WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News - March 19th, 2013 (BC-DX #1108)

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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ALASKA   HAARP is currently active on 9305 & 8605 kHz. Each frequency is
50 kHz wide.
(Dave Hughes-MO-USA, March 6, dxld)

Too bad I missed the message. Nothing there now (0630 UT). First I've
heard from HAARP in several years. I wonder how Dave got the message that
they were active, and if so, what were they transmitting? White noise?
More info please!
(Walt Salmaniw-BC-CAN, 0645 UT March 6 ibid.)

Walt, I was listening to RAE English service on the Twente receiver and
someone posted, in the chat section, that HAARP was currently active on
the aforementioned frequencies. I had no foreknowledge of the
transmissions, just dumb luck that I was looking at the chat when they
posted. It was the first time I heard HAARP since about 1999 or so.
(Dave Hughes-USA, KCMO, ibid.)

Walt Knodle, W7VS sent an article about artificial ionosphere produced by
the HAARP facility in Alaska with a 3.6 megawatt signal on 69 meters
[roughly 4285-4348 kHz gh]. Note that they are only able to produce the
effect for 45 seconds. Read about it at

I think the Wikipedia page at
gives a pretty good overview of the HAARP project.

Also the September 1996 issue of QST has a nice article by K3NS titled,
"The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program." ARRL members can
find and download it from the ARRL website with a search at


(QST de W1AW, Propagation Forecast Bulletin 9 ARLP009, From Tad Cook,
K7RA, Seattle, WA, March 1, 2013, To all radio amateurs via Dave Raycroft,
VA3RJ, ODXA yg via dxld)

ARMENIA/MONGOLIA   1395  On 15.03.2013 took at 2148 to 2158 UT "Voice of
Mongolia" in Russian through the "Voice of Russia" at a frequency of
1395 kHz (Gavar, Armenia 500 kW). SINPO: 45,433. Broadcast news program
in Mongolia. Mongolian music is pleasant at the beginning and end of the
program, during the announcements. And the transmission is always
interesting, 10 minutes pass quickly, sorry for the time taken for the
Mongols later.
(Dmitry Kutuzov-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx" RUSdx March 17)

AUSTRALIA   HCJB Australia plans to expand its Japanese service. For A-13
schedule, they will repeat weekend morning programs aired at 2230 UTC on
15525-KNX kHz in the evening our time. It will be at 1100 UTC on 15400-KNX
kHz, Sat. and Sunday. This is a good news in the shrinking SW world.
(Toshi Ohtake-JPN, Japan Short Wave Club, P.O.Box 44, Kamakura 248-8691,
Japan, via Dario Monferini-ITA, playdx yg via dxld March 7)

AUSTRIA   ORF relays via ORS Moosbrunn shortwave tx site
in A-13 northern summer season.

 9690 0200-0230 40E,41NW       300  90 1234567 Urdu    AWR
 9690 0230-0300 40E,41NW       300  90 1234567 Panjabi AWR
 9505 0330-0430 40             300 100 1234567 Farsi   AWR
 6155 0430-0500 37,38W         300 220 1234567 French  AWR
 6155 0500-0615 18,27-29,37-39 300 n-d 1234567 German  ORF ORS <<<
11955 0500-0530 46SE,47W       300 190 1234567 Hausa   AWR
 7225 0545-0600 28             100 300 .23456. Polish  TWR
 7325 0600-0800 27S,28W,37N    100 300 1234567 English BBC BAB drmmix
 7400 0700-0750 27             100 300 1234567 English TWR
15280 0800-0830 39N            300 115 1234567 Arabic  Feba
 9725 1400-1430 28-30          100  55 1234567 Bel/Rus TWR
15440 1400-1430 40E,41NW       300  90 1234567 Urdu    AWR
17605 1430-1500 48             300 145 1234567 Afar    AWR
11940 1500-1530 29S,39N,40W    300 120 1234567 Turkish AWR
15290 1530-1600 40E,41NW       300  90 1234567 Panjabi AWR
15260 1600-1630 40E,41NW       300  90 1234567 Urdu    AWR
15150 1630-1730 40             300 100 1234567 Farsi   AWR
 9625 1700-1830 27S,28W,37N    100 300 1234567 Vietnam.VOVTN BAB
 9625 1830-1900 27S,28W,37N    100 300 1234567 French  VOVTN BAB
11660 1830-1900 38             300 190 1234567 Arabic  AWR
11955 1900-1930 46SE,47W       300 190 1234567 Hausa   AWR
15220 1930-2000 47,48W,52,53W  300 170 1234567 French  AWR
11955 2000-2030 46             300 210 1234567 Dyula   AWR
15155 2030-2100 46             300 210 1234567 French  AWR
11955 2100-2130 46             300 210 1234567 English AWR

Mon-Sat ORF/ORS outlet via LONG PATH to Pacific at 0800-0835 UT
at 58-60 zones 100kW 265degrees azimuth HAS BEEN DELETED now.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 18)

Airtime {former TDP FMO} - Shortwave - Schedule
Airtime on shortwave. Program and frequency Schedule A-13 (Summer 2013)

                 UTC        kHz        DRM mtwtfss
Radio Miraya     0300-0600  11560      AM  mtwtfss Ar/En    Africa
                            Kostinbrod-SOF ex9940
Denge Kurdistan  0300-1900  11510      AM  mtwtfss Kurdish  Middle East
                            Grigoriopol Moldova
Suab Xaa Moo Zoo 1130-1200  11570      AM  mtwtfss Hmong    Asia
Que Me           1200-1230   9930      AM  ....f.. Vietnam. Asia
                            HBN Palau
The Khmer Post R 1200-1300   9960      AM  mtwtf.. Khmer    Asia
                            HBN Palau
KPPM Radio       1200-1300   9960      AM Khmer    Asia
                            HBN Palau
The Disco Palace 1530-1630  15775      DRM mtwtfss English  Asia/ME
                            Issoudun-F ex12115drm
Radio Xoriyo     1600-1630  17870      AM  m...f.. Somali   Africa
                            probably Issoudun-F
Radio Assenna    1700-1800  15245      AM  m.w.f.. Tigrinya Africa
                            probably Kostinbrod-SOF
ESAT Radio       1700-1800  15370      AM  mtwtfss Amharic  Africa
                            probably Kostinbrod-SOF
Suab Xaa Moo Zoo 2230-2300   7530      AM  mtwtfss Hmong    Asia

Alyx & Yeyi, LLC - 5201 Blue Lagoon Drive, 8th Floor
Miami, FL 33126 - U.S.A.
Phone [1] (305) 572-8070     e-mail <info {@}>

Airtime FMO brokery - TDP new link
<>  (A-13)
(March 16; site comments by wb. - tentativelly - )

BOLIVIA   4716.6  Radio Yatun Ayllu Yura, Yura noted from 1030 to 1045 UT,
last to sign on usually with 4699.9 kHz Radio San Miguel and Radio Lipez
much earlier. 16 March, also 14 and 15 March.

4795.87  Radio Lipez, Uyuni, noted on as early as 0900 UT on 16 March.
Was broadcasting last March and left the air after a week so. If in need
of QSL the time may be now. Steady signal in Florida.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer March 16)

BOLIVIA instead ?  -  Correction
5952.410  R Republica from probab. Costa Rica tx center. Male announcer on
S=8-9 level in southern Germany, 0145 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 12)

Wolfy, -- No, believe this off-frequency is Bolivia, as I hear almost any
night. Inactive Republica was above 5954 kHz. Or did you hear an ID, or
match to 9490? Glenn.  {latest log 5954.276 wb.}

BRAZIL   QSL.window March 2013 issue.

Rudolf Grimm und seine Kollegen haben eine neue Ausgabe von QSL.window
veroeffentlich. Eine sehr gute Publikation, die nicht die im Netz
bekannten Adressen nochmals und nochmals kopiert und veroeffentlicht,
sondern hauptsaechlich auf eigene QSL Erfahrungen aufbaut.


und rechts im Menü den ersten Eintrag anklicken:
click to   "QSL.window - March 2013"

Eine tolle Liste, Danke an Rudolf und das Team in Brasilien!

73 Christoph - <>
(Christoph Ratzer-AUT  OE2CRM, A-DX March 16)

BRAZIL   4754.9  Radio Imaculada Conceição, Campo Grande, MS 0845 to
0910UT. locutor em português, strong signal using the new Drake R7.
Forgotten the excellent audio of this now vintage radio. 16 March.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer March 16)

11764.847   Approaching equinoxial conditions reveals in poorer Brazilian
station reception here in the northern Europe target. Heard only three
Brazilians in the 25 mb this morning. Two men talked on sermon in
Portuguese like a 'machine gun' via R Super Deus e Amor at 0606 UT March

11925.186  tiny signal from R Bandeirantes just on threshold level, noted
Brazilian Portuguese though... and 3rd stn was R Nacional Brasilia on even
11780 kHz, but also poor signal level.

6080.034 kHz is the footprint of a Brazilian Portuguese broadcaster at
0624 UT March 17. Lady announcer on tiny S=4-5 level, just above

Two Brazilian stations registered here: Radio Marumby, Curitiba, PR - and
Radio Daqui, Goiânia, GO; acc dswci DBS list.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 17)

CHAD   6164.960  Typical SAHEL type music noted on odd frequency of Radio
N'djamena program from Chad, hit by Arnie Coro's program on RHC co-channel
6165 kHz at 0552 UT March 17.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 17)

CHINA/FRANCE   I confirm the jamming of the new type from China for
English service of RTI on March 12 at 1600 UT on 15485 kHz via Issoudun

The jamming of the new type has the possibility that it is transmitted
from Yunnan, Xinjiang other than Tibet.
(Hiroshi; Sei-ichi Hasegawa-JPN, dxld March 13)

RTI Taiwan 15485 kHz via ISS in English is being heard at fair to good
strength today (13 March) with no trace of any jamming / interference.
Maybe no propagation to me from China at this time on 15 MHz?
(Noel R. Green-UK, dxld March 13)

Re: New type jamming from China to RTI in English,
IMHO, I have said it earlier, unlike normal jamming this digital jamming
is very effective in the region with not much effect in outside target
area, for example one may try listening via globaltuners Hongkong receiver
and other receiver outside Asia - will confirm the same.

