WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News - BC-DX 1131- 24 Sept 2013

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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ALBANIA   Tentative Radio Tirana B-13 schedule, from Oct 27, 2013

7390 0800-1000 27,28              SHI 100 n-d 925 1234567 Alb ALB ALR
6040 1800-1830 27,28,37NE,38N,39N SHI 100 n-d 925 .234567 Ita ALB ALR
7465 1830-1900 27,28              SHI 100 310 146 .234567 Fra ALB ALR
7465 2031-2100 27,28              SHI 100 310 146 .234567 Deu ALB ALR
7465 2100-2130 27,28              SHI 100 310 146 .234567 Eng ALB ALR
7465 0000-0100 7-9                SHI 100 310 146 1234567 Alb ALB ALR
7425 0230-0300 7-9                SHI 100 310 146 1.34567 Eng ALB ALR
(RT, via Mrs. Drita Cico - RTSH Monitoring, wwdxc BC-DX Sept 22)

ALGERIA   {clandestine}  1550  Front POLISARIO, Rabouni, Algeria, at
1248-1300* UT on Sept 7, Castilian, Songs, announcements closure issue,
anthem, 25342.

1550 ditto, at 1700-1805* UT on Sept 11, hymn, prayer Koranic ... carrier
and empty until to 1800 UT, there was no issue in Spanish, between 1815v
and 1800V UT; 45444.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, dxld Sept 12, - via via google_autotranslator)

ANGOLA   4949.8  RNA - Canal "A", Mulenvos, at 2149 -... UT, Sept 9,
Portuguese, text (Imperceptible); 25231.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, dxld Sept 12, - via google_autotranslator)

ARGENTINE   Music of the Twenties like Raabe's Palace Orchestra...
15345.184 kHz, hopping up on x.187 kHz. RAE Buenos Aires on Italian
language service...

and LRA36 Radio Nacional Esperanza tonight played similar music selection
on 15476.00 kHz, traced at 1945-1955 UT, Friday Sept 13.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 13)

AUSTRALIA   4835  VL8A Alice Springs, Territ. North, at 2145-2157 UT on
Sept 9, English Calls from listeners, music; 35332.

4835  ditto, at 0902-0935 UT on Sept 10, English, text, 15421, on the
accelerated degradation.

5025  VL8K  Katherine, Territ. North, at 2146-2159 UT on Sept 9, interview
on sports; 45332. Progr. Separate the VL8A. VL8T almost Tennant Creek
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, dxld Sept 12, - via google_autotranslator)

AZORES   828  Antena 1 Azores, Monte das Cruzes, Flores Island, at 2231-
2245 UT, 7 Sept, Progr. Local, heading propag. relig. News of Joy; 55444
(!). nothing Bad w/one tx 1 kW; tx this is served by a folded monopole
that supports also antennas VHF - FM RTP, p/serve both Flores Island - As
the most remote archipelago, the island of Corvo.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, dxld Sept 12, - via google_autotranslator)

BOLIVIA   3310  R. Mosoj Chaski, Cochabamba, at 2204-2219 UT on Sept 10,
Quechua, text, some stretches of Indian music; 35332.

4699.9  R. San Miguel, Riberalta, at 2225-2235 UT on Sept 7, Castilian
text messages from listeners, Indian music; 35342.

5952.45  R. Pío XII, Siglo XX, at 2203-2217 UT on Sept 6, Castilian, text,
music; 35332.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, dxld Sept 12, - via google_autotranslator)

BRAZIL   1645  Beacon MLZ, Merluza platform off the coast of São Paulo.
signal ID continuous; 35343.

4775  R. Congonhas, Congonhas MG, at 2211-2223 UT on Sept 6, The Voice of
Brazil, 1.a part; not synchronized at all, w/remaining stations; 25321.
Observed in Sept 10, by 2140 UT, c/Sinpo 35342.

4785  R. Caiari, Pto Velho RO, at 2220-2228 UT on Sept 7, text, music, ID
and ad the freqs.; 25331.

4805  R. Dif.a Amazonas, Manaus AM, at 2207-2219 UT, Sept 8, soccer,
reporting Starting; 35332.

4815  R. Dif.a, Londrina PR, at 2215-2228 UT on Sept 6, The Voice of
Brazil, 1.a part 24331, adjacent QRM; observed in Sept 10, by 2125 UT,
sending propag. Relig., C/Sinpo 44343.

4825  R. Canção Nova, Cachoeira Paulista SP, at 2217-2227 UT on Sept 6,
The Voice of Brazil, End of 1. Half / beginning of the second.a, 25321.
Sinpo of 45333 on Sept 10, the 2120 UT, sending mass.

4864.1  R. Alvoraa, Londrina PR, at 2123-2137 UT on Sept 10, progr. of
propag. relig.; 33341, QRM from CODAR.

New R. Relógio 4905, Rio de Jan.o RJ, at 2207-2215 UT on Sept 7, progr. of
propag. Relig.; 22341, QRM from CHN. Observed in Sept 10, by 2115 UT,
c/plus sign strong.

4915  R. Daqui, Goiania GO, at 2209-2217 UT on Sept 7, propag. relig.;

4965  R. Alvorada, Parintins AM, at 2211-2222 UT on Sept 7 songs; 25321.
Sinpo of 35332 Sept 10 by 2130 UT, when the broadcast ID and freqs.

4975  R. Iguatemi, Osasco SP, at 2204-2215 UT on Sept 8, pop music';

4985  R. Brasil Central, Goiania GO, at 2201-2215 UT on Sept 10, The Voice
of Brazil, 1.a Part; modulation something low, 45333, QRM sporadic
teletype. inaudible On // 11815 kHz, certainly by the tx be off.

5035  R. Aparecida, Aparecida SP, at 2213-2224 UT on Sept 7, propag.
relig., Apparently, Mass, 35332. Inaudible in 49mb (QRM), 9630v and 11855v

5939.85  R. Voz Missionary Camboriu SC, at 2205-2219 UT on Sept 6. The
Voice of Brazil, 1.a part; 45343. Inaudible on Sept 10, by 2150 UT, this
freq. and also 9654.4 kHz.

5970  R. Itatiaia, Belo Horizonte MG, at 2201-2216 UT on Sept 6, The Voice
of Brazil, 1.a Part; 45333.

6010.06  R. Inconfidência, Belo Horizonte MG, at 2154-2205 UT on Sept 7,
reports of games Football, eg., Athletic x (???) And Fluminense x Victory;

6080  R. Marumby (certainly), Curitiba PR, at 2209-2217 UT on Sept 6. The
Voice of Brazil, 1.a part; 34332. The QRM CHN.

6080 idem (confirmed), at 2202-2211 UT on Sept 7, propag. relig.; 44342,
QRM from CHN. Since this freq. shared c/a R. Daqui was enough sintoizar
latter in 4915, p/prove that on 6080 kHz was the Marumby.

