WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News - January 13th, 2013 (BC-DX #1099)

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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany


Received four e-QSLs from Trans World Radio - Russian, Ukrainian report
for November 17-24, in turn listened to 4 transmitters, wrote to
<kdobos @>
The same person all the cards. Details gear wrote in English.
(Alexander Zurmala-UKR, deneb-radio-dx midxb Jan 8)

0200-0400  1234567  RUSSIAN               1035   100  non-dir 28,29
1600-1700  1.3.5..  RUSSIAN               1035   100  non-dir 28,29
1800-2000  1234567  RUSSIAN               1035   100  non-dir 28,29

1900-1930  12....7  Ukrainian              999   500  non-dir 29
1900-1945  .....6.  Ukrainian              999   500  non-dir 29
1900-2000  ..345..  Ukrainian              999   500  non-dir 29
1930-2000  1......  Russian                999   500  non-dir 29
1930-2030  .2....7  Russian                999   500  non-dir 29
1945-2015  .....6.  Russian                999   500  non-dir 29
2000-2030  ..345..  Russian                999   500  non-dir 29
2000-2030  1......  Belorussian            999   500  non-dir 29
2015-2030  .....6.  Ukrainian              999   500  non-dir 29

1800-1830  1234567  Bulgarian             1548  1000   245    28
1830-1845  1234567  Romani/Balkan         1548  1000   245    28
1845-1915  12345..  Romanian              1548  1000   245    28
1845-1945  .....67  Romanian              1548  1000   245    28
1915-1945  12345..  Romani/Vlax           1548  1000   245    28
1945-2000  ......7  Montenegrian          1548  1000   245    28
1945-2000  123456.  Serbian               1548  1000   245    28

0645-0700  12345..  POLISH                7225   100   300    28
1500-1530  .234567  RUSSIAN               9495   100    55    28/29/30
1500-1530  1......  BELORUSSIAN           9495   100    55    28/29/30

0645-0700  12345..  POLISH                5910   100    55    28
0930-1000  1234567  HUNGARIAN             7210   100   105    28
1100-1130  .....6   ROMANIAN              6105   100   105    28
1500-1530  .234567  RUSSIAN               7295   100    60    28/29/30
1500-1530  1......  BELORUSSIAN           7295   100    60    28/29/30
1629-1659  .....6.  ROMANIAN              6105   100   105    28

1925-2000  1234567  Hungarian             1395   500   330    28
2000-2015  .....6.  Polish                1395   500   330    28
2000-2030  12345.7  Polish                1395   500   330    28
2015-2130  .....6.  Croatian              1395   500   330    28
2030-2045  ......7  Croatian              1395   500   330    28
2030-2100  12345..  Croatian              1395   500   330    28
2045-2130  ......7  Bosnian               1395   500   330    28
2100-2130  12345..  Serbian               1395   500   330    28
Day 1 - Mon ... 7 - Sun
(TWR Europe, Oct 22, 2012)

ALBANIA/CHINA   7389.977  ALB ART Shijak in Albanian on Saturday 12 Jan
2013, 0900-0907 UTA proper signal at S=9+25dB level, of the Radio Tirana
Balkan and Italia morning service in Albanian heard today Jan 10th at
0900-0910 UT. News read by young lady from 0902 to 0907 UT, items about
ambassador of France to Tirana, culture in Elbasan, Macedonian Skipitar
item. Bulletin ended at 0907 UT. Followed by light music, song of a girl
and boy. From 0913 UT another song by a duo performed.

Similar signal strength of non-directional outlet of the Chinese relay at
Cerrik on 7285 kHz, heard CRI Beijing program in Romanian.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 12)

Winter B-12 SW schedule for Voice of Russia as of Jan 9:

0000-0400  7290 KCH 500 kW 296 deg to CeAM English
0000-0400  9750 ERV 500 kW 258 deg to SoAM Spanish
0000-0500  9395 ERV 500 kW 305 deg to NoAM Spanish
0200-0400 12070 MSK 250 kW 117 deg to CeAS Russian
0200-0500  9480 DB  500 kW 267 deg to SoAM Spanish
0400-0500  9765 ERV 500 kW 258 deg to SoAM Spanish
0600-0900 11635 MSK 040 kW 260 deg to WeEUR English DRM
0600-1000 21800 IRK 250 kW 152 deg to AUS English
0600-1000 21820 NVS 500 kW 145 deg to AUS English
0700-0900 12015 IRK 250 kW 180 deg to EaAS English
0700-0900 21840 NVS 250 kW 180 deg to SoAS English
0700-1100 15745 DB  500 kW 155 deg to SoAS English
0800-0900  9625 KLG 015 kW 220 deg to WeEUR English+Russian DRM
0900-1000  9625 KLG 015 kW 220 deg to WeEUR English+German DRM
0900-1000 11635 MSK 040 kW 260 deg to WeEUR German DRM
1000-1200  7260 VLD 500 kW 230 deg to SoEaAS English
1000-1200  9625 KLG 015 kW 220 deg to WeEUR German+English DRM
1000-1200 11935 NVS 250 kW 120 deg to EaAS Chinese
1000-1300  5900 VLD 100 kW 270 deg to EaAS Chinese
1000-1400  7305 IRK 250 kW 180 deg to EaAS Chinese
1100-1200 11640 IRK 015 kW 224 deg to SoAS English DRM
1100-1400  6115 IRK 250 kW 152 deg to SoEaAS Chinese
1100-1500  9560 NVS 250 kW 145 deg to SoEaAS English
1200-1300  5885 DB  100 kW 137 deg to SoAS English
1200-1300  7260 VLD 500 kW 230 deg to SoEaAS Vietnamese
1200-1400  4960 DB  100 kW 180 deg to WeAS Dari/Pashto
1200-1400  5980 IRK 100 kW 110 deg to EaAS Japanese
1200-1400  9625 KLG 015 kW 220 deg to WeEUR English+Russian DRM
1200-1500 12075 DB  500 kW 155 deg to SoAS English
1200-1600 12055 MSK 250 kW 117 deg to SoAS Russian
1300-1400  5885 DB  100 kW 137 deg to SoAS Hindi
1300-1400  5900 VLD 100 kW 270 deg to EaAS Mongolian Mon-Sat
1300-1500  7260 VLD 500 kW 230 deg to SoEaAS English
1300-1600  7315 IRK 015 kW 224 deg to SoAS Hindi/Urdu/Hindi DRM
1400-1500  5885 DB  100 kW 137 deg to SoAS Urdu
1400-1500  6235 DB  100 kW 240 deg to WeAS English
1400-1900  4960 DB  100 kW 180 deg to WeAS English
1500-1600  5885 DB  100 kW 137 deg to SoAS Hindi
1500-1600 11985 ERV 500 kW 192 deg to EaAF English
1500-1700  6235 DB  100 kW 240 deg to WeAS Farsi
1500-1800  5900 NVS 250 kW 180 deg to SoAS English
1600-1700  5885 DB  100 kW 137 deg to SoAS English
1600-1700  9405 KCH 500 kW 235 deg to NoAF French
1600-1800  5955 NVS 250 kW 180 deg to SoAS English
1600-1800  7390 NVS 250 kW 145 deg to CeAS English
1600-1800 11985 ERV 500 kW 192 deg to EaAF French
1600-1900  6110 NVS 250 kW 240 deg to CeAS Russian
1600-2100  9340 DB  500 kW 297 deg to NE/ME Arabic
1700-1900  6145 KLG 015 kW 220 deg to WeEUR Italian/French DRM
1700-1900  9790 MSK 250 kW 117 deg to CeAS Russian
1700-2100  6235 DB  100 kW 240 deg to WeAS Arabic
1700-2100  9400 KCH 500 kW 235 deg to NoAF French
1800-1900 11985 ERV 500 kW 192 deg to EaAF English
2000-2200  6000 MSK 040 kW 260 deg to WeEUR Spanish/Portuguese DRM
2200-2400  9395 ERV 500 kW 305 deg to NoAM English
2200-2400  9750 ERV 500 kW 258 deg to SoAM Portuguese
2300-2400  7290 KCH 500 kW 296 deg to CeAM English
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 9)

Changes of Deutsche Welle from Jan 1, 2013:

Chinese, all cancelled, no short waves broadcast anymore.
1300-1330  9610 SNG 100 kW 013 deg to EaAS
1300-1400 11600 SNG 250 kW 013 deg to EaAS
1300-1400 13700 DHA 250 kW 060 deg to EaAS

0500-0530 NF  7425 ASC 250 kW 100 deg to SoAF, ex9800 KIG

0530-0600 NF  7425 ASC 250 kW 100 deg to SoAF, ex9800 KIG
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 7)

AUSTRALIA   9475  Radio Australia, Shepparton, pop mx program, ABBA song
"Fernando", S=8-9 only, // 9580, 9710 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 06)

BANGLADESH   Sending a link and also the report for Dhaka 250 kW

Information Minister Hasanul Haq Inu inaugurated a 250 kW shortwave
transmission at Kabirpur Betar Kendra at Suburban Savar today.