In my place 15485 kHz has little noise but fair average reception with
some fading but its much weaker and disturbed at Jorhat, Assam,
500+ kilometer est of my QTH.
(Partha Sarathi Goswami-IND, dxld March 14)

services jammed also this morning in 06-07 UT slot March 17.

Talk CNR1 program jamming against 11980 15150 15665 21540, and 21610 kHz.

Both combined, Firedrake Chinese Opera music and CNR1 program jamming
against RFA on various channels
13710 17515 17675 17880 21695 kHz:
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 17)

CHINA/KOREA D.P.R/TAIWAN   SOH / CNR1 program talk jamming, and Firedrake
roundup. Crash & Bang Chinese Opera Music Jammer, Chinese Opera Music
Jammer. Checked on March 17 at 0630-0730 UT.

Also some harmonics of typical North Korean NOISE jamming heard.

11500 Firedrake mx
12116-12124  Korean noise jammer like harmonic ?
12370 Firedrake mx
12717-12723  Korean noise jammer like harmonic ?
12956-12964  Korean noise jammer like harmonic ?
13970 - also CODAR signal on 13910-13970 kHz
14483-14494  Korean noise jammer like harmonic ?
14518-14527  Korean noise jammer like harmonic ?
14626-14636  Korean noise jammer like harmonic ?
15400 noise jammer
16800 to 16820 OTHR
17250 SOH flute mx
17300 Firedrake mx
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 17)

COLOMBIA   Alcaravan Radio address.

Alcaravan Radio
Puerto Lleras
Apartado Postal 67751
<rafaelcoldx @>
(Rudolf Grimm-BRA, A-DX March 17)

CUBA   Update of Radio Habana Cuba
2200-2230 11880 HAB 100 kW 100 deg to SoAF French,     not 2000-2030
2230-2300 11880 HAB 100 kW 100 deg to SoAF Portuguese, not 2030-2100
2300-2400 11880 HAB 100 kW 100 deg to SoAF English,    not 2100-2200
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 15)

CUBA   RHC chex Saturday afternoon March 16, bound to find some anomalies:

15340 at 2102 UT, signing on the bihour 'Revista Iberoamericana', also
// 11840 kHz where modulation has dropped to very low level, but not the
buzz, which is on and off plus/minus 20 kHz or so; // 17705 kHz.

15230 at 2158 UT is open carrier, and at 2202 UT in Portuguese, so now I
know what became of the 23-24 Portuguese on 15230 kHz moved it an hour
earlier, even tho that makes no sense for Brasil. Furthermore, it's now
// but an echo apart from 11880 kHz at 2200+ UT, which was originally
French at 2100 UT, Portuguese at 2230 UT before shifting an hour *later*
for DST.

Furthermore, at 2234 UT, both are still in Portuguese, so forget French to
Africa on 11880 kHz, but it is on 15370 kHz as usual (except Sundays pre-
empted for Esperanto).

Next check at 2305 UT, now 11880 kHz has lost English which had been on
here for about 5 days as it now stays in Spanish // 15230 kHz and all the
other frequencies for the mostly-music-fill hour, also 17705, 11840, 9810,
6120 kHz; but 5040 kHz keeps English at 23-24 UT.

At 0111 UT March 17 check I find that 11880 kHz is *still* on the air in
Spanish instead of closing at 2400 UT, // 17705, 15230, 11760, 9810, 6120,
6060, 5040 kHz and JBM 11840 kHz which is now making a big buzz between
11785 and 11865 kHz or so.

Did they put the wrong program feed line on 11880 kHz and/or the wrong
transmitter? Or is it the latest tweak to try to get things in some
semblance of order a week after the DST shifts? Maybe by next week, Arnie
will be ready to circulate a theoretical new schedule.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld March 16)

CUBA   with very hefty sooooft 'Brazilian like' accent: the Spanish NUMBER
reading lady from Cuba in full action with her unmistakable voice,
on 5855 kHz at S=9+20dB level heard at 0502 UT March 17.

RHC La Habana - Few minutes break in their transmissions on few
frequencies around 0455-0502 UT: Noted nothing on 6000 kHz at 0450
anymore, few minutes later on air on 6010 kHz. Also 6120/6125 total empty
channel. Later after 0510 UT RHC noted on 5040 6010 6060 6125 6165 all in
English, all with more or less of 60 Hertz BUZZ tone accompanied.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 17)

CZECH REP   1233   New medium wave station Radio Dechovka has been
licensed on 1233 kHz with 10 kW via Libeznice and hopes to start tests in
Spring 2013:

Auto translation of this with some editorial tweaking: "Probably in the
spring students will be able to tune into Radio Brass. The Council for
Radio and Television awarded a licence for nationwide broadcasting on
medium wave. Radio Dechovka (Brass band radio) was possible to listen to
only on the Internet. RadioPraha company, which operates Radio Brass,
awarded RRTV license for nationwide broadcasting on medium wave
transmitter through Libeznice 1233 kHz with a power of 10 kW.

"Radio Broadcasting Brass with these parameters must be initiated no later
than the statutory period of 180 days from the grant of a license, it is
assumed, however, start trial operation during spring 2013," said a
spokesman for Radio Brass Radek Blazek. The Internet Radio broadcasts
Brass since July 2009. Musical dramaturgy is based on the Czech, Moravian
and Silesian wind and folk music. The programme schedule also includes
special music programs, focusing on instrumental ballads, songs, or large
orchestras, sprostonarodni pub songs, "said Blazek"
(via 21 Febr, via March BDXC-UK Communication via

EGYPT   Intermodulation between Abis-EGY 774 kHz mediumwave antenna and
SW broadcast antenna / feeder line at 325 degrees. "Middle East Radio"
program on MW 774 kHz noted on various short waves in B-12 season.

Izaat Al-Sharq Al-Awsat (Middle East Radio) on MW 774 was noted on SW

1800-1900  9655 ABS 200 kW 325 deg to WeEUR  Italian minus MW 774= 8881v
           in A-13 8881v, or alternate either 8716v 8981v kHz.
1900-2000 11560 ABS 200 kW 325 deg to WeEUR  German  minus MW 774=10786v
2000-2115 11560 ABS 200 kW 325 deg to WeEUR  French  minus MW 774=10786v
           in A-13 10786v, or alternate either 8636v 11276v kHz.
2115-2245 11890 ABS 200 kW 325 deg to WeEUR  English minus MW 774=11116v
           in A-13 11116v, or alternate 11276v kHz.
2300-0030  9965 ABS 200 kW 325 deg to NoEaAM English minus MW 774= 9191v
0030-0430  9965 ABS 200 kW 325 deg to NoEaAM Arabic  minus MW 774= 9191v
           in A-13  9191v, or alternate 10736v kHz.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 15)

ESTONIA   1035  QSL Radio Eli / Family Radio Estonia, full data paper card
QSL in 507 days for English Airmail report and 2 IRCs, follow-up via
International Priority Mail with US $3. QSL received in 23 days after last
follow-up. No V/S. Also sent three station leaflets listing frequencies.
This was from a reception whilst in Europe on business.
(Albert Muick-PA-USA, hcdx March 16)

FINLAND/SWEDEN   re BrDXC-UK  March "Communications" magazine, page 4,
longwave station names Lahti and Motala on older Radio set scales,
please forward item to Mr. Norbert Scheel.

FINLAND   Lahti 254 kHz 200 kW 1928-1993y,
at 60 58 48 N  25 38 38 E


Radio Finland starts broadcasting on long wave in 1928 when via a
transmitter in Lahti on 197 kHz with 25 kW. In 1929 the power is raised to
40 kW and the frequency moves to 167 kHz. In 1934 the frequency changes
again, this time to 166 kHz. In 1935 the site gets a new building and
transmitter of 150 kW. There are some tests with 200 (220) kW.

After the Second World War, the frequency changes to 160 kHz, in 1950 it
goes to 254 kHz. The last transmitter was 200 kW (2 x 100 kW in parallel),
but during the very last years only 100 kW was used.  At noon 31 May 1993
Radio Finland ceases broadcasting on long wave via Lahti.

SWEDEN   Motala Bondebacka LW 189 kHz 1935-1962y,
but the two mast still be visible, 120m height each, as radio museum
at  58 32 44.01 N  15 02 36.00 E


vy73 wolfy df5sx
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 13)

GERMANY   Video Footage of Nauen (Germany).
On Tuesday march 12th 2013 I was at the Nauen transmitter site.

The reason was a test transmission of Transportradio, a station for
which I'm doing frequency management and coordination. The transmission
was at 0900-1100 UT. The frequency was 5955 kHz, beam 240 degrees with
100 kW. The antenna configuration was HR 2/4/0,5. We transmitted our
regular program which at the time was also on the air at 6095 kHz
from Wertachtal.

Together with my colleague Vincent Schriel from
we took a lot of pictures and some videos. The pictures will be uploaded
as soon as we have reviewed them. For now you can watch the videos.

Enjoy the videos.
(Jan Oosterveen-HOL, March 13, shortwavesites yg via dxld)

GERMANY   Deutsche Welle. Der Sat.1-Nachrichtenmann Peter Limbourg wird
neuer Intendant.

{wen interessiert das noch ? wb.}

Was geruechteweise in den letzten Wochen unterwegs und auch in dieser
Zeitung zu lesen war, hat sich am Freitag bewahrheitet: Der Sat.1-Mann
Peter Limbourg wird neuer Intendant der Deutschen Welle (DW) mit Studios
in Bonn und Berlin. Der 52-Jaehrige soll Ende dieses Jahres die Nachfolge
von Erik Bettermann (68) antreten, der seit 2001 Intendant ist und am
30. September in den Ruhestand geht.

