I.C.P.O. Bulletin (23 - 30 November 2012) "Islands, Castles & Portable Operations"

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Listing is by calendar date (day/month/year)

23/11/2012: A team led by Donovan, ZS2DL, plans activity from Lesotho between 23 November and 3 December, 2012. Call sign will be 7P8D. Team members include ZS2DL (Donovan), K5LBU (Frosty), V51YJ (Andrew), LZ1UQ (Mitko), DJ3CQ (Jo), DL2MDU (Chris), ZS1TT (Rhy), ZS2DK (Mitch), ZS6RJ (Roger) and Bill, VE7XS. They will operate 160-10 metre CW, SSB and RTTY with a minimum of three stations 24/7. NO 60m - Licence does not cover it-Sadly! This is HF DXpedition No 6m-Sorry! They will also participate in the CQWW DX CW Contest (24-25 November). QSL direct (Lesotho DX Pedition 2012, P O Box 29169, Sunridge Park 6008, South Africa). To cover cost we request a donation of $3 with your QSL card. Please no IRC as it is difficult to convert at the post office. OQRS system will also be implemented just after the expedition. Website: www.zs2dl.co.za/7P8D.html [DX World]

23/11/2012: Pete, VE3IKV, plans to be active as FS/VA3RA from the island of St. Martin (NA-105, DIFO FS-001, WLOTA 0383) between 23-28 November 2012. QRV on 10 and 6 metre CW and SSB. Pete also plans to operate in the CQWW DX CW Contest (24-25 November) as PJ7/VA3RA from Sint Maarten (NA-105, WLOTA 0711) as a Single-Op entry, CQ zone 8. QSL both callsigns via VE3IKV, direct only. [NG3K]

23/11/2012: Yoshi, JK2VOC, will be active from the island of Guam (OC-026, USi GU003S, WFF KFF-110, WLOTA 0064) as KH2/JK2VOC between 23-27 November 2012. His activity will include a Single-Op/All-Band/Low-Power entry in the CQWW DX CW Contest from CQ zone 27. Outside the contest look for Yoshi to be QRV on all HF bands and modes. QSL via his home callsign. [NG3K]

23/11/2012: Look for Shoji, JA7HMZ and Masa, JA7EPO to be active as V63DX and V63EPO, respectively, from near Kolonia (WW Loc. QJ96CX), island of Pohnpei (OC-010), F.S.M. Activity will also include an entry in the CQWW CW DX Contest ( 24-25 November) using the callsign V6A. Before and after the contest they will be active on all HF bands and modes. QSL via home calls, direct only. Logs will be uploaded to LoTW. [NG3K]

23/11/2012: Masatuki, JH1DVG, will be active as V63JX from Pohnpei Island (OC-010) between 23-26th November 2012. QRV on 40/20/
15/10 metres. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [OPDX Bulletin]

23/11/2012: Retu, XU7MDY/OX3RZ/OH4MDY will once again be active from Phan Thiet (WW Loc. OK40BW), south east Vietnam, as XV2RZ between 23 November and 10 December 2012. QRV on 20m to 6m, with focus on the Digital modes. QSL only direct only via OH4MDY. Website:www.qrz.com/db/XV2RZ [DX World]

23/11/2012: Rudi, DK7PE is currently QRV from Vientiane, Laos, as XW2CW. Activity likely to be sporadic until November 27th. Focus on LF bands if possible. QSL via home call. [DX World}

24/11/2012: A group of Polish radio amateurs: Boguslaw SP2EBG, Janusz SP3CYY, Jurek SP3GEM, Wlodek SP6EQZ, Ryszard SP6FXY, Janusz SP6IXF with the special participation of Jean 5T0JL will be active as 5T0SP during the period 24th November to 10 December 2012 from Nouakchott, Islamic Republic of Mauritania WW Loc. IK28AC). Operation on all HF bands from 160m-10m CW, SSB and RTTY. Focus on JA and the Far East. Website: 5t0sp.dxing.pl/ (under construction). QSL route TBA. [DX World]

