Amateur radiocommunication service - it is not only a hobby

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On March 12, 2013, a conference titled 'Amateur radiocommunication service - it is not only a hobby' took place in the Column Hall of the Lower Chamber of the Parliament of the Republic of Poland.

It was organized by the Committee on Culture and Media together with the Foundation of the Nation-wide Agreement of Amateur Radio Organizations (FOPOR), and in cooperation with the Polish Amateur Radio Union (PZK). The conference was attended by representatives of the governmental administration, amateur radio organizations, guide and scouts, and young radio amateurs.

The meeting was preceded by a ceremony of presentation of Odyniec Brothers Medals - for contribution to the Polish amateur radio community, awarded to Grzegorz Czelej - a Polish Senator, and to the “Emitel” company, as well as by granting of awards for activity of special event amateur radio stations - to commemorate participants of the action „Home Army 70 years ago” (in Polish: “Armia Krajowa 70 lat temu” - translators’note), under the patronage of Marshal Bogdan Borusewicz and the Board of the World Association of Home Army Soldiers.

During opening of the conference, the Chair of the Committee on Culture and Media - Senator Grzegorz Czelej stressed that such a large group of participants of the Senate meeting constitutes proof of integration of the radio amateurs’ community. The conference aimed to answer the question what is the role of radiocommunication service in today's world.

The history of the Polish amateur radio movement was presented by Tomasz Ciepielowski (SP5CCC - translator’s note) from the Polish Amateur Radio Union (PZK). He remembered that the first private telegraph stations were established in 1911 in the USA, and the beginning of amateur radio in Poland dates back to 1918.  In 1924, a bi-weekly magazine - entitled "Radioamator” (in English: “Radio Amateur” - translator’s note) - was established. Tomasz Ciepielowski spoke also about the role of amateur radio within the state defence system, and about the achievements of radio amateurs during the Second World War (“Błyskawica” and “Burza” radio stations (literally in English: „Lightning” and "Storm" - translator’s note), and a station broadcasting from the Buchenwald concentration camp). He also stressed the role of the scout movement in the field of development of amateur radio in Poland.
"Amateur radio is a socially useful hobby. Radio amateurs have knowledge, equipment, they are available and they desire to help others” - Tomasz Ciepielowski said. The participants of the conference were also able to see a replica of the "Błyskawica" radio station (literally in English: "Lightning" - translator’s note), as well as replicas of the transmitter and receiver from 1925 by means of which Tadeusz Heftman TPAX made the first amateur radio contacts between Poland and the USA.

As far as the history, structure and activities of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) are concerned, all was spoken about by Hans Blondeel Timmerman (PB2T - translator’s note), President of the Region 1 of that Union.

During the conference, a lot of time was devoted to issues concerning education of children and youth in terms of amateur radio, as well as to matters referring to relationship between amateur radio and science. It was spoken about thematic projects and workshops conducted in schools, additional courses for youth interested in technical science, youth amateur radio clubs, guide and scout amateur radio clubs, and about amateur radio demonstrations and presentations during school open days.
The participants of the conference were able to become familiar with local and national programmes, and also with programmes prepared by the IARU, amateur radio operator courses and trainings organised by the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP), educational activities of the Amateur Radio Association of the Opava Foothills (SKPO), the international youth programme of technical education ARISS (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station), the Near Space and miniSat programmes organised by the non-governmental organisation named “Copernicus Project”, and the “Radio Reactivation” programme.

The role of radiocommunication services in case of emergency in Poland and Europe was spoken about: by Rafał Wolanowski (SQ6IYR - translator’s note) from the Lower Silesia Amateur Emergency Network (DASR - translator’s note), by Alberto Barbera (IK1YLO/SO5BZO/KI5RPT - translator’s note) - President of the National Assembly in Emergency Radio Communications (in Italian: Raggruppamento Nazionale Emergenza Radiocomunicazioni / RNRE - translator’s note), and by Greg Mossop (G0DUB - translator’s note) - IARU Region 1 Emergency Communications Coordinator.

The provisions of the Polish law in the field of telecommunications relating to the amateur radiocommunication service were talked over by Scoutmaster Marek Ruszczak (SP5UAR - translator’s note) from the Foundation of the Nation-wide Agreement of Amateur Radio Organisations. He also presented the assumptions of a bill on performing actions within the amateur radiocommunication service and on professional communication within non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

At the conclusion of the conference, the Chair of the Committee on Culture and Media - Senator Grzegorz Czelej did declare his willingness to cooperate with all who are interested in statutory provisions in the field of regulation of amateur radiocommunication service functioning.

Additional information:

The Conference was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Administration and Digitisation, Office of Electronic Communications, Ministry of Defence, Government Centre for Security,

Headquarters of the State Fire Service and the Chief Sanitary Inspector.

A group of more than 250 radio amateurs and amateur radio enthusiasts was present in the hall,  including a large group of students from the Secondary School No. 2 in Żuromin (near Warsaw - translator’s note) - a school participating in the ARISS programme.

The conference was also attended by our seniors: Wiesław Wysocki SP2DX, Krzysztof Słomczyński SP5HS, Wojciech Nietyksza SP5FM, Zdzisław Bieńkowski SP6LB.

[Translator’s note: the foreign guests of the conference, together with representatives of the Polish amateur radio community, took also part (alternatively) in working meetings with superiors and high rank officials from the Office of Electronic Communications, the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association, and the Headquarters of the State Fire Service].

Source: Internet portal of the Senate of the Republic of Poland (photos from the conference included),5163,konferencja-amatorska-sluzba-radiokomunikacyjna-to-nie-tylko-hobby.html

Additional information: a fragment from the official media release by Tomasz Ciepielowski, SP5CCC - Spokesperson of the conference

Additional photos (by Tomasz Ciepielowski, SP5CCC) - a zipped file (374 MB)

Translation: Paweł Zakrzewski, SP7TEV - IARU Liaison Officer of the Polish Amateur Radio Union (PZK)

Source: IARU Region 1

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