Wie der Vorsitzende des Rundfunkrates, Valentin Schmidt, gestern nach der
Sitzung des Aufsichtsgremiums in Berlin bekannt gab, ist der 17-koepfige
Rundfunkrat der DW dem Vorschlag der Findungskommission gefolgt. Limbourg
konnte sich im ersten Wahlgang mit grosser Mehrheit (14 Ja-Stimmen, eine
Nein-Stimme, zwei Enthaltungen) durchsetzen.

Schmidt: "Peter Limbourg bringt beste Voraussetzungen mit, die Deutsche
Welle als modernes Multimediaunternehmen weiter zu staerken und damit die
internationale Medienpraesenz Deutschlands zu verbessern. Er ist nicht nur
ein erstklassiger Journalist mit internationalem Hintergrund und
ausgezeichneten Sprachkenntnissen, sondern auch ein ausgewiesener

Limbourg dankte dem Rundfunkrat fuer das grosse Vertrauen, wie es in einer
Mitteilung der DW heisst: "Die Programme der Deutschen Welle gehoeren seit
meiner Jugend, die ich im Ausland verbracht habe, zu meinem
Erfahrungsschatz". Limbourg nannte auch erste Ziele seiner Intendanz. So
will er "das journalistische Profil, die Sprachenvielfalt und
Multimedialitaet des Senders weiterentwickeln". Ferner solle, so Limbourg,
die die Zusammenarbeit mit den ARD-Landesrundfunkanstalten und dem ZDF
intensiviert werden.

Der gebuertige Bonner Diplomatensohn studierte in seiner Heimatstadt
Rechtswissenschaften. Von 1988 bis 1989 volontierte Limbourg bei der
Deutschen Fernsehnachrichten Agentur (DFA) in Bonn und London. Nach einer
Station als Reporter in der DDR mit Sitz in Leipzig war er seit 1990 als
Europa- und NATO-Korrespondent fuer die DFA und Sat.1 in Bruessel taetig.

1996 uebernahm er das Bonner Buero von ProSieben, 1999 wurde er zum
Co-Chefredakteur von N24 und Politikchef von ProSieben berufen, 2001
zusaetzlich auch von Sat.1. Zwischen 2008 und 2010 verantwortete er als
alleiniger Chefredakteur das Programm von N24. Seit 2008 ist er
Hauptmoderator der Sat.1-Nachrichten, seit 2010 Informationsdirektor von
ProSiebenSat.1 TV Deutschland.

Limbourg ist Vorsitzender der Jury des Medienpreises des Deutschen
Bundestages, Jurymitglied des Axel Springer Preises fuer junge
Journalisten, Berater in der publizistischen Kommission der Deutschen
Bischofskonferenz und Mitglied in der Dioezesanleitung der Malteser.

Der kultur- und medienpolitische Sprecher der CDU/CSU-Bundestagsfraktion,
Wolfgang Boernsen, begruesste die Entscheidung des Rundfunkrates: "Als
Journalist und Nachrichtenmann durch und durch, der ueber eine grosse
Auslandserfahrung verfuegt, ist Limbourg fuer die Intendanz der 'Welle'
passgenau geeignet."

Der Bundesvorsitzende des Deutschen Journalisten Verbandes, Michael
Konken, stellte gleich Forderungen an den neuen Intendanten: "Die
Programmangebote - auch in deutscher Sprache - muessen finanziell und
personell angemessen ausgestattet werden. Die schleichende Auszehrung der
Deutschen Welle seit mehr als zehn Jahren muss ein Ende haben", forderte
er. "Gerade in unserer globalisierten Welt braucht Deutschland einen
schlagkraeftigen und kompetenten Auslandssender mit einer regionalen

Kulturstaatsminister Neumann begruesste die Entscheidung des Rundfunkrats.
Mit Peter Limbourg erhalte die DW einen Intendanten mit einem
ausgewiesenen journalistischen Profil, der umfangreiche Medien- und
Auslandserfahrung in einer Person vereine, hiess es in einer

Auf den SPD-Mann Bettermann folgt nun also der CDU-nahe Journalist
Limbourg. "Der jeweilige Intendant passt 'farblich' zur jeweiligen
Bundesregierung", schrieb unlaengst der Tagesspiegel, dessen Chefredakteur
Andreas Casdorff zu den Favoriten fuer die DW-Intendanz gehoerte, aber
noch vor der gestrigen Wahl abwinkte. Laut Informationen der Frankfurter
Rundschau lief in den vergangenen Wochen alles auf Limbourg zu.

Er habe als einziger eine ueberzeugende Praesentation abgeliefert. Das
Blatt moniert, dass sich die Findungskommission nicht um weitere
Kandidaten bemueht habe. Der Rundfunkrat habe letztlich keine echte "Wahl"
gehabt. Mit Argwohn betrachtet die FR die klerikale Schlagseite: Limbourg
gilt als Kandidat des Leiters des Katholischen Bueros in Berlin, Praelat
Karl Juesten. Der ist Mitglied der Findungskommission, des Rundfunkrates,
und soll Ambitionen auf dessen Vorsitz haben, wenn Schmidt Ende des Jahres

Limbourg duerfte der Wechsel zur DW leicht fallen, denn der Privatsender
ProSieben-Sat.1 ist zuletzt nicht gerade nett mit dem Anchorman
umgegangen: Seinen Part beim Kanzlerduell musste er an den Entertainer
Stefan Raab abgeben, und als er am Mittwoch aus Rom von der Papstwahl
berichtete, wurde er ruede aus den Sat-1-News gekickt, gerade als
Franziskus erschien.
(Bonner_General-Anzeiger, 16.03.2013, von Thomas_Kliemann;
via D. Hallmann-D rmrc / wwdxc HQ March 16)

GERMANY   [non]   DW NEW FREQUENCY GUIDE 31.03.2013 to 26.10.2013

[gh removed clutter of effective dates, all same as above, "kHz", and
useless meter bands, whose column would have been much more useful filled
with azimuths. Note motley collexion of languages left on SW]

1600-1657   9800  KIGALI Ethiopia
1600-1657  11800  KIGALI Ethiopia
1600-1657  15275  KIGALI Ethiopia
1600-1700  21650  DHABAYYA Ethiopia

0830-0900  15640  DHABAYYA Afghanistan
0830-0900  17860  DHABAYYA Afghanistan
1330-1400  15215  DHABAYYA Afghanistan
1330-1400  15595  KRANJI Afghanistan
1330-1400  17860  KIGALI Afghanistan

0400-0500   5905  KIGALI Africa (east)
0400-0457   9470  KIGALI Africa (west)
0400-0457  12045  KIGALI Africa (central, east, south)
0500-0527   5905  KIGALI Africa (east)
0500-0527   9470  KIGALI Africa (central, east, south)
0500-0530   9800  KIGALI Africa (south)
0500-0530  12045  KIGALI Africa (west)
0530-0557   9800  KIGALI Africa (south)
0530-0600  12045  KIGALI Africa (west)
0600-0630  12045  KIGALI Africa (west)
0600-0627  15275  KIGALI Africa (west)
0600-0630  17800  KIGALI Africa (west)
0630-0700  15440  KIGALI Africa (west)
0630-0700  17800  KIGALI Africa (west)
1900-1930  11800  KIGALI Africa (south)
1900-1930  11865  KIGALI Africa
1900-1930  15275  KIGALI Africa
1930-1957  11865  KIGALI Africa
1930-1957  15275  KIGALI Africa
2000-2100  11800  KIGALI Africa
2000-2057  11865  KIGALI Africa (south)
2000-2100  12070  KIGALI Africa (central)
2100-2200  11800  KIGALI Africa (central, east)
2100-2200  11865  KIGALI Africa
2100-2200  12070  KIGALI Africa


1200-1257   9800  KIGALI Africa
1200-1257  15275  KIGALI Africa
1200-1257  15700  KIGALI Africa
1200-1300  17800  WOOFFERTON Africa
1200-1300  17820  WOOFFERTON Africa
1200-1300  21780  KIGALI Africa
1700-1757   9810  KIGALI Africa
1700-1757  12070  KIGALI Africa
1700-1757  15275  KIGALI Africa
1700-1800  15700  WOOFFERTON Africa

0800-0830  15640  DHABAYYA Afghanistan
0800-0830  17860  DHABAYYA Afghanistan
1400-1430  15215  DHABAYYA Afghanistan
1400-1430  15595  KRANJI Afghanistan
1400-1430  17860  KIGALI Afghanistan

0530-0600   5905  ASCENSION Africa (south)
0530-0600  11800  KIGALI Africa (south)
0530-0557  12070  KIGALI Africa (south)
1930-2000   7425  MEYERTON Africa (south)
1930-1957  11800  KIGALI Africa (south)
1930-2000  12025  KIGALI Africa (south)

0300-0400   5905  KIGALI Africa
0300-0357   5925  KIGALI Africa
0300-0357   7425  KIGALI Africa
0300-0357  12070  ASCENSION Africa
1000-1100   9800  KIGALI Africa
1000-1100  12070  KIGALI Africa
1000-1100  15275  KIGALI Africa
1000-1100  15700  KIGALI Africa
1500-1557   9810  KIGALI Africa
1500-1557  12025  KIGALI Africa
1500-1557  12070  KIGALI Africa
1500-1600  15275  KIGALI Africa

1430-1500  15215  DHABAYYA PakistanIndia
1430-1457  15275  KIGALI PakistanIndia
1430-1500  15595  KRANJI PakistanIndia
1430-1457  17860  KIGALI PakistanIndia
(via Abid Hussain Sajid-PAK, March 13, dxld)

