and added that one out of these five
transmitters will be retained as it was installed in near past and has the
capacity to radiate signals in digital mode when we switch digital

He said that there would be problems in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka as
there were listeners who would not have satellite receivers. "For India,
we have strong medium-wave transmitters and can transmit our signals
throughout India," Solangi said, adding: "For Bangladesh and Sri Lanka we
are planning programme adjustment with broadcasters operating there."

The staff of Radio Pakistan showed this correspondent some communications
of persons from Western Europe complaining about the frequency of SW
transmitters of Radio Pakistan and, according to these members of PBC,
these complaints had been resolved. According to them this shows interest
of people from other countries in broadcasts of PBC and seeking
information from Pakistan. However, DG Solangi was of the view that even
such complaints from foreigners had diminished now.

Solangi said that during his four-year tenure as DG PBC, he had not sold
even a single inch of Radio Pakistan land and same would be the case in
the remaining part of his tenure. He said he would take every possible
measure to ensure that even in future no one could dare to dole out this
land to any influential person so that it could be retained as a national

(The International News, Islamabad, By Ahmad Noorani,
via Mike Terry-UK dxld 7 Sept 2012)

PNG/MYANMAR    Wer ist denn das auf 7324.958 kHz um 1809 UT? ...
PNG Wantok Light ?
(Albert Kosnopfel-D bzw. Nils Schiffhauer-D DK8OK, A-DX Sept 3)

Re 1300-1430 UT. Gut, mit Euren Bindfaeden kann ich heute nicht mithalten
... aber zumindest den Fussabdruck bestaetigen:

PNG  7324.961  Wantok Radio Light, Port Moresby?, eine schoene Predigt und
weiblicher Kirchenchor um 13.45 bis 13.59 UT am 3. Sept., aber zum
wiederholten Male gefallen mir die Melodien sehr, die dort zu Gehoer
gebracht werden, das wird den Eingeborenen gefallen ... S=9+15dB propperes
Signal auf dem remote SDR in Queensland Australia ...

{Myanmar}  5985.844 / 7109.991  Um die gleiche Zeit auch noch MYANMAR auf
5985.844 kHz gehoert, aber nervtoetendes Endlosgespraech in burmesischer
oder Vernac Sprache. S=7-8.

Viel besser in der Lautstaerke und schoener Burma-song Musik vom
Suedostasientyp das Kachin Radio, S=9+20dBm auf 7109.991 kHz.

Die kommenden 2 Monate bis zum Beginn der Wintersaison sollte man
spaetnachmittags noch fuer Empfaenge aus diesem Sprachraum nutzen. Die
Propagandasender haben letzte Woche in Paris getagt und vor allem die
49 und 41 m Baender voll mit ihren Registrierungen "zu-gekleistert".
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 3)

SAUDI ARABIA   9714.924  Holy Quran morning prayer program from Riyadh at
0444 UT Sept 9, morning fade out, tiny weak signal.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 9)



DG Abdirashid(L) flanked by Dawan boss Mohamed O Mire "Sayid" & Technical
direcor (below) new transmitter & antennaesDG Abdirashid(L) flanked by
Dawan boss Mohamed O Mire "Sayid" & Technical direcor (below) new
transmitter & antennaes [captions]

All departments heads are working in Harmony
SLNTV Finance Director Suspended until Investigations are complete
New Radio Transmitter operational soon.
By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) - The Ministry of information has denied the
existence of differences among senior staff.

The Ministry's Director General Mr. Abdirashid Jibril Yusuf made the
denial during a press briefing where he also informed on the status of the
new radio Hargeisa transmitter and purported dismissal of a senior

The DG who was flanked by six departmental heads said that continued
insinuations by some local TV stations, newspapers and websites as per
internal infighting among senior staff was false and of ill intent.

On the issue of the Somaliland National TV-SLNTV Director of
Administration & Finance Mr. Hasan Mohamed Mahmoud, DG Abdirashid revealed
that the ministry has only suspended him from duties pending completion of
investigations by the office of the Auditor General.

Said he, "Mr. Hasan has not been fired but only suspended by the ministry
until the AG's office complete ongoing investigations"

According to the media reports that the DG refuted, the SLNTV director of
Finance is said to have been fired though the AG had failed to prove
alleged corruption against him. The reports also indicate that the
ministry is engulfed in internal infighting with departmental heads
showing dissatisfaction with current leadership.

"I take this opportunity to inform all citizens that the purported
differences in the ministry of information are false" Said DG Abdirashid
Jibril who is also acting minister in the absence of his boss current in
south Sudan.

In the course of ongoing investigations by the office of the Auditor
General, the CID on orders of the AG arrested Mr. Hasan Mohamed Mahmoud
the SLNTV director of Adm/finance only to be released a few days later by
the High court in Hargeisa after his clan elders bailed him on an
undisclosed surety thus await case conclusion while on bond.

