WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News - February 2nd, 2013 (BC-DX #1102)

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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ANGOLA [VIETNAM]   Today Jan 20, I saw a peak on 7216.473 kHz at 1605-1615
UT Jan 20, most probably Daclac Vietnam? Covered by CRI Russian 500 kW
powerhouse Shijiazhuang in central China on 7215 kHz even, latter a SW
broadcast site also used during VTN vv US war in the 70ties, as feeder to
Cerrik Albania 7120 kHz relay of Radio Peking towards US. {I guess Victor
in Ceylon or Bill in South Africa should check this channel more often,
whether this tiny outlet coming from Angola - or Vietnam ?} 73 wb df5sx

My comment is that Vietnam has returned to nominal 7220 kHz, hearing it in
English at 2045 UT. A carrier from presumed Angola visible on 7216.72 kHz.
It used to produce audio during very auroral conditions even here, but has
probably even lower power these days:
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, dxld Jan 21)

Angola (tentative). RNA N'Gola Yetu, 7216.47 kHz at Mulenvos, on Jan 27,
2013. Sunday. 1814-1842 UT. Something there, but initially not readable.
Aoki and EiBi agree that at this time it can not be Vietnam (which both
say is off-air 1700-2030 UT). At 1827 UT I can just make out afro music,
but it is at noise level. Jo'burg sunset 1702 UT.

Will listen for a while and report back if I get an ID.
(Bill Bingham-AFS, dxld Jan 27)

... and the Vietnamese station in question was of course the Foreign
service tx on 7220 kHz drifting down, not Home service from 7210 kHz.
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, dxld Jan 27)

ARMENIA   {see Egypt entries on midnight too, around 0000-0130 UT}
Now I'll check 9362 kHz a spurious Spanish bcast noted at 0012 UT Jan 31,
and some scratching different spurious signals on 9346 to 9354 kHz.

Now checked Spanish spurs/spurious signals again at 0110 UT Jan 31:

Is undoubtedly Voice of Russia Gavar Armenia relay bcast on 9395 kHz
S=9+50dB powerful signal boost over western Europe towards Central
America. Two single spurious strings noted and heard in Spanish on 9362
and 9428 kHz, and distorted side flank signal also from Gavar
transmission, on 9346-9354 and 9436-9443 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 31)

ARMENIA   4810  Armenian Radio Yerevan via Gavar relay site, heard
folkloric mens chorus on - probably - scheduled Farsi foreign service at
1446 UT Jan 31, S=9+15dB here in Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 31)

BRAZIL/ETHIOPIA   9565.055  Super Radio Deus e Amor, Brazilian religious
brodcaster from Curitiba S=6 poor signal. Two stations het each other at
07-08 UT, noted at 0730 UT Feb 2nd. And another 220 Hertz heterodyne tone
of - seemigly - Radio Ethiopia on varying 9565.272 ... wandered up and
down to x.295 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 2)

BULGARIA   Bulgarian Transmitter site website.

224 photo pictures on Bulgarian transmitter sites:
Hi dear Georgi, - some questions left:
Stamboliyski is real Khaskovo site ? right ?
Sofia-2 is Stolnik site?
Sofia-4 is ?
Sofia-5 is Vakarel site, Blaw Knox antenna LW 261 kHz, and two mast
installtion little souther#y ? (Blaw Knox type, like Stara Zagora, Melnik,
Lisnagarvey and Lakihegy masts). vy73 wolfy df5sx, Jan 30

The program of Radio Plovdiv on 648 kHz used to be broadcasted from the
town of Stamboliyski. It's located near Plovdiv - the second largest city
in Bulgaria. Khaskovo used to broadcast the first program of Bulgarian
National Radio (which is called Horizont) on 1485 kHz with 3 kW, but it's
another transmitter site (~50km south-east from Stamboliyski).

Stamboliyski 30 kW  648 746 1449 kHz
42 08 25.01 N  24 32 21.43 E

Sofia-2 is near the village of Stolnik.
It used to broadcast with 50 kW on 828 kHz too.

Sofia-4 is Dragoman - 963 kHz with 40 kW.

Sofia-5 is the longwave center in Vakarel - 75 kW on 261 kHz.