The transmission make bondage of friendship among the people who are
residing within 4,000 KM, the Information Minister said.

"Setting up of a new shortwave centre of the country, the nation will go
ahead one step forward and to build up 'digital Bangladesh' envisioned by
the present government," he said this while inaugurating the shortwave
transmission and movable antenna.

Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on the Ministry of
Information AKM Rahmatullah and Information Secretary Hedayetulla Al Mamun
were present as the special guests while Director General of Bangladesh
Betar Kazi Akteruddin Ahmed in the chair.

Officials familiar to the process told BSS that people who are living in
the 4,000 KM, from now they must be enjoy all Bangladesh Betar programmes
including news on six languages - native Bangla, Hindi, Urdu, Nepali,
English and Bhutani.

The information minister criticized the BNP-Jammat government and said
they are not taking any role to development the state run Bangladesh Betar
during their tenure. But the present government has taken a project of
Taka 60 crore in 2010 that help to make bondage of friendships among the
Jan 7, 2013 BSS

.... and the link
(Alok Dasgupta-IND, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 8)

Bangladesh Shortwave transmitter Inaugurated.
Bangladesh formally inaugurates 250 kW shortwave transmitter Bangladesh
Betar's upgraded 250 kW shortwave transmitter and rotating antenna system
was formally inaugurated at Kabirpur center on 7th January 2013 by the
Bangla Information and broadcasting minister Hasan ul Haq Inu.

A Betar news bulletin said that "The newly commissioned state of the art
antennas will help Bangladesh Betar to improve its external program
transmission quality.Built at cost of over 60 crore Taka the transmitter
will make the external listeners of Betar receive its high quality
programs easily." Supratik Sanatani-IND (Via bangladx yg)
(Alokesh Gupta-IND, dx_sasia Jan 8)

BANGLADESH/CHINA/INDONESIA   4750.00  Bangladesh Betar, Dhaka (Home
Service), 1000 UT on Jan 01, is back with nice strong signal. Yesterday it
was off.

Yesterday I received RRI 4750 at 1000 UT. (Goswami, dswci DXW Jan 9)

Also heard at 1140-1618, Jan 02, 03, 04, 05, 06 and 07, musical variety
program with subcontinental vocals before the start of the Monday only
SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) news bulletin in
English. Other days English news, sports, weather, news commentary, starts
with "Assalamu alaikum. 9:30 PM.

This is Bangladesh Betar. The news read by ...", celebrations of founding
of Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) observed and wreath placed at statue of
Bangabandhu (Father of the Nation), songs, 43444, fine at
(Giroletti, Howard, Perry and Wilkner, dswci DXW Jan 9)

Gerade starkes Signal auf 4750 kHz. Klingt nicht Chinesisch, nicht // CNR1
7230; also RRI Makassar? Erkennt/versteht jemand Indonesisch? 11.1.2013,
2225 UTC.
(Eike Bierwirth-D, A-DX Jan 11)

re INS 4750 kHz.
Yesterday discussion on 4750v signal of Makassar Ujung Padang INS around
21-23 UT propagation into Europe, in A-DX ng. Checked noon 1205 UT Jan 12
here, via various remote units in northern Sweden, Moscow and Tokyo units.

Strongest program AHEAD is CNR childrens hour radioplay on 4749.999 kHz.

Also INS Makassar on 4749.952 kHz, noted local Gamelan music in peaks.

Weaker at this hour are Qinghai RGD Xining signal on 4749.989 kHz, and -
my GUESS - Bangladesh underneath even 4750.000 kHz.  73 wb df5sx
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 12)

4750 - Yes nice of them to spread out like that, although it can make for
a gravelly sound on whichever one is actually listenable. The one on
4750.00 kHz is Banlgadesh Betar I got a positive ID on that one day last
week at 12:00 UT. I haven't ever heard either of the Chinese on this
frequency, even when other signals from China are good.
(Arthur Delibert-MD-USA, hcdx Jan 12)

Jetzt um 2345 UT liegt die Grauzone schon bei Rangoon und den Andamanen,
da ist es jetzt schon zu spaet fuer INS.

Die Aokiliste sagt Ujung Padang Makassar Sendebeginn ab 2100 UT, da liegt
Eike richtig mit seiner Beobachtung.

Die Fussprints der letzten Monate zeigen Makassar immer bei 4749.954...952
kHz, auch Anker vom dswci hat sie dort nach seinem Malaysia/Indonesia Trip

Die beiden Chinesen sind heute auf 4749.989 und 4749.999-fast even

Indonesisch/Malayisch sind von Chinesisch deutlich unterscheidbar. Und
wenn dann noch 'passende' Musikprogramme zu Gehoer gebracht werden, eine
eher leichtere Uebung.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 11)

4749.95  RRI Makassar, at 1115-1130 UT on Jan 12. Noted a female in
Indonesian comments. Signal was fair but the noise on this band is
overwhelming at times.  AT 1118 UT a male comments. Signal was fair with
(Chuck Bolland-USA, hcdx Jan 12)

4750  Also heard in Europe at 1701-1707*, Jan 06, Bengali news and
comments - fair with fading and local noise.

7250  Bangladesh Betar, Dhaka, 1320-1345*, Jan 06, Nepali talks, Bangla
songs, 1344 final ann with postal and site addresses - strong and almost
good with noticeable transmitter hum and slight QRM from both sides.
(Mikhail Timofeyev-RUS, DXplorer via dswci DXW Jan 9)

BRAZIL   6180  on 30 Dec at 0115 UT, Radio Nacional do Brasil, Brasilia
DF, Portuguese. Ocupacao das frequencias da Radio Nacional da Amazonia
pela Radio Nacional do Brasil, na programacao noturna e madrugada
( // 11780, // 980), 35443.

11780  on 30 Dec at 0115 UT, Radio Nacional do Brasil, Brasilia DF,
Portuguese. Ocupacao das frequencias da Radio Nacional da Amazonia pela
Radio Nacional do Brasil, na programacao noturna e madrugada ( // 6180,
// 980), 35443.
(Rudolf W Grimm-BRA, radioescutas yg via dxld Jan 3)

11780 // 6180, on Jan 1 at 0637 UT, R. Nacional Rio de Janeiro ID after
promos for EBC services, webcasts. Rio station source is an anomaly, maybe
for the holiday, these normally carrying Brasilia 980 kHz service, rather
than separate Amazonian programming.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Jan 3)

BULGARIA   Some of the programs from Kostinbrod, confirmed by me, with my
comments in Bulgarian language

(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx Jan 3)

As evidence vs Spaceline which denies much of this. (gh, dxld)

Re: KV -13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 31, 41, 49 m
Mnenieot coria, nadal_fan +November 9, 2012, 22:06

History with discussions between radio listeners abroad for alleged
emissions from Bulgaria between 2000 and 2006:

Aggregation of reports, mostly from DXLD starting in 2000y, about strange
broadcasts which may have come from Bulgaria, with Spaceline involvement:

Lengthy forum, with some heated very rude discussions by someone signing
as coria, nadal_fan. Here is just one sample as poorly translated:

"by coria, nadal_fan November 11, 2012, 13:36
First, would you be so kind as to prove to me that it threw the fence of
the ROC "Kostinbrod." Second, I initially began with Deng at 11,510,
probably because they know that it is not here, but what can you say about
Polish Radio as? And the other "alleged" issues? If ROC broadcast programs
in Bulgaria without programming license that outlaw it? Tell me, I could
be wrong.

If you prove that any of these issues in my blog is from Bulgaria, I'll
apologize publicly, on television, even, and I will pay compensation for
moral damage inflicted.

I tell you again, I wish you to fill Kostinbrod emissions, but let it be a
law and order. As for my (and your friend), he closed Pudarsko he tried to
destroy Kostinbrod he stopped Radio shortwave, he slashed the budget and
spend 7 million store-bought brandy and coleslaw. The same man pushed the
twin towers and made the Gulf War, you do not have to deal with him. Come
greet. P.S. Brandy I do not buy from the store. Here is a plum home the

Run Bulgarian-English Google translate if necessary.
LZ2GPB is Georgi Bancov:
(via Wolfgang Bueschel, dxld  Jan 3)
I advise Ivo and Georgi to be alert for anyone approaching with an
(gh, dxld Jan 3)

BULGARIA/NETHERLANDS   6150v  Test Mighty KBC from Kostinbrod site in
Bulgaria on Jan 10/11.

Jan Oosterveen wrote Jan 9:
Dear Friends, Tomorrow Thursday 10-01-2013 KBC Europe will do a test
transmission on 6150 kHz from Kostinbrod (Bulgaria) between 10-12 hrs UT.
The test will be repeated on Friday 11-01-2013 between 15-16 {sic, was
really at 12-14 UT} hours UT.

Transmitterpower will be 150 kW with a HR 4/4/1.5 directional antenna
beaming on 306 degrees.

Purpose of this test is to see if the signal is covering Ciraf Zones 27 +
28 better than the 6095 kHz from M&B Wertachtal Germany.
(Jan Oosterveen-HOL, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 9)

Re: Tentative carrier tests on 6150 MHz.