Upon his release, Minister Abdirahman Boobe reinstated Mr. Hasan before
his departure to south Sudan where he presented a paper on the history of
Somaliland at an international symposium organized and held at Juba

According to the DG the future of the suspended director is solely
depended on the outcome of the AG's investigations, said he, "If he is
found guilty of misappropriating public funds then legal procedures will
be followed and if innocent he shall resume his normal duties.

The press briefing was also informed about the status of the new Radio
Hargeisa Transmitter which the ministry had earlier on indicate its
commissioning day to concede with EID Ul-Fitr celebrations that were held
last week.

"I wish to inform that the new transmitter is installed and antennae are
fully erected and testing will commence immediately the studios are
connected" Said the DG

According to the Ministry's Technical Director Mr. Ahmed Suleiman, the
much-anticipated nationwide radio transmission will be on service as soon
as ongoing tests and linkage with studios is completed.

The technical director further informed that all ongoing works are under
local engineers following the departure of the 14 Chinese experts whose
mission pertained to installation of the Transmitter and erection of

Somalilanders are anxiously awaiting the full commissioning of the 100 kW
Radio Transmitter that will avail nationwide transmissions of Radio
Hargeisa broadcasts since the current Radio Hargeisa transmitter has a
capacity to cover only a distance of 40sq Km radius thus only Hargeisa
residents and those in its peri-urban areas receive programs from the
national radio station [all sic].
(Somaliland Sun via gh, dxld Aug 29)

President Silanyo (L) will reinstate Sayid Mire(R) a Staunch Ally fired by
Boobe [caption] By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) - The minister of information and national
guidance has been sacked from his post with immediate effect.

The president H.E. Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo has relieved Abdirahman Yusuf
Duale "Boobe' of his duties as the minister of Information and national

The firing that was conveyed in a presidential decree No:
JSL/M/XILQ/249/1-1280/082012 stated that the president of the republic of
Somaliland has fired the minister of information.

The decree read:
Subject: Sacking
To: Abdirahman Yusuf Duale "Boobe'
This is to thank you for the duration you have worked with me as well as
for the service you have rendered to the public.

As you are, aware posts within the public service belong to the public and
are given to those capable and with relevant skills.

To this effect, I have decided to relieve you of your office as the
minister of information and national guidance.

At the same time, I hope that you will hand over, with a clean heart, your
office, to the minister of Defence Hon Ahmed Haji Adami who will hold the
post on a temporary basis until I appoint a permanent replacement. End

The sacking of Boobe comes 48 hours after he sacked the director of the
national TV station-SLNTV Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Suleiman 'Duhul' and the
Managing editor of the state print owned Dawan Media Group Mr. Mohamed
Osman Mire 'Sayid' in what the fired Boobe had termed as a move to
streamline ministerial operations.

The firing of Sayid and Duhul was perceived by many as a fallacy by Boobe
owing to their high esteem within the presidency due to the outstanding
performance as managers of the then Kulmiye party owned clandestine radio
station of 'Horiyal'.

Sayid Mire became a thorn in the flesh of the then president Dahir Rayale
Kahin and his UDUB ruling part. The Sayid Mire led Horiyal clandestine
radio which landed him in jail several times is directly attributed with
having broken the spine of the then ruling party UDUB.

To crown the success of dislodging UDUB from office, the Boobe fired and
now presumably reinstated Managing editor of Dawan Media Group Mr. Mohamed
Osman Mire 'Sayid' conducts official business seated on the chair that
used to be president Rayale's.

Click the links below to review the saga that is attributed to the
minister's firing read relevant articles posted by SLSUN.



Comment: - 1 #1 This sacking is Shameful act indeed. As a minister Boobe
performed oustandingly. He is one of the most nationalistic polticians in
Somaliland today. On the other hand Silanyo is more of a corrupt tribal
elder rather than statesman. Shame on Silanyo and his tribal advisors
(via dxld)

Radio Hargeisa's new SW transmitter has been testing, beginning this past
Sunday, Aug 26. So far I have not been able to make it clear to my non-
technical contact that a frequency of "41" (that is 41 mb) is not a
specific enough. I am also pushing my inquiries as to frequency and times
of testing. RH reportedly has used 7120, 7145, and 7530 kHz in past years.
My checks of those at various times in the past few days have not produced
any results.
(Don Jensen-WI-USA, Aug 28, NASWA yg via dxld)

SOUTH AFRICA   11690  Radio Okapi, played typical WeAF music, S=9+15dB
signal heard from downunder Meyerton-AFS at 0418 UT Sept 9, Congo magazine
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 9)

SRI LANKA   12075  RFA Vietnamese sce 14-15 UT from Iranawila-CLN site is
heavily jammed by Vietnam authorities by howl buoy swinging audio.
S=9+10dB strength on remote SDR in Australia. 1410 UT Sept 3.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 3)

TAIWAN   11875.113  R Taiwan Internat in Indonesian from Tainan,
S=9+20dBm. Female announcer ID at 1437 UT Sept 3.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 3)

TAIWAN   LOG: Han Sheng GD Kuanghua zhi Sheng(?), 9745 kHz, 1640 UTC,

Christoph Ratzer: nach RR per mail uebers Webformular
<>  durch google translator gejagt.

