I.C.P.O. Bulletin (05-12 October 2012) "Islands, Castles & Portable Operations"

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05/10/2012: A team consisting of Badar HZ1BF, Abdul 7Z1CQ, Suli 7Z1SJ, Mohamad HZ1MD, Abdullah HZ1BW, Hani HZ1HN, Abdullah HZ1AR, Abdul HZ1DG, Firas HZ1FS and Nhaw HZ1TL will activate Al-Dhahrah Island (IOTA AS-190 - NEW ONE!), Tabuk Province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, using the callsign 7Z7AB. The DXpedition will take place from 5-11 October 2012. Plans are to be QRV on 160-10 metre SSB, CW and RTTY. QSL via 7Z1CQ. Further information can be found on their website at: www.dxtool.com/7z7ab/ [DX-World]

05/10/2012: Richard (CW name "Dick"), G3RWL, is now active as 8P6DR from Rockley, Christ Church Parish, located on south coast of Barbados (NA-021, WLOTA 0999, WW Loc. GK03EB) until 17 October 2012. He will be QRV on the HF bands using a K2 (100W) and G5RV dipoles. QSL via home call. Website: www.qrz.com/db/8P6DR [DX Newsletter]

05/10/2012: Shou, JA1XXI will be active as 9M2/JA1XXI from Port Dickson (Grid Loc. OJ02), Negeri Sembilan State, West Malaysia, from 5-15 October 2012. He plans to be QRV on 20, 15, 10 and 6 metres. QSL via home call. [425 DX News]

05/10/2012: On the 5th-7th of October members of Radioclub "Delta" (Ukrainian Travellers Group) will be active with special callsign EM7UT from defensive works Zmievy Valy in Vasilkov [Kiev oblast] (WCA UR-00196, UCFA KO-007, URDA KO-11, WW Loc. KO50EE). They plan to work on HF bands by CW and SSB and on VHF 2m band by FM. For one QSO with EM7UT will be issued award "Zmievy Valy of Kiev region" in electronic form (free of charge) and in print form (fee is 3$). QSL via UR7UT. [RN1CW]

05/10/2012: Martello Tower Group members Keith G6NHU, Tony G0MBA, Yan M0YNK, Colin M1EAK, Chris M6GSD and Richard G7HJK have planned a DXpedition to Herm Island (EU-114) which will take place from 5-7 October, 2012. QRV on all HF bands and modes. QSL via the bureau to GP0PKT, or direct to G6NHU. Website: www.qrz.com/db/GP0PKT[rsgbiota]

05/10/2012: Joe, K5KUA, will once again be active from Galveston island (NA-143, USi TX001S), Galveston county, Texas, from 22.00 UTC 5 October until 22.00 UTC 7 October 2012. Joe plans to be QRV on 30m thru 10m, CW only. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [rsgbiota]

05/10/2012: Andreas, DL9USA, will spend his holidays on the island of Crete (EU-015, GIOTA KRS-005, MIA MGC-005, WLOTA 1400) from 5-15 October 2012. He will be QRV on the HF bands as SW9C. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. Website: www.dl9usa.de/ [DX Newsletter]

05/10/2012: Kiichi, JF1LUT, will be active from Arakabesan Island, Koror, Republic of Palau (OC-009, WW Loc. PJ77FI) from 5-10 October 2012 as T88IK. Plans are to be QRV on 17-6 metre SSB. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. Website: www.qrz.com/db/T88IK [DXAT]

06/10/2012: Members of Portuguese Navy Hamradio Club (CS5NRA) David CT1DRB (Team leader), Miguel CT1ETL and Jose CT4GN will be active on the 6th of October 2012 from the Fortress S. Bruno (WCA CT-00205, DCFP F-029, DMHP LX-35, DDFP OER-011, DMP 1110), Oeiras, Portugal. They plan to work as CR5SB on all bands from 08.00 till 18.00 UTC. QSL via CS5NRA, bureau or direct. [RN1CW]

06/10/2012: The Delmarva Island Hoppers will be active on 6 October 2012 as N3NAH from Middle Island (USi DE016, Not IOTA, WW Loc. FM28KO), Sussex county, Delaware. They will also activate Massey Island (USi DE014, Not IOTA, WW Loc. FM28KP), Sussex county, Delaware, using the callsign W3TL. Plans are to be QRV on, or near, the usual island and IOTA frequencies using both Phone and CW. This operation will be in memory of K3HVC (SK). QSL via the information on QRZ.com under N3NAH and W3TL. [USi]