73! Georgi
SWL: LZ2-004 HAM: LZ2GPB <>  QTH locator: KN22IV
(Febr 1)

CHILE   QSL  CVC - LA VOZ via CALERA DE TANGO on 12130 kHz{arther 17680,
see below}. Full-data 5.5 x 8 in. Special QSL for "Last week of short wave
transmissions August 13 thru 17, 2012" staff, studios, & antennas cds. in
5 months. Received 2 cds., probably because I sent both an e-report and a
mail report, identical except the backside containing the data of one cd.
is gray and the other aqua. Mailed from Chile, but has CVC's U.S. return
address: P.O.Box 2889, Miami, FL 33144, USA. This station was often strong
here regardless of the target. Hard to believe it was only 100 kW.
(Wendel Craighead-KS-USA, DXplorer Jan 23)

Re: CVC-La Voz QSLs
Wendel, 12130? When was that? I don't remember that frequency ever for CVC
Chile, certainly not in A-12, or A-11, checking old Aokis. Hmmm, I do
recall that CVC once used 6065 kHz from Chile, and Zambia too, but those
were dropped long before the Last Week. Had you heard sometime a second
harmonic of that?
Someone else's QSL, I believe Mauricio Molano's, may be seen here:
(L.jpgGlenn Hauser, dxld)

A lot of CVC QSL's arrived also in Europe last week.
Older frequ channel was 6070 kHz. wb.
6070 2200-1200 14,16 SGO  100kW 30degr.

17680  CVC-La Voz QSL Frequency Correction.
Glenn Hauser has pointed out that my QSL for the last week of shortwave
transmissions from CVC-La Voz could not have been for 12130 kHz. as I
reported a few days ago. He's right; I simply reported the freq indicated
on the QSL cd without confirming it by checking my log, which I should
have done. The actual freq was 17680. Thanks, Glenn, for catching this
(Wendel Craighead-KS-USA, dxld Jan 28)

EGYPT   re Koran chanting on approx 9190.96 kHz Jan 29.

Radio Cairo  9191.013 kHz  at 0012 UT on Jan 30: S=9 signal in Germany.

EX 0000-0700 9305 kHz ABS 250 kW 315 deg NoAM Arabic General Sce.
In A-12 season on 9905 kHz instead. Separate program in English
on 9965 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 30)

Koran chanting on approx 9190.96 kHz. Hello Dxers, I gave it a try, it is
the Fajr (Dawn) prayers. What you heard was the preparation for the
prayer, followed by Allah Akbar which is the start of the prayers.

Based on the accent, I can tell this is Egypt, but I need to make sure
about the time of tx, as the Dawn prayers is around 03:25 UT here in
Cairo, so they start transmitting live from a mosque around 3:00 UT. Hope
that helps a bit.
All the best from Cairo, Egypt
(Tarek Zeidan-EGY, dxld Jan 29)

re Koran chanting on approx 9190.96 kHz. Glenn, was Sudan from Omurdan at
one time on 9200 kHz? It would fit the timeframe and content. It didn't
sound as if it was a spurious transmission either.
(Robin Harwood-Tas-AUS  VK7RH, dxld Jan 29)

Scheduled at Al Fitahab
100 kW ITU antenna type #804, log-periodic horizontal
804 LPH 16/33.9/3.1/36.9/1.5/26/600
visible 3 x revolving type horizontals at
15 35 12.68 N  32 26 44.46 E

7200 Sudan 03-22 UT, 210 degr,
9505 Sudan 04-08 UT, 110 degr,
16-22 UT, 210 degr.

Reported also in the past on 11650 and 15725 kHz.
PTT Khartoum was 9220 kHz,
Khartoum Air 9212 and 9231 kHz.
{according Klingenfuss lists}
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 30)

Koran chanting on approx 9190.96 kHz.

EGYPT   9191.018   Today Cairo is  n o t  very strong, only S=6 signal.
Compared to 9965 kHz signal strength in English service, which is S=9+45
dB powerhouse in southern Germany tonight.

Arabic NX 0000 til 0004 UT, Jan 31.
Was previous 2 decades on 9305 kHz instead,
but only in A-12 changed to 9905 kHz channel.

At same time 11540 kHz a proper S=9 signal, BUT VERY LOW MODULATION.

And 13855 kHz S=5 and fluttery, but azimuth is elsewhere, and only tiny
sidelobe propagate into central Europe.

Noted another Radio Cairo broadcast on 9720 kHz from Abu Zabaal site
tonight at 0050 UT, scheduled Sp and En at 0045-0300 UT, S=9+30dB signal
to Central America target, but very, very low modulation, I guess only 3 %
mod heard on my earphones.

