WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News - September 16th, 2012 (BC-DX #1082)

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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ARGENTINA   15344.830  Weekend Radio Nacional de Argentina program in
Spanish from Buenos Aires noted with a well above S=6 signal in Australia,
via South Pacific path? UT Sunday at 0045 UT Sept 16.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 16)

AUSTRALIA   19000  Radio Australia Shepparton, heard with a feature about
sugar mills production and ID at 2331 UT Sept 15. S=8 signal strength in
Queensland. // 17795 S=8, 17750 only S=5 poor, 15415 at 0000 UT S=9+20dB.

15399.991  HCJB Kununurra program ID in English noted at 0028-0030 UT,
like "HCJB Global Vision Melbourne Australia". Followed by South Asian
vernac program at 0030 UT Sept 16. S8 signal on back/side antenna lobe
into remote gear at Queensland downunder.

See also {ex Croatian radio never used antenna}
TCI antenna built up pictures on
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 15/16)

BANGLADESH   15105  Sept 10 at 1244 UT just as I upwake and intune, "end
of the news; this is the external service of Bangladesh Betar", and into
music. Best reception so far of the 1230 UT English, often in- or barely-
audible; too bad I missed the first half. Seems like there is still some
noise underneath the program audio. By 1250 UT it's back to talk about
some diplomatic event in Washington DC, and other headlines separated by
replays of the same brief stinger music; 1253 UT introduces music only for
"dear listeners". 1256 another "dear listeners" announcement, and during
pause before music the noise level grows again. Seems like a mis-adjusted
Optimod. However, music which had just started cuts off the air at
1257:22* UT.

15505  Sept 10 at 1359 UT, music other than BB IS is already playing, then
opening Urdu; also seems noisy. 1417 UT check music playing. 1429 UT
recheck music ends and noise level rises during dead air before closing.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Sept 10)

15505  Proper S=9+20dB signal of new 250 kW tx Made by Thomson, heard here
in Germany today, Sept 9.

Bangladesh Betar in Hindi at 1515-1545 UT. But very bad audio quality
standard of the Bangladesh bcaster national phone lines on standard like
Cairo/Pakistan colonial empire era, some 50 years ore more ago.

At 1521 UT announced a web mail address, followed by drums and flute
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 10)

Bangladesh Betar QSL Card - 1st day, 1st hour test of new [SW] transmitter
of Bangladesh Betar External Services, 6th Aug 2012 - 7250 kHz at 7 UT for
email report - sent on the same day; thnx to Swopan Chakraborty's blog for
alert. Most interesting thing is in the envelope - in my address they
haven't mentioned the country name anywhere (India), yet it reached safely
to me :) You all are very welcome to my recent QSL's on the Facebook (no
membership or login required) in the following URL
(Partha Sarathi Goswami-IND, dxld Sept 12)

BANGLADESH/INDIA   7250 BGD and 7249.978 kHz.
Bangladesh Betar back on regular 7250.0 kHz, "Bangladesh Betar"
identification in English at 1818 UT Sept 13, suffers today still by odd
heterodyne buzzy signal from their neighbour country India, like AIR Goa
Panaji in Malayalam 1730-1830 UT on odd 7249.978 kHz.

But in Europe "Bangladesh Betar" is a touch stronger than Panaji.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 13)

BHUTAN   {probably 6035}   Thanks to some info and help from Victor
Goonetilleke, I received a correct and complete QSL from the BBS General
Manager Kaka Tshering for my very first report for BBS back on November
16, 1992 on their former frequency of 5025 KHz. This was for their English
program from 1415 to 1500 UT.

The QSL letter was on BBS letterhead and had the GM's signature and stamp
on the signature block. I had received a letter and very nifty QSL card
printed on handmade Bhutanese paper in 2001, but all the data on the card
was wrong. I guess it goes to show you that if you wait long enough, the
right people come along and just about anything can be verified.

Mr. Tshering had originally said that the report was too old to verify as
they no longer had records from that far back - he then requested I send
my incorrect verifications and the original report (I had no recording of
this reception), and based on that they were able to ascertain from long-
time staff members that the report was correct. How nice it would be if
all QSL's had been checked that thoroughly!

Now I'm motivated to track down a QSL from the now defunct Capital Radio
in Umtata, Transkei on 80 mb. I heard that there are still an announcer or
two from that station still around somewhere...
(Bruce W. Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer Sept 12)

BOLIVIA   4699.95  R. San Miguel, 1002 UT live M announcer, rooster
crowing SFX and canned W announcer, the live M returned with more talk
over rustic campo music, and several TCs given, mention of campesina,
Bolivia, nacional, and possible ID but noise crashes at that exact time
made it uncertain. Fading by 1014. Very noisy on the tropical bands this
morning. 7 Sept.

6154.95  R. Fides, OC as early as 0927 UT. Broadcast start at 0945:27 UT
with instrumental music and full canned ID announcement by M including AM,
FM, and SW frequencies, then into soft music with more canned
announcements by M but couldn't copy because music level was way over top
of voice. Music bridge to presumed program intro and then usual live W
announcer in Aymara starting with TC. Andean flute music at 0952, then W
again at 0954 with accurate TC and song announcement, and long talk by W.
Canned announcements seemed at much lower level than W voice level. This
is tough here especially with the Asian on after 1000 UT. Noted the last
few days and glad to get the ID. 5 Sept.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx / dxld Sept 12)

BONAIRE   [JAPAN]  6080  Sept 8 at 0514 UT, NHK World Radio Japon via
Bonaire relay is playing the same Japanese song as 6110 kHz, Sept 8 at
0514 UT, NHK World Radio Japan via Canada. English ends about a semiminute
ahead with outro, both a show about this particular singer.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Sept 12)

I listen to NHK on 15265 kHz (its Bonaire transmission) several times a
week for the consistent strength and clarity of its signal, and, though I
don't speak Japanese, I enjoy its great variety of music, including
classical. I tuned today just a bit after 2300 UT and enjoyed Beethoven's
Symphony number 6, The Pastoral, truly one of the most celebrated and
beautiful pieces of music to grace this bloody world. My S-Meter
registered 4 out of 5 consistently. I learned from the announcer (though
in Japanese) that this was a recording of the old Columbia Symphony
conducted by the great Bruno Walter. The music was beautiful, deep,
resonant & soul-stirring it might even suggest a divinity in things. I am
grateful to NHK because I had not heard the 6th for some time. It was a
luminous moment in my life on an early Saturday evening in Dallas a gift
to me through shortwave radio.
(Grayson Watson-TX-USA, dxld Sept 12)

CROATIA   eQSL letter from Zagreb 1 August 2012 from 2208-2229 UT on 3985
kHz at 10 kW - 4 days for e-report to
<Mladen.Golubic @>
v/s Mladen Golubic, Frequency Manager.
(Partha Sarathi Goswami-IND, dxld Sept 12) mostly odd 3984.810 kHz

CYPRUS  {Turkish Northern Cyprus occupied zone]   6150 kHz was not heard
even in Nicosia. In the beginning of September I stayed in Nicosia
(Lefkosa), Cyprus for some days. There I tried to tune to Radio Bayrak
International of Northern Cyprus on 6150 kHz. I could not hear at all on
6150 kHz, but only on FM 105.0 MHz. Their domestic service was heard on
1098 kHz and 90.6 MHz. "Bayrak" means "flag" in Turkish - large white flag
of Northern Cyprus was seen from Nicosia on the side of Kyrenian
(Takahito Akabayashi-JPN, dxld Sept 8)

{Turkish Northern Cyprus occupied zone}  see images after May 2008:
Radio Bayrak, Iskele Trikomo, 1098 / 1494 / 6150 kHz.
35 17 38.56 N  33 54 53.14 E  TX HOUSE

SW 6150 kHz antenna
35 17 40.30 N  33 54 58.30 E

MW mast 1098 kHz
35 17 38.96 N  33 54 48.99 E

But Google Earth image of 29 May 2008 shows THREE additional MW mast poles
and earth magnetic nets around the area
35 17 48.20 N  33 54 52.58 E
35 17 45.83 N  33 55 02.09 E
35 17 33.57 N  33 54 39.76 E
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 3)

DENMARK   243  DR Radio, Kalundborg, QSL Report of Al Muick. QSL f/d
letter in 280 days for English report via airmail + 1 IRC return postage
and follow-up via email to <drkommunikation (at) dr(dot)dk>

QSL letter arrived 9 days after email follow-up. V/s Luciano Glar-Zabeo,
Customer Advisor, Danish Broadcasting Corporation,
<teknikinfo (at) dr(dot)dk>

Luciano also sent a very nice DR orchestra postcard which would have made
a great QSL card. My report was miniaturized and placed in his letter and
he confirmed it. Either way, it's win.

I wish I could have a shot at the upcoming DRM test from Danmarks Radio,
but I fear it's too early in the season. Perhaps via a remote receiver.

In other news, I received a returned piece of mail addressed to Radio
Republica (Cuban clandestine via WRMI) sent on October 3rd of 2011. It was
finally returned from Miami on August 24th 2012! Where the hell has this
letter been for 10 months and three weeks?! Another anomaly of the US Post
Office. Thankfully, I QSL'ed these guys through WRMI on their test
transmission last year.
(Al Muick-PA-USA, hcdx Sept 10)


DENMARK   243 kHz Kalundborg

The BBC transmission from Kalundborg 243 kHz/DRM ended September 11th 2300
UTC. Used was 16 QAM as well as 64 QAM at different bit rates up to 24
kbit/s, and with and without Spectral Band Replication (SBR).