06/10/2012: Mike, DG5LAC and Petra, DB1LPS will be active from Vendsyssel-Thy [aka North Jutland] (EU-171, DIA NJ-001) as OZ/DG5LAC from 6-12 October 2012. QRV vacation style on 80-10m SSB. Antenna Tarheel M200 HP and Windom, 700W. QSL via DG5LAC, bureau or direct. Log will be uploaded to LoTW and eQSL after the activation. [rsgbiota]

06/10/2012: Pekka, OH2YY and Pekka OH1TV will be active from Christmas Island (OC-002, WFF VKFF-098) as VK9XM from 6-12th October 2012. Plans are to be QRV on 40-10 metre SSB and CW, with two stations. QSL 100% either direct or via SRAL QSL bureau. QSL's to his home address: Pekka Ahlqvist OH2YY, Vapaalanpolku 8B, 01650 Vantaa, Finland. [DX World]

07/10/2012: Look for Alex PY2WAS (3D2AS), Orlando PT2OP (3D2OP), Faria PY7XC (3D2XC), Xavier PY7ZY (3D2ZY) and Rick PY2PT (3D2PT) to be active Nadi, island of Viti Levu, Fiji (OC-016, WLOTA 0055), from 7-14 October 2012. They will be QRV on the HF bands, holiday style, prior to the T30PY / T30SIX DXpedition. QSL direct to their home calls. QSL 3D2OP via PT2OP, direct preferred or bureau. QSL 3D2XB direct to PT7WA or LoTW. [DX World]

07/10/2012: Look for Peter, DK2RMP, to be active 7-14 October 2012 from Usedom Island (EU-129, GIA O-13, WLOTA 1640), district of Vorpommern-Greifswald in the Federal State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany, as DK2RMP/p. QRV on the HF bands, following the propagation. This activity will also count for Nature Park Insel Usedom (WFF DLFF-075). QSL via home call, direct or by the DARC bureau. [rsgbiota]

07/10/2012: Eddy, ON4AFU, will activate Koh Samui (AS-101, WLOTA 1384), Surat Thani Province, Thailand, as HS0ZJF/8 from 7-24 October 2012. He will be QRV on 40-10 meter CW only. QSL via ON4AFU UBA bureau or direct (QRZ.com). [rsgbiota]

07/10/2012: Paul ON6DP, Didier ON7ZM, Jean-Pierre ON5PO and other operators will be active on the 7th of October 2012 from the Chateau de Wallay (WCA ON-01913, BCA NM-289). Plans are to work from 06.00 till 10.00 UTC as OT6A/p on all bands. QSL via home call, bureau preferred. [RN1CW]

07/10/2012: Felix XE2I, Saul XE2HQI, Tony XE2HVF, Enrique XE2AA, Fred KG6HGK, Norma XE2JNE, Craig XE2HWJ, Ana XE2IHA, Jose KD6AFA and Manuel XE2HUQ plan to be active from Isla San Francisco (NA-124), Baja California Sur, Sea of Cortez, Mexico, as XF1F from 7-13th October 2012. They will be using Hexbeams for HF bands and wires for low bands. SSB, CW, RTTY, PSK-31. QSL via XE2HUQ. [DX-World]

08/10/2012: Noel, WB0VGI, plans to be active from Iringa, Tanzania, as 5H3NP between 8 October and 15 December 2012. He will be QRV on the HF bands using dipoles/G5RV. QSL via home call. Website:www.qrz.com/db/5H3NP [DX World]

08/10/2012: Frank, PA4N, will be active from Liechtenstein as HB0/PA4N from 8-14 October 2012. Activity will be focused on 80-10 metre CW. Special emphasis will be on optimizing performance to Asia / Japan. Info and updates via Twitter: @frankoppedijk. QSL via home call, bureau or direct. [NG3K]

08/10/2012: Ben, DO1BEN, will be active on 8-14 October 2012 as PD/DO1BEN from De Cocksdorp, Texel island (EU-038, WLOTA 0043, WW Loc. JO23KD), Frisian islands archipelago in the Wadden Sea, in the province of Noord Holland. QRV on the HF bands, mainly using the Digital modes and some SSB. QSL via DO1BEN, bureau or direct (QRZ.com). [rsgbiota]