Radio Cairo's English sce on 9965 kHz produces a broadband signal on 9932
to 9998 kHz range !!

9191 1900 0700 8,9,27,28   ABS 250 315  Arabic
9720 0045 0330 6,7         ABZ 250 330  Spanish, English
9965 2300 0430 8,9         ABS 200 325  English, Arabic

Compared both 9191 kHz signals of Jan 30 and Jan 31 broadcasts,
I GUESS - the Egyptian engineers reduced undoubtedly the power of this
9191/9305 kHz meant broadcast tonight !

Two UNID signal noted at 0040-0048 UT Jan 31:
9070  S=5 - like Tibetan / Asian Buddist music ?
9255  sirene signal observed, similar like Russian buzzer on 4625 kHz.

Walt btw.
00-02 UT is a very uncomfortable time to sit down on the rx - here in
Europe ...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 30/31)

re Koran chanting on approx 9190.96 kHz
Can't see anything on my Perseus at 00:40 UT, on the WCNA ... Walt
(Walter Salmaniw-Vic-BC-CAN, dxld Jan 31)

ERITREA/ETHIOPIA   7174.987  Voice of Broad Masses from Asmara Eritrea,
covered by broadband White Noise DRM like jamming from Ethiopia on 7168-
7192 kHz. At 1432 UT on Jan 31.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 31)

GERMANY   6045  XVRB extra broadcast Sunday 3 February.
XVRB - The Music Museum - will be on the air on Sunday, February 3rd. The
extra February broadcast comes after the 6045 kHz transmitter failed to
start up on January 20th. Because of that, no Mike Wilson show was on the
air. If you like the music of XVRB, don't forget to tune in next Sunday
(0900-1000 UTC 6045 kHz SW Wertachtal 100 kW non-dir).
(XVRB via Dave Kenny-UK, BrDXC-UK Jan 30)

GERMANY   15215   Thursday 21 February:
Annual SW broadcast of Radio Oomrang (Amrum) from Amrum Island, German
North Frisian Islands. Schedule is 1600-1659 UT on 15215 kHz via
Wertachtal. In previous years programming has been in the Frisian dialect,
also some German and English.
(Febr Communication magazine, British DXC-UK, Jan 30)

INDIA   9704.975  Usual odd frequency outlet in English from AIR Goa
Panaji site, at 2330 UT Jan 29, only S=7 poor signal here in Germany, talk
on poor people and Mahatma Ghandi and Dalai Lama commentary.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 30)

4660.0  A Hindi/SoAsian subcontinent language like transmission noted at
1440 UT on Jan 31. Tiny S=4-5 signal on threshold level heard here in
Germany. Probably AIR Radio Leh.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 31)

ISRAEL   Galei Tzahal from Lod site. Phone-in program in Hebrew at 0645 UT
Jan 29, 6885 kHz S=8-9 and 15850 kHz S=7 signal, here in Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 29)

ITALY   Bozen 657 kHz closed down.
The 657 kHz transmitter near Bozen (Bolzano) has been closed down in
December and, acc. RAI Bozen, the antenna already been dismantled.

This leaves Pisa/Coltano as only remaining transmitter on this frequency
in Italy. For the part of Southern Tyrol the only remaining mediumwave
transmitter there is Bruneck (Brunicolo), 2 kW on 1449 kHz. The
transmitter at Brixen (Bressanone), still listed in some literature, has
been shut down already some years ago due to technical problems, it will
be (or has already been?) dismantled as well. And already in the last
decade shut down has been the 1602 kHz Bozen/Bruneck/Brixen/Meran outlet
which carried the all-day German program from Bozen which now is on FM
only. 1449 kHz has, as 657 had until December as well, Radiouno with short
Italian broadcasts from Bozen.
(A. Dellemann, Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria; via Kai Ludwig-D, dxld Jan 30)

Pictures of that last mediumwave mohican in Southern Tyrol:

Its already dead brother, with an antenna quite expensive for a tiny
2 kW outlet, at least for European standards:

Haven't found any photos of the just closed 657 kHz facility, so look out
in Google Maps, southeast from Montiggl, rather close to the Etsch river.
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld Jan 30)

Rai Bolzano Bozen 657 kHz
see two MW masts and NDB flight route radio antenna at
46 24 16.82 N  11 17 27.35 E
zoom in
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 30)