GUAM   KTWR A-13 summer schedule. Effective Date: March 31, 2013

UTC       Days     Freq Language   Target
1330-1400 Mon-Fri  9940 Cantonese  China
1330-1400 Sat-Sun  9940 Hui        China
1000-1015 Sun     15235 Mandarin   China
1000-1100 Mon-Sat 15235 Mandarin   China
1130-1200 Mon-Fri 11580 Mandarin   China
1100-1230 Daily    9910 Mandarin   China
1100-1145 Daily   12120 Mandarin   China
1215-1245 Mon-Fri  9975 Mandarin   China
1300-1345 Sun-Fri  9975 Mandarin   China
1345-1445 Daily    9975 Mandarin   China
1445-1500 Mon-Fri  9975 Mandarin   China
1200-1215 Daily   11580 Nosu Yi    China
1345-1500 Mon-Fri 11580 Korean     Korea
1345-1415 Sat     11580 Korean     Korea
1345-1445 Sun     11580 Korean     Korea
0930-1000 Sat     15200 Balinese   Indonesia
0945-1000 Sun     15200 Balinese   Indonesia
0930-1000 Mon-Fri 15200 Madurese   Indonesia
0930-0945 Sun     15200 Madurese   Indonesia
1000-1030 Sun-Fri 15200 Indonesian Indonesia
1000-1030 Sat     15200 Javanese   Indonesia
1030-1100 Daily   15200 Sudanese   Indonesia
1200-1245 Mon-Thu 15390 Burmese    Myanmar
1200-1300 Fri-Sun 15390 Burmese    Myanmar
1300-1330 Daily   15390 Sgaw Karen Myanmar
1245-1330 Sun-Fri 11580 Vietnamese Vietnam
1245-1345 Sat     11580 Vietnamese Vietnam
1230-1300 Mon-Fri 15240 Kokborok   South Asia
1245-1300 Sun     15240 Kokborok   South Asia
1300-1315 Daily   15240 Santhali   South Asia
1315-1330 Sun     15225 Santhali   South Asia
1315-1345 Sun-Fri 15225 Assamese   South Asia
1330-1345 Sun     15225 Manipuri   South Asia
1400-1435 Sun,Wed 15190 English    South Asia
1400-1430 Thu     15190 English    South Asia
1400-1425 Mo,Tu,Fr15190 English    South Asia
1000-1018 Mon-Fri 11840 English    South Pacific
1000-1030 Sat     11840 English    South Pacific
0850-0930 Mon-Fri 15200 English    SE Asia

Trans World Radio - Guam
P.O.Box 8780, Agat, Guam 96928, USA
Reports at:  <>
(Alokesh Gupta-IND, DXasia March 18)

INDIA   AIR Itanagar on 4990 kHz from 1415 UT till end of audio 1423 UT
(March 14). News in Hindi; 1420 UT local ID and news in English till audio
ended at 1423 UT; open carrier still on at 1428 UT tune out. Normally they
wait till the end of the news in English at 1425 UT before cutting off the
audio. Is a shame they do that, as the transmitter usually continues on
and they could just as easily broadcast the audio as not!
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 15)

INDIA/BANGLA DESH   Yesterday March 16 at 1600 UTC onwards Bangladesh
Betar erratically aired Home Service and external service both on same
frequency 7250 kHz and made a huge QRM on each other, this is very rare
and funny that a station carrying two different program from two
transmitters from the same area.

Today March 17 again Bangladesh Betar both Home Service and External
Services on 7250 kHz at the same time, both audio coming clear - 1600 UT
Bengali channel Home Service with Bengali drama on freedom and External
Service in Arabic - OM speaking.
(Partha Sarathi Goswami-IND, DXindia March 17)

7249.979   3 transmitters mess here ? - or two txs carrying 3 programs?

Sorry on remote net Perseus units in Nagoya-JPN, Moscow, Greece and
Germany, I 'see' only - as usual - the odd frequency AIR Hindi service
from Goa Panaji at 1630 UT March 17, latter scheduled 1600-1730 UT and
Malayalam from 1730-1830 UT, next to even 7250.0 kHz Dhaka Bangla Desh
(wb, DXindia / wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 17)

INDONESIA   6125.08  at 0905-0922* UT, March 14. w/ Koran recitation,
annmt in Indonesian, then local vocal by YL. Suddenly off at 0922 UT.
Weak signal but free from QRM. No ID, but probably RRI Nabire.
(Satoshi Wakisaka-JPN, dxld March 14)

IRAN   Tentative A-13 for The Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran

ALBANIAN 0630-0727  15500sir 17595kam
         1830-1927   9570sir 11740kam
         2030-2127   6090sir  9830kam
ARABIC   0230-0527  11660zah 11760kam  12080zah  "Al-Quds TV"
         0530-1427  13785kam 15150zah  17550kam
         0830-1027  15570sir
         1030-1127  11925zah 13720kam
         1430-1627  17550kam
         1430-1727  11815kam
         1630-0227  12080zah
         1730-2027   9320kam
ARMENIAN 0300-0327   7220sir 11700sir
         0930-0957  11945sir 15225sir
         1630-1727   7230sir  9655sir
AZERI    0330-0527  11670sir
         1430-1657  11985zah
BENGALI  1430-1527  11700kam 13840kam  15400ahw
         1630-1700  11825kam 13730kam
BOSNIAN  0530-0627  15320sir 17660kam
[Se-Cr]  1730-1827   9860sir 11865kam
         2130-2227   9810sir 11685kam
CHINESE  1200-1257  17610kam 17670sir  21500sir 21650kam
         2330-0027  13715kam 15140sir  15730sir
DARI     0300-0627  11940kam 13740ahw
         0830-1157  15500kam
         0830-1427  13880ahw
         1200-1457   9565kam
ENGLISH  0330-0427  13650sir 15470kam  "Voice of Justice"
         1030-1127  21505kam 21640kam
         1530-1627  13780sir 15515kam
         1930-2027   9400kam  9715kam  11750sir 11885sir
FRENCH   0630-0727  17610kam 17890sir
         1830-1927   9860kam 12025sir 17650kam
GERMAN   0730-0827  15500sir 17570sir
         1730-1827   9715kam 11905sir
HAUSA    0600-0657  17540sir
         1130-1157  21505sir 21750sir
         1830-1927  13720sir 15550kam
HEBREW   0430-0457   9610kam 11875sir
         1200-1227  13685sir 15240kam
HINDI    0200-0257  13750sir 15450sir
         1430-1527  13765sir 15300kam
ITALIAN  0630-0727  15480kam 17660kam
         1930-2027   7315sir  9755kam
JAPANESE 1330-1427  13630sir 15555kam
         2100-2157  11765sir 13710sir
KAZAKH   0130-0227   9790sir 11820sir
         1530-1627   9940kam 11700sir
KURDISH  0330-0427   7365kam  9715sir Sorrani  dialect,  new time
         1330-1627   9870kam          Kirmanji dialect.
MALAY    1230-1327  17590sir 21670sir
         2230-2327   9785sir 11870kam
PASHTO   0230-0327   5950sir  9700kam
         1230-1327  11730sir 13730kam
         1430-1527   5890-m Mashhad progr via Sirjan site.
         1630-1727   6005sir  7340ahw
RUSSIAN  0300-0327  11925kam 13660sir
         0500-0527  13750kam 15480sir  17655sir 21520sir
         1430-1527  11955kam 13590ahw  13800sir
         1700-1757   7350kam  9800ahw
         1800-1857   6140sir  7240kam
         1930-2027   6040kam  9565sir
SPANISH  0030-0227   9550kam 11760kam
         0230-0327   9550kam
         0530-0627  17530sir 17700kam
         2030-2127   7315kam  9760sir
SWAHILI  0400-0457  13750sir 15340kam
         0830-0927  21525sir 21790sir
         1730-1827  11970sir 13670kam
TAJIK    0100-0227   7295sir  9800kam
         1600-1727   5950sir  7435kam
TURKISH  0430-0557  11860kam 13710kam
         1600-1727   5985kam  7210kam
URDU     0130-0227   7325zah  9730ahw  11930kam
         1300-1427   9455sir 15300kam  15400sir
         1530-1727   6060m Mashhad program via Sirjan site.
UZBEK    0230-0257   7295kam 11870sir
         1500-1557   5950kam 11860sir

Saut Falestin
"Voice of Islamic Palestinian Revolution"
ARABIC   0330-0427   9610kam 11875sir
(IRIB via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 18)

IRELAND   longwave Atlantic 252.
Steve Conway has just posted these pictures of the old longwave Atlantic
252 kHz transmission site.
(via Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC-UK March 17)

KOREA Rep of   4900  'Tanshim' Korean Numbers Station V24, *1300 UT, March
14. Open carrier noted at 1254 UT; 1300 UT on with classical music and
then into numbers in Korean; fair. More information at:


MP3 recording of the start of today's broadcast.

6015  KBS Hanminjok Bangsong 1 (presumed), 1055-1110 UT, March 14. In the
clear with good reception till jamming started at 1110; good signal; pop
songs; 1100 pips; in Korean. MP3 recording at
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 15)

LUXEMBOURG   Happy Birthday Radio Luxembourg. 80 years ago, Radio
Luxembourg addressed the world on long wave. On 15 March 1933, Radio
Luxembourg began its first regular broadcasts on long wave after its
launch had been delayed several times...

There is a great article here

RIP "The Station of the Stars"
(Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC-UK March 16)

MADAGASCAR   Former RNW Madagascar Relay Station - Radio Interview.

For those that haven't caught the latest edition of Keith Perron's 'Media
Network Plus' radio program on either SW or the Internet; you may be
interested in a radio interview by Jeff White of RMI fame. Jeff
Interviewed the manager of the new private company that now operates the
Talata-Volonondry SW Txion centre, previously owned by RNW.

