DARC DXNL DX Bulletim1803 DATE 24-10-2012

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3D2, FIJI Ricardo,PY2PT, plans to activate following islands as 3D2PT on his way back from the T30PY/T30SIX DXpedition: Oct 25-27 Viti Levu Island (OC-016, WLOTA L0055) Oct 27-Nov 3 Tavarua Island (OC-121) QSL via homecall.

5V, TOGO Wim,ON4CIT, will be QRV as 5V7TH from Lome (Loc JJ06od) in CW/SSB/RTTY on 40m-6m (incl. WARC bands) from Oct 26 until Nov 5. He listens especially for JAs. His equipment includes an Icom IC-7000, a 6 band Hex-Beam and verticals for 30m and 40m. His preferred frequencies are:
CW: 10112, 14022, 18072, 21022, 24892, 28025 kHz
SSB: 7070, 14190, 18132, 21292, 24972, 28492 kHz
RTTY: 7042, 10142, 14082, 18102, 21080, 24922, 28090 kHz
6m: 50.090 (CW), 50.120 (SSB) and 50.200 (RTTY) kHz
Please use only the international radio spelling alphabet in SSB! QSL via homecall, OQRS, LoTW. See: http://www.dxpedition.be/5V7TH.html

5Z, KENYA Sig,NV7E, will join the WWDX SSB Contest in the SO/AB/HP category signing 5Z4EE from Nairobi. QSL via homecall, direct preferred, bureau ok as well.

6W, SENEGAL Al,F5VHJ, hopes for many points in the SO/AB/HP category of the WWDX SSB Contest signing 6W1RY from Dakar. QSL via homecall.

9V, SINGAPORE Koichi,JR1MLT, will be working in Singapore for the next five years and wants to be QRV as 9V1KK from the 10th floor during his little spare time. He will work in SSB and CW on 40m-10m with 100 watts and wire antenna. QSL via homecall, unfortunately only direct.

A2, BOTSWANA Schalk,ZS3O, has a farm in Lobatse and works as A22LL in CW/SSB on 20m every second weekend. His preferred frequencies are: CW: 14020 kHz SSB: 14180-14240 kHz (CQ auf 14200 kHz). QSL via homecall.

A7, QATAR Some members of the "Qatar Amateur Radio Society" will join the upcoming WWDX SSB Contest in the M/M category again this year. The A73A team consists of Ali,A71BX, Rashid,A71AD, Abdulla,A71CV, Khalid,A71CO, Mohammad,A71EL, Saif,A71AM, Ali,A71BZ, Ibrahim,A61ZX, Khalid,A61BK, Dave,K5GN, N5OT, David,N6AN, Larry,N6TR, and Aoli,HA1AG. QSL via EA7FTR.

BY, CHINA The YinZhou Middle School Amateur Radio Club Station members Lu,BA5FB, Jack,BA4ALC, Ding,BA7MG, Bai,BH1DYK, Wei,BD1QXU, BG4AHK, Chen,BA7NO, Jordan,BA7MY, Mark,BD4FM, Esa,OH7WV, Takao,JE2LPC, Robin Le,BD5CHU, Fan,BA1RB, Bojan,BA5BJ, and Chenxing,BD4HF, will use their club call BY5CD from NingBo City in the Multi-OP/Allband category of the upcoming WWDX SSB Contest. The station consists of two Yaesu FT-2000, stacked antennas for 40m and the high bands, 80m Foursquare, 160m fullsize Sloper and Beverage. QSL via BD4HF (bureau QSLs may take a while).

C5, GAMBIA Lada,OK1DIX, Jiri,OK1DO, Petr,OK1FFU, Karel,OK1JKT, Vlada,OK1NY, Jiri,OK1RI, Vasek,OK1VVT, Joe,OM5AW, and Norbert,OM6NM, of the "Radio Syd Contest Group" will join the Multi/Multi category of the WWDX SSB Contest as C5A from the capital Banjul (Loc IK13uj, zone 35). QSL via OM2FY. See also: http://www.om0c.com

CU2, AZORES ISLANDS, EU-003 Kim,OH6KZP, will join the WWDX SSB Contest in the SO/AB/HP category as CR2X. QSL via OH2BH. See also: http://www.cu2a.com

CP, BOLIVIA Peter,DF7NX, writes: "I have arrived in Bolivia and I am on the air. I use the callsign CP8MW instead of CP8/DF7NX. QSL via bureau or direct to DF7NX. Activities are planned until Wednesday, Oct 24."

DL, GERMANY Some members of the clubstation DK0GYB (special DOK 800ANHALT) will be QRV from Freckleben castle (WCA DL-02168, COTA-DL SAB-037) on Oct 31 from 0700-1400 UTC. QSL via bureau.

EA9, CEUTA Con,DF4SA, Jorge,EA7HZ, Julio,EA7JB, Quillo,EA7LS, Cris,EA7RU, Paco,EA7ZC, and Jorge,EA9LZ, will join the WWDX SSB Contest as ED9Z from zone 33. They will use Spiderbeams and a 3 ele Fullsize for 40m. QSL via EA9LZ, unfortunately only direct.

EY, TAJIKISTAN Nodir,EY8MM, plans to take part in the SO/SB category (10m) of the WWDX SSB Contest from Dushanbe (CQ zone 17). QSL via K1BV. Please no eQSL! See also: http://www.ey8mm.com

FG, GUADELOUPE, NA-102 Yann,FG/F1NGP, is working in RTTY, SSB and CW on 40m-10m from Saint Francois (Loc FK96if, NA-102) until Oct 26. QSL via homecall.
FG/F5UTN is active until Nov 1 and plans to join the WWDX SSB Contest as well. QSL via homecall.

