144 MHz Trans-Equatorial Propagation

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Erico Salutti PU2WHY has posted a video of his 2m FM contact withJean-Louis Maridet FM8DY over a distance of 4268 kilometers 

The YouTube description reads:

I caught one very very rare DX contact by TEP (Trans-Equatorial Propagation). I'm in GG57AS, operating base with one Icom IC-2200H transceiver and one 3x5/8 GP-7MKII antenna (made in China, bought in Paraguay, this is a vertical cheap antenna).

With 65w I got 58 from FM8DY in FK94MO, Martinique Island, 4268 kilometers away (2652 miles). Radio operator Jean-Louis Maridet. I've recorded this video on hurry, so I don't have the start of QSO, where Jean told me I was 58 to him.

I told him he was 56 for me, because his first signal was 56, and then I didn't looked to my transceiver anymore, I just wrote all the informations of this QSO on my notebook and heard him, this is why I told him he was 56 for me when he really was 52 (I'm sorry Jean). In this video Jean was running 100w on a 16 element Yagi horizontally polarized.

I'm sorry about my ugly station guys, we are overhauling over here, cleaning and opening more space for my "new" Kenwood TS-440S/AT that it coming on the way.

To know more about this rare phenomenon, acess:
English - http://bit.ly/ficFpH
Portuguese - http://bit.ly/htlp0w

Watch DX on 2 meter VHF band between PU2WHY (Brazil) and FM8DY (Martinique) by TEP

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