Go to:
and select the March 16th edition. Always something of interest on the
program for dx folk.
(Ian Baxter-AUS, SW TXsite March 17)

Interview about RN-Madagascar relay. ... Nine minutes, starts at 0645 min.
Nothing new, but still interesting. It's followed by an interview with KAE
about VOA "Radiogram."
(Jerry Berg-MA-USA, DXplorer March 18)

MALDIVES   I have been trying Voice of Maldives heard on 1449 MW, for more
than 15 years to get a verification. Perhaps due to lack of QSL card they
were reluctant to reply. No QSLs were seen reported from Maldives since

Mr. Stig Hartvig Nielsen from Denmark was on Maldives for just one night.
He asked me to e-mail the report and went directly to the station and
obtained station stamp and signature of the official on the reception
report itself and mailed back. I am delighted to receive it. Perhaps my
QSL of the decade!
(T. R. Rajeesh-IND, Feb 27, dswci DXWindow via dxld)

MALI   5995  Mostly 2 Hertz on the upper side: ORTM Radio Mali from
Bamako, undoubtedly very early on air around 0537 UT, but scheduled from
0600 UT. Maybe carrier and very low modulation WARM-UP. Only 1% modulation
in background.

Similar signal heard later this morning around 0620 UT March 17.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 17)

NIGERIA/ANGUILLA   6089.849  Very odd frequency signal of Radio Nigeria
Kaduna domestic service, S=6-7 weaker fluttery signal from Western Africa.
Hit heavy by similar poor signal from religious Anguilla bcaster on even
6090 kHz around 0545 UT March 17.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 17)

PAKISTAN    New additional hour for evening transmission of Radio
1600-1700  9560 ISL 250 kW 313 deg to WeEu Urdu. First noted on March 16
1600-1700 11570 ISL 250 kW 313 deg to WeEu Urdu. First noted on March 16
1700-1900  9560 ISL 250 kW 313 deg to WeEu Urdu, no En news 1700-1710!
1700-1900 11570 ISL 250 kW 313 deg to WeEu Urdu, no En news 1700-1710!
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 16)

PERU   3329.5  Ondas del Huallaga, Huánuco, at 1005 to 1030 UT using the
notch on the R7, om chat difficult signal in Florida. Alas there every day
same time. 15 March.

4826.5  Radio Sicuani, Sicuani, Cusco, at 0845 UT with om chat, first
Peruvian as usual. 16 March.

4939.9  Radio San Antonio de Atalaya, at 0000 to 0100 UT great signal with
locutor con la identificación twice, excellent music and good steady
signal with the R7 here. Music was fantastic.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, DXplorer March 16)

ROMANIA   A-13 schedule of Radio Romania International:
ARABIC    0630-0656    9770GAL  11790GAL  15400TIG 17575TIG
          1400-1456    9830TIG  11945GAL  15160GAL 17800TIG
AROMANIAN 1430-1456   ^5910SAF, not Macedonian
          1630-1656   ^5910SAF, not Macedonian
          1830-1856   ^5910SAF, not Macedonian
CHINESE   0400-0426   17780TIG *21540TIG
          1300-1326   15435TIG  17860TIG
ENGLISH   0000-0056    9700TIG  11955TIG
          0300-0356    7350TIG   9645TIG *15340GAL 17830GAL
          0530-0556    9700GAL *11875TIG  17760GAL 21500TIG
          1100-1156   15210TIG  15430GAL  17510TIG 17670GAL
          1700-1756   *9535TIG  11740TIG
          2030-2056   *9800GAL  11745TIG  11975GAL 13800TIG
          2200-2256    7430GAL   9540GAL   9790TIG 11940TIG
FRENCH    0100-0156    9700TIG  11955TIG
          0500-0526    9700GAL *11830GAL  15340TIG 17770TIG
          1000-1056   15240GAL  15380TIG  17785TIG 17795GAL
          1600-1656    9810TIG  11950TIG
          2000-2026   *9800GAL  11975GAL
GERMAN    0600-0626   *7435TIG   9700TIG
          1200-1256    9675GAL  11875GAL
          1800-1856   *5920TIG   7425TIG
ITALIAN   1400-1426   ^9800SAF
          1600-1626   ^5910SAF
          1800-1826  *^5910SAF
ROMANIAN  0000-0156    7335GAL   9525GAL
          0400-0456    7350GAL   9770GAL
          0700-0756   13750TIG  15260GAL  15760TIG 17720GAL
                      "Curierul romanesc" Sun only
          0800-0856   13750TIG  15450GAL  15700TIG 17860GAL
                      "Curierul romanesc" Sun only
          0900-0956   15240GAL  15380TIG  17600TIG 17860GAL
                      "Curierul romanesc" Sun only
          1200-1256   ^9410SAF-100kW      13820TIG 15135TIG
          1300-1356   11700GAL  15135GAL
          1500-1556   11910GAL  15130GAL
          1600-1656  * 7315GAL   9810GAL
          1700-1756    9500GAL  11975GAL
          1800-1856    9500GAL  11975GAL
          1900-1956    9500GAL  11975GAL
RUSSIAN   0430-0456   *7390TIG   9800TIG
          1330-1356   13640TIG  15160TIG
          1500-1556    9690TIG *11620TIG
SERBIAN   1530-1556   ^5910SAF
          1730-1756   ^5910SAF
          1930-1956   ^5910SAF
SPANISH   0200-0256    9520GAL   9645TIG  11945GAL 11955TIG
          1900-1956    9665TIG  11795TIG
          2100-2156   15300TIG  17745TIG
          2300-2356    9655GAL   9740TIG  11795GAL 11955TIG
UKRAINIAN 1500-1526   ^5910SAF
          1700-1726   ^5910SAF
          1900-1926   ^5910SAF
^ Saftica 100 kW, all other Galbeni and Tiganesti 300 kW.
* DRM via Saftica 100 kW;   Galbeni or  Tiganesti 300 kW.

IRRS relays - former A-12/B-12 schedule though ...
ARABIC to Sudan
          1300-1500 daily 15190TIG
          1500-1515 Fri   15190TIG
          1500-1530 Sun   15190TIG
          1500-1700 Sat   17770TIG

ENGLISH   0800-0815 Wed   11910TIG
          0800-0900 Sat    9510SAF
          0930-1200 Sun    9510SAF
          1730-1800 Sun    7290SAF
          1800-1900 Fr-Su  7290SAF
(RRI-RRO schedule; IRRS Milano-Italy broker schedule via
Radiocom.facilities at Saftica and Tiganesti;
via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 15)

RUSSIA   "MAYAK - lighthouse program" off the air outside of the major

< 43830/#ixzz2NaVcRjGZ>

March 14 radio station "Mayak" stopped broadcasting on the bands long,
medium and ultra-short waves across Russia. On it informs RIA Novosti
quoted a source close to the management of the "Russian
teleradiotranslyatsionnoy network" (RTRS).

Broadcast of "Mayak" on medium wave continues in only two cities,
Makhachkala, and Kyzyl, in the UHF range - in Moscow and Sochi. As a
result, the station will be available only in them and 54 other cities,
where RTR transmits "Mayak" through its FM-transmitters.

Because of the low power FM and VHF transmitters to hear the "Lighthouse"
will be available only in cities. The use of medium and long waves allows
radio stations to broadcast almost the entire country, including remote
villages and roads between cities.

As has found out RIA Novosti, March 13 RTRS has sent a circular to its
branches, which says to stop broadcasting "Mayak" from 6 am on March 14.
In RTR agency confirmed the rejection of broadcasting on the frequency.

With the proposal to revise the decision to leave "Lighthouse" with long
and medium waves in February, the Minister of communication Nikolai
Nikiforov. He emphasized that due to the cessation of broadcasting "Mayak"
and "Voice of Russia" RTRS, providing the network, would wipe half a
billion rubles. This, in turn, would force the company to disable some of
their transmitters used including the state needs.

That RTR decided to stop broadcasting "Mayak" in the long and medium
waves, it was reported in November 2012. Previously, the newspaper
"Izvestia" reported that the station had left the specified ranges from 1
January 2013.
( March 15)

RUSSIA   Radio station "Mayak". Since 0600 14 March 2013 Lighthouse stops
broadcasting in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, remains in work only
one frequency - 107 MHz (LRTPTS, St. Petersburg).

In 2100 UTC, have finally gone off the air our Krasnoborsky transmitter
PB-855 to 549 kHz, and Olginsky PB-53 on LW 198 kHz.
(Mikhail Timofeev-RUS, "open_dx" RUSdx March 17)

"Lighthouse" off the air outside of the major cities.
March 14 radio station "Mayak" stopped broadcasting on the bands longwave,
medium- and ultra-short waves across Russia. On it informs RIA Novosti
quoted a source close to the management of the "Russian
teleradiotranslyatsionnoy network" (RTRS).

Broadcast of "Mayak" on medium wave continues in only two cities,
Makhachkala, and Kyzyl, in the UHF range - in Moscow and Sochi. As a
result, the station will be available only in them and 54 other cities,
where RTR transmits "Mayak" through its FM-transmitters.

Because of the low power FM and VHF transmitters to hear the "Lighthouse"
will be available only in cities. The use of medium and long waves allows
radio stations to broadcast almost the entire country, including remote
villages and roads between cities.

As has found out RIA Novosti, March 13 RTRS has sent a circular to its
branches, which says to stop broadcasting "Mayak" from 6 am on March 14.
In RTR agency confirmed the rejection of broadcasting on the frequency.

With the proposal to revise the decision to leave "Lighthouse" with long
and medium waves in February, the Minister of communication Nikolai
Nikiforov. He emphasized that due to the cessation of broadcasting "Mayak"
and "Voice of Russia" RTRS, providing the network, would wipe half a
billion rubles. This, in turn, would force the company to disable some of
their transmitters used including the state needs.

That RTR decided to stop broadcasting "Mayak" in the long and medium
waves, it was reported in November 2012. Previously, the newspaper
"Izvestia" reported that the station had left the specified ranges from 1
Jan 2013.