Reception reports are welcome to info @
The following information has to be included:

1. Location and country of reception
2. Time of reception in UTC
3. Audio bit rate in kbit/s with one decimal place
4. Reception equipment and antenna used
5. SNR (signal / noise ratio)
6. Decoder MER value (modulation error ratio)
7. Decoder FAC/SDC/MSC or SDC/MSC constellation as screen picture
   or QAM values, e.g. 4/16&64 or 16/64
8. Screen picture of any spectrum display

The staff at <info @> would be very pleased with a screenshot
with a constellation diagram, e.g. from a DREAM software decoder. IF
recordings of 8 kHz or 12 kHz soundcard intermediate frequency are also
much appreciated.

DXers sending correct reception reports will receive a special QSL-card.
Ydun Ritz, <>
(mwdx and via dxld Sept 14)

ERITREA/ETHIOPIA   Noted on Sept 10 at 15-18 UT, when checked R Hargeisha
Somalia - latter negative off air still.

7200v heard Omdurman before 16 UT. Then followed by Ethiopia's English sce
- of former 9558v kHz - from 16-17 UT stronger than Omdurman. // ETH 16 UT
and 17-18 UT French on 7234.649 kHz. [wandered down 7234.599 kHz Sept 11]

Asmara Eritrea-2 today 15-16 UT on 7179.990 {+20 kHz wideband DRM like
digital WHITE NOISE jamming underneath}, at same time Asmara Eritrea-1 on
7204.990v kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 10)

ETHIOPIA   Log 1600-1630 UT Sept 12
3rd tx unit was on air til 1600 UT: on 9558.436 kHz.

From 1600 UT, heard the best signal on 7199.996 kHz, noted 100% ID at 1630
UT, played a Time Signal, but latter was rather one minute late when
compared at 1631 UT ... , and 7234.633 kHz // QRM from China on 7235 kHz
even, but used notchfilter.

Ethiopia on 7199.996 kHz, and very next 4 Hertz Omdurman Sudan on approx.
7200.000 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 12)

GERMANY   7375   Voice of Croatia is now on its "winter" frequency for the
broadcasts to the Americas. Heard with a solid signal on 7375 around 0030
Sept 8. Some echo so the audio on the different beams/transmitters isn't
synchronized properly. Had noticed earlier this week that the North
America beam appeared to be missing on 9925 around 0200, with a very weak
signal, presumably from one of the alternate beams (Steve Luce, Houston,
Texas, UT Sept 8, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1634, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

7375   Sept 11 at 0447 UT, Croatian (not "Croation" as I sometimes see it
misspelt) pop music, fluttery via Germany. For the record, back on S-12
frequency ex-9925 since Sept 7, HRT among a few broadcasters to observe an
S-subseason, but it does make sense propagationally.

Latest HFCC shows the overlapping 100 kW Wertachtal transmissions are:

22-03 255 degrees to C & S America, Caribbean
23-01 300 degrees to USA & E Canada & Mexico
01-03 315 degrees to USA & Canada & Mexico
03-05 330 degrees to Western USA & Canada & Mexico

So between 23 and 03 UT there are two transmitters which must be
synchronized, including during the 0200 UT English.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Sept 12)

GERMANY   [re bc-dx #1081]   More about AFN Stuttgart

Another, illustrated article:

More related photos are on Flickr, like this one of the Mannheim live
studio of what was until now AFN Heidelberg:

The deadline late summer 2013 applies, as it just emerged, to the complete
closure of the US forces facilities in Heidelberg and Mannheim:

In the last days rumours emerged that the planned move of AFN Europe to
Sembach could be put on hold and reconsidered. Critics call it a serious
waste of money that attempts are being made to keep Sembach instead of
winding it down after the airfield there finally closed in 2005:

Only in 2004 AFN Europe had moved from Frankfurt to Mannheim, which cost
8 million USD for readying the building and another 5 million USD for
broadcasting equipment. So much for the USG being short of money. So much
also for change we can believe in.
(Kai Ludwig-D, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews / dxld Sept 16)

GERMANY   Booktip. Band 4: Mittelwellen-Rundfunk in Deutschland 1944-1960

Der vorliegende vierte Band der Reihe zur Mittelwelle stellt in
chronologischer Folge die rundfunktechnische wie auch rundfunkpolitische
Entwicklung der Mittelwelle in Deutschland anhand von Originaltexten aus
der allgemeinen Presse und den Fachzeitschriften dar.

Autor: Wilhelm Herbst
300 Seiten, zahlreiche historische Abbildungen, 2010
(Herbert Meixner-AUT, A-DX Sept 15)

INDIA   1071  AIR Rajkot heard in Denmark.
I heard the tests from the new 3 x 400 MW-transmitter in Rajkot about 6100
kilometres from the transmitter with a strong signal!

1071 kHz 1850-1905 UT IND 8 Sept AIR Rajkot FS Urdu annmt and songs 44444
QRM an Arabic station, but heard // Delhi 6045 (34333).
(Anker Petersen-DEN, DXindia Sept 10)

Hi Anker, May by the New Year we shall have another SPT from Mogra (Near
Kolkata) transmitting.
(Sudipta Ghose-IN, DXindia Sept 10)

MW 1134 kHz AIR Magra  23 01 27.55 N  88 21 30.10 E

AIR Rajkot mainlobe of British designed 4-mast array is at approx. 305 dgr
acc G.E.

So the north-western MAINLOBE signal path touches city areas like Karachi,
Zahedan, Sirjan, Isfahan, Teheran, Ankara, Sofia, Tirana, Rome, and Monaco
into western Europe.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 10)

Rajkot 1071 was heard in Newfoundland, Canada a week or two ago for about
10 minutes in the 0050Z time frame with news, commentary, a song and ID as
AIR, as reported.
(73 Bob k2euh, DXindi Sept 10)

1071  India's first 1000 KW DRM Super Power Transmitter of AIR dedicated
to Nation in Gujarat.

Shri. CK Omprakash, DDG(E) (Projects), Mumbai has posted few photo's at:

India's first 1000 Kilo Watt Digital Radio Mondiale-DRM Super Power
Transmitter-of All India Radio has been dedicated to the Nation at Liyare
village in Jamnagar district in Gujarat today.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr.Jawahar Sircar, Chief Executive Officer of
Prasar Bharati has said that All India Radio is going to install DRM
digital technology transmitters at other Stations very soon. He said that
this Super Power Transmitter of DRM Technology at Jamnagar will also help
to spread the India's rich culture to our neighbouring countries.

Inaugurating the newly commissioned Super Power Transmitters at the Liyare
village of Jamnagar, Member of Parliament Mr. Vikram Madam expressed his
gratitude for fulfilling the long pending demand of this border region of

Our Correspondent reports the Super Power Transmittre with DRM technology
is capable of broadcasting in DRM, AM and simulcast modes which is the
first of its kind in the country. The entire project was completed at the
total cost of 42 crore rupees.

Three brand new solid state transmitters of 400 kW of S7HP model made
byThomson Broadcast of France is capable of pumping out 1200 kilowatt
power has been installed here this year by Engineers from France along
with their counterparts from All India Radio.

Our Correspondenta adds that it is a Relay Station used by Urdu, Sindhi
and Baluchi programs of AIR External Services beamed to nearby
Pakistan,Afghanistan, Iran and some other Gulf countries in North West
direction. The frequency is 1071 kHz for AM mode and 1080 kHz for DRM

During tests, Urdu Service and Vividh Bharati programs are being
(via Alokesh Gupta-IND, DXindia Sept 10)

INDONESIA   Wonderful Indonesia QUIZ WINNER 2012.

As per the final list published in VOI, Facebook page.

Wonderful Indonesia QUIZ WINNER 2012

1. Christian Milling, from Euskirchen, Germany :
2. Didarul Iqbal, from Dhaka, Bangladesh :
3. Keith Sedgwick from London, GB
4. Mauno Ritola from Heinaevaara, Finland
5. Tarek Zeidan from Helwan Cairo Egypt.

This program is brought to you by RRI World Service, Voice of Indonesia
and Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia.

Many know name isn't? Christian also uploaded few photos after reaching
yesterday, where we can see Mauno, Chistian and Tarek standing with
others, Didarul Iqbal also updates in his facebook that he reached there

They will be in Indonesia for 7 days (This week) and take part in various
RRI activities/shows also ...

You may remember well that last year (December 2012) was only 2 winner -
Swopan Chakraborty from India and Igor Sannikov from Russia.
(Partha Sarathi Goswami-IND, dxld Sept 11)

INDONESIA   Wonderful Indonesia QUIZ WINNER 2012 [1 Attachment]
Christian ist schon vor Ort ... ganz links auf dem Foto.  73 wolfgang

The attached photo is Via Christian Milling's Facebook - a snap from the
tour in Indonesia with RRI World Service

From our left to right
1. Christian Milling, from Euskirchen, Germany.
2. Tarek Zeidan from Helwan Cairo Egypt.
2. Didarul Iqbal, from Dhaka, Bangladesh.
3. Keith Sedgwick from London, GB.
5. Mauno Ritola from Heinaevaara, Finland.

