High Altitude 144 MHz FM video

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Karan Bakshi VU2YEP made some long distance amateur radio contacts from an altitude of 2,200 meters using portable equipment carried on his bike.

The YouTube description reads: 
Karan, VU2YEP in QSO with Rakesh Ji, VU2RAK. We were at a make-shift location and the antenna was a freely standing Diamond 7900 collinear 7/8 stacked vertical which does not practically does not need any ground !!!!...and pumping out a 10 watts signal from my ICOM IC-2200H VHF Base Station radio kept inside the Dirtsack Saddle Bag with a 12 volt 7 Ah SMF battery for operation from my KTM Duke 200 bike...and the signals were reaching New Delhi VHF ham repeater VU2DLR so loud and clear!!! Wow! 

The antenna standing without any support with a moulded SO-239 mount patch cord made by Jangid Ji at Anand Vihar. Distance covered for the long distance VHF radio contact from an altitude of 7000 feet was approx. 300 km. Me, Sudip, VU3SFF and Siddharth, VU3IGS standing by watching the QSO...when we were closing down it just started raining.the rain drops can be seen!!! :-) The KTM Duke 200 Saddle Bag did a good job

Watch Karan, VU2YEP 300 km LoS VHF QSO with RakeshJi, VU2RAK, Frank, VU2XLZ and AtanuDa, VU2ATN 

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