ITALY   Italy More Italian MW frequencies to close? On 14 December, local
newscasts in at least 12 out of 20 Italian regions informed listeners
about frequency changes and/or the closure of mediumwave broadcasts. The
announcement was aired only once but worries are growing about a possible
winding up of all MW operations by RAI. The RAI mediumwave network was
starkly reduced in 2006, and earlier last year also when Naples (657 kHz)
and Bari (1116 kHz), two historical stations, were dismantled. Sources
agree that 6 to 12 stations are to survive but no official information is
available nor is any announcement repeated. Italradio was able to confirm
that Pisa Coltano on 657 kHz will continue; plans have been prepared to
use it for DRM experiments. Italian mediumwave stations are operated by
RAI under the provisions of a state mandate as a part of general public
broadcasting service. Nevertheless a list of mandatory MW stations is not
Italradio report on AWR Wavescan 20 January.
(Febr Communication magazine, British DXC-UK, Jan 30)

KOREA D.P.R.   Voice of Korea - new Internet homepage.
Korean Central Broadcasting Station KCBS from Pyongyang, DPR Korea
(North), announce the opening of the new Internet homepage "Great National
Unity" of Pyongyang Pangsong (Pyongyang Broadcasting Station - PBS)

The homepage will open on 1 February 2013. They have started announcing it
today in their Home Service programmes and also in their broadcasts for
abroad. The event is even announced via the foreign language services of

The English announcement is under

The Korean announcement can be found under

73s & good listening from

Arnulf Piontek
Berlin, Germany
(Jan 29)

29-JAN-2013: replace LBJ by LNC Libyan National Broadcast Channel
(ITU Jan 29)

MOLDOVA   [PRIDNESTROVIE disputed area]  11560  Dimtse Radio Erena in Afar
[to Eritrea, Ethiopia and Djibouti], on Jan 27 at 1700 UT via Grigoriopol
Maiac Moldova relay. Full ID by OM. OM talk, at 1708 UT local pop music.
At 1711 UT listener on the phone, smiles. Good signal in remote radio from
Twente, NL university. No signal in my QTH in Brazil.
(Jorge Freitas-BRA, hcdx Jan 27)

MYANMAR   Re: Myanmar testing ?
Myanmar with Myanmarese program on 7185 kHz (strong) // 7200 and 7215 kHz
(moderate) at 1110 UT on 27th January 2013. Abrupt sign off on all three
freq at 1120 UT. Babul Gupta noticed poor signals in the morning on 9730
kHz with similar abrupt sign off. Is Myanmar testing?
(Supratik Sanatani-IND, dxld Jan 27)

Indeed yes it certainly seemed Myanmar Radio was doing something different
on Jan 27. Heard almost fair reception at 1103 UT till sign off at 1120 UT
(just as you noted), on 7200.1 kHz, but with two audio feeds. A primary
(strong) audio that I found // 5985.83 kHz (which continued on past 1120
UT) and underneath a different secondary (much weaker) audio which I
assume was also from them. I was unable to hear the spur that I normally
catch on 7185.84 kHz when 7200.1 kHz is broadcasting. Do not recall ever
finding the two frequencies in // before, so seems they are doing some
testing. Worth doing more monitoring.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld Jan 27)

5985.809  Myanmar Radio Ragoon suffers co-channel 5985 even broadcast of
Shiokaze (Sea-Breeze) from Yamata, heard til final 1429 UT announcement,
Thursdays in Japanese. After that, Rangoon transmission appeared alone on
the channel, but heard far in the background some North Korean bubble
jamming signal !
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 31)