24/11/2012: The Radio Syd Contest Group will be active as a Multi-Multi entry in the CQWW CW Contest (24-25 November) using the callsign C5A from Banjul, The Gambia, CQ zone 35. Operators participating in this contest will be Jiri OK1DO, Zdenek OK1DSZ, Petr OK1FFU, Martin OK1HGM, Karel OK1JKT, Vlada OK1NY, Jiri OK1RI, Vita OK5MM, Joe OM5AW and Norbert OM6NM. This will be the groups third time in line from The Gambia in CQWW CW M/M. Look for them outside the contest signing C50C (15-26 November). QSLs goes via OM2FY, direct preferred or bureau. [NG3K]

24/11/2012: Francois, F5JNE, in the company of Claude, F5MCC, will be QRV as F5JNE/p on 24 November 2012 from the Castle Assay (DFCF 45-080), Beaulieu/loire (CP 45630), Departement Loiret/45 and Province Centre (DPF 07). QSL via the REF bueau. [radioamateur.org]

24/11/2012: The Radio Club of Faremoutiers (77), F6KBK, will activate the Manor of the Obelisk (DFCF 77-183), Departement Seine et Marne/77 and Province Ile de France (DPF 21). They will be active, to 8 December 2012. To do this, they will have 3 operators = F6GCP (Patrice) 17m/30m CW; F4GYM (Fabien) 40m/10m SSB; and F4GTB (Chris) 15m/20m Digimode RTTY/PSK31. At the same time they will be in the FFF-1219 reference for the Flora Fauna Hunter - Forest of Crecy - using the callsign F6KBK/p. QSL cards will be via the REF bureau. [radioamateur.org]

26/11/2012: Claudio, HB9OAU, will be active from Maayafushi island, North Male Atoll, Maldives (AS-013, WLOTA 3911) as 8Q7AU between 26 November until 11 December, 2012. QRV on 10-80m, SSB only - using IC-7000, and a 7-band vertical by I1UJX and Kelemen Dipole 80-40-20-15-10m. QSL via home call, bureau or direct. Website:www.qrz.com/db/8Q7AU [DX World]

28/11/2012: The Hellenic Amateur Radio of Association of Australia (HARAOA) is organising a DXpedition to Campbell Island (OC-037, WFF ZLFF-019, WW Loc. RD47NL), New Zealand, between 28th November and 9th December 2012. ZL9 Campbell Island NZ is number 15 on the current DXCC most wanted list. The ZL9HR DXpedition team will include Pista HA5AO, Dave K3EL, Gene K5GS, Glenn KE4KY, Don VE7DS, Tommy VK2IR, John VK3YP, Les W2LK, John 9M6XRO and Jacky ZL3CW. QRV on 160-6 metres, all modes. QSL to EB7DX via direct, LoTW and bureau request via OQRS. Further information and updates will be posted on their website at: www.campbell2012.com/ [DX World]

30/11/2012: A team of JA operators will be active as PJ5J from St. Eustatius (NA-145, WFF PAFF-025, WLOTA 1851) between 30 November and 12 December 2012. QRV on 160-10 metre CW, SSB and the Digital modes. They will participate in the ARRL 10m Contest (8-9 December) and possibly other contests during that period. The team plans on at least one station on the air for 24 hours a day. Two stations will have 500w amps and another will operate barefoot. Antennas will be verticals for the low bands (w/beverage) and a Spiderbeam for the higher bands. Operators mentioned are Takayuki JA1MZL, Yutaka JJ1LIB, Naoki JN1RVS, Hideyuki JJ1CBY, Katsu JA1DXA, Toshihiko JN1HOW and Isao JH1ROJ. QSL Manager will be Nao, JA1HGY (direct or JARL bureau). Logs will be updated daily to ClubLog and to LoTW after the operation. A OQRS will be available. Website: www.ndxa.net/pj5j/ [OPDX Bulletin]  


08/12/2012: Look for Special Event Station TM1TARA to be QRV from 8-10 December 2012 in commemoration of the scientific campaigns of the French polar boat TARA. The activity will be held by Francois F8DVD, and Sebastien F8IJV, on 20-10 meter SSB during the TARA exhibit from Paris. Special colour QSL card will be printed and sent via bureau or direct (SAE with 1 IRC or 2 USD) via manager F8DVD. Further information at:www.qrz.com/db/TM1TARA

20/12/2012: Martijn, PA3GFE, will once again be visiting in-laws in Peru between 20 December 2012 and 1 February 2013. During his stay he will be active as OA4/PA3GFE on 40-10m mainly CW and digital modes, hopefully getting active on 80m too if he can get the antenna resonant. Activity is holiday style. QSL to home call via direct or bureau. Log will be uploaded to LoTW. [NG3K]