(Published on 15 March 2013 city -, via RUSdx March 16)

Lighthouse will remain only on FM, exception - 2 NE frequency (Dagestan,
Tuva), and VHF in 52 cities, where still no FM broadcasting, unless
nothing has changed in the last moment - an hour from us, it will be
possible to check 198 and 549 kHz ...
(Mikhail Timofeev-RUS, "open_dx" RUSdx March 17)

Kyzyl 828 kHz and 918 kHz, Makhachkala.
(Aleksandr Diadischev-UKR, "open_dx" RUSdx March 17)

I confirm that the Novosibirsk transmitter "Lighthouse" to NE 576 kHz is
also stopped. Broadcast "Lighthouse" in Novosibirsk continues on VHF
frequencies 69.26 MHz and FM 100.0 MHz, with Novosibirsk inclusions.
Apparently, the "Lighthouse" is completely gone from the medium and long
(Igor Yaremenko-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx" RUSdx March 17)

"Companies" to the 2018 World Cup to build a modern environmentally
beneficial station. Posted: 11 March 2012.

Samara, 15 November - AIF Samara. Recall that in the area of ??the radio
center #3 was postponed construction of the stadium and infrastructure for
the Games of the World Cup 2018. Samara Branch of FSUE "Russian Television
and Radio Broadcasting Network" is located at ul. Distant, 7.

On Wednesday, November 14, Deputy Governor - Chairman of the Government of
the Samara region Alexander Nefedov held a working meeting on the
preparations for the region in a series of matches of the World Cup FIFA
2018 in Russia. At the meeting it was noted that the implementation of
broadcasting in the Radio center #3 will construct a new radio and
television transmitting station, which will not only provide high-quality
services radio communications and digital TV, high-speed broadband access
to the Internet, but also to improve the ecological situation in this

Now on the transfer of land by the region are working with the Ministry of
Communications and the Ministry of Economic Development.

Permanent address: <>
(Vladimir Emelyanov-RUS, "open_dx" RUSdx March 17)

SOUTH AFRICA   Looks like the BBC WS has already embarked on its miserly
A-13 schedule. I noticed the evening 3255 kHz transmission from Meyerton
to Southern Africa has been AWOL for the past two nights, and it is still
AWOL this morning. The daytime 6190 kHz transmission also ended abruptly
this morning at 0400* UT and has not returned as of 0505 UT.

BBC WS relay, 3255, Meyerton. Mar 9, 2013, Saturday. 0355-0505. AWOL.
BBC WS relay, 6190, Meyerton. Mar 9, 2013, Saturday. 0355-0400*. ID at
0400*  "BBC World Service". Fair. Jo'burg sunrise 0406 UT.
(Bill Bingham-RSA, dxld March 14)

The A-13 schedule still lists:

3255 0300 0500 52SE,53SW,57N                  MEY  100 0         0
1234567    English     BBC BAB                     ENAFE
3255 0500 0600 52SE,53SW,57N                  MEY  100 0         0
1234567    English     BBC BAB                     ENAFE
3255 1600 2000 52SE,53SW,57N                  MEY  100 0         0
1234567    English     BBC BAB                     ENAFE

6190 0300 0500 52SE,53SW,57N                  MEY  100 15        0
1234567   English    BBC BAB                       ENAFE
6190 1500 1600 52SE,53SW,57N                  MEY  100 0         0
1234567   English    BBC BAB                       ENAFE
6190 1600 2000 52SE,53SW,57N                  MEY  100 15        0
1234567 English    BBC BAB                         ENAFE

So perhaps just a mistake at Meyerton-AFS.
(Stephen Cooper, ibid.)

SRI LANKA   AWR Special.

Adventist World Radio - News Release.

The Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation has announced that they plan to
close their historic shortwave station located at Ekala, a dozen miles
north of Colombo in Sri Lanka. In view of the close association of
Adventist World Radio with SLBC and their Ekala shortwave station over a
long period of time beginning back in 1951, we are planning to honor the
occasion with a special edition of the AWR DX program Wavescan, under the
title "Tribute to Ekala". We plan to broadcast this special edition of
Wavescan under the old title from around 40 years ago, "Radio Monitors
International". At this stage, the closure date for SLBC Ekala is not yet
finally confirmed, though it is our intent to place this special program
on the air in the regular scheduling of Wavescan to co-incide with their
last week on the air. SLBC plans to transfer their shortwave planning to
the ex-Deutsche Welle station located near Trincomalee on the east coast
of the island.

A special one time only QSL card will be prepared, based on the early QSL
cards issued in Poona India for the broadcasts from AWR-Asia and Radio
Monitors International. All reception reports for this one particular
edition of Wavescan-Radio Monitors International will be verified with
this special card, and the reception reports can be for any of the
broadcasts of this program over any station that carries the program.
Postal mail reception reports are preferred, with return postage, though
in some cases email reports will be verified.

The only address for this special QSL card "Tribute to Ekala", is:

Adventist World Radio
Box 29235
Indiana 46229
(AWR via Jerry Berg-MA-USA, DXplorer March 15)

TAJIKISTAN   New B-12 changes of Voice of Tibet as of March 16:

1200-1230 11527   DB  100 kW 095 deg to EaAS Chinese
1230-1245 NF15503 DB  100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan, ex15502
1245-1305 15512   DB  100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan
1300-1330 11527   DB  100 kW 095 deg to EaAS Chinese
1305-1330 NF15513 DB  100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan, ex15518
1330-1340 NF15602 DB  100 kW 095 deg to EaAS Chinese, ex 7557
1330-1345 NF15518 DB  100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan, ex11517
1340-1400 NF15603 DB  100 kW 095 deg to EaAS Chinese, ex 7547
1345-1405 NF15517 DB  100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan, ex11517
1405-1430 NF15523 DB  100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan, ex11527
1400-1430 15400   MDC 250 kW 045 deg to CeAS Tibetan
1430-1500 17535   MDC 250 kW 045 deg to CeAS Tibetan
1530-1600 15485   MDC 250 kW 045 deg to CeAS Tibetan
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 16)

TUNISIA   7275 & 7335, March 16 at 0609 UT, both frequencies are missing!
What has happened to IWT? I did still hear 17735 kHz yesterday afternoon.
Need to check out the complete former(?) schedule, per WRTH 2013:

0300-0510 12005 17735
0400-0625  7275
0600-0810  7335

1600-2000 12005
1600-2010 17735
1700-2110  7225
1900-2310  7345

That reminds me, I was also not hearing 7345 kHz late in the day March 15.
These times are rounded off, usually starting a few minutes before and
maybe lasting a few minutes after.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Mar 16)

At 1905 UT all three from Sfax on air, very powerful signal as usual.
1600-2010 17735
1700-2110  7225
1900-2310  7345

1600-2000 12005 nothing heard, empty channel, - seems end at 1900 UT ?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 16)

TUNISIA   7275 from IWT still absent, March 17 at 0513, 0523, 0622 UT, and
7335 kHz also missing at the latter time after it should have started just
before 0600 UT. Occasionally before, IWT has put its evening frequencies
on by mistake in the morning, but nothing from it either now on 7225 or
7345 kHz.

Wolfgang Bueschel in Germany agrees the 7 MHz are missing in the mornings,
but he and others still hear it later in the day on 17735, 7345, 7225 kHz,
but not 12005, which Ivo Ivanov says has been off the air since August
altho still in the schedule references.

BTW, in absence of IWT on 7275, I am not hearing anything from Nigeria,
which was always weak and very undermodulated.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld March 17)

Maybe could be a break in transmission, due of unexpected antenna or main
power connection maintenance replacement ? 73 wb.

TURKEY   9655  at 0443- UT March 9, Voice of Turkey, Emirler, Turkay. Very
strong clean signal, with very enjoyable and lively Turkish music. Listed
in English at this time. Sure wish that reception in my urban home would
be as good as here at my cottage! I'd be spending a lot more time at the
(Walt Salmaniw-BC-CAN, dxld March 14)

Summer A-13 schedule for Voice of Turkey:
Shortwave Broadcasting Schedule of VOICE OF TURKEY Radio
between 31.03.2013 - 26.10.2013 dates

kHz      UTC     tx  kW deg language    target
 7260 0000-0200 EMR 500  72 TURKISH     AS
 9770 0100-0200 EMR 500 290 SPANISH     NoWeAF/AMs/SoEUR
 9870 0100-0200 EMR 500 270 SPANISH     AMs/SoEUR
 9465 0200-0300 EMR 500  72 UYGHUR      AS
 6165 0300-0400 EMR 250 138 ENGLISH     AS
 9515 0300-0400 EMR 500 325 ENGLISH     AMs/EUR
 6040 0400-0600 EMR 500 138 TURKISH     AS
11980 0400-0600 EMR 500 310 TURKISH     EUR/AM

11750 0600-0900 EMR 500  97 TURKISH     AS
11955 0600-1155 EMR 250 150 TURKISH     AF/AS
13635 0600-1300 EMR 500 310 TURKISH     EUR/AM
11730 0700-0800 EMR 500  95 AZERBAIJAN  AS
11795 0830-1000 EMR 500  95 PERSIAN     AS
11750 0900-1000 EMR 500 150 ARABIC      AF/AS
 9855 1000-1030 EMR 500  32 TATAR       AS
 9655 1000-1100 EMR 500  72 GEORGIAN    AS
13650 1030-1100 EMR 500  72 UZBEK       AS
 7210 1100-1130 EMR 250 290 BULGARIAN   EUR
15240 1100-1200 EMR 500  62 CHINESE     AS
13760 1130-1230 EMR 500 310 GERMAN      EUR

11825 1200-1230 EMR 500  90 TURKMEN     AS
13710 1200-1300 EMR 500  92 URDU        AS
11700 1230-1330 EMR 250  72 UYGHUR      AS
15450 1230-1330 EMR 500 310 ENGLISH     EUR/AM
11965 1300-1400 EMR 500  20 RUSSIAN     AS/EUR
 9840 1300-1600 EMR 500 310 TURKISH     EUR/AM
11880 1330-1400 EMR 500  62 KAZAKH      AS
 9540 1400-1500 EMR 250 150 ARABIC      AF/AS
 9610 1400-1425 EMR 500 290 ITALIAN     EUR
17770 1400-1500 EMR 500 252 ARABIC      AF/SoEUR
 9765 1500-1600 EMR 250 105 PERSIAN     AS
11765 1500-1630 EMR 500  92 DARI-PASHTO AS
 9530 1530-1630 EMR 500  95 AZERBAIJAN  AS
 5960 1600-2100 EMR 500 150 TURKISH     AF/AS
 9460 1600-2100 EMR 500 310 TURKISH     EUR
15520 1630-1730 EMR 500  95 ENGLISH     AS
11930 1630-1730 EMR 500 270 SPANISH     AF/EUR
 7360 1730-1930 EMR 500 190 FRENCH      AF
11835 1730-1830 EMR 500 310 GERMAN      EUR

 9785 1830-1930 EMR 500 310 ENGLISH     EUR
 9535 1930-2030 EMR 500 247 FRENCH NoAF/CeAF/WeAF
 9635 1930-2030 EMR 500 300 FRENCH      EUR
 7205 2030-2130 EMR 500 105 ENGLISH     AS/AUS/NZL
 9830 2200-2300 EMR 500 310 ENGLISH     AMs/EUR
(TRT xls transformed to frequ sorted form file by wb.
wwdxc BC-DX TopNews  March 18)

 Re: BBC A13 vs B12, Arabic/Somali transmissions in A-13.