NEW ZEALAND   Updated B-12 SW schedule of RNZI in English as of Jan 30:
0459-0650 11725 RAN 050 kW 000 deg to All Pacific AM
0459-0650 13730 RAN 025 kW 000 deg to All Pacific DRM
0651-0758 11725 RAN 050 kW 000 deg to Tonga AM
0651-0758 11675 RAN 035 kW 000 deg to Tonga DRM
0759-1058  9765 RAN 050 kW 000 deg to All Pacific AM
0759-1058  9870 RAN 025 kW 000 deg to All Pacific DRM
1059-1259 NF15720 RAN 100 kW 325 deg to Timor,NW Pacific AM, ex17675
1059-1259  9870 RAN 025 kW 000 deg to All Pacific DRM
1300-1550  5950 RAN 050 kW 000 deg to All Pacific AM
1551-1650  9765 RAN 100 kW 035 deg to Cook Isl,Samoa,Fiji AM
1551-1650 NF 7285 RAN 035 kW 035 deg to Cook Isl,Samoa,Fiji DRM, ex9630
1651-1850  9765 RAN 100 kW 035 deg to Cook Isl,Samoa,Fiji AM
1651-1850  9630 RAN 035 kW 035 deg to Cook Isl,Samoa,Fiji DRM
1851-2050 NF11725 RAN 050 kW 035 deg to Niue,Tonga,Samoa AM,  ex15720
1851-2050 NF15720 RAN 025 kW 035 deg to Niue,Tonga,Samoa DRM, ex17675
2051-2150 NF15720 RAN 050 kW 000 deg to Solomon Islands  AM,  ex17675
2051-2150 NF17675 RAN 025 kW 000 deg to Solomon Islands DRM,  ex15720
2151-0458 15720 RAN 050 kW 000 deg to All Pacific AM
2151-0458 17675 RAN 025 kW 000 deg to All Pacific DRM.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 30)

PALAU/ROMANIA/MALAYSIA    Radio Free Sarawak and Radio Kenyalang.
Radio Kenyalang

"On a police report lodged against Radio Kenyalang by PRS Youth recenntly,
Sng said as far as SWP was concerned, the party did not breach any law.

"What's there to comment? If we're implicated in the police report, let
the police do their investigation.

"I've not seen the police report and I don't want to comment on something
unnecessary," he said.

Besides, Sng said, there was no law in the country stopping a shortwave
radio from broadcasting internationally."

"KUCHING: Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud describes Radio Free
Sarawak (RFS) as a 'naughty one' who has no respect for the truth.

Masing added that Radio Free Sarawak and Radio Kenyalang must be stopped
to prevent others from following suit."

(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer Jan 27)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA   7325  Logged R. Wantok Light from New Guinea, the
current offset is 41 Hertz minus:

7324.959 kHz, measured around 0645-0700 UT Jan 27. Noted endless sweet
South Sea music. Used the remote SDR unit in downunder Australia.

At 0702-0703 UT announcement by female, followed by woman chorus in
Vernacular til 0706 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 27)

PORTUGAL   720  Luis Carvalho has just joined the group as our 70th member
- quite a milestone. A spin-off from this is that I am OK to reproduce the
article which Luis posted on mwdx yesterday.Thanks to Luis for his expert
local knowledge.

"Hello all, According to user "TMG", who reported this info. in the
Portuguese Yahoo! Group "Mundo da Radio"
the tower for Antena 1 in Miramar (V. N. Gaia - near Oporto) didn't
survive the storms which affected Portugal mainland two weeks ago.

As the tx in Valenca (666 kHz) has been inactive since August 2011, MW
coverage of Antena 1 in the Northwest of the country is currently much
reduced. Re. Valenca, RTP 's technical dept. has been delaying this
question, because the old transmitter suffered an irreparable breakdown
and the public radio is facing budgetary limitations. I hope the tx in
Miramar doesn't get the very same treatment as the ones in Madeira
archipelago and the tx in Pico da Barrosa (Azores)..."
(via Dan Goldfarb mwmasts)

Re: Radios affected by temporal (TOWER FALL MF / OM 720 kHz - Antena 1

So it is expensive Gilberto Fialho.
Unfortunately, besides the operators said, there is still register the
fall of the tower MF / OM Antena 1, Miramar (VN Gaia), 720 kHz 10 kW, on
19 January. The structure was on the ground and there is undone, without,
of course, signal from the tx. the frequency in question.

The entire northern coast is without Medium Wave Antenna 1, if we recall
that the tx. Valencia no longer issues for about a year and a half, for
failure ... Greetings.

The radios affected by the storm that swept across the country in the week
now, stand out and Hiper FM Radio Yes that Rio Maior lost tower is shared
by both. It was also the case of Radio Don Fuas (Porto de Mos) and
apparently the Issuer's Regional Resende. More serious was the fall of the
tower in the hills of Lousa of Commercial Radio.