10/10/2012: Robert, SQ1DWR, will be active as CE3/SQ1DWR from Chile between 10-22 October 2012. Activity will be on 40-10 metres, using CW. QSL via his home call sign. [OPDX Bulletin]

11/10/2012: A small group of operators will be active as MX0LDG from Lundy Island (EU-120, WFF GFF-103, WAB SS14, WW Loc. IO71QD), in the Bristol Channel, Devon, England, from 11-16 October 2012. They will have 2 stations on the air between 0600z-0000z each day as the islands power closes down at midnight. They will also activate the Lundy Island Old Devon Lighthouse (ARLHS ENG-073, BARLS A 5617X, TWLHD WLH G-015, WLOTA 1997). Team members include John M5JON, Peter M0ILT, Ant MW0JZE and Chris G1VDP. A special QSL card will be available through the team's manager Tim, M0URX, through his OQRS system. DO NOT SEND CARDS VIA THE BUREAU. Logs will be uploaded to LoTW and ClubLog. [OPDX Bulletin]

12/10/2012: John, W5JON, will again be operating as V47JA from Calypso Bay, island of St. Kitts (NA-104, WW Loc. FK87PG) between 12th October until 1st Nove mber 2012. QRV on 160-6m SSB (including 60m). He will also participate in the CQWW SSB Contest (27-28 October) as a Single-Op/All-Band entry. CQ zone 8. XYL Cathy (W5HAM), will also occasionally operate as V47HAM. QSL's for both callsigns via W5JON, direct and LoTW. [NG3K]  


17/10/2012: Bernhard, DL2GAC, will be on another DX vacation to the island of Guadalcanal [Honiara] (WLOTA 0086, WW Loc. RI00AJ), Solomon Islands (OC-047), between 17 October and 10 December 2012. QRV 80-6 metre SSB only, using the callsign H44MS. QSL via home call, bureau or direct. [DX-World]

21/10/2012: Rich, N0HJZ, will be active from Placencia, Stan Creek District, Belize, from 21-30 October 2012 as V31MW. He will put in a fulltime Single-Operator/All-Band/High-Power effort in the CQWW DX SSB Contest (27-28 October), CQ zone 7. Before and after the contest Rich will be on the WARC bands and on CW. QSL via home call, direct with SASE/SAE + sufficient postage preferred. QSL's can also be sent via the bureau. 2012 [DXAT]

23/10/2012: Look for George K2DM (VP2MDG), Dave G3NKC (VP2MKC), Martin G4XUM (VP2MXU) and Stewart GM4AFF (VP2MAF) to be active from the Guest House, Gingerbread Hill, St. Peters Parish, island of Montserrat (NA-103, WLOTA 1475, WW Loc. FK86VS) from 23-30 October 2012. Activity will include a Multi-2 entry in the CQWW SSB Contest (27-28 October), using the callsign VP2MDG from CQ zone 8. Before and after the contest they will be QRV on all HF bands and modes. QSL VP2MKC and VP2MXU via G3NKC, direct or bureau. Others via their home calls, direct or bureau. [NG3K]

26/10/2012: Members of the Korean Contest Club plan to be active as D9K from Pigum Island (AS-060, KDN H32, WW Loc. PM24XS), Cholla-namdo Province, South Korea, from 26-29 October 2012. This will include a Multi-Op entry in the CQWW SSB Contest (27-28 October) from CQ zone 25. They will use a 2ele VPAETC beam for 20, 15, 10m, 4-square for 40m and inverted vertical for 80m. QSL via Rew DS4NYE, direct or LoTW. [DX World]

27/10/2012: Look for Robert, S53R, to be active as TO9R from Ducos, island of Martinique (NA-107, DIFO FM-001, WLOTA LH-1041, DDFM 97) as a Single-Op/All-Band entry in CQWW DX SSB Contest (27-28 October), CQ zone 8. QSL home call, direct only. [DXAT]

27/10/2012: Nob, JH1EAQ, will be active as T88EB from Palau (OC-009) in the CQWW SSB Contest (27-28 October) as a Single-Op/All-Band entry, CQ zone 27. This will be his first time in 10 years from T88EA. QSL via JH1EAQ (Buro/Direct) [NG3K]