Attachment from Partha Sarathi Goswami, Siliguri, W.B., India:
1 Photo

wonder indo 14n.jpg  or
(Sept 12)

INDONESIA. Wonderful Indonesia QUIZ WINNER 2012
As per the final list published in VOI, Facebook page

1. Christian Milling, from Euskirchen, Germany
2. Didarul Iqbal, from Dhaka, Bangladesh
3. Keith Sedgwick from London, GB
4. Mauno Ritola from Heinaevaara, Finland
5. Tarek Zeidan from Helwan Cairo, Egypt
[later a group photo as attachment to the dxldyg, different order]

This program is brought to you by RRI World Service, Voice of Indonesia
and Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia.

Many know name isn't?
Christian also uploaded few photos after reaching yesterday, where we can
see Mauno, Chistian and Tarek standing with others, Didarul Iqbal also
updates in his facebook that he reached there. They will be in Indonesia
for 7 days (This week) and take part in various RRI activities/shows also.
You may remember well that last year (December 2012) was only 2 winner -
Swopan Chakraborty from India and Igor Sannikov from Russia.
(Partha Sarathi Goswami-IND, dxld Sept 12)

IRELAND/SOUTH AFRICA/U.K.   Worldwide All-Ireland Finals coverage on RTE
Radio (Shortwave to Africa)

17685  RTE, Skelton, UK - Fair reception here in Massachusetts USA at 1648
UT w/ analysis of match between 3 commentators. Followed w/TC & local
weather than into Gallic announcements
(Stephen Wood-MA-USA, dxld Sept 9)

Many thanks Glenn for WRN mail forwarding.

Unfortunately here in Germany 17685 kHz is covered by China mainland
jamming against VOA Tibetan sce from Lampertheim ex17730 kHz,
1400-1500 UT.

So, no chance to give a reception log of the RTE txion strength !
RE RTE 17685 shortwave.

So around 1430 UT check, the Chinese jamming organization ceased their co-
channel check transmission, VOA Tibetan co-ch 17685 showed only on Sats in
HFCC list.

But 17540 is S=8-9 strength even in Germany. But only carrier heard now at
1411 UT, - no audio on few minutes so far, audio feed came back at 1413
UT, and between a short piece of religious broadcaster interval signal
heard, was it FEBA interval bells ? ... from Meyerton-AFS site?

11915 kHz fine signal at S=9+15dB level in Germany at 1620 UT, audio break
again at 1631-1633 UT.

okay, the local southern Africa signal 2000 kms around Meyerton-AFS is
poor here at S=5 level fluttery, but above reading level.

Still poor here, the 17685 kHz Skelton 180degr signal towards West Africa,
only S=4-5 heard on the continent.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 9)

WRN has revealed the sites unto me:

West Africa
1300-1700 UTC, SKN, 300 kW, 17685 kHz

East Africa
1300-1600 UTC, MEY, 250 kW, 17540 kHz
1600-1700 UTC, MEY, 100 kW, 11915 kHz

Southern Africa
1300-1700 UTC, MEY, 100 kW,  7505 kHz

The same schedule will be employed for the football final on September 23;
furthermore, since hurling ended in a draw, there will be more such
broadcasts for the replay of that on September 30.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Sept 9/12)

Glenn, Galway shocked hurling powerhouse Kilkenny by playing to a draw in
Sunday's final, which means a replay of the match on Sept 30 (first since
1959). Look for the same RTE shortwave frequencies to be in use.
(Chuck Albertson-WA-USA, dxld Sept 12)

17675  RTE Radio 1 via Skelton, at 1523-1700* UT on Sept 9, coverage of
second half of All Ireland Hurling Final won by Galway over Kilkenny.
There was RTE news at 1616 UT with a woman announcer, several IDs and RTE
Radio 1 Weather at 1618 UT. Back to more post match coverage including
talk about earlier "minor" Tipperary-Dublin contest which apparently leads
to another match up on Sep 30 (more shortwave coverage perhaps?). Weather
and news from 1654 UT until transmission terminated at 1700 UT. Fair for
long periods of time but also faded down to poor and sometimes just awful
for equally long periods of time.

Nice to hear local RTE programming (news, weather, commercials and
announcements) in addition to match coverage. I can't find it now but I
thought I saw a report from gh that WRN says this was Skelton, UK.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer Sept 9)

17540  RTE's All-Ireland Hurling Finals heard with fairly good signals
with live play from 1329 UT tune in to after 1400 UT and continuing.
Rebroadcast via Meyerton I think. The feed was interrupted several times
during this period. In a match ending about 1330 UT, Tipperary defeated
(Don Jensen-WI-USA, DXplorer Sept 9)

JAPAN    Tokyo HAM Fair 2012.
This annual event was held on 25th and 26th of August at Tokyo Big Sight,
and attended by 33000 radio fans which was 1000 more than the last year.
Some pictures are attached.

JSWC opened our own booth to promote short wave radio listening. As this
year is our club's 60th anniversary, we had a big celebration party at
Hotel Sun Route Ariake in the evening of 25th during the HAM Fair, and
many club members and foreign broadcasters from Voice of Vietnam and China
Radio International joined the party to promote our friendship.

We also issued the book titled "JSWC's 60th Years" in Japanese to cover
our past 10 years of our club activities and radio topics, as the 50th
anniversary book published 10 years ago had covered 50-year activities of
our club.

Special radio programs celebrating 60th anniversary are in progress.
During the month of August, Voice of Russia aired a special programs on
27th, and China Radio International aired on 29th. All of these programs
were in Japanese. Iran's IRIB and Voice of Vietnam are planning to
broadcast a special program in Japanese sometime in September. English
program special is still in planning and the schedule will be announced
when the detail is defined. A special QSL card will be issued. This is all
for this month and hope you enjoy this.
(Toshi Ohtake-JPN, Japan Short Wave Club, JSWC, P.O.Box 44,
Kamakura 248-8691, Japan. playdx via dxld Sept 5)

JAPAN   Dear Radio Friends,
Today I am asking your actions regarding our club's 60th anniversary.

As I mentined in our bulletin, our anniversary programs have been aired
from some radio stations in the world. My interview was aired from KBS
World, CRI Peking, Voice of Russia Moscow and IRIB, Teheran. All of these
were in Japanese. Some of you may remember, I was regularly on the air
from Radio Japan a couple of years ago.

Now they have a program called "Fiends around the World" every Sunday.

NHK home page says
Friends Around the World is a program that is designed to connect more of
Radio Japan listeners around the world. We read your e-mails and letters,
have interviews, and cover other interesting topics based on your

So what are you waiting for?

Your messages, comments, questions and even song requests are always
welcome !

Please click on Contact Us at the bottom of the page and send us a
You can listen to the program from NHK Web site at

Please listen to the program and write to Radio Japan and ask about Japan
Short Wave Club which is celebrating 60th anniversary, amazing record for
the radio hobbiests.

Hope NHK responds your request and may remember me and ask me to show up
as a quest.

You can also listen by radio
at 0500 UTC on  6110(Canada), 5975UK, 11970(France),
at 1000 UTC on  9695 SNG, 9625 Yamata,
at 1200 UTC on  9695 SNG, 6120 Canada,
at 1300 UTC on 15735 UZB,
at 1400 UTC on 15735 UZB,
at 1800 UTC on 15720 MDG.  You may tune next Sunday.

Hope your actions will work. If a special interview is materialized, I
will issue the special 60th anniversary QSL to the reports received at

Toshi Ohtake, JSWC, Sept 9.
(via Harald Suess-AUT, A-DX Sept 10)

KOREA D.P.R.   Voice of Korea, Pyongyang, DPR North Korea now with
Email-address <VOK @>

{this the Google_translator from German to English, wb.}

The VOICE OF KOREA, the official international broadcasting service of the
DPRK (North) from Pyongyang announced in an English release by letter that
you now have the following E-Mail address:

<VOK @>

It is hoped that this will help, the friendly relations between
broadcasting and its of listeners to deepen further. Explicitly asks one
for English-or French-language literature (books) or CDs via Internet,
reforestation, urban development, laughter stories (humorous stories),
stories about world famous personalities, and technology. Certainly,
however, is the correspondence in other Send languages - including German
- possible.

The letter was a "Pyongyang Times" dated 21 July 2012 and a leaflet about
new stamps attached. Please ask!

Anyone who wants to can get from me the original message as a jpg file.

73 + Good DX wishing

OM Arnulf Piontek
Berlin, Germany
(Sept 11)

KOREA Rep. of    New skd of MND Radio South Korea.

Thanks to Sei-ichi Hasegawa (Japan) for providing me with the new MND
Radio schedule.

MND Radio in Korean
1* 0400v-0445v 4925, 6760
2* 0500v-0540v 5150, 6480
5* 0600v-0635v 4740, 6700
4* 0700v-0735v 5290, 6360
2* 1000v-1040v 5150, 6480
3* 1100v-1150v 4740, 6700  {measured 4739.980 and 6700 Sept 11, wb}
1* 1200v-1240v 4925, 6760

* ver. Opening music Closing music
1 male Come For Love
2 male Whistle Our Wish
3 male Peace Our Wish
4 female Genuine I miss you
5 female Peace Our Wish
de Hiroshi
(Sei-ichi Hasegawa-JPN, dxld Sept 11)

On new 4925, ex-5900 kHz, MND Radio (Ministry of National Defense), 1216-
1241* UT on Sept 5. Found in progress with monologue by OM in Korean; 1237
UT pop song in Korean titled "For Love", their usual sign off song. Poor
to almost fair with QRN and slight hum. Believe it was their first day
here so no jamming yet; // 6760 kHz which had moderate jamming.