Die Idee hatte ich schon mal vor Monaten, bin allerdings daran gescheitert
dass dieses Webformular im untersten orangen Button als Pop-Up geoeffnet
wurde und somit nicht uebersetzt wurde...

Das WEB-Formular uebersetzt google auch:

Bahnhof Postfach
Bitte notieren Sie sich Ihre Erwartungen und Anregungen zu unseren
Geschlecht: [ M] [ Weiblich]
(Eike Bierwirth-D / 73 Wolf-Dieter Behnke-D, A-DX Sept 2)

Re: LOG: Han Sheng GD Kuanghua zhi Sheng(?), 9745 KHz, 16:40 UTC, O=2-3.

No, not really new location, BUT EXPLORED NOW, not visible and reported on
July 2011 discovery with G.E. Streetview option then.

But new UNVEILED and UNDIMMED photo next to the new TX house (2nd Alliss
antenna now seen, seemingly location of the former dipol array of 6105

And the northerly MW 3 mast array was dimmed in G.E.,
first visible on Terraserver images some years ago.

And the 2nd MW 3-mast array, south of the three highway crossings was
dimmed under clouds previously.

BTW: and the installation belongs  n o t  to the Taiwan intelligence
service itself, but to Taiwan Defence Ministry
Similar to YENED Greece, Galei Tzahal Israel, services etc.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 2)

But is there something new here? We have had those two three-mast
installations, one for 801 and the other for 846 kHz. And the other Alliss
rotator is just now better visible: ex-6105 kHz?
(Mauno Ritola-FIN comment, Sept 2)

Folks, re 9745 kHz Guanyin_Kuan-Yin and discussion in A-DX newsgroup about
website form  <>  in Chinese letters:

I see more installations compared to my recent observations in July 2011 !

Guanyin_Kuan-Yin images are partly veiled now of standard 2003 year.

But if you use TIMELINE option in Google Earth
on 20 September 2009 <<<<
you see
t w o  Alliss SW Antennas, and also one more 3 mast installation of the
801 / 846 kHz 250 kW outlets, one just across the 3 highways too, 960
meters feedline distance !

The Taiwan Defence Ministry service itself has a 250 kW transmitter and
Two Alliss antennas of Thomson from France.

In Google Earth and Google Maps you can see standard obscures a photo from
the 2003. You have to click on the timeline bar. And the photo of 20
September 2009 call:
See 25 02 19.31 N  121 06 14.27 E

The signal feed line is well hidden 640 meters from the transmitter
building Guanyin_Kuan Yin Out even across on the highway.
See Street View

Next to the building is the 2nd Alliss KW Antennne.
25 02 09.45 N  121 05 48.66 E

801 MW and 846 kHz, 250 kW, each with 3 masts installation.
In addition to the station house 940 meters north led out:
25 02 38.40 N  121 05 40.86 E

Also, the AM signal cross over 3 ! highways out
960 meters long Feeder Line:
Here the 3 feedlot at  25 01 50.89 N  121 05 30.22 E
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 3)

Taiwan NCC shows G.C. of the MW and SW transmitting station in PDF
(Chinese only).
of July 6, 2012.

Han Sheng G.D. to Mainland All 250 kW

711 kHz  120 59 30 E  24 55 38 N
24 55 45.22 N  120 59 50.41 E

801 kHz  121 05 44 E  25 02 37 N
25 02 38.40 N  121 05 40.86 E masts little bit longer than 846 kHz

846 kHz  121 05 54 E  25 02 09 N
25 01 50.93 N  121 05 30.19 E masts little bit shorter than 801 kHz

981 kHz  120 59 30 E  24 55 38 N
24 55 36.06 N  120 59 38.18 E

6105 kHz  121 05 49 E  25 02 10 N next to the red-covered roof of the tx
25 02 09.48 N  121 05 48.58 E

9745 kHz  121 06 14 E 25 02 20 N
(Sei-ichi Hasegawa-JPN, / updates 2nd line each corrected by
wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 3)

TAJIKISTAN/CHINA   UNID. 15518 Unid. pres. Clandestine Tlk by M in Asian
lang. and remote rpt at 1228. Jammed by mx jammer on 15520. Both moved at
1230. This moved up to 15543 w/M continuing, mx bridge, then more tlk.
Jammer showed up on 15545. Then found it had moved to 15553 at 1252 w/mx
jammer on 15555. Lite Chinese-like mx at 1254 then diff. M at 1259. Mx and
canned anmnt by M, 1300 prob. ID anmnt. Then found it on 15562 w/more tlk
at 1304. Mx jammer found it at 1308:23 on 15560. Found it had moved again
to 15567 at 1322. Changed freq again to 15603 at 1333, and jammer followed
to 15605. 15603 went off at 1400. Was not // 15487 kHz. Wish I had the
Perseus recording this cat and mouse game. Who was this?? (31 August)
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx Sept 2)

See AOKI Japan list marked by * - 15xx2 15xx3 15xx7 15xx8 kHz.
a lot of Voice of Tibet, Yangi Yul TJK; + China mainland jamming
transmissions marked.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 2)

