Campbell Island DXpedition

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Thanks for your continued interest in ZL9HR Campbell Island DXpedition. We're making great progress during the planning and preparation phases.
The Hellenic Amateur Radio Association of Australia members and the local ham community have pitched in to make this DX-pedition a reality.
Our current status:
6 Meters: We received approval for use of 50-51 MHz. Some areas in New Zealand use 50 MHz for television transmission; therefore it is not an Amateur allocation. Since Campbell Island is uninhabited we received a waiver from the NZ authorities to use those frequencies.
Additional Corporate Sponsors signed on since last update:
- Elecraft
- Rojone Pty Ltd
- Amateur Radio Supplies
- OptiBeam
DX Foundation, Club and Individual Sponsors:
The list continues to grow. Please see the Web page for the most current list of supporters at:
Our equipment is on the way to New Zealand. The gear was packed in crates and prepared for sea shipment from Sydney, Australia to Christchurch, New Zealand. Once through NZ Customs they will be trucked to Invercargill, New Zealand, and placed in a storage facility, arrival at the storage facility is scheduled for Oct. 11th. A bond was posted to get the equipment into New Zealand. In order to reclaim the bond we must remove the equipment from New Zealand upon completion of the DXpedition.
Quarantine Inspection:
Before any person or equipment lands on Campbell Island an inspection of all personal items and equipment will be conducted by the NZ Department of Conservation. Our gear will be unpacked at the inspection station in Bluff, NZ on Nov. 24, 2012. Special attention is placed on items which may contain soil, rocks, stones, insects or other organic material.
Boots and shoes must be scrubbed to remove any accumulated soil.
Since the boat is used by the DoC for their expeditions were comfortable the boat is prepared for its inspection.
Island Logistics
1. As you may have seen with other DX-peditions to remote / uninhabited locations once on the island accommodations must be made for meals and sanitary considerations. Fortunately, the New Zealand Department of Conservation has allowed us to use several buildings and the toilet facilities in one of their buildings. These buildings were part of the weather station that once operated at Beeman Cove; they have been kept in good repair over the years since. Again, we appreciate the DoCs cooperation and assistance to the ZL9HR team. Sleeping accommodations will be on the boat, the team will shuttle back and forth from the island.
2. Since the weather will be cold and wet we'll wear layers and water-proof foul weather clothing.
3. We'll bring food, snacks, a medical kit, and other emergency supplies in the event we can't get back to the boat due to weather conditions.
4. No trash is permitted to remain on the island; we'll be carting all refuse back to the boat for proper disposal. The boat is not permitted to empty its sanitary storage tanks while anchored in Perseverance Harbor so the skipper will occasionally take the boat out to sea to empty the tanks.
5. There's been recent Internet chatter about our antennas and their placement. Under the conditions of the landing permit antennas are permitted only in DoC designated spaces, all antennas must be inland. No antennas are allowed in or near the water, nor are we allowed to walk along the shoreline. While there are some optimum antenna locations on the island they are off limits to the team.
We'll use vertical antennas for the Low Bands, and weather permitting, a 40 meter beam will be placed on a hill with a drop off towards the sea.
6. We've been advised there may be 2 scientific expeditions on the island while we are operating. The DoC does not anticipate any interaction between the DX-pedition team and the participants of these expeditions.
7. ZL9HR team member Dave Lloyd, K3EL, prepared some information about our antenna placement and propagation. You may read his articles at:
8. As previously mentioned, we are governed by the conditions of the DoC issued landing permit, some of those conditions are:
a. Specified number of DX-pedition operating days
b. Antenna field designated by the DoC
c. Other than use of the wharf, no access to the shoreline
d. Team members restricted to island locations indicated on the permit
e. No overnight stays unless the weather prevents return to the boat
f. Second to personal safety is wildlife awareness and safety are highest priorities
g. Antennas must be marked to avoid bird strikes and ground borne wildlife may not be disturbed
h. Digging, trenching or other defacement / scaring of the land is prohibited.
i. We are permitted to install guy stakes for the antenna support structures
Team members have made their bookings to and from New Zealand, several will meet in Auckland before the DX-pedition, others will meet in Dunedin and eventually we'll first meet as a team in Invercargill, NZ on Nov. 23rd.
In closing we want to thank our corporate sponsors, clubs, foundations and individuals who have provided products and funding to make the activation of Campbell Island a reality after a long radio silence.
Next update in late October.
73, Gene K5GS and the ZL9HR team

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