Interesting frequency choice! I was trying to remember if North Korea ever
found anything in this band before that they wanted to jam?

contains an MP3 audio.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld Sept 5)

KOREA Rep of    50th Anniversary of KBS World Radio in Spanish.

KBS World Radio's Spanish service is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Broadcasting its first program on the 19th of August 1962, the channel is
now on air for four hours per day for the Spanish speaking audience around
the world through diverse platforms such as shortwave radio, the Internet
and FM radio.

To mark the occasion, a special program on K-Pop was broadcast on the 18th
and 19th of August. First part of the program, entitled 'Love for Korea in
Seven Shades', followed two girls from Mexico and Costa Rica visiting and
experiencing Korea, while the second part was a chart show of the most
popular K-Pop numbers in the Spanish speaking region.

KBS World Radio, broadcasts in eleven languages and serves as the window
of Korean culture and entertainment content for the audiences of the

ABU September 7, 2012
(via Mike Terry-UK, dxld Sept 12)

It was mentioned on the show a couple of months ago that when Sackville
closes they will use their own transmitters in Korea to broadcast to North
America. I sent an email to the producer for an update. If they still plan
on using their own transmitter in Korea I hope it's in the morning. A
couple of decades ago their broadcast from 1215-1315 UT on 9750 kHz came
in clear. However their evening broadcast on 15575 kHz was not dependable
(which caused them to end that and use Sackville during the evenings).
I'll let you know what I hear from them.
(Kevin O'Donovan-NM-USA, dxld Sept 8)

KOREA Rep. of    KBS World Radio News.
Just heard World of Radio via WRN Europe stream, (0800-0830 UT) it was
great as usual,

Next I hear daily in WRN Europe is 0830-0900 UT is KBS World Radio,
(repeat in WRN NAM is 0930-1000 UT)

Just heard in the mailbag program, they said about the fate of KBS World
Radio to USA, the Sackvile relay will be replaced by direct Kimjae
Transmissions - but there may be a Gap - yes a Gap because they are
getting two new Transmitters for Kimjae at the end of this year, that will
be installed and used to transmit towards America, and the host mentioned
its an in house information, yest not published so she is uncertain about
the actual gap period but their will be a gap as Sackville will be closed
by the last week of October 2012.
(Partha Sarathi Goswami-IND, dxld Sept 15)

KUWAIT/GREECE   Some backlobe signals heard in Queensland around 23-24 UT
Sept 15: 17550 Radio Kuwait in Arabic, scheduled 20-24 UT heard around
2335 UT Sept 15, S=7 reliable signal into Australia and Pacific. Also ERT
Athens from Avlis noted along the equator west-east path downunder in
Australia, on both 15630 and 15630 kHz between 23 and 24 UT Sept 15.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 15)

LAOS   Web site of Lao National Radio. Official web site of Lao National
seems to be affected. The site is blocked by the major explorers (IE,
Firefox, Opera etc.) as "dangerous site which may inject malwares". I
asked Mr. Inpanh Satchaphansy, director of foreign relations, about this.
He admitted the site is not working properly.

He recommended to access <>
instead until the problem is solved. This site is all in Lao (installation
of Lao fonts needed), and consists streaming audio.
(Takahito Akabayashi-JPN, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 9)

LIBYA   11600  Libya in Arabic.

Japanese DXer received Arabic on 11600 kHz at 1510-1848* UT on Sept 10.
<>  by Amano in Saitama-pref.
<>  by remote SDR in Italy.
(Sei-ichi Hasegawa-JPN, dxld Sept 10)

When checked at 0925 UT on Sept 11, heard with rather low modulation in
pure Arabic relay. In peaks up to S=8-9 here in Germany. ID like "Radio
Libya ... " at 0954 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 11)

LIBYA   11600 kHz not on air today Sept 12 at 1530 UT.
Like in previous days, S=9+5 dB medium powered signal on various remote rx
units in Europe and Asia, but modulation is only about 50% lower than
carrier, mostly on afternoon time slot.

At present I hear a test 925 Hertz tone procedure on 11560 kHz, 1530-1550
UT, the DVB Dem Voice of Burma channel til 1530 UT via Dushanbe-TJK.

[later] Today, Sept 13 LBY in Arabic starting at 1500 UT on 11600 kHz.
Observations of LBY on 11600  in Arabic:
Sept 11 1530-2130, co-ch China Radio International in Swahili 1700-1757 UT
Sept 12 1610-1800, co-ch China Radio International in Swahili 1700-1757 UT
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, Sept 12 at 1530 UT)

But Radio Libya ID at 1643 UT Sept 13.

SMOOTH audio characteristic, still at 1630 UT, when signal and audio
increases here in Germany, compared to daytime path propagation.

I guess,
this outlet is directed east-west to Near East, Arabian peninsula and
NoWeAfrica, but not to Europe.

LBY  Sabratah contain 48 curtain antennas in total, plus Alliss revolving
antenna, like 8times at 90dger, and 8times at 130 degr.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 13)

MADAGASCAR   Three 40-Foot Containers Carrying The Three 100,000 Watt

And A Fourth Container Filled With Security Equipment.
And Other Supplies Are On The Dock In Houston Ready To Be Shipped To

While We Are Awaiting Shipment Of The Transmitters To Madagascar, Great
Things Are Happening And Being Planned For Madagascar.

The three 100,000 watt transmitters are paid for, packed in four 40-foot
containers and ready for shipment from Houston once a trade agreement is
signed with the new Madagascar government. We needed 16 signatures, and we
have received 15 of those. Please be prayerful about the one signature we
still lack. Although we are disappointed about this development, we are
not in despair or panic because many great things are going on in

In May, Media Day was held at Station MWV. Many journalists came to see
the entire operation. Their very favorable reporting increased our
credibility and trust with the people and government of Madagascar.

To demonstrate that we want to be good neighbors and helpful to the
community, we used our heavy equipment to create fire breaks for the
forest service to provide greater protection from frequent fires. We will
soon rebuild a school near our station that is badly in need of repair.

In September, we will send a container of computers that the students from
Madagascar who just graduated from Lipscomb University are now collecting.

In March 2013, we will work with Bill McDonough and Partners In Progress
to send a medical missions team to Madagascar to help with many medical
needs. Doyle Kee will also be going to plant a new congregation in the
community where the station is located. Additional plans are being
discussed to build up the church throughout the country.

In 2013, we will send additional medical equipment and supplies as we will
partner with Healing Hands to benefit many in Madagascar.

Be prayerful about the Russian, Chinese, English and Spanish programs
going out every day to one half of the world. Also be prayerful about
Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, and English for Africa that will originate
from Madagascar. Then begin to pray about broadcasts in the Hindi,
Bengali, Korean, French, German, Farsi, Urdu and Vietnamese languages in
the future. We must cover the globe with the gospel of Christ. Thanks so
much for your support, interest and prayers.
(Andy Baker, undated Summer 2012 Update as of Sept 10,
via dxld Sept 12)

Planned tentative WCB Shortwave schedule from
MDG  WCBC Mahajanga 3x100 kW, 3 antennas 25/265/325degr
at  15 43 38.40 S  46 26 45.22 E

 7355 0600-0630 52,53,57         MWV 100 265 WCB
 9565 0630-0700 52,53,57         MWV 100 265 WCB
 9565 0800-0830 28,37,38,47,48,53MWV 100 325 WCB
 9585 1030-1100 31,32,39-42      MWV 100 25  WCB
11870 0700-0730 52,53,57         MWV 100 265 WCB
11870 0830-0900 28,37,38,47,48,53MWV 100 325 WCB
11870 1100-1130 31,32,39-42      MWV 100 25  WCB
13570 1130-1200 31,32,39-42      MWV 100 25  WCB
13630 0900-0930 28,37,38,47,48,53MWV 100 325 WCB
13635 0730-0800 52,53,57         MWV 100 265 WCB
15660 0930-1000 28,37,38,47,48,53MWV 100 325 WCB
15660 1200-1230 31,32,39-42      MWV 100 25  WCB
17660 1000-1030 28,37,38,47,48,53MWV 100 325 WCB
17660 1230-1300 31,32,39-42      MWV 100 25  WCB

MARIANA ISL [Tininan/Saipan]   9715  Radio Free Asia, Tinian, at 1447 UT
on Sept 15, Vietnamese, interview, 1453 UT woman with contact information,
song, 1456:30 UT fanfare music broke in over song and then at 1457 UT
English announcement, "You have been listening to Radio Free Asia.",
warbling siren type of jamming. Fair.
(Harold Sellers-BC-CAN, DXplorer Sept 15)

15570  RFA program in Vietnamese from Tinian-MRA site here regular
scheduled at 2330-0030 UT, S=7-8 strength downunder on remote Queensland
unit, but HIT HEAVILY by Vietnamese jamming station HOWL BUOY type co-

15205.031  Some Saipan relay units are little bit odd frequency, noted VOA
English half hour at 0030-0100 UT Sept 16 on S=7 level in downunder
Australia remote unit at 0035 UT.