18/11/2012: Kelly N0VD, Scott W4PA and others will be active from Villa Desert Palm, Nikiboko North, island of Bonaire (IOTA SA-006, WLOTA 1279, WFF PAFF-024, WW Loc. FK52NC), as PJ4D between 18 November and 1 December 2012. They will also put in a Multi-Op effort in the CQWW DX CW Contest (24-25 November), CQ zone 9. Outside the contest look for activity on all bands and modes. QSL via W3HNK. [DXAT]

24/11/2012: Operators John K6AM, Bob K5WA, Robert K5PI and Dave N6AN will activate ZF1A for the CQWW CW Contest (24-25 November) as a Multi-Single entry from Savannah, Grand Cayman island (NA-016, WLOTA 1042), CQ zone 8. QSL via K6AM, direct or bureau and LoTW. [NG3K]

16/02/2013: John, K6AM, will be active as ZF2AM from Savannah, Grand Cayman island (NA-016, WLOTA 1042) in the ARRL DX CW Contest (16-17 February) as a Single-Op/All-Band/High-Power entry. QSL via home call, direct or bureau and LoTW. [NG3K]

25/03/2013: Hartwig, DL7BC, will once again be active from Mayotte island (AF-027, DIFO FH-001, WLOTA 0376) as TO7BC between 25 March and 12 April 2013. He will be active around the HF bands and in the CQWW WPX SSB Contest (23-24 March). QSL via home call, bureau is ok. Website: www.qslnet.de/dl7bc [NG3K]  


05/10/2012: The Radio Amateur Association of Greece (RAAG) announced that they will operate a special event station from the Memorial Battleship "Georgios Averof" at Phaleron Bay, using callsign SX100A. The operation will take place from the Radio Room of the battleship from Friday 5th October 0000 UTC till Sunday 7th October 2400 UTC, 2012. The Battleship "Georgios Averof" in Trocadero marine park in Paleo Faliro, near Athens, where it is currently berthed. This year marks the 101st anniversary in which this historic battleship joined the Hellenic Navy. QSL via the SV Bureau. Website: www.raag.org/news.asp?ITMID=522&LANG=GR [SV1XV]

05/10/2012: On 5-8 October 2012, the special event callsign PH4RTM/WHE will be on the air on the occasion of the "World Horticultural Expo" (The Floriade) in Venlo, The Netherlands, on all bands and modes. QSL via PH4RTM, bureau preferred and eQSL. Further information about the World Horticultural Exposition can be found at:www.floriade.com/ [DX Newsletter]

06/10/2012: Look for special event callsign 8J6BAL to be aired on all bands and modes between 6 October until 5 November for the 2012 Saga International Balloon Fiesta. This is an Asian maximum grade Hot Air Balloon International Festival at Kase Riversite, Saga city (JCC 4101, JCG 41004), Kyushu region, Saga prefecture, island of Kyushu (AS-077, WLOTA 0963), Japan. QSL via the JARL bureau. Full information about the festival can be found at: www.sibf.jp/e/ [JJ1WTL/AC6IM]

06/10/2012: Special event callsign W4O will be QRV for the 24th annual Oliver Hardy Festival in Harlem, Georgia, on the 6th and 7th October, 2012. QRV on all bands and modes. QSL via K4KNS (QRZ.com). Further information can be found on their website at: ccarc.hamradioman.com/W4O.html

07/10/2012: From 09.00 UTC Sunday October 7th until 20.00 UTC Friday 12, special callsign GB2BT will be active from the "Bell Hill Shutter Telegraph& near Ibberton in Dorset, England (EU-005, WAB ST80, WLOTA 1841, WW Loc. IO80uv). QSL direct to M0XIG, or via the RSGB bureau. Website: www.qrz.com/db/GB2BT [DX Newsletter]