13/02/2013: Operaators Michael G7VJR, Nigel G3TXF, Bob MD0CCE and Martin G3ZAY have planned an expedition to Easter Island (SA-001, DICE ICE-001, WFF CEFF-027, WLOTA 0319), which will take place from 13-21 February 2013. QRV as XR0YG on all HF bands and modes. QSL direct and bureau via the OQRS on ClubLog. Further information will be available closer to the activation date. Website: www.qrz.com/db/XR0YG[DX World]

12/03/2013: Rob GM3YTS, Tom GM4FDM, Gav GM0GAV and Clive GM3POI will be active from the Tuvalu islands (OC-015) as T2GM between 12-23 March 2013. QRV on all bands and modes, with focus on EU. QSL via GM4FDM, direct preferred. [DX World]

01/06/2013: Special event station CK3C will be aired between 1 June and 1 July 2013 for the 100th Anniversary of Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-1916. QSL via VE3RHE. [RAC]  


23/11/2012: Special event station 9M4SEA will be activated for the 40th SEANET Convention, to be held in Kulua Lumpur, West Malaysia, on 23-27 November 2012. QSL via 9W2TKK. [425 DX News]

24/11/2012: Special event station AU2JCB will be QRV from 24 November to 10 December 2012 to celebrate the scientist Aacharya Jagadish Chandra Bose. Activity will be on 40 to 10 metre SSB and the Digital modes; FM on 6 metres (51.500 MHz). QSL via VU2DSI, direct only. [ARRL DX News]

28/11/2012: Look for special event station CK3B to be active on all bands and modes betwween 28 November and 28 December 2012 to celebrate the 50 years of Conservation NCC. QSL via VE3JPP, direct or bureau. [RAC]

U.S.A. Special Events can be found at: www.arrl.org/special-event-stations  


23/11-28/11 FS/VA3RA: St. Martin Island WLOTA:0383 QSL VE3IKV (d)
23/11-27/11 KH2/JK2VOC: Guam Island WLOTA:0064 QSL H/c (d/B)
24/11-25/11 9H3PP: Malta Island WLOTA:1113 QSL HA5PP (d)
24/11-25/11 9M6NA: Pulau Labuan WLOTA:0456 QSL JE1JKL (d/B)
24/11-25/11 AH2R: Guam Island WLOTA:0064 QSL JH7QXJ (d/B)
24/11-25/11 EA8CUU: Isla de Gran Canaria WLOTA:0969 QSL OH6CS (d)
24/11-25/11 EF8S: Isla de Gran Canaria WLOTA:0969 QSL OH2BYS (d/B)
24/11-25/11 EF8X: Isla de Tenerife WLOTA:1276 QSL W2GR (d)
24/11-25/11 GU4CHY: Guernsey Island (main) WLOTA:0013 QSL Direct
24/11-25/11 II9P: Sicilia Island WLOTA:1362 QSL IT9CHU (d)
24/11-25/11 J34K: Grenada Island WLOTA:0718 QSL LoTW
24/11-25/11 JW5E: Spitsbergen Island WLOTA:0125 QSL d/B
24/11-25/11 KG6DX: Guam Island WLOTA:0064 QSL Direct / LoTW
24/11-25/11 KP2M: St. Croix Island WLOTA:2477 QSL AI4U (d/B)
24/11-25/11 KP2MM: St. Croix Island WLOTA:2477 QSL LoTW
24/11-25/11 NH2T: Guam Island WLOTA:0064 QSL LoTW or W2YC (d)
24/11-25/11 OH0Z: Aaland (main island) WLOTA:1373 QSL W0MM (d/B)
24/11-25/11 P3N: Cyprus Island WLOTA:0051 QSL RW3TN (d)
24/11-25/11 P40F: Aruba Island WLOTA:0033 QSL UA3DX (d)
24/11-25/11 P49Y: Aruba Island WLOTA:0033 QSL AE6Y (d)
24/11-25/11 PJ4A: Bonaire Island WLOTA:1279 QSL K4BAI (d)
24/11-25/11 PJ7/VA3RA: Sint Maarten WLOTA:0711 QSL VE3IKV (d)
24/11-25/11 T40C: Cuba Island WLOTA:0032 QSL Direct (QRZ.com)
24/11-25/11 TF2CW: Iceland WLOTA:2975 QSL LX1NO (d)
24/11-25/11 TF4X: Iceland WLOTA:2975 QSL G3SWH (d)
24/11-25/11 TO7A: Martinique Island WLOTA:1041 QSL UT5UGR (d/B)
24/11-25/11 VK6AA: Australia (main island) WLOTA:1520 QSL DK2BJ (d)
24/11-25/11 VK8GM: Australia (main island) WLOTA:1520 QSL Direct
24/11-25/11 ZF1A: Grand Cayman Island WLOTA:1042 QSL K6AM (d/B)
24/11-25/11 ZM4T: New Zealand (N. Island) WLOTA:0069 QSL ZL2AL (d)
26/11-11/12 8Q7AU: Male Atoll WLOTA:3911 QSL HB9OAU (d/B)
30/11-12/12 PJ5J: St. Eustatius Island WLOTA:1851 QSL JA1HGY (d/B)  