15289.988  Same VOA English news program via Tinian-MRA site noted on same
19 mb, covered worldwide Muslim protest on US facilities... S=6-7 fair
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 15/16)

MOZAMBIQUE   Here's a note on Mozambique stations. I've been living in
London for the past year and barely had a chance to do any DXing. But now
back in Cape Town (Simon's Town) and got the headphones on again.

I had a good chance to do a little audit of the Mozambique AM universe
this evening (11 Sept, 1845 UT). There's a football match on between South
Africa and Mozambique being played in Nelspruit (not too far from the
Mozambique-SA border) so I checked across the dial to see if Radio
Mozambique was covering it. Sure enough it was networked and I'm happy to
report that all frequencies as reported in the WRTH are active with
commentary in Portuguese.

All were covering the game with the single exception of Nampula on 765
kHz, which had local programming in Portuguese and music. I could even
hear Beira on 873 kHz under Botswana. Some were stronger than others but I
couldn't say whether this was due to transmitter power. It's a big country
(about 1200 miles north to south) so some stations are quite a bit closer
than others to this QTH. All transmitters appear to have good modulation.

The best signals here were Xai-Xai 810 kHz and Maputo 738 and 1008 kHz.
Aside from network transmissions like this one, these stations run a lot
of local programming in Portuguese and vernacular with local IDs, making
them fun to listen to.
(Graham Bell, Simon's Town, RSA, dxld Sept 11)

NEW ZEALAND   Despite strong DRM signal on 17675 kHz at 2340 UT Sept 15,
though I was lazy to do the decode procedure, but noted // 15720 kHz AM
signal mode outlet from Rangitaiki with S=8 in Queensland downunder remote
SDR unit. Contained an annoying CRATCHING LIKE NOISY signal feed!
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 15)

NIGERIA   NEW MW Transmitter Commissioned By Radio Nigeria

According to a report published in a new medium wave
transmitter was commissioned by Radio Nigeria in Enugu Ngwo, Enugu State
on 6th Sept, 2012.

The new Medium Wave transmitter is Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria
(FRCN) project executed in collaboration with Japanese Government Agency
for International Cooperation (JICA).

More at:

Related news:
(Alokesh Gupta-IND, dxld Sept 12)

Inauguration of the new Medium Wave Transmitter at Enugu Ngwo Thursday
( <> Ydun Ritz-DEN Sept 9)

Ydun, You are free to publish this. Your article about the new transmitter
at Enugu, Ngwo enabled me to locate the MW mast at
06 26 28.8 N  07 27 14.72 E

I am not totally certain but the FRCN frequency of 828 kHz would be a
likely one. Check on 2012 WRTH. There is to be replacement of the old
25 kW transmitter with one at 100 kW. This must be the one - good news
for the Coal City!
(Dan Goldfarb-UK, dxld 10 Sept)

Yes correct, my archive says 50 kW at 06 26 59.00 N  07 28 10.23 E  two

PAKISTAN   [some DX publication brought a misleading report.
Big wide area according G.E. 1.9 x 1.9 kms, contain 54 shortwave mast
installations like Wertachtal. Some real estate sharks reflect on the land
property. wb.]

Hello Aslam, Perhaps you have now read - or know that - the SW
transmitters at Rewat have been closed down according to this article from

This will refer to the old 100 kW units API-3 & 4, to the 250 kW units
API-5 & 6 and to the 100 kW unit that appeared out of "nowhere", and was
referred to as API-9, and broadcast to Kashmir. There are two new 100 kW
transmitters at Karachi, but these have never gone on air due to the lack
of antennas.
(Noel Green-UK, dxld Sept 8)

Re the Mike Terry item: I've been monitoring Radio Pakistan but cannot
trace any transmissions on API-3 or 4 to SoAs, nor Persian at 1700-1800.

However, the service to Europe at 1700-1900 UT was audible on 15265 on the
8th, but I could not hear 11575. The morning transmission at 0830-1104 on
17720 and 15725 was not heard on the 8th or 9th.

Also on the 8th, and again on the 9th, I hear the service to Gulf & ME
on both 17520 and 15290, but the 0500-0700 transmission was not
audible on either date - possibly weak signals and poor propagation?
So broadcasts have not stopped altogether.
(Noel Green-UK, dxld Sept 9)

A partial view of one of the masts at the southern end of the large
Rawat SW site from this recent Panoramio image.
Thanks for the news (Ian Baxter, SWTXS sites via dxld)

Surprised no one posted this already, but it was on the Kim Andrew Elliott

And the original article:

Hopefully our group members in Asia will have a better perspective on what
is happening with this.
(Steve Luce-TX-USA, dxld Sept 12)

The article was posted here already, Steve (message 63083 on Sept 7),
though the original article headline gave no indication of its more
significant content about Radio Pakistan shutting down 5 shortwave
transmitters at Rawat 'with immediate effect'.

Have seen no further reports on this though, and Radio Pakistan is still
being heard here on shortwave in the days since the report .
(Alan Pennington, Caversham, UK, ibid.)

Where have I heard this nonsense before? Another SW radio station whose
chief executives (who don't know what they are talking about) should be
fired, and replaced by staff who know that SW is NOT redundant! What about
China Radio International and All India Radio, which are expanding their
services or introducing DRM? These guys and others had better wake up, or
be sent to the real third world where the Internet and satellites have
never even been heard of.
(Colin Miller-CAN/AUS, VE3CMT, SW TX sites via dxld Sept 12)

I hear their two 250 kW transmitters still on air, but the 100 kW ones are
not being received. The last time I heard them they were in very bad
shape. A pity that the two new 100 kW at Karachi could not be moved north
to Rewat where there are some antennas they could utilise!

I'd like to know if API-9(?) is still on air with Rawalpindi-III which we
know as Azad Kashmir. It's shown on the PBC A-12 sched at 0045-0430 &
1330-1815 on 3975 and 0900-1215 on 7265. Neither frequency is audible
here. I haven't seen it reported for some time.

And re Ian Baxter's photo - I think the Rewat site is actually two - or at
least two transmitter houses. Originally 8 transmitters were in operation
2 x 250 kW, 5 x 100 kW and 1 x 10 kW.
(Steve Luce-TX-USA, dxld Sept 12)

Re: Pakistan leaving SW?
I hear their two 250 kW transmitters still on air, but the 100 kW ones are
not being received. The last time I heard them they were in very bad
shape. A pity that the two new 100 kW at Karachi could not be moved north
to Rewat where there are some antennas they could utilise!

I'd like to know if API-9(?) is still on air with Rawalpindi-III which we
know as Azad Kashmir. It's shown on the PBC A-12 sched at 0045-0430 &
1330-1815 UT on 3975 kHz and 0900-1215 on 7265 kHz. Neither frequency is
audible here. I haven't seen it reported for some time.

And re Ian Baxter's photo - I think the Rewat site is actually two - or at
least two transmitter houses. Originally 8 transmitters were in operation
2 x 250 kW, 5 x 100 kW and 1 x 10 kW.
(Noel Green-UK, dxld Sept 13)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA   3235  NBC West New Britain, at 1232-1402* on Sept 10.
In Tok Pisin; mostly with DJ playing pop Pacific Island songs; 1300 UT
played their usual theme song at this time: "Night Moves" by Bob Seger;
did not carry the audio feed for the ToH "N-B-C National News Roundup"
(which was carried via 3204.95 // 3315 // 3365 kHz and ended at 1309 UT);
National Anthem; tx still on with open carrier at 1410 UT tune out.

Of all the recently renovated NBC SW transmitters, this one is certainly
holding up the best. My recent monitoring confirms that of all the NBC
stations, this one has the most local programming, as they do not carry
the national audio feed at 1200 or 1300 UT.

3260  NBC Madang, 1137-1212* UT on Sept 10. In English and Tok Pisin;
sounded like the Monday "Government Talkback" show with
interview/discussion about PNG security forces with a Brigadier General
(security coordinator); often gave phone numbers to call in and email
address; ended program with address for the National Security Office;
1202 UT into Tok Pisin; ID and announcements; C&W song cut short by
suddenly going off the air; poor to almost fair.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld Sept 11)

RUSSIA   Local programs of regional radio stations taken: Local prgrs in
5930 1410 Murmansk Radio Murman radio Aug 31
6160 1410 R. Pomorie Radio Pomorye Aug 31
6085 2355 RR Krasnoyarsk radio Rassii Krasnoyarsk Sept 2

Radio Russia {Russian-English translation...}
In the second night of 3 September it took me radio to Russia at 2348 UT
on 4050 kHz and Charles Aznavour song "Mama", and on 6085 kHz at 2356 UT
news of RadioRossii Krasnoyarska. General News PP from 0000 UT to 4050,
6085, 6100 kHz. Expect that from 2345 UT on 4050 kHz the program Adv Light
Radio in Russian, but the music was broadcast.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, RUSdx plus Sept 16)

SOMALIA  {Somaliland}  7120  Radio Hargeisa SW transmitter update - press

Radio Hargeisa transmissions have not been noted internationally for
almost a week.

According to Mr. Don Jensen who is a professional Ham radio buff ,Radio
Hargeisa hasn't been noted anywhere, not in New Zealand, India, Japan,
Europe in about a week now despite use of various advanced radio

Mr. Don Jensen a retired American journalist further revealed that the
station, which had earlier on been noted in Japan, India and Europe, were
yet to be received in the US before they completely went off air.