Guten Morgen, die Dutchmen von KBC haben fuer morgen am 10.12. Tests auf
6150 kHz vermeldet. Costas auf Zypern hoerte gestern ein Testsignal auf
dieser Frequenz und sah einen Zusammenhang mit dem Tuerken in der
noerdlich besetzten Zone auf Zypern, was aber Tosun in einer Mail heute
verneint hat.

Wozu Tests ? der Bulgaren von der Firma Spaceline in Kostinbrod.
Ich habe mal schon heute mal um 1000 UT ins 49 mb hinein gehoert, was man
heute um diese Stunde dort hoert.

Viele Signale UNTER - ODER AN DER GRASNARBE, also nichts fuers

5855 CUB kubanische Zahlentante mit dem sexi Akzent.
5915 CHN Huhot
5930 RUS Murmansk
5935 CHN CNR Lhasa
5940 RUS Rossii Magadan
5980 USA Marti GB
5995 RA  Brandon langer Pfad
6005 Kall, R 700 S=8
6015 KRE Jammer
6020 AUS RA Shepparton langer Pfad
6030 USA Marti GB

6069.993 tent R 6150 aus Rohrbach Waal, der Sprecher gibt eine echte
         englische Ortszeit an, ? ist das eine direkte Uebernahme
         von einer Privatstation aus Albion?
         Wurde das Abspielen von CD Rocksound eingestellt?

6075 RVA SMG, Radio Vatikan mit leichter Unterhaltungsmusik,
     immer mittwochs bis die Bene Audienz um 12 Uhr beginnt ?
6085 Kall, staerkeres Signal S=9+5dB
6095 WER KBC Truck Transport R via M&B, S=9+45dB kraftvoll.
6115 CHN Fuzhou
6125 CHN Beijing Mongolisch
6155 CHN CNR2 Bussiness R Beijing
6170v KRE Kujang
6175 CHN Mongolisch
6190cusb mode HLR Schwerin Goehren, piano music mit S=9+10dB.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 9)

At 10 UT was medium S=8-9 on Austrian-Hungarian border. But even on
excellent amateur radio gear near Munich Nuremberg suffered by tiny
S=5 signal.
Nothing heard on even R70 ICOM rx.

No KITCHEN RADIO like user will hear something of such tiny signal. How
are the trucker radio unit specifications ? on noisy highway transport
lane ...

We know of days heard communist governmental Radio Sofia with 20 and 50 kW
from Kostinbrod in the 60ties, only 31 mb will work on winter, and 25 mb
in summer.

Suffers even on the southern Graz Vienna Budapest location border.

Is not a KITCHEN RADIO like proper Wertachtal signal of S=9+40dB level.
Obviously THAT CAN't work,
a 49 mb band frequency for the Dutch truckers in central Europe should
come frome a central European transmitter site.

I guess the truck have implemented only 49 mband access,
like in past 50 years on Blaupunkt and Becker-Clarion car radios ???

A signal of let's say aged 50-70 kW transmitter from government outsourced
Kostinbrod site should use - at least -
a 31 mb channel in winter season,
and 25 mb in summer season.

Indeed it is planned 1300-1500 UT Jan 11.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 10)

Jan, "The Giant Jukebox" Spaceline stopped transmission at 14 UT already !
So I was much too late this noon, switched on tune in - late at 1355 UT.
S=9+20 signal in southern Germany, better as the morning signal, but on
threshold tiny S=4-5 signal on French-England Channel, in southern

You cann't compare propagation of 49 mb broadcast via 1800 kms
by summer propagation of end March to October !

RRs to <themightykbc @>
(wb to Jan Oosterveen-HOL - KBC frequency mng, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 11)

Today Jan 11 Mighty KBC on 6150 kHz from Kostinbrod TX site near Sofia,
start at 1203 UT. Zero signal in Berlin, Vienna, Asford, Cordoba, and
Barcelona. S=7 in Sekule, Slovakia. Exact time for Mighty KBC today Jan 11,
is 1203-1402 UT on 6150 kHz.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, SW TXsite Jan 11)

Addendum: Jetzt (1436 UT Jan 11) sind sie anscheinend wieder da (der Musik
nach zu urteilen).

... anscheinend wurde der test mit 1400 UT abgebrochen ... auch hier
nichts mehr.
(Michael Kronsteiner-AUT, A-DX Jan 11)

Jetzt um 1444 UT nichts mehr auf der Schwingung aufzunehmen. Nach Deinem
Tip um 1436 UT war das Signal aber sehr KRUMM auf Sendung bei
6150.070 kHz.
Koennte auch ein Witzbold aus Holland gewesen sein ?

Das ist bei den (ex nationalen Govt Bulgaren) aber sehr selten - gewesen,
die sind eigentlich immer massgenau auf der Frequenz.

6150.070 odd frequency pirate on air 1436-1444 UT. Tease funny signal of
Dutch pirate radio scene. KBC indeed can't claim go against the Dutch
pirate on 6150.070 kHz and protest to the Dutch Telecom authority, because
the test from Spaceline transmission center has already completed around
1400 UT, and 6150 kHz channel was empty then.

Jooh, ein Scherzbold aus der hollaendischen Piratenszene, war auch
70 Hertz plus, krumm auf Sendung, und sogar in Norddeutschland staerker
als das 70 kW Signal von den 30 Jahre alten bulgarisch-russischen
Schaetzchen aus Sofia vor 14 UT. Gruss wb.
(wb to Ralf Ladusch, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 11)

6150v Test Mighty KBC, site Bulgaria.
In Cottbus am DE1103 gegen 1444 UT recht gut. Zuvor etwas schwach. Es wird
halt langsam dunkel. Herzliche Gruesse, Ralf
(Ralf Ladusch-D, A-DX Jan 11)

CHINA   9519.985  PBS Nei Menggu in Mandarin Chinese, radioplay at 0809 UT
Jan 6, S=8-9 level.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 06)

UNID. 5969.98 kHz at 1402 UT on Jan 10, tune-in to western pop music,
1404 UT Chinese? announcement, not // 9860 (CNR-1) or 9775 (CNR-2).
Tuned away 1410 UT approx to find them gone at 1418 UT recheck. Gannan PBS
listed here 0950-1400 UT, cf my previous reception of CNR-1 (relay?) on
Dec 24. Anyone else hearing this?
(Martien Groot-HOL, dxld Jan 10)

5969.98 UNID, did you see Nagoya website?
CNR: Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture
Gannan People's Broadcasting Station November 14, 2012
2220-0100, 0950-1400 UT Tibetan/Chinese 5970 3990 kHz
(2300, 1300 UT relay CNR8)

but conflict with XJBS Uyghur 3990 too ...
3990 kHz 2310-0300, 1135-1800 UT.
CNR8 // 1300-1400 UT Mongolian 6020, 7445 kHz
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 10)

Reactivated Gannan PBS 5970kHz. I was able to confirm that Gannan PBS on
5970 kHz reactivated on Jan 10 at 2250-2400+UT. Programe notice at 2250 UT
in Chinese, 2300 in Tibetan, 2330 in Chinese. ID at 2330 UT.

CNR-1 received on this frequency seems to be test broadcast of the Gannan
PBS at the end of last year.

However, 3990 kHz can receive Urumqi and cannot confirm Gannan. I was not
able to receive Gannan PBS from late 2010.
(Sei-ichi Hasegawa-JPN, dxld Jan 11)

Gannan 5969.986 kHz. On remote Moscow unit 'visible' very soon at 1150 UT
Jan 12 footprint of 5969.986 kHz. QRT at 1413:15 UT Jan 12. Till 14.13 UT
noted station music program of Gannan, at 1413:15 UTC Jan 12 switched OFF
the tx, in Moscow S=9+15dB signal.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 12)

Burma 5985.838 / 7110 auch hier, danke Wolfgang, und auf v5970 kHz der
reaktivierte Regionaldienst PBS Gannan, vermutlich Tibetisch, zumindest
klingt es grad nicht nach Mandarin. Langsam faengt aber das Flattern an,
ist ja auch grad Sonnenaufgang in Tibet. BBC Oman im Hintergrund.
12 Jan 2013, 0055 UT.
(Eike Bierwirth-D, Perseus + DX10 pro Aktivantenne, A-DX Jan 12)

CHINA/SPAIN   11910  Jan 11 at 1340, Monitored via remote radio in New
Zealand, Fair signal from REE relay in China with "La Hora de Asia"
program. This used to be a reliable signal here in California, but I don't
find even a het today.

Did they change the relay location?  HFCC reports Beijing, however,
REE reports Xi'an.
(David Williams-CA-USA, dxld Jan 11)

Change from Xian to Beijing transmission center occured,
according HFCC files, in A-06 season from 26-March-2006.