6090  R. Bandeirantes, São Paulo SP, at 2141-2154 UT on Sept 7, reports of
game Football; 24432. The Nigerian broadcaster in 6089.9 kHz was absent.

6120  SRDA São Paulo SP, at 2140-2155 UT on Sept 7, propag. relig.,
c/interviews by D. Miranda; 34432, adjacent QRM.

6135  R. Aparecida, Aparecida SP, at 2046-2159 UT on Sept 8, songs, 44433,
blocked, To 2100 UT. There is a lot of time that could not capture this in
6135 kHz.

In the 31 and 25 mb, the txs this network appear to be different, w / best
Audio, but the freqs. vary slightly.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, dxld Sept 12, - via via google_autotranslator)

4885.013  Undoubtedly one of the 3 Brazilians in Portuguese, discussion by
two men at 1020 UT Sept 13, fair S=7 signal on remote unit in Australia.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 13)

4915  Radiodifusora Macapá, Macapá, 0535-0610, 13 Sept, Brazilian songs,
identification, male: "Radiodifusora", advertisements. 24322.

4885  Radio Clube do Pará, Belém, 0605-0620, 14 Sept, Brazilian songs,
male, Portuguese, comments. 34433.

5970  Radio Itatiaia, Belo Horizonte, 0553-0610, 14 Sept, male,
Portuguese, comments, Brazilian songs. 14321.

6080  Radio Marumby, Curitiba, 0559-0612, 14 Sept, male, Portuguese,
religious comments. 14321.

9645  Radio Bandeirantes, Sao Paulo, 0607-0620, 13 Sept, "Bandeirantes, a
cada hora as principais noticias", male, female,news. 24322.

9820  Radio 9 de Julho, Sao Paulo, 0540-0603, 13 Sept, religious songs,
Portuguese, "Santuario Nacional", male, female. 24332.

11815  Radio Brasil Central, Goiania, 0608-0645, 13 Sept, male,
Portuguese, comments, "Na Brasil Central" 3 y 9", Brazilian songs. 34433.

11925  Radio Bandeirantes, Sao Paulo, 0603-0615, 14 Sept, male,
Portuguese, comments. // with 9625 kHz. 24322.
(Manuel Mendez-ESP, hcdx Sept 15)

9565.069  Super Radio e Amor usual sermon by male announcer in Portuguese
language, at 0505 UT, S=5 poor signal into Europe on Sept 15.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 15)

CANADA   6030  Loggings from British Columbia ... note upcoming format
change for CFVP.

6030  CFVP, Calgary at 2242 UT Sept 11 on the last day of the Country
music format, advts for Subway, Kia, Western Financial Group, Wind Mobile,
ID "Classic Country is CKMX ... and CFVP Shortwave." Poor to good, signal
up and down, Sept 11.

And this just in from the station: "CKMX is going to change formats
tonight at midnight. That will affect CFVP as well. The AM station will be
known as FUNNY 1060 AM. Here is a link to the new website

Bill Stovold  - Director of Engineering".

The station is designing new QSL cards and I will continue to be the QSL
manager for CKMX/CFVP. Reports may be emailed to
<qslcalgary @>
(Harold Sellers-BC-CAN, DXplorer Sept 12)

CANADA   6069-6070  Some noise mixture on Korean jamming?  CFRX Toronto
seems off the air today again.

Two Canadian SW stations very close together at 0930 UT Sept 13 on

6159.964  CKZN St. Johns on eastern coast on remote unit at MA-USA, S=7-8
signal. Local police news items, about crime report. Some local NoWeUSA
thunderstorm noise scratches. 0935 UT Sept 13.

6159.981  CKZU Vancouver on west coast, with Iraqi Arabic refugees
interview program from San Diego-US appartment, by PRI(?). About live
trouble in Iraq, about bombs, no food, no work, terrible livings
conditions there at present. Refugees arrived three years ago in USA and
changed in their multicultural society.

0940 UT followed on "Jack The Ripper crime museum" tour report in London.

French Hip Hop rap pop song "I am" group from Marseille France, lived in
Manhattan Brooklyn NY, heard at 0950-0955 UT Sept 13.

S=9+25dB locally signal at remote Vancouver SDR unit, // MW 690 S=9+55dB.
Presenter Jeff Goods, CBC Radio One.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 13)

CHAD   6165  RD. Nationale Tchadienne, Gredia, at 2137-2203 UT on Sept 10,
French, heading Weekly Le Livre de la Semaine, pop music', tx off the air,
between 2146 UT and approx. the 2149 UT drum beat, to 2200 UT, preceding
ID and news. 55444. QRM adjt. from 2200 UT. Entre 6 and Sept 9, the signal
was muted.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, dxld Sept 12, - via via google_autotranslator)

6165  Friday Sept 13 at 0059 UT before RHC comes on, I am getting a fair
carrier but undermodulated. Slightly stronger carrier but less modulation
than neighbor 6160 kHz CKZN with CBC Radio One ID. Soon can tell it's in
French, apparent news past 0100, strongly suggesting Chad, but we did not
think it ran all-night; Aoki shows *0425-2230* UT, weekends to 2300* and
in the 0730-1030 UT period only on weekends too. Dreading abrupt coverage
by Cuba [q.v.] any second now, but still off at 0105 UT when I do make out
a YL ID as "Radio Nationale Tchadienne, diffusant de N'Djamena". So are
they always on overnight now, or is this a special occasion? Or beginning
of the Islamic-influenced weekend. RHC is finally on 6165 kHz way late by
0118 UT.

WRTH 2013 shows both 250 kW 6165 kHz and 20 kW 840 kHz [off-channel] as
irregular, but nominally 24 hours, leaving nothing but a 100-watt FM on
94.5, (and a local N'Djamena service on 94.5). The ID above I copied
differs from WRTH: "Ici N'Djamena, Office National de Radio et Television
du Tchad". RHC is normally on 6165 kHz from 01 to 07 UT, but if you hear
some CCI, it seems to be Chad if not Zambia (which Bill Bingham, RSA says
has been missing from both 6165 and 5915 kHz since at least September 9).
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Sept 13)

6165  Radio Tchad, N'Djamena, 1937-1955, 13 Sept, male, French, comments.
(Manuel Mendez-ESP, hcdx Sept 15)

6165-, Sept 24 at 0046 UT, good signal but low modulation with music,
presumed RNT back on all-night. Offset frequency is low by about the same
amount, as CKZN below 6160 kHz, making almost same pitch on 5-kHz BFO
steps. 0101-0102+, 6165 kHz still in clear with RHC not on yet, hilife
music tho previously I have heard ID and news atop this hour.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Sept 24)

6164.959  RNT N'Djamena heard in French midst on deep night at 0150 UT
Sept 16, seemingly extended night service bcast? S=9+20dB noted here in
Germany, male anncer talk in French.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 16)  6164.958 footprint on Sept 24, 0610 UT.