Mr. Jensen who has continuously kept Somalilandsun abreast on worldwide
transmissions of Radio Hargeisa via email messages surmised the following:

Quote "I suspect that Mr. Suleiman (technical Director) may be taking
steps to find a better 41 meter band frequency, outside the amateur radio
(ham radio) band. This would presumably put it somewhere higher than 7200
kilohertz. Nevertheless, he does have a practical dilemma.

Both Ethiopia and Eritrea have been chasing each other around and around
on many frequencies, most with Eritrea's Voice of the Broad Masses two

Being chased from frequency to frequency by Ethiopian jamming

An Ethiopia itself, the broadcasting station, not jammers, changes
frequency a lot as well.

The other day, Ethiopia was on 7120 kHz, the same frequency that Radio
Hargeisa had been using. So trying to avoid these stations that jump from
frequency to frequency, sometimes on a daily basis, it a difficult task. I
suspect that the one-time RH frequency from a few years ago, 7530 kHz
might be a better choice. End Quote)  {or 7490 in B-12 instead, wb.}

The technical director of the ministry of information Mr. Ahmed Suleiman
who concurred with Mr. Jensen attributed the absence of transmissions to
ongoing plans that involved moving from the testing phase to a full
operational one.

"The transmissions have been ceased temporarily thus facilitate shifting
from the testing face to full operations" Said Mr. Suleiman

While commending Mr. Don Jensen for continued information pertaining to
the Transmissions the Technical director said that all broadcasts from
Radio Hargeisa would be on air again worldwide as from next week.

During the test period Listeners in Japan, India and Europe could hear
Radio Hargeisa on a frequency of 7120 kHz, with generally good signals For
tests noted at various times between 1500 UT (universal time) and 1900 UT
hours (6 to 10 pm Somaliland time)
The successful worldwide reception of Radio Hargeisa is possible courtesy
of a recently installed 100 kW Transmitter and related antennae's by
Chinese and local engineers following the purchase of the transmitter from
a Chinese company early this year.

The enhancement of RH broadcasts that were formerly available within a
radius of 20 sq. miles of Hargeisa was one of the already fulfilled
pledges made by President Silanyo and his ruling Kulmiye party during the
2010 presidential election campaigns.

(via Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC-UK, Sept 8)

Radio Hargeisa expected to be on air by next week? - Excerpt:

The technical director of the ministry of information Mr. Ahmed Suleiman
who concurred with Mr. Jensen attributed the absence of transmissions to
ongoing plans that involved moving from the testing phase to a full
operational one. "The transmissions have been ceased temporarily thus
facilitate shifting from the testing face to full operations" Said Mr.

More at ...
(via Alokesh Gupta-IND, dxld Sept 9)

Radio Hargeisa confirms what we already knew: it has been off the air for
more than a week. The station's director says it is a transition from the
testing phase to regular operations. He does not say whether or not it
will return on 7120 or another frequency, but does indicate that
transmissions will resume on SW this coming week {Sept 13}.
(Don Jensen-WI-USA, naswa Sept 9 dxld)

7120  Definitely Somali language, heard in Nairobi Kenya today 1700Z at
50db over S9. Complaint has already been laid with Kenya Communications
(Ted 5Z4NU, ARSK Nairobi; via IARU bandwatch Sept 13)

Radio Hargeisa back on 7120 kHz.
Although I try daily, still no morning transmission (circa 0300 UT, or 6
a.m. EAT) noted from R. Hargeisa here in Wisconsin. As to the circa 1400+
time frame when WCNA listeners had heard RH recently, too much daylight

Via the Univ. of Twente/Netherlands Web SDR noted 1835 UT with good
signals. Tried at about 1630 UT via same remote rx and it was there, but
poor. Steadily improving since.

Despite my recommendations, it seems RH's tech. dir. Suleiman is committed
to 7120. He is a ham, so, frankly, he knows it is supposed to be an
amateur radio band. But he also knows that his listeners in HoA are
familiar with the 7100-7200+ kHz area, thanks to Ethiopia, Eritrea and
Sudan, and so he's got an audience already trained to look for bcsts in
this range.
(Don Jensen-WI-USA, DXplorer Sept 15)

Radio Hargeisa.
Those who might be following the on-line newspaper, Somaliland Sun, for
news about the 100 kw Radio Hargeisa transmitter, may have noticed a story
in which I am quoted claiming to have received their signal here in
Wisconsin. Not so.

My journalistic contact in Hargeisa failed to understand what I actually
told him: That my recent receptions during the 1700-1900 period were not
from my own receiver, but, rather, via the University of Twente on-line
WEB SDR receiver in the Netherlands. With the current Radio Hargeisa
schedule, it seems it propagates to North America only on the west coast
about 1400 via - one presumes a near grayline short path.
(Don Jensen-WI-USA, DXplorer Sept 16)

Radio Hargeisa back on 7120 kHz.
Radio Hargeisa 7120 noted at 1830 UT tune from Perseus site in C. Germany
- man ann in local lang and HOA vocals to 1903 UT. At 1903-03.5 UT man w/
closing anmts - "Somaliland" mentioned twice (beginning and end of anmt)
and I think there was a freq anmt in there near the beginning. Open
carrier to 1903:45 UT then carrier off. S4, almost S5 and stable lvl
throughout. Lots of ARO QRM but the xmtr power relegated the ARO traffic
to I-4. In WRTH, R. Hargeisa's old sked shows as 1500-1900 UT only, so
likely no morning broadcast, for a while at least. Seems a waste of money
to use a new 100 kW xmtr for only 4 hours/day.
(Bruce Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer Sept 16)

Somaliland is not a recognized state altho it is certainly better than the
rest of Somalia. "International law" may not apply here, especially in
such an esoteric area, and anyway its observance is largely voluntary in
real countries. There is probably little or no ham radio activity in S-
land, and hence no amateur radio lobby. Any pressure about this issue must
come from outside.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Sept 15)

Today, Sept 15 at 16 UT again heard on 7120 kHz. But not yet so quite
strong, also overcrowded by a lot of ham operation, mostly from Italy.

If this continues, you can even live well here in Europe on 7120 kHz in
the winter season. And in between not many hams in Egypt, Somalia down to
Tazania, Uganda region.

I assume that in this chaos region around East Africa / Somalia is any
protest and a request for a frequency change to 7530/7490 kHz from the
West like 'Fizzle'.

Radio Hargeisa has these coordinates

09 34 24.92 N  44 03 37.61 E


in BingMaps
09 34 24.92 N  44 03 37.61 E  enter in the location field / paste

click birds watch view / and aerial image
zoom in!

or call link in IE and paste

Very dusty and unkempt grounds, as usual there, and from the photos seen
of G.E. Panoramio.
73 wolfgang df5sx (mail to IARU ham radio bandwatch Sept 15)

UAE   13685  Radio Ergo of IRIN Radio organization logged in Somali
language via Al Dhabbaya-UAE relay site at 0915-0920 UT, scheduled 0830-
0930 UT. Only poor to fair signal sidelobe towards Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 11)

TAIWAN   Voice of Guanghua / Han Sheng Broadcasting Corporation (Taiwan)

Guanyin transmitter site. Please also refer my homepage
for the photograph of transmitting antenna at Guanyin, as well as the
Taiwan-shaped jigsaw QSL card of Voice of Guanghua.

BTW "guanhua" means "glorious light", "Guanyin" means "
Avalokite|svara" in Buddhism.

{Google_automatic_translator from Japanese to English}

Shortwave broadcast station in Taiwan are also present in other units of
Hiroshi Taiwan International (RTI). Hiroshi units and rehabilitation units
Han covered, but this time we are currently shortwave broadcasting, many
old station had been carried further shortwave police, and Air Force.

Han began its shortwave direction is that the continent is relatively new
in March 2004. Transmitting station is transmitting station same units
Hiroshi reconstruction. This shortwave broadcast at that time had been
broadcasting for domestic relay, sometimes you have to broadcast 24 hours
as a "Voice of Han" strengthen the English name the color of the continent
gradually toward professional broadcasting. It is now also separately or
contact HP and toward domestic broadcasting is done in another system
change "? Guanghua voice and" (Voice of Guanghua English name) the name.
The "Panorama" in Chinese language but you have a bright future glory and
glorious symbol of the Chinese nation in the meaning "bright light, bright
light" that.

History of Han
units in Taiwan's earliest broadcasting stations. Was satisfied in 1942,
"the military units Hiroshi" which was started its origin is in Nanjing
KMT troops at the time that had been done by the war against Japan in
China (Chiang Kai-shek army). Broadcast wave wave 13 FM7, medium wave
(current network that covers next to "voice ? the military" and
transferred, the whole of Taiwan in Taipei the home army Chiang Kai-shek
is moved to Taiwan being chased by army Communist Party in 1949 (Army Mao)
I have built). Change the current units "Han," the name of the station in
1988 and in 2000 was merged to "stand ?? Hiroshi Guanghua" at the time.
Comes from the "Panorama" also the name of the continent towards the
current broadcast.

's Slogan is (to understand the life listening to the voice of my life
listening to the voice of Han Han taste) "seize life voice yield from
taste life voice yield", each parent-child direction, toward army
soldiers, culture and music I have a program that will be organized in the
system penetrated by this spirit.