23/11-10/12 XV2RZ: Phan Thiet, Vietnam Grid:OK40 6m CW/SSB QSL OH4MDY (d)
24/11-25/11 VK Spring VHF-UHF Field Day SO/MO/50MHz-47GHz 24 0100z-25 0100z
24/11-10/12 AU2JCB: Jagadish Chandra Bose S.E.S. 6m FM 51.500 QSL VU2DSI (d)
27/11 LY 2.4G & Up Activity Contest CW/SSB/FM 1800z-2159z
27/11 NRAU Microwave Activity Contest SO/MO/Open 1800z-2200z
27/11 The 50MHz Open Cumulative SO/MO/LP/MP/HP 1800z-2200z
27/11 RSGB 50MHz UKAC SO Fixed/Open 2000z-2230z
28/11 SKCC Straight Key Sprint 6m class 0000z-0200z
28/11-09/12 ZL9HR: Campbell Is OC-037 Grid:RD47 50.107CW 50.145USB QSL EB7DX (d)

Contest Calendar: www.qsl.net/va3rj/con_nov.html

GOT6??? - Six Meter Information by Andy 'NEON' Sargent N8OFS at:http://noars.net/got6/GOT6.txt (Updated 23 October 2012)

Information about current VHF activities can be found on the VHF DX portal "Make More Miles on VHF" at: www.MMMonVHF.de/

SMIRK: www.smirk.org/ SOTA (Summits On The Air) Watch Alerts at:www.sotawatch.org/  


As of November 21, 2012, Buzz, NI5DX, is the QSL manager for 4L1AN. Buzz and Joni will work on designing a card and getting it printed. This may take up to 6 weeks. NI5DX will NOT be able to answer any card requests prior to November 21, 2012 [K1XN & The GoList]
QSLs via Bureau: 5T0EU, 8P9HR, EA5FV, EA7GTF, EA8ZS, HB5H, I2SVA, K0HB, LZ9W, OX3SA, PJ4/YL2VW, PJ4Z, RN1AO, SM2EKM, SP6T, T32Z, VY2TT, XE2MX, YO3APJ, Z31JA, Z31MM and Z36W.

QSLs via Direct: 5U6E (OQRS), 7O6T (OQRS), C50C (OM2FY), C5A (OM2FY), D3AA (UA1QV), D64K (OQRS), EA6UN (EC6TK), FG5FR (QRZ.com), JA1NLX/VK4 [OC-160] (H/c), OX3LX [NA-134] (QRZ.com), PJ7DX (I8NHJ), TO2D (HB9EOU), TT8PK (F4EGS), XE2HQI (QRZ.com), VP5DX (NU4Y) and XE1L/XF3 [NA-183] (H/c).

QSLs via LoTW: 5H2DK, CX2AQ, EI3KD, HK1NA, J68HZ, PT0S, SM5AQD, SV1CQN, YI9EO and ZS6RJ.   LINKS - IOTA (Islands On The Air) at:www.rsgbiota.org/ USi (U.S. Islands Award Program) at:www.usislands.org/ WCA (World Castles on the Air) at:www.wcagroup.org/ENG/wcag.html WFF (World Flora & Fauna) at:www.wff44.org/program/wff/ WLOTA (World Lighthouses On The Air at:www.wlota.com/  