FY, FRENCH GUIANA Didier, FY5FY, will sign FY5KE in the SO/SB/LP category (15m) of the WWDX SSB Contest. QSL via FY1FL.

GJ, JERSEY, EU-013 A few members of the Jersey Contest Group will join the WWDX as M/S using GJ2A. QSL via LoTW or direct via GJ3DVC. See also: http://www.jerseyars.com

HK, COLOMBIA Members of the DX Colombia Amateur Radio Club (DXARC) and some LU HAMs will activate the "Jumanji Contest Station" as HK1NA in the Multi/Multi category of the WWDX SSB. The OPs will be Jorge,HK1R, Sandra,HK3JJB, Sal,HK1T, Pedro,HK1X, Mario,HK3O, Luis,HK6P, Camilo,HK3TU, Faber,HK6F, Daniel,LU3CT, Victor,LU3JVO, Toribio,LW1DTZ, and Tim,LW9EOC. QSL via K6IPM. See also: http://dxarc.org
Pepin,CO2TK, will show up as HK3TK in the SO/SB/LP category on 10m. QSL via F5CWU, unfortunately only direct.

HR, HONDURAS HQ2DOM, Dan,HR2DMR, and Johnny,HQ2JCM, will sign HR2WW in the MO/AB/LP category. QSL via KD4POJ.

HS, THAILAND Champ,E21EIC, will take part in the WWDX SSB from his QTH in Bangkok. QSL only direct, JA's via JR5XPG. See also: http://www.e21eic.net
HS8FLU announced to join the WWDX SSB Contest as SO/SB/LP on 20m. QSL via bureau or eQSL.
The special event station HS25DX will be QRV during the contest weekend to mark the silver jubilee of the "100watts Magazine". QSL via E20PFE.

KG4, GUANTANAMO BAY, NA-015 John,KF4EME, will sign KG4EM in the SOABLP category of the WWDX SSB. QSL via KB7GJ.

KH2, GUAM, OC-026 JG3RPL, JI3ERV, JP7DKQ, JR7OMD will sign AH2R and plan to be a good multiplier in the M/S category. QSL direct via JH7QXJ, LoTW. See also: http://qxj.net/logsearch/log_search.php

LX, LUXEMBURG Philippe,LX2A, has a new setup and antennas for his contest call LX7I and plans to join the WWDX SSB Contest in the SOAB category. QSL via LX2A. See also: http://www.lx2a.com

S5, SLOVENIA The special event station S512IAPMC is working in CW, SSB and digital modes on all HF bands until Jan 15 promoting the IAPMC conference (International Association of Peace Messenger Cities) in Slovenj Gradec QSL via bureau. See also: http://www.iapmc.org
Until Jan 15 the special event station S505SLG celebrates the 5th anniversary of the PMC Contest organized by the radio club S59DCD. QSL via bureau. See also: http://www.s59dcd.si

SM, SWEDEN Once again Jef,DD2CW, and Marcel,ON6UQ, will be guest operators at the King Chulalongkorn memorial station SI9AM in Ragunda from Oct 24-31. Their friend Dirk,ONL741, supports them. Their preferred frequencies:
CW: 1817, 3517, 7017, 10117, 14017, 18077, 21017, 24897, 28017 kHz
SSB: 1840, 3760, 7060, 14210, 18160, 21310, 24960, 28510 kHz
FM: 145.550 MHz and repeater RV49-145.612,5 MHz. QSL via SM3CVM.

TI, COSTA RICA Juan,TI2JCY, Carlos,TI2KAC, Mau,TI4ZM, Eddie,K4UN, Bob,W4BW, Lex,W4XO, and Keith,W4KTR, will join the M/2 category of the WWDX SSB as TI8M from Costa de Pajaros at the Pacific north west coast. They will work also on 160m-10m before and after the contest. QSL via TI2KAC, see also QRZ.com.

TK, CORSICA, EU-014 Salvatore,IK8UND, will be QRV as TK9R during the WWDX SSB Contest and also in CW/RTTY before and after the contest. QSL via homecall, unfortunately only direct.

VE, CANADA Igor,VE3ZF, will be QRV in the upcoming WWDX SSB Contest from the small French-speaking city of Riviere-au-Tonnerre (Loc FO70, CQ Zone 2) using the special callsign VC2X in the SO/AB/HP category. He will activate this rare zone as VE3ZF/2 also before the WWDX Contest. His equipment includes a Yaesu FTDX5000D, Kenwood TL922, phased verticals on lowbands and Spiderbeam on 14/21/28 MHz. QSL via homecall.
Noel,VE2BR, and Gregg,VE3ZZ, will join the M/S category of the WWDX SSB from Mercier (CQ zone 5, Grid Loc FN35ch) using the special call VC2B. QSL via VE2BR.
In his 17th trip to CQ zone 2 Yuri,VE3DZ, will be QRV again in CW, SSB and RTTY on all bands (incl. WARC) signing VE2IM from Sept-Iles from Oct 23-30. He will take part in the WWDX SSB as SOAB. QSL via homecall, preferably direct, but via bureau is ok as well
Peter,VE3JPP, will use the special callsign VC3J from Coldwater in Ontario in the SO/AB category of the WWDX SSB. QSL via homecall.
Dave,VE3SSJ/VE7VR, announced to show up as VC3X from his summer QTH in Desbarats in the SO/AB/HP category. QSL via VE7VR.
Ron,VA3RVK/VE3AT, celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Trans-Canada- Highway by activating the special event station XL3A between Oct 27 and Nov 25. He will use this call also in the WWDX SSB and CW Contests. QSL via VA3RVK.

VP8/F, FALKLAND ISLANDS, SA-002 Rich,G0ZEP, is staying on the "RAF Mount Pleasant Airport" by the end of October and plans to hit the airwaves as VP8DFR from both the East (WLOTA 1479) and West Islands (SA-002, WFF GFF-024). QSLs via homecall, unfortunately only direct (QRZ.com).