Although it is broadcast by the Armed Forces of the Ministry of National
Defense Republic of China, is the broadcasting of KMT troops originally
near, the idea of broadcasting is the "one China" in the course than the
Kuomintang Party of Taiwan independence sentiment. Previously, it was the
attitude of "do-or-die resistance Salvation anti hair" because it is a
station of the army, it is converted to attitude of "cross-strait peace
cooperation" now.

Is a "cross-strait peace center" is positioned as the "voice Guanghua",
has become the contents of a relatively soft personality convey news on
both sides of the topic, and music. China has not put a jamming or
shortwave broadcasting since the start of this because it is a "cross-
strait peace center" of KMT troops origin. "Voice ? strait" has been
broadcast but corresponds to the "voice ? Guanghua" (the broadcasting of
military district Fujian People's Liberation Army) from the continent, I
have not applied the jamming even here, a soft program content in which.
See because they are kept in Taiwan than the mainland, traditional
Confucian ancient Chinese broadcasting platform "Han" is that there is a
positive impact rather to the continent suffering evils into capitalism,
such as Social Fri worship might have been.

(Person 1.65 million reserve) 300,000 troops constantly Chinese side
against the approximately 100,000 have been deployed in Fujian only
artillery second, army ROC entire People's Liberation Army and also
include other units 5% or more of full-time soldiers force of 2.24 million
people are present in Fujian, has a large number of troops on both sides
facing severely relatively narrow.

Many good people, weapons and troops who were often one that is good for
the military budget. Because who is also reduced defense budget and
reducing the need of peace has come, there is a state of moderate tension
augment forces me to some extent the other side, the war does not cause as
much as possible is a good addition. In subtle harmony is felt even when
viewed from the top of the broadcast but the Taiwan Strait have been told
that they are inspired by one shot.

When was the name of the "voice of Han" but has issued a QSL card brave
side by side photos of the weapons, it then becomes "voice ? Guanghua", or
because they do not fit the mood of peace is the first time the world
finally issued a "QSL puzzle type" of. In the work in the form of
entertainment super combined in groups of three and Taiwan, which is also
published on reports received one copy. QSL hear so rare in the
continental side (people listening to shortwave broadcasting in the
Chinese cities of human BCL hobby seems to be becoming the majority as
well as in Japan) many people, has become a collector's item. Those
published ones that were issued to the reception report in August 2009. I
filled out my own had not been filled since the received data.

Also available (PFC) QSL introverted country ?? units ?? Han acquired by
local reception in 2002 for reference. Republic of China calendar year and
0 Xinhai Revolution of 1911 has been used in Taiwan, 2010 and this year it
will be 99 years Republic of China.

(Not hear but has also been described in the official schedule 6105 kHz)
16:55 to 09:05, the current official schedule of "voice ? Guanghua" The
shortwave 9745 kHz, 711, 801, 846 kHz, medium wave at 981 kHz there. 250
kW, 9745 kHz output in Japan is all very good. Note that the destination
of the voice is different from the ones listed are WRTH 2010 edition of
Panorama Research.

Destination of the received reports:

Building B
five three one-stage ROC Xinyi Road, Taipei City 100 land units
Han Chinese people

1700 ROC postal box Shin Min Chinese Taipei China Guanghua voice ?

Han             <>  units
Guanghua voice  <>
Units can be sent from the URL above Han Guanghua voice
<lili329 @>
(Takahito Akabayashi-JPN, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 8)

TAJIKISTAN   {to Koreas}  15630, on Sept 14 at 1310 UT, weak exotic vocal
music; can't be Greece at this hour on this frequency. Aoki shows it can
only be V. of Wilderness, the Californian Christian clandestine, 100 kW,
70 degrees from TAJIKISTAN {Dushanbe Yangi Yul 100 kW} at 1300-1330
(extended to 1430 on Sundays) UT.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Sept 14)

UNIDENTIFIED   5900  RTR2 Testsendung.

"RTR2 - Die Powerstation" mit Kurzwellentest auf 5900 kHz im 49-m-Band am
22. Sept von 1800 bis 2000 UT - in UKW-Qualitaet auch im Netz und im FM-

Das deutschsprachige Pop-Programm der RTR Radio Europa, "RTR 2 - Die
Powerstation" aus Belgien, ist zurueck auf der Kurzwelle. Zwar wird
derzeit nur getestet, aber dafuer mit einem besonders attraktiven
Programminhalt. Praesentiert wird ein ganz besonderes Event: "The very
best of Michael Jackson".

Die Hoerer von RTR 2 - Die Powerstation und abertausende Mitglieder aller
Fanclubs des Kuenstlers aus Deutschland, Oesterreich und der Schweiz
koennen noch bis zum 18. Sept 23.59 h aus insgesamt 75 als Single
veroeffentlichten Songs von Michael Jackson eine Top 20 voten, die dann
von den Radio-DJ's Stephan und Christian am Samstag, den 22. Sept von 1800
bis 2000 Uhr UT, (also 20-22 Uhr MESZ) praesentiert wird, garniert mit
Gruessen und persoenlichen Geschichten der Hoerer.

Wer via email an <mail @> eine korrekte Meldung mit den SINPO-
Empfangswerten der Kurzwelle schickt und seine eigene Mailadresse nicht
vergisst, der erhaelt eine speziell gestaltete EQSL-Karte mit einem Motiv
von Michael Jackson. Verfolgen kann man die Sendung aber auch in guter
UKW-Qualitaet via Internet-Stream, wenn man diese Daten eingibt:

Sollte wegen des grossen Interesses nicht jeder einen Stream erwischen,
gibt es auf der Website des Senders links unter "Zuhoeren" noch weitere
alternative Streams, die extra zusaetzlich geschaltet wurden. "Bislang ist
das Interesse derart gross, dass wir zusaetzliche Server aufgeschaltet
haben, damit auch wirlich jeder zuhoeren kann", freut sich Senderchef
Rainer Thomas Peters. Die Moderatoren Stephan und Christian sind besonders
stolz darauf, dass sich mehrere deutschsprachige Radiosender im Ausland
dazu entschieden haben, das Programm sogar live zu uebernehmen und auf
lokalen UKW-Frequenzen auszustrahlen Dazu gehoeren beispielsweise Sender
in verschieden spanischen und deutschen Ferienregionen. Andere werden noch
am Sonntag die komplette Sendung als Rebroadcast wiederholen. "Damit
hatten wir nicht gerechnet!"

Trotzdem verschweigen die beiden nicht, dass die Idee fuer das Event aus
einer Bierlaune heraus von einer treuen Hoererin des Senders vorgeschlagen
wurde. "Wir fanden die Idee geil und haben uns nicht lange bitten lassen!"
Und jetzt fiebern alle gespannt der Sendung entgegen. Zur Website fuer das
Voting gelangt man ueber <> - Hoerervoting Michael Jackson.
Dort sind auch noch einmal alle genau Regeln fuer das Voting erklaert.
(Fritz-Walter Adam-D, A-DX Sept 14)

RTR war bisher mit der Brokerei Media&Broadcast im Geschaeft, aber es kann
auch eine Spaceline Bulgaria Aussendung sein, das passt zu der runden xx00
kHz Frequenz. wb.

U.K.   17745  Sudan Radio Service, at 1457 UT on Sept 15, loud hum/buzz on
frequency, 1500 UT broke into audio for Saturday English broadcast, man
gave website, address, studio line and satellite phone number, ID "Sudan
Radio Service is a project of Education Development Centre...", 1501:30 UT
"You are tuned to Sudan Radio Service.", into news headlines, strong noise
continued. Poor-fair. And then at check, 1551 UT African hi-life and
Western easy-listening songs, 1559:30 UT Arabic, man giving contact
information and a Sudan Radio Service ID, no hum/buzz as noted at 1500 UT.
(Harold Sellers-BC-CAN, DXplorer Sept 15)

From Woofferton-UK site 250 kW at 135 degrees, 17745 1500-1700 UT.

USA   15550  Fair reception of WJHR, Milton Florida at 2110 UT on 15550.1
kHz. Reception has been quite good from switch on{tune-in} at 2030 hrs.
{scheduled 14-22 UT, wb.} Programme consists of a fast talking preacher.
SIO 3,4,3.

15550 kHz 1400-2200 UT, to zone 4 JHR 50kW 5degr 805ant T-mode USA JHR FCC
(Russ Cummings-UK, BrDXC-UK via gh-dxld Sept 10)

ant #805 vertical log-periodic type.
805 LPH 18/36.5/32.2/16.7/1.4/13.2/200

Horizontal log-periodic antenna
Designation: LPH N / L / h1 / hN / l1 / lN / Z
N  = number of elements
L  = distance between the centres of the shortest and the longest elements
     in meters.
hL = height of the shortest element in meters
hN = height of the longest element in meters
l1 = length of the longest element in meters
lN = length of the longest elements in  meters
Z  = impedance of the antenna internal feeder ()
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 10)

USA   AFN Saddlebunch Key kaput! This was first reported in dxld.
Last heard on August 29, not on August 30 or since.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld / SWTX site Sept 14)

7811   AFRTS feeder, Saddlebunch Keys, at 0035 UT on 29 August, USB, px
talk mx, 33333 (Giroletti)

5446.5   AFRTS feeder, Saddlebunch Keys, at 0105 UT on 29 August, USB, px,
weak signal, 12222.
(Mauro Giroletti-ITA  IK2GFT, dxld Sept 14)

12133.5  7811.0  5446.5 USBs, no signals from AFN Saddlebunch Keys at 0544
UT on Aug 30 as I was hoping to hear Jim Hightower commentary. One might
conclude they suffered some damage from Isaac, altho some were still
audible when Isaac was axually traversing the Keys. Still none of them
audible at 1537 UT check, just CODAR swishing across 12 MHz band.