TUNISIA   Cancelled frequencies of RTTunisia in Arabic to NE/ME:
 0200-0510 12005  SFA 500 kW 100 deg // 17735,+7275 fr0300
1600-2010 12005 SFA 500 kW 100 deg // 17735,+7225 fr1700; 7345 fr1900.
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 4)

Check Sept 4/5:
RTT Sfax transmission 17735 started today at 15.58 UT and covers NHK Japan
co-channel TOTALLY. Nothing on 12005 kHz or neither alternate 9725 kHz
yet. Will check 7225 and 7345 kHz channels tonight. From 1700 UT heard
7225 kHz, and also parallel on 17735 kHz {til 2008 UT}, and 7225 + 7345
kHz at 1900 UT then. Three tx units on air at 19-20 UT.

7275 kHz TX on at 03.52:50 UT, program start at 03.57:50 UT, S=9+50dB
powerhouse 500 kW signal in Germany, Sept 6th.

Nothing heard mornings on 12005 kHz Sept 5th/6th, but heard on 17735 kHz
instead on Sept 9th.

last schedule as checked here in Germany on Sept 4/5/6/9
0300-0510 17735 SFA 500 kW 100 deg Arab peninsula, NoEaAF
0358-0630  7275 SFA 500 kW 340 deg Iberian peninsula, EUR
0600-0808  7335 SFA 500 kW 265 deg NoWeAF, WeAF

1600-2008 17735 SFA 500 kW 100 deg Arab peninsula, NoEaAF
1657-2105  7225 SFA 500 kW 340 deg Iberian peninsula, EUR
1900-2308  7345 SFA 500 kW 265 deg NoWeAF, WeAF
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 4/5/6/9)

UKRAINE   From Sept 3 no signal from Denge Mezopotamya in Kurdish:
0300-1900 11530 SMF 300/500 kW 129 deg to WeAS, maybe new frequency
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 4)

Live-Streaming on <> functioning ?
Noted radio program audio via media player on Sept 4th:

There is still another TDP/BRB broadcast via Mykolaiev Luch in Ukraine
11560 03-06 UT Radio Miraya FM to Sudan.

In B-12 season registered as Denge Mezopotamya in Kurdish via BRB brokery
by Ludo Maes Belgium: 11510 kHz 04-16 UT, 7390 or 7540 kHz 16-20 UT.

Radio Miraya FM to Sudan 9940 kHz 0300-0600 UT.

Yes missed since Sept 1st. Off the air both from Luch Mykolaiev Ukraine:
Denge Mezopotamya  and  Radio Miraya FM to Sudan.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 4/6)

UKRAINE   11510  Frequency change of Denge Mezopotamya in Kurdish from
Sept 7
0300-1900 NF11510 SMF 300 kW/ 129 deg to WeAS, ex11530 till Sept 2
Exellent signal in Bulgaria.  {Mykolaiev Luch bc site in Ukraine}
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 8)

And what's about "Radio Miraya FM to Sudan" on 9940 kHz at 0300-0600 UT,
or still on A-12 registration 11560 kHz ?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 8)

11510 kHz. ID um 1100 UT "Era Dengi Kurdistani"

Das ist wohl das hier:

bzw. lesbar:

da scheint noch ein Bericht darueber zu sein, aber Kurdisch kann der
Google Translator nicht.
(Patrick Robic-AUT, A-DX Sept 8)

UNIDENTIFIED   {Taiwan?}  15785  Unid Chinese language speaking station,
SOH - ex15780 acc Aoki list? S=8-9 signal backlobe heard in Australia
downunder. Some web address noted read at 1457 UT, like "
competition ... ORT .. KMI ... .ic @ .com ". 14.59:21 TX OFF.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 3)

UAE   17715.019  YFR in Telugu via Al Dhabbaya relay site, longer sermon,
S=8 sidelobe here in Germany, 1349 UT Sept 4.

17734.946  YFR Kannada language service with same strength level also from
UAE relay, scheduled at 13-14 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 4)


Dr. Kim Andrew Elliott has written an interesting blog in which he
comments on a lengthy article by Jeffery Gedmin, president of RFE/RL from
2007-2011. The article is worth reading and we highly recommend you take a
look at both.

< http://www.the-american->

We at AFGE Local 1812 agree with a lot of what Gedmin recommends but we
object especially to his call for the defederalization of the VOA and the
total repeal of the Smith/Mundt Act.

One of his suggestions is to take VOA out of the federal mix and make it a
grantee organization like RFE/RL, Radio Free Asia and the Middle East
Broadcasting Network. He maintains that this arrangement would be best to
foster public diplomacy efforts.

We have long advocated bolstering the validity and credibility of VOA
while keeping the surrogates as they are. The best and most efficient tool
of Public Diplomacy, from a journalistic standpoint and for purely
national interests, is to do what the VOA Charter directs us to do: be a
reliable and authoritative source of objective, unbiased and accurate news
and information; represent the diverse elements of American society and
present government policies clearly while fostering responsible debate
over them.

