DARC DXNL 1800 - Oct 10, 2012 DX Newsletter

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3D2, Fiji:
     Cicero, PY7ZY, will be QRV as 3D2ZY from October 11 - 15 from Viti
     Levu/Fiji (OC-016, WLOTA 0055) on the HF bands. QSL via home call.

5X, Uganda:
     Nick, G3RWF will, starting October 15th, be on the bands as 5X1NH
     for two months from Fort Portal in Western Uganda (WW Loc. KJ50co)
     in CW only. He's still looking for advice for a 160m antenna. He
     has some 12m masts and can reach a maximum of 15m. There are no
     trees, neither space for beverage antennas. (nick (at)
     henwood.demon.co.uk). Nick wants to take part in the CQWW DX CW
     Contest (November 24/25) and the ARRL 10M Contest (December 8/9).
     QSL via home call, only direct.

CN, Morocco:
     Abdou, CN8VO, Jos (PD0JOS) CN2OS and Francois (ON4LO) CN2LO plan to
     be QRV until October 21 on the occasion of the "Concert for
     Tolerance" in Agadir with the special call sign 5D7AT. Activities
     will take place on 80 - 10m. QSL via ON4LO.

CE, Chile:
     Robert, SQ1DWR, will work as CE3/SQ1DWR between October 10 and 22
     on 40 - 10m in CW. QSL via home call.

CY0 Sable Island (Update):
     The DXpedition by Murray, WA4DAN, and Ron, AA4VK, to CY0, announced
     in DXNL1801 was postponed to October 22 - 31. They will not take
     part in CQ WWDX SSBbut try to give as many people as possible the
     chance to work a new DXCC. Theirfocus will be on 10/12/15m.

EA, Spain:
     Until October 15, a special event station will be QRV for the
     annual diploma of the "Asociacion Cultural de Radioficionados de
     la Guadia Civil".  http://www.acragc.org

FK, New Caledonia:
     Christian, KH6/F5IDM, plans to be QRV until October 13 during the
     "Fete de la Science" as TX5FS from Lifou Island (OC-033). QSL via
     F5IDM (KH6 bureau). http://www.symbiose-nc.com/fds/index.php

FO, French Polynesia (Update):
     For the activities announced in DXNL 1799, Didier, F6BCW acquired
     the special call sign TX5EG.

J7, Dominica:
     Volker, DL8WEM, will be on the west coast of Dominica (NA-101) in
     Salisbury from October 14 to November 7 as J79WE. He's using a K3
     (100W) and dipoles for 40m - 10m bzw, mostly working in CW. A
     participation in the WAG contest is planned. QSL via home call.

KH8, American Samoa:
     Dom, M1KTA will be QRV until October 11 as KH8/M1KTA from Pago
     (OC-045) on 10 to 20m in SSB, slow CW and RTTY/PSK31. QSL via home
     call, LoTW.

KP2, US Virgin Islands:
     Ray, NM2O, will be QRV until October 16 as KP2M and KP2/NM2O. He
     plans to take part in the SAC phone and the Oceania DX CW contests.
     QSL KP2M via AI4U, KP2/NM2O via home call.

OA, Peru:
     Peter, DF7NX, is active from near Puerto Maldonado (Amazonas area)
     as OA7/DF7NX. He's using a small station with only 50W and a G5RV,
     only in CW. After this activity he's going back to Bolivia and
     plans to start on October 19 as CP8/DF7NX. QSLs via home call.

SM, Sweden:
     Markus, SA3BPG, Joel, SA3BRX, Jan-Eric, SM3CER, Lars, SM3EAE,
     Bjoern, SM3UQO and Goeran, SM5SIC, will operate as SI9AM on October
     13/14 from the "King Chulalongkorn Memorial" in Raganda in the
     Scandinavian Activity SSB Contest (SAC). SA3BPG and SA3BRX are
     newcomers working their first contest. Outside the contest they are
     QRV on all HF bands. Main frequencies: CW: 1817, 3517, 7017, 10117,
     14017, 18077, 21017, 24897 and 28017 kHz SSB: 1840, 3760, 7060,
     14210, 18160, 21310, 24960 and 28510 kHz FM: 145.550 MHz and
     Repeater RV49 - 145.612 MHz QSL via SM3CVM, bureau cards can be
     requested by email. (sm3cvm (at) ssa.se). http://www.si9am.se