U.S.A. Special Events can be found at: www.arrl.org/special-event-stations  


05/10-11/10 KH8/M1TKA: Tutuila Island WLOTA:4385 QSL H/c (d/B)
05/10-15/10 SW9C: Nisos Kriti WLOTA:1400 QSL DL9USA (d/B)
06/10-05/11 8J6BAL: Kyushu Shima WLOTA:0963 QSL JARL Buro
06/10-15/10 FO/F6BCW: Huahine Island WLOTA:1371 QSL H/c (d/B)
07/10-14/10 3D2OP: Viti Levu Island WLOTA:0055 QSL PT2OP (d/B)
07/10-14/10 DK2RMP/P: Usedom Island WLOTA:1640 QSL H/c (d/B)
07/10-12/10 GB2BT: England (main island) WLOTA:1841 QSL M0XIG (d)/RSGB Buro
07/10-24/10 HS0ZJF/8: Ko Samui WLOTA:1384 QSL ON4AFU (d/B)
08/10-14/10 3D2AS: Viti Levu Island WLOTA:0055 QSL PY2WAS (d/B)
08/10-14/10 3D2PT: Viti Levu Island WLOTA:0055 QSL PY2PT (d/B)
08/10-14/10 3D2XB: Viti Levu Island WLOTA:0055 QSL PY2XB (d/B)
08/10-14/10 3D2XC: Viti Levu Island WLOTA:0055 QSL PY7XC (d/B)
08/10-14/10 PD/DO1BEN: Texel Island WLOTA:0043 QSL H/c (d/B)
11/10-15/10 3D2ZY: Viti Levu Island WLOTA:0055 QSL PY7ZY (d)
11/10-16/10 MX0LDG: Lundy Island (Old) BARLS:A5617X WLH:G-015 ENG-073 WLOTA:1997 QSL M0URX (OQRS)
12/10-14/10 W4/SP5APW: Amelia Island WLOTA:3048 QSL H/c (d/B)  


05/10-15/10 9M2/JA1XXI: Port Dickson Grid:OJ02 6m CW/SSB QSL H/c (d/B)
05/10-07/10 EM7UT: Zmievy Valy WCA: UR-00196 Grid:KO50 2m FM QSL UR7UT (d/B)
06/10-07/10 ARRL EME Competition SO/MO/2.3GHz & Up 06 0000z-07 2359z
06/10-07/10 NZART Microwave Contest 614 MHz & Up 06 0500z-07 0100z
06/10-07/10 California QSO Party 6m/2m classes 06 1600z-07 2200z
06/10-07/10 PA6FUN: Schouwen Duiveland EU-146 Grid:JO11 IARU Reg-1 VHF 432Mhz QSL PE1GUR (d/B)
09/10 LY 432MHz Activity Contest CW/SSB/FM 1700z-2059z
09/10 NRAU 432MHz Activity Contest SO/MO/Open 1700z-2100z
09/10 RSGB 432MHz UKAC SO Fixed/Open 1900z-2130z
10/10 MOON Contest 432MHz CW/Digital/FM/SSB 1800z-2000z
11/10 LY 50MHz Activity Contest CW/SSB/FM 1700z-2059z
11/10 NRAU 50MHz Activity Contest SO/MO/Open 1700z-2100z
12/10-01/11 V47JA: St. Kitts NA-104 Grid:FK87PG 6m SSB 3el QSL W5JON (d)

Contest Calendar: www.qsl.net/va3rj/con_oct.html

GOT6??? - Six Meter Information by Andy 'NEON' Sargent N8OFS at:http://noars.net/got6/GOT6.txt (Updated: 03 October 2012)

Information about current VHF activities can be found on the VHF DX portal "Make More Miles on VHF" at: www.MMMonVHF.de/

SMIRK: www.smirk.org/ SOTA (Summits On The Air) Watch Alerts at:www.sotawatch.org/   QSL INFO -

The following operation is approved for DXCC credit:

J5IFD - Guinea-Bissau 2010 Operation

73 es DX! Bill Moore NC1L Awards Branch Manager
LATEST NEWS (October 1st 2012): ALL BACKLOG OF 3D2AG/p CARDS NOW CLEARED! Please expect them in your mail within 2-4 weeks. [DX World]
9N7AK is QRT as of August 25, 2012. All direct and bureau cards received by October 2012 have been replied to. [K1XN]
MS0OXE QSL Preview. QSL is now in the print room and cards will be posted during October. http://www.m0urx.com <http://t.co/TrdDwgBY> [M0URX / K1XN]
T6MO-(02-OCT-2012) All direct QSLs received up to 15-SEP-2012 are answered. [K1XN]

QSLs via Direct: 5R8UI (IZ8CCW), 9M2/R6AF/p [AS-097] (H/c), BX5AA (CBA), CY9M (OQRS), GU4CHY (CBA), HB9ALO (CBA), HD2A (EA5KB), HT9H (TI4SU), HV0A (IK0FVC), RJ1FJA (RX3MM), UA0IDZ/p [AS-059] (H/c), VU2GSM (CBA) and YU8A (CBA).