We, as the duly elected representatives of nearly 900 employees at the
VOA, the Greenville, N.C. relay station and Radio/TV Marti in Miami
question Gedmin's motives in suggesting that VOA be de-federalized. Gedmin
has written: "this will mean an end to VOA's union, a step that will
almost certainly have to wait for a Republican Administration."

It is not exactly clear from this statement if Gedmin actually supports
the elimination of the VOA union. We hope this extremist view is not
reflective of most Republicans. After all, unions have been very good for
this country as they have arguably been the largest single factor in
expanding the middle class. Unions extend the idea of democracy into the
worksite. It is hard to square Gedmin's support of the BBG mission with
his apparent desire to eliminate employees' union rights. After all a main
part of the BBG mission statement is to support democracy worldwide and
that would presumably include their own house.

Writes Gedmin: "VOA should be de-federalized to permit greater flexibility
in recruiting and managing personnel."

Maybe the flexibility he supports is VOA management's illegal predilection
for hiring non-US citizens despite the presence of qualified US citizens -
a violation of a provision of the Smith/Mundt Act which gives hiring
priority to US citizens. Maintaining this priority is something AFGE Local
1812 has vigorously supported especially in light of the current high
unemployment rate in this country. Perhaps this is his motive in calling
for the repeal of the entire Smith/Mundt Act instead of just that part of
the Act that prevents the domestic dissemination of the content of
International government broadcasting.

The federal civil service system is there for a reason - to prevent the
political patronage system and the rampant cronyism federal jobs were
subjected to before it was established. Since the Government is the
employer it also establishes some rights for employees based on the
Constitution such as providing due process. There is no good reason to
defederalize the VOA.

We agree with Gedmin when he explains that there are "two sides to
America's broadcasting coin" and that ".VOA was about 'us', RFE and RL was
about 'them'" and that ".broadcasting should reflect these two distinct
yet complimentary missions". There is no need for a reorganization to
stress this reality. He also mentions the "mission creep" of the VOA - the
gradual morphing of the VOA into a "hybrid of surrogate and public
diplomacy work". He is absolutely right about this and it should be
reversed. There are those who are in charge of this agency who refuse to
recognize that there is a difference between the missions of the VOA and
the surrogates. They should be corrected.

The surrogates - the government funded replacements for local media in the
countries they serve - have their mission. VOA has a separate mission. For
VOA the idea is that if you tell the truth, people will flock to you and
you can persuade people with the truth.

Writes Gedmin: "U.S. government-sponsored broadcasting has the potential
to become again a central element of American soft-power strategy ." which
is true if you keep it out of the partisan politics that has very nearly
wrecked this Agency.
(AFGE Local 1812, Aug 22, via dxld)

USA   1260  Radio Martí Relay.
The award of the Radio Martí relay order to go Caracol Broadcasting, Inc,
WSUA 1260 Miami


The broadcast times are listed in the document link " Permalink"
(and there: "Price Schedule")


Contract Award Dollar Amount:
Base Period - $39,650.00. Contract Value if all Option Periods are
exercised $436,150.00
(Sept 3)

USA   Updated summer A-12 for Voice of America. Part 1 of 2:

Afan Oromo
1730-1800 11905 11925 12140 13570 13870 Mon-Fri

0500-0530  5945
1600-1630  7295
1830-1900  6065

1600-1630  1431 Mon-Fri
1800-1900 11905 11925 12140 13570 13870

Arabic to Sudan "Hello Darfur"
0300-0330  6135  7260  9815
1800-1830  9815 11740 13715
1900-1930  9600  9800 11830

Arabic to North Africa "Radio Sawa"
0400-1645   990  1170  1548
 1645-0400    990  1170  1431  1548

1730-1800  7435  9490 11855

1600-1700  1575  7475 11790

0000-0030  1575  5955  7430  9320
0130-0300 11820 15115 17770
1130-1230 11965 15350 17770
1430-1500  1575  5835  9320 11910 12120
1500-1530  5835  9320 11910
1500-1530  1575 Sat/Sun
1530-1600  1575  5835  9320
1600-1630  5835  9320
2300-2400  6185  7430  9320

1300-1500  1170  7365  9355

0000-0100  9545 11830 11925 15170 15385 17765
0900-1100 11825 11965 13610 13740 15250 15665 17485 21695
1100-1200  6110  9845 11785 11825 11990 12040 15250
1200-1300  6110  9845 11785 11825 11990 12040 15115 15250
1300-1400  6110  9845 11785 11805 11990 12040 15115
1400-1500  6110  9845 11615 11805 11990 12040
2200-2300  6135  7205  9510  9845 11925 13660

Dari Radio Ashna
0130-0230  1296  9335 11565
1530-1630  1296  9335 15090 15380
1730-1830  1296  9335 11565 11580
1930-2030  1296  7555  9335