VQ9, CHAGOS ARCHIPELAGO, AF-006 Steve,W3HF, is working as VQ9HF mainly in PSK31 on HF until the end of October. QSL via homecall.

ZP, PARAGUAY Manu,ZP9MCE, announced his participation in both WWDX Contests. QSL via EA5ZD.

W, USA The special event station K6H will be active from the historic stage 9 of the CBS Studio Center on Oct 28 (1600 UTC-2000 UTC). See also: http://www.papasys.com

YA, AFGHANISTAN Eric,K9GY, will be QRV as T6MO in the SO/SB/LP category on 10m or 15m. QSL via homecall.

YS, EL SALVADOR Mario,YS1GMV, Mario,YS1MAE, and other members of the Club de Radio Aficionados de El Salvador (CRAS) will be QRV as YS1YS in the M/S category of the WWDX SSB Contest. QSL via YS1GMV.

HST WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP The German team has won one gold and three bronze medals at the High Speed Telegraphy Wolrd Championship. Congratulations to the winners! See also: http://www.hst2012.ch and http://www.videoportal.sf.tv/video?id=0a7308a3-dd09-4f82-a548-57a5e31e8eec


Bob,VK2ABP, also known as VK0BP and AX0VB from the Davis Base passed away at the age of only 36 years on Oct 14. Our condolences and sympathy are with his family and friends. We do not want to be sad that we lost him, but grateful that we could get to know him as a radio friend. We will always keep him in memory.

LINKS ....

Current SOTA activities (mountain summits) are announced at: http://www.sotawatch.org
Detailed information about current VHF activities can be found on the VHF DX portal "Make More Miles on VHF" at: http://www.MMMonVHF.de


Oct 27/28 CQ WWDX Contest, SSB

IOTA ....

Island activities:

AF-004, EA8, Canary Islands: Sindre,EA8/LA6OP, will be active from Tenerife (DIE S-012, WLOTA 1276) working holiday style in CW and SSB on 20m-10m between Oct 25 and Nov 8. QSL via LA6OP (bureau/direct).

AF-014, CT3, Madeira archipelago: Correction to DXNL 1802: Peter,CT9/DH4JQ, Marion,CT9/DF4UM, Marco,CT9/DJ5KW, Alfons,CT9/DJ8VC, and Karlfried,CT9/DL1EK, are working from Santana on Ilha da Madeira (DIP MA-001, PIP MD-001, DPRN FF-101, WFF CTFF-030, WLOTA 0053) from Oct 21 until Nov 2. They will join the WWDX SSB as CR3L. QSL via homecall (bureau/direct). QSL for CR3L via DJ6QT.

AS-013, 8Q, Maldive Islands: Jim,G3VDB, is going to spend his holiday in the Vilamendhoo Island Resort again from Oct 29 until Nov 11. He plans to work in holiday style signing 8Q7EJ in CW, SSB, PSK31 and RTTY mainly on 20m. QSL via G3VDB (bureau/direct). See also: http://www.clublog.org/logsearch/8Q7EJ

AS-015, 9M2, Pinang state group: Rich,PA0RRS, will be QRV in CW, RTTY and PSK signing 9M2MRS from Pulau Penang (WLOTA 2952) between Oct 30 and Dec 26. He may work also in SSB if needed. QSL via PA0RRS (bureau/direct). LoTW and eQSL are planned as well.

AS-060, HL4, Cholla-Namdo province group: Some members of the Korean Contest Club (OPs: Han,DS2GOO, Yongsup,DS3GLW, Joon-Woo,DS3MLG, Rew,DS4NYE, Rocky,HL1VAU, and Kijun,HL3AMO) plan a DXpedition to Pigum Island. There were two announcements made: D9K from Oct 26-29 and D93I from Oct 21-29. They will join the WWDX SSB Contest as well. QSLs only direct via DS4NYE or LoTW. See also: http://www.d9k.org

AS-075, XX9, Macau group: Andrea,IK7YTT, is travelling to Coloane Island in the Guangdong province from Oct 26-29 and plans to show up as XX9TTT on 15m during the WWDX SSB. He will work also on the other bands before and after the contest. QSL via IZ8CCW. See: http://www.mdxc.org/xx9ttt

AS-126, HS, Malay Peninsula South West group: Eddy,ON4AFU, is going to visit the Butang archipelago situated in the Tarutao National Marine Park (WFF HSFF-094) from Oct 26 until Nov 4. Listen for HS0ZJF/9 only in CW on 40m-10m. QSL via ON4AFU (bureau/direct). See: http://www.on4afu.net

EU-053, OJ0, Market Reef: Several activities are planned from Market Reef. Timo,OG9X, Simo,OH2HAN, and Juha,OH6XX, will stay on Market and its lighthouse (WFF OHFF-038, ARLHS MAR-001, TWLHD WLH OJ0-001, WLOTA 0542) from Oct 25-29. Operation takes place as OJ0B, OJ0MI and OJ0X. During the upcoming WWDX SSB Contest OJ0X is working on 15m and OJ0B on 80m. OJ0MI will be QRV in RTTY only. QSLs for OJ0B and OJ0X via OH2BH. QSLs for OJ0MI via OH2HAN.

EU-057, DL, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state group: Volkert,DL6BE/p, will be QRV from Oehe Island (GIA O-019) on the usual IOTA frequencies between Oct 29 and Nov 4. QSL via DL6BE (bureau/direct).

NA-005, VP9, Bermuda Islands: Les,VP9/N1SV, is working on all HF bands from Hamilton Parish on Bermuda from Oct 24-28. He will sign VP9I in the WWDX SSB Contest. QSL for VP9/N1SV via N1SV (bureau/direct), QSL for VP9I via N1HRA (d).