T30, Western Kiribati:Leo, PP1CZ, Orlando, PT2OP, Fabio, PY2AAZ, Rick,
     PY2PT, Alex, PY2WAS, Fred, PY2XB, Miguel, PY3MM, Fernando, PY4BZ,
     Jim, PY7XC and Xavier, PY7ZY, plan to be QRV on HF as T30PY and on
     6m (EME in WSJT-JT65A) as T30SIX between October 16 and 25. They
     will have three stations on the air. Preferred frequencies: CW:
     833.5, 3524, 7024, 10124, 14024, 18084, 21024, 24894 and 28024
     kHz SSB: 3798, 7085, 14190, 18145, 21295, 24945 and 28495 kHz RTTY:
     3580, 7038, 14080, 18102, 21080, 24920 and 28080 kHz 6m: 50102/CW
     and beacon, 50110-50120/SSB, 50.198/EME.  Donations to support the
     operation are accepted by Paypal. QSL via PY2PT (OQRS).

VU, Antarctica:
     Bhagwati, VU3BPZ, is QRV till the end of the year as VU3BPZ/3 from
     the Indian antarctic station Bharati (WAP IND-04). On his way back
     to India, via Cape Town he will be QRV from the "MS Ivan Papanin"
     and show up on the bands as VU3BPZ/MM. A short stop at the "Maitri
     Station" (WAP IND-03) is planned as well. For mid October he
     expects to receive a spacial callsign for his activities. Preferred
     frequencies: 10m: 28495 kHz, 1100-1215z 17m: 18145 kHz,
     1015-1100z  20m: 14180 kHz +/- 1400-1500z and 1700-1800z
     For stations from NA he's on 14242 kHz around 0200-0300z.
     QSL via I1HYW, only direct.

     J51IFD cards of the 2010 DXpedition to Guinea Bissau are accepted
     for the DXCC.

CQ WW DX Contest:
     Randy Thompson, K5ZD, member of the "CQ Contest Hall of Fame" and
     WPX Contest Director was appointed the successor of Bob Cox,
     K3EST, who was the director of the CQWW Contests for more than 35

Youth HF Station giveaway!
     In order to promote DXing and radiosporting, Randy, N0TG, and
     Jeff, N1SNB, of "Amateur Radio Supplies" are giving away a
     complete HF station to a young radio amateur. More information on
     their website:

IARU News:
     The directors of the IARU Region 3 appointed Peter Lake, ZL2AZ,
     as the new Chairman of IARU Region 3. He's the successor of
     Michael Owen, VK3KI, who passed away last month.

NWRW 2012
     The "National Wildlife Refuge Week" combines ham radio with the
     joy of experiencing the nature. Between October 14 and 20 several
     special event stations will be on the air from wildlife refuges.
     More info: http://www.nwrweek-radio.info

Upcoming Contests
13.10.      The Makrothen Contest (Part 1)
13.10.      VFDB Contest (Part 5 and 6)
13.10.      European Sprint Contest
13.10.      The Makrothen Contest (Part 2)
13.10.      FISTS Sprint Contest
13./14.10.  Oceania DX Contest
13./14.10.  Scandinavian Activity Contest
13./14.10.  QRP-ARCI QSO Party
13.10.      North American Sprint
14.10.      ON Contest 80m
14.10.      Komi-Ruhrgebiet Memoriam QSO-Party
14.10.      The Makrothen Contest (Part 3)
15.10.      Whitestick-Day-Contest

IOTA:    Compiled by Klaus, DL7UXG (E-Mail: iota@dxhf.darc.de)

AF-004; EA8; Canary Islands: Mike/DL3FCG will be EA8/DL3FCG October
     15-28 from Teneriffa (DIE S-012, WLOTA 1276). With a beam and wire
     antennas for the low bands he will be on 80 - 10m in CW, SSB, RTTY,
     PSK and JT65. He plans to take part in the WAG and CQWW SSB
     contests. http://dl3fcg.blogspot.de

AF-017; 3B9; Rodrigues Island: Manfred, HB9ACA, Michel/HB9BOI,
     Herbert, HB9BOU, Eugen, HB9BQP, Nicolas, HB9CYF, Cedric, HB9HFN,
     Bertrand, HB9SLO, Fritz, HB9TNA,Alain, HB9TYJ and Jacky, 3B8CF are
     dxpeditioning to Rodrigues Island. With three stations on the air
     (1 x SSB, 1 x CW, 1 x RTTY and PSK) they plan to give everyonea
     chance to work them between October 16 - 23. The callsign will be
     3B9SP. QSL via HB9ACA (OQRS will be setup).