English to Africa
0300-0400   909  1530  4930  6080  9855 15580
0400-0430   909  1530  4930  4960  6080  9855 12025 15580
0430-0500   909  4930  4960  6080 12025 15580
0500-0600   909  4930  6080 12025 15580
0600-0700   909  1530  6080 12025 15580
1400-1500  4930  6080 15265 15580 17530
1500-1600  4930  6080 15265 15580 17895
1600-1700   909  1530  4930  6080 15580
1700-1800  6080 11795 15580 17895
1800-1830  6080  9850 12015 15580 Mon-Fri
1800-1830   909  4930  6080  9850 12015 15580 Sat/Sun
1830-1900  4930  6080  9850 12015 15580 Mon-Fri
1830-1900   909  4930  6080  9850 12015 15580 Sat/Sun
1900-1930   909  4930  4940  6080  9850 15580 17895
1930-2000   909  4930  4940  6080 15580
2000-2030   909  1530  4930  4940  6080 15580
2030-2100   909  1530  4930  6080 15580 Mon-Fri
2030-2100   909  1530  4930  4940  6080 15580 Sat/Sun
2100-2200  1530  6080 15580

English to EUR/ME/NoAF
0100-0130  1593
1500-1600 13570 15530
2000-2100  7485  9480 Mon-Fri

English to Sudan "Sudan in Focus"
1630-1700  9490 11655 13800 Mon-Fri

English to Zimbabwe
1730-1800   909  4930  7210  9725 Mon-Thu
1810-1820   909  4930  7210  9725 Fri
1720-1740   909  4930  7210  9725 Fri-Sun
1840-1850   909  7210  9725 Fri

English to Afghanistan
2030-0030  1296  7555

English to FE/SoAs/OCE
0100-0200  7430 9780 11705
1100-1200  1575 Sat/Sun
1200-1300  1170  7575  9510 12075 12150
1300-1400  7575  9510  9610  9760 12150 Sat/Sun
1400-1600  7540  7575 12150 Mon-Fri
1500-1600  7540  7575 12150
2200-2230  5895  5915  7480  7575 12150 Sun-Thu
2230-2400  1575 Fri/Sat
2300-2400  5895  5910  7575 12150

Special English
0000-0100  1593
0030-0100  1575  1593  7430  9715  9780 11725 12005 15205 15290 17820
0130-0200  1593  7465  9820 Tue-Sat
1500-1600  6140  7465  7520  9485  9760
1600-1700  1170 12080 13570 15470 Mon-Fri
1600-1700 12080 13570 15470 Sat/Sun
1900-2000  7485  9490
2230-2300  7460  9570 11840 15340
2300-2400  1593  7460  9570 11840 15340

French to Africa
0530-0600  1530  4960  6095  9880 13830 Mon-Fri
0600-0630  4960  6095  9880 13830 Mon-Fri
1100-1130 11925 13775 15715 17630 Sat
1830-2000  1530  9815 17530
2000-2030  6040  9815 11900 15730 17530
2030-2100 11900 15185 Sat
2030-2100  9885 11900 15185 15730 Sun
2100-2130  9590  9815  9885 11900 Mon-Fri
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 3)

Updated summer A-12 for Voice of America. Part 2 of 2:

1600-1700  9400 13745
1700-1800 11950 13860

0500-0530  1530  4960  6035  6095
0700-0730  4960 11785 17875
1500-1530 13630 13730 17530
2030-2100  4940  6040  7310  9810 11830 Mon-Fri
2030-2100  6040  9885 15730 Sat

1330-1430  1575  5955 11565
2200-2230  1575  6060  9320 11765

Kinyarwanda and Kirundi
0330-0400  7265  7340  9815
0400-0430  7225  7340 11905
1600-1630 11645 15460 17895 Sat

1200-1300  1188  7225  9490 15775
1300-1500  1188  7225 11935 15775
1900-2100   648  5870  6060  7365

0500-0600 11905 15130 17870
1400-1500  1593 15130 15510 17870
1700-1800  9850 11640 13610 15130
2000-2100  1593

1230-1300  1575  9810 11965

Ndebele to Zimbabwe
1800-1830   909  4930  7210  9725 Mon-Thu
1820-1830   909  4930  7210  9725 Fri
1850-1900   909  7210  9725 Fri
1740-1800   909  4930  7210  9725 Fri-Sun

Pashto Radio Ashna
0030-0130  1296  7555  9335
1430-1530  1296  9335 15090 15380
1630-1730  1296  9335 11565 11580
1830-1930  1296  7555  9335

Pashto Deewa Radio
0100-0400   621  9955 11540 12015
1300-1500   621  7495  9310  9695  9780
1500-1700   621  7495  9310  9355  9780
1700-1900   621  7495  9310  9780  9965

0130-0230  5970  6095  7345

Portuguese to Africa
1000-1030 17840 21590 Sat/Sun
1630-1700  9805 13870 17530 Fri
1700-1800  1530  9825 13630 17530
1800-1830  1530  9825 13630 17530 Mon-Fri

Shona to Zimbabwe
1700-1730   909  4930  7210  9725 Mon-Thu
1800-1810   909  4930  7210  9725 Fri
1830-1840   909  7210  9725 Fri
1700-1720   909  4930  7210  9725 Fri-Sun