CHINA/ETHIOPIA/INDIA/VIETNAM   7340.091  Odd frequency AIR Bombay tentat.,
S=9+5dB, but underneath PBS Xinjiang, Kazakh program on even 7340 kHz.

7325  CRI English powerhouse S=9+45dB, feature on Solar Panel industry in

Noted odd frequency ETH on 7235.911 kHz, 900 Hz buzz whistle tone against,
CRI Chinese at 1527 UT on even 7235 kHz.

7220.543  600 Hz buzz whistle tone of VoVTN against co-channel CRI
Japanese program on 7220 kHz even at 1530 UT.

All heard on remote SDR unit in Tha Mai, Thailand.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 12)

CHINA   15340  CNR1 jamming seemingly 24hrs here? - noted strangly at 2240
UT. ONLY RFA Tibetan scheduled on this channel in 10-11 UT time slot,
silly behaviour ... ?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 15)

CHINA/UAE   15550  Bad mixture of two signals, of CNR1 Beijing on even
15550, and Al Dhabbaya UAE of R Tamazuj in Sudanese Arabic on odd
frequency 15550.030 kHz and some BUZZY signal til 0427 UT. But then heard
suddenly R Dabanga ID and TX switched OFF, ... and switched ON again at
0428 UT, but on even 15550.000 kHz - with supposedly an other TX unit at
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 15)

COLOMBIA   5910  Alcaraván Radio, Puerto Lleras, 0603-0620, 13 Sept, Latin
American songs, identification: "Alcaravan Radio, 1530 AM". 24322.

6010  La Voz de tu Conciencia, Puerto Lleras (presumed), 0603-0630 UT on
14 Sept, religious songs, Spanish. Weak, best on LSB. 14321.
(Manuel Mendez-ESP, hcdx Sept 15)

CUBA   La Habana transmissions heard loud and clear even in Europe at
0453 UT Sept 15 on 9810, 11760, and 11840 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 15)

CUBA   [and non]  6165, Sept 21 at 0059 UT, RHC open carrier is already on
with hum. In this case some hum may be caused by CCI from CHAD which is
significantly on the low side to produce a LAH, but MUCH weaker than RHC
here. I notice that Bill Bingham in RSA hardly hears any QubaRM on 6165
kHz when he gets Chad.

11960 kHz, Sept 21 at 1136 & 1238 UT, no sign of RHC on alleged new
frequency, unless it's the JBA carrier despite very strong RHC signals on
11760 and 11860 kHz. No further reports of 11960 kHz received from Ivo or
Wolfy or anyone. Possibly was a one-shot; there is after all a spare
transmitter which was taken off 17730 a few weeks ago, and that might also
account for my hearing RHC on 9500 kHz yesterday morning, but not today,
assumed to be a spur from 9540 kHz. Arnie playing games?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Sept 21)

11760, Sunday Sept 22 at 1208 UT, not Arnaldo Coro but Arnie Coro, Science
Editor with a 'Breakthru' bit in English, something about Ecuador, which I
don't listen to but instead immediately check out all the other RHC
frequencies whether any others are in the wrong morning language:

No, all Spanish: 17580, 15230, 11860, 11690, 9850, 9550, 9540, 6000 kHz
(and still nothing on alleged 11960). 1211 UT, Arnie already finishes, but
"back next week, same time, same frequencies", which I seriously doubt as
RHC slopperation is not so predictable.

BTW, 11760 kHz has a slow SAH of 40 per minute two thirds of one Hz, i.e.
vs CRI English via Kunming, Commies vs Commies. 1244 UT check, 11760 in
music, but not // Spanish with other music. 1300 UT check, 11760 kHz still
in English. 1314 still separate music.

15340 kHz on Sunday Sept 22 at 1307, RHC is missing, audiblizing HCJB
Australia with subcontinental music, heavy flutter, unusual for them.
15230 kHz RHC always weaker but certainly audible.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Sept 21)

RHC La Habana log of Sept 23 at 1145-1205 UT:

11960 kHz, no new frequency, NO REAL TX broadcasting channel today !
Only tiny spurious program 'fog' on S=2-3 -115dB level, spur of
11860/11760 kHz fundamentals, visible on Perseus remote screen in NY / MA
/ Toronto CAN target.

Very tiny little SCRATCHY spur on 9497 to 9502 kHz.

 6000 and 9550 kHz S=9+15dB
 9540 less, only S=7-8 level.
 9850 S=9+15dB in Eastern North AM.
11690 S=7-8 in Eastern North AM.
11760 S=9+15dB in Eastern North AM. Bust most disturbed RHC channel of
      all, hit heavily by CRI English sce co-channel frequency.
11860 S=9+30dB strongest signal in North AM.
15230 tiny S=6 backlobe in Eastern North AM,
      little stronger at Toronto CAN target.
17580 S=9+10dB, much stronger than 15230 kHz 19 mb outlet.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 23)

CZECH REP   1233  QSL Radio Dechovka
U. Prutniku 232
250 72 Predboj
Czech Republic

con lettera in 13 giorni. v/s Jana pusova. 1 IRC.
(Roberto Pavanello-ITA, Sept 16)

DENMARK   243  Danmarks Radio, Kalundborg, at 0947-0953 UT on Sept 8,
text, 15352.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, dxld Sept 12, - via via google_autotranslator)

DJIBOUTI   4780  Radio Djibouti, Arta, 1932-1945, 13 Sept, Vernacular
songs. 24322.
(Manuel Mendez-ESP, hcdx Sept 15)

EGYPT   13850  One of the faulty audio modulated transmissions from Radio
Cairo's Abis site. Noted this Sept 15 morning in 02-07 UT slot, terrible
audio quality in Arabic at 0435 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 15)

ETHIOPIA   5950  Voice of Revolção Tiger, Geja Dera (or Geja Jawe ?), at
1702-1723 UT on Sept 11, Dialect, text and songs of the region, 44433,
QRM on the same freq., Until 1730 UT.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, dxld Sept 12, - via via google_autotranslator)

GERMANY/USSR/RUSSIA   German relay installation of Radio Moscow / Voice of
Russia, 4-mast array on Media Broadcast MW Wachenbrunn 1323 kHz 800 kW
site; BLOWN UP on Sept 19, 2013.