AS-043; JA1; South Izu Islands: Suehiro/JI1PLF, Mitsuo/JA1UNS,
     Hisashi/7N1GMK and Takeo/7L4PVR will use their homecalls/1 from
     Hachijo Island (WLOTA 0436; LOC PM93) between October 13 and 16 on
     160 - 6m in CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL via home call (d/B).

EU-026; JW; Spitsbergen Island: LA9DL (JW9DL), LA6VM (JW6VM) and
     LA7XK (JW7XK) are QRV from Longyearbyen (WLOTA 0125) until October
     15th in CW, SSB and Digi-Modes, including a participation in the
     SAC as JW5X. QSL via home call (d/B).

EU-120; G/M; English Coastal Islands: John/M5JON, Peter/M0ILT,
     Ant/MW0JZE and Chris/G1VDP plan to be active from Landy Island (WFF
     GFF-103, WAB SS14, WW Loc. IO71qd) as MX0LDG, from October 11 -
     16. They will also activate the Landy Old Devon Lighthouse (ARLHS
     ENG-073, BARLS A 5617X, TWLHD WLH G-015, WLOTA 1997). They plan to
     work with two stations from 0600z till midnight. QSL by OQRS via
     M0URX. Logs will be on Clublog and LotW. Please do not send bureau

NA-015; CO/KG4; Cuba: Guantanamo Bay (WLOTA 0358) will be on the
     air October 11-27 by Bill/W4WV (KG4WV) and Ed/KN4KL (KG4KL). On
     October 20/21 they will be joined by the "GTMO Boy Scout Troop"
     for the 55th "Jamboree on the Air". QSL via home call (d/B).

NA-034; W4; Florida State Centre West (Pasco to Sarasota County)
     group: Jacek/SP5APW will be QRV W4/SP5APW from Clearwater Beach
     Island (USi FL157S) from October 15 - 18. He'll work in holiday
     style with a K3 and a Buddipole on 20/15/10m in SSB. QSL via SP5APW
     (d/B). http://na-034.blogspot.de/

NA-104; V4; St Kitts and Nevis: John/W5JON once again visits
     Calypso Bay on St. Kitts (WW Loc. FK87pg). From October 12 till
     November 1st he'll be on the air as V47JA on HF/6m in SSB. A
     participation in the CQWW SSB Contest is planned. His XYL
     Cathy/W5HAM will be QRV as V47HAM. QSL for both calls via W5JON

NA-138; W4; Florida State North East (Brevard to Nassau County)
     group: Jacek/SP5APW will try to be QRV from Amelia Island (USi
     FL032S, WLOTA 3048) for one or two days (around October 12/14) as
     W4/SP5APW. QSL via SP5APW (d/B).

OC-086; KH0; Northern Mariana Islands: Shuji/JA1FMN is QRV from
     Saipan (USi NI002S, WLOTA 1333) October 13 - 15 and uses the
     callsign KH0/JA1FMN. Expect holiday style activities on 15 and 17m
     in digital modes and a little SSB. QSL via JA1FMN (d/B).

IOTA Information
The following operations from July to September 2012 have been
approved for IOTA credit: 3B8/IW5ELA (AF-049), RW0BG/9 (AS-083 &
AS-109), RA0ZJ/P (AS-095), RU0ZM/P (AS-095), UA0ZAM/P (AS-095),
UA0ZC/P (AS-095), CR5WFF (EU-040), YP1S (EU-183), KL7RRC/P
(NA-150), H44UD (OC-047 & OC-149) and YE9IOTA (OC-150).

Lighthouse Activities
3D2ZY       LH0055 11.10. - 15.10.
FO/F6BCW    LH1977 15.10. - 19.10.