0330-0400 11750 11905 15730
1300-1400 15730 17650
1600-1630  1431 12055 15620 Sat/Sun
1630-1700 12055 15620
1700-1800 12055 13680

 2330-0100   5890  9885 12000 Mon-Fri
1200-1300  9885 13750 15590

1630-1700 11645 15265 15460

0000-0100  7250  9480  9855 Sat/Sun
0000-0100  7485  9480  9855 Mon/Wed/Fri
0000-0100  7525  9480  9855 Tue/Thu
0300-0400 15485 15605 17735 Mon
0300-0400 15130 15605 17735 Tue
0300-0400 15135 15605 17735 Wed
0300-0400 15220 15605 17735 Thu
0300-0400 15410 15605 17735 Fri
0300-0400 15430 15605 17735 Sat
0300-0400 15470 15605 17735 Sun
0400-0500 15295 15605 17735 Mon
0400-0500 15345 15605 17735 Tue
0400-0500 15410 15605 17735 Wed
0400-0500 15470 15605 17735 Thu
0400-0500 15510 15605 17735 Fri
0400-0500 15155 15605 17735 Sat
0400-0500 15205 15605 17735 Sun
0500-0600 15265 15605 17490 Mon/Wed/Fri
0500-0600 15265 15605 17620 Tue/Thu
0500-0600 15265 15605 17685 Sat
0500-0600 15265 15605 17820 Sun
1400-1500  9920 11595 15280 17490 Mon/Wed/Fri
1400-1500  9920 11595 15280 17620 Tue/Thu
1400-1500  9920 11595 15280 17685 Sat
1400-1500  9920 11595 15280 17820 Sun
1600-1700  7330  9565 17885 Mon
1600-1700  7330  9565 17485 Tue
1600-1700  7330  9565 17605 Wed
1600-1700  7330  9565 17625 Thu
1600-1700  7330  9565 17880 Fri
1600-1700  7330  9565 17630 Sat
1600-1700  7330  9565 17870 Sun

1900-1930 11905 11925 12140 13570 13870 Mon-Fri

Urdu Radio Aap Ki Dunyaa
0100-0200   972  1539  7460 11975
1400-1500   972  1539 11825 15725
1500-0100   972  1539

1500-1530  9540 11920 11930 15100

1300-1330  1575
1500-1600  1170
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 4)


Voice of America is now offering special daily news broadcasts for mobile
phone users in Mali, where Islamic militants in the north have clamped
down on independent sources of information.

"Mobile phones are the single best platform to share news and information
in places like northern Mali," according to Gwen Dillard, the Director of
VOA's Africa Division.

"The audience for mobile broadcasts has been growing by leaps and bounds
in Africa. It's an excellent way to reach places where radio and
television are subject to censorship and intimidation. Even in the most
unstable regions, you find widespread use of mobile phones," Dillard says.

The three-minute French-language mobile newscasts include on-the- ground
reports from Bamako and the northern cities of Timbuktu, Gao, Kidal, and
Mopti, as well as breaking news from the surrounding countries of
Mauritania, Niger and Chad. The first broadcast included information about
a recent Cholera outbreak.

The newscasts can be accessed on the mobile platform

Many private radio stations have stopped broadcasting in northern Mali and
the flow of information has been sharply limited since Islamic militants
seized control of the region following a coup that overthrew Mali's
government earlier this year. Some independent reporters in the region
have been assaulted and threatened by militants who have imposed strict
Islamic law and shut down private radio stations.

Voice of America's French Service, which can be heard online, on shortwave
and medium wave, has been providing extensive coverage of the situation in
Mali and the neighboring countries. (VOA PR via Mike Terry, dxldyg via

Do many mobile phones in Mali have internet access? If not, is there dial-
in access to these VOA broadcasts? If not, radio may still be "the best
platform to share news and information" in Mali. (I believe VOA French is
still transmitted on shortwave, although I can't find any shortwave
frequencies listed at the VOA French website.)
(Kim Andrew Elliott-DC-USA, via dxld Aug 29)

Dial a News Bulletin - is it working, I wonder? So what happens if you're
a radio station broadcasting to a country and your local FM relays get
yanked for political reasons or because you can't afford the carriage
fees. You respond by offering a news bulletin service via the phone.
Everyone has a phone right? True. There are more phones than radios out
there. But what doesn't work is putting radio on the phone. Mali1 is a
case in point.

It's a phone service set up by the French for Africa service of US
government broadcaster Voice of America because it can't get an FM signal
into Mali at the moment. They tell people to go to the website where they
can stream or download the news bulletin. That means you need a phone with
web access to find it.

To be fair, they have recently changed the website to make it much easier
to navigate on a small screen than a couple of weeks back. I don't
understand why they tell people to listen to Mali 1 at 1530 UTC. They mean
the bulletin is refreshed at 1530 daily. Mali is on UTC, so I'd just say
Mali time.