The Commercial is allegedly broadcasting on 90.8 with radiant elements
reserve. Of course the radio coverage in the central region was half
limited, since as we know 90.8 serves the entire region, including Leiria,
Coimbra, Viseu and Aveiro. Despite the relays Aveiro 92.2, 94.3 Viseu and
Leiria 89.0, there are many councils in the region to listen harm national
radio of Media Capital.
(Gilberto Fialho-POR, mundo_da_radio Jan 27)

Porto Miramar location at
41 04 36.65 N  08 39 16.40 W

PORTUGAL   Short Wave Portugal kills for sure.
Altho off the air for a few years, the final decision had not Been Reached
whether to resume any RDP SW broadcasts. Now it has (gh, dxld)

Portuguese Minister announces definitive end Relvas emissions January 29,

The Government decided to end emissions of short-wave and RDP RTP present
administration in March of a restructuring plan Where is working "for many
months," said the minister today Miguel Relvas.

"This plan is at an advanced stage, it would be possible Submitted on
March 1, if you were not at an advanced stage, " Said the Deputy Minister
and Parliamentary Affairs, today this The parliamentary committee for
Ethics, Citizenship and the Communication, under a request potestative
Party Socialist on the future of RTP and television public service.

This plan will culminate in a new relationship between the state and the
station Public television. The minister said, accordingly, that the
Government Must change the current concession contract with public service
RTP. "We'll have to make a change to the contract, which is in Force until
2019, "he announced.

In the same intervention responses to questions posed by various MPs, the
minister also ensured that the board RTP is "mandated to search for a "
technology partner and that this is not defined" a priori ".

"Is not there any public-private partnership," said Relvas, a Reaction to
an expression used by Cecilia Honorius, Block Left. "The RTP produces
content, content adds," need a Technology partner to help her find new
solutions emission And dissemination of content, said the minister.

The final decision to terminate the expected utility in Law on Radio and
on public radio keeping obligations issued in Shortwave, Relvas clearly
announced: "We will eliminate shortwave, There is no way we will make the
necessary legislative changes. "

Relvas finally thwarted all attempts by MPs Opposition to quantify the
number of redundancies will involve RTP's restructuring plan, said that
would be answered by Plan of the board, correcting still elements That it
had before over the costs with company personnel. There are 90 million,
equivalent to 35% of operating costs The company said Relvas.

The Deputy Minister and Parliamentary Affairs today revealed that RTP Will
resort to the issuance of debt in the order of 42 Million from commercial
banks to finance a plan "Processing the" one action "without recourse to
the state budget."
Source: Lusa / SOL
(via John Costa-POR, radioescutas yg via dxld Jan 29)

RUSSIA   11610 kHz  Proper S=9+40dB signal, Tatarstan Radio Kazan via
Samara-RUS site requested 0810-0900 UT. Very, very early, noted already on
warm-up from around 0740 UT on the air ! No opening procedure - only two
very short Pip tones heard at 0755 UT.

But that open carrier signal is much BASSY. On each sideband 12 x 50 Hertz
away distance peaks on 1200 Hertz band in total, like a garden fence noted
each side. Only the first 50 Hertz peak next to carrier is suppressed.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 27)

RUSSIA    Re Febr BrDXC - Communication magazine.
Further observations on Voice of Russia's schedule since 1 January
indicate that five SW transmitter sites in Russia may now have closed:

Chita, Krasnodar (Armavir)*, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Samara*, St

Shortwave transmitter sites still on the air are Moscow (Taldom),
Kaliningrad (Bolshakovo), Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Vladivostok. Voice of
Russia is also still using SW transmitters in Dushanbe (Tajikistan),
Grigoriopol (Moldova) and Gavar (Armenia).

* Slight correction for future SW sites usage:

Krasnodar (Armavir) is used for DRM mode transmissions in summer 2013, and
also in B-12 6005 / A-13 7325 kHz outlets of Adygeyan Radio Maykop to
Circassian language spoken natives in Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Israel, and
Macedonia; Sun, Mon and Fris only.

Samara is still used, and also in summer 2013 for three cultural
folkloristic Tatar Radio broadcasts daily, originate from Kazan Tatarstan
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 30)

SLOVENIA   1170  Radio Capodistria, the Italian language station serving
Italian communities in Slovenia and Croatia, will extend broadcasts to
24 hours daily. As from 1 January 2013, Italian programs cover also the
nightly hours, from 2300-0500 UT.

This will present a new opportunity for listeners to hear Italian
broadcasts on 1170 kHz.