(wellenreiterbn via mwdx Sept 21)

Media Broadcast Wachenbrunn and Reichenbach location transmitters

1323  The Kvadrat antenna at Wachenbrunn, used until 31 Dec 2012 on 1323
kHz, has today (Thur 19 Sep 2013) been blown up at 14:55 local time.
Photo gallery:


And it just emerged that the Reichenbach mediumwave facility, which by
mistake (silence detection put the satellite signal on air) was the last
one in Saxonia that carried regular programming at all, has been
demolished already on 22 July. Photo gallery:


1188  Also historical ones, including the original 5 kW transmitter, moved
in 1946 to Golm for the newly founded Landessender Potsdam. And further
down, labelled "Stark'sche Sender", the 3 kW equipment delivered in the
fifties by a company called Stark. It is pretty likely that this
transmitter remained in use until 1998.

Gossip has it that the removal of the mediumwave equipment started last
week at Wiederau, too. And soon to be demolished as well is the 1539 kHz
facility at Mainflingen.
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld Sept 22)

GERMANY   SWR4 Franken Radio Heilbronn berichtete:
Funkausstellung geht zu Ende.
DL0HN bitte kommen. DeltaLimaNullHotelNovember.


zum Abspielen - klick auf das Foto, 2:44 min

Im Lauffener Klosterhof geht am Sonntag eine der erfolgreichsten
Ausstellungen des Museums zu Ende. Sechs Amateurfunker-Ortsverbaende aus
der gesamten Region haben die Ausstellung rund um das Thema "Amateurfunk"
ausschliesslich mit privaten Leihgaben und viel Engagement auf die Beine
gestellt. Wegen des grossen Besucherandrangs wurde sie schon um zwei
Wochen verlaengert, und an diesem letzten Wochenende (21./22. Sept) ist
sie viel laenger geoeffnet als sonst (Samstag 14-19 Uhr, Sonntag 11-18
Uhr). SWR Mitarbeiterin Heike Luettich hat sich kurz vor Ende auch noch
begeistern lassen.
vy73 wb df5sx  (Sept 22)

GERMANY [ex GDR]   904 kHz 250 kW Sender Burg.
Achtung wir rufen Kraeuterhexe - Geheimbotschaften aus der DDR.

Ein Hinweis auf den Mittschnitt aus einsfestival digital TV.

"Hier ist der Freiheitssender 904" - der einzige Sender der Bundesrepublik
Deutschland, der nicht unter Regierungskontrolle steht...' Mit dieser
Ansage meldete sich am 17. August 1956 ein neuer Radiosender in der

Wer die Dokumentation in TV versaeumt hat, hier noch einmal ein Link dazu:

(via OE2IKN, OE Rundspruch, Sept 21)

GREECE   Only on MW 1512 kHz there is an independent radio station from
all others in previous state net. But only pop songs are played evening
and morning without any ID. The other outlets on 1008, 1260 and 1404 kHz
are in net called "Helleniki Radiophonia" which are with program // SW.
Some times on 1008 kHz there is an own program from Kerkyra Radiophonia.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, dxld Sept 16)

Greek - observed MW radio stations in September 2013
IR Independent Radio;  HR Hellenic Radio;  PR Pirate Radio.

 kHz  UTC  Type  //          On date
 792  1707 PR                        13/09
 954  0045 HR // 1260, 1404 HR, SWs  12/09
1008  1625 HR // 1260, 1404 HR, SWs  13/09
1260  1625 HR // 1008, 1404 HR, SWs  13/09
1386  1710 PR                        13/09
1404  1625 HR // 1008, 1260 HR, SWs  13/09
1404  1625 IR or PR                  13/09
1476  0102 PR                        12/09
1512  0045 IR                        12/09
1566  1740 PR // hxs 3132, 4698, 6265, 7830  13/09
1635  0015 PR // hxs 3270, 4905              13/09
Note pse: There are many other PR stations in X-band.

3132, 3270, 4698, 4905, 6265, 7830 - all PR and all hxs from MW band.
6210 and 6230 intermodulations of 15650 & 15630 minus 9420 kHz.
7450, 7475, 9420, 9935, 11645, 15630, 15650 kHz.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 21)

GREECE/CYPRUS/SYRIA   some MW logs from Thessaloniki.

1233 Syria? at 2101 UT, with signal, just S=2. I'm not sure, if this is
the transmission from RMC Cape Greco-CYP, as noted in the news as the
signal is very low, but also the language is now truly Arabic; (it is
possibly Assyrian) and the transmission starts from 2030 till 2130 UT.

1008 1404 1260 1512 kHz are now the only frequencies from ERA Athens
program by the rebells. 729 kHz are now off.

1188 Nicolas (Greek pirate) at 2050 UT, from Elata, with oldies and song
dedications, fair.

1206 Zavoliaris (= trickery / Greek pirate) signal S=2 on Icom R75) also
with old 'rebetiko', fair.
(Zacharias Liangas-GRC, hcdx Sept 13/20)

GREECE   News on ERT. Thessaloniki - from last Friday Sept 20: FM 88 MHz
is occupied by a carrier stopping ERA Thessaloniki transmissions. Now 102
MHz is vacant.

Government is aiming now to liquidate the National Brodcaster and sell it
under TAIPED

(Zacharias Liangas-GRC, hcdx Sept 23)

GREECE   Greek shortwave to be dismantled after order by Ministry of
Finance, ad here is the news:


The degradation of Greek Radio is going on, having shortwave radio "Voice
of Greece" as a victim. This includes 39 shortwave antenna masts hosted in
Avlis, which the government plans to sell as scrap metal. The shortwave
service started 75 years ago and it is still transmitting in 5 frequencies
that cover the globe with shows in Greek for expatriates and foreign
language news. The facilities are currently controlled by redundant ERT
employes and broadcast the guerilla service of the Greek National Radio

Eighteen months ago, shortwave facilities in Thessaloniki were dismantled.
According to a statement by ERT employees, on Monday morning "in the
shortwave broadcasting center of Avlis, a representative of a company that
sells metal showed up and started taking photos of the site. After we, ERT
people, asked him, we got informed that he had been mandated by the
Ministry of Finance to give an offer for the dismantling of 39 masts and
purchasing the metal as scrap." The name of company and the registration
plate of the car are available.

The union body of ERT notes that this is an area of 1160 acres, featuring
39 metal masts, with a height between 30 and 70 meters each, that function
as the shortwave aerials that transmit the "Voice of Greece", the ERA
progr, across the world.

"Greek shortwave started operating in 1938 and later was also used sent
information to the Greek soldiers fighting Fascists in Albania. The only
ones who dared to turn it off were the Nazis during the occupation. Since
the liberation, it never stopped to link the country with Greek seafarers
and the Diaspora. The Voice of Greece broadcasts information,
entertainment, culture and tradition from Greece with programs in 12
languages, all over the globe".