NA-103, VP2M, Montserrat: Dave,G3NKC, Martin,G4XUM, Stewart,GM4AFF, and George,K2DM, will be active as VP2MKC, VP2MXU, VP2MAF and VP2MDG on the HF bands from Oct 24-30. They plan to take part in the WWDX SSB as VP2MDG. QSL for VP2MDG via K2DM (bureau/direct). QSLs for VP2MKC, VP2MXU and VP2MAF via GM4FDM (see QRZ.com).

NA-107, FM, Martinique: Robert,S53R, will be QRV as FM/S53R before and after the contest. He is using the QTH of FM5BH. QSL via S53R (direct/LoTW).

OC-009, T8, Palau Islands: Hisashi,JF2SKV, will stay on Koror Island from Oct 26-30 and will hand out some IOTA points as T88KV in CW, SSB and digital modes including the WWDX SSB Contest. ASL via JF2SKV. See: http://www.facebook.com/jf2skv and http://blog.goo.ne.jp/skv_2006

OC-019, KH6/7, Hawaiian Islands: Carl,KH6/KI5SF, will be active from Hawaii (USi HI025S, WLOTA 0065) working holiday style in SSB and little CW on 80m-10m from Oct 26 until Oct 27 (0600 UTC). QSL only direct via KI5SF.

OC-086, KH0, Northern Mariana Islands: The Saipan BBQ Contest Club members Kuny,W1FPU, Harry,KW2X, Moto,W1NDE, Nao,NA8O, and Yuzo,KH0XW, plan to become active as KH0/homecall from Saipan (USi NI002S, WLOTA 1333, Grid Loc QK25) from Oct 25-28. They will sign AH0BT in the WWDX SSB. Their QSL routes are: KH0/W1FPU via 7L1FPU, KH0/KW2X via JG7PSJ, KH0/W1NDE via JE1NDE, KH0/NA8O via JK1FNL and KH0XW via JQ2WTT. QSL for AH0BT via 7L1FPU (bureau/direct).

IOTA activities in the WWDX SSB Contest ....

The WWDX Contest in SSB will take place on Oct 27/28 and following stations have announced IOTA activities during the Contest:

AF-004, EA8, Canary Islands: Luis,EA8AY, plans his first SSB Contest from Santa Cruz on Isla de Tenerife (DIE S-012, WLOTA 1276). QSL via W2GR. See also: http://www.ea8ay.com/ef8x
Mauri,EA8CMX, will be QRV as EF8S from Gran Canaria (DIE S-005, WFF EAFF-078). QSL via OH2BYS (bureau/direct).
EF8R from Gran Canaria (DIE S-005, WFF EAFF-078, WLOTA 0969) will be another station joining the WWDX. QSL via EB7DX (d), LoTW.

AF-018, IH9, Pantelleria Island: Raffaele,IH9YMC, will be active from Hic Sunt Leones/ on Pantelleria Island (IIA TP-001, MIA MI-124, WLOTA 0041, DLI IH9001, WFF-IFF-444). QSL only via eQSL.

AF-019, IG9, Pelagie Islands: Luigi,IK8HCG, plans to activate the lighthouse Capo Grecale on Lampedusa Island as IG9R. QSL via IK8HCG.

AS-004, 5B, Cyprus Island: Mark,M0DXR, will take part in the WWDX as P3F from Cyprus (MIA MCI-002, WLOTA 0051). QSL via M0DXR (bureau/direct).
Spyros,5B4MF, will join as C45T from Nicosia (MIA MCI-002, WLOTA 0051). QSL via 5B4MF.

AS-020, BV, Taiwan Island: BX5AA is working from Taiwan (WLOTA 0022). QSL only direct via BX5AA. See also: http://blog.yam.com/bx5aa

EU-002, OH0, Aland Islands: Pekka,OH2YY, plans to join the contest as OH0YY from the Aland Islands. QSL via OH2YY (bureau/direct).
Kim,OH6KZP, will be QRV as OH0X from there as well. QSL via OH2TA.
Waldemar,SM0TQX, is working as OH0JFP from Mariehamn (WFF OHFF-037, WLOTA 1373) in the contest. QSL via SM0TQX (bureau/direct).
Tomi,OH6EI, will be QRV as OH0Z from Mariehamn (WFF OHFF-037, WLOTA 1373). QSL via W0MM (bureau/direct). See also: http://www.oh0z.net

EU-021, TF, Iceland: Siggi,TF3CW, wants to activate Seltjarnarnes (WLOTA 2975) during the contest. QSL only direct via LX1NO.
Another station from Iceland is TF3W. QSL via TF3GB (bureau/direct).

EU-023, 9H, Malta group: Zoli,HA5PP, is working as 9H3PP from Qawra on Malta (EU-023, MIA MM-001, WLOTA 1113, Loc JM75fw). QSL via HA5PP.
Another station from Malta (MIA MM-001, WLOTA 1113) is 9H9X. QSL via LoTW.

EU-025, IT9, Sicily Island: Members of the Arcibessi Contest Team will be activr as II9P from Ragusa on Sicily (EU-025, IIA SC-001, MIA MI-107, WLOTA 1362, Loc JM76IX, CQ Zone 15). QSL via IT9CHU (d/L).

EU-053, OJ0, Market Reef: G3TXF, G3XTT, SM0DZB and SM0W will be QRV on the bands as OJ0R. QSL via G3TXF.

EU-054, I*9, Egadi Islands: IF9A is working from Favignana (IIA TP-011, MIA MI-025, WLOTA 1545). QSL via IT9ATF (bureau/direct).

EU-116, GD, Isle of Man: Stewart,G3RXQ, wants to join the contest as GD3RXQ from the Isle of Man (WLOTA 0449). QSL only via LoTW.