My beef is with the audio. Listeners are paying for the call in some way
(either bandwidth or time) so why bother to put a jingle in the bulletin?
And the correspondents reports from Mali by mobile phone need to be
revoiced. Once they have been compressed again down to such a small
bandwidth they are often unintelligible. And I'd normalise the audio file,
rather like putting Optimod on an FM signal. The examples I listened to
were difficult to understand under my ideal listening conditions, let
alone in troubled Mali.

This kind of service is clearly a medium of last resort. So how does that
explain Radio France Internationale's phone service in the USA? I'm sure
that nobody needs to call that number to pay to hear someone reading news
over the phone. Reminds me of Dial-a-Disc in the UK in the 1960's. You
dialled 160 and a song would play repeatedly. Was more useful later when
the music was replaced with cricket scores.
Media Relations / Press Releases Washington DC Aug 29.

Posted by Jonathan Marks at Sunday, August 26, 2012 (from
via Mike Terry, dxld Aug 22)

This note about the website: The Inside VOA section has been
re-labeled About VOA. The page that results from clicking on the Media
Relations link <> includes some recent press
releases, but no (working) link to the full archive of VOA press release.
For that archive, go to this page.
(Kim Andrew Elliott, via DXLD)

VIETNAM   12019.249  Voice of Vietnam in Japanese language at 1415 UT from
Son Tay tx site, 1400-1430 UT Sept 3. S=8 on remote SDR in Australia.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 3)


MW Bandscan on many odd frequency stations, Sept 3rd at 18 to 20 UT:

Tonight the mediumwave band was full of Iranian radio programs - as long
as I no longer monitored lately - purely heard that the Europeans freed a
lot of MW channels until now.

SRB  548.982
total mixed 593.984 .991 594.000 .002 .008 .010; 6 stations to see and
SVN  648.000, but UNID 648.008-ARS
ROU  719.996
GRC  729.005
RNE  747.006
GRC  791.995
R North 845.995
ROU  855.019
ALG  890.947 - a total 'THICK CARRIER' from ALG?, no programme feed,
             R. Algerienne Chaine 1.
ROU  908.994
SVN  918.028
GRC  926.992
UNID 962.978
ALG  980.986
HOL 1008.004
LBY 1053.015
AIR IND 1070.989 {Mauno Ritola-FIN}
SVK 1097.989
IRN 1071.010
LBY 1125.006
HRV 1134.004
ROU 1152.008
ROU 1178.992, D .000, UNID .012
IRN 1197.018 Dasht or Moghan?
UNID 1206.023
IRN  1224.004 - or Hebrew? Galei Zahal, puzzle, must check again.
SRB? 1295.023
IRN  1305.089 - or Greek pirate ?
ROU  1322.986
UKR? 1359.006 slavic/russian Golos Rossii 1395.000 1802 UT -
{Karel Honzik-CZE comments spurious 1359/1503 of VoRUS Dresden Wilsdruff
of fundamental 1431 kHz ...
and 30 seconds ALB switch ON AIR from 1215 to 1395 kHz,
later at 1827 UT ALB TWR very odd 1394.845 kHz,
at 2240 UT 1358.997 100% Iran,
and England 1358.993 kHz,
and UNID 1359.000.
IRN/CHN 1404.017 / .019
RAI  1430.997
ALB CRI 1457.989
BIH  1502.860 probably RTV Zavidovici
ERA  1511.935, UNID 1511.994 - IRN Ardabil provincial prgr. acc Mauno
Gold 1547.993
ROU  1592.989

Pirates 1610.981 1612.230 1629.045 1646.850 1687.150 1710 1720 kHz
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 3)


Veranstaltungshinweis: 15. September 2012
Weinheimer UKW-Tagung

Am 15.09.2012, also heute in einer Woche, findet in
64625 Bensheim die "57. Weinheimer UKW-Tagung" mit Vortraegen, Ausstellung
und Funkflohmarkt statt. Warum das hier erwaehnt werden soll?

Der UKW/TV-Arbeitskreis der AGDX e.v. wird mit einem Informationsstand
vertreten sein. Wir zeigen FM-DX live und aus der "Konserve" mit
Perseus/FM+, Studio 1, Pira P175, Funcube Dongle usw.; ausserdem stehen
persoenliches Kennenlernen und Erfahrungsaustausch im Mittelpunkt. Am
Nachmittag findet das Jahrestreffen des AK statt.

Das Vortragsprogramm bietet u.a. die Themen "Chirpsender Empfang mittels
(Web) SDR" (auf Kurzwelle), "Der Bonito RadioJet 1102 IF Receiver mit
Uebersichtsscanner im praktischen Einsatz" (mit einer Vorstellung des
RMRC) und "Antennentests mit der kommerziellen Version des MMANA-Modells"
(von Dr. Matthias Hornsteiner, DG4MHM, Chefredakteur der REFLEXION) und
ist somit nicht nur fuer UKW-Interessierte spannend.
Weitere Informationen: <>

Ich wuerde mich freuen, den einen oder anderen "DXer" in Bensheim zu

Guenter Lorenz-D, UKW/TV-Arbeitskreis der AGDX (via A-DX Sept 8)

Best regards,

Michael Bethge


Postfach 1214

D-61282 Bad Homburg


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