But REE .PDF file editor chap at Madrid never realized the move yet.
How do you rate the REE audio quality via 11910 China relay ?
73 wb df5sx
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 11)

CZECH REP   Radio Prague is now beginning to transfer to the 639 and
954 kHz to 1 hour later with a 0400 UT. Unfortunately cheerful brass
music will not hear in the morning.
(Alexander Yegorov-UKR, open_dx midxb Jan 8)

2541.562   New Year's Eve Radio Special from Czech Republic.
Radio Bila Hora, near Prague, 2010-2040 UT on Dec 31, Czech annmt,
conversation and Czech pop songs. Broadcasts only New Year's evening and
night! 35232.
Website: <>

Not heard on previous 3333.79 kHz. Thanks for tips from Wolfgang Bueschel.
(Anker Petersen-DEN, dswci DXW Jan 9)

According to their QSL (pdf via e-Mail) this was their last broadcast on
SW? The semi-detailed QSL (reported time of reception is missing) provides
a look into their studio.
(Harald Kuhl-D, via DXplorer via dswci DXW Jan 9)

AFRTS was heard in several times with two different programmes on short
waves for example on Dec 31 at 1830 UT but with common nx in English at
1900 UT on Diego Garcia 4319.2 and Guam 5765.2 kHz, also at 1530 UT on
Jan 4 etc. usually one of the programs is with comment or discussion and
the other with music.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 12)

FRANCE/ALGERIA   They have already only one prgr called Koran al Kerim in
Arabic on both 5865 and 7295 kHz via Issoudun France at 0500-0558 UT, feat
nx in French at 0500 UT, ID in Arabic at 0505 UT and sermon (in 2012 there
were 2 different prgrs called Holy Quran).
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 12)

Winter B-12 SW schedule of Radio Taiwan International:

0000-0030 11655 TAI 100 kW 205 deg to SoEaAS Vietnamese
0000-0100 15440 YFR 100 kW 285 deg to CeAM Cantonese/Hakka
0000-0300  9660 KOU 100 kW 267 deg to SoEaAS Chinese
0100-0200 11565 YFR 100 kW 140 deg to SoAM Spanish
0100-0200 11875 TAI 250 kW 180 deg to SoEaAS English
0200-0300 11995 GUF 500 kW 195 deg to SoAM Spanish
0300-0400 15320 PAO 100 kW 225 deg to SoEaAS English
0400-0500 15320 PAO 100 kW 225 deg to SoEaAS Cantonese/Hakka
0400-0600 11640 KOU 100 kW 310 deg to EaAS Chinese
0400-0600 15245 TSH 300 kW 325 deg to EaAS Chinese
0800-0900 11605 TAI 250 kW 045 deg to JPN  Japanese
0900-1000 15270 PAO 100 kW 225 deg to SoEaAS Vietnamese
0900-1000 15465 PAO 100 kW 230 deg to SoEaAS Chinese
1000-1100  6105 KOU 100 kW 310 deg to EaAS Chinese
1000-1100 11520 PAO 100 kW 180 deg to SoEaAS Indonesian
1000-1100 11625 PAO 100 kW 208 deg to SoEaAS Cantonese/Hakka
1000-1100 11915 TAI 250 kW 205 deg to SoEaAS Indonesian
1000-1100 15270 PAO 100 kW 225 deg to SoEaAS Cantonese/Hakka
1000-1100 15465 PAO 100 kW 230 deg to SoEaAS Amoy
1000-1400  9780 KOU 100 kW 267 deg to SoEaAS Chinese
1000-1500  6085 HUW 100 kW 310 deg to EaAS Chinese
1000-1700  7385 KOU 100 kW 352 deg to EaAS Chinese
1100-1200  7445 PAO 100 kW 225 deg to SoEaAS English
1100-1200  9465 TAI 250 kW 180 deg to SoEaAS English
1100-1200  9735 TAI 250 kW 045 deg to JPN  Japanese
1100-1200 11625 PAO 100 kW 208 deg to SoEaAS Chinese
1100-1200 11985 HUW 100 kW 002 deg to NoEaAS Russian
1100-1300 11720 TAI 300 kW 300 deg to EaAS Chinese
1100-1400 11640 KOU 100 kW 310 deg to EaAS Chinese
1100-1700  9680 TAI 300 kW 352 deg to EaAS Chinese

1200-1300  6105 KOU 100 kW 267 deg to SoEaAS Cantonese/Hakka
1200-1300  9465 TAI 250 kW 180 deg to SoEaAS Amoy
1200-1300  9665 PAO 100 kW 208 deg to SoEaAS Chinese
1200-1300 11625 PAO 100 kW 208 deg to SoEaAS Indonesian
1200-1300 11765 TAI 100 kW 205 deg to SoEaAS Vietnamese
1200-1300 11915 TAI 250 kW 225 deg to SoEaAS Cantonese/Hakka
1300-1400  9735 TAI 250 kW 045 deg to JPN  Japanese
1300-1400 11625 PAO 100 kW 208 deg to SoEaAS Amoy
1300-1400 15265 TSH 300 kW 225 deg to SoEaAS Chinese
1300-1500  7445 PAO 100 kW 225 deg to SoEaAS Chinese
1400-1500  9625 TAI 300 kW 250 deg to SoEaAS Vietnamese
1400-1500 11875 TAI 250 kW 205 deg to SoEaAS Indonesian
1400-1500 15180 ISS 500 kW 060 deg to RUS  Russian
1400-1600 11635 PAO 100 kW 245 deg to SoEaAS Thai
1400-1800  6075 KOU 100 kW 310 deg to EaAS Chinese
1400-1800  6145 PAO 100 kW 267 deg to SoEaAS Chinese
1500-1600  7380 PAO 100 kW 267 deg to SoEaAS Chinese
1500-1600  7555 PAO 100 kW 225 deg to SoEaAS Thai
1500-1600 11605 TAI 300 kW 205 deg to SoEaAS Cantonese/Hakka
1500-1700  7365 TAI 300 kW 325 deg to EaAS Chinese
1600-1700  9440 TAI 250 kW 205 deg to SoAS English
1600-1700 15485 ISS 500 kW 085 deg to SoEaAS English
1700-1800  7465 ISS 500 kW 055 deg to RUS  Russian
1700-1800 15690 ISS 500 kW 160 deg to SoAF English

1800-1900  3965 ISS 250 kW 345 deg to U.K. English
1900-2000  3955 SKN 250 kW 106 deg to WeEUR German
1900-2000  9895 DHA 250 kW 315 deg to WeEUR French
1900-2000 11875 ISS 500 kW 190 deg to NoAF French
2000-2100  3965 ISS 250 kW 215 deg to SoEUR Spanish
2100-2200  3965 ISS 250 kW 050 deg to WeEUR German
2200-2300  6115 YFR 100 kW 355 deg to NoAM English
2200-2300 11605 TAI 250 kW 045 deg to JPN  Japanese
2200-2300 15440 YFR 100 kW 285 deg to CeAM English
2200-2400  6105 KOU 100 kW 310 deg to EaAS Chinese
2200-2400  6150 KOU 100 kW 310 deg to EaAS Chinese
2200-2400  7445 PAO 100 kW 225 deg to SoEaAS Thai
2200-2400 11635 PAO 100 kW 208 deg to SoEaAS Chinese
2200-2400 11700 TAI 300 kW 300 deg to EaAS Chinese
2200-2400 11885 HUW 100 kW 002 deg to JPN  Chinese
2300-2400  9660 KOU 100 kW 267 deg to SoEaAS Chinese
2300-2400  9685 TAI 100 kW 300 deg to EaAS Chinese
2300-2400  9690 YFR 100 kW 222 deg to CeAM Spanish
2300-2400 15440 YFR 100 kW 285 deg to CeAM Chinese
2330-2400 11655 TAI 100 kW 205 deg to SoEaAS Vietnamese
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 7)

FRENCH GUIANA   Frequency change of R Japan NHK World in Portuguese to
2130-2200 NF 11960 GUF 250 kW 185 deg, ex11880 to avoid RHC in Portuguese.
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 7)

GERMANY   3995  Dec 31 took over the "Voice of the Andes" in Russian from
0400 to 0430 UT at a frequency of 3995 kHz (Weenermoor, Germany 1.5 kW).
Admission SINPO - 35333. Broadcast program "Conversations from the heart."

Program "Voices of the Andes" is preparing studio "Revelation" in
Voronezh. He also provided an opportunity to confirm reports about the
reception. QSL except I got a letter from them, congratulations on
Christmas and schedule studio "Revelation." That is what is specified in
the schedule, "Hear" Voice of the Andes "every Saturday from 1930 UT on
frequency 13740 kHz on Saturdays. Daily is also being broadcast on
3995 kHz (0700 UT)." Time is not true, in fact, 08.00 UT. Yield the
following transmission: "The history of Christian music", Literary Page
"Eternal Truth," "Forever in a nutshell."

December 31 I received the transmission of "Conversations from the heart."
Transmission goes for "Voices of the Andes" is preparing not only studio
"Revelation"? Then who else? And confirm my report in Voronezh, if I do
not listen to their shows?