NA-001, C6, Great Bahama Bank group: The clubstation N3IQ plans to take part in the contest as C6AQQ from New Providence Island (WLOTA 1115). QSL via N3IQ (bureau/direct/LoTW).

NA-002, VP5, Caicos Islands: Bill,KX4WW, Noll,W9RN, Jim,K9PPY and Doug,W4OX, plan to use the special callsign VQ5X from Long Bay. QSL direct/LoTW via W4OX.

NA-015, CO, Cuba: T46A plans to join the WWDX SSB Contest from Santa Clara (WLOTA 0032). QSL direct via EA5GL.

NA-021, 8P, Barbados: 8P2K is the contest call of Dean,8P6SH, to hand out a few points from Barbados (WLOTA 0999). QSL via KU9C.
8P5A wants to join the contest as well. QSL via NN1N.

NA-027, VO1, Newfoundland Island: Gus,VO1MP, will activate the special call VD1M from Portugal Cove-St. Philip's, Conception Bay county (CIsA NF-001, WLOTA 0345). QSL direct via VO1MP.

NA-080 C6, Little Bahama Bank group: George,KQ8Z, will be QRV again as C6AZZ from Grand Bahama Island (WLOTA 0527). QSL only direct via KQ8Z.

NA-097, 6Y, Jamaica: Paul,K1XM, and Charlotte,KQ1F, will be QRV as 6Y9X from Jamaica (WLOTA 0214). QSL via KQ1F (bureau/direct).

NA-099, KP4, Puerto Rico: Jaime,WP3A, will use the clubstation NP3X in Coamo (USi PR006S, WLOTA 2802) in the WWDX. QSL via NP3O (direct/LoTW).
Jeff,N5TJ, will be QRV as NP4Z from San Juan (USi PR006S, WLOTA 2802). QSL direct via N4AO.

NA-106, KP2, Virgin Islands: Bob,KP2/NQ3X, will be active from Christiansted on St. Croix (USi VI002S, WLOTA 2477). QSL via NQ3X (direct/LoTW).
Yuri,N2TTA, plans to show up as KP2MM from the British Virgin Islands (USi VI002S, WLOTA 2477) in the contest. QSL via LoTW or direct via N2TTA. See also: http://www.n2tta.info

NA-107, FM, Martinique: Robert,S53R, is working as TO9R from Ducos on Martinique (DIFO FM-001, WLOTA LH-1041,DDFM 97) during the contest. QSL only direct via S53R.

OC-009, T8, Palau Islands: After pausing for 10 years Nob,JH1EAQ, will join the WWDX again as T88EB from Palau Island. QSL via JH1EAQ.

OC-019, KH6, Hawaiian Islands: Jim,N6TJ, is working as NH7A from Kea'au on Hawaii (USi HI025S, WLOTA 0065). QSL via F5VHJ (bureau/direct).

OC-026, KH2, Guam Island: Joel,KG6DX, will be QRV from Latte Heights on Guam (USi GU003S, WFF KFF-110, WLOTA 0064). QSL direct via QRZ.com and LoTW.
NH2T will be another station active from Guam (OC-026, USi GU003S, WFF KFF-110, WLOTA 0064, CQ Zone 27). QSL via W2YC (bureau/direct).

SA-011, Trinidad: Chris,9Y4D (ex 9Y4NZ), plans to join the WWDX as well. QSL see QRZ.com.

SA-036, P4, Aruba Island: John,W2GD, is working as P40W from Aruba (WLOTA 0033). QSL via N2MM (bureau/direct) and LoTW.

Preview ....
DATE           CALL           DXNL

25Oct-03Nov    3D2PT          1803 *
01Aug-28Oct    3Z70ZK         1791
     -31Dec    4G0LD          1761
     -31Dec    4O60GBP        1790
02Oct-27Oct    5H2DK          1799
08Oct-15Dec    5H3NP          1798
26Oct-05Nov    5V7TH          1803 *
     -15Dec    5X1NH          1801/1802
     -2014     5Z4EE          1772/1799/1803 *
2012           6D0LM          1774
22Oct-03Nov    6V7S           1802
27Oct/28Oct    6W1RY          1803
27Oct/28Oct    6Y9X           1803 *
     -31Dec    7T50I..        1788

     -31Oct    8J0WAZA        1780
01Oct-04Nov    8J1ARK         1800
     -31Dec    8J1KS          1800
     -31Mar    8J1MBR         1788
     -31Dec    8J1MST         1779
     -31Mar    8J1SPY         1788
     -31Dec    8J1STGY        1800
20Oct-25Nov    8J2ARDF        1802
     -03Nov    8J2YDU         1794
     -31Dec    8J3IPA         1802
     -10Nov    8J4MANGA       1794
     -11Nov    8J4SINWA       1794
     -31Dec    8J50YAX        1794
06Oct-05Nov    8J6BAL         1800
     -31Dec    8J6O           1773
     -31Dec    8J6OKAJO       1788
     -31Oct    8N0CLEAN..     1788
     -31Dec    8N1TDU         1780
     -30Nov    8N1YKR         1800
     -30Nov    8N2100MD       1800
27Oct/28Oct    8P2K           1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    8P5A           1803 *
23Oct-         8P9NX..        1802
29Oct-11Nov    8Q7EJ          1803 *
Unknown        8Q7HA          1796
Unknown        9G5ZS          1795
27Oct/28Oct    9H3PP          1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    9H9X           1803 *
Unknown        9J2JA          1796
     -Dec      9J2RI          1739/1742
30Oct-26Dec    9M2MRS         1803 *
Resident       9V1KK          1803 *
     -Oct/14   9V1RM          1751
27Oct/28Oct    9Y4D           1803 *