It is true that big broadcasters in Europe have decided to stop
broadcasting via shortwave, because of cuts and because alternatives
tuning possibilities are provided due to the development of technology. On
the other hand, in the case of Greece. there are still generations of
Greek immigrants abroad and seamen who are still affiliated with
shortwave, whereas area around Greece the are still countries with low
technological development.

Also, it is outragious that the decision to remove an entire radio service
was taken by the liquidator of the Ministry of Finance: there is no study
about ceasing shortwave by any official body, although the promise was
that the future of Greek broadcasting will be decided after an analysis
performed by the administrative Board of the new official broadcaster.

See more at:
Submitted by on Tue, 17 Sept 2013.

1. A funny short news from ERA yesterday: A scrap dealer has made a
contract with the Ministry and will be offering soon an offer for buying
the hardware of the antenna system (possibly only the masts) of the Avlis
shortwave facilities as scrap !!!

2. ERA Thessaloniki new motto : 'they continue in dark, we continue in
light'. ERA THS is now on 88 now with FM stereo

1008 kHz Corfu site yesterday was off. A signal presumably from Holland
was heard with S7 in the horizontal antenna (mostly songs and time 2100)
(Zacharias Liangas-GRC, hcdx Sept 18)

Greek shortwave to be dismantled  -  If this is true (and, given the
attitude and actions of the current Greek government to public
broadcasting, it seems likely), it's a terrible case of public vandalism
and political philistinism (Philip Hiscock, ibid.)

[and non] Maybe not so strange after all: the DW relay station here, i.e.,
down at Sines, had the very same fate in what I think was a rude blow to
German taxpayers' money.

All things metal, including the transmitters and all sorts of equipment,
except the gate and the fence, were turned into scrap on site by a
contractor. As I said in my report on this, only the buildings and the
concrete bases of the revolving curtain antennae were left as they were;
well, maybe they don't exist anymore as we speak. Maybe I drive by and
look at it for myself.

Would you imagine a track machine inside the transmitter hall and turning
everything around into bits & pieces? Maybe the Greek station won't have
the transmitters scrapped but sold instead: at least this will show some
respect and cleveriness in terms of making some money out of it.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, dxld Sept 18)

GUAM   News from KTWR Guam


A monsoon rainband continues to dump water on Guam, but the rate has eased
a bit and enabled staff to make some headway in restoring TWR's broadcast
transmitters to full operation.

The international media ministry issued an urgent prayer request Friday as
the staff battled rain, winds, floods and power outages to keep
broadcasting gospel programming from its powerful shortwave transmitters
on the Pacific island.

"TWR was birthed and bathed in prayer from its earliest days," said John
Summerville, TWR director of radio partnerships. "And TWR's prayer
partners are critical to this worldwide ministry. We depend on a great and
mighty God and the ardent prayers of His people. That has been especially
true during the tumultuous and threatening weather Guam experienced.
Sending out an alert to radio stations in the U.S. and the TWR donor base,
people all over the globe prayed for the safety of our staff and

Station Director George Ross reported Monday, Sept. 23, 2013, that most of
the flooding of roads has subsided, and trees and brush have been cleared
from roads and power lines. Power has been fully restored, although a few
glitches occur from time to time. Water has not been restored at the
transmitter site, according to Ross.

Despite the siege by high winds and heavy downpour, the transmitter site
lost only 20 minutes of airtime. Work to counteract the effects of the
storm has already repaired the No. 2 transmitter, and disrupted
programming was switched over to an alternate transmitter. Ongoing are
repairs to an antenna guy wire, a drop line and a brake mechanism on
antenna No. 3, Ross said.

No casualties were cited in news reports about the Guam deluge, but some
residents were still without power after five days. Others on the southern
part of the island lost water service when an earthquake late last week
off the coast of the capital caused three water lines to break.
(TWR blog, 23 Sept 2013)

GUATEMALA   4055  Radio Verdad, Chiquimula, 0544-0606*, 13 Sept, male,
English, religious comments, identification, Anthem and close down. 14321.
(Manuel Mendez-ESP, hcdx Sept 15)

INDIA   15184.957  AIR Gujarati here on transmission via odd frequency
unit at Goa Panaji, noted at 0418 UT Sept 15, poor S=6 signal.
Two different entries registered, HFCC shows real Goa Panaji entry, but
Aoki Nagoya list from Japan lists wrongly AIR Aligarh site outlet.

7340.094  AIR Urdu sce of Bombay site, hit heavily co-channel of PBS
Xinjing in Kazakh on even 7340 kHz. S=8 in German at 0205 UT Sept 16.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 15 / 16)

INDIA   Special Haj Service. The Special Service in Urdu for Haj Pilgrims
from India in Saudi Arabia is currently heard as follows:

0530-0600 UTC 11670Aligarh, 15770Delhi Khampur (& 15210? Goa Panaji) kHz.
This service is available till the pilgrims season ends in mid October
(Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS, DXindia Sept 24)

INDONESIA   9525.892  Voice of Indonesia worldwide service, ID at 1028 UT,
followed by economic report from chamber of commerce, about Indonesian
products to foreign countries. S=8 signal in downunder, despite sidelobe
of 26/30degrees antenna azimuth at this hour.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 13)

ISRAEL   Heard Galei Zahal tonight Sept 14 at 1854 to 1910 UT on odd
6884.964 and // 15850.004 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 14)

KOREAS   Terrible spurious Korean jamming mixture spur on 7196.310 kHz at
1532 UT, // similar KOR/KRE jamming on 6348, 6518, 6600 kHz; heard on
remote SDR unit in Tha Mai, Thailand.
Formula 2 x 6600 = 13200 minus 6003 = 7197 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 12)

KIRGIZ REP   5130  [to Afghanistan]  Fredrik Douren: Svar fran Sadaye
Zindagi R, Kirgizistan 5130 med epost. V/s Mark Anderson, Pamir
<marka (at)>  efter rapport till  <Info @>

5129.97  Sept 5 - 1801* Radio Sadaye Zindagi. Thanks to a tip from Fredrik
Douren of this seldom heard Asian station could be logged. Thanks a lot,
Fredrik. Unfortunately there was a lot of thunderstorm static but despite
this noted with quite good strength. I followed the station from 1720 UT
until sign off at 1801 UT. Later FD mailed a recording with an ID at 1712
UT. ID and program also fits with the info below received from Christoph

One interesting log from Salzburg: 5130 kHz, July 15 at 1715 UT. ShortWave
Relay Service, Bishkek, 1715-1755* UT, low signal, very seldom here in
Salzburg, religious program. Dave Kenny reports last October that this is
Sadaye Zindage, a Christian broadcaster which targets Afghanistan in
Pashto and Dari. Patrick Robic mentioned in A-DX the link

Another source mentioned last year that TWR is behind this broadcast; Did
not find more info, hope for a reply from
<Info @>
(Christoph Ratzer-AUT, dxld Sept 17)

Sadaye Zindagi - Sound of Life, P.O.Box 702 GPO, Lahore, Pakistan.
Sadaye Zindagi is part of a network of Christian broadcasters for
Afghanistan, under the title of Payam-e Hayat. / Thomas Nilson-SWE

5130, Sept 5 at 1712 UT, Sadaye Zindagi R via Shortwave Relay Service,
Krasnaya Rechka, Bishkek, Kirgizistan. Kristna program foer Afghanistan.
Naemnde deras adresser i Lahore, Pakistan och Limassol, Cypern.