This station, part of the regional Studio Koper- Capodistria of RTV
Slovenia, has extended their control system, enabling it to automatically
repeat broadcasts at night in two segments 1900-2300 and 2300-0500 UT.
Music and repeats of daily broadcasts will be included. Italian
communities scattered in Istria, Dalmatia and Fiume (Rijeka) regions
became a national minority after the area was included in former
Yugoslavia at the end of World War II.

The MW station in Croce Bianca (Beli Kriz by Pirano - Piran, Istria) is
operated by Radio Capodistria (1170 kHz) and its Slovenian sister station
Radio Koper (549 kHz) with 15 kW. Listeners confirm that it can be heard
as far as Central and Southeastern Italy and the eastern Adriatic Coast.
Italradio report on AWR Wavescan, 20 January.
(Febr Communication magazine, British DXC-UK, Jan 30)

SOLOMON ISLS   5019.9  SIBC at 1026 to 1120 UT, island music and chat
noted for this first time this season 24 Jan, and 25 Jan same time.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, dxld Jan 27)

TAIWAN   Saturday 16 February:
First test transmissions from 1600 to 1800 UT from new SW station in
Taiwan, run by PCJ Media (Keith Perron). Frequencies to be announced.
<pcj @>
(Febr Communication magazine, British DXC-UK, Jan 30)

TAIWAN    PCJ shortwave transmitters to test Press release: The first
phase of PCJ's own relay is completed. There are four phases to be
completed until the station will be up and running to full capacity.
Technical Data: 1 /20 kW. 1/5 kW. 2/1 kW.

2/curtain type antennas. 2/horizontal dipole type antennas. 4/Orban

On 16 February 2013 we will conduct our first test, at 1600-1800 UT. The
test will be done using the 2/1 kW transmitters. Both will be directed to
SE China. One frequency to be directed to Fujian Province and the second
frequency directed to Guangxi Province.

Frequencies for this test will be published closer to the date of
transmission. We have been given permission to use out of band
frequencies. At the moment we are looking at around 12100 to 12500 kHz and
11400 to 11500 kHz. This was decided since these will be running 1 kW and
to reduce any type of interference it would be better to transmit in this
range. For more information please contact
<pcj @>
(Keith Perron, PCJ Media, 14 January)

The very first transmitter test was conducted on 26 January at 1705 UTC on
12170 kHz.
Keith Perron PCJ Media Facebook.
(Febr Communication magazine, British DXC-UK, Jan 30)

TAIWAN / CHINA mainland
Some of the SOH word program channels were also covered by China word
jammer of CNR program. 0900-1100 UT Febr 1st.

Check of FIREDRAKE jamming and SOH operations from Taiwan.
FIREDRAKE Chinese jamming music on
12980# 14370 14980 15870 16100 16920 17080 17170 17370 18250 kHz.
# different stream location, partly firedrake music jamming,
partly spoken CNR jammer?

SOH word program only, on
10960 11230 11300 12230 12320 12370 12500 12670 12800 13270 13350 13530
13970 14750 14800 14870 15800 15900 16250 16360 16600 17250 17300 17900
19970 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 1)

TAJIKISTAN   4765.054  Tajik Radio 1 home service from Yangi Yul site,
flute mx at 1444 UT Jan 31, S=8-9 signal here in Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 31)

U.K.    Woofferton now also on 75 mb. New era for Woofferton UK site.
Since 1943 the HF station at Woofferton has had the capability to transmit
from 6 to 22 MHz. In 2007 a new array was built with 26 MHz capability but
no programmes have been aired on 26 Megs so far. (Lack of propagation!)

However from 0500 on 1st Feb the site will be on 4 MHz for the first time
running DRM digital radio on 3955 kHz at 100 kW.

A new 4 MHz array, A935 has just been erected replacing a 21 MHz array on
114*. It is a HR 1/0.3

Slowly the rest of the 4 MHz (AM) transmissions from the Skelton A site
will be transferred to WOF.
73 Dave

[later]  re New era for Woofferton UK.
After talking to my colleagues at SKN they have been told by the station
management that the RIZ 250 kW sender (S61) will be removed by RIZ
engineers in the next three months and shipped to the Babcock-operated
Singapore site.

The remaining two MWT BD272 senders not yet dismantled and scrapped (like
the rest there) will be scrapped as well, so when that happens SKA will be
silent totally.