Resident       A22LL          1803 *
     -Sep/13   A52SV          1752
27Oct/28Oct    A73A           1803 *
22Oct-31Oct    AA4VK/CY0      1800/1800
23Oct-30Oct    AH0/K0BBC      1802
23Oct-30Oct    AH0/N0AT       1802
27Oct/28Oct    AH0BT          1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    AH2R           1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    BX5AA          1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    BY5CD          1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    C5A            1803 *
     -Dec/13   C91IW          1787
     -28Oct    CG3X           1800
     -31Dec    CN2YZ          1771
19Oct-24Oct    CP8MW          1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    CR2X           1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    CR3L           1802
27Oct/28Oct    C45T           1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    C6AQQ          1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    C6AZZ          1803 *
21Oct-02Nov    CT9/DF4UM      1802
21Oct-02Nov    CT9/DH4JQ      1802
21Oct-02Nov    CT9/DJ5KW      1802
21Oct-02Nov    CT9/DJ8VC      1803 *
21Oct-02Nov    CT9/DL1EK      1802
22Oct-31Oct    CY0/AA4VK      1802
22Oct-31Oct    CY0/WA4DAN     1802
     -Dec      CY0/VE1AWW     1784

     -May/13?  D2SG           1748/1780
21Oct-29Oct    D93I           1803 *
26Oct-29Oct    D9K            1803 *
     -31Dec    DA0LSW         1785
31Oct          DK0GYB         1803 *
2012?          DL0SLITISA     1764
     -13Jan    DL125HHZ       1778
01Jan-31Dec    DL150BH        1761
01Jan-31Dec    DL1630Y        1760
     -31Dec    DL250COAL      1779
29Oct-04Nov    DL6BE/p        1803 *
01Jan-31Dec    DM100MGY       1763
01Jan-31Dec    DM50KSJ        1763
     -31Dec    DM800ANH       1767
     -Feb/13   DP0GVN         1756
     -31Dec    DP87SIXD       1792
     -Jan/13   DQ0STRATEX     1770
     -31Dec    DQ125HSB..     1784/1802
     -31Dec    DR50DTANGO     1791

27Oct/28Oct    E21EIC         1803 *
     -31Dec    E720RS         1770
20Oct-31Oct    EA6/AA5UK      1802
15Oct-28Oct    EA8/DL3FCG     1800
25Oct-08Nov    EA8/LA6OP      1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    EA8AY          1803 *
22Oct-28Oct    EA9/SP7VC      1802
27Oct/28Oct    ED9Z           1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    EF8R           1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    EF8S           1803 *
     -31Dec    EI100T         1770
01Jan-31Dec    EI80IRTS       1763/1788
21Oct-30Oct    EI8GQB..       1802
27Oct/28Oct    EY8MM          1803 *
     -26Oct    FG/F1NGP       1803 *
     -01Nov    FG/F5UTN       1803 *
     -01Mar    FH8NX          1747
19Oct-06Nov    FO/F4GYP..     1802
02Oct-08Nov    FO/F6BCW..     1799/1800
27Oct/28Oct    FY5KE          1803 *

     -31Dec    GB50WVR        1767
2012           GB80PW         1762
27Oct/28Oct    GD3RXQ         1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    GJ2A           1803 *
Oct            GX4BJC/A ..    1800
17Oct-10Dec    H44MS          1802
     -Dec/13   H44RK          1793
     -31Dec    HA50ZH         1780
     -Sep/13   HI3/KL7JR      1745
27Oct/28Oct    HK1NA          1803 *
18Sep-18Nov    HK3JCL         1762/1797
27Oct/28Oct    HK3TK          1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    HR2WW          1803 *
26Oct-04Nov    HS0ZJF/9       1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    HS25DX         1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    HS8FLU         1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    IF9A           1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    IG9R           1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    IH9YMC         1803 *
01Jan-31Dec    II6LN          1763
27Oct/28Oct    II9P           1803 *
     -Jul/13   J28UC          1734
     -Aug/14   J28NC          1796
22Oct-29Oct    J3?            1802
14Oct-07Nov    J79WE          1800
     -Nov      JW2US          1791/1797

28Oct          K6H            1803 *
21Oct-26Oct    K9YNF/4        1802
     -2013     KG4AJ          1756
27Oct/28Oct    KG4EM          1803 *
11Oct-27Oct    KG4KL          1800
11Oct-27Oct    KG4WV          1800
27Oct/28Oct    KG6DX          1803 *
25Oct-28Oct    KH0/KW2X       1803 *
25Oct-28Oct    KH0/NA8O       1803 *
25Oct-28Oct    KH0/W1FPU      1803 *
25Oct-28Oct    KH0/W1NDE      1803 *
25Oct-28Oct    KH0XW          1803 *
     -Jun/13   KH2/N2NL       1680
26Oct-27Oct    KH6/KI5SF      1803 *
23Oct-29Oct    KH8/JA2ZL      1802
     -Mar/13   KH9/WA2YUN     1771
long term      KP2/NQ3X       1799/1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    KP2MM          1803 *
     -31Dec    LX75RL         1788
27Oct/28Oct    LX7I           1803 *
20Oct-27Oct    MS0WRC         1802

27Oct/28Oct    NH2T           1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    NH7A           1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    NP3X           1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    NP4Z           1803 *
Resident       OD5RW          1799
27Oct/28Oct    OH0JFP         1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    OH0X           1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    OH0YY          1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    OH0Z           1803 *
     -31Dec    OH150VR        1772
25Oct-29Oct    OJ0B           1803 *
25Oct-29Oct    OJ0MI          1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    OJ0R           1803 *
25Oct-29Oct    OJ0X           1803 *
     -15Nov    ON44CLM        1802
01Jan-31Dec    ON65BR         1763
     -31Dec    ON85RCL        1790
20Oct-12Nov    P29VCX..       1802
     -31Dec    P3EU           1786
27Oct/28Oct    P3F            1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    P40W           1803 *
Oct            P40Z           1799/1802
04Oct-31Oct    PB100PREFIX    1800
01Oct-01Nov    PJ6/G4IUF      1799