Grattis till trevligt svar fran denna station! /TN.
(Thomas Nilsson-SWE, SWB Sept 15 via dxld)

LAOS   6129.982  Heard just Vientiane Laos program around 1500-1530 UT
Sept 12 like a local station S=9+30dB on 6129.982 kHz. Just I heard 30
minutes limit time on remote SDR unit in Tha Mai, Thailand, some 600 kms
south of Vientiane.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 12)

QSL card, Laos National Radio Vientiane, on Martin's homepage:
<>  (A-DX, Sept 13)

LUXEMBOURG/CHINA/ALBANIA   1440 LUX  CRI Beijing German service extend on
MW 1440 kHz.

From 23 September CRI Beijing's German language service is extended on
medium wave from Luxembourg Marnach 1440 kHz significantly far more than
our regular two-hour program:

You can then hear extend 06-11 UT and 18-23 UT. Remain unchanged our
broadcasts from 16 to 18 UT on the frequencies 5970CER and 7380CER kHz,
of 18-20 UT on the frequencies 7395KAS, 11650URU, and 11775KAS kHz and
05-07 UT on the frequencies 17720KAS and 17820URU kHz.

Liebe Hoererinnen und Hoerer, hier noch ein Hinweis:
Ab dem 23. September wird unsere bislang zweistuendige Sendung auf
Mittelwelle 1440 kHz aus Luxemburg deutlich verlaengert:

Sie koennen uns dann von 8 bis 13 und von 20 Uhr bis 1 Uhr MESZ hoeren.
Unveraendert bleiben unsere Sendungen von 18 Uhr bis 20 Uhr MESZ auf den
Frequenzen 5970 kHz und 7380 kHz, von 20 Uhr bis 22 Uhr MESZ auf den
Frequenzen 7395 kHz, 11650 kHz und 11775 kHz sowie von 7 bis 9 Uhr auf den
Frequenzen 17720 und 17820 kHz.

Deutsche Redaktion von CRI.
(CRI via Michael Bethge-D, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 23)

MALAYSIA   7295 even frequency, RTM Traxx FM program from Kajang MLA
S=9+45dB powerful signal, heard on remote SDR unit in Tha Mai, Thailand.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 12)

MALI   5995  Radio Mali, Bamako, *0559-0610, 14 Sept, tuning music,
female, identification: "Vous ecoutez Radio Mali, emettant de Banako, band
49 metres, 5995 kHz", Vernacular songs. 24322.
(Manuel Mendez-ESP, hcdx Sept 15)

MARIANA ISL {Tinian}   7454.988  RFA Korean language program via Tinian-
MRA S=9+20dB, heard on remote SDR unit in Tha Mai, Thailand.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 12)

12140-TIN  Additional 2nd channel noted of RFA Cambodian sce at 2230-2330
UT Sept 14, logged on remote SDR unit in Thailand.

Observed 13740-SAI S=9+10dB, and 12140-TIN kHz at S=9+20dB level.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 15)

MEXICO   6009.97  Sept 23, XEOI Radio Mil heard on 6009.97 kHz from 0312
to 0359* UT, mostly YL and two OM chatting; ads and promos; suddenly off
during choral National Anthem; QRN; poor; decent signal strength.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 23)

MICRONESIA  [FSM - Federated States of Micronesia]  4755.54  Pacific
Missionary Aviat, Cross Radio Pohnpei on Sept 23 from 0652 UT tune.
FamilyLife Today bcst 0700-0723 UT with Dennis Rainey and Bob Lupine - I'm
a little biased towards this FL program as my wife and I have just been
accepted as Affiliate Staff for FamilyLife - nice to hear our mentors all
the way from Pohnpei! Praise song by male & band "He Reigns" 0723-0728 UT,
another praise song by what sounded like same singer to 0731 UT, ditto to
0735.5 UT, vy clear En ID by man for "88.5 FM V6MA The Cross Radio" at
0735.5 UT.

Program annmt and "Harvest" msg to 0738 UT, then into more praise vocals
to 0748. Another short inspirational msg by man and woman to 0749. "I'll
Wait for the Lord" male vocal 0749-0752.5 UT, more male vocals to 0757,
short inst music to 0758 then man with short EE ID for "The Cross Radio".
Into talk pgm with male host and female guest at 0758. Vy nice signal with
SINPO 3+5444, peaking to S4 from 0730-0800 UT (Pohnpei in gray zone).
(Bruce Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer Sept 23)

Noted Cross Radio today under RTTY UTE ditter signal at footprint 4755.546
kHz, 13 UT. (wb)

MOLDOVA   AM/DRM new mediumwave gear. Also older SRV 20 type visible.
Photos of the 'Moldovan' DRM transmitter currently tested on 873 kHz.
(Leo Barmaleo-FRA, dxld Sept 22)

Moldova Transmitter Table


Moldova Radio Station Register

MYANMAR   5915  Myanmar R, Nay Pyi Taw, at 1440-1457 UT on Sep 11, their
"Distance Learning Service" with an interesting business lecture in
vernacular with some bits in English ("organization," "job performance,"
"used as reference points," "industrial organizational psychology"), much
better than normal with the usual CRI QRM also on frequency.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 11)

MYANMAR/?CHINA   9730.846  S=7-8 signal of Burmese tongue service,
undoubtedly Myanmar Radio Rangoon, noted dowunder on Australia unit at
1038-1050 UT Sept 13.