WFF Activities
     October 12-20: DF0DFF will be QRV from "Naturpark Dahme-Heideseen"
     (DLFF-046). QSL via DL2VFR (d/B).
     The updated PAFF list is online now:


from / to                 DX                 DXNL
16.10.-23.10.             3B9SP              1801*
8. - 14. October          3D2AS..            1800
1August-28October         3Z70ZK             1791
to  31. December          4O60GBP            1790
to  20. September         4S7HBG..           1798
September                 5B/G3RWF           1795
to  21. October           5D7AT              1801*
23.09.-13.10.             5H1HS              1798
2. - 27. October          5H2DK              1799
8October-15December       5H3NP              1798
to  15. October           5U5U..             1800
to  2014                  5Z4EE              1753/1772/1799
2012                      6D0LM              1774
13.10.-16.10.             7L4PVR/1           1801*
13.10.-16.10.             7N1GMK/1           1801*
to  31. December          7T50I..            1788
05.10.-11.10.             7Z7AB              1800
to  31. October           8J0WAZA            1780
1October-4November        8J1ARK             1800
to  31. December          8J1KS              1800
to  31. March 2013        8J1MBR             1788
to  31. December          8J1MST             1779
to  31. March 2013        8J1SPY             1788
to  31. December          8J1STGY            1800
to  30. September2012     8J2NDP..           1751
to  3. November           8J2YDU             1794
to  21. October           8J4HAM             1974
to  10. November          8J4MANGA           1794
to  11. November          8J4SINWA           1794
to  31. December          8J50YAX            1794
6October-5November        8J6BAL             1800
to  31. December          8J6O               1773
to  31. December          8J6OKAJO           1788
to  16. October           8J7NPMG            1799
to  31. October           8N0CLEAN..         1788
to  31. December          8N1TDU             1780
to  30. November          8N1YKR             1800
to  30. November          8N2100MD           1800
to  ca. 17. October       8P6DR              1800
unknown                   8Q7HA              1796
unknown                   9G5ZS              1795
unknown                   9J2JA              1796
to  2012                  9J2RI              1739/1742
5. - 15. October          9M2/JA1XXI         1800
to  October 2014          9V1RM              1751
to  September 2013        A52SV              1752
22. - 31. October         AA4VK/CY0          1800/1801*
to  end  2013             C91IW              1787
10. - 22. October         CE3/SQ1DWR         1801*
to   28. October          CG3X               1800
to  31. December          CN2YZ              1771
to  end  2012             CY0/VE1AWW         1784
to  Mai 2013?             D2SG               1748/1780
to  31. December          DA0LSW             1785
12.10.-20.10.             DF0DFF             1801*
07.10.-14.10.             DK2RMP/p           1800
2012?                     DL0SLITISA         1764
to  13. January 2013      DL125HHZ           1778
01January-31December      DL1630Y            1760
to  31. December          DL250COAL          1779
01January-31December      DM100MGY           1763
01January-31December      DM50KSJ            1763
to  31. December          DM800ANH           1767
to  February 2013         DP0GVN             1756
to  31. December          DP87SIXD           1792
to  January 2013          DQ0STRATEX         1770
to  31. December          DQ125HSB           1763/1784
to  31. December          DR50DTANGO         1791
to  31. December          E720RS             1770
15.10.-28.10.             EA8/DL3FCG         1801*