Aug 31, still no signals on any of the AFN frequencies at chex: 0526 UT on
7811, 12133.5, 5446.5; nor at 1445 on 12133.5, 7811 kHz. I guess Isaac got
'em, but for how long?

12133.5-USB  Sept 4 at 1433 UT, still no signal from AFN Saddlebunch Keys;
nor at night on 7811, 5446.5 kHz. Off for a week now following visit from
Isaac. I hope it's not one of those SW stations running on borrowed time,
to be forgotten rather than fixed when any problem arise.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Sept 14)

AFN Saddlebunch Keys FL continues to be missing from all three
frequencies, 5446.5, 7811.0 and 12133.5 kHz all USB, on numerous chex at
different dayparts, altho I have not kept reporting non-logs of them. Now,
it's over, as Jim, K5JG in Carrollton TX posted to the ptsw yg Sept 10:

"AFN on Shortwave - MIA I haven't seen anything posted about the missing
AFN shortwave broadcasts from Key West on 7811 and 12133.5 kHz other than
a post by Glenn Hauser a week or so ago noting that they were missing. I
sent an email to AFN over the weekend and received the following response
earlier today:

"Jim, The Key West site has been shut down and has ceased transmitting.
Budget and lack of mission were leading causes for the decommissioning.
V/R. Senior Chief Harrington, AFN Broadcast Center"

So there it is. Another one bites the dust. However, I did hear AFN on
12759 kHz from Diego Garcia yesterday morning and since Chief Harrington
didn't mention anything about Diego Garcia or Guam in his response, I
assume they will remain on the air".
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld / SWTX site Sept 14)

AFN Saddlebunch Key kaput! Wed Sept 12, 2:00 pm (PDT). Posted by: "Dan
Ferguson" swskeds The AFN website
now shows the Saddlebunch Key ("Key West") site has been "decommissioned".
(Ian Baxter-AUS, SWTX site Sept 12)

A12 Combined SWBC skeds last updated September 12 at 1900 UT:
(Dan Ferguson, NASWA: <> Sept 12)

It is sad that the final breath of AFN, Saddlebunch Keys (via the US Navy
utility mode NAR facilities, in my hopefully to eventually be free state)
is falsely quoted once again as coming from the wrong geo-location. But I
guess we can now finally end this long-running attempt on my part to
correct those who are so terribly geographically ignorant.
(Terry Krueger-USA, dxld Sept 15)

The Saddlebunch Keys radio installation is here;
24 38 52 N  81 36 18 W

For those who somehow don't know: this site was briefly the temporary home
to 1180 kc/s VOA (Radio Marti) while the original Marathon Key site was
upgraded. Before the brief 1180 kc/s shift from Marathon to the USN
Saddlebunch Keys site, a dummy load test was made on 640 kHz, to check out
the gear in anticipation of possibly using the site independently for
broadcasts to Cuba (but surely not on 640. where Radio Progreso is so

AFRTS Key West site quietly shuts down

And from the AFN website <>
                       day               night
Diego Garcia           12759 KHz         4319 KHz
Guam                   13362 KHz         5765 KHz
Key West, Florida      Decommissioned
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii   Out of service for an indefinite period.
(Dan Ferguson-USA, naswa yg via dxld Sept 15)

UZBEKISTAN   11725  TWR India, via Tashkent, at 1526 UT on Sept 15, man
preaching in English about the Apostle Paul and interpreter translating
into Punjabi (listed). Fair.
(Harold Sellers-BC-CAN, DXplorer Sept 15)


MW log of Sept 11 at 2200 UT til Sept 12 at 0100 UT,
and next night Sept 12 at 2200 UT til Sept 13 at 0100 UT
used some SDR units in Germany, Austria, Italy and Ukraine.

 539.997 IRN;  540.002 KWT
 549.000 DLF;  548.980 ALG  549.006 UNID
 558.000 SVN;  558.042 ROU
 567.004 ROU
 575.998 Muslim HQ 0145 UT
 594.000 RUS;  593.992 IRN
 612.000 MRC;  611.989 another Arabic
 648.000 SVN;  648.008 ALG?
 693.015 UNID at 0130 UT
 683.972 UNID; 684.000 SRB  684.003 Muslim
 719.995 ROU
 729.006 GRC
 747.004 HOL + BLG
 764.977 UNID
 774.000 RNE;  774.012 EGY
 783.000 SYR ID Huna Dimasc, very strong S=9+35dB at 0125 UT.
 792.000 F;  791.995 GRC
 801, -  5 peaks on 800.987, 800.994, 801.000 BR, 801.009, 801.056
 828.000 GRC pirate;  828.004 UNID
 846.030 GRC pirate
 855.000 ESP;  855.013 ROU
 864.004 F;  863.915 EGY HQ
 873.006 MDA?
 881.979 Arabic;  881.996 IRN
 890.947 ALG;  890.992; even 891.000 HOL
 918.029 SVN
 926.991 GRC
 936.002 IRN
 944.998 ROU
 953.995 UAE ? Arabic
 962.973 BUL 100% ID Horizont;  963.000 ESP + TUN
 980.999 GRC + ITA;  981.005 IRN
 990.008 CYP Sawa
 998.983 ESP
1008.003 HOL
1016.987 IRN;  1016.995 ESP;  1016.999 UNID
1026.007 IRN;  1025.996 UNID
1034.972 IRN
1035.000 R Eli? Estonia, in Russian, distorted reception in Kiev-UKR,
         distorted on lower side, local QRM?
1044 four peaks;  1043.986, 1043.996, 1044.000, 1044.003
1052.998 Talksport;  1053.000 ROU,  1053.016 LBY
1061.996 BUL; 1062.000 RAI
1070.999 SYR ? very strong; 1071.010 another Muslim/Arab
1079.999 EGY ?  1079.988 UNID, 1079.994 UNID, 1079.999 ESP
1080.000 RUS R Rossii 0110 UT
1097.988 SVK R Patria;  1098.004 CYP
1107.000 AFN  1107.007...x.000 SRB
1116.000 ITA;  1116.011 IRN
1125 terrible channel, 4 peaks, 1124.979 1124.990, 1125.000 1125.013
1134.004 CRO;  1134.000 ESP, 1134.002 KWT
1161.004 BUL, 1161.002 GB
1170.000 SVN
1179.012 ROU;  1178.993 GRC, 1178.998 D-SR
1187.998 D-MDRinfo, 1188.002 IRN, 1188.044 GRC pirate
1197.018 Muslim Kirkuk-IRQ?;  1197.010 UNID  1197.001 GB
1206.003 F
1214.956 ALB;  1215.002 GB
1224 terrible channel, 4 peaks, 1224.000
1232.999 GRC pirate
1242.003 F;  1241.983 IRN
1250.998 HOL;  1251.005 IRN
1260.013 ARS; 1259.993 GRC pirate, 1260.000, 1260.007, 1260.010
1268.996 SRB
1278.000 F;  1278.015 UNID EGY?
1296.000 SRB;  1295.994 UNID
1305.000 ISR / KEN ? African UNID ?;  1305.010 ESP
1314.000 ROU;  1313.986 UNID, 1314.000 UAE R Farda, 1314.013 UNID
1322.991 IRN Muslim 0040 UT
1332.002 CZE
1341.000 KWT
1367.993 Challenger R ITA;  1367.966 IRN  1368.000  1368.014 UNID
1386.569 ?pirate 0037 UT
1395.000 ARM R Rossii
1403.996 ROU;  1404.006 Muslim
1412.997 BBC Oman ?
1440.003 ARS
1449.000 LBY
1457.998 ROU;  1458.000 GB
1467.000 MCO/F;  1466.992 IRN
1475.998 R Euzkadi
1476.000 IRN
1477.110 GRC pirate
1494.002 GRC
1502.999 IRN;  1502.996 Muslim 0050 UT, 1502.993 ESP echo
1511.935 GRC;  1511.991 Muslim
1530.007 ROU
1539.002 UAE;  1538.999 UNID  1538.994 UNID
1548.000 KWT
1557.000 F off tonight.  1556.999 UNID  1557.020 IRN  1557.010 UNID
1575.000 UAE;  1575.008 IRN
1592.988 ROU;  1593.000, 1593.005 UNID
1601.995 IRN;  1601.998 SRB ! at 23.53 UT

Pirates on 1620, 1629, 1680, and 3138.3 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 11/12/13)



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Included are jamming frequencies heard during the current A-11 shortwave
broadcasting season as well as times of reception. Also included are
frequencies heard in use during the past two shortwave broadcasting
seasons (A-11 and B-11). Readers will also find information about the
direction finding results identifying transmitter sites which I obtained
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(Steve Handler-USA, dxld Sept 3)

Steve has apparently assiduously avoided referring to our own
extensive monitoring of Firedrake in order to make his publication
proprietary and profitable (gh, dxld Sept 5)
 Best regards,
Michael Bethge 
Postfach 1214
D-61282 Bad Homburg

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