Continuing the theme of "Voices of the Andes" and studio "Revelation."
Here's what else specified in the schedule sent by:

The transfer of studio "Revelation" come in waves, "Radio Eli" on
frequency 1035 kHz.

In the broadcast are: "Eternal Truth" by Tue-Sat at 04.05 and 12.15,
"Literary Page" Tues, Wed, Fri 20.30, "Proverbs" Mon at 02.40 and 05.30,
cf. 10.40, 14.50 and 22.45, Sat. 05.35, "News of Voronezh" vt.11.05 Wed.
01.00, Sat. 04.00 and 11.05, Sat. 12.00, "With the song of life" Mon 0600,
Mon. 02.00, Fri 20.00. In the first and third Thursday of the month at
20.00 live transmission "Radioforum."

While it is not clear what set?

Another stated: sms free subscription to our newsletter smsbiblia Bible
verses on a cell phone. Send the word "radio" to the number +79204201300

If Voronezh confirm reports of reception through the "Voice of the Andes",
you can try to send the report for the reception of their broadcasts
through "Radio Eli"?
(Dmitry Kutuzov, Ryazan, deneb-radio-dx midxb Jan 8)

I tried a few times at this frequency. The first time a report sent to
Germany, from there came the answer that was forwarded to Ecuador. QSL
received from Ecuador. Then boldly refer directly to Ecuador for the
German edition. Official report in German. And last sent to Voronezh
studio, as announced in the address of the transfer of Voronezh. Here I
wait, can answer?
(Alexander Golovihin-RUS, deneb-radio-dx midxb Jan 8)

GERMANY   13740  M&B Nauen.
QSL-CORNER - Get email immediately 7 QSL from Media Broadcast for
broadcasting programs Friedensstimme Mission in Russian. Reports sent in
2012. Confirmed Walter Brodowsky. Walter apologized and wrote that their
work only two people and time to confirm the reports almost none.

QSL received from the "Voice of the Andes" in Voronezh for the reception
in December 2012 to 13740 kHz. The card for the location of the
transmitter - Nauen. QSL is exactly the same with the lake.
(Dmitry Kutuzov-RUS, midxb Jan 8)

QSL received from Voices of the Andes for the reception on October 14.
There is a letter. Says: "Thank you for your message about what our
programs since November sent from Germany. We did not know we were not
alert. Concerning the absence of a signal you to 13740 kHz, we also do not
know. One listener sent us from Riga Reception Report 1 December from
1530 to 1601 hrs. (13740 kHz). said details of the transfer.
1601 UT After a very strong interference from the "Voice of America."
Thank you for deciphering the value figures 73 ". QSL to forest lake
in pink.
(Alexander Golovihin-RUS, deneb-radio-dx, midxb Jan 8)

GERMANY   7335  Norddeutscher Rundfunk Hamburg "Gruesse an Bord" program
via Wertachtal verified an electronic report with an electronic reply in
14 days from Wolfgang Heinemann, NDR Hamburg.

Although they no longer have QSL cards, we seemed to promise another card
with the usual verification information. Wolfgang notes: "The North German
Radio and TV Network broadcasts only one programme on short wave: "Gruess
an Bord" on Christmas Eve, just once a year.

"Gruess an Bord", now in its 59th year, provides a popular platform for
sailors to send greetings to their relatives. At the same time, families
are given the opportunity to send season's greetings and best wishes for
the New Year to relatives working on board ships over the holiday period.
To ensure that the popular Christmas programme can be heard on vessels
across the seven seas, German public broadcasting station NDR has rented
short wave frequencies for the occasion.

The NDR - North German Radio - started to broadcast 1945 after World War
II. It is the second biggest network in Germany - and a public owned one
like NPR in USA. We are a part of the ARD, First German TV, have in
addition an own TV station in North Germany, broadcast from South Denmark
to the middle of Germany and from Netherlands to Poland. The NDR owns
further 8 radio stations in North Germany."
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, Jan 06; dswci DXW Jan 9)

Effective Jan 01, 2013, all Chinese SW services from Deutsche Welle (DW)
have been cancelled. These had been broadcast from Kranji Singapore and Al
Dhabbaya-UAE. The only languages now available from DW on SW are Amharic,
Dari, English, French, Hausa, Pashto, Portuguese, Swahili and Urdu.
The new schedule is at:
(Ivanov and Padula, via dswci DXW Jan 9)

GERMANY/USA  [to Kazakhstan]  Nach Angaben von Rumen Pankov ist der
kasachische Dienst des US-amerikanischen Radio Liberty zusammengebrochen.
Seit einem halben Jahr hoere er nur noch Gesang und Saitenmusik, keine
Nachrichten, Kommentare oder andere aktuelle Beitraege. Die Sendungen
kommen auf Kurzwelle noch 1300-1400 Uhr auf 12025BIB {not heard Jan 6th,
wb.} und 15525LAM und 01.00-02.00 Uhr auf 7235LAM und 9790UDO kHz.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, dxld Dec 26)

Checked satellite channel after 1400 UT Jan 6, and heard RL Russian
program "Govorit Radio Svoboda" as "Azattyk Unalgysy 211" satID via
Hotbird 13E satellite.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 6)

GERMANY   6069.993 tent R 6150 aus Rohrbach Waal, der Sprecher gibt eine
echte englische Ortszeit an, ? ist das eine direkte Uebernahme von einer
Privatstation aus Albion? Wurde das Abspielen von CD Rocksound
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 9)

Radio 6150 testing newly arrived transmitter. From 'Radio6150' via Garry
Stevens Pirate/Free Radio Board January 9:

"7.25 a.m. Yesterday the TX finally arrived. Tests will start at the
latest on Saturday.

6.40 p.m. First tests running right now. Power is 750 watts. Please
support us, send your report to: <frb @>
Saturday starting to test with the power amplifier (some kilowatts."

Noted on the Twente online remote rx at 1350 January 10, S9 to S=9+10dB,
very weak and fluttery here, 6005 and 6085 kHz Kall also weaker than
usual and fluttery.
(Mike Barraclough-UK, BrDXC-UK ng Jan 10)

6070  AOKI list shows R700 Kall instead, it's a faulty entry.
Nice cash burn. The British anorak scene is almost dead after 45 years
duration, the Germans prepare new equipment.

btw. bei 2-3 checks - war heute dazwischen auch aushaeusig - habe ich
immer ein Signal bei 6068.900 kHz gesehen ... puzzle.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 9)

6069.993 Test transmissions on Sunday! {via Rohrdorf Waal, Germany.}

Dear Friends,
as some of you might already have noticed, our new transmitter has
returned from the manufacturer. Some modifications have been made, such as
improvement of the frequency stability which now is + 2 Hz, a sharp audio
filter, and increased output power of 1,8 kW - without the power amp.

Currently first tests are running, we are transmitting the "original Radio

Surely they would be happy to get some reception reports:
<studio @>

As a copy/cc you can also send it to us:
<qsl @>

Thank you!

During the next days we will try to adjust the control transmitter to the
power amp. The transmissions will probably be interrupted, but also much
higher power will be used. We would be grateful to get your reception

One more notice on our own account:
Requests regarding Relay-transmissions and rental of transmitting time
with power between 1 and 20 kW at low rates, hour-wise or regularly, are
accepted with pleasure:
<studio @>

Let your voice be heard!
And whoever wants to join a discussion about us:
One more interesting link for all those who don't know it yet:

Here you can receive our station (and other stations) live.
(Mit Dank an Nikolas Ziegelmayer fuer die Uebersetzung)/
(via Martin Elbe   <>  A-DX Jan 12)

GREECE   Early in the morning discovered a new Greek radio frequency
1260 kHz [moved from 1494 kHz Rhodes isl, wb.]. From 0230 to 0400 UT
passed a non-stop music, mostly in English and Spanish, but also
sounded and Russian classics. It was like a Greek music program, and
really once heard the announcement "R. Space". In 0400 UT sounded
allegedly anthem, and then came some news program. Audibility in Kiev
is very good.

In the evening, they are // with 729 kHz. Announcer "no." Sometimes
at 729 kHz against, and by 1260 Deutero.
Were verified by realaudio on their website.
(Alexander Yegorov-UKR, open_dx midxb Jan 8)

1260 kHz - ERA Rhodes web - issues on the transmitter, the signal
disappears periodically for up to one second:

After an update software for my receiver available a number of filters
(and they really work!)
(Vladimir Doroshenko-UKR, open_dx midxb Jan 8)

GUAM   AWR via KSDA has changed from 17680 kHz to 15675 kHz in Khmer at
1300-1330 UTC from 01.01.2013.
(Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS, DXindia Jan 10)

INDIA   1071  MW AIR Rajkot. The new megawatt transitter is operating
continously at 0015-1930 UT as follows, beamed to Pakistan:
0015-0100 Urdu, 0100-0200 Sindhi, 0200-1230 Urdu, 1230-1500 Sindhi,
1500-1600 Baluchi, and 1600-1930 Urdu.
(José Jacob-IND, Dec 26 via dswci DXW Jan 9)

INDIA/CHINA   9575  AIR Bangalore in Tibetan language, S=8-9 fair signal
on Tokyo remote rx unit. But jammed by China mainland CNR word program
relay, at 1230 UT Jan 8.