QSLs via LoTW: FO4BM, GW4BLE, LU4DX, PP1CZ, RI1ANF, SO2R, T6MO and TF3SG.   LINKS - IOTA (Islands On The Air) at: www.rsgbiota.org/USi (U.S. Islands Award Program) at: www.usislands.org/ WCA (World Castles on the Air) at: www.wcagroup.org/ENG/wcag.html WFF (World Flora & Fauna) at: www.wff44.org/program/wff/ WLOTA (World Lighthouses On The Air at: www.wlota.com/  


8th ANNIVERSARY OF NAQCC - This coming week of October 7 through the 13th is a very special one for the North American QRP CW Club (NAQCC). That week we celebrate the 8th anniversary of the founding of the club by Tom KB3LFC (now WY3H) - President, and John K3WWP - Vice-President. We will have 10 special event stations on the air that week - one from each USA call area - with the calls N1A, N2A, N3A, N4A, N5A, N6A, N7A, N8A, N9A, N0A. The 40 operators of the calls will post their operating schedule at http://naqcc.info/n3a_complete_schedule.phpso you will know when and where to look for them as you participate in our celebration.

We are offering special QSL cards and Certificates for anyone who works one or more of our special event stations. To find out how you may obtain one and/or the other, check the information contained on the page at http://naqcc.info/main_n3a.html. You must follow the information there EXACTLY or your request may not be fulfilled.

The operation commences at 0000Z October 7 and continues through 2359Z October 13. That is the week of our monthly sprint with which many of you reading this may already be familiar. However this month's sprint is something special as all 10 of our special event calls will be active for the full two hours. There may be some sort of award or prize to the one working the most different calls. This should make our already extremely popular sprints even more popular than usual when we normally get 175-200 participants, of whom 110-130 or so will submit logs.

The sprint is Tuesday evening October 9 at 8:30-10:30 PM EDT which converts to the more familiar Wednesday October 10 from 0030-0230Z. Hope to see you there as well as at other times during anniversary week.

* John K3WWP - 100% CW / QRP - Proudly promoting Morse Code: * * As NAQCC VP - # 0002 FC # 1 - http://naqcc.info/ * * As FISTS Keynote QRP Columnist - # 2002 - http://www.fists.org/ * * With my CW-QRP site - http://home.windstream.net/johnshan/ on behalf of all our 40 special event station operators with thanks to Dave VA3RJ for distributing this information to his wealth of sources.
*CY0 NEWS RELEASE - 2 October 2012* Ron, AA4VK and Murray, WA4DAN have announced a two week delay in the start of the CY0 DXpedition. The new dates are October 22 - 31. Unfortunately, circumstances beyond our control prevented us from being able to fly to Sable Island on October 8, our original schedule. The revised schedule, however, will put us on Sable Island during the CQWW Phone contest weekend and even though we do not plan to compete in the contest, we do plan to provide a new country, Sable Island, to those in the contest. As previously advertised, focus will be on the 10, 12, and 15 meter bands where the most demand for CY0 exists. WA4DAN/CY0 and AA4VK/CY0 [NG3K
WORLD FLORA & FAUNA (WFF) - 2 October 2012 New PAFF references released: Dear FF enthusiasts, As mentioned by DF6EX there is a new release of the WFF reference list (tnx Max & Luciano). On it are also 25 new PAFF references that we launch as of today. The references can be found on the WFF list as published by DF6EX and on the PAFF website:www.pa-ff.nl/p/paff-references.html . We have also incorporated the locations of the new references on our PAFF Google Maps file. If you are an active chaser or activator do not forget to check out our PAFF award program at: www.pa-ff.nl/p/paff-awards.html The first eAwards have already been sent out. Happy activating & happy chasing! 73,44, Lars / PH0NO PAFF coordinator
Z8, SOUTH SUDAN: Keith, W7DXX, acquired a license as Z88Z and plans to operate an internet remote transceiver there like he previously did with YI9DXX. QSL direct via Homecall, LoTW, eQSL.

73 and Good DX!
Dave Raycroft, VA3RJ

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