But hit by an 9730.0 even frequency signal around 1044-1047 UT, when a 850
Hertz test tone signal occured here, I guess strongly originate from CRI
Kunming site made by the tx engineer, where English is scheduled from 1200
UT onwards.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 13)

NIGERIA   1440  BC Adamawa, Yola, at 2132 to 2142 UT on Sept 8, dialect,
African songs, 22431, QRM LUX.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, dxld Sept 12, - via via google_autotranslator)

PERU   4747.1  R. Huanta 2000 Huanta, at 2222-2230 UT Sept 7, Castilian
advts Commercial, Indian music; 35332.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, dxld Sept 12, - via via google_autotranslator)

5039.181  Radio Libertad, Junín, Junín PRU, noted at 1004 UT Sept 13, on
remote unit in Australia. Nice exciting Latin AM music. S=7-8 signal
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 13)

PHILIPPINES   9795  FEBC at 2254 UT repeating musical IS and ID, couldn't
confirm language, 2300 UT s/on in presumed listed Mon language by woman.
Very poor, Sept 11.
(Harold Sellers-BC-CAN, DXplorer Sept 11)

RUSSIA   9690  Kazan Tatarstan Awazy program at 0655 UT Sept 7/9, talks in
Tatar S=4 mentioning, Moscow, Samara site?
(Zacharias Liangas-GRC, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 12)

In B-13 winter season Tatar Radio Kazan at 0410 UT on 11790 kHz, and at
0610 UT on 9895 kHz both via Novosibirsk-RUS bc TX center site, and at
0810-0900 UT on 12095 kHz via Armavir Tbilisskaya Krasnodar site.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 13)

RUSSIA   Yazykovo ex4485 kHz, 17 kW, 62 meterband antenna, 8 masts at
54 40 28.64 N  55 06 00.49 E
(Ian Baxter-AUS, SW TXsite Sept 18)

SLOVAKIA   Awarded funds on RSI ?

RSI Radio Slovakia International will start 30 mins shortwave broadcasts
via their Slovak Rimavska Sobota site again from Jan 1, 2014.


Curiously, Radio Slovakia International for the year 2014 were awarded
funds again for shortwave broadcasting, as the station announced, a move
that appeared on the German editorial also surprised. It is also
noteworthy that an explicit broadcast on shortwave in the standard DRM
(Digital Radio Mondiale) is mentioned, a transmission system for digital
broadcasting on short wave, medium wave and long wave, but which has so
far found few followers. Only certain broadcasters in Europe use DRM, so
it seems almost ironic that just the traditional financially strapped RSI
makes a DRM transmission. Matching radio equipment for reception are also
hard to come by, so a distribution on analogue shortwave would probably
much more efficient. The German editors called on listeners to help to
comment on these plans, and their opinions on the subject and DRM
shortwave transmitter to transmit via

<rsi_german (at)>

The program of Radio Slovakia International is broadcast daily, 30 minutes
in the German language via satellite Astra 3A (23.5 degr East), Astra at
19.2 degr and Hotbird 13 degr East (via WRN German), on the Internet and
in Slovakia DVB-T.

bring more into line
according old B-09 schedule,
SW should be on air in B-13 from 1 January 2014 again:

0100-0130 North,Central,SoAmerica   6040,9440
0700-0730 Australia,SoAsia,Oceania  13715,15460
1730-1800 Western Europe            5915,6010
1930-2000 Western Europe,NE/ME      5915,7345

0130-0200 North,Central,SoAmerica   6040,9440
0730-0800 Australia,SoAsia,Oceania  13715,15460
1630-1700 Western Europe            5915,6055
2000-2030 Western Europe            5915,7345

0200-0230 North,Central,SoAmerica   6040,9440
1800-1830 Western Europe, NoWeAF    5915,6055
2030-2100 Western Europe            5915,7345

0230-0300 Central, South America    6080,9440
1530-1600 SoWe/WeEUR, NoWeAF        9445,11600
2100-2130 SoWeEurope, LatinAM       9460,11610

0800-0830 Western Europe            5915,6055
1430-1500 Western Europe            6055,7345
1700-1730 Western Europe            5915,6010
1900-1930 Western Europe            5915,7345

1400-1430 Eastern Europe,Asia       9540,13625
1600-1630 Eastern Europe,Asia       6190,7240
1830-1900 Eastern Europe,Asia       5915,9485

B-13 RSI Rimavska Sobota 150kW
 5915 0800-0830 28W       275
 5915 1630-1830 27,28     275
 5915 1830-1900 30-32      50
 5915 1900-2100 27,28     275
 6010 1700-1800 27,28,38N 285
 6040 0100-0130 7-10      305
 6040 0130-0230 7-10      305
 6055 0800-0830 28NW      305
 6055 1430-1500 28NW      305
 6055 1630-1700 27,28,38N 285
 6055 1800-1830 27,28,38N 285
 6080 0230-0300 12-14     265
 6190 1600-1630 29,30      65
 7240 1600-1630 30-32      50
 7345 1430-1500 27E,28W   285
 7345 1900-2100 27E,28W   285
 9440 0100-0300 13-15     245
 9445 1530-1600 27        265
 9460 2100-2130 12,13     245
 9485 1830-1900 29,30      65
 9540 1400-1430 29-31      65
11600 1530-1600 27        245
11610 2100-2130 12-15     245
13625 1400-1430 29,30      50
13715 0700-0800 41-45      75
15460 0700-0800 41-45      85
(RSI registration acc new budget, Sept 12)

SOLOMON ISL   5019.874  SIBC "World Unique Program", noted S=9+20dB
powerhouse signal at 1010 UT Sept 13. Heard at Brisbane AUS remote unit.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews, Sept 13)

SOUTH AFRICA   3320  SAUK / R. Sonder Grense, Meyerton, 1920-1940, Sept 7,
Afrikaans, music Classical; 35332. Best sign at 10 Sept, by 2200 UT.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, dxld Sept 12, - via google_autotranslator)

SOUTH AFRICA/U.K.   re: Listen for the All Ireland Football Final on
Sunday Sept 22.

RTE Ireland All Ireland Football Final sports via Woofferton site. Only
single Sept 22 day special transmission. Woofferton will again be
broadcasting today on 17820 kHz for the RTE Hurling special between
1300-1700 UT.

Meyerton will also be on 17725 kHz 1300-1600, 7405 kHz 1300-1700 &
11620 kHz 1600-1700 UT
(Martin, Woofferton engineering Sept 22)

Woofferton site video. We should have been here on Saturday 21, a real
shame it was cancelled, but this is a good view of what we missed:

September 19, 2013
A tour of the Woofferton transmitting station.

A seven-part video tour of the Woofferton transmitting station, presented
by senior transmitter engineer Dave Porter G4OYX, has been posted to
More parts are to follow.