     -15Jan    S505SLG        1803 *
     -15Jan    S512IAPMC      1803 *
     -31Dec    S555E..        1772
20Oct-04Nov    S79LC          1802
20Oct-04Nov    S79UN          1802
20Oct-04Nov    S79YY          1802
24Oct-31Oct    SI9AM          1803 *
16Oct-25Oct    T30PY..        1801
27Oct/28Oct    T46A           1803 *
Feb/13         T6LG           1795
27Oct/28Oct    T6MO           1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    T88EB          1803 *
26Oct-30Oct    T88KV          1803 *
     -31Dec    TC50TRAC..     1770
27Oct/28Oct    TF3CW          1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    TF3W           1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    TI8M           1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    TK9R           1803 *
     -31Dec    TM210VH        1770
     -31Dec    TM70TRS        1763
20Oct-30Oct    TO2A           1802
27Oct/28Oct    TO9R           1803 *
     -01Nov    UK/UA1ZEY      1802

21Oct-30Oct    V31MW          1802
12Oct-01Nov    V47JA          1800
12Oct-01Nov    V47HAM         1800
     -Nov/14   V73NS          1604/1668/1752
27Oct/28Oct    VC2B           1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    VC2X..         1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    VC3J           1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    VC3X           1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    VD1M           1803 *
23Oct-30Oct    VE2IM          1803 *
24Oct-30Oct    VP2MAF         1803 *
24Oct-30Oct    VP2MDG         1803 *
24Oct-30Oct    VP2MKC         1803 *
24Oct-30Oct    VP2MXU         1803 *
23Oct-30Oct    VP5/K4QE       1802
23Oct-30Oct    VP5/N2VW       1802
23Oct-30Oct    VP5/WA2VYA     1802
27Oct/28Oct    VP5T           1802
Unknown        VP8DFR         1803 *
24Oct-28Oct    VP9/N1SV       1803 *
27Oct/28Oct    VP9I           1803 *
20Oct-4Nov     VQ92JC         1802
     -Oct      VQ9HF          1803 *
     -Nov      VQ9JC          1755/1793
27Oct/28Oct    VQ5X           1803 *
     -Mar/13?  VU3BPZ/3..     1800

22Oct-31Oct    WA4DAN/CY0     1800/1801
     -May/14   XE1/DM3DL      1730
27Oct-25Nov    XL3A           1803 *
18Oct-29Oct    XX9TBM         1802
18Oct-29Oct    XX9TEX         1802
18Oct-29Oct    XX9TFR         1802
18Oct-29Oct    XX9TPX         1802
Unknown        YJ8RN/p        1797
26Oct-29Oct    XX9TTT         1803 *
23Oct-29Oct    YN2AA          1802
27Oct/28Oct    YS1YS          1809*
22Oct-25Oct    Z21GF          1802
Unknown        Z81A..         1798
Unknown        Z88Z           1800
18Oct-30Oct    ZD8O           1802
Unknown        ZD9KX          1795
     -Aug/13   ZF2TK          1800
27Oct/28Oct    ZP9MCE         1803 *
     -2014     ZY2014WC       1774

 * = new or updated
.. = and other calls
QSL information ....