11774.984  Chinese CNR 'talk' jammer against AIR Goa Panaji transmissions
in Tibetan at 1215-1330 UT, is ALSO STILL ON AIR service at AIR's Nepali
service later at 1330-1430 UT.  Logged on Tokyo remote rx.

11669.966  Strange odd signal of AIR Dari service 1315-1415 UT, requested
is Bangalore tx center, but I guess such odd frequency occurs from Goa
Panaji site instead. S=9+25dB even in eastern Europe / Russia remote
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 8)

INDONESIA   9525.896  Voice of Indonesia, Cimanggis site, in Japanese
heard at 1220 UT on Jan 8. Weak signal though S=6, just above threshold,
bad propagation or used the European beam of 320degrees instead? Domestic
9680v kHz outlet was much stronger.

9680.051   RRI Jakarta Cimanggis, in Indonesian well heard on remote unit
in Tokyo unit. Well ahead of co-channel TWN/CHN both Chinese.
1235 UT Jan 8.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 8)

KOREA D.P.R.   9345.019  Voice of Korea from Kujang in Mandarin, 0800 UT
Jan 6, soldier male chorus performance militarily. S=9+20dB signal.

9650.009  Voice of Korea Kujang overmodulated signal in Japanese, S=9+35dB
powerhouse. Strongest accompanied by two spurious signals of S=9+5dB, with
two peaks on 9592 and 9712 kHz, spur signal in wide ranges 9584-9598 and
9677-9717 kHz observed. 0815 UT Jan 6.

9974.969  "Golos Korree" Voice of Korea from Kujang in Russian, S=9+15dB
in Japan remote unit at 0828 UT Jan 6. Local temperature given ...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 06)

KOREA Rep of   1566  QSL-CORNER - In the final days of last year received
QSL-card from the radio HLAZ from South Korea for the reception in Russian
Nov 181 and Dec 06, at the frequency of 1566 kHz. Card with a photo of the
building with a summer HLAZ views. The report sent to:
<febcadm @>
(Dmitry Kutuzov-RUS, midxb Jan 8)

KYRGYZ REP   30.12.2012 took TWR in Russian on 1467 kHz (Bishkek,
Kyrgyzstan 75 kW) from 1645 to 1700 UT. Reception - 34433. 1700 UT after
starting transmission on Asian language unknown to me.
(Dmitry Kutuzov-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx"; RUSdx Jan 6)

1445 UT En, 1500 Kazakh, 1515 Uzbek Mo-Fr/Ru Sat/Sun, 1545 Kyrgyz,
1600 Uighur, 1630 Kyrgyz, 1645 Russian, 1700-1715 UT Tajik.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 6)

KYRGYZ REP   [tentativelly]   Trans World Radio New MW transmitter in

"As TWR tests the potential for digital ministry, it continues to break
ground in the radio medium that the organisation was built upon. In May
the unidentified Asian country that will be host to the PANI transmitter
was granted a broadcast licence for the powerful AM project, which has the
potential of reaching almost a quarter of a billion people in Pakistan,
Afghanistan and north India. Donations to the major project have been
exceedingly generous, but about 25% of the cost still has to be raised.

'The target to complete the construction is the end of the year [2012],
but this is very much dependent on the weather conditions, on the
suppliers and the subcontractors' said Werner Kroemer, TWR vice-president
of global operations. 'Don't forget: We are installing the transmitting
facilities in a part of the world where even simple things can turn out to
be very difficult to do or to get'".
(Listening World, TWR UK newsletter, Winter 2013 issue, via Dave Kenny-UK,
January BrDXC-UK "Communication" magazine)

MARIANA ISLS  [Saipan]   9810.031  VOA Lao language service heard with CIA
secret service feature at 1240 UT on Jan 8. S=7-8 signal strength on
Japanese remote unit.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 8)

MOLDOVA   [PRYDNESTROVYE disputed area]  Re: Radio PMR Reduced Schedule.
Is 621 kHz really still in use between 0400 and 0900 UT as the schedule
states? This transmitter has been reported as due for closure at yearend
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld Jan 10)

It is now at 0719 UT Jan 10, with Russian music.
(Tudor Vedeanu-ROU, dxld Jan 10)

MOROCCO   9579.139  After 5 months stay on odd 31 mb channel, still
measured this footprint on this morning. R Medit #1 from Nador Morocco
site. In Maghreb Arabic short nx read at 0744-0746 UT, in a hasty manner.
Read by female reader. S=9+20dB in Germany. Gerard Xavier Marcel Depardieu
met Putin at Sotchi Russia palace ?

At same time mass catholic VR SMG 9645 S=9+35db powerful - in Romanian
language, and mass orthodox ERT Avlis 9420 S=9+20dB too.

9710  RA Shepparton S=9+5dB fade in from the westerly longpath via
southern Pacific, Easter Isl, Colombia, via Azores into Europe.

9730.494  Probably Myanmar Radio Rangoon wandered down from 9730.520, seen
peak around on 0755 UT settled there. Under threshold level here in
Germany, no any chance to get an audio signal.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 06)

Some more images of Moroccoan tx sites.
35 32 57.24 N  05 57 46.70 W


Sebaa Aioun 612 / 702 / 1044 kHz. 300 / 140 kW
33 53 58.73 N  05 23 06.96 W


Sidi Bennour 711 kHz 7.5 kW
32 43 32.36 N  08 17 26.09 W


Agadir 774 / 936 / 1197 kHz; 600, 100, 50 kW
30 26 09.06 N  09 38 04.15 W


Agadir, Communications Towers

Quarzazate ex1116 / 1188 kHz / 5 kW
30 56 32.65 N  06 58 25.60 W

Tantan ex657 / ex792 / ex1125
28 27 56.61 N  11 21 13.51 W

Tarfaya ex711 600 kW / ex 1206 100 / 1602
27 56 17.02 N  12 55 51.96 W

RASD / Moroccoan Airforce ? Semara
military airforce 2 x RADAR ?
26 43 58.56 N  11 39 57.59 W

RASD / UN Agwanit Aguenit
22 10 48.88 N  13 08 35.12 W

RASD / UN Moroccoan Awsard Ussert
22 33 03.75 N  14 19 54.44 W

RASD Oum Dreyga mast
24 06 38.96 N  13 16 30.92 W

Morocco RASD border, telecomm mast
21 21 55.96 N  16 57 41.64 W
Mauritania border telecomm mast
21 19 56.39 N  16 56 50.78 W
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 6)

MYANMAR   5985.836  Myanmar Radio Rangoon footprint at 1325 UT, and at
1329:05 UT Yamata tx switched on test tone, into Shiokaze Japanese program
at 1330:15 UT. Logged on northern Sweden and Finland remote rxs.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 8)

5985.838 kHz Myanmar Radio from Rangoon ex capital site, at 0025 UT
Jan 12, nice dark path signal into Germany.

And Thazin Radio from Pyin Oo Lwin (Mandalay Division in Burmese) had
resolved their TX problems of Christmas. Heard again tonight on rather
even 7110 kHz at 0035 UT Jan 12.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 12)

NEW ZEALAND   9765  Radio NZLi from Rangitaiki heard with nice Violine
concert at 0820 UT Jan 6, S=9+20dB in Tokyo, same level also on // 9870drm
mode outlet.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 06)

PAKISTAN   11645  At 1400 UT totally distorted signal of Urdu sce from
Radio Pakistan Islamabad. S=9+20dB sidelobe on Germany remote rx.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 8)

PALAU   9930.006  Voice of Praise (tentat. acc listing), English sermon
via T8WH Palau relay site, S=9+20dB strength.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 6)

Radio Free Sarawak via Palau site, QSY from 15420 to 15425 kHz at 1000 UT
from yesterday Jan 10. ex 15420kHz.
(Sei-ichi Hasegawa-JPN, dxöd Jan 11)

PHILIPPINES   9360  "Govorit Radio Svoboda" US Radio Liberty in Russian
via Tinang Philippines, noted at 0805 UT Jan 6, S=9+10dB strength.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 06)

9919.989  FEBC Manila Bocaue in Koho Vietnamese language.
male voice talk, S=8-9 fair signal in Tokyo. But underneath strong
Vietnamese SIRENE type jamming noise, scheduled 11-13 UT in seven
Vietnamese mountain tribe languages, different schedule on weekdays.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 8)

RUSSIA   Corrected Post, Voice of Russia discontinues Shortwave Broadcasts
to North America. In my earlier post I left out the word shortwave. This
is the corrected post.