That leaves SKN-C (6 x MCSL B6126) senders in operation in Cumbria.
Dave G4OYX

[later]  Let me explain, - What is now known as Skelton A was built in
1942 and housed 6 x MWT SWB 18 100 kW senders it was known by its wartime
code name of OSE8 (Overseas Station Extension 8) until about 1960.

SKA is on the eastern side of the Skelton Pastures approx 600 acre site.

Again in 1942 was built OSE9, known as Skelton B from 1960, this housed
6 x dual channel 110 / 70 kW STC senders until closure in 1993.

This was situated about a mile from SKA on the south side of the site.
Both SKA and SKB had separate antenna systems and power supplies.
SKB is now returned to a greenfield site, there is no evidence of the

Skelton C replaced SKB in 1993 and is on the west side of the site. It had
4 x MCSL B6126 senders to begin with and after Daventry closure had two
more B6126 added from there. I hope that helps !
(David Porter-UK  G4OYX, SW TXsite Jan 31/Febr 1)

Planned 3955 kHz at 0400-0600 with 100 kW DRM Mix and 2000-2130 UT with
250 kW in AM mode KBS relay in English.

All BAB activities move to WOF.  21.5 transmission hours of Skelton site
in B-12 will be moved to Woofferton site in A-13, incl KBS Seoul relay,
FEBA Radio, and BBC transmissions in English, French, Arabic and Tamil
langs. (wb)

VIETNAM   9839.86  VOVTN Hanoi on January 27 - 1973 anniversary. Hard to
believe it is the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Paris Peace
Accord! In English with a detailed history and commentary about the Paris
Accord; many sound bites in French from journalists who covered the story
back then; 1135 to 1147 UT; good with very strong signal; // 12019.2 kHz.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld Jan 27)


WRTHmonitor contains news items for the National Radio section of WRTH and
other reference items. The updates are posted up to August each year. They
consist of selected items supplied to us by our contributors, some other
items of interest, and corrections to the previous edition of WRTH. These
entries relate to the 2013 edition.

Uploaded 25 January 2013:

BULGARIA   Despite being planned to stop, R. Stara Zagora continues to
transmit on 873 kHz 24hrs.

HUNGARY   MR6 regional network and MR7 have been replaced by Danko Radio
on MW 1116, 1251 and 1350 kHz & on existing FM frequencies + new Budapest
98.6 MHz. Schedule on MW 0330 (Sat/Sun 0400)-2005 UT, FM 24hrs.
Web: <>

INDONESIA   RRI Nabire is reported irregularly on 6125 kHz between 0500-
0900v and on 7290 kHz between 0900-1500v UT.

RUSSIA   R. Rossii transmitter Vologochan on 162 kHz has been closed.
R. Rossii, Chita is reported inactive on 261 kHz.


ARMENIA   Armenia doesn't observe summer time in 2012.

GREECE   Closing of some medium wave transmitters has been cancelled:
Athens 981 kHz and Tripolis 1314 kHz are back on the air. Also
Thessaloniki 1179 kHz is back, but carrying RSM 1, which was formerly on
1044 kHz.

TAIWAN   The following Ching Cha BS transmitters are planned to close in
November {2012}: Taichung 702 kHz, Hualien/Ilan 990 kHz, Hsinchu/Kaohsiung
1116 kHz, Taitung 1125 kHz and Taipei 1260 kHz.

MYANMAR   A new regional radio station, Thazin Radio has started operation
in Pyin Oo Lwin, Mandalay acc. to the following schedule: 2330-0130
Burmese & 0130-0200 English on 639 & 6030 kHz, 0430-0630 English on 639 &
9460 kHz and 1030-1430 Burmese & 1430-1500 English on 639 & 7110
kHz.Transmissions in other major ethnic languages: 2330-0130 on 7110 kHz,
0130-0330 on 9590 kHz, 0430-0830 on 9590 kHz and 1030-1330 on 7345 kHz.

CHINA   A new 600 kW transmitter in Ji'an is reported to have started
operation on 1170 kHz with CNR1 programming.

VANUATU   R. Vanuatu has 2 x 10 kW shortwave transmitters, operating
currently on 3945 kHz between 1825-0035 & 0525-1230 and on 7260 kHz
between 2125-0735. Times may vary. New web site is under construction at
(WRTH spring Update on pdf file Jan 22)

Best regards,

Michael Bethge

Postfach 1214
D-61282 Bad Homburg

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