Former "How's DX?" Conductor Rod Newkirk, W9BRD (SK) - Rod Newkirk, W9BRD/VA3ZBB, of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada -- who penned the QST column "How's DX?" from 1947-1978 -- passed away on Monday, November 19 after a long illness. Newkirk was credited with coining the term "Elmer," as well as for his humorous take on DX in his column, especially with limericks in his DX Hoggery and Poetry Depreciation Society and the accompanying cartoons of Jeeves by Phil "Gil" Gildersleeve, W1CJD (SK). [ARRL]
Monte Simpson, K2MLS, Appointed ARRL Western Washington Section Manager - Monte Simpson, K2MLS, of Bremerton, has been appointed ARRL Western Washington Section Manager, effective December 31, 2012. Membership and Volunteer Programs Manager Dave Patton, NN1N, made the appointment after current Western Washington Section Manager Jim Pace, K7CEX, was elected as ARRL Northwestern Division Vice Director on November 16. Pace has served as Western Washington Section Manager since October 2007. [ARRL]
Solomon Islands DXpedition - Ralph, H44RK mentions he is planning a DXpedition in and around the Solomon Islands next year via his sailing boat Hafskip. The trip will start around April from Vella la Vella OC-149 and continue through many islands through to Temotu Province (H40RK). From there it’s possible to be operating on many of the other islands on the way back to VK4-land. If you are interested in further info or wish to become a sponsor of this trip in any way, please contact ralph.honiara[at]gmail.com Ref. No. Group Name OC-047 Solomon Islands OC-127 Rennell Island OC-149 New Georgia Islands OC-158 Florida Islands OC-162 Shortland Island OC-168 Russell Islands OC-192 Ontong Java Atoll OC-285 Stewart Islands [AKA Sikaiana Atoll]
UPDATE: Renner will use PS0F during ARRL 10m Contest. Renner, PY7RP plans to be active (10-40m) from Fernando de Noronha as PY0FRP between December 6-10, 2012. QRV also for the 10m ARRL contest. QSL via H/c. [DX World]
V26B Contest Station - Bud, AA3B, reports fire in shack at V26B. V21N in Hospital with smoke inhalation. No other information available. [DH1TW]