1January-31December       EI80IRTS           1763/1788
to  1. March 2013         FH8NX              1747
2.10.-8.11.               FO/F6BCW..         1799/1801*
7. - 12. October          GB2BT              1800
to  30. September         GB39RC             1798
to  31. December          GB50WVR            1767
2012                      GB80PW             1762
September                 GO4BJC/A..         1796
October                   GX4BJC/A ..        1800
to  spaet 2013            H44RK              1793
to  31. December          HA50ZH             1780
8. - 14. October          HB0/PA4N           1800
1. - 19. October          HF28JP             1799
to  September 2013        HI3/KL7JR          1745
18.09. to  18.11.2012     HK3JCL             1762/1797 *
07.10.-24.10.             HS0ZJF/8           1800
01January-31December      II6LN              1763
to  July 2013             J28UC              1734
to  August 2014           J28NC              1796
14October-7November       J79WE              1801*
13.10.-16.10.             JA1UNS/1           1801*
13.10.-16.10.             JI1PLF/1           1801*
13.10.-14.10.             JW5X               1801*
10.10.-15.10.             JW6VM              1801*
10.10.-15.10.             JW7XK              1801*
10.10.-15.10.             JW9DL              1801*
to  March 2013            JX9JKA             1769/1773
to  2013                  KG4AJ              1756
11.10.-27.10.             KG4KL              1801*
11.10.-27.10.             KG4WV              1801*
13.10.-15.10.             KH0/JA1FMN         1801*
to  June 2013             KH2/N2NL           1680
to  March 2013            KH9/WA2YUN         1771
to  11. October           KH8/M1KTA          1801*
laengerfristig            KP2/NQ3X           1799
to  16. October           KP2M..             1801*
11.10.-16.10.             MX0LDG             1801*
7. - 13. October          N1A..              1800
to  18.. October          OA7/DF7NX..        1801*
Resident                  OD5RW              1799
06.10.-12.10.             OZ/DG5LAC          1800
04.10.-12.10.             OZ/PA1H            1800
October                   P40Z               1799
4. - 31. October          PB100PREFIX        1800
08.10.-14.10.             PD/DO1BEN          1800
01.10.-01.11.             PJ6/G4IUF          1799
to  Anfang October        RA0SS/0            1798
to  31. December          S555E..            1772
13. - 14. October         SI9AM              1801*
05.10.-15.10.             SW9C               1800
16. - 25. October         T30PY..            1801
5. - 10. October          T88IK              1800
to  31. December          TC50TRAC..         1770
to  31. December          TM210VH            1770
to  31. December          TM70TRS            1763
04.10.-19.10.             TO2M               1800
3. - 16. October          TT8TT              1800
to  13. October           TX5FS              1801*
12.10.-01.11.             V47JA              1801*
12.10.-01.11.             V47HAM             1801*
to  November 2014         V73NS              604/1668/1752
6. - 12. October          VK9XM              1800
to  mid   November        VQ9JC              1755/1793
to  end  December         VU3BPZ/3..         1801*
15.10.-18.10.             W4/SP5APW          1801*
22. - 31.10.              WA4DAN/CY0         1800/1801*
to  Mai 2014              XE1/DM3DL          1730
07.10.-13.10.             XF1F               1800
unknown                   YJ8RN/p            1797
unknown                   Z81A..             1798
unknown                   Z88Z               1800
unknown                   ZD9KX        1795
to  12. August 2013       ZF2TK              1800
to  2014                  ZY2014WC           1774