I received an email today from the Voice of Russia. As of January 1, 2013
they have discontinued SHORTWAVE broadcasting to North America. Their are
shortwave broadcasts to Latin America which can be heard here in the USA.
Their new schedule can be found at
Steve, NASWA via dxld Jan 12)

RUSSIA   Different programs of Radio Rassii were observed on Jan 6 at
0145 UT as follows: Dubl 2 on 7230 kHz{Yakutsk}; Dubl 3 & 4 on
4050{Bishkek-KGZ} and 6085 kHz{Krasnoyarsk; Dubl 5 on 171 T{?bilisskaya?
- or Bolshakovo?} // 5930 M{onchegorsk} // 6160{Monchegorsk}.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 12)

TAIWAN   9279.994  YFR Pao Chung tx relay outlet of Mandarin Chinese heard
poor S=6 signal in Japan. At 1210 UT Jan 8, but registered 11-13 UT.

9464.913  CBSD Radio Taiwan Internat from Tainan site, in Amoy/Hokkein
languages, S=7-8 signal in Japan remote unit. Noted at 1215 UT Jan 8,
discussion talk by two men.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 8)

TAJIKISTAN   Re: Voice of Russia 15745 / 12075 variable frequ.
0700-1100 15745 DB 500 kW 155 deg to SoAS English (15745.2 Jan. 5)
1200-1500 12075 DB 500 kW 155 deg to SoAS English (12075.2 Jan. 5)

Yangi Yul Dushanbe 15745 and 12075 kHz checked today Jan 7,
signal was rather on even frequency x.000, up to minor odd x.001 kHz.

Yangi Yul Dushanbe 15745 checked today Jan 8 again, this 500 kW signal was
again on odd frequency 15745.287 kHz, and 12075.209 kHz on 1350 UT Jan 12
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 8)

in Russian was heard at 1400-1600 UT on 927 MW Dushanbe-TJK.

Followed by NHK Radio Japan in Russian and in Farsi from 1630 UT (mixing
with Iran in Farsi!). From Jan 9 blocked by re-activated Zakynthos,
Greece. Heard at 0351 UT with SU warm-up pips and blocked at 0358 UT from
NatAnthem of Turkey on same 927 Izmir MW site.

And the question is: for many years the freq of Orzu was only 972 kHz and
now 927 is - typo or use of both 927 and 972 from there.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 12)

Is scheduled in Voice of Russia schedule with 300 kW only:
at 0100-0400, 1400-1600, 1800-1900 UT. NHK Radio Japan has these schedule
rent via same transmitter: Russian 1600-1630, Persian 1630-1700 UT,
and 1700-1745 UT in Urdu language.

927 kHz - my assumption is very strong, these broadcasts via older
Dushanbe Yangi Yul site, not Orzu superpower, latter are all 500/1000 kW
of power.

VoRussia Orzu outlets of 500/1000 kW on
 648 0100-0400, 1200-1900 UT.
 801 0100-0200, 1200-1900 UT.
 972 0200-0500, 1200-1400 UT;
     0000-0200, 1400-2400 UT US Radio Aap Ki Dunyaa propaganda in Urdu.
1503 0000-2300 UT.

TURKEY   On Jan 2 & 12 without any IS, s/on with Turkish National Anthem
at 0358 UT, ID at 0359 UT for TRT Radio Bir - Radio One, pips and news
from studio in Ankara, on 702 // 891 // 927 kHz and at 0430 UT began the
local prgr of Radio Antalya on 891 kHz. On Jan 09, the special service in
Arabic was heard (under Romania and Tunisia) at 1930 UT on MW 630 kHz via
Mersin-Cukurova site with ID "TRT".
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 12)

UKRAINE   765  QSL Radio Mayak/Maiak Odessa. 6 Tage nach einem e-mail
Bericht kam eine sehr schoene QSL-Karte von Radio Mayak Odessa auf
765 kHz.

v/s Stanislav Kyselov, QSL Manager. Abgeschickt wurde die Karte in
Tschechien. Ich glaube, da hatte schon einmal jemand diese Antwort
bekommen. Die e-mail Adresse war die, die bei Herman Boel im Adressenteil
(Hans-Dieter Buschau-D, A-DX Jan 10)

QSL Radio Mayak Odessa. Hallo HDB, Gratulation fuer die QSL, lautet die
Schreibweise auch "Mayak" - wie in Russland auch, irgend jemand hat mich
mal auf "Maiak" in Ukrainisch korrigiert.

So stehts auch im WRTH p379 unter Petrivka, eine alte Radio Liberty Jammer
Station. 60 km noerdlich Odessa bei Petrivka 1242 kHz, kW: 30day 20night,
150m mast, Radio Maiak 765 kHz 100 kW 2 masts (veiled Starobelsk call in
USSR ITU list)
46 59 36.43 N  30 53 48.30 E
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 11)

UK   648   Community Radio auf MW noch in diesem Jahr.

Waehrend wir noch die DRM-Versuche auf der MW gut erinnern, setzt die
britische Fernmeldebehoerde OFCOM auf AM Community Radio. Sowohl fuer den
staedtischen als auch den laendlichen Raum sind Verbreitungszonen von etwa
10 Kilometer Durchmesser und mehr (Tagesausbreitung) in der Diskussion.
Mit dabei: die gute alte 648 kHz.

Mehr unter

(Tom DF5JL, A-DX Jan 10)

USA    WRMI Radio Miami International.
WAVESCAN this weekend: The January 13 edition of Wavescan, which begins to
air this weekend and throughout next week on WRMI, contains part 2 of the
"100 Years of Wireless and Radio in Bulgaria" series, the Philippines DX
Report with Henry Umadhay, and "Focus on Africa: Liberia."

Included is an interview with Allen Graham of HCJB in Ecuador, who is
currently working in Liberia doing radio training and helping with a local
university FM radio station. Allen talks about the importance of shortwave
radio in West Africa.
(WRMI via Mike Terry-UK, dxld Jan 11)

USA   WRMI targets discusssion on dxld.
Just curious, I remember a few years ago WRMI targeted the USA (well
targeted Canada) at certain times. Any news if they are going to fix that
transmitter again? Sad to say, WRMI targets south of the USA and with the
Cubans jamming, it's impossible to listen to them in any acceptable
quality. As Glenn would say, "thanks Arnie".
(gps Blake, dxld Jan 7)

Glenn: Yes, it's the antenna that was causing problems with the

It's not out of the question that we might reactivate it again some day,
but everything works so smoothly on the corner reflector going south that
we don't like to switch it back and forth; that's when the problems occur.
And since frankly the market for airtime to North America is so slim these
days, it just doesn't make sense for us to risk the problems of switching
antennas once or twice a day.

I guess we could use the same argument that all of the other stations are
making these days that most listeners in North America can access our
webcast, and the shortwave signal is more important for listeners in Latin
America. I know that's simplistic and not always true, but it seems the
best plan under the circumstances.

And it may be because of the higher sunspot numbers, but we're finding in
general much better reports of reception in North America than we did a
few years ago, even from many listeners in Canada. Now the jamming, that's
another problem.
(Jeff White-FL-USA  WRMI to Glenn Hauser, dxld Jan 10)


AP, 3 Jan 2013: "Al Jazeera, the Pan-Arab news channel that struggled to
win space on American cable television, has acquired Current TV, boosting
its reach nearly ninefold to about 40 million homes. With a focus on U.S.
news, it plans to rebrand the left-leaning news network that co-founder Al
Gore couldn't make relevant. ...

The acquisition lifts Al Jazeera's reach beyond a few large U.S.
metropolitan areas including New York and Washington, where about 4.7
million homes can now watch Al Jazeera English. Al Jazeera, owned by the
government of Qatar, plans to gradually transform Current into a new
channel called Al Jazeera America by adding five to 10 new U.S. bureaus
beyond the five it has now and hiring more journalists. Al Jazeera
spokesman Stan Collender said there are no rules against foreign ownership
of a cable channel - unlike the strict rules limiting foreign ownership of
free-to-air TV stations. He said the move is based on demand, adding that
40% of viewers on Al Jazeera English's website are from the U.S. ...

Al Jazeera has long struggled to get carriage in the U.S., and the deal
suffered an immediate casualty as Time Warner Cable, the nation's second-
largest cable TV operator, announced it would drop Current TV due to the

The Guardian, 2 Jan 2013: "Al-Jazeera's reach in the US has struggled to
move beyond the few large metropolitan areas, where some people can watch
Al-Jazeera English. The network's managing director, Tony Burman, in 2010
blamed a 'very aggressive hostility' from the Bush administration for
reluctance among cable and satellite companies to show the network. Al-
Jazeera has attracted respect for its ability to build a serious news
product in a short time. But there may be a culture clash at the network.
Dave Marash, a former ABC Nightline reporter who worked for Al-Jazeera in
Washington, said he left the network in 2008 in part because he sensed an
anti-US bias there."

Wall Street Journal, Speakeasy, 2 Jan 2013, reprinting memo to staff from
Current co-founder Joel Hyatt: "As you may know, Al Jazeera is funded by
the government of Qatar, which is the United States' closest ally in the
Gulf Region, and is where the United States bases its Middle East Air
Force operations. ...