UPDATE: Sad news from Antigua: the contest station V26B has burnt out but nobody was seriously hurt, the antennas are still OK, and the ops are still planning to "do something" in CQ WW CW.http://n3oc.dyndns.org/v26b/fire.htm 73 Gary ZL2IFB  
**CQWW DX SSB CONTEST 2012** The following stations have announced their participation in the CQWW DX CW Contest (24-25 November, 2012):
CQZ 02 VE2EKA Quebec, Canada SOABLP(A) QSL VA2WDQ (d/B)
04 VC3J Ontario, Canada SO QSL VE3JPP (d/B)
04 VC3X Ontario, Canada SO QSL VE3SSJ (d/B)
04 VE3EJ Ontario, Canada (always a surprise) QSL QRZ.com
04 XL3A Ontario, Canada SOABHP QSL VA3RVK (d)
05 VC2T Quebec, Canada SOAB QSL VE2TZT (d/B)
05 VC2X Quebec, Canada SOHP QSL VE2IDX (d/B)
05 VD1M Newfoundland, Canada SOHP QSL VO1MP (d)
07 HP1XX Contadora Island, Panama SOAB QSL OH0XX (d/B)
07 HQ2N Honduras SOSB-10m QSL LoTW / EA5GL (d)
07 TG9IDX Guatemala SOABLP QSL DL5RMH (d)
07 TI5A Costa Rica SOAB QSL TI5KD (d)
07 YN2CC Nicaragua SOABLP QSL AJ9C (d)
08 8P9DF Barbados SOAB QSL WJ2O (d)
08 C6AKQ Bahamas SOSB-? QSL N4BP (d)
08 C6AQQ Bahamas SOABLP QSL ND3F (d)
08 C6ARU Bahamas SOSB-? QSL N4UM (d)
08 C6AUM Bahamas SOSB-? QSL K4RUM (d)
08 FS/K9EL St Martin SOSB QSL LoTW
08 FS/K9NB St Martin SOSB QSL LoTW
08 J34K Grenada SOAB-QRP QSL LoTW
08 J75Z Dominica SOABLP QSL LoTW
08 KP2M U.S. Virgin Islands M/S QSL AI4U (d/B)
08 KP2MM U.S. Virgin Islands SOAB QSL LoTW / N2TTA (d)
08 NP3X Puerto Rico SOSB-20m(A) QSL NP3O (d)
08 NP4Z Puerto Rico SOHP QSL N4AO (d)
08 PJ7/VA3RA Sint Maarten SO QSL VE3IKV (d)
08 R4WAA/HI7 Dominican Republic TBD QSL H/c (B)
08 T40C Cuba MOST QSL Direct (QRZ.com)
08 TO7A Martinique SOAB QSL UT5UGR (d/B)
08 V26K Antigua SOABLP QSL AA3B (d)
08 VP2MMM Montserrat SO QSL W3HNK (d)
08 VP2/AA7V British Virgin Islands M/S QSL LoTW / NR6M (d)
08 VP5CW Turks & Caicos SOABHP QSL W5CW (d)
08 ZF1A Cayman Islands M/S QSL LoTW / K6AM (d/B)
09 9Y/DL7VOG Trinidad & Tobago SOAB QSL H/c (d/B/OQRS)
09 FY5FY French Guiana SOSBLP or QRP-20, 15 or 10m QSL Buro/LoTW 09 FY5KE French Guiana SOSBHP-15 or 10m QSL Buro/LoTW
09 HK1NA Colombia M/M QSL K6IPM (d/B)
09 P40F Aruba SOAB QSL UA3DX (d/B)
09 P40W Aruba SOABHP QSL LoTW / N2MM (d)
09 P49Y Aruba TBD QSL AE6Y (d)
09 PJ2T Curacao M/? QSL W3HNK (d/B)
09 PJ4A Bonaire M/? QSL K4BAI (d)
09 PJ4D Bonaire MO QSL W3HNK (d/B)
09 PZ5T Suriname SOAB QSL VE3DZ (d/B)
11 PT0S St. Peter & St. Paul Rocks M/S QSL HA7RY (d)
11 ZP9MCE Paraguay SOSB-10m-LP QSL EA5ZD (d)
13 CW5W, CX2DK, CX3AL, CX5TR, CX7CO & CX7ACH Uruguay Various categories QSL QRZ.com
13 CW90A Uruguay M/? QSL CX2ABC (d)
13 LS1D Argentina M/S QSL AC7DX (d)
13 LT1F Argentina M/S QSL AC7DX (d)
13 LU8YE Argentina M/2 QSL Direct
14 4U1ITU ITU Geneva M/? QSL HB Buro
14 CR2X Azores SOABHP QSL OH2BH (d/B)
14 ED1B Spain M/S QSL QRZ.com
14 ED1R Spain M/2 QSL EC1KR (d)
14 EF7X Spain M/S QSL EA7GYS (d/B)
14 F6KOP France M/M QSL Direct/Buro
14 GJ2A Isle of Jersey SOABHP QSL LoTW / K2WR (d) OR GJ3DVC (d)
14 GU4CHY Guernsey SOSB-10m QSL Direct
14 GU4YOX Guernsey SOSB-15m-HP QSL Direct/Buro/LoTW
14 LX7I Luxembourg M/S new antenna setup! QSL LX2A (d/B)
14 MZ5B Shetland SOSB-10m QSL G3TXF (d/B/OQRS)
14 OP4K Belgium M/S QSL Direct/Buro