[Moderator: this is the direct link to Dave Porter's Woofferton videos -
re BBC Engineering website link already posted here on bdxc-news on Sept
(Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC-UK ng Sept 19)

West coast of Canada, 11620MEY is poor / fair, while 17820WOF kHz is fair
to good.
(Walt Salmaniw-BC-CAN, DXplorer Sept 22)

Caught the RTE football final on 17725-MEY kHz at 1552 UT, SIO 343.
Couldn't hear either of the 7 MHz channels, but 11620-MEY kHz was audible
with me at 1632 UT, but not as strongly as 17725 kHz was.
(Nick Rank?-theranks-UK, BrDXC-UK Sept 22)

RTE All Ireland Hurling{sic, football final} Championship broadcast on
Sept 22 hrd from Southern California via Woofferton 17820 kHz from 1337
tune to 1700 UT off with signals varying from S2 to S4 at peaks. Noisy
channel, but no QRM. Meyerton SA on 17725, 11620, and 7405 kHz not audible
here in this time frame, altho I had to leave for church after 1435 UT.
Sounds like Walt and I had similar signal lvls.
(Bruce Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer Sept 22)

re: actual Mail from WOF engineering.

All Africa   - 17820 kHz (2pm to 6pm)  [13-17 UT] WOF 300kW 160deg
East Africa  - 11620 kHz (5pm to 6pm)  [16-17 UT] MEY 100kW 5deg

heard both 17820WOF and 11620MEY still S=9+15dB to +20dB signals here in
Europe tonight Sept 22 around 1635-1650 UT.

A-13 SHORTWAVE FREQUENCIES FOR AFRICA, final special heard on first txion
hour 13-14 UT today, at best S=9+30dB 17820 kHz 300 kW from Woofferton and
17725 kHz 250 kW from Meyerton.
11620 kHz MEY replace 17725 later, appears from 16 UT onwards.

All Africa      - 17820 kHz (2pm to 6pm)  [13-17 UT] WOF 300kW 160deg
Southern Africa -  7405 kHz (2pm to 6pm)  [13-17 UT] MEY 100kW 5deg
East Africa     - 17725 kHz (2pm to 5pm)  [13-16 UT] MEY 250kW 5deg
East Africa     - 11620 kHz (5pm to 6pm)  [16-17 UT] MEY 100kW 5deg

For info 17725 (250 kW), 7405 (100 kW) & 11620 (100 kW) are all from
Meyerton, South Africa.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 22)

TAIWAN   7444.991  RTI Taiwan in Thai, powerhouse S=9+35dB signal heard on
remote SDR unit in Tha Mai, Thailand. Underneath CNR8 program in Kazakh.
2200 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 12)

11605.104  RTI Taiwan in Japanese? via Paochung site, S=10 dB signal heard
on remote SDR unit in Thailand. 2215 UT Sept 14.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 15)

TAJIKISTAN   7245  Test tone 0159-0200 UT and crash start into daily
program start with National Anthem then, Tajik radio via Dushanbe, S=8 in
Germany on Sept 16.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 16)

TANZANIA   1377  R. Free Africa, R. -frica Free, Mwanza, at 2242-2252 UT
on Sept 7, Swahili, text; 32442, QRM from F.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, dxld Sept 12, - via via google_autotranslator)

THAILAND   15275, R Thailand, Udorn Thani, at *0000-0029* UT on Sep 12,
time pips, ID in English, opening music and news in English, numerous advs
and plenty of IDs throughout broadcast ("You are listening to Radio
Thailand News"). Poor to fair.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer Sept 12)

TURKEY   9295  TRT Emirler spurious signal at 1543 UT Sept 7/9, with
Turkish songs in // 9765 kHz but with only S1 signal.
(Zacharias Liangas-GRC, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 12)

Turkish MW stations.
 kHz site       sign-on at    heard till  Programme
 630 Chukurova  0258- (noted at 1800 UT also) Ankara in Arabic to Syria
 702 Istanbul   0300-2200                 TRT Tiurkiu
 891 Antalya    0255-0300 and 0330-0430   TRT Antalya
 891 Antalya    0300-0330 and 0430- ?     TRT Haber
 927 Izmir      0258-0555                 TRT Haber
 954 Trabzon    0258-0355                 TRT Haber
1062 Diyarbakir 0255 - ?                  TSR
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 21)

UGANDA   4976  R. Uganda, Kampala, at 1929-1939 UT on Sept 7, English,
African music; 35332. Sinpo of 45343 on Sept 10, by 2135 UT, c/debate.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, dxld Sept 12, - via via google_autotranslator)

UAE   13719.961  Odd frequency EDC - Sudan Radio Service Darfur -
scheduled 0400-0530 UT in Sudanese Arabic logged at 0440 UT,
S=8-9 sidelobe signal into Europe.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 15)

Two of the 8 txs at Al Dhabbaya are known for their odd frequency
services, about 40 to 60 Hertz apart in past transmission seasons.

 6165.037 BBC Persian 0315 UT.
 6180.056 FEBA Somali 1700-1730 UT.
 9410.047 BBC Sudan Arabic 0320 UT.
 9895.044 RTI Fr 1900 UT.
 9895.046 RTI Fr 1940 UT.
11795.037 Radio Okapi, French/Lingala 1600 UT.
13719.961 SDRS 0400 UT.
13720.037 SDRS 0400 UT.
13799.958 Radio Dabanga Ar, 0450 UT.
15479.957 BBC Ar 1940 UT.
15549.953 Radio Dabanga 0550 UT.
15550.033 R Tamazuj Sudanese Arabic 0420 UT.
17859.952 DWL Pashto 1330 UT.
21780.013 DWL Bonn Hausa 0630 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 22)

USA   4840  WWCR, Nashville TN, at 0844-0930 UT on Sept 10, English text;
35432 but loss, And the signal was barely audible, by 0910 UT.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, dxld Sept 12, - via via google_autotranslator)

6195  NHK Radio Japan heard in Portuguese, via Cypress Creek relay,
scheduled 0900 UT, and Sp at 0930 UT, at 0920 UT noted via remote unit in
MA-USA, S=9+10dB in MA.

5085  WTWW carried Pastor program at 0955 UT Sept 13. S=9+15dB on remote
unit in Brisbane Australia.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 13)

7506.486  WRNO New Orleans, noted S=8 in Germany, nearby frequency QRM by
CW tone loop on 7505.006 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 16)

VIETNAM   12019.829  VoVietnam Son Tay outlet in Japanese section, heard
S=5 poorly in Thailand, at 2227 UT Sept 14.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 15)

VIETNAM/CHINA   Activity around 7435 kHz at 1050-1105 UT, noted Vo Vietnam
Vietnamese sce on very odd 7435.550 kHz in the clear til 10.58:10 UT,
latter time when the CRI Beijing 500 kW powerhouse started on even
7435 kHz. Around 1055 UT also hit by a nearby UTE RTTY signal centered
at 7433.9 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 13)

ZAMBIA   5015  ZNBC - R. 1 Lusaka, at 2148-2159 UT on Sept 7, the local
dialect, text, music African popular, calls from listeners; 35332.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, dxld Sept 12, - via via google_autotranslator)

Best regards,

Michael Bethge

Postfach 1214
D-61282 Bad Homburg

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