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The web development team, working on the recovery of the AMSAT-NA
web at, reports the site is becoming active with testing of the system. As testing proceeds visitors to AMSAT's site will begin to see restoration of prior functionality and introduction of new features where appropriate.
AMSAT VP User Services Gould Smith, WA4SXM said, "Our web team is
making good progress in the restoration of popular features our users counted on in the past. This also gives us an opportunity to review some of the older content to prioritize in what order the system is brought back up."
Although the pages seem sparsely populated at present, soon the entire web presence will assume a new look-and-feel with additional functionality, restored features, background graphics templates and overall look-and-feel. A site map feature is planned for development
allowing quick navigation of the site's future multiple features.
Clicking on "SAT STATUS" on the top of the new page will bring you to the Live OSCAR Satellite Status Page which currently resides at
The roll-out of the Fox Project web pages can be accessed with a click on the menu bar at the top of the home page.
Gould noted, "With the introduction of AMSAT's new web technology we plan to use a new content management system to roll out important and and breaking satellite news via the web page as soon as our volunteers have the chance to post them."
Continuing, Gould said, "We will still maintain our existing distribution via the AMSAT News Service so e-mail subscribers will not need to change anything. The ANS bulletins will still arrive in your in-box once a week."
You are invited to view the prototyping work in-progress on the new AMSAT-NA web. Use the URL If you have prior cache entries or bookmarks set to those will no longer work.

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