14 OY1CT Faroe islands SOHP QSL Direct
14 OZ5E Denmark M/M QSL LoTW
15 9H3PP Malta SOSB-15m or 10m QSL HA5PP (d)
15 9H3TX Malta M/2 QSL LoTW / DL5XAT (d/B)
15 E7DX Bosnia and Herzegovina M/S QSL (d/B) / LoTW
15 ER4A Moldova SOABHP QSL LoTW (by UT5UDX)
15 II1A Italy M/? QSL IK1SPR (d/B)
15 II9P Italy M/S QSL IT9CHU (d/B)
15 LY7A Lithuania M/M QSL LY2ZO (d)
15 OH0V Aland M/2 QSL OH6LI (d/B)
15 OH0Z Aland SOABHP QSL W0MM (d/B)
15 UA2KW Kaliningrad SOSB-20m QSL LoTW
15 Z6/S56A WAE Kosovo SOABLP QSL H/c (d)
16 EU1AA Belarus SOAB-QRP QSL Direct
17 EY8MM Tajikistan SOSB-10m QSL K1BV (d/B)
19 RU0FM Asiatic Russia M/2 QSL LoTW
20 P3N Cyprus SOABHP QSL RW3TN (d)
20 TC2M Turkey M/2 QSL LZ1NK (d)
21 4K6FO Azerbaijan Republic SOAB QSL Direct
21 T6LG Afghanistan SOABLP QSL LZ1ZF (d/B)
21 T6MO Afghanistan SOABLP QSL K9GY (d/B)
22 VU2PTT India SOABHP QSL LoTW, Direct, Buro
24 BA7JS P.R. China SOSB-160m-HP QSL BA7JS (d/B)
24 BY5CD P.R. China SOABHP QSL BD4HF (d)
26 3W2J Vietnam M/S QSL LoTW / K2PF (d)
26 E21YDP Thailand SOABLP QSL Direct/Buro
26 XV1X Vietnam SOSB-10m QSL RW6HS (d)
27 AH0DX Mariana Islands M/? QSL WX8C (d)
27 AH2R Guam M/S QSL LoTW / JH7QXJ (d/B)
27 KG6DX Guam SOSB-10m QSL Direct / LoTW
27 KH0 TBA Mariana Islands M/2 QSL
27 T8NS Palau SOAB QSL JA1MML (d)
27 V6A Micronesia SOAB QSL LoTW
27 V63JX Pohnpei SOAB QSL JH1DVG (d/B)
28 9M2/E21EIC West Malaysia SOAB QSL H/c (d)
28 9M4SEA West Malaysia - QSL 9W2TKK (d)
28 9M6NA East Malaysia SOAB QSL LoTW / JE1JKL (d/B)
28 YB0ECT Indonesia SOSB-10m-LP QSL W2FB (d)
29 VK6AA Australia SOABLP QSL DK2BJ (d)
29 VK8GM Australia SOABHP QSL Direct
30 VK9/OG1M Lord Howe Island SOSB-10m QSL OH1VR (d)
30 VK9/OH3X Lord Howe Island SOSB-160m QSL OH3JR (d)
31 KH7M Hawaii SOABHP QSL KH6ZM (d)
32 TX1CW New Caledonia SO QSL LZ1JZ (d)
32 ZM4T New Zealand M/M QSL ZL2AL (d)
33 3V8BB Tunisia SOABLP QSL LoTW / LX1NO (d)
33 CR3E Madeira SOAB QSL W3HNK (d)
33 CR3L Madeira M/2 QSL DJ6QT (d/B)
33 EA8CUU Canary Islands SOSB-? QSL OH6CS (d)
33 ED9Z Ceuta & Melilla M/S QSL HA1AG (d)
33 EF8S Canary Islands SOSB-160m QSL OH2BYS (d/B)
33 EF8X Canary Islands SOAB QSL W2GR (d)
33 IH9R African Italy SOSB-40m-HP QSL IZ1GAR (d)
35 5T0SP Mauritania M/? QSL TBA 5t0sp.dxing.pl/
35 9G5XA Ghana SOSB-10m QSL G3SWH (d/B/OQRS)
35 C5A The Gambia M/M QSL OM2FY (d/B)
35 D4C Cape Verde M/? QSL IZ4DPV (d/B)
35 EL2A Liberia M/M QSL G3SXW (d/B/OQRS)
36 9J3A Zambia SOLP QSL S57S (d/B)
36 D3AA Angola SOAB QSL UA1QV (d)
36 ZD8W Ascension Island SO QSL W6NV (d)
37 5X1NH Uganda SOAB QSL G3RWF (d)
37 5Z4EE Kenya SOABHP QSL NV7E (d/B)
38 7P8D Lesotho M/? QSL P O Box 29169, Sunridge Park 6008, South Africa 38 ZS4TX South Africa SOSB-15m-HP QSL Direct / LoTW
40 JW5E Svalbard M/S QSL Direct/Buro
40 RI1FJ Franz Josef Land SOSB-15m-LP QSL UA2FM (d/OQRS)
40 TF2CW Iceland SOAB QSL LX1NO (d)
40 TF4X Iceland M/2 QSL G3SWH (d/B)

(d) = Direct; (B) = Bureau; (d/B) = Direct or Bureau.

Be sure to check Bill's (NG3K) website for updated CQWW CW Contest information at: ng3k.com/Misc/cqc2012.html ..... Good luck to all participants & have fun!

73 and Good DX!
Dave Raycroft, VA3RJ

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