*  = new or updated
.. = and other calls

QSL information
1B1AB             via    N7RO         (d)
3A/G0VJG          via    G4DFI        (B)
3B9SP             via    HB9ACA       (OQRS)
3D2FW             via    RZ3FW
3Z2X              via    SP2YWL       (L), (d)
4O60GBP           via    4O3Z         (d)
5D7AT             via    ON4LO        (B)
5H1HS             via    DL7VSN       (B)
5H2DK             via    OH2NNE       (B)
5H3NP             via    WB0VGI
5N52EAM           via    IK2IQD       (B)
5P1W              via    OZ1HYI       (B), eQSL
5U6E              via    F6EXV        (B)
5U8NK             via    DJ8NK        (B)
6V7X              via    IK2FIL       (d), (L), eQSL
7L4PVR/1          via    7L4PVR       (B)
7N1GMK/1          via    7N1GMK       (B)
7P8CC             via    EI7CC        (B)
7Z1BL             via    DL1BDF       (B)
7Z7AB             via    7Z1CQ        (d)
A60WSW            via    IZ8CLM       (B)
AA4VK/CY0                             OQRS
C21HA             via    HA5UK        (B, auch OQRS)
CE3/SQ1DWR        via    SQ1DWR       (B)
CN2LO             via    ON4LO        (B)
CN2LO/p           via    ON4LO        (B)
CN2OS             via    PD0JOS       (B)
CP8/DF7NX         via    DF7NX        (B)
CR5SB             via    CS5NRA       (B)
CT8/VE3DZ         via    VE3DZ        (B)
CU2KI             via    OH2UA        (B)
DF0DFF            via    DL2VFR       (B)
EA4/DG8KBH        via    DG8KBH       (B)
EA8/DL3FCG        via    DL3FCG       (B)
EA8/DL7VOA        via    EA8/DL7VOA   (B)
EA9/EC7DZZ        via    EC7DZZ       (B)
ED1DST            via    EA1DST       (B)
EG3RGC            via    EA3ACA       (B), eQSL
EH2RGC            via    EA2AK        (B), eQSL
EM7UT             via    UR7UT        (B)
EX8BS             via    RW6HS        (d)
FR/DL1YAF         via    DL1YAF       (B)
GB2BT             via    M0XIG        (B), (L)
HB9SPACE          via    HB9ACA       (B)
HC2/UA4WHX        via    UA4WHX       (B), (L)
HQ2GL             via    AC7DX        (B)
HG56OD            via    HA3OD        (B)
HR5/W9G           via    AC7DX        (B)
II5ISS            via    IZ5JLW       (B), (L)
J79WE             via    DL8WEM
JA1UNS/1          via    JA1UNS       (B)
JI1PLF/1          via    JI1PLF       (B)
JW5X              via    LA5X         (B)
JW6VM             via    LA6VM        (B)
JW7XK             via    LA7XK        (B)
JW9DL             via    LA9DL        (B)
JX9JKA            via    LA9JKA       (d)
K5KUA/5           via    K5KUA        (B)
KG4KL             via    KN4KL        (B)
KG4WV             via    W4WV         (B)
KH0/JA1FMN        via    JA1FMN       (B)
KH2L              via    W3HNK
KH6/F5IDM         via    F5IDM        (KH6-Buero)
KH8/M1KTA         via    M1KTA,       (L)
KP2/NM2O          via    NM2O
KP2M              via    AI4U         (B)
LS1D              via    AC7DX        (B)
MX0LDG            via    M0URX        (OQRS)
OA7/DF7NX         via    DF7NX        (B)
OJ0W              via    OH3WS        (B)
OK7O              via    OK1OUE       (B)
OM2M              via    OM1AJM
OQ4T              via    ON4TO        (B)
OK6WFF            via    OK2MA        (B), (L), eQSL
OR2F              via    ON8LDS
OZ/PA1H           via    PA1H         (B)
OZ/PA7PA          via    PA7PA        (B)
PD35SSCS          via    PD2RKG       (B)
OT6A/p                                (B)
PJ2/PB2T          via    PB2T         (B)
PJ6/G4IUF         via    G4IUF        (B)
R55SAT            via    R3AS
SI9AM                                 (B)
SN7Q              via    SP7GIQ
SV3/DF1XC         via    DF1XC        (B)
SV3/DJ5YL         via    DJ5YL        (B)
SV8/HB9AAI        via    HB9AAI       (B)
SV9/DF8DX         via    DF8DX        (B), (L)
SW9C              via    DL9USA       (B)
T30PY             via    PY2PT        (OQRS)
T30SIX            via    PY2PT        (OQRS)
T30TT             via    W7JET        (B), (L), eQSL
TA4/DJ5AA         via    DJ5AA        (B)
TA4/UA9CDC        via    G3SWH        (B)
TX5EG             via    F6BCW        (B)
TX5FS             via    F5IDM        (KH6-Buero)
V47HAM            via    W5JON        (d), (L)
V47JA             via    W5JON        (d), (L)
V73YY             via    BD4DYH       (d)
VK9CS             via    JA1PBV       (B)
VP9/OH2MQ         via    OH2MQ        (d)
VU3BPZ/3          via    I1HYW        (d)
W4/SP5APW         via    SP5APW       (B)
WA4DAN/CY0                            OQRS
W9GL                                  (d)
ZD9UW                                 (B, OQRS), (L)
ZZ2T              via    PY2MNL       (L), eQSL

(d) = direct only    (B) = bureau ok
(*) = new manager    (L) = LoTW

* QSLs received direct: 5R8UI (IZ8CCW)
* QSLs received via bureau: 6W/PD9DX, 8J1ITU, BV100ROC (BM2JCC), BD3BD, BD4QH, JA7BEW, OX3XR, TC1919ATA (TA6P), VK5AUQ

Many thanks for contributing to this issue of the DXNL are going to:
Carl Smith (QRZ DX), 425DXNews, OPDX-Bulletin, DF6EX (fuer
Les Nouvelles DX, HB9BOU, NG3K, OA7/DF7NX, VA3RJ, u.a

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