While considering this decision, I spent a week in Doha, Qatar, where Al
Jazeera is headquartered, and I am pleased to tell you that I could not
have been more impressed with their operation. First of all, they are
bringing large-scale resources to journalism - something which we have not
been able to do. Al Jazeera has more than 80 bureaus around the world, and
is seen in more than 260 million homes in 130 countries. Al Jazeera has a
staff of over 4000 people, including 400 journalists. Its journalists hail
from more than 50 countries, with every conceivable nationality and
religion represented on its professional team. Al Jazeera is a major
global media player. ...

All of this is compelling, but what really convinced Al and me that Al
Jazeera would be a great home for the people of Current was their publicly
stated Values and Core Capabilities. Their mission includes the following:
Diversity ('bringing stories from the underreported communities, societies
and cultures from across the globe'), Journalistic Integrity ('committed
to the uncompromising pursuit of truth and the ideals of journalism'), and
A Voice for the Voiceless ('promoting the basic human right of the freedom
of expression for people everywhere'). Al Jazeera is planning to invest
significantly in building 'Al Jazeera America,' a network focused on
international news for the American audience. Al and I will both serve on
the Advisory Board of Al Jazeera America, and we look forward to helping
build an important news network."

New York Times, Media Decoder, 2 Jan 2012, Brian Stelter: "Al Jazeera did
not disclose the purchase price, but people with direct knowledge of the
deal pegged it at around $500 million, indicating a $100 million payout
for Mr. Gore, who owned 20 percent of Current. Mr. Gore and his partners
were eager to complete the deal by Dec. 31, lest it be subject to higher
tax rates that took effect on Jan. 1, according to several people who
insisted on anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly.
But the deal was not signed until Wednesday. ...

Going forward, the challenge will be persuading Americans to watch - an
extremely tough proposition given the crowded television marketplace and
the stereotypes about the channel that persist to this day. 'There are
still people who will not watch it, who will say that it's a "terrorist
network,"' said Philip Seib, the author of 'The Al Jazeera Effect.'
'Al Jazeera has to override that by providing quality news.' ...

News channels financed by Britain, China and Russia are especially hungry
for American cable deals. To date, the BBC has had the most success; its
BBC World News channel is now available in about 25 million homes thanks
to a deal struck last month with Time Warner Cable. But the takeover of
Current brings Al Jazeera to the front of the line. In recent weeks,
Mr. Gore personally lobbied the distributors that carry Current on the
importance of Al Jazeera, according to people briefed on the talks who
were not authorized to speak publicly. Distributors can sometimes wiggle
out of their carriage deals when channels change hands. Most consented to
the sale, but Time Warner Cable did not, Mr. Hyatt told employees."

Huffington Post, 2 Jan 2013, Michael Calderone: "'Time-Warner cable shows
abject political and journalistic cowardice by dropping Current because of
Al Jazeera deal,' tweeted Dan Gilmor, a technology writer and founding
director of the Knight Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship at
Arizona State University."

Al Jazeera, 2 Jan 2013: "The new U.S.-based news channel will be the
latest addition to the Al Jazeera Media Network which consists of:
Al Jazeera English
Al Jazeera Arabic
Al Jazeera Documentary
Al Jazeera Balkans
Al Jazeera Sport
Al Jazeera Mubasher
Al Jazeera Mubasher Misr (Egypt Live)
Al Jazeera Mobile

the English and Arabic Al Jazeera web sites Al and Al, and supported by the Al Jazeera Media Training and
Development Center, the Al Jazeera Center for Studies, and the Al Jazeera
Public Liberties and Human Rights Department. As part of the Network's
expansion it is also planning to launch Al Jazeera Turk for the Turkish-
speaking region in 2013."
( via dxld Jan 3)

UZBEKISTAN   6070  Vatican Radio via Tashkent muslim country Uzbekistan
relay site. In Russian language on ear-piercing loud level, nice
modulation. Requested 1330-1400 UT on hfcc database. Logged on Russia
remote rx.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 8)

VIETNAM   9839.871   Voice of Vietnam fair with sidelobe signal of English
sce towards South East Asia noted at 1245 UT Jan 8. S=5-6 tiny poor
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 8)

YEMEN   6135.000  Distorted signal of
ALH  Al-Hiswah SW site
12 49 43.63 N  44 54 11.54 E


bad feeder line, a lot of short half-second breaks in between. Male Arabic
singer at 1340 UT Jan 8.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 8)

6135.000  Yemen on free channel from Al-Hiswah SW site heard at 1349 UT
Jan 12. Boring local music signal of ALH  -  Al-Hiswah SW site. Male
Arabic singer at 1347 UT Jan 12.

9780.090 heard at 1430 UT Jan 12, but from Sana' Station, not from 'red'
ALH  Al-Hiswah SW site.

Aoki list shows no any YEM entries yet - ... no copies due hfcc table
doesn't contain request entries from countries like Korea D.P.R.,
Mongolia, Cuba or Taiwan.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 12)


NY 2013

New Year 2013 on the radio waves:
Observed on December 31st, 2012 between 1057 and 2315 UTC in Bulgaria.

UTC kHz Station

1100 17675 RNZealand, pips, Regional nx from RNZI and just at 1111 UT the
prgr was switched to RNZN in the studio where was happy company with
glasses etc.

1300 11945 Radio Australia, as usual countdown from 5 to zero, sound of
glasses, 'Auld Lang Syne' and company with jokes, phone calls etc.

1400 7310 On Radio Rassii 1st nx was the NY is already in Chukotka,
Kamchatka, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk etc.

1500 6400 Pyongyang, 1450 UT speech by man and lady, 1500 UT gongs, bells,
shouts and salvo - all was some different from previous years: bells,
people shouts and salvo were for the 1st time.

1800 4010 Kyrgyzstan, 1750 UT speech of their president in Kyrgyz and in
Russian (it is maybe the only one ex-soviet republic where the president
each year has speech and in Russian language), 1800 UT salvo, shouts,

1900 4765 Tajikistan 1849 UT speech of president in Tajik, 1900 UT ! Waltz
"Blue Danube"!, salvo,songs etc.

2000 1350 Abkhaz Radio 1956 UT speech of their president, 2000 UT songs -
all under Radio Japan in Arabic on 1350 kHz from near Gavar transmitter.

198 Mayak and 5905 Radio Rassii 1956 UT marsh, speech of president,
2000 UT Kremlin chants and National Anthem of RF.

2300 6165 Chad as usual with delay, this time only one minute: at 2301 UT
the National Anthem, next speech of the president in French.

There were celebration also on more stations like Mongolia, Japan etc.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 12)


Invitation to DSWCI Annual General Meeting 2013.

As advertised in SWN No. 8, October/November 2012 our Annual General
Meeting will take place at Danhostel Ishoj Strand, Ishoj Strandvej 13,
DK 2635, Ishoj, Denmark, on June 15, 2013 at 1400 hrs local time.

As usual there will be a coffee/tea break during the afternoon. After the
AGM, we hope you will join for the common meal - traditional Danish as

There will be no payment for participation, though we will ask for DKK 100
/ EUR 15,- for the meal, to be paid to the treasurer on the day. Beverages
for your own account to be paid directly to the Hostel. They have fair

For members who want accommodation, we have got a special offer from the
Hostel for the night between 15th and 16th June, namely DKK 645,- /
EUR 85,- for a double room with bath and toilet. Breakfast incl.

The price for a room before June 15 and from June 16 will be slightly

Reservation of room should be made ONLY to the treasurer Bent Nielsen and
NOT to the hostel. You will be billed individually after the AGM, so DO

Please note: For hygienic reasons it is not allowed to use sleeping-bags.
Bring your own bedclothes or hire them at the Hostel. Please also note:
Food and beverages of any kind brought along may NOT be taken on the
Hostels premises! Can be bought at reasonable prices. Smoking in the rooms
is not allowed.

There is a camping site in connection with the Hostel. Price for a
camper/wagon with 2 persons is DKK 240,-/EUR 32,- per 24 hours, this
includes electricity, bath etc.

Check-out time on the day of departure is at 1000 Hours local time at the
latest. For further information please see:
Click "Find your way"and see the good map, which can be printed out.

And you are of course welcome to contact the board, if you have any

All reservations for rooms must be received at SWN HQ/the treasurer on or
before May 05, 2013.

For practical reasons we also should like a word from those members who
will only participate in the AGM and also if they want the evening meal.
Please also before May 05, if possible.

Details about the programme Saturday morning and the lectures after the
AGM will be announced later.

If you arrive via Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup), go to Terminal 3 and buy a
train ticket to Ishoj Station.

Take the train towards Kobenhavn Hovedbanegard (Central Station) leaving
from track 2. Do not take the Metro.

At the Central Station find track 11 or 12 for S-train A towards "Hundige"
or "Solrod Strand" or line E towards "Koge". Both lines stop at Ishoj S-
Station. From there you can either walk the last kilometer or take a taxi.

Please note that line E is not running Saturday/Sunday and line A has
destination "Koge" Saturday and Sunday.

Car-drivers who need further assistance on how to find the Hostel, please
contact the board.

We hope to see many of you in Ishoj Strand. (The DSWCI board)
(Anker Petersen-DEN, dswci DXW Jan 9)

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