3B9SP       via HB9ACA (B), OQRS, (L)
3D2GC       via LZ1GC (B)
3D2MM       via VK4AN (B)
3D2NW       via RW4RW
3D2ZY       via PY7ZY (B)
3D2PT       via PY2PT
4L/UA1AMM   via UA1FA
4X130RISHON via 4Z4KX
5W1SA       via JA1DXA (B), (L)
7Z7AB       via 7Z1CQ
9A55AX      via 9A4J (B)
9H3CZ       via OK1CZ (B)
5V7TH       via ON4CIT (B) OQRS, (L)
5Z4EE       via NV7E (d), (B)
6W1RY       via F5VHJ (B)
6Y9X        via KQ1F (B)
8P2K        via KU9C (B)
8P5A        via NN1N(B), (L)
8Q7EJ       via G3VDB (B)
9H3PP       via HA5PP (B)
9H3TJ           listen for OP instruction (NL8F)
9H3WM           listen for OP instruction (WS7L)
9H3ZD       via K7ZSD (B)
9H9X            (L)
9M2MRS      via PA0RRS (B), (L)
9V1KK       via JR1MLT (d)
9Y4D            QRZ.com
A22LL       via ZS3O (B)
A73A        via EA7FTR (B)
AH0BT       via 7L1FPU (B)
AH2R        via JH7QXJ (d), (L)
BX5AA           (d)
BY5CD       via BD4HF (B)
C45T        via 5B4MF
C5A         via OM2FY (B)
C6AQQ       via N3IQ (B), (L)
C6AZZ       via KQ8Z (d)
CO8TW       via HB9SVT (B), (L), eQSL
CP8MW       via DF7NX (B)
CR2X        via OH2BH (B)
CT9/DJ8VC   via DJ8VC (B)
CT9/DL6MLA  via DL6MLA (B)
D2QR        via RW6HS (d)
D9K         via DS4NYE (d)
DK0GYB          (B)
DL6BE/p     via DL6BE (B)
E21EIC          (d), JAs via JR5XPG (B)
EA8/LA6OP   via LA6OP (B)
EA8AY       via W2GR
ED9Z        via EA9LZ (d)
EF8S        via OH2BYS (B)
EG1RGC      via EA1SV
EG5MAT      via EA5BX (B)
EG8TT       via EA8URT (d)
EH2RGC      via EA2AK (B), eQSL
EI/OK1HAG/p via OK1HAG (B)
EY8MM       via K1BV (B)
F/I1UWF     via I1UWF (B)
FG/F1NGP    via F1NGP (B)
FG/F5UTN    via F5UTN
FG/TU5KG    via F4DXW (d)
FY5KE       via FY1FL (B)
GB2NLO          eQSL
GB2SBC          eQSL
GD3RXQ      via LoTW
GJ2A        via GJ3DVC (d), (L)
GX4HRC/A    via G3SVK (B)
HB9/SN0HST  via SP3SLU (B)
HB9HST      via HB9JOE (B), (L)
HI3/KL7JR   via KL7JR (d)
HK1NA       via K6IPM (B)
HK3TK       via F5CWU (d)
HR2WW       via KD4POJ
HS0ZJF/9    via ON4AFU (B)
HS25DX      via E20PFE
HS8FLU          (B), eQSL
IF9A        via IT9ATF (B)
IG9R        via IK8HCG (B)
IH9YMC      via eQSL
II5Iss      via IZ5JLW (B), (L)
II9P        via IT9CHU (d), (L)
JA6CNH/6    via JA6CNH
JF6XQJ/6    via JF6XQJ
KG4EM       via KB7GJ
KG6DX       via KG6DX (d), (L)
KH0/KW2X    via JG7PSJ (B)
KH0/KW2X    via JG7PSJ (B)
KH0/NA8O    via JK1FNL (B)
KH0/NA8O    via JK1FNL (B)
KH0/W1FPU   via 7L1FPU (B)
KH0/W1FPU   via 7L1FPU (B)
KH0/W1NDE   via JE1NDE (B)
KH0/W1NDE   via JE1NDE
KH0XW       via JQ2WTT (B)
KH0XW       via JQ2WTT
KH6/KI5SF   via KI5SF (d)
KP2/NQ3X    via NQ3X (d), (L)
KP2MM       via N2TTA (d), (L)
LX7I        via LX2A (B)
MW6VOW      via EB7DX (d)
MX0LDG      via M0URX (B), (L), OQRS
NH2T        via W2YC (B)
NH7A        via F5VHJ (B)
NP3X        via NP3O (d), (L)
NP4Z        via N4AO (d)
OG3077F     via OH3JF (B)
OH0Z        via W0MM (B)
OJ0B        via OH2BH (B)
OJ0MI       via OH2HAN (B)
OJ0X        via OH2BH (B)
OK8EU       via OK1BZ (B)
OO5ZZ       via ON5ZZ (B)
OZ1BIKE     via OZ1ACB (B)
P3F         via M0DXR (B)
P40W        via N2MM (B), (L)
RK6UWA/p    via RK6UWA
S505SLG     via S59DCD (B)
S512IAPMC   via S59DCD (B)
SI9AM       via SM3CVM (B)
T30PY       via PY2PT (B, also OQRS)
T30TT       via W7JET (B), (L), eQSL
T6MO        via K9GY (B), (L)
T80W        via JM1LJS (B)
T88EB       via JH1EAQ (B)
T88EC       via JO1AEC
T88IK       via JF1LUT (B)
T88KV       via JF2SKV (B)
TF3CW       via LX1NO (d)
TI8M        via TI2KAC (B)
TK9R        via IK8UND (d)
TM5BRT      via F5THW (B)
TO9R        via S53R (d)
TP2CE       via F5LGF (B)
TT8TT       via I2YSB (L), (d), IK2CIO (B)
UU4JQR/p    via UU4JQR
UU4KU/p     via UU4KU
V63CP       via JH1BLP (B)
VC2B        via VE2BR (B)
VC2X        via VE3ZF
VC3J        via VE3JPP (B)
VC3X        via VE7VR (B)
VD1M        via VO1MP (d)
VE2IM       via VE3DZ (B)
VE3ZF/2     via VE3ZF
VK9XM       via OH2YY (B)
VP2MAF      via GM4FDM (QRZ.com)
VP2MDG      via K2DM (B)
VP2MKC      via GM4FDM (QRZ.com)
VP2MXU      via GM4FDM (QRZ.com)
VP8DFR      via G0ZEP (d)
VP9/N1SV    via N1SV (B)
VP9I        via N1HRA (d)
VQ5X        via W4OX (d), (L)
VQ9HF       via W3HF (B)
XL3A        via VA3RVK (B).
XV4Y        via OK1DOT (d)
XX9THX      via EA7FTR
XX9TTT      via IZ8CCW (B)
YS1YS       via YS1GMV
ZP9MCE      via EA5ZD

(d) = only direct
(B) = bureau ok
(*) = new QSL manager
(L) = Logbook of the World (LoTW)
(r) = e-mail request
QSLs arrived bureau: 3V8SS (LX1NO), 5P5T, 9A3JB, CT1IUA, CT3HF, DF0FTP, DH8BQA/m, EA1DF, EA5PS, G0MTN, HA0HW, IZ2SVW, LZ1BJ, GT4BRD (Isle of Man, via GW0ANA), OE1W, OH2LNH, OK1CLD, OM8KD, ON4PRA/p, RA3RK, S59DCD/p, SV3FUP, V5/DJ2HD, TX3A (Chesterfield, via HA7RY), VX3AP, YT0A

QSLs arrived LoTW: KG6DX, N8BJQ/KH9, 9M2CNC

Many thanks for contributing to this issue of the DXNL are going to: Carl Smith (QRZ DX), 425DXNews, OPDX Bulletin, DF6EX (WIN-QSL), DF7NX, DJ1YFK, DJ5AV, DJ8VC, DJ9ZB, DL1EK, DL1SBF, DL7MAE, DL7VOA, NG3K, VA3RJ, F6AJA & Les Nouvelles DX and others.

Editor: Johannes Amchewicz, DK8JB

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