The main casualties are English and, especially, Arabic. Actually Arabic
was supposed to go off shortwave altogether. I assume the remaining
transmissions will be no general programming anymore, but something
special, meant for a defined target area.
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld March 16)

I seem to recall that previous announcements about BBC Arabic said that
Arabic to Sudan would continue on SW.

 5875 0300-0400 47E,48NW WOF 250 140 Arabic G
 6005 1800-1830 48       DHA 250 215 Somali UAE
 9410 1800-1830 48       MEY 250  32 Somali AFS
11820 0300-0400 47E,48NW WOF 300 137 Arabic G
11820 0400-0500 47E,48NW WOF 300 137 Arabic G
11845 1800-1830 48       MEY 100  30 Somali AFS
11995 0400-0430 48       ASC 250  85 Somali G
15420 1300-1500 48       SEY 250 285 Somali SEY
15480 1700-2000 47E,48NW DHA 250 255 Arabic UAE
15480 2000-2100 47E,48NW SLA 250 260 Arabic OMA
15490 0400-0430 48       MDC 250 000 Somali MDG
15530 1100-1130 48       DHA 250 205 Somali UAE
17780 1100-1130 48       SEY 250 295 Somali SEY
17830 1300-1500 48       SEY 250 295 Somali SEY
17830 1400-1600 48       MEY 250  32 Somali AFS Sat only {Premier League?}
17880 0500-0700 47E,48NW SLA 250 260 Arabic OMA
21470 1300-1500 48       DHA 250 225 Somali UAE
21470 1500-1600 48       ASC 250  85 Somali G   Sat only {Premier League?}
(Dave Kenny-UK, dxld March 16)

U.K.   Masts at the Woofferton transmitting station in Shropshire, in the
news this month as Woofferton is in the process of taking over SW
transmissions from Skelton and will soon be the UK's only shortwave
broadcast site for BBCWS and relays of other stations. Woofferton
Transmitting Station pylon along the Richards Castle to Woofferton Lane
© Copyright Peter Evans
(March BrDXC-UK Communication magazine via dxld)

Steve Cooper wrote BBC A-13 season:

Site Hours
SNG 54.25
NAK 50.75
SLA 47
ASC 43.51666667
MEY 24.96666667
SEY 24.5
WOF 20
DHA 15
TAC 2.5
MDC 0.5

Language Hours
English 174
Somali 13.5
Dari 12.5
Pashto 12
Farsi 11
Arabic 10
Hausa 9.1
Bengali 8.5
French 8.4
Hindi 8
Urdu 7.75
Burmese 6.75
Krwanda/Kr 3.983333333
Tamil 1.5
Sinhala 1.5
Uzbek 1.5

B12 season:

Site Hours
CYP 98.5
SNG 69.75
NAK 64.25
ASC 54.5
SLA 52
MEY 37.5
SEY 31.5
WOF 24.01666667
SKN 16.48333333
DHA 8.5

Language Hours
English 297.5
Arabic 57
Pashto 13
Farsi 12.5
Dari 12
Somali 10.5
Hausa 10.1
Bengali 8.5
Hindi 8.5
French 8.4
Urdu 7.75
Burmese 5.25
Krwanda/Kr 4.5
Tamil 2
Sinhala 1.5
Uzbek 1.5

USA   Voice of America mit digitalen Diensten am Sonnabend und Sonntag.
Das wird wohl eine Art "Presseagentursendung" sein?

(Klaus-Dieter Scholz-D, A-DX March 15)

Details hier:

Und auch hier gut erklaert:
73 Christoph (Ratzer-AUT, A-DX March 15, <> )

Voice of America to Test Digital Transmissions this Weekend.

March 14, 2013

The Voice of America Radiogram show, hosted by Kim Andrew Elliot, KD9XB,
will be testing a variety of digital modes on March 16 and 17.

The data transmissions can be decoded by anyone with an AM shortwave
receiver using any of the popular sound-card-based programs such as
Fldigi, Ham Radio Deluxe, MixW, MultiPSK, DigiPan (for BPSK31, BPSK63 and
QPSK31 only), CocoaModem (for Macs) and others.

Each test will last one minute, unless otherwise specified, on the
following modes at the audio frequencies indicated. During some tests as
many as four modes will be used simultaneously . . .

* BPSK31  at 2000 Hz
* QPSK31  at 1000 Hz, BPSK31   at 2000 Hz
* QPSK31  at 1000 Hz, PSK63F   at 1500 Hz, BPSK31  at 2000 Hz
* QPSK63  on 1000 Hz, PSKR125  at 1500 Hz, BPSK63  at 2000 Hz
* QPSK125 at 1000 Hz, PSKR250  at 1500 Hz, BPSK63  at 2000 Hz
* QPSK250 at  800 Hz, PSKR500  at 1500 Hz, BPSK250 at 2200 Hz
* QPSK500 at  800 Hz, PSKR1000 at 1500 Hz, BPSK500 at 2200 Hz
* PSKR500 at 1000 Hz, PSK63F   at 1500 Hz, PSKR125 at 2000 Hz,
and PSKR250 at 2500 Hz (5 minutes, 40 seconds total).

The latter portions of the PSKR250 and 500 transmissions are formatted for
Flmsg, a function within the Fldigi software suite. (In Fldigi, go to
Configure > Misc > NBEMS > under "Reception of flmsg files." Click Open
with flmsg and Open in browser and select the desired location of the
flmsg.exe file.)
* MFSK32 image on 1500 Hz (54 seconds)

The 30-minute Radiogram program is scheduled to air ...
Saturday 1600 UTC at 17860 kHz
Sunday   0230 UTC at  5745 kHz
Sunday   1300 UTC at  6095 kHz
Sunday   1930 UTC at 15670 kHz
... from the IBB Edward R. Murrow Transmitting Station in North Carolina.

E-mail reception reports are welcomed <atradiogram @>

According to Elliot, future VOA Radiogram programs will transmit only one
mode at a time. "This will ensure the highest possible signal-to-noise
ratio and the best possible chances for a successful decode. These
broadcasts are an experiment. We will try different modes in different
programs to see which work best via AM analog shortwave broadcast

(via Mike Terry-UK, dxld March 16)

USA   9264.959   WINB S=9+15dB signal in Stuttgart, machine gun pastor
prayer - oooh my God -, at 0108 UT March 12, S=9+15dB and fluttery.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 12)

USA   UnID on 7555 kHz.
Thanks for that, I was looking in the archives here, and found a post from
Nov/Dec indicating same in Spanish with YL recital. I had radio off to use
'puter, so missed the ID, but strongly believe correct as KJES. Clearly
this was on since 0130 UT, with artifact commencing at 0150 UT.
(Paul S. in CT-USA, dxld March 16)

I am hearing this,too. It sounds like a USA religious station that I've
heard in the past, as it usually has the children on the air repeating the
adult. And sure enough - according to the databases at:
which includes both aoki and eibi databases, it's KJES in New Mexico. And
I've just heard the ID at 0200 UT confirming this.

Probably KJES from this location ?

USA  tx KJES Vado NM
32 08 02.63 N  106 35 46.50 W

7555 0100-0200 2,3   JES 50 335 805 USA KJES FCC
7555 0200-0230 3,4,9 JES 50 020 805 USA KJES FCC
(Bruce Fisher-MA-USA, dxld March 16)

USA/GERMANY/GUAM   Wavescan Scheduling: A-13 Transmission Period
March 31, 2013 - October 26, 2013

UTC  Call   kHz  kW Station Location Country

1030 WRMI  9955  50 Radio Miami Int Miami, Florida, USA
1530 AWR  15335 250 Media Broadcast Nauen, Germany
1600 KSDA 15360 100 Adventist World Radio Agat, Guam
1600 KSDA 15670 100 Adventist World Radio Agat, Guam
2230 KSDA 15320 100 Adventist World Radio Agat, Guam
2330 KSDA 17650 100 Adventist World Radio Agat, Guam

1100 WRMI  9955  50 Radio Miami Int Miami, Florida, USA

__00 WRMI  9955  50 Radio Miami Int Miami, Florida, USA
1100 WRMI  9955  50 Radio Miami Int Miami, Florida, USA
2000 WINB 13570  50 World International Red Lion, Pennsylvania, USA

0300 WRMI  9955  50 Radio Miami Int, Miami, Florida, USA

0315 WRMI  9955  50 Radio Miami Int Miami, Florida, USA

1100 WRMI  9955  50 Radio Miami Int Miami, Florida, USA
1300 WRMI  9955  50 Radio Miami Int Miami, Florida, USA
1530 WWCR2 12160 100 Worldwide Christian Nashville, Tennessee, USA
2230 WRMI  9955  50 Radio Miami Int Miami, Florida, USA

Dr. Adrian M. Peterson
Co-ordinator - International Relations & DX Editor
Adventist World Radio

Board of Directors
NASB National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters USA
Radio Heritage New Zealand
Board of Directors Emeritus - Adventist World Radio

<wavescan @>
<adrian.m.peterson @>

Adventist World Radio
Box 29235
Indiana 46229
(AWR via Jerry Berg-MA-USA, DXplorer March 15)

USA   WWCR Nashville intermodulation.  UnID on 4995 kHz.
5935 kHz 0000-1200 UT, 6875 kHz 2100-0100 UT.

Thanks, Dave. I think that's the source of the unID on 4995 kHz. WWCR is
on 5935 and 6875 kHz, with different programming. 6875 minus 5935 = 940.
And 5935 minus 940 = 4995 kHz. So I suspect 4995 kHz is a mixing product
coming out of their system.
(Arthur Delibert-USA, hcdx March 5)

Yes Art, I heard 4995 kHz yesterday (4 March) also. Very fady. Tuned
around trying to find a // and looks like 5935 kHz might be a possibility.
Definitely not 4840 kHz.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx March 5)

VATICAN STATE   Vatican Radio - special broadcasts on Wed 13 March 2013.
Special broadcasts covering the Conclave at 05.30 pm Italian local time.
1730 CET, i.e. 1630 UTC. Live broadcasts awaiting the results of afternoon

Live Broadcast from 05.30 p.m.
- in English for Eastern Africa on 13765 kHz

- in French for Africa in case of papal election on 15570 kHz

- in Portuguese for Africa on 11625 kHz SW,
  for the Rome area on MW 1260 kHz.

- in Italian for the Rome area on 585 kHz MW, MHz 105,0 FM
(plus many internet and satellite feeds)

Since decades, all these times on Radio Vaticana website
are usually Italian Standard Time (CET, UT+1hr winter)
or Italian Summer Time (CEST, UT+2hrs summer)

11.30 a.m. CET, = 10.30 UTC.
01.00 p.m. CET, = 12.00 UTC.
05.30 p.m. CET, = 16.30 UTC.

also Italian

also German

also English


March 13, 2013: Newly elected Pope Francis, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio
of Argentina appeared on the balcony of St. Peters Basilica after being
elected by the conclave of cardinals, at the Vatican, March 13, 2013.

White smoke rose from the Sistine Chapel chimney at 7.06 pm and the bells
of St. Peters Basilica rang out on Wednesday, signaling that Roman
Catholic cardinals had elected a pope to succeed Benedict XVI. The
cardinals elected the new Pope in their 5th ballot on Wednesday evening in
Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. However, they have reached a successful
conclusion, with thick white smoke from the world famous chimney on the
Sistine chapel shortly after 7.5 pm.

Bright spotlights were trained on the smokestack to illuminate the smoke
against the thick backdrop of darkness and inclement weather. Night had
fallen by the time the white smoke rose, but people who had flocked to St.
Peter's Square on this cold, rainy evening could watch the spotlighted
chimney on giant screens set up in St. Peter's Square. All shrieked in
excitement as the smoke began billowing out. The new Pope appeared in the
central balcony of st. Peters Basilica and gave his first apostolic
blessing an hour later.

QUICK check at 1900 UT March 13:
nothing heard on 3975, 6075, 7250 kHz. But heard on Perseus net:

local Rome mediumwave 585 kHz, with Upper Sideband signal transmitter
portion ... Italian language on powerhouse level S=9+45 dB locally.

MW 1260 kHz in Portuguese, strong locally, but heavily interferred
by ERT Rhodos Greece 1259.845 kHz very odd frequency outlet.

11625 kHz Portuguese
13765 kHz English
15570 kHz French

9755 kHz Tigrinya language to ETH/ERI, from SMG Santa Maria di Galeria
bcasting center, but VOA program instead.

But nothing heard to pray the rosary
on 3975 6075 7250 9755 kHz to Europe, tonight March 13, at 1940-2000 UT:

End of the day, at 20:40 LT, a clear commitment of Vatican Radio and the
evening telecast of S. Rosary in Latin, usually involving more than
fifteen groups between religious and secular schools of Rome, which often
are associated or replace groups of pilgrims from many Western and Eastern
European countries.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 13)

Re: Vatican Radio - special broadcasts. This page has no info! Not helpful

Shortwave only to Africa, Hotbird satellite in use for Italian
exclusively, anything else for Europe online exclusively. A very clear
indication of the changing media environment.

I still remember how also here in Germany Radio Vatican has been
recognized primarily with its MW/SW transmissions ("Say, wasn't it 7250?")
around the death of Karol Wojtyla and the election of Joseph Ratzinger.
Not so anymore.
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld March 13)

VATICAN STATE   On Sunday, March 17 from St. Peter's Square Pope Francis
presides at the recitation of the Angelus. Live broadcast will be start at
1050 UT.

1100-1130  6075 SMG 100 kW 330 deg to CeEUR
1100-1130  7250 SMG 250 kW 004 deg to CeEUR
1100-1130  9645 SMG 250 kW 326 deg to WeEUR
1100-1130 11740 SMG 100 kW 310 deg to WeEUR
1100-1130 11740 SMG 250 kW 058 deg to EaEUR
1100-1130 15595 SMG 250 kW 107 deg to NE/ME
1100-1130 17590 SMG 250 kW 224 deg to WeAF
1100-1130 21680 SMG 250 kW 185 deg to SoAF
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 16)

Angelus at 12.00 am (12.00 LT Italy, 11.00 UT)
From St. Peter's Square, Pope Francis presides at the recitation of the

Live Broadcast from 11.50 a.m. / 10.50 UT.

International Sound for Central Europe on kHz 6.075 SW and kHz 7.250 SW,
for Western Europe on kHz 9.645 SW and kHz 11.740 SW,

for Eastern Europe on kHz 11.740 SW,

for the Middle East on kHz 15.595 SW,

for West Africa on kHz 17.590 SW and kHz 21.680 SW, for the Rome area on
MHz 93,3 FM and via Internet on Channel 1.

- International Sound for the Rome area on kHz 585 MW, MHz 105,0 FM and
via Internet on Channel 5.
(VR, March 17)

VIETNAM   [and non]   Siren like jamming   Yes, Vietnam uses it to Jam RFA
Vietnamese. They seem to be located close to Hanoi as remote receivers in
Hanoi pick up the jamming breaking through other stations too in the
(Victor Goonetilleke-CLN 4S7VK, dxld March 9)

15310  March 8 at 1407 UT, siren jamming vs Vietnamese, i.e. R. Free Asia
via TINIAN island at 14-15 UT.

15170  March 9 at 2356 UT siren jamming and weak Vietnamese with flutter,
short/long path echo. It's RFA at 2330-0030 UT, 205 kW, 279 degrees from
TINIAN per Aoki, which does not register Vietnamese jamming, that appears
to be on the increase.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld March 14)



Hi Glenn! Vacation time again, and as always the Fest was a lot of fun.
However, the economy has taken its toll on our little get-together. I
think Rich Cuff said the attendance this year was only around 100. Oh
well, it still looked as though everyone was having a good time.
(Pete Bentley, postcard 3 March, typed by gh for dxld)


Yesterday was a busy day in Plymouth Meeting. Dave Turnick and I arrived
around 9:00 AM in plenty of time to catch Ed Mauger's opening presentation
about his radio and radio-related collection activities. Ed had a nice
pile of stuff that he has collected a jaw dropping prices. The morning
rolled on with Larry Will of WBCQ giving a sampling of the station's
history and some of its archived material.

A bunch of us grabbed sandwiches at a difficult to get to shop across the
busy street, However, the food was good.

The afternoon featured Mario Filippi talking about DX'ing with a dish. It
is amazing how much is available in this free to air form. Mario showed us
many screen shots of various stations scattered around the world. The
Scanner Scrum lead the next forum with Tom Swisher, Uncle Skip Arey and
Mark Meece discussing scanner antennas, batteries and computers.

Dinner is always "on your own" so another group of us found a nice place
for sinner in the nearly abandoned mall across another street (everything
is "across the street" ).

The evening featured two more forums. Uncle Skip was back with low powered
DXing teaching us about using low power, low cost way to experiment with
HF DXing. The evening ended with David Goren and the Shortwave Shindig.
Saul Broudy sang a couple of songs and Martin Peck played a bunch of
interval signals bringing back many great memories.

Another busy day scheduled for today; off to breakfast.
73, (Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, March 2, NASWA yg via dxld)

Saturday at the 2013 Winter SWL Festival.

After breakfast it was time for the first session of the day with Dave
Marthouse providing information on how to monitor the various orbiting
satellites throughout the frequency spectrum. The silent auction opened
with an unusual amount of interesting stuff magically appearing. The
morning rounded out with Kim Andrew Elliott and Thomas Weitherspoon
covering digital text via shortwave.

Lunch was an excellent buffet which filled up the crowd. After lunch
Sheldon Harvey reflected on those that have departed from our midst over
the past year.

The afternoon featured Jeff Eichner continuing last year's loop antenna
session with new information and experiment updates. This was followed by
the annual pirate forum hosted by George Zeller and a distinguished group
of panelists. The silent auction ended with over $300 raised for various
causes. The afternoon closed with the 3rd annual FEST Goes to the Movies

Dinner was good. I presented the annual member of the year award named
after Bill Eddings to Dan Ferguson. Kim Andew Elliott providing some
interesting after dinner remarks. The Grand Prize Raffle featured George
Zeller ably assisted by Rich Cuff and John Figliozzi handing out a lot of
interesting stuff for the tickets they purchased from Maryanne Kehoe and
Gary Neal.

That pretty much closed down the formal action with people retreating off
to various places for more conversations. See everyone on February 28 and
March 1 in 2014 for the 27th annual Winter SWL Festival.
73, (Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, March 3 